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Solana hurried after Jayfeather when she heard Virion. She was slower, but managed to not fall too far behind. When she saw Ela she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She nearly let the wood and water drop, but they only ended up falling and then stopping a little ways and not hitting the ground. “Oh no…”

She lowered the gathered supplies more gently and set them on the ground before slowly approaching behind Jayfeather. She wasn’t sure what she could possibly do to help, but she was distressed and wanted to help somehow,”Is there anything I can do?”

Virion took the canteen and started to clean the wound. “A deer. You are skilled in healing, yes? Perhaps you should take over. My skills are sufficient, but yours are probably better. She tried to hide it, so it’s gotten worse.”

Virion was making some effort to be gentle, but his priority was getting the wound thoroughly cleaned. He also had a sense of urgency, knowing she had already lost a fair amount of blood. He wasn’t sure how much more she could afford to lose.
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Jayfeather smiled and nodded, the thought of food motivating him to put a little more pep in his step. Every time he felt the satchel of his hit his side, it made him look over at Solana for some reason. He smiled, collecting all kinds of herbs, mushrooms and things. It took him long enough to realize that Solana actually had mismatched eyes.

[#228B22 "Your eyes are amaz-" ]

Jayfeather was cut off by the yell of Virion and he let out a whine and his legs instantly went from walking to a sprinting. Despite being a big lumbering 6'3, he was still kind of fast but Virion and Ela were probably faster with their muscular selves. It only took him a few moments as he kept checking behind for Solana so he didn't leave her completely in the dust.

Eventually, the two made it there and Jayfeather ran up the hill to the camp, kneeling beside Virion and beside Ela. He had a frown on his face as he opened up his satchel, putting it at his feet as he took out a canteen and gave it to Virion. [#228B22 "What happen-- Ouch..." ] Jayfeather started but ended with 'Ouch' at the sight of Ela's wound.


Elzbieta was crying for once and shaking, looking like she was panicking still as she was laid out, staring at the sky. She had her hands clenched weakly into fists, crying out loudly once in a while as Virion examined it. Her mint green hair was covered in her bright red blood now and so was the area around her.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
Solana smiled and looked back at Jayfeather,”I’m sure we’ll be able to eat before long. We should be able to get cooking as soon as we get back, I think. They’re hopefully just waiting on the firewood.”

She had kept an eye out and added to the pile of things she was floating along with them when she spotted a good piece of wood, or even something edible that looked appealing. A few more options to add to their dinner wouldn’t hurt, and she doubted Ela would get more than the meat.

Virion sighed, frustrated,”No, you won’t. Just don’t keep fighting me.”

He held her face up in one hand and looked her in the eyes with a serious and stern expression. Something had changed in her expression. Her skin felt warm. He raised one eyebrow and pulled her away from the wall,”Stubborn… You should not have wasted so much time fighting me. Lay still.”

With her away from the wall he took her near the edge of the opening and made her lay down, then got to work examining her wound. He peeled away the cloth and let out another irritated sigh,”You didn’t even clean it. The water is nearly here. Solana! Jayfeather! Bring some water, quick!” He could hear them approaching at a leisurely pace. At least those two hadn’t run into any trouble.
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Flying wood was not on Jayfeather's list of things he thought would be interesting to watch but here he was, staring at the pieces of wood floating away from the sphere of anti-gravity magic. He nudged a few of them back into place, following behind Solana as he looked around with forest green eyes. His stomach growled loudly, making him let out a hungry groan.

[#228B22 "Foood." ] He mumbled, rubbing his stomach to calm it down. He wasn't sick or anything but he just wanted something to eat as he walked along, trying to keep himself distracted of the hunger. He knew they were almost there though, knowing the path that they had taken.


Ela seemed to be angry as she was subdued easily by Virion, her back and legs pressed against the wall of the cave. In a last ditch effort, she brought her head forwards and bit at Virion but missed, feeling a lot more tired than usual. She just groaned and her body went limp as she struggled to keep consciousness.

[#DC143C "H-Help me... I'm gonna die...!" ] Ela said, now panicking as her chest began to rise up and down quickly, trying to get air as her body became warm, dripping with the bright red blood. She felt feverish too, her wound being infected from the deer blood and dirt.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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“Oh,” Solana blinked, a little concerned. That did sound dangerous, but he seemed to have it under control. As long as he didn’t use it too much it seemed like it would be alright, and it didn’t seem to bother him. “It sounds interesting. Right, we should head back. Especially if we want dinner soon.”

Solana gave him another smile before she started walking. She wasn’t in any hurry to rush back to camp, and they did have more wood to gather. She used her power to keep the water and wood afloat in the air and pull it along with them. Sometimes individual items would try to float away from the group and she had to nudge them back toward the rest, or asked Jayfeather if he could to keep them from escaping her sphere of influence. It wasn’t very big since she didn’t want to overdo it, something big would be draining and unnecessary for just hauling some water and wood.

For Virion it wasn’t hard to dodge her attack. He’d kept his distance, and she was injured. While she was strong, she was also distracted and the size of the blade took away some of the possibility for speed, and he was fast. Not only that, but her stance left a perfect opening. Virion struck like a viper, going for her legs with his own and then knocking the sword away from her. He shoved her back against the wall, pinning her to it to keep her from trying for her sword again, or having the space for another attack. For the first time he looked seriously irritated, bordering on angry,”The hard way, then. Do I need to knock you out?”

He was still hoping she would give in and just let him help her, but he was prepared to do what needed to be done. He wasn’t going to let her sit there and sulk and bleed.
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Jayfeather nodded in understanding, knowing just about the feeling of weight and weightlessness from his past missions. He saw the smile and he smiled back too but his was more reassuring, when he wasn't so sad he did have a very nurturing, caring and reassuring personality. He tilted his head to the side, his fingers curling up a bit as a nearby branch from a tree reached out and grew around them.

[#228B22 "Mine gives me this... Almost like the weightless feeling you get, I can only describe it as a dangerous high. If I use too much, I could have a seizure and possibly die." ]

He said as if it didn't bother him, mostly because he knew his limit and made sure never to cross it unless it was a dire situation. He shook his head with the smile still, looking out all around them. [#228B22 "We should maybe start heading back soon after we collect wood." ]


[i "Acting tough isn't going to help." ]

Oh god, Virion's voice sent her over the edge of her rage and she took a step forward, ignoring the pain flaring from her right side as she twisted her shoulders and hip to hit him with the sharp blade of the greatsword. There was a squishing noise too, the sound of flesh rubbing and bubbling as she cried out in pain as she swung the heavy blade.

It was a huge and powerful hit but she left her legs open as she always did, it was her one weak spot with her weakness being water too.

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Solana tilted her head and looked up at him. How would she feel? “I… I’m not sure. I suppose… It seems nice. I like plants, so it might be a nice power to have. But as for how it would feel… I don’t know. With mine it’s like… weight, or weightlessness. You know?”

She really wasn’t sure how to answer, and ended up babbling on a bit. She gave a smile, sweet but a little unsure,”I don’t know how that might translate to plants.”

She was acting like a cornered animal. Virion bared his teeth in an unamused smile,”Acting tough isn’t going to help. Neither is threatening teammates. Now, put the sword down and let me take a look. Or we can do this the hard way and I’ll make you. Your choice, and make it quick.”

He was keeping enough distance that she wouldn’t be able to swing and hit him without moving forward. He was betting that moving forward wasn’t going to be easy on her. She wasn’t going to be easy to overpower, but Virion was confident he could if she really was injured. He was getting more sure she was hurt by the second.
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Jayfeather laughed a bit and snorted when he was asked about his plant abilities in question. He just smirked and looked over after stopping about a few inches in front of her. [#228B22 "It's very weird to explain but what would you do if had my powers? How do you think you would feel?" ] He asked, his voice having no sign of sarcasm.

He wanted Solana's actual answer and how she would feel as he tried to explain how it felt to him into words of his own that Solana would be able to understand. It wasn't easy explaining how his powers made him feel physically and mentally, it was weird sensations really.


Ela opened her eyes, her eyes seem like a dragon's would, her iris nothing but a slit before they went back to their red. It was just a trick her eyes could do, it didn't mean anything other than that she was angry. She growled and slid up the wall, standing up as she took her hand away from her hip and to her sword, hefting the heavy blade with her muscular arm.

[#DC143C "I am not hurt, if you say so, I will shove this blade up down your throat~" ]

She growled, her green hair staying at a rest behind her as she stared daggers at him.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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Solana filled her containers and set them aside. The containers and the wood would be a bit much for them to carry, especially if they wanted to gather more wood, but that wasn’t going to be a problem. Solana looked up from filling the last container and smiled bashfully,”I suppose… Um, I mean, thank you.”

She put the last container with the rest and looked back at Jayfeather,”It can be useful. Unfortunately destructive too, but…” Solana moved her hand over the containers of water and the wood, and all of them floated up,”I like this sort of thing better. So, you said you had some sort of, um, plant power? What’s that like?”

Virion shook his head,”Just a hunt is never just a hunt. Come now, the deer clearly gave you a little bit of trouble.” He looked over from the deer to Ela. She had her eyes closed, arms crossed, but her hand… One hand was pressed to her side.

“Ah.” Virion stepped away from the deer and went to Ela, finally at least partly understanding,”You’re hurt. How bad is it?” He wasn’t sure how bad. The coppery scent of blood was thick in the air, but that was expected because of the deer. He wasn’t sure how much was Ela’s, if any.
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Jayfeather nodded with a smile as he walked over to the river and kneeled beside it, staring at himself in the reflection of the clear water. He dug around in his satchel, knowing that he packed four water canteens and he eventually found them, taking them out of their pouch. He opened them up and began to fill them up by dragging them through the current, water filling the tins.

Jayfeather soon had them all filled and he stood back up, slipping the full canteens into his satchel before looking over at Solana and walking over to her. [#228B22 "So gravity powers? I think that's cool." ] He said, trying to start some small talk.


[#DC143C "It was nothing, it was just a hunt, nothing else." ] Ela said quickly, her arms crossed as she laid her back and head against the wall, staring at Virion as he did whatever to the deer. She could've cured it and everything but he seemed like he wanted to do it so she didn't get up.

However with her arms crossed, she had her left hand on her right side where blood was leaking down and into her pants. The feeling of the warm blood was awkward and it felt really odd to her as she squirmed around a bit quietly. She sighed and began to close her eyes, her lips a cherry red still.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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“Ah, I’m a bit afraid too.” Solana admitted softly. If Ela was willing to pounce on Jayfeather like that, it made her wonder what else Ela might do on a whim. It was going to be hard actually trusting Ela. Solana picked up a few more pieces of wood that looked dry enough before she heard Jayfeather call her.

She hurried over and looked at the river,”Oh wow, nice! Looks like we’ll have all the water and wood we need pretty soon. Let’s gather the water, then I think it’ll be time for me to do the heavy lifting.” Solana piled the wood she had gathered so far in a neat atack a little ways from the water so it wouldn’t get wet while they gathered the water,”We can get more wood on the way back to the camp.”

Virion stopped to watch Ela as she arrived and sat down. He looked at the deer, then at her. “It seems you had a rough time of it. Take a break, I’ll start preparing dinner.”

This would be more than enough food for all of them. He tilted his head giving it some thought. There would be time to let some of the meat smoke overnight, then it would save them from having to hunt again for a few days at least. He rolled up his sleeves before picking up the deer and carrying it off to a better place to work. He didn’t seem to struggle at all to haul the deer around, and set about cutting it open with practiced efficiency,”Care to tell me about your hunt? It looks like you must have quite the story.”
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[#228B22 "No problem... I'm actually terrified of her to be honest..." ]

Jayfeather said in his quiet voice, holding the firewood he had in one hand as they walked, his right hand holding his sickle still as it was at his side. He looked over at Solana once again with a smile this time before he froze, his smile turning to a curious face as he began to hear noises.

Water, it was the sound of water running and Jayfeather smiled, instantly turning to his right and walking forwards and through a pair of bushes to where he was hearing it and as he poked his head out another row of bushes, he smiled at the sight of a river that looked as clean as could be.

[#228B22 "Solana!" ]


[#DC143C "Goddamn deer, motherfucker..." ]

Ela's voice trailed off, the rest of the sentence turning into a grumble as she grabbed two of the deer's legs and began to drag the body back to the camp, taking her sweet time as she growled and grunted, her forehead beaded with sweat. She had put her sword back in its sheath on her back, keeping the sword from getting in her way.

She eventually did make it back to the camp, looking at what Virion did to it and she just sighed, dropping the carcass right in front of the entrance. She then slung the sword and it's sheath off of her back and tossed it to the ground before sliding down one of the walls, her face still covered in sweat and as pale as ever.

She almost looked like a ghost.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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Virion set about his preparations without any fuss. He flattened the ground a little, cleared away the rocks to use for the fire pit, and made a ditch to divert the water away from their sleeping area. It took a while, but it looked neat and professional when he was done with each part. He even bothered to gather a few things nearby to supplement their meal and make some tea.

Solana smiled at Jayfeather. He still seemed pretty shy, but a little less tense. That was good. She picked up some dry wood she found, keeping an eye and ear out for some running water,”Thank you for coming to help me. I’m glad. And um… I… I’d be a little uncomfortable going with Ela too.”

She wasn’t sure how to approach the topic, or even what she wanted to say. Maybe just confirm her guess was right and neither of them was terribly comfortable around Ela.
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Elzbieta sighed as she went on, continuing on with her hunting until she came across a deer. It looked like a 25 pointer by the looks of it and it's huge antlers that were sharpened to a fine point. She sat down on her feet, her hands brushing against the ground as she took in the beauty of the animal before she would kill it.

After a few moments, it turned its head towards her and she instantly knew it would be enough to feed them all and then some. Ela's red eyes stared at the deer's brown eyes before Ela sprang forwards, pushing the huge deer to the ground but she had tripped on a root hidden underneath the leaves of the clearing, falling with the animal.

She gasped as she felt one of the branching antlers pierce through her side and she let out a yell of pain but soon silenced herself by placing her wrist in her mouth. The animal was panicking and wiggling around, making Ela bite her wrist harder and harder until she sent a fist towards its head, knocking it out.

She then gasped and slowly got up, rolling up her red shirt and looking down at her stomach. There was bright red blood everywhere but the antler had just grazed her side and cut open the skin a bit. She didn't know any first aid so all she did was put her hand on her side as she took out her sword with her left hand and plunge it into the deer's side.

She growled and knew that she was far enough from camp for anybody to hear her yell so she smiled, she wasn't gonna let them know she was injured. She would be okay. Or so she thought.


Jayfeather turned around on the heels of his shoes and followed beside Solana, staying really close to the female. He wasn't gonna lie, he was more attached to this girl than anyone else maybe except for her sister. He looked down at her with forest green eyes, a slight smile on his face. [#228B22 "I..." ] He didn't know what to say.

Of course, he was still tensed up as per usual as he swung his eyes around, not wanting something to just come and attack them. He wasn't sure if there were evil creatures here but better to stay safe than sorry. He also picked up wood that was on the ground as they went, having his other sickle in his right hand to cut off some branches for the fire.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]
  SlainWings- / 349d 6h 50m 1s
“Great. I hope there’s water not too far. We’ll need something to carry it in, I have a few things…” Solana started walking away from the camp as she talked, glad her idea seemed to work. It would be easier to have Ela away for a little while. Ela being around made the group feel a little tense.

Virion nodded,”Then I will stay and prepare.” There would need to be a fire pit ready for the wood and fire, and he could gather a few miscellaneous things for their meal and to prepare the shelter to keep them dry for the rain that night.
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