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okay. Well se you later. I Hope we can Play again sometime... and i am NOT afraid of you. nor will i ever be.
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 2m 29s
[b "Not my scene. You asked what there is to do around here. That's it. If you will excuse me I have business to attend to."] He nodded to her then disappeared using the magic he normally refused to use.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 22h 7m 56s
you want to go there? Okay. Let's go. i bet that'll make you Feel better.
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 12m 11s
His eyes widened. [b "I am not 'pissed ' this is who I am. When you have been alive as long as I have your patience disappears"] he shook his head then pointed out of the alley to an arcade.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 22h 19m 35s
*Sighs* what do i have to do around here? and why are you so pissed?
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 25m 21s
[b "I do not have time for childish games girl."] He growled
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 22h 28m 8s
*Teleports in front of her* Hey, Hey, Hey! i don't have a problem with you. and i was just messing around. So. Calm your Wings, okay?
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 31m 38s
Sebastien threw up his hands and sped away from her growling as he did.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 22h 34m 26s
*Teleports and taps him on the shoulder from behind* Plus i'm Faster than you.
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 40m 21s
Nw what did that solve, huh? Meaningless violence. unlike you, I Don't use brute force. I use magic
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 42m 30s
His eyes never left hers as he drew his fist back and punched the wall right next to her cheek lightly grazing it but not enough to hurt her and the bricks shatter nest to her
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 22h 54m 29s
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 22h 59m 11s
He rolled his eyes again and hollered back to his boss that he was leaving and clocked out walking around the counter and swiftly crossing the room. He roughly grabbed her arm and used his speed to drag her out of the coffee shop and into an alleyway three blocks away. Once there he pinned her against the wall his eyes turning black and his voice turning dark [b "Listen good and listen well little girl. I can smell that you are freshly turned I even see the faint scar on your neck. I am not afraid of you nor will I ever be. I have been a vampire for six centuries and it has taken me this long to get where I am now I will not be outted in a public setting by a mere fledgling. Do not come back to that shop. If you must bother me here."] He shoved a paper with his number into her hand. [b "If you come back with any intent other than purchasing coffee I will rip you limb from limb and burn you alive."] He growled glaring directly in her eyes.
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 23h 3m 26s
*Looks Back as she Say's in a Demonic Voice* DID I SAY SOMETHING FUNNY?
  Azriella / BethThePupPrincess / 331d 23h 41m 33s
He chuckles and sarcastically waves at her shaking his head
  {Sebastien Alexander Stone} / LizzyBear / 331d 23h 43m 59s

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