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Ariana watched Gary and smiled a little, they had enough time to figure out what they wanted, at least that way she could spread the news to her sister that there was a plan in place, one that she couldn't steamroll. She thought for a while, her gaze going to someplace far off before realising he was getting dress. Wallpaper would be a great idea. She figured maybe later they could talk it over together, if they were both awake enough. Her gaze lingered on him as he pulled on the vest, she'd always found him attractive with wet hair, funny how that worked out.

Ariana nodded to him,
"Toast sounds great." She murmured as she got to her feet, finally finding something to wear, some comfortable shorts and a vest, her robe loosely thrown over the top. Tea and toast actually sounded good and she was getting used to the ginger tea as of late, maybe she'd keep it up after the pregnancy. Ariana tidied the room and fixed the bed, heading downstairs to find the heating, flipping it on and finally looking outside. Thankfully, the snow yesterday hadn't stuck to the ground but it was threatening to snow again. She flicked the water on to boil and checked her phone, grateful there was nothing pressing to attend to as she leaned on the counter, sorting herself and Gary's warm drinks before sitting at the kitchen table.

Ariana was hesitant with toast, testing the waters first as she nibbled at it. It didn't seem to upset her stomach, not right away at least and she guessed it was safe to continue. She soon polished off a piece and looked around, thinking for a while.
"I might go out later, some milk and bread, couple of things to get in." She said to him. She would manage by herself, it was only a couple of things.
"Do you want anything?" She asked him, "I was thinking chicken tonight but I really fancy some cheesecake." She said, looking a little guilty. Now she had restarted her appetite, she was already thinking about a good dinner hours in advance.
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"We'll make it pink and fluffy if that's what makes you happy, Ri," Gary said with a listless smile about his lips. At that young an age, the baby wasn't likely to care for the colour of the walls, after all. They'd have to redo it by the time their son turned three or four however, when opinions started to matter. Trucks and toys would no doubt take over then. Cool things, like rockets and wild animals. Gary could tell Ariana was excited for it and Gary figured he'd be okay to at least be present in a few days or so. He hadn't actually planned to do any physical activity anyway, though Gary refused to tell Ariana and when asked, he might try after all. He'd have to figure out whether the crutches were borrowed or not. Knowing the combination of Ri and Lisa in a painting-situation, none of them would be spared a few additional colours.
Ri stepped out first and Gary reached back for the plug, draining the water from the tub.

"Traditional, can't fault it. There are a lot of shades of blue," Gary said, stifling a yawn. He took a deep breath and pushed himself from the tub to sit on the edge. A few clumsy twist and his good leg made it to the floor securely. Gary reached out for a towel and wiped down the majority of the water before finding a crutch.
A light green might be nice too. Gary didn't really care for what shade it ended up being. They could even go ahead and pick some wallpaper, if they wanted to. There were fun prints they had nowadays for kids and whatnot.

Gary draped the towel across his shoulder and hobbled after Ariana into the bathroom. His body still felt drained. The second he sat down on the bed next to her, it felt his body had been given a free-for-all and all leftover energy holding him up sapped down an imaginary drain. For a long moment, Gary just sat there, taking in the scent of Ariana's moisturiser, the chill in the air and the dreary view from their bedroom window. It was the chill that finally got Gary to move. He scrubbed at his wet hair and got back up to find some clothes to wear. Rather than tire himself out, the top of the pile became his first pick for all that he wanted to wear and Gary figured he shouldn't sit back down again unless he intended to sit down for a while.
"I'll get some toast started," Gary told Ri, pushing his arms into the sleeves of the vest he'd worn the other day.
Breakfast and then a nap sounded like bliss.
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Gary raised a fair point, grandchildren were different to children. Maybe she was overthinking what her mother would be like with their son. Dreamy eyes watched Gary rinse and listened to his words. Maybe, in time she would attempt a round two of events with her mother, hopefully she had learned some sort of lesson by now that Ariana wasn’t going to be as easily stepped on and neither was Gary. Having a child brought about a whole different casket of emotions and Ri knew it was better to have a stable family unit than one that was fractured and frayed. She’d try again, in time.

His words about the baby room caught her attention as she rinsed her own hair, drenched locks falling over one shoulder. She wasn’t sure if he would be up to it.
“Sure.” She said, a tinge of excitement permeating and betraying her excitement despite trying to play it cool. She figured Gary didn’t have to do much, but would be included in every decision so he wouldn’t be an innocent bystander. Lisa would want to help, Mike too no doubt.
“Hm, here I was thinking you’d agree to pink and fluffy.” She teased with a small laugh as she decided to heed his warning.
“I’m alright, better now, yeah. I think some breakfast is a good call.” She said as she leveraged herself out of the bath and wrapped herself in a fluffy towel. Ariana cracked the bathroom door slightly to let in some air so that the room wasn’t stifling with steam.

“Lisa will want blue.” She remarked, drying off and finding her robe to knit around herself. She certainly felt better after the bath and with something to look forwards to at the weekend. She paused for a moment, it didn’t matter what Lisa wanted, did it? Ariana soon realised that pleasing those around her was becoming taxing and the decisions made about their future son, if everything went smoothly, was no ones to make but their own.
“Seems cliche. Maybe green or something, something bright.” She said to Gary as she found some of her moisturiser and sat on the edge of the bed, using it to hydrate her skin.
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Probably, huh? Gary could appreciate Thomas a little more for standing his ground when it came to Margaret, although he quietly suspected that maybe the two would have a more intimate relationship like that. The same way he could confide in Ariana, trusting her not to spill or act out on that information.
"I wonder," he mused gently.
Ariana spoke softly and Gary just listened, unable to find words to counter what she said or confirm them. Not that Gary felt it was needed. For now, it might be enough to just let Ariana speak and listen. Her fingers somehow found their way onto his scalp, massaging in the shampoo and Gary closed his eyes to prevent the suds from stinging his eyes.
"Margaret's love might skip a generation," Gary mumbled. Though Gary was pretty sure that Margaret hadn't ever shown particular interest in little James either. He knew the older woman hadn't always done right by her daughters, though she'd never told why. In the future, perhaps, when time became too pressing for petty squabbles. Gary found himself fortunate with his mother and father.

When Ri finished washing his hair, Gary sank under the water and rinsed out the shampoo, coming up for air, only to rest listlessly against the tub. Despite how hungry and meek he felt, Gary knew that his eyes would be too big for his stomach. Maybe it'd be best to just stick to some breakfast cereal or whatever. Something high on sugar.

"Did you still want to paint the baby-room this weekend?" Gary started. It wasn't that many days off and they'd need to arrange some things if they did. None of that might happen today, but tomorrow maybe, if he felt a little better and kept calm for a bit.
"We should think about the colours ahead of time, before Lisa sways you into something ridiculous," he chuckled softly. He could see that happen, that and repainting weeks before the baby's arrival too. On account of hormones and whatnot.
Gary was pretty sure the tears he'd caught falling that morning were because of Ariana's stormy hormonal balance.
"Are you feeling better?" Gary probed gently, though he could tell by the blush on Ariana's face that she probably did. He'd seen her ill before, but that didn't mean it had to sit well with him, especially not after that hospital visit. Lisa wouldn't just exaggerate a thing like that.
"We should get some breakfast, before I fall asleep in here," Gary joked half-heartedly.
  Gary Jenkins / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 20d 18h 11m 1s
The mixture of warm water pulling out her stress and Gary’s touch was enough to entice Ariana that there was nothing to worry about right then. Ariana cracked an eye open to glance at him when he asked what her plans were,
“Keep yo that and I’ll be staying in the bath all day.” She said, amusement lacing her tone as she gave an exhale, surrendering to watch her husband and how the water shifted as he wet his hair and relaxed. Things would go back normal soon, she kept telling herself. There was no rush and patience would be an ally at this point but it did seem like everything, even the small things, were somehow tainted. She didn’t have any plans past possibly trying to battle breakfast. She figured avoiding anything dairy and anything meat would be a good idea, so it was back to exciting old toast.

Ariana paused the massaging of soap into her shoulder for a moment when Gary asked about her father and she shrugged.
“Probably. If he told my mom then she’d know he’s been speaking with me, I can’t see that going off quietly.” She commented, nonchalantly but it still wasn’t clear to even her, if it bothered her or not. Sure two sets of grandparents would be great for any child they had but only if they both wanted to play and active and happy part, as opposed traumatising Ariana’s son the same way they had with her.

“I figure if she knew, then she’d make some sort of ridiculous gesture or search for some sort of drama to let the world know what a terrible daughter I am for keeping it from her.” Ariana rambled on slightly as she rinsed her skin and looked to Gary again, distracted. She gave a small smile,
“It’s not that I don’t want them to be a part of our lives, I just want them to be part of it for the right reasons.” She explained quietly, reaching over for some shampoo and using some on herself and then massaging some into Gary’s scalp, careful still because she didn’t want to upset a headache or something of that nature.
“Me and Lisa weren’t exactly treated great by my mother,” that much was obvious, “I just don’t want the same thing with our son.” She finished, the art of washing Gary’s hair doing wonders to keep her lips loose.
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"Yeah, I'll join you," Gary said gently, giving Ri the time to gather her wits about her. He sat down on the closed toilet lid and watched Ariana undress for a second, giving his body a second to catch up with it all.
"Drained," he admitted. Yesterday was a bit of a blur, but Gary didn't want to needlessly worry Ariana with little things like that. It was only natural that his memory hadn't actively recorded much, between the fever, dozing and doing nothing for long stretches of time.
"Better than yesterday," Gary offered up a sparkle of hope. Undoing his clothes wasn't a particularly arduous chore, given he was only wearing a few articles of clothing to begin with. Gary carefully stepped into the tub, resting his leg on the edge, a towel underneath to prevent it from slipping. Soon the cast could come off. Gary wasn't particularly keen to find out how the leg looked underneath though. Probably skinny and rancid, if the occasional itch was anything to go by.
The water melted away some of the lingering pains and aches from the fever, easing them up and Gary sighed out, resting back to watch Ri splash about.
"Any plans for today?" he ventured, lazily reaching out to toy with Ariana's feet. Gary started to feel just how tired he still was. The warm water was making him feel a little drowsy, though the sensation wasn't entirely unpleasant. His hands smoothed some of the suds in the tub across Ariana's legs, enjoying the silky smooth feel of her skin. The other leg was gifted the same gentle treatment. Ri had worked yesterday. Gary hoped she wouldn't go in today, but then he wasn't going to be a bundle of entertainment right then either. The best Gary could hope for was that he'd be a little active once he'd caught another few hours of sleep. There was little his body could be motivated to do right then though. Even the very thought of working was off-putting right then.
Gary stifled a yawn and slipped down into the water a little to get his hair wet. With a few strokes, Gary hoped to rinse out the majority of the sweat and grime, leaving him feeling a little cleaner.
"Do you think your father could keep the baby's gender a secret from your mom?" he piped up after a moment of just soaking. Ri's father was so weak-willed at times, Gary had a hard time imagining that the interaction with his daughter could be all under wraps.
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Ariana looked over when she heard Gary and sighed out, embarrassment prickling at her. She gave a tepid smile and leaned into his touch. She was done for now, there was no more churning and nothing left for her system to reject right then.
“Sorry.” She murmured quietly. This wasn’t exactly an attractive thing to see and even less to wake up to in the mornings. Ariana shook her head when he asked if he could do anything,
“I think it’s over.” She assured him meekly, testing the waters as she focused on her stomach and there was no sickly feeling. She looked to the bath when Gary mentioned it and she figured it wouldn’t do any harm to relax for a while. Her eyes slowly trailed back to Gary.

“Are you joining me?” She asked, somewhat hopeful but trying not to look the part in case he wasn’t up to it. She turned on the taps and ran a hand through her hair. Hormones and morning sickness were a terrible mixture and she hoped this wouldn’t last much longer. The nurse had said another week or so and she would rather it was over now.
“How are you feeling?” She asked as she gathered her thoughts whilst stripping away her clothes. He looked a bit more rested, still tired though. It was difficult to gauge his health, it had been so up and down lately but she figured he needs the rest. Ariana sank down on the side of the bath as she tested the waters, experimentally. It wasn’t too hot which was a good thing given his fever. Ariana looked to Gary for a moment, assisting him where he needed it to undress because she wanted his company right then.

Once settled, she slipped into the water and it was an immediate relief to her tight muscles and groggy feeling, seemingly washing all of it away in a few seconds and she tipped her hair back a little. What a morning it had been but Ariana knew a decent breakfast would help to settle things and she figured maybe a relaxed day. She didn’t think she had any plans but Lisa hadn’t popped und for a while and Ariana hoped today wasn’t the day for one of her impromptu check ups on the couple. Ariana figures maybe she could bake, she hadn’t done that in a while.
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Noises woke him up. Ri was missing from beside him and slowly Gary started to make sense of what he heard: retching. His own stomach twisted in sympathy, but unlike yesterday Gary felt hungry more so than nauseous. A day of barely any food would do that. Gary took a deep breath and sat up, waited for his body to settle in an upright position and took stock. He was tired still. If it hadn't been for Ariana's cruel morning, Gary was certain he'd still be asleep. His limbs were heavy, but he felt better.

After a minute or so, Gary searched for his crutches and slowly wiggled his way up, towards the bathroom. Mint assaulted his senses almost immediately. Gary rested his shoulder against the door frame and watched Ri as she washed her face. She still looked pale.
"Hey," he breathed, catching her tears. Gary left one crutch propped up against the sink and used his free arm to reach out to Ariana.
"Are you okay?" Gary ventured gently. Worry flooded his thoughts, because he honestly didn't think he had the energy to rush off with Ri to the hospital or anything of the likes. She seemed so genuinely unwell. His hand joined hers at the small of her back, gently rubbing some of the tension from her muscles.
"Is there anything I can do?" he put, uncertain of how to help. She'd never experienced a pregnancy this far along before. Neither of them had. Was this normal morning sickness? Could Ri's body handle the strain this time? Gary didn't quite recall whether Ariana had eaten anything yesterday. She'd said something about lunch and there'd been soup. He hadn't been on top of it though. If Ariana had skipped either of those meals he'd be none the wiser.

His hand travelled up a little further, finding the tense muscles in her back and at her neck. She felt so frail under his larger hands. Frail, shaky and a little clammy.
"Should I draw a bath?" Gary offered. He'd probably join her if she said yes, just for the sake of feeling clean after shaking yesterday's fever. Then breakfast and more rest. Maybe for the both of them. He imagined it was a similar situation like this which had occurred when Lisa had been around before. Gary stepped a little closer still and made sure he was steady enough to catch Ri, if she did feel faint.
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Fingers to her arm and Gary’s voice filtered through the death of the dreams. Ariana turned to look at Gary, finding anchorage in those eyes of his. She eventually breathed out and squinted at the time on the clock.
“I don’t remember.” She murmured, the memories fizzling off into the abyss. She couldn’t remember what had started her into the waking world. She watched him for a moment, he looked exhausted and she figured he hadn’t had a great sleep. She checked her phone and thankfully no one had really got in contact. She rubbed away some sleep, to no avail and she surrendered to the blankets as she sank back down.

An hour or so wouldn’t hurt, it was early like he had said. She shifted to get comfortable and stifled a breathy yawn, joining Gary in some sleep. It was a few hours before she awoke, feeling more fresh and ready for whatever today threw at them. She wiggled from the bed and to the bathroom, sluggishly taking her time as she freshened up. A shower could wait until she had something to steady her churning stomach. She was reluctant to leave the bathroom, she knew the feeling all too well and it was a relief when she finally did throw up, despite shaking with the effort it drew from her body. Typical.

Ariana washed her mouth with some of the mint mouthwash and sighed, bracing on the sink for a moment to make sure everything was over. Ariana used the moment to rinse her face, washing away the thin layer of sweat she had worked up. The churning hadn’t gone away but she knew there was nothing else left in her system. Tears sprang to her eyes, burning as they fell and she wiped at them full furiously, unsure of why she even felt so angry and frustrated with herself but she knew she felt entirely useless. Her husband was struggling and yet she could barely get up in the morning without feeling sick. She used a towel to dry her face, rubbing at the small of her back with her hand.
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Enough wouldn't be enough, Gary knew that but he didn't fight Ariana on the words. A kiss was pressed to his forehead and Gary closed his eyes. Unlike Ri, who seemed to settle easily, he was left behind to listen to her soft words and gentle breathing.
"I love you too," he whispered when she had already succumbed to sleep.
Gary watched over Ariana, twisting and turning to try and get comfortable, fighting the blankets when they became stifling and sweat started to soak his clothes. Occasionally Gary fell asleep, only to wake back up again what felt like a few minutes later. He knew that couldn't be the case, but his sense of time was all disoriented. Everything was dark, cloying blankets and uncomfortably tight skin.

Only when early dawn rolled around did Gary feel a sense of exhaustion that could finally pull him into a healing sleep. Ri's start managed to rouse him however, and he owlishly looked at her. His fever had whittled down during the night to something that hardly bothered him.
"Hey, easy," Gary soothed Ri's panicked search. His fingers rubbed Ariana's arm to help her come to terms with the waking world, though he felt dead-tired still.
"It's early still," he muttered. Maybe he could entice Ariana to stay and sleep by his side for a while longer. Gary sure didn't have any intention of getting up any time soon, no matter what disaster hit their home. All he could hope for at this point was that Lisa didn't drop by unannounced to accuse him of being the lazy ass she thought he was.
"Bad dream?" Gary started, stifling a yawn from escaping. He was finally comfortable enough to just lay still in bed. His limbs felt heavy and it looked cold outside still. There was absolutely no incentive to be up currently, other than maybe take a bath, because all the sweating left him feeling stale. Even his cast felt itchy at this point, but there was little he could do about that.
Gary's arm came to rest near Ariana and his eyes were already sinking closed again. It didn't even take long for his breathing to mellow back out into an even, steady pattern. His sleep was dreamless and deep. Hopefully he'd be back up and at it in a few days.
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Ariana studied Gary in what sliver of light impeded on their privacy in the darkness and she could see the silver light of the moon and the soft glow of the lamplight outlining Gary’s features. She let him speak, her silence inviting as she mulled over what he was saying. She understood him wanting to do more, she wanted to do more for him too and most of the time she just felt useless. Even when it came to their child, she wasn’t sure what more she could do. She couldn’t give in to being bed ridden for weeks, she’d go stir crazy. Ariana knee a few more months would prove long and full of their own risks, it only took for one thing and the child would be lost entirely.

Ariana reaches out a hand to Gary’s forehead, he was still hot, still sweating and she knew there was nothing she could do unless she phoned the hospital. If he was still like this tomorrow, she would have to phone. She couldn’t stand to see him like this.
“You do enough.” She said to him quietly, assuring my. He was still here, and she wasn’t going through this alone. Although she did understand the frustration, the feeling of total vulnerability and having to surrender to whatever fate decided for them.
“We’ll be alright.” She said as she sat up a little and pressed a kiss to his forehead. First things first, he had to get better and heal and it was proving to be taking so much from her husband.

Ariana was tired though, and it made her feel guilty as she could barely keep her eyes open, hand slipping to rest on his chest and find some reassurance of the heartbeat she felt. It was a little quicker than what she was used to. He was fighting a battle in his body then and she was scared about which side would win. She knew her husband wasn’t going to just give in without a struggle. Ariana settled beneath the blankets and had her own battle, her eyelids heavy with lead.
“I love you.” She promised him in the dark, in the safety of their bed. It was fruitless for her to try and stay awake as sleep washed her upon dreams hazy shores, lapping away at her consciousness. It was an odd thing, unable to grasp at what was exactly going on. At first there was sweet summer scenes, memories in and out but then it became harsh and twisted. Somewhere, a baby cried and she heard Gary yell and Ariana woke with a start, the cold light of morning splintering through the room . It wasn’t a nightmare, it had been... She rubbed her temples and got her bearings, checking the time and hugging out a little.
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How did he feel? Gary had his eyes closed, but opened them to thin slits to see what sort of expression accompanied Ariana's question. She knew he wasn't feeling a hundred percent, and while Gary could tell Ri worried for him, he didn't think that was the part she was curious after. Everything, huh?
Gary sighed out, shifted and closed his eyes again.
It was a difficult question. For a while Ariana's words danced around his head and nothing came up in response. And then, before his brain could intervene, "I don't know... I feel like whatever they tell us we can do, it won't be enough."
Gary sank a little deeper into the pillows, willing the heat away to no avail. His cheeks were flush with colour and he felt a little meek overall.
"I mean, I've already had you resting well over an hour a day and that's their advice?" Gary complained with a bit more fire. "It's frustrating," he added, watching Ariana's profile in what meagre light invaded their bedroom.
"...and I want to do more for you."
Take care of the house-hold chores Ri now still took upon herself. Help her out with small things, like getting groceries or forcing Ariana to rest more. Make sure she ate healthy things at regular times. None of that had been in his power thus far and Gary knew he had to get better before he could even think about doing those things, but at the very least he shouldn't add to Ri's worries.
"It's just been...setback after setback," he sighed out.
And then there were the things they wanted to do. Like the baby-room and the challenges doing up said room brought up. Nightmares about the accident, memories that cropped up sporadically he couldn't quite place yet. Gary felt like, more than before, he had trouble wrapping his head around it all. He was getting better, but the improvements were subtle and unpredictable. Headaches still came and went willy-nilly, same as the aches in his mending leg.
"Just a few more months though, Ri," Gary promised. "We might be parents," he said with a meek smile. The words just tumbled from his lips unimpeded.
And even that happiness was soured by the knowledge that they'd already become parents at one point. Of a child that wasn't gifted life. Gary lifted his hands and scrubbed at his face, pushing his hair back. His skin felt prickly and tight. Their bedroom wasn't particularly warm, but he felt it was stifling and freezing all at the same time.
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Ariana followed the movie, it wasn’t so bad and she figured all the hype before had been warranted. If it had been different then her and Gary might have made a night out of going to the cinema, catching something to eat- it was torture to think about what could be rather than what was. Romanticised ideas were just that, ideas. Things could get better but she figured with a baby on the way and husband currently out of action, it wouldn’t be any time soon. Their days would be replaced with physio therapy and with any good fortune, a son.

Gary’s words caught her off guard, wistful almost as she looked to him. She leaned over slightly, into his touch and sighed out in content. It faltered when he asked about her father.
“Yeah, he seems happy. It’s still all secretive and cloak and dagger.” She pointed out quietly. She wondered what her mother might do if she found out her husband was speaking with her. Her mother wasn’t exactly known for her grace or forgiveness, the woman could hold onto a grudge for months.

Ariana eventually followed him, knowing that it would be a restless night for him if his looks were anything to go by. She didn’t know how to help but her worry was just increasing. She hoped he could just sleep it off. She spent a moment in the bathroom, changing into something more comfortable before joining Gary and settling, giving him some space.
“How do you feel? And I don’t just mean the infection, I mean with everything.” She asked him, he wasn’t well and she knew that but she hoped in the darkness of the room he might find some way of expressing his thoughts and feelings as of late. This was a lot to take in, for both of them and Gary was so guarded sometimes it was hard to read him. She supposed they bounced off of each other in a nice way, Ariana had always worn her heart on her sleeve, boldly announcing her mood whereas Gary had been the strong, silent type, at least in the past year.
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Gary slumped down on the couch, an act that was rewarded with a cold cloth pressed against his forehead. Goosebumps shimmied down his spine and Gary pulled the blanket a little higher. He zoned out watching the movie, not actually following the plot much, but allowing for the images to draw him in regardless. It helped him forget his misery for a short while at least. Soon enough the cold cloth turned tepid and warm. Gary tried to finish his juice at least. He'd need the fluids with how he was sweating. Cold replaced heat and back again, leaving his focus somewhere in the middle. The movie slipped him by almost entirely. Even the credits held just about as much interest as the flashy scenes had before.
It was getting late, but Gary wasn't sure whether he wanted to retire. Before he'd come down, the bed hadn't exactly held much appeal either. For sure, when another cold shiver came rushing by, Gary figured it'd at least be warmer but even though he was drowsy, sleep wasn't going to happen readily.

Rather than try to move, Gary just pushed his hair back and took a deep breath. Hazy blue eyes took in Ariana.
"You're so pretty," he said, only to realize a few seconds later that he'd spoken the thought out loud. A hand reached out to play with Ariana's hair, a bemused smile playing across his lips.
"Did you tell your dad it'll be a boy?" Gary started, reminded of Ariana's crestfallen expression earlier that evening.
Her mother still hadn't called. Not to apologise or anything of the sorts. Not even to just pretend nothing had happened and carry on as she always had. Gary felt a sliver of guilt at that, but it didn't last particularly long. Soon Ri really couldn't hide her pregnancy no more. Gary could already tell her skin was smoother, a nice glow to her and there was just something about her scent that made him feel giddy.

For her sake, they ought to get some rest. Gary wasn't sure whether sharing the master bed was going to be as restful for Ariana as he would hope, but there was no helping that.
"Let's get some rest, huh?" he offered and slowly sat up. Gary knew that he hadn't eaten enough to warrant quick movements. Taking another deep breath, Gary picked up his crutches and started the slow journey back to bed, to undoubtedly spend the majority of the time staring at the ceiling and fighting the covers.
At least the sheets were cool when he slipped back under them. For a while, anyway.
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Ariana didn’t expect to see her husband for the rest of the night, tapping away at her computer and it served a good distraction from focusing on food and before she knew it, the bowl was empty. Ariana rubbed at her eyes, the screens light serving to agitate them after a while and she furrowed her brow when she heard him limping around. She closed her laptop over and drained the small amount of juice she had left.
“Just catching up.” She assured him quietly and watched him. He was still feverish and her heart stung to see him like this. She put her laptop away safely.

Ariana nodded,
“A movie sounds good.” She said to him and rinsed her cup before refilling it with fresh contents. Ariana took some time to soak a cloth in cool water, wringing it out and gesturing Gary to the couch. If this kept and he was the same tomorrow she would be phoning the hospital regardless. Ariana took her time before settling on the couch beside him, folding the cloth so it would sit neatly on his hot forehead.
“See if that helps, alright?” She murmured. At least his leg seemed to be the last of his concerns and Ariana’s too, the fever was more pressing. Ariana fumbled for the remote and found an almost new movie, she vaguely remembered seeing the trailers run not so long ago.

Ariana settles in to just relax, despite the concerns about Gary. He was beside her on the couch, he wasn’t going anywhere at least and like this she could watch over him. She wasn’t a nurse, but she would do her upmost to at least keep him comfortable. There were so many horror stories out there about how things could go wrong and she knew Gary’s recovery had been really tough so far. She didn’t lean into him, instead focusing on being sure he was covered by the thin blanket with the cold compress. Even if it meant he got some sleep for a few hours. Ariana let her gaze go back to the television and follow what was happening in the film.
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