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[#DC143C "Yeah I'll get food." ] Ela said, bearing her white and sharp teeth as she got up, taking her greatsword with her. She went out, brush by Virion as she went out of the little indent in the hill and into the forest. She was sure to find her way back, her shoulders slumped as her red eyes went to the ground, looking for animal tracks.


Jayfeather watched Ela walk off and he sighed in relief, his shoulders still tensed up as usual. [#228B22 "Yeah, we can go get firewood and water." ] He said, his voice being a clever monotone.

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  AngelStrike- / 202d 5h 14m 15s
Virion raised an eyebrow, but didn’t comment. She did as he asked at least, but she certainly wasn’t the cautious type. She would likely be the first to rush into danger with no plan. He looked at Jayfeather and gave a hum of acknowledgement. The two of them were quite at odds, and Solana looked a little uncomfortable too. Ela’s attitude might very well be a problem. Virion gave it a little thought as they walked and came to their camping spot.

“This will do nicely. If my map and information are accurate we are also in a good position to reach our destination tomorrow. The information may have been out of date though, or so I was warned.”

The dragon they were after may have moved, but Virion didn’t think that was likely. It wouldn’t move far if it liked where it was. Virion looked around,”We should divide the tasks. One of us should hunt something for supper. We also need water and firewood. Does anyone have a preference for tasks?”

Solana had kept closer to Jayfeather as they walked. Virion seemed nice enough, but Ela scared her a little and it was clear she bothered Jayfeather too. After what happened at the cabin Solana wasn’t sure she wanted to be alone with Ela, or let her get to Jayfeather again. When Virion asked about tasks setting up camp she looked at Jayfeather for a moment first. She didn’t much like splitting up for tasks, but she had an idea and voiced it, though she spoke softly,”Oh, I could get the firewood, I think. Maybe Jayfeather could come with me and get the water? I think between the two of us we can carry a lot.”

Her powers would make it pretty easy, really. She could make the wood and water weigh nearly nothing, and Jayfeather could help direct it which would leave neither of them alone and Ela either hunting or at camp.
  Virion / Yavanna / 204d 20h 9m 32s
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Ela groaned and rolled her eyes as she listened to Virion, turning around and giving a cold glare, making even Jayfeather flinch as he was the one right behind her. [#DC143C "That's stupid! I say we keep going but whatever." ] She growled, almost hitting Jayfeather in her arrogance. She turned around and did what Virion had said, looking for a good place to camp out in.

It only took her a bit until she found a part of the hill that was hollowed out, leaving enough room for them all to lay down and rest and a bit more. She sighed and threw herself in the corner, smirking to herself at the sight and sound of the silenced Jayfeather.


Jayfeather fell back a bit so he could walk with Solana, being very close to her while not being uncomfortable. [#228B22 "I don't like this... She's too cold-hearted for me." ] He mumbled, loud enough for Virion to hear but not Ela. He was seeming to have some PTSD of some sorts as he started to grow more and more silent at Ela's outbursts.

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  Angelstrike- / 209d 15h 32s
Solana was the one having the hardest time keeping up. She wasn’t very fast, but she could walk for a long time without stopping. She trailed behind a little, aware that both Jayfeather and Virion were trying to not leave her behind. It made her try to go faster than she normally would have, though she couldn’t match Ela’s speed.

Virion kept near the middle of the group, to keep an eye on everyone. He could have kept pace with Ela, but Solana was obviously struggling with that pace. They weren’t a very cohesive team. He sighed quietly. This was going to be difficult. Ela was brash, most likely reckless. She had the strength to back it up, he was sure, but it didn’t make her a great team player. Jayfeather seemed to be mindful enough to slow down for Solana, and Solana was trying her best to keep up, so the two of them seemed to be the best at teamwork so far. The trouble was Virion wasn’t sure they were very strong, Solana seemed sweet but not cut out for fighting, and Jayfeather’s talents were apparently more suited to healing.

“Just a little farther. Turn a little left, we’ll start going uphill. Look for a good camping spot, better to stop a little early if we find a good, defensible place to camp. Someplace with shelter, it will probably rain tonight.” He could smell the faint moisture in the air. He was sensitive to that sort of thing, and could often predict rain or snow.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 210d 3h 25m 24s
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Ela just growled, shaking her head as she disagreed with Virion. She thought of them as indeed soft and that made them weak. That was how her mind worked and as soon as Jayfeather and Solana took a step outside of the house, she headed towards the house without saying another word.

She could travel quick but her stamina wasn't as good because she just wanted to get somewhere and fast and she showed it, her legs taking wide strides with pride in her step. She didn't even turn back to see if the others were following, she just kept going.


Jayfeather stumbled basically after Ela, his forest green eyes looking around for anything valuable or herbs. His sickles clanged together on his belt loop, his satchel on the other side of his hip. He had long leg strides but he liked to go slow and only use the energy he needed to. He looked back at Solana, trying to be fast enough to keep up with Ela but slow enough to keep up with the others.

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  AngelStrike- / 217d 4h 46m 20s
Solana shook her head,”Oh no, I should be fine. I mostly have them for cooking, really, though quite a few are useful for other things.”

She smiled,”Thank you though. I think this about covers it.” She hadn’t decided to pack everything she had picked, but what she did want made it neatly into her bag and the rest she had in her hand to take outside with her. If she wasn’t going to pack them it would be better they were at least outside rather than wilting on the counter here.

“Ready to go?” Solana asked, opening the door for them. They really shouldn’t delay too long with Virion and Ela both waiting for them.

Virion gave a shrug,”I suppose. They seem… soft, but not untalented.”

He was watching her, though not directly. In his peripheral vision, while he seemed to be looking at the trees. He didn’t look when the door opened, he could hear the other two though and started walking toward the trees,”Good, we’re all here. Then we shouldn’t waste any time, we’ll want to make some decent progress by nightfall.”

This was the first part of really testing the others, seeing how well they traveled. It would give him a better idea of their stamina and endurance before he actually had to depend on them in a fight.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 217d 18h 30m 16s
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Jayfeather shook his head and smiled, [#228B22 "I'll be okay, I've got enough of what I need." ] He said, stepping beside Solana and looking through his very organized herb bag. He was silent as he organized once more, only looking over at Solana for a few seconds.

[#228B22 "Do you need any herbs?" ] He asked nicely, his smile still on his face as he held his bag in his arms.


Ela nodded, looking out into the forest with her red eyes. She had her arms crossed, not bothering to look over at Virion. [#DC143C "What about you? And what do you think of our partners-?" ] She asked silently, her mint green hair swaying in the wind as it blew. It was about noon now, the sun straight above them.

Ela really didn't like the sunlight that much so she stayed close to the house, staying underneath the porch.

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  amo- / 224d 9h 16m 36s
Solana had gone to take a look at what she had gathered to sort it and decide what she really needed to take with her. It wouldn’t be good to pack too heavily and weigh herself down. She was separating the herbs on the counter,”I’d prefer to rest at night too.”

Virion nodded,”Very well, then we should set out as soon as you two sort out the herbs. I’ll meet you outside when you’re ready.”

With that Virion stepped outside to wait with Ela. He looked at her as he shut the door behind him,”Eager to set out?”

Once Virion had left Solana paused sorting the herbs and looked back at Jayfeather,”I know you said you didn’t need any, but if you do there’s plenty… Um, anyway, did you want help checking herbs?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 225d 22h 42m 21s
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[#228B22 "We can travel well at night but I would like if we rest then." ] Jayfeather said, rubbing the back of his head still. He knew sometimes they'd be travelling during the nighttimes sometimes as well so he was ready for that. He glared daggers at Ela as she stood up and merely walked outside, staying out there.

[#228B22 "But we must check our herbs out first before we leave so it'll be a few minutes." ]
  amo- / 231d 10h 46m 46s
Solana was looking at Jayfeather, still a little concerned. That had to have been terrifying, even if Ela wasn’t actually going to hurt him. Solana returned to her seat. Was she ready to leave? She looked at her other two teammates. Ela looked full of energy, while Virion was waiting calmly,”Ah, almost. I was just going to go through the herbs I found and finish packing.”

She hadn’t really unpacked much, so there wasn’t much to do, but she liked to check and make sure everything was organized before leaving anywhere.

Virion nodded,”Then why don’t you go ahead and do that. If we’re all ready we should set out without delay. Do you all travel well at night, or will we be needing to stop before dark?”

A question worth asking for Virion. His affinity for darkness and excellent night vision meant he didn’t need to stop and set up camp before night fell, he could stop whenever he wanted, or continue all night. Not everyone would be able to do that, and he would rather travel at their pace and have them in top shape to face their bounty.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 234d 5h 10m 34s
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Jayfeather slowly but surely nodded, only grabbing onto Solana's arm to help pull himself back up. He barely got himself back into the nearest seat, rubbing the back of his head as he winced. He really had nothing more than a bruise on the back of his head as he glared at Ela. Now, he was seriously pissed off and he showed it, he would get his revenge one day.


Ela smirked as she was called the fiery one. Oh, just that made her a bit more confident and a lot more cocky. It was like adding fuel to the fire and she could care less that she had hurt her teammate, she felt amazing at the fact that she just scared the shit out of Jayfeather.

She soon clapped her hands and nodded, [#DC143C "I'm ready, what about you two?" ] She growled, looking back at Solana and Jayfeather for their response.

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  Thoth- / 239d 17h 59m 25s
Solana jumped up suddenly when Ela pounced on Jayfeather. “What..?” She wasn’t sure what was going on, and went over to see if Jayfeather was alright. She looked at Ela, baffled, and knelt down to Jayfeather,”Are you okay? What just…”

Virion got up, shaking his head,”Not a typical way of making friends, Ela. Besides, attacking teammates is frowned upon.” He walked up to her, giving her a long look,”You really are a fiery one, aren’t you? Come on, back to strategy and no more surprise attacks, hm?”

He glanced at Solana and Jayfeather to see that they were fine. Startled and confused, but not injured. Ela was only trying to scare him after all, so that wasn’t surprising,”It looks like Ela and I are the main fighters, with Jayfeather and Solana acting as support mostly. A reasonably balanced team. When shall we set out? I’m ready whenever you all are.”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 240d 1h 4m 5s
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[#228B22 "I am a combat healer. I'm really good at combat but I only fight when needed. I also control plants and th-" ] Jayfeather started just to have Ela launch upwards from her chair, planting her feet in his waist and slam him to the ground with her on top of him.

He let out a screech as he was pounced on, his head slamming onto the ground as her face loomed in his vision. He felt a hand around his chin, Ela's nails digging into his chin as his ears were buzzing and the corner of his vision was blurry.


Ela smirked as she seen that Jayfeather was dazed, her face still in front of his. [#DC143C "New lesson Jayfeather, always expect an attack huh." ] She growled, letting go of his chin and standing back up. She still stood over him, not expecting anybody to challenge her and what she just did.

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  Thoth- / 241d 22h 8m 6s
Virion took a seat near the fire, turning his attention to Ela,”I already see you have some fire ability, and I assume you know how to use that sword quite well. I’m also a swordsman, with an affinity for darkness. That would probably make myself and Ela the front line fighting up close. What do you two bring to the table?”

He leaned forward and at the other two. Looking at them he assumed they weren’t going to be quite as good with up close combat, so some ranged or support probably. When Solana spoke up she had Virion’s full attention, or so it seemed. He would give slight glances to Ela. Her body language made it clear what she was up to, and while he didn’t say anything he was keeping an eye on her.

Solana took a seat a little farther away from the fire. She practically curled into the chair. So those two could fight with swords. That was good, since Solana was no good at that sort of thing. Solana spoke up first when Virion asked,”Ah, I can manipulate gravity. Make things lighter or heavier, or make a spot pull something down or up or even sideways. I’m not good at much else, but I suppose I could keep the dragon from getting too high and help slow it down?”

She wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to ground a dragon, but she could make it a lot harder for it to fly.
  Virion / Yavanna / 242d 22h 39m 51s
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Jayfeather looked over at Solana and shook his head, meaning that he was okay with his herbs currently. He then glanced at Ela one last time, almost like Ela was about to spring up before looking at Virion in front of him.

[#228B22 "Hey, I'm Jayfeather. Nice to meet you too and we should." ] Jayfeather said quickly, shaking Virion's hand with a firm grip before taking his hand away and taking one more step back. He loved his own space, especially when around people he didn't know. He was at least okay with Solana.


Ela was really tempted to just get at Jayfeather and scare him to death. The thought of it actually put a smile on her face because she would love to do it. She shifted to the edge of the seat, her sword against the couch she was sitting on. She leaned forward, her elbows propped on her knees.

It was very obvious she was about to attack when Jayfeather's guard was down, it was only due time.

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