Who the f u c k are you? Who the fuck are y o u?

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[size14 [font "times new roman" How did he get into this situation? How the FUCK did he get into this situation? Anders pressed back against the wall furthest from the commotion, watching in horror as the scene before him unfolded. A shadowy mass had just appeared in his dorm room in the midst of being attacked- an attack that might not have happened if he hadn’t begged his father to let him go to an actual school for his senior year of high school. It had taken a lot of pleading on his part, as well as some light nudging on the part of his step-dad, to convince his dad to let him. There were conditions that he laid out that Anders had to meet or else he’d be on his way back home. The first was that it would be a private school which was easy enough to manage, the second would be that he couldn’t allow his grades to slip, and the final condition was that he could not, under no uncertain circumstances, allow anyone to find out that he wasn’t human.

[center Three guesses which of the conditions he’d failed.]

It hadn’t been intentional; his powers had simply misfired as they so often did. He was getting better at controlling and hiding when it happened, but when he became too emotional or stressed out his powers would manifest and do some weird, demonic shit. Naturally, it was exam time when he’d lost control. Most of his classmates thought that the power outage had, had something to do with a power surge and no one assumed that anything supernatural was at work. That served to assuage his fears of being found out until exams were over. There had been a couple more mishaps, but they hadn’t been big enough to draw attention; just a couple of lights blowing out which people attributed to the power outage.

Sure, his dad had called once he’d heard that there had been some weird power surges at the school, but he’d managed to convince him that everything was fine, and no one suspected he wasn’t human. Not long after that call, he met Enola. She was a year below him, but they shared the same lunch. Perhaps he should have questioned why a pretty girl was suddenly paying attention to him, but he didn’t. Anders didn’t have luck making any real friends given that he had transferred to the school in his final year and these kids had known each other for their entire school career. The fact that someone was approaching him and wanted to spend time with him was astounding to him and the fact that she was pretty was a bonus. The two of them clicked almost immediately for one reason; Enola was a shade. A real, live, actual shade. When she first sat across from him, he had sensed that something was different about her but didn’t know what it was until she told him. There wasn’t much that they could talk about during lunch, so they had started meeting elsewhere over the next couple of months to talk about everything. He’d thought that everything was going well and that, maybe he could ask her out eventually.

[center And then she broke into his dorm room.]

Thankfully he was fully dressed when it happened- not that it mattered when she attacked him, but at least he would die with some dignity. She didn’t give him a chance to say anything before she lashed out at him, drawing blood. What happened next was a blur. He remembered crying out in pain and a sharp pain across his chest. When his blood splattered onto the carpet Enola looked at him contemptuously as he fell back. “A fake like you could jeopardize my entire existence. I wasn’t sure before, but now I know for certain. I have to kill you.” Stunned, Anders could only watch as she readied another attack- an attack that wouldn’t land.

The room seemed to explode in the place where his blood had landed. Enola was thrown back by a mass of black mist that had seemed to erupt from the floor. It didn’t have any particular form although it [i felt] as though it should; especially when a low growl started to emanate from it. When Enola regained her bearings, she looked at the mist in horror and looked like she was about to flee. Anders scrambled back against the wall to put distance between them before a wave of nausea rolled over him and an intense pain blossomed between his eyes. [i [#02d4d4 ‘Not again...’]] Whenever he used his abilities he tended to have severe headaches that often resulted in bad nosebleeds. This was such an occasion. Blood gushed from his nose as his vision swam. Whatever he’d done it was enough to make his eyes bleed- which was new, and he hated it. The pain was so bad that it felt as if his skull was splitting from the inside out and was so bad that he couldn’t see properly. The only thing he could see was red; a lot of red. Enola screamed and he could hear growling and a sickening crunch- and then silence.

Anders desperately strained to see what was going on. Thanks to the tears that helped to clear the blood from his eyes, the shadowy mass started to come into (relative) focus. As much focus as a literal cloud of shadow could be in. As his vision cleared he realized with a start that a pair of red, glowing eyes was fixed on him. A chill ran down his spine. [#02d4d4 “…What the fuck…”] The cloud looked… Frustrated? Another growl reverberated through the room. [#02d4d4 “What are you..?”] The mass moved closer to him and began to pulsate and form itself into a humanoid shape. Anders' eyes went wide as he stared in shock at the man that was now standing in front of him. What the FUCK was going on?]]
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