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Hey Maple...~ How about we go back to camp, so you can give me your Syrup~
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 12h 12m 8s
Saria nodded and looked over at Jacques, who just entered the room. He had bandages decorating his body and covering the multiple wounds he had gotten.
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 12h 31m 39s
he was a scientist. but he met a terrible fate....
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 12h 34m 36s
Saria continued to get more and more confused as Jacques was finally allowed to leave, putting his sweatshirt on and leaving to find Leo in the pokemon gym.
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 12h 38m 1s
Olympia:You will know when the time comes... but the man in your dreams was Gaster... a being said to Have been Scattered across time and space...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 12h 43m 49s
Saria tilted her head, not knowing what she meant.
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 15h 20m 27s
Well first i must tell you... You and that Salandit were fated to meet. You two will be the most unique and powerful team the world has seen yet... you will Find an tansformation Beyond evolution...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 15h 22m 34s
So... Can you help me? I Mean i know what's wrong, i just don't know how to deal with it...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 15h 28m 31s
Saria hid behind Leo, a bit creeped out by the gym leader.

Jacques was in stable condition, though extremely sluggish. He hoped to be released soon, bandages covering his chest and parts of his body. Surprisingly enough, the only uninjured parts were the scale patches.
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 15h 30m 43s
Huh... Anistar City Gym... Cool... So let's go and talk to her. *Walks in to Be confronted by Olympia herself*
Olympia: I've been expecting you Leo... and i know why you're here. But first, Come in, Come in...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 15h 34m 21s
Saria licked his cheek reassuringly and motioned to what seemed to be the gym.
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 15h 36m 54s
No... I Have A Boyfriend But... My Wild lucario side took me over and beat the shit out of him... i Feel so Bad...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 15h 39m 17s
Saria nodded, not wanting to ask more about it, "Salandit? "
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 15h 40m 19s
To the Gym Leader... i've been having these dreams of darkrai and a strange figure... it's weird... Trust me...
  Leo / BethThePupPrincess / 76d 15h 42m 36s
Saria-er, Sally, nodded. She took it as a nickname, preferring Saria as her real name, "Sal, Salandit "
  Jacques "Maple" Evans / KommonKaiju / 76d 15h 45m 37s

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