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[center Batter cuz...cuz Maddy is a baseball player....Ya...Ya get it?]

[center [h3 [b Characters]]]
[h3 [+red Katsu Allistor Chavalier]]
Nicknames: None
Age: 24
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Species: Human
Power: nope
Personality: Kinda a kudere
Physical Traits: Hidden scars
Other: italics and +red
[ He is trans]
Song: [youtube]
[h3 [+hotpink Maddaline NoLastName]]
Nicknames: Maddy, M
Age: 20
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Species: Human
Power: Still nope
Personality: Tsundere type A
Physical Traits: Snakebites and bridge peircings
Other: Bold and +hotpink
Song: [youtube]
[H3 [+green Alvin Vintsvent]]
[center [pic]]
Nicknames: Rex Rider
Age: 19
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Scared
Species: Human
Power: yeah nopers
Personality: Dandere
Physical Traits: Dyed hair and colored contacts
Other: Orange and Green


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[center [mali Katsu couldn't help but audibly squeak when the boy had hidden behind him, sending a pleading look to M as she finished up her fighting and looked at her companion. She had a smug look on her face, having spent so much time with him she knew the exact feelings he was having. Her attention however was turned to the other companion as he slid down the wall.

Katsu let out a sigh of relief as Reiki removed himself from behind him to check out Rex. His head was fuzzy as he watched Reiki take care of the boy. He could only assume the look on his face was a pathetically transparent look but he couldn't help it. A handsome timid boy who was also sweet? It was a match made in heaven.

M left the boy to his work as she looked around the rubble of the store, pulling some things from the rubble as she saw fit and throwing it into her large bag. She grabbed a bunch of non-perishable items of food before moving over to the pharmacy area, which was all but crushed in the collapse. She quickly moved on, not wanting to waste energy searching through the mess.

She was about to return to the group when she saw a shelf that was untouched, covered in dumb children's toys but what really caught her eye was the small stuffed toys, covered in a bit of dust but still adorable. She grabbed off a few of the small comfort items and shoved them in her bag before returning just in time for Reiki to address her and Katsu.

Katsu's face burned bright red as he stared blankly at the boy, not quite paying attention to his words. Was he going to join them? More importantly was he gay? M however was actually listening, nodding as he spoke.

[+hotpink "Katsu and I are fine. We sleep enough. I mean it's a zombie apocalypse."]

M spoke, tilting a bottle of water up to her lips and taking a sip before offering it to the other boy.

[+hotpink "Thanks for the offer doc but we are fine, you just tend to him."]

She pointed to Rex as she spoke.

Katsu smiled a bit and rubbed the back of his neck.

[+red "Reiki is such a nice name."]

He mused before he even thought about it and immediately covered his mouth, looking away quickly and hiding his burning face.
  MyBoy / 34d 12h 41m 51s
[center [h3 Cleaning Up]]

[center [b As Rex and the woman were handling the stragglers. Katsu had taken the new kid to the side to watch after him. "You useless gay?" it was probably an inside joke and Rex didn't have time to really think about that. The girl had started to take a couple deep breaths as Rex winced his stomach was acting up again. He wasn't tired but the boy was in pain luckily the fight was nearing it's conclusion. "What's your name new guys?" Rex wondered "Is that to me? I hadn't introduced myself? Or to the kid? Well he didn't seem like a kid but it was hard to tell how old he was by the way he held himself. It was rare Rex ran into people as timid or awkward as him. This kid however seemed terrified of battle hiding his face behind Katsu. Rex couldn't help but wonder how he made it this long with such a faint heart? Though the girl had asked Rex. "Who wields a sword and dyes their hair? well dying is hair at the end of the world anyway. At first he felt bad and kinda uncomfortable but than he realized her and Katsu's hair colors weren't exactly natural so she was probably just teasing right? Considering she used a strange weapon too than again he knew his was probably weirder. A baseball bat was at least convenient. Though most groups who had weapons tried to at least have one or two fire arms so that was strange not to see.]]

[center [b Rex couldn't bring himself to answer her or even make eye contact. Pushing himself through he cut down whatever of the beast were left it wasn't many. As he groaned holding his stomach sliding down against the wall. He'd need to find somewhere to sleep and take a few more pills from his pocket. They'd probably knock him out so he wasn't sure where to really go shut down for that long. He'd keep pushing till he found that place though. He's only ever collapsed a few times but he's built a sort of tolerance and willpower for pushing past these things.]]

[center [h3 New Faces]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Reiki was backing up from the white haired male before bumping into the red head. "Are you okay?" he stuttered to Reiki. He had squeaked and backed up shocked he ran into the guy. He was about to avoid the redhead just as much out of pure fear. However it wasn't long before more of those beast jumped up. Reiki had hid behind the red headed male as the female shoved him aside. "Useless what?" Reiki tilted his head a bit confused. Growing up he hadn't heard that word used in such a manner before so it confused him. "What am I doing? Hiding behind a complete stranger to protect me? Come on Reiki even if they aren't here to hurt you. That's not... Not very nice! Yeah.. What can I do though? Really?" Reiki had felt bad but was relieved the others seemed so eager to fight. Course that eager fighting spirit? Scared him a bit most people would run away instead of casually risking their lives. What was there to gain by fighting?]]

[center [b It wasn't long before the fighting ended it was only a few of them. The girl seemed tired and the male he seemed rather hurt. Reiki had snapped out of his fear running to hurt white haired swordsman. His grip was loosening and the way he held himself? The boy seemed fatigued lack of sleep from the bags under his eyes. Reiki was a rather smart kid growing up at least when it came to his studies. In fact at fifth teen he was able to take several test and graduate out of highschool early after earning all his credits. Heading straight into college he loved things like plants,herbs,medicine. Despite not being very good at talking to people.]]

[center [b Reiki found that instinct in him as his mind turned off examining the male. The white haired swordsman had blinked surprised turning his head a bit red. A fever? Reiki placed a hand on his head no he wasn't too warm. The swordsman seemed rather shocked.]]

[center [+lightgreen Y-You aren't sleeping enough I don't think any of you are.]]

[center [b Reiki heard a bottle in the mans jacket taking it out. Off brand pain medication a high dosage too and a lot of pills were missing. He wasn't treating his wounds he was using band-aid solution's. The way he held his weight and stance on his right leg over his left? His uncomfortable stances and twitches if Reiki had to guess it was the pain in his bones. Micro fractures they can be taken care of. No serious breaks but he'd need treatment for 3 to 4 weeks before he'd back to his old self. Most doctors would say 6 weeks but Reiki wasn't sure he had the supplies and means for 6 weeks for all three of them. "Wait... What am I thinking?"]]

[center [b He got up and backed away he coming to his senses. He wanted to examine Maddy she looked tired and all of them have obviously not being eating properly he could tell by their skin complexion. That was the damage on their bodies let alone their minds. Reiki shook his head thinking... "They did save me I didn't realize I was ducking out next to corpses that weren't.. Well just corpses" did he owe them? What if they took advantage of him? Robbed him of everything? Killed him? Worse? Should he just get back to his hole himself? No the area was running out of supplies and some areas Reiki couldn't even get to without having to fight. He was small and sneaky but he didn't like skulking and sneaking around large groups he... Didn't have the nerve for it. He was looking for a group or maybe a place where the army holed up so he wouldn't be alone. He'd only last 2 months here on his own before he'd have to move on by himself. He's scouted ahead it just gets more dangerous even beyond this small town.]]

[center [+lightgreen I-I... M-My names R-Reiki... Your all.. In bad condition. I never got m-my degree b-but.. I-I can help you...]]

[center [b He whispered quietly "I-If you want I mean.." he didn't wanna push them around. He was either going to die later or he was going to die now. Was he using them? He didn't mean too he did want to help. Deep down though.. He'd be happy to have others fight his battles and he hated that about himself.]]
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[center [mali Katsu rushed toward the sound of the boy's voice, but as soon as his eyes met the boy he was stopped dead in his track. He felt his cheeks grow red as he sputtered, trying to ask the boy if he was okay wordlessly

[i "He's an angel."]

The boy thought. He watched as Rex had lunged at him and was immediately brought back into reality. He took a step to stop Rex, assumeing it was an attack to the boy before he saw him take care of the zombie and shook his head.

[i "Get it together."]

He thought to himself as he rushed to the boy, kneeling in front of him and offering his hand out.

[+red "A-are you o-okay?"]

He stuttered out, his face growing redder. He wasn't usually like this, but something in him just wanted to hold onto this one boy, and protect him at all costs. Before he could get his thoughts together or hear a response from the boy he heard m behind him speak.

[+hotpink "Get out of the way you useless gay!"]

She said. Katsu looked up to see a zombie diving directly for the boy and himself. He quickly grabbed the boy, dragging him away from the war zone and, subconsciously, holding him and watching as M and Rex fought off the few zombies who had been drawn to the collapse.

M lunged at a few zombies, slamming her bat down on them as she fought with Rex.

[+hotpink "So new guy, whats your name?"]

She asked between heavy breaths.

[+hotpink "Also who uses a sword and obviously dyes their hair in the middle of a zombie appocolypse?"]

She grinned over her shoulder at him for a second. As odd as it was, she had no room to talk. She herself used whatever interesting color of hair dye she came across when given the chance. Her hair at that point was grey, a color she had found easily achieved from faded purple hair. She also couldn't deny it was a good color for the boy, though his roots showed it must have been extremely hard to get such a color and keep it. As for the weapon of choice she had to admit using an old beat up baseball bat was not the best weapon she had at her disposal, but it was one she was most proficient and confident in.
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[center [h3 Extending A Hand]]

[center [b Rex had heard this red headed male tell him it was just an offer. Rex hadn't felt he was forced to but... It was hard to be around others. Growing att-]]

[center [b The cute woman hadn't taken the moment to approach Rex. He took a step back based on instinct his face beet red. "A peach? Who's a peach? Oh him come on Rex get it together"]]

[center [b She had begun to inspect Rex's body as he grew even redder. He almost wanted to cover his body but that'd make it weirder right? She had said they could use a big strong man. Was that.. Was she making fun of him? He was only five feet and six inches he was by no means a big guy. Sure he built up a lot of muscle since this all started. he sputtered a bit trying to respond.]]

[b She had wrapped her arm around him talking into his ear. He squeaked jumping before he started coughing. She had let go and asked if he was all right. He had nodded weakly it wasn't anything new he'd be fine. Pick up meds? Cvs? Rex didn't even know what a CVS it was probably something super freaking basic and obvious but he didn't exactly pay attention to well.. Anything. It sounded like a pain he'd groan about it but he didn't wanna upset her. Why was that? She was just trying to help? Was it cause he liked the straight forward solution of popping pain pills and jumping into more fights? That was a dead end solution but it didn't take any effort not at least mentally.]]

[center [b Though she was cut off and there was a loud noise. "More? No what is this?" she said if he was joining to follow them. They were gonna run into danger again? Head strong? If they kept doing that? Putting strangers possibly being in trouble over themselves? Like he had room to talk but he wasn't trying to survive. Rex gripped his fist and followed he wasn't going to let good people die not while he could do something about it.]]

[center [h3 Hiding]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b "Maybe if I just hide here long they'll go away?" he saw these people fight those biters off. They seemed really tough the red head looked calculating and with a good mind for strategy. The girl? She had nerves of steel and the white haired boy? He scared Reiki most he looked like a fighting machine. The casual acrobatics and feets of strength like it was no big deal. Who wields a sword at the end of the world? "A crazy person that's who" Reiki was scared he was trembling. The undead scared him but people scared him worse they could be much worse.]]

[center [b However before they could go the building almost fell on top of him. Hearing the rumbling he barely got out of the way but he jumped up and shrieked. "Uh oh.." they heard him for sure. "Is someone there?" was all he heard and his shout answered that question.]]

[center [+lightgreen P-Please don't hurt me!]]

[center [b He saw them looking back at him but the white haired swordsman gave that.. Vicious look. Drawing his blade on the spot Reiki flinched closing his eyes as the swordsman dashed at him. "What do I do? Run? Fight? Duck? Try to talk him out of it? Do something Reiki!"]]

[center [+lightgreen W-Wait I!]]

[center [b Before he could finish he heard a thud behind him. It was one of those things. How'd it get right behind Reiki without him hearing? They weren't known for being stealthy so.. How? Regardless the male had sheathed his blade. "He saved me..? Why?" Reiki was still scared to see that figure. Backing away from the white haired male he bumped into the other with red hair. Giving a shrill squeak he hid his face into his hoodie.]]
  RR / ShieldHero / 35d 13h 57m 52s


[center [mali Katsu noticed the boys hesitation after he had asked the question and attempted a smile, barely turning the corners of his lips up.

[+red "It's an offer, not a demand."]

He knew the hesitation well, it was he same kind he'd had when he had joined M and their previous group. It was a mixture of anxiety and distrust. He didn't want to strong-arm the boy into a decision. He knew well enough how intimidating M could be to people, boys especially, and while she had used her looks to steal she had changed quite a bit since the two had met.

M grinned at the other boy as she removed her arm from Katsu and took a step toward the other boy, inspecting him.

[+hotpink "Katsu isn't one to leave someone behind. He's a peach isn't he?"]

The girl grinned as she walked around the other boy, looking him over.

[+hotpink "Plus you look like a big strong man. We need that on our team. Right Katsu?"]

The boy glared at the girl, but his smile grew slightly at the joke she had made. Katsu crossed his arms over his chest and looked at the other boy expectantly. He wanted to get out of the area as soon as possible. He wasn't one to delight in being around so many dead bodies. M noticed the look on her friends face and huffed, crossing her arms. She, unlike Katsu, WAS the type to delight at the sight of carnage, as long as it was at her hands. She loved to see the damage she could do to help her friends. Sure it was a little sick, but these were zombies, relentless killing machines. She had no need to feel remorse. She leaned into the new boy and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

[+hotpink "So what do you say new guy? You wanna join?"]

She said smoothly in his ear. She felt his body shake as he coughed and stood up, looking at him worried.

[+hotpink "Are you okay? You sick?]

she questioned. Katsu also looked worried, grabbing at the boy's arm and looking at M.

[+hotpink "You wanna go pick up some meds there's a cvs right over-"]she was cut off suddenly by the sound of a crash in a nearby store. before she could even comprehend the sound Katsu was sprinting towards the source. Upon further investigation she saw that the noise had come from the pharmacy she had just spoken of. She knew Katsu was going to make sure no one got hurt, a dangerous mission by himself. As much as she didn't want to follow him she more so hated the idea of him getting hurt and her being alone. She broke into a sprint after her comrade yelling over her shoulder

[+hotpink "If you are joining us follow me."]

And under her breath she mumbled

[+hotpink "This is so stupid."]

She skidded to a halt behind Katsu at the front of the store and immediately knew what was wrong. The front of the store had collapsed as a McDonald's sign had fallen into it, crushing the entrance to the store. Katsu and M both ran to the side of the store, rushing in the barley untouched door.

[+red "Is anyone in here"]

Katsu asked, looking around.
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[center [h3 Teaming Up?]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b After Rex and the group had dealt with who or rather what was left. Rex span his blade with one deft movement of his wrist before sheathing it. His fingers were itchy he was ready to reach for it again if need be. Though it wasn't because of the humans he came across but for another reason entirely. It was just the sort of man he was ready to clash blades in a moments notice. Well clash blades so to speak he'd be the only one strange enough to use a sword.]]

[center [b "Thanks for the help" he flinched looking to his side to the see whom was exactly in trouble. He had noticed them fighting before and they handled themselves fairly well. The one who had thanked him was the male. Accompanied by a young girl. "A cute one at that" he shook his head blinking as he blushed looking away.]]

[center [+orange Err umm..]]

[center [b He wasn't used to gratitude or really any praise so he found himself a bit flustered to respond at the spot. He noticed she had wrapped her arm around the male talking about how she'd be upset if she died in her new outfit. Was that a joke? Or was she crazy? Ha like he had room to talk about crazy. He knew better than anyone everyone handled things in their own ways. Than again there was a chance Rex was crazy even before all of this happened and it was just the right trigger.]]

[center [b Rex was about to make his leave when the red headed male had asked him a question. "Joining up?" Rex had only been part of two groups before. They both.. he shook his head again while looking ahead his back to the male. He took a deep breath as his voice softly lowered.]]

[center [+orange A-Are you.. sure about that?]]

[center [b This man didn't know Rex at all he could have saved them just to steal their stuff. Find out if they had a larger group to steal from. Rex could be anyone but that being said he had no room to talk. He wanted to trust others these two could have ran but they fought alongside him. Rex didn't need trust if someone was to backstab him? He would hardly care he lived on the edge anyway. Almost on cue with that thought Rex had begun to cough a bit holding at his stomach. "That fall really hurt huh?" he wasn't coughing blood so no internal bleeding. The boy's body was just as stubborn as he was but it still ached. What could he do? Pop more pain pills? Wasn't like he could go see a doctor in this kinda place. Anyone with medical experience would be in a larger group and extremely guarded. It didn't matter Rex would manage with or without medical aid he had done so far. As for these two? Should he join them? Could he? Truly? Considering how he liked to do things? He followed the rules and held in line before for the sake of others. Now? All he desired was to swing his sword arm till he couldn't swing no longer. He couldn't possibly drag others into that. Though he also struggled with confrontation and saying no to others as well...]]
  RR / Knight- / 73d 19h 33m 10s


[center [Mali M and Katsu were startled when they heard the bang outside, but pleasantly surprised when the zombies that hadn't yet reached the two began walking away. The two were left with a manageable amount of the dead and made quick work of it. M glared over at Katsu and punched his shoulder.

[+red "We dont have time for this. Lets go."]

The boy said as he grabbed the girl and started to run out of the store. The girl easily found an opening for the two to sprint through but when Katsu looked into the heard he saw someone, mostly the someones sword, but it was a someone nonetheless. Then he heard the boy shout for them to get out and he knew he had to help him. They had to return the favor. Katsu grabbed the girls hoodie and pulled her back before he whistled. It was just loud enough to thin the heard a little at a time. M looked at him like he was insane

[+hotpink "What the fuck?"]

She whispered as she looked at him. He swung his pipe at a zombie behind the girl and shruged. She groaned softly and turned away, slamming her baseball bat into the chest of a middle-aged looking zombie.

[+Hotpink "Poor woman was just trying to pick her kids up from basketball."]

She mumbled as she swung at the womans head, swinging again and again wildly. Katsu wielded his pipe against the zombies, one of his hands on his gun just in case. The silencer was on so it was good fr an emergency like this. The duo tore through the heard with ease, breaking off a couple chunks at a time and picking them off. Of course the stranger flailing his sword around was helpful in thinning out the heard as well. The three of them in no time stood together in the middle of all the corpses. M's pigtails were messed up and she could feel it so she took them out, shaking her hair out. The three of them covered in so much blood looked like zombies themselves.

[+hotpink "We good here Katsu?"]

The girl asked, looking over her shoulder at the boy, who was catching his breath. He glared at her and walked up to the stranger, holding out his hand.

[+red "Thanks for the help."]

He said shaking the boy's hand. M slung her arms over Katsu's shoulders and looked at the other boy.

[+hotpink "Yeah thanks. If I had died I would have been so mad. I just got a new outfit."]

She grinned as Katsu rolled his eyes.

[+hotpink "Now we go?"]

She asked impatiently. The boy removed her from his shoulders and gave her his patented dad look before looking back at the other boy.

[+red "Would you like to join us?"]

He asked, rather bluntly.
  ooc + sample / MagicBrian / 106d 1h 10m 8s
[center [h3 The Fool]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b This was the tale of a young man, or rather a young boy. A boy who had taken to calling himself "Rex Rider" not for any particular reason. Except that it sounded "cool" to him.]]

[center [b Now despite that reasoning, the twenty-one-year-old male had no real confidence in himself. He had no particular set of skills being unemployed in the world of the living. He wasn't good at talking with others and he was even too shy to ever get his own drivers license. Twenty-one and the boy never even drove. There was a lot about the world he didn't know or understand being a closet otaku. There was only one talent he had...]]

[center [h3 The Beginning of the End]]

[center [b Rex had grown up surrounded by violence the only thing he loved to do in the outside world was to fight. He and his best friend would spend hours sparring and even hitting one another with sticks. His grandmother had even paid for his fencing and kendo classes at his hometown so that he would make friends. Though that, however, was a bust as weak as he was emotional he could sure as hell could take a beating. Though he looked to be timid helpless and weak. Though since the outbreak he had given a lot of effort to his appearance. Before essentials even! Finding bright orange-gold eye contacts. Even going through the work to bleach his hair snow white. Finding durable clothes to put on his Graphene bulletproof vest. While he and his two closest friends helped him find a nice sword piece. ]]

[center [b Rex was walking in an abandoned building as he had his blade slung over his shoulder. A European longsword Rex found that most swords broke after hitting too many bones. That the real world wasn't exactly like "anime" it took time on how he found this blade. This blade could withstand a hell of a lot of punishment. A glutton for punishment.. sort have like Rex in that sense.]]

[center [+orange Where are any biters when you need them?]]

[center [b The boy said as he walked down the hall slamming the wall with the blade. Causing a loud ring he would shout but he was too embarrassed any humans may hear him. Yes even in this bleak outbreak he was incredibly socially awkward.]]

[center [b Walking forward going in step by step he rubbed the back of his head ruffling his hair as he held his stomach in pain. There could be two reasons for the pain in his stomach.]]

[center [b Reason One: Rex did not stack up any food or really... anything. The bulletproof gear and the blade were all he had on him. This wasn't a foolish mistake, however. This was simply because he couldn't care less if he died or not. Though he'd rather die on the battlefield than of starvation.]]

[center [b Reason Two: Rex didn't avoid combat and this has resulted in many fights. This did burn calories faster and pointlessly risk his life, however... he learned that bulletproof vest doesn't actually mean bulletproof. Getting shot when wearing this gear still hurt as a blunt force strike would. He had just picked a fight with five travelers. coming close to being put down himself he was shot in the chest and stomach plenty of times. This had not pierced his gear but causing some blunt damage, however. He smiled softly as he began to think of the fight that had taken place that day.]]

[center [h3 The Fight]]

[center [b The shy boy walked down the road with his blade slung over his shoulder as he let out a huge sigh. It had been too long without anything to do. He'd shout out to cause a ruckus but he was too afraid to make a scene. One of the things he'd hate most is having those of the living giving him "weird looks" even nowadays this bothered him. He remembered doing anything mundane before "it" happened. Going to get groceries for his mother. Or talking to employee's for help he was terrible at instructions and it involved even more talking. Every time he'd feel like he'd just pass out he couldn't do anything. He hated going outside wearing heavy clothing helped. He worried a lot about having a nice style that it would hide the fact he was so hopeless. He wore hoodies even in the summer with fingerless gloves. Things he found really cool but this backfired it just drew more attention. Causing fights at school even and since he was so poor at explaining himself people just decided he was.. a prick. It was strange his mind was wandering here. The idea of others disliking him really bothered him he shook and his heart sank just thinking of it now.]]

[center [+orange What am I even thinking about... Ugh maybe I should just take another nap.]]

[center [b Course as soon as he said that there were two men ahead fighting off a small group of walkers. Rex liked to avoid saying or even thinking of the word "Zombie" he thought it was silly but still, it was the same either way.]]

[center [+orange P-Perfect! My chance to break the ice!! I get to finally play the hero!!!]]

[center [b He didn't have to worry about being judged I mean they would appreciate him, either way, right? He threw his blade in the air ready to boast the way he had always wanted. This was the third time in his life he ever got to do this. His first since everything has started. Catching the blade he began to shout.]]

[center [+orange Hey! Ugly!! You want something to eat? Then come on, snack on this!!!]]

[center [b After his rather cheesy entrance he clanked his blade on the street running forward, he was rather quick on his feet he always was the fastest runner at School. Though before he could charge in three more men popped up shooting the walkers down with double barrel shotguns as the first two started firing now with two pistols. It took a bit but Rex watched, they had them surrounded so if he got involved he'd surely be shot. Even wearing bulletproof gear it would surely hurt and a headshot would be fatal. He sighed and walked forward sad he didn't get to help so as they cleaned house he decided to just go up ahead and say nothing.]]

[center [+red Hey! Kid!! Yeah, hold it! Give us your supplies!!!]]

[center [b Rex stopped and turned around, it was rather hard to tell he had any bullet proof gear on at all. He held his thick blade in front of his face. Flat side it covered MOST of his face. He had learned to do this when fighting those who used firearms, this, however, was much more dangerous than fighting a bunch of flesh biters.]]

[center [+blue Who do you think you are?! The last samurai?! Dude this ain't no Tom Cruise movie okay? Don't be stupid and don't make us waste the ammo on you. Even if it's just one bullet.]]

[center [+orange U-Umm.. I-I'm not really using a katana... I mean samurai didn't use European longswords. They used the traditional katana.. when it came to blades anyhow. They had many other weapons t-though.]]

[center [b Rex exhaled, that was so stupid! Why did he randomly say that?! So not cool! An anime character would have said something cool like "yeah we'll see!" or something cocky and badass. His legs started shaking as the men laughed walking closer weapons raised. He wasn't really scared of the threat, he really couldn't care less if he was to die here and now. It was the fact they were laughing at him. It felt like school again that one weird otaku, the sad part was he had trouble even talking to other otaku's! He shook his head, why was he thinking of that right here? He should be more focused on the fight before him. Okay yeah.. relax just focus on the fight. After this, I'll never see them again, either way, even if I die. No need to be embarrassed, or so he thought but he was still embarrassed nonetheless.]]

[center [+red Uhh, okay weirdo look I can see your legs are shaking, think just cause I can't shoot your head your goddamned superman? Well, Mr know it all. If you wanna correct people do it in hell!!]]

[center [b The man cocked his gun aiming at Rex's chest. Damn it! That was cool! That was a cool line!! Rex banged his head on the blade, the guy firing two shots hitting Rex's chest. Thud thud!! They made impact. As he fell over, though they did not pierce his skin. Rex laid on the ground face forward his stomach on the street.]]

[center [+red Dumbass, how did he make it this long? I shouldn't have wasted any bullets. Pretty city boys with their crazy dyes must fuck with their brain am I right boys? Well I shot him, yall strip him!]]

[center [b He said as he motioned for the three shotgun-wielding men to handle it. Placing their guns on their back they walked forward to Rex as they got on their knee's to pick him up.]]

[center [+orange Gotcha now!]]

[center [b Rex yelled as he turned around slashing through all three of their legs. However, the third one only having his legs slashed and not cleaved off. Rex hand springing up stabbed the man through his chest, it was easy flipping up before he could reach his shotgun. The two men with pistols began shooting wildly. The two shots earlier didn't truly kill or would have even knocked Rex down. Yeah, they hurt moving at such high-speed ramming into his chest the blunt damage stung. However, his protective gear saved him as always. The men on the ground were in shock and in pain but if they recollected themselves could draw and shoot Rex from behind with two shooting at Rex now from the front. He used the man he stabbed into as a human shield. Thank god, because being stabbed through the chest does not INSTANTLY kill you as fast you would think. He'd have time to grab his shotgun and blow Rex's head off. Course the man would die anyway. Still, that's why in movies killing a man in one slash was unrealistic they'd live a little longer before actually kicking the bucket. Though with bullets pounding into the guy wildly he was dead surely quick enough. They had emptied their clips of each pistol into the body. Rex saw that the two on the ground up and shotguns were drawn. How?! So quick? With missing legs? Are these guys paramilitary? Marines? Rex withdrew his blade and turned to block as they both fired one shooting his stomach lifting him inches off the ground as his gear deflected the bullet he coughed. The second hitting his blade scraping his cheek as he bled his heart began to race. He almost had his blade blown out of his hands. He's lucky his finger wasn't blown off. He needed the thick gloves to be fingerless however to have a better feel on his blade. He then quickly slashed the two legless men cutting them down as he turned around the two remaining gunmen reloading their clips and firing again. Rex held his blade in front of his face full on being shot by the clips guarding his chest with his arm.]]

[center [+orange Haaa!!]]

[center [b He screamed out in pain and adrenaline as the two stood shocked.]]

[center [+red What the fu--]]

[center [b Rex ran forward bleeding due to all the blunt damage was done to his body horizontal slashing from left to right the man backing up his chest slash Rex dashed in non-stop the man drawing his gun to Rex's face.]]

[center [+orange Too... slow!!]]

[center [b He slashed two more times at the agile man only the edge of his blade scraping him as he fired barely missing Rex's head. Rex span 360 building up momentum as he then lopped the man's head off. He turned to look at the other as he saw all of his dead comrades.]]

[center [+red S-Shit kid!]]

[center [b He took off firing at Rex as Rex put his guard back up the bullets hitting his blade and body.]]

[center [+orange .. Phew!]]

[center [b Rex sat down realizing the guy was long gone, well it was time to see what these guys had. Well besides guns anyway, Rex really didn't know how to work a gun. He'd take one from time to time. He had no idea how to fill a magazine or how to reload he knew to cock the gun and shoot. He knew that much from the movies he was rather hopeless. He sat down taking a breath. If his entire attire wasn't built from sturdy graphene he'd be dead. He wished he could have paid back the people who helped him get his hands on it. Shaking his head he focused on the task at hand.]]

[center [+orange I could take a few, maybe give them to somebody who could use them. I don't know... I'm not exactly making friends.]]

[center [b He sighed, he had hoped this was a chance to save somebody. Instead, he ended up barely protecting his own life. He was disappointed that only five guys took that much outta him. He honestly thought he was stronger than that than again he liked to compare the expectations of anime to real life. He laid back remembering some of his more.. finer moments than this reckless mess. Or at least, finer to him.]]

[center [h3 Present Day]]

[center [b Rex chuckled a bit he wasn't thinking that fighting simply five people would be so hard, however, this was the real world. Things didn't play out the way they did in his head. Guess those were his limits. He really hadn't matured much the last three years had he?]]

[center [b Strange Rex had taken life so carelessly and fought these beasts without growing sick to his stomach. Yeah it was a bit hard at first but to him, it was all a game and after he had lost his two closest friends nothing felt real to him. He felt like the walking dead himself as if he was moving but dead inside. He didn't feel the real guilt of taking another's life not if they were willing to fight him so crudely. In his mind, they were just bad people he never really thought that maybe they were just doing what it took to survive. Rex never thought of himself as a bad person he always wanted to be the hero. He's saved others lives before but sadly... they always ended up dying. However what broke his train of thought was bumping into something. Hmm... two legs standing... and clothed.]]

[center [+orange H~Hello I'm sorry I!]]

[center [b However it wasn't a man he was talking to. It was a woman though he'd guess the real important detail would be is she wasn't alive anymore. He stepped back drawing his blade as he saw the premise crawling with these walkers.]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b He scoffed holding his blade by his waist gripping it with two hands as he smirked. This was all he enjoyed now starting pointless battles even if he didn't know he'd make it out of them. He was always cocky in sparring with his friends or playing video games. Course it wasn't really bravery alone it was really just not caring anymore.]]

[center [b One thing he loved about fighting the dead was he could try whatever his otaku mind thought of. While not being laughed at, he was horrible at verbal confrontation. He'd get nervous when trash talked even by people he could handle hell even if they were unarmed. He wouldn't show how much he enjoyed this but fighting soulless corpses? Helped the pre-fighting jitters. Course once his blood got pumping it wouldn't really matter living or dead. Looking through his dyed white hair his piercing eyes he charged forward.]]

[center [+orange You want some?! Take this!]]

[center [b He said as the slow-moving foes began to surround him. Running forward he cleaved one's head off. His sturdy thick long-sword could handle a lot more than most cheap made blades. He tried using any old sword just like in "anime" and realized they broke a lot. Or would get stuck in his targets. In fact, if it wasn't for his old friends he would never have gotten this fine piece of craftsmanship. Course this has already been covered. Rex was one to think the same thoughts a few times. That and it was easy to be reminded of how well made this blade was!]]

[center [+orange Ha!]]

[center [b He turned around cleaving another in half in a fell swoop, he was getting the hang of it. Another from the left he turned to dodge kicking it down. He would have slashed but he kept his guard up for the relentless numbers coming in. Life wasn't like an anime or some old Bruce Lee movie things didn't surround you and wait for their turn to attack you. He'd handle that one in a bit, he hopped backward stabbing one from behind him running forward with a helm buster sort of slash cutting the walkers head in half. Another ran forward biting Rex's hand. Luckily he was wearing leather gloves and with a metal backhand guard smacked the walker off. While stabbing another's head and turning to kick the one getting back up. He was moving rather quickly to handle each and every one as he jumped and danced around he was a natural. True he had sword fighting experience but a natural at.. fighting for real. In a real scenario, no longer for fun. Course to him this was much more fun than any of that was. He started grinning slashing as he ran no longer caring if he hit their heads. Hack! Slash!! Cut!!! He knew a good trick was to keep running around and moving. That wasted stamina quickly sure but Rex could take it, didn't matter if he couldn't anyhow. If he died anywhere he'd want it to be on the battlefield. Though not every slash killed them having arms slashed off or your organs falling out made them either slower less dangerous or more brittle to be later finished off. Not that Rex was trying to be effective, one was farther ahead than the rest he ran up placing his blade on his side. Punching the zombie in a combination. A straight to stumble it, dashing in with a left and right hook than a speeding uppercut. As he spun 360 degrees into a haymaker knocking the brittle walkers head clean off.]]

[center [+orange Always wanted to do that!]]

[center [b He beamed smiling, as he drew his blade with one hand running in as he slid slicing another's leg off. As he used a handspring to flip back onto his feet. He held the blade than backhanded with both hands running and cleaving through several nonstop it was amazing the blade could take that much punishment. As he screamed out full force, despite his size he had a decent amount of brute force to work with. Though it was grueling and long he eventually took each and every down. This fight wasn't as "pretty" as he wanted it to be. He got sloppy there was too many to be as flashy as he had wanted to be.]]

[center [b He looked around counting]]

[center [+orange twenty-six? Man, that sounds so small but! Huff huff..]]

[center [b Though that wasn't too bad it sounded like such a small number to him with the millions and millions of these things that must be in the world. He knew that two men with automatic weapons could probably do that with less effort huh? Still it just... wasn't his style. Not that he had the know-how anyway.]]

[center [b More poured out from the rooms cutting his thought out. They began to walk at him there was even more than before. Rex held his blade huffing with his lack of food and sleep he looked forward. Even at full condition, he'd be feeling the heat that was for sure.]]

[center [+orange Huff... tsk come and get it!]]

[center [b Despite his words he ran away from the creatures running up the building's stairs as they began to pursue running to the third-floor gathering more and more of their attention he swung and hacked at the air. As he panted they closed in and he stepped backward. He looked in front and behind him seeing a broken window. He sheathed his blade on his back as he put two fingers on his forehead with a big grin.]]

[center [+orange See you later!!]]

[center [b He jumped off as his heart sank into his stomach seeing how high up he was! Heights he hated heights!! Holding his arms in a cross block X his body slammed into tree branch after tree branch. His armor served as little guard but it still hurt like hell as his arms felt like they were crushed. His shoulders popping and everything ringing as he hit the ground. The creatures following clumsily smashing their heads on the ground. Though before he could even see straight or even hear he sat up he felt like he was going to keel over and die right here and right now. Seeing a car crashed into a tree and a man with his head smashed through the window he was carrying a... uhh Rex scratched his head. Rex just knew it was a gun and though the car was still running! An automatic weapon and a car! He was saved!! ... NOT Rex didn't know how to drive and had no interest to drive or use a gun. He didn't know jack shit about either, to be honest. He was very naïve and many would consider him to be damn near useless. Though in the car Rex thought to himself that there was a sweet aroma. No way?! This deep into shit and this guy has... well kept not rotten.... fucking McDonalds?! With tons of booze to that would make sense. Drinking and driving the last thing anyone would think would kill you nowadays. Ripping the plastic lids off the containers getting into the food he ate the cold (stale) flavorless fries munching on the hard-like but still chewy nuggets. As he looked for sandwiches he found. mc chicken wrappers! His favorite food!! He pulled the wrapper to see it had... a mc double.]]

[center [+orange ... Mother fuck-]]

[center [b Rex sighed banging his head on the metal door of the car as he sat on the driver seat. Beggers can't be choosers and with that, he grabbed a water bottle with a gulp. Ack! The water felt hot as hell but he needed something, right? Eating the cold mcdoubles with the water his pain subsided were he could finally hear himself think clearly. He sighed his body still sore as fuck. He had closed the door locking each of the doors. Sleeping next to a corpse would be weird he thought to himself. He grabbed the backpack off of the man tangling it and ripping it out. As he saw gun mags for the gun the man had.]]

[center [+orange AK-47? What the heck I don't get these bullet measurements.]]

[center [b He grunted keeping the bag of mags knowing someone would be happy to have them. He just knew... not him. With that, the boy began to nod off with a full stomach. It was times like these he missed having friends to talk with. Taking some pain pills in the car he sighed lost in thought. He wasn't good at making friends even before this, though. He still remembers the strange way he met his best friend...]]

[center [h3 "Making Friends"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+green Huff huff... you're lucky I went easy on you.]]

[center [+brown Dude, stop with that lame tough guy act. Just shut the fuck up and pay me back all right? Come on Vincent do you like me and my boys pounding your face in every day?]]

[center [b The man with glasses struggled to get up as he coughed feeling blood on his lip.]]

[center [+green Huff huff.. for what? I don't even really know you..]]

[center [+brown Oh? But you know my bitch Serah, don't you? Bro you owe me for trying to get some of MY ass.]]

[center [b Vincent hit the ground as he stumbled on his feet panting.]]

[center [+green She's not yours, she won't ever be yours. Tsk.. this is starting to feel like a cliché manga.]]

[center [+brown Oh my fucking god, dude just give me what I need all right?]]

[center [b Though, at that moment a boy came rushing in.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b Swinging with a baseball bat he knocked a few out a few of the men harassing Vincent.]]

[center [i Dude! He's fucking insane! I didn't come to get my kneecaps fucked!! Fuck you, dude, I'm out.]]

[center [b The man's friends left as "Rex" the timid brown haired boy that had yet to really be called Rex. Stopped the "lead" from running off.]]

[center [+orange Man to man, you and me.]]

[center [b Rex threw the bat and put his fist up looking at the guy who held his chest in relief. Being rather built and much taller he smirked.]]

[center [+brown Oh boy, now you gone fucked up.]]

[center [b The tall man said leaning in punching Rex with a hook then a left jab with a rousing straight. Despite his unrefined words, the man had some form. Rex stood dazed as he bled from his nose. Swinging wildly as he missed a few times blocking one strike. Rex held the guy's shirt head-butting him. Rex clumsily fell on top of the guy knocking him down as Rex punched him over and over and over again. The man helpless to defend himself reached out.. for the bat. Rex stood up hopping back. As the large brute swung wildly at Rex. CRACK. One swing hitting Rex's shoulder. Rex's left arm fell as he laughed.]]

[center [+brown What the fu--]]

[center [b He swung again Rex chuckling weakly using his broken arm as a meat shield. He shifted to guard with his arm he could no longer feel pulling his right hand back into a haymaker.]]

[center [+orange Here's a one-way ticket to hell! All aboard!!]]

[center [b Rex (Cheesily) said decking the brute across the face as he knocked him to ground the blunt force of the cement knocking him cold. He reached his broken arm out weakly to Vincent.]]

[center [b Rex wondered how Vincent did that, talked of manga so proudly talked so cocky so easily . As soon as those words left Rex's mouth. He wondered, did they make sense? Did he say it just to say it? He must have sounded like an idiot saying things like that.]]

[center [+orange I-I'm sorry I...]]

[center [+green Dude! That was awesome!! You really saved my ass, I didn't know they were hiding heroes at this school. Where do I sign up?]]

[center [b Rex blinked, the way Vincent talked it was like.. nothing he had ever seen. I mean he had, but of course.. that was only in....]]

[center [+green Anime.]]

[center [+orange Huh?! What?]]

[center [+green Do you watch it? I mean, of course, we should take you to the hospital but do you watch anime? Maybe we could go to my house and hang out. It's the least I could do ya know Mr hero?]]

[center [+orange M-My name is "blank", not Mr. Hero, I-I love anime! I am a huge fan! E-Ever watched Tokyo Ghoul? Shakugan No Shana? Angel Beats?]]

[center [b Vincent laughed.]]

[center [+green Haha, no but let's get on to that then huh? "Blank" huh..? Hmm.. kinda basic for a guy like you I think. The names Vincent! Nice to meet you!!]]

[center [b Rex laughed a bit as they walked side by side to the hospital.]]

[center [+orange So who's Serah? Is she your girlfriend?]]

[center [+green N-No I-I-I were just friends man! She's a real cutie, though! I should tell her about you saving my ass. She isn't good at making friends. Then again I'm not either she is my only friend. Well.. her and you of course.]]

[center [+orange M-Me..?]]

[center [+green Yeah! You're dreaming if you think you can show some wicked moves like that and not teach me! You're stuck with me pal!]]

[center [h3 Later That Year]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b With the panting of cold hair, there "Rex" shivered his hair it's natural color so were his eyes. The meek boy looked at his best friend.]]

[center [+orange C-Come on! We shouldn't be here Vince! We need to go!! Her parents would kill her and call the cops if they saw us at her window. We could just.. I don't know text her? Call her? Skype? She has her cell and her computer. Let's wait till--]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+green Dude! Chill!! If you say wait till she's ungrounded again I am going to kill you. You know her dads a good for nothing 24/7 pissed off drunk. I mean do you even know why she got grounded?]]

[center [b "Rex" hid his face and sighed muttering]]

[center [+orange N-No but we could get in trouble..]]

[center [+green Dude I love you, but if you don't wanna step in then fine. I miss the hell outta her I don't know about you but this is killing me. I'd prefer the three amigo's but I can't make you come. Remember that one time you punched her dads shit in? That's the "blank" I'd like here right now. I like that guy, if I could I know I would have. Hell, I woulda tried if you didn't beat me to it! Touching her like that-- Agh, forget it just go.]]

[center [b "Rex" sighed as he looked at Vince, Vince's words were harsh but as soon he said them he dragged "Rex" along. Vince loved Rex way too much to leave him behind. Rex to shy to keep saying no went along with it. As Vince knocked at her window. Rex was thinking "yeah he punched him but he almost went to jail, like he's about to right now!"]]

[center [+green Serah! Hey, Serah wake up! Hello WAKE UP!!]]

[center [h3 Wake Up]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had awoken in the car jumping up with tears in his eyes. He then began to vomit in the car looking down at the puke it... didn't look like the food he had eaten earlier. Human... flesh?]]

[center [b Rex was covered in blood as he stood up shocked as it hit him. This was the blood he had from all of his fighting before. Wait no... Rex held his head screaming.]]

[center [+orange No way no way no way no way. No no, not again.]]

[center [b He rocked back and forth as he puked again seeing a finger in the vomit hardly even chewed. He had done it again his brain... it shut off reality to him. He remembered the fights today and though they had happened the same way. everything else was not. The not having a drop of blood on him in the real world! Finding McDonalds in this shithole?! His brain created an escape for him. He had instead eaten parts of the corpse in the car. He checked the bag seeing there was still mags. Thank god... that really happened. He started to break down sobbing wondering what had happened today and what had not. Tears streaming down his face endlessly as he sobbed and sobbed.]]

[center [b He kicked the door open he felt he would puke again but he'd keep whatever food inside he could. Food... he just thought of that man as real food. With so much missing least his stomach still had contents. He wiped his face of the blood and his tears as he screamed out to the world. This empty dead world he might as well screamed to the endless void itself.]]

[center [b He didn't stop as he shouted relentlessly half cry and half a roar. As if he was telling the world "Fuck you" he started to punch the tree as he screamed banging his head against it. Screaming more and more he could be heard probably all mile around but he didn't care he just didn't.]]

[center [+orange Vincent... Serah I wish you were here!!]]

[center [b He held himself crying as he fell to his knees. His brain had tricked him and he realized the lives he had taken today. The real scenes weren't so bright. The men didn't appear so coarse and callous true they had attacked him. They were like him though they needed food and even if Rex had none they would...]]

[center [+orange Consume me...]]

[center [b The hunger in those humans eyes the tears they were just like him. They didn't say anything rude at all! Rex said those crazy cocky lines outta nowhere!!! There were never even harsh to him. They just had to eat. Just like the man he had eaten. There was no any other food to be found it was scarce and rare these days. So when you can't beat these creatures you join them? No Rex was a hero, right? The awkward kind hero? Or was he just a monster. He didn't know... did he just killed men who wanted to live. Something he didn't even want to do. He had no good reason to fight he didn't want to live that part was true. He just wants to die a good death.]]

[center [+orange Like in some stupid fucking anime..]]

[center [b He muttered to himself he was hardly making any sense anymore he didn't know what was going on. What had really happened he... wait!? He pulled his blade off his back and looked at his outfit.]]

[center [+orange Thank god... your real. You're real you're real you're real your real you're real.]]

[center [b He started laughing screaming at the top of his lungs "YOUR REAL" he swung his blade at the air. Handspringing side from side, seeing the cracks in the bark. His agility his strength his blade. That was real... what else was? The fact he killed five men who wanted to live just so he could find a good death. Just to end his pain and suffering.]]

[center [b With that Rex stood on the road looking off to the distance as he sighed.]]

[center [+orange What's the point?]]

[center [b He sighed falling backward on to the road. Raising his blade up as he looked into the blade's reflection to see his own face. Just to take a good long look at what he was now. Rex Rider tsk he may have looked different with dyed hair. His contacts and his clothes but he was the same kid. Nothing's change if anything he was even more hopeless now.]]

[center [h3 Peril]]

[center [b Rex had laid there rather open and his guard lowered he had saw something in the corner of his eye. "One of them!" it was another one of those lifeless beast. Except as he went to reach his blade it was heading down a street? It was than he had heard a loud yell. He couldn't make out what was said but these creatures were heading somewhere. Rex had stood to his feet wondering what that could mean? Well the only thing that can be making all that racket is a group of humans. His first instinct was to throw caution to the wind and save them. "Remember last time they saw humans? They tried to kill you" he thought to himself. He had shaken his head and stomped his foot looking forward. Live or not he didn't care anyway and he wouldn't risk people who hadn't given up on life. Walking from battlefield to battlefield was all he did. It was all he lived for... At least have some damn good come from it!]]

[center [b He charged forward carving a path through the distracted creatures only handling the ones in front of him. He'd handle the whole outer circle before heading in. Except.. the people inside could be dead while he's messing around out here. "I have to find the center of this mess"]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b What to do? He'd be surrounded with them he could go for a straight forward charge. Cut a path in and cut a path out that style of charge was perfect for a man with a death wish. Except that was too risky involving other lives. He grunted running through to see a store they had all headed into. "It'd be easier if they would just come to.." duh he thought what a basic strategy. It was something he'd thought of if it was a video game and yet in real life? He just now thought of it? He slammed his blade into a car with a large metal clash as he began to shout and bellow.]]

[center [+orange Come and get me!]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b "Rex uses provoke!" A silly thought that crossed his mind. He couldn't help but chuckle at the strange joke his mind had came up with. One on the outside would think he was laughing just to feign confidence for the situation on hand. He took a deep breath as the creatures turned around even the ones in the store had begun to crawl out.]]

[center [+orange That's much better.]]

[center [b He gripped his blade with both hands as he charged into the group. He started with a slide cutting a few legs off with his sturdy blade it had managed to cleave right through. Jumping back to his feet one had reached for him as he cut it's arm off. He knew only the heads mattered but he didn't always have time for every swing to be aimed at the head. In fact he had backed up dodging and weaving left and right cutting arms off till the ones that had surrounded him only have their teeth left as a weapon. They had reached in to bite at him he had spun sweeping in an arc with all his might.]]

[center [+orange Agh!]]

[center [b His shoulders were so tense they had locked in place he couldn't lose his grip even cutting through so much flesh at once. He grunted as the muscles in his hands grew stiff and began to shake. Slashing through six of them at once ran through as one had surprised him by the side lunging at him. Falling backwards he released his blade with both hands. Catching himself into an impressive backward handspring. Avoiding kicking the beast by mistake he was agile and he was strong legged however. It was unrealistic to land a kick with a backward handspring and keep maximum force while not having the kick knock you over. Certainly when the person your kicking won't even feel the blow. He charged the ambusher smashing it's head with the gauntlet on his right hand. Placing his foot under his blade as he kicked it into the air spinning it through his finger. He had parried the claws and reach of two more of them. Pushing their arms up with the flat of the blade and crashing down slicing all four arms down. As he by instinct started hopping to the left knowing he'd be surrounded from his rear and both flanks. Recklessly stabbing a few in the head to cut out of the group so he would no longer be surrounded. Yelling with all his desperation and might like a cornered animal. He turned back to the group slowly making it's way to him as he began to pant grunting as his one of his eyes closed in pain. Oh yeah... he was still hurt was the pain medication wearing off? Wasn't like he handled the injuries he solved everything with pain medication instead of fixing the problem. Band aid solutions didn't even begin to describe Rex. He had shouted at those in the store though he couldn't exactly see who was in there.]]

[center [+orange Hurry! Get out of here!! You gotta go now!!!]]
  RR / Knight- / 106d 5h 24m 27s

[Mali [center [b [+hotpink "Dear Katsu, you have absolutely no taste in comics."]]

M said as she peered over the boy's shoulder at the Japanese writing. She held in her hand a super rare Catman comic. It was in a plastic cover and everything. Some might argue that in a zombie apocalypse comic books and mangas are a dumb thing to be collecting, but M thought otherwise, and she liked to think that Katsu did as well. In such a depressing world you had to have something to look forward to, and everyone had their own outlet. This girl's just happened to be cheesy super rare comic books. Whenever she saw a store she would drag whatever team member she had that day with her, and now that it was just the two of them Katsu was subjected to the teasing every time. He was never into super heros and action packed things, and that trait was only heightened when he found himself in a world where he was constantly in action packed scenarios. He would much rather read about the things he couldn't have in, say a zombie apocalypse, like romance and any other slice of life story. If he was never going to be able to experience love he could live vicariously through the character in his stories. Of course he would never say that out loud. M wouldn't listen anyway.

The boy tucked away a few novels into his bag and walked away from the girl, not saying anything.

[b [+hotpink "Psh. Jeez, you're no fun."]]

The girl whined, stashing her own reading material.

[b [+hotpink "Ready to go?"]]

She asked as she stood beside the door, peeking out. The boy nodded and stood behind her, waiting for her to deem it the right moment to leave. As she did she ran out of the store, taking her bat out from its makeshift holder on her hip. Katsu was wielding his metal pipe like a sword in front of him as they were on guard. When they had successfully found that the coast was clear they began walking. The sun beat down on them as they walked, causing the slightest bit of sweat to slip down their foreheads. Katsu looked over at the girl, noticing a look of distress, signaling him to take out a bottle of water and hand it to her.

[i [+red "Stay hydrated. We don't know how long this will take."]]

He said. She gladly took the bottle, taking a quick sip before stashing it away. They walked in silence for a few minutes before passing by a store that M recognized. It was her favorite chain outlet, and it made her stop dead in her tracks and just stare.

[b [+hotpink "Its been almost a year huh?"]]

She mumbled to herself. The boy still nodded as he stood next to her, looking at the store as well.

[b [+hotpink "Lets go get new outfits. These ones are all bloody anyway."]]

She said, not even giving the boy time to protest as she dragged him into the doors. An orange inflatable tube layed deflated in front of the open door, and after taking a quick look inside it seemed the coast was clear enough. The two walked in, not letting their guards down while still actively searching. The girl quickly found a bunch of costumes she had always wanted to try on, quickly grabbing the ones in her size and shoving them into a shopping cart she had found. The boy was looking more for practical wear, a hard feat in a Halloween store, but he easily found a relatively nice sweater that would fit him and not stand out too much. It was a black and white mime sweater, but it was comfortable and as sturdy as a costume could be. He looked into the basket of the shopping cart as M walked by and chuckled a little.

[i [+red "You must have really liked Halloween."]]

He said. The girl looked up at him with a grin like a kid in a candy shop and just nodded, taking all of her clothes out of the packages and trying them on. Katsu turned away to give her privacy and took off his own clothes, his scars visible for only a moment before they were hidden again by the sweater. It was surprisingly light enough for the florida heat, which he was ever so glad of. He turned back to the girl and chuckled, seeing that she had finally settled on her clothing.

She wore a pink plaid skirt, school girl style, with long thigh high sporty socks and a Letterman jacket covering a basic white tee-shirt she had already had stored somewhere. The boy just smiled and gave her a thumbs up.

[b [+hotpink "Look! It's even got an M on the jacket!"]]

She said animatedly, but a little to loudly. There was the sound of moaning and shuffling feet as a few displays at the back of the store were knocked over. The two raised their weapons and Katsu cleared his throat, glancing at the girl apologetically as he began to walk slowly to the back of the store.

[b [+hotpink Hoe don't do it!]]

M thought as she watched the boy slowly creeping. He wasn't one to look the other way at zombies unless he knew he couldn't kill them all. He said it wasn't right to let them live like that. As Katsu crept back farther he could see them, at least ten zombies, stuck behind the counter. They hadn't yet noticed the gap where they could get through but they would soon so he had to work quick. He raised his pipe and brought it down on as many heads as he could, taking out five of the dead before the rest began to file out of behind their prison. He heard the sound of more zombies behind him in the dressing room, shuffling their way out towards him. If he didn't get help soon he would be over run.

[i [+red "M!"]]

He called out. Normally he wouldn't yell but he needed her back here, He heard her footsteps thumping towards him, as well as the zombies making their way to him, more insistent now. He swung wildly, seeing M doing the same but there were more dead than they had thought there would be and they quickly found themselves surrounded.

the girl was louder than necessary, loud enough to attract even more zombies from outside.

[i [+red "Just kill them and stop attracting more!"]]

The boy grumbled as he took as many out as he could. This better not be how they die they both thought as they had nowhere to run. If only they could have a savior.
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