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[center prolly gonna turn this into a story I write. Idk we shall see. ]

[center [h3 [b Characters]]]
[h3 [+red Katsu Allistor Chavalier]]
Nicknames: None
Age: 24
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Species: Human
Power: nope
Personality: Kinda a kudere
Physical Traits: Hidden scars
Other: italics and +red
[ He is trans]
Song: [youtube]
[h3 [+hotpink Maddaline NoLastName]]
Nicknames: Maddy, M
Age: 20
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Species: Human
Power: Still nope
Personality: Tsundere type A
Physical Traits: Snakebites and bridge peircings
Other: Bold and +hotpink
Song: [youtube]


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[Mali [center [b [+hotpink "Dear Katsu, you have absolutely no taste in comics."]]

M said as she peered over the boy's shoulder at the Japanese writing. She held in her hand a super rare Catman comic. It was in a plastic cover and everything. Some might argue that in a zombie apocalypse comic books and mangas are a dumb thing to be collecting, but M thought otherwise, and she liked to think that Katsu did as well. In such a depressing world you had to have something to look forward to, and everyone had their own outlet. This girl's just happened to be cheesy super rare comic books. Whenever she saw a store she would drag whatever team member she had that day with her, and now that it was just the two of them Katsu was subjected to the teasing every time. He was never into super heros and action packed things, and that trait was only heightened when he found himself in a world where he was constantly in action packed scenarios. He would much rather read about the things he couldn't have in, say a zombie apocalypse, like romance and any other slice of life story. If he was never going to be able to experience love he could live vicariously through the character in his stories. Of course he would never say that out loud. M wouldn't listen anyway.

The boy tucked away a few novels into his bag and walked away from the girl, not saying anything.

[b [+hotpink "Psh. Jeez, you're no fun."]]

The girl whined, stashing her own reading material.

[b [+hotpink "Ready to go?"]]

She asked as she stood beside the door, peeking out. The boy nodded and stood behind her, waiting for her to deem it the right moment to leave. As she did she ran out of the store, taking her bat out from its makeshift holder on her hip. Katsu was wielding his metal pipe like a sword in front of him as they were on guard. When they had successfully found that the coast was clear they began walking. The sun beat down on them as they walked, causing the slightest bit of sweat to slip down their foreheads. Katsu looked over at the girl, noticing a look of distress, signaling him to take out a bottle of water and hand it to her.

[i [+red "Stay hydrated. We don't know how long this will take."]]

He said. She gladly took the bottle, taking a quick sip before stashing it away. They walked in silence for a few minutes before passing by a store that M recognized. It was her favorite chain outlet, and it made her stop dead in her tracks and just stare.

[b [+hotpink "Its been almost a year huh?"]]

She mumbled to herself. The boy still nodded as he stood next to her, looking at the store as well.

[b [+hotpink "Lets go get new outfits. These ones are all bloody anyway."]]

She said, not even giving the boy time to protest as she dragged him into the doors. An orange inflatable tube layed deflated in front of the open door, and after taking a quick look inside it seemed the coast was clear enough. The two walked in, not letting their guards down while still actively searching. The girl quickly found a bunch of costumes she had always wanted to try on, quickly grabbing the ones in her size and shoving them into a shopping cart she had found. The boy was looking more for practical wear, a hard feat in a Halloween store, but he easily found a relatively nice sweater that would fit him and not stand out too much. It was a black and white mime sweater, but it was comfortable and as sturdy as a costume could be. He looked into the basket of the shopping cart as M walked by and chuckled a little.

[i [+red "You must have really liked Halloween."]]

He said. The girl looked up at him with a grin like a kid in a candy shop and just nodded, taking all of her clothes out of the packages and trying them on. Katsu turned away to give her privacy and took off his own clothes, his scars visible for only a moment before they were hidden again by the sweater. It was surprisingly light enough for the florida heat, which he was ever so glad of. He turned back to the girl and chuckled, seeing that she had finally settled on her clothing.

She wore a pink plaid skirt, school girl style, with long thigh high sporty socks and a Letterman jacket covering a basic white tee-shirt she had already had stored somewhere. The boy just smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

[b [+hotpink "Look! It's even got an M on the jacket!"]]

She said animatedly, but a little to loudly. There was the sound of moaning and shuffling feet as a few displays at the back of the store were knocked over. The two raised their weapons and Katsu cleared his throat, glancing at the girl apologetically as he began to walk slowly to the back of the store.

[b [+hotpink Hoe don't do it!]]

M thought as she watched the boy slowly creeping. He wasn't one to look the other way at zombies unless he knew he couldn't kill them all. He said it wasn't right to let them live like that. As Katsu crept back farther he could see them, at least ten zombies, stuck behind the counter. They hadn't yet noticed the gap where they could get through but they would soon so he had to work quick. He raised his pipe and brought it down on as many heads as he could, taking out five of the dead before the rest began to file out of behind their prison. He heard the sound of more zombies behind him in the dressing room, shuffling their way out towards him. If he didn't get help soon he would be over run.

[i [+red "M!"]]

He called out. Normally he wouldn't yell but he needed her back here, He heard her footsteps thumping towards him, as well as the zombies making their way to him, more insistent now. He swung wildly, seeing M doing the same but there were more dead than they had thought there would be and they quickly found themselves surrounded.

the girl was louder than necessary, loud enough to attract even more zombies from outside.

[i [+red "Just kill them and stop attracting more!"]]

The boy grumbled as he took as many out as he could. This better not be how they die they both thought as they had nowhere to run. If only they could have a savior.
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