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Solana was pretty worried when he started coughing. At least he was breathing. “It’s alright. We’ll get you feeling better.”

Taking care of people was something she liked to do. The profession of bounty hunter wouldn’t have been her first choice. She was practically pushed into it by her family because of her abilities. Solana took the vial and brushed his hair back from his forehead, then put the back of her hand to his forehead. No fever. “Alright. It’ll help, I suppose. You must know a lot about plants.”

She didn’t really expect much of an answer, but it was nice to talk. She poured the contents of the vial into the bowl of soup and stirred it before giving him another spoonful. She wondered, had he just forgotten how long it had really been since he’d eaten, or was he maybe ill? She wasn’t sure what was in the vial, exactly, but maybe it was medicine and this wasn’t unusual for him.
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather didn't have any energy to reject the spoonful of food so he took the broth. He felt the broth flow into his mouth and down his throat, the moment it hit his stomach it was like an electric shock. Jayfeather coughed a lot before settling, still propped up on Solanna and still a bit pale. [#228B22 "T-Thank you... S-Solana..." ] He barely gasped, still looking sick and a bit whoozy. He wanted more now but he still had no energy to take the spoon out of his partners mouth.

To add to that, it felt weird being cared for like this since he never really was. His cheeks was filled with a tiny bit of blush too, confirming that he kinda actually liked being cared for by his partner. He weakly grabbed at his herbal bag, pulling out a potion that should help him get back his strength. [#228B22 "Here... P-Put it in the broth..." ] He barely and numbly said, the vial loose in his hand for Solana to take. ]
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Solana looked back when she heard him and immediately stood up, alarmed and worried. She went over and knelt down,”Hey, are you alright?”

He didn’t look too good. Maybe he was ill? Solana bit her lip, not entirely sure what to do. He seemed somewhat conscious, but not terribly coherent. She remembered his stomach growling earlier and wondered if a bit of stew would do him any good.

She went and got a bowl of the stew and a spoon, then returned to Jayfeather. “Here, come on.”

Solana had to set the bowl down to prop him up a bit in her lap so he wouldn’t choke. Then she got a spoon full of broth and put it to his lips. She didn’t want to rush and make things worse,”Maybe this will help. Please be alright.”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 1y 255d 10h 28m 59s
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather's nose was suddenly filled with the scent of the food, feeling as if he was going to be sick. It wasn't that the food smelt bad, it was just the fact that he hadn't ate in a long while and just the scent seemed to make him [b even ] hungrier. He seemed to go even paler and he leaned back in his chair until eventually he fell back onto the floor with a loud thud. He groaned there as he laid there, his vision blurry as he heard Solana's questions and he just let out groan, no longer having the energy to even sit up. ]
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Solana paused in the middle of rummaging through her bag. He sounded irritated. She didn’t move for a moment, or even look at him. She hadn’t meant to bother him, she was trying to be nice.

“Right.” Solana mumbled, then resumed picking out things from her bag. She had a little pot that she filled up with water and put over the fire, and some ingredients she started to cut and toss in. A potato, a few mushrooms, some dried meat, a carrot, and bits of a few other things and spices she had went into the pot and she started to pack what was left away while the food cooked. The smell of the food cooking was starting to fill the space.

It felt too quiet. She kept an eye on the stew and stirred it every now and then, but the quiet was eating at her. It didn’t seem like a comfortable silence, which she would be fine with. She finally broke it with a mumble, not wanting to speak too loud as if that might make things worse,”If you want you can have some. Anyway, do we have a plan for going after the bounty?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 1y 257d 4h 52m 44s
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather was quiet as he watched her put her bag down and go through it. [#228B22 "I told you, I already ate." ] He growled this time, sitting back in his chair by the fire. He sat there silently, not bothering to look back at his partner as he had his own bag in his lap. He was organizing it from herbal and potion books to the little jars of hazardous potions. He didn't mean to show off as rude or anything but it frustrated him when people cooed over him and tried to care for him.

He did enjoy helping people however, he just didn't give two fucks about himself. He sat there silent after organizing his bag, just staring into the fire as if he wanted it to make his bad and cold emotions go away. However, it didn't do what he wanted and he just sighed, hiding the bottom half of his face with his scarf. He didn't care what Solana did now, he was lost in his own mind at this point. ]
“Oh, it’s not you. I’ve just never worked with a partner before.” Solana said quickly. She was a little bit shy in general too, though she was trying not to be.

It was pretty clear that he wasn’t telling the truth, or the whole truth at minimum, about eating. He was clearly hungry, and Solana put her hand over her mouth to cover her smile. “Maybe it’s about time to eat something else. It’s alright, my cooking isn’t that bad.”

She assumed maybe he was just nervous about her cooking or trying not to bother her. She went to the fire and set her backpack down nearby, then started to rummage through it,”I have a few things here, though honestly I probably need to resupply soon. I found a few interesting things while I was on my way here too. Do you think a stew would be good? It’s a good, basic thing to cook.”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 1y 259d 11h 9m 10s
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather took his hand away gently from the girl's grip and just looked at her for a moment. [#228B22 "You seem nervous, I guess it's just natural to feel nervous around me." ] He said with a slight smile on his face as he looked at the girl. He, himself was nervous as well because he did not know his partner and if he could trust her yet. He stood there as he got lost in the light of her golden eye, finding it entrancing a bit before shaking his head to snap himself out of it.

[#228B22 "Yes, I have ate..." ] He instantly lied, his stomach growling very loud after that. He sighed and rolled his eyes, finding it hard to keep his secret of abusing himself a secret that only he would know. He was pretty sure that the female in front of him would instantly know what he was starving himself but a bit of him clung to the hope that she didn't. He stepped a bit away from Solana, just to see her reaction to him. ]
He looked serious, and something told her he was more experienced than she was when it came to hunting larger bounties. Maybe even bounties in general. Solana usually stuck to smaller bounties. “It’s nice to meet you too.”

Solana stepped forward and took the hand offered with a smile. She noticed some scarring on his lips, but thought it was best to not start with intrusive questions. That might be rude, and she was feeling a little nervous. She looked away from him and to the fire. The firelight caught her gold eye in a more interesting way, making it seem to be fire or some molten gold. The effect was only so startling in the one eye. “It looks like you have a nice fire going. Have you had anything to eat yet? I’m sure we could get a nice dinner going with just a bit of work.”

Small talk seemed easier than getting right to the point and talking about the job. It was the biggest bounty Solana had taken on by far.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 1y 261d 4h 23m 31s
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[K2D The teenage boy brought his intense green hazel eyes away from the fire in the fireplace and swung his head around to look dead at the girl that had entered the cottage. He was quiet as he looked Solana up and down and just nodded, turning back over to the fire, the light of the fire dancing in his eyes. [#228B22 "It's fine, nothing was going on anyways." ] He softly said, his voice soft and low as he stared at the fire. He sat there for a few more moments before getting up and stretching a bit before turning towards Solana. There were scars on his lips, almost like they had been sewn together before. He had lots of scars but most of them were usually hidden.

[#228B22 "I'm Jayfeather, it's nice to meet you." ] The teenage boy said, extending out a hand towards the female. He seemed very nice and kind and he truly was but he just had a lot of problems with himself. His eyes looked dead into Solana's mismatched eyes, finding that they were very cool and mysterious almost. He himself seemed a bit intimidating. ]
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It took longer than she would have liked to find the cottage. She took a wrong turn somewhere and had to loop back and start over, so by the time she arrive it was already well past sunset and only the moon lit her path.

Solana adjusted her pack as she approached the door. It sat heavy on her shoulders, and she would be glad to set it down. She hesitated a moment before knocking, then slowly swung the door open. Judging from the smoke she saw her partner was already here. It was kind of a relief to have a partner assigned for this job, a dragon sounded like quite a challenge. “Excuse me? Hello, I’m Solana. Sorry it’s so late, I meant to get here earlier…”

She peered in, her mismatched eyes wide as she took in the inside of the cottage before stepping in. One eye was a vibrant blue while the other looked like gold. Her long brown hair was a bit disheveled from her hike, and the boy had a good foot on her in height. She wasn’t sure what skills he had, but she trusted whatever they were would be helpful. The organization was usually pretty good at making teams, or Solana thought they were.
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[K2D The night was here among the enchanted forest and it showed it, moonlight spilling through the passages that the green leaves of the trees had left. It was a small cottage located in the middle of the forest that barely anyone could find unless they were [b intended ] to find it. It had a small chimney where smoke rose from and into the air, almost appearing like it was occupied.

A teenage boy sat there in the cottage, tending to the fire in the fireplace as he sat on a small wooden chair. He seemed to be tall but skinny, his skeletal frame reaching heights of 6'3 if he was standing up. He had a huge satchel hanging from his hip, a lot of herbs, magical items and medical supplies stuffed in the bag. He had pale skin and brown hair along with green hazel eyes and he wore tight black pants and a forest green sweater with a red scarf to top it off. He was currently waiting for him partner, he didn't know her name but they said he would know her instantly.

He trusted the organization and agreed, having heard about this fantastical dragon. It was a mystery to why it was so strong that it beat armies after armies. He sighed, his emotions rather darker than most humans that he was paired up with. He felt guilt, sadness and a heavy depression and he just didn't get along with people anymore because he couldn't trust anyone with what he had to say and his past. He didn't care that much about himself, only about others. ]
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