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[Kodchasan [Center The hand on his head helped a lot and it was obvious, Jayfeather instantly broke out in a little smile. The physical contact did seem to calm Jayfeather a lot and a lot quicker as well because he was himself again but with a happy twist.

He smiled and nodded and went over to the table and sat down in a chair, grabbing a metal fork and beginning to dig into his meal. He ate slowly as his messy and greasy hair covered most of his face while he ate but eventually, he did look up at Selena to see what she was doing.
  [ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ] / Catharsis- / 305d 7h 1m 30s
Solana let him cry, not sure what else to do but just hold him. She waited until he calmed down, but didn’t move away until he moved to get the eggs off the burner. She took a moment to look at the eggs. Nothing looked burned, maybe a bit crisp in places, but it would be fine.

She put her hand on his head for a moment, trying to reassure him silently, then went to put the eggs on a couple of plates. She picked up the plates and went to the table,”Here, we should eat before it gets cold.”

She wasn’t sure if he was up for talking, but figured they should probably eat and try to get on with preparations before too long.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 305d 20h 18s
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[Kodchasan [Center The boy kept crying, his ears not picking up most of what his partner said to him. He then felt warmth all around him and he instantly put his arms up as he was hugged. The hug brought him warmth and happiness as he hugged back, burying his face into her shoulder as he cried. Eventually, he calmed down and sniffled as he just stood there.

He no longer wanted to get up from his spot, rooted to the spot before hearing the eggs hissing. He turned around and took the pan off of the burner, silent as ever.
  [ᴍᴀɴᴛʀᴀ] / Catharsis- / 309d 2h 47m 7s
“Oh, I’m sorry. I…” Solana wasn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t meant to upset him. It seemed like a pretty normal conversation until then. She hesitated a moment, uncertain what to do, until deciding to do the only thing that really came to mind. She put her arms around him cautiously, not sure if this would bother him too, but she didn’t like to see people upset.

“I didn’t mean to… You don’t have to tell me. I’m sorry.” She felt a bit guilty for accidentally pushing some sort of button and making him cry.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 310d 2h 4m 13s
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[Kodchasan [center [#228B22 "I-I..." ]

The teenager suddenly stuttered which he never did before and he froze in his spot. He hung his head low, two huge tear droplets dripping from his face. [#228B22 "It... was very nice and I loved it... Until my... Our father took us away... I have a sister..." ] He softly and quietly said, more tears running down his face.

Obviously, his past was very emotional and hard on him as he almost broke down crying. He totally forgot about the eggs but that didn't matter as they were cooking more slowly than usual and he just stared at the floor. He didn't know what Solana's reaction was going to be but he felt numb to whatever it was going to be.
Solana looked over, curious. There was something about the way he said that which really got her wondering what he meant by that. She tossed some of the cut vegetables in with the eggs and kept cutting,”So you grew up in a forest? That must be nice. My family lives on a farm. What was it like? Do you have brothers or sisters?”

It would be good to get to know him. She looked over at him again and dumped the rest of the vegetables in with a smile. Her hair was still a bit of a fluffy mess, sticking up in odd ways, and she was looking forward to being able to properly wash and brush it to make it behave.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 315d 4h 59m 5s
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[Kodchasan [Center [#228B22 "You can put the veggies in the eggs, it won't be bad." ]

Jayfeather said as he continued to mix the eggs, eventually turning down the burner so the eggs would cook slower. He knew what Solana was doing right besides him just by his hearing but he looked over anyways. [#228B22 "I agree with that, you find interesting things in forests. Like me." ] He said, without a flirtatious tone, maybe it was true, people usually found him in forests.

[#228B22 "I grew up in the forest with my mom... She was nice..." ] Jayfeather suddenly said, his face showing no emotion. He did sound a bit regretful about something, but Solana probably had no clue as to what. The teenage boy's black hair had finally settled, pressing down on his skull. He knew he probably looked really bad now.
“Ah, then they should be here sometime soon. I wonder if they’ll be hungry..” Solana wondered as she went to dig through her bag for the vegetables she had brought. She was always on the lookout for tasty things growing as she traveled, so she usually had some vegetables or leaves to munch on. There was a pretty good variety, which she set to washing and cutting.

“That sounds like a great idea. It’s been a little bit, at least for me. Mostly just wandering the forest to get here, but you find the most interesting things in forests. It’s the best place to find mushrooms, and all sorts of other things grow too. Do you think we should put the vegetables in with the eggs, or cook them separate? I’m worried the eggs might burn...”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 319d 6h 8m 12s
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather nodded with an emotionless face as Solana answered him. He didn't know how to answer to that so he just turned back around and kept mixing the eggs, watching the eggs cook before he heard the girl's question. He actually liked vegetables a lot, he would be a vegetarian if he didn't want to eat meat.

[#228B22 "I think we should eat a big breakfast. I also heard there is two more people coming so we could wait for a bit afterwards." ] Jayfeather finally said, still watching the cooking eggs. He reached over and grabbed the salt and pepper shaker and put some into the food he was making, wanting his breakfast to be tasty for his partner. [#228B22 "There is a shower in the bathroom too so after breakfast, we can clean ourselves up." ]
“Oh, I see. It’s not a problem really, it’s just better to know, you know?” Solana answered quickly. She walked a little closer to take a look at the cooking eggs. They smelled good.

“That looks pretty good. Hm, I wonder what else we could cook. I think I still have some vegetables…” She looked at the eggs thoughtfully,”What do you think? We could probably use a little more for breakfast, especially if we’re heading out today. Speaking of, are we going to head out to find the dragon soon, and should we make some plans first?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 321d 18h 52m 53s
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather yawned as he began to take out eggs from a basket nearby, cracking them and putting them into a small pan. He turned on the stove, standing there as he stared at the eggs before turning around after hearing Solana's voice. [#228B22 "Morning." ] He said back, turning around with a smile on his face as he mixed up the cooking eggs a bit.

Jayfeather didn't look back at his partner when she asked him the question and he just gave a deep breath. [#228B22 "I do, it happens when I don't get enough food or if someone is using too much magic around me." ] He said softly as he grabbed two plates out of the cabinet. He placed them next to the pan on the counter, looking back at Solana. [#228B22 "I'm sorry if I'm a burden, I'll try not to be one that much..." ] He said, his voice both low and regretful. ]
Solana heard someone walking around, which roused her from her sleep. She got up and went to investigate the sounds and the smell she was beginning to notice. It seemed like Jayfeather was feeling better this morning. He was up and moving, which was a very good thing.

“Good morning. Glad you’re feeling better.” Solana smiled, brushing a hand through her hair, which had gotten to be a bit of a mess overnight. She wandered closer to get a look at what he was doing,”I was sort of worried about you. Do you get ill like that regularly?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 322d 21h 52m 15s
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather let out a soft and sleepy groan as he felt himself suddenly go weightless. His eyes were already closing and his mind was clouded so he wasn't aware that Solana was using her powers. Eventually, he felt himself being put down on a comfortable bed and he almost instantly fell asleep. He was overwhelmed with sleep and he began to dream about food and fire.

The next morning, Jayfeather woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside of the window next to the bed. He sat up, his black hair all messy from rolling around on the bed as he usually did. He had slept in his normal clothes and he sighed, his herbal bag on the floor besides the bed. He slowly got up from the bed, stumbling into the kitchen to make his partner some breakfast. ]
Solana fed him the whole bowl, and once that was done he seemed tired enough that he just needed sleep. That was where her power came in handy. She could manipulate gravity, so by reducing gravity around him it was easy enough to move him up and into the bed in the corner. The cottage was in the middle of nowhere, but surprisingly furnished. It was all pretty basic, but more than she expected with the surroundings. She guessed it was maintained by the organization as a meeting place or something.

With Jayfeather in bed Solana sat to eat her own bowl of soup finally and do some cleaning up so there wouldn’t be a mess waiting first thing in the morning. With the space tidied it was time for her to get some sleep. The bed was occupied, so she went through her bag for her bedroll and set up a place on the floor for herself and laid down.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 324d 22h 2m 30s
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather felt Solana's hand against his hair as she pushed it aside to feel his forehead. He didn't feel very cold and that told him he didn't have a fever either, it was just about how much he had deprived himself from eating. He weakly nodded when he was told that he knew about plants and herbs. He did know herbs and oils very well, he was classified as a healer.

He took the spoonful of soup again, the potion and soup both falling into his stomach. Thankfully, the potion should put him asleep for that matter. He felt himself getting tired but slow enough to at least eat most of the soup as he leaned more against Solana. He couldn't find the energy to move as he was fed, his forest green eyes focused on the spoon like a child would be. ]

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