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[#228B22 "I am a combat healer. I'm really good at combat but I only fight when needed. I also control plants and th-" ] Jayfeather started just to have Ela launch upwards from her chair, planting her feet in his waist and slam him to the ground with her on top of him.

He let out a screech as he was pounced on, his head slamming onto the ground as her face loomed in his vision. He felt a hand around his chin, Ela's nails digging into his chin as his ears were buzzing and the corner of his vision was blurry.


Ela smirked as she seen that Jayfeather was dazed, her face still in front of his. [#DC143C "New lesson Jayfeather, always expect an attack huh." ] She growled, letting go of his chin and standing back up. She still stood over him, not expecting anybody to challenge her and what she just did.

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  Thoth- / 7h 40m 53s
Virion took a seat near the fire, turning his attention to Ela,”I already see you have some fire ability, and I assume you know how to use that sword quite well. I’m also a swordsman, with an affinity for darkness. That would probably make myself and Ela the front line fighting up close. What do you two bring to the table?”

He leaned forward and at the other two. Looking at them he assumed they weren’t going to be quite as good with up close combat, so some ranged or support probably. When Solana spoke up she had Virion’s full attention, or so it seemed. He would give slight glances to Ela. Her body language made it clear what she was up to, and while he didn’t say anything he was keeping an eye on her.

Solana took a seat a little farther away from the fire. She practically curled into the chair. So those two could fight with swords. That was good, since Solana was no good at that sort of thing. Solana spoke up first when Virion asked,”Ah, I can manipulate gravity. Make things lighter or heavier, or make a spot pull something down or up or even sideways. I’m not good at much else, but I suppose I could keep the dragon from getting too high and help slow it down?”

She wasn’t sure if she was strong enough to ground a dragon, but she could make it a lot harder for it to fly.
  Virion / Yavanna / 1d 8h 12m 38s
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Jayfeather looked over at Solana and shook his head, meaning that he was okay with his herbs currently. He then glanced at Ela one last time, almost like Ela was about to spring up before looking at Virion in front of him.

[#228B22 "Hey, I'm Jayfeather. Nice to meet you too and we should." ] Jayfeather said quickly, shaking Virion's hand with a firm grip before taking his hand away and taking one more step back. He loved his own space, especially when around people he didn't know. He was at least okay with Solana.


Ela was really tempted to just get at Jayfeather and scare him to death. The thought of it actually put a smile on her face because she would love to do it. She shifted to the edge of the seat, her sword against the couch she was sitting on. She leaned forward, her elbows propped on her knees.

It was very obvious she was about to attack when Jayfeather's guard was down, it was only due time.

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  Bellyache- / 4d 15h 36m 47s
“Ah, yes. The others got here.” Solana smiled, trying to keep things from getting too tense. It seemed a little tense, like Jayfeather and Ela weren’t entirely comfortable with each other. She held up a few of the leaves she’d picked,”I found some herbs outside, you’re welcome to some if you want.”

Virion walked up to Jayfeather and held out his hand. He looked serious, but not unfriendly,”My name is Virion. A pleasure to meet you. I’ll get to the point, we should make a plan as soon as possible. The sooner we take down the dragon the sooner we get paid, yes?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 15d 11h 44m 55s
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Ela sighed, her shoulders dropping slightly as she relaxed inside of the cottage. She listened to Solana and Virion but stood a while away, being comfortable with not being close to other people. [#DC143C "I hate quiet people. They have that creepy gaze usually and they fucking seem really intimidating with their silence." ]

Ela growled, sitting down in a chair by the empty fireplace. She flicked her hand and a fireball shot into the fireplace, catching the firewood in there on fire. The smell of the smoke filled the cottage, making it feel a lot more comfortable. She crossed her legs and then just sat there, her lips pursed together.

She wasn't one to be easily read by people too, you'd never know when it came to Ela and her emotions and thoughts.


Jayfeather stepped out of the bathroom, his black hair still wet as he had on green skinny jeans and a red t-shirt. He walked into the living room and looked up from the floor, looking surprised at the new people in their presence. [#228B22 "Well this is a surprise-." ] He suddenly said, standing there awkwardly in the doorway.

He felt really weird with Ela's gaze on him, almost like she was peering into his soul. He only took one step back because of it though, still, she was intimidating in a, [i I'll kick your ass ] kind of way.

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  Wings- / 16d 18h 6m 48s
“Oh, um,” Solana blinked but answered, taking the herbs she had found to the kitchen to sort,”We both got here last night. He’s nice. A little quiet.”

Virion took a look around the cottage. The smells and the way things were laid out, they had been here for a little while. Last night seemed to match what he saw, just enough time to get a little comfortable but not settled in entirely. He followed near the women, keeping an eye out for this fourth member,”We should discuss strategy and abilities once he’s here. We’ll want to prepare and move in on our bounty without too much delay.”
  Virion / Yavanna / 22d 7h 3m 33s
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Ela looked up Virion up and down as he introduced himself to her and Solana and she sighed, putting her sword back in its sheath on her back. [#DC143C "I'm Elzbieta, most people call me Ela." ] She said, tapping her foot on the ground.

She was interested that she hadn't seen the fourth and last teammate yet as she stepped inside of the cottage, the smell of breakfast and soap hitting her.

[#DC143C "How long have you guys been here? What is the other member like?" ] She asked rapid fire at Solana.
  Wings- / 23d 9h 48m 10s
The man chuckled quietly and continued walking forward until he was closer and in the light. Solana peeked around the girl to get a better look at the man as well. He wasn’t human, whatever he was. His ears were pointed.

The man asked again,”You are here about the dragon?”

Solana nodded, and the man smiled. “Very good. I am Virion. A pleasure to meet you both. Shall we head inside? I believe we are waiting for a fourth.”

Solana spoke up, feeling a little shy with all the new people but they were her team for this bounty so she should try and get along with them,”He’s already inside.”

“Perfect. Ladies first?” Virion had walked the rest of the way to the cottage and held the door open for the two women.
  Virion / Yavanna / 27d 6h 23m 27s
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The girl opened her mouth to tell the other girl whom she was before hearing the deeper voice behind her. She jumped and she wheeled around, her back to Solana as she held onto her sword more. She just stared at the man, squinting her deep red eyes to look at him.

[#DC143C "Dude I can't even see you, take a fucking step forwards." ]
  Wings- / 29d 11h 25m 54s
Solana had been gathering some herbs she found, and looking for any familiar vegetables when she heard someone behind her. She initially didn’t look, continuing to pick the mint she had found, until she heard an unfamiliar and unfriendly sounding voice. She turned around surprised and took a step back,”Oh, ah, hello. I’m Solana. Who are you?”

She wondered what they were doing out here. Maybe she was another member of the team? It would make sense, they were waiting on the rest of their little group.

From farther back came a voice. Solana couldn’t hear who spoke, but the voice was deep and clearly masculine. He was far enough back in the trees he wasn’t terribly visible, but he was approaching. He had long dark hair that went nearly to his waist and his eyes were a dark grey. With his clothes being almost entirely black he blended into the dark shadows under the trees remarkably well save for his fair skin, and his steps were nearly silent,”I see I’m not the first to arrive. You are here for the dragon, yes?”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 33d 6h 19m 58s
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[#Dc143C "God I hate this." ]

A teenage girl said as she wandered around the forest, looking for this damn cottage that she had been told about. She was pretty much alone, her red converse sneakers almost falling apart at this point. She had green hair that reached her back and bright red eyes along with pale skin.

She had a greatsword in a sheath across her back, the hilt of it clear over her shoulder. She didn't mean to but she came across Solana and she growled, her muscular body tensing up as she pulled her sword out of its sheath.

[#DC143C "Who the fuck are you?" ]
  Wings- / 36d 12h 23m 22s
Most of the cottage had already been cleaned, but she got to cleaning what was left anyway. There was no rush really, since they were still waiting for more people to arrive. Until they did, there wasn’t really anything in particular to do but clean and prepare.

Once the rest of the cottage was clean Solana decided to venture outside and see what she could find nearby. She didn’t want to go too far, but hoped to find some useful herbs or something edible to add to her pack or use for lunch.
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 36d 14h 14m 20s
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[Kodchasan [Center Jayfeather turned around, most of the house cleaned except for the living room. He smiled and nodded, grabbing his satchel and heading to the bathroom. He took a while in there, trying to relax himself using the comforting hot water that seemed to refresh him.
  [ᴄs] / Romeo- / 43d 10h 57m 18s
“Oh, alright. If you’re sure.” When he started cleaning and didn’t object Solana went to take a shower. It was sort of amazing how well maintained the cottage was. She supposed it must see plenty of use by people like them, only passing through on the way to some bounty or other.

After washing, drying, and dressing Solana was feeling pretty good. It was so refreshing, and she was ready to tackle whatever else the day demanded, or at least that was how she felt as she walked back into the main room. Her hair was still damp, but not as messy. She ruffled her hair a bit, hoping it wouldn’t take too long to dry,”Alright, I’m finished now so it’s your turn.”
  Solana L'Avenwin / Yavanna / 46d 2h 53m 44s
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[Kodchasan [Center [#228B22 "You can actually, I'll clean up." ] Jayfeather said with a smile, heading over to the sink. He turned on the water and went through the process of washing the dishes, humming a small tune in his head. He seemed to be good at cleaning because he somehow cleaned off every dirt thing that they had used with skill.

He then started to pick up around the cottage, moving with ease.
  [ᴊғ] / Loquacious- / 49d 10h 5m 21s

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