Who the f u c k are you? Who the fuck are y o u?

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[#02d4d4 "Generally that's what happens when someone dies. They cease to exist."] Anders replied tiredly. The part about the school not noticing her disappearance was odd and he had questions for that but he felt that right now probably wasn't the time for it. Considering he had just been puking up blood and the... Whatever it was was being very condescending.

Turned out it was a protection demon. He groaned and rubbed his forehead tiredly. His dad was going to keep him locked up at home forever if he found out about this. [#02d4d4 "If someone called you by it, it's your name isn't it?"] Focusing on the wrong thing again. It was better than focusing on the naked man in his room. The hot, angry, man in his room. He was not going to let his eyes wander down to his dick, and he certainly wasn't acutely aware of his nicely defined body.

[#02d4d4 "It's difficult to control one's powers when one's own body is fighting itself."] He replied tiredly. There was no fight in his voice, just simply stating the facts to Dantalion. [#02d4d4 "I'm only half shade, and my dad's half angel. I think you can see the problem here. Like you said I'm lucky I can even summon hounds. I'm pretty useless."] Anders looked up at the ceiling with a contemplative expression. What would he have done if Dantalion hadn't saved him?

[#02d4d4 "Oh, I definitely would have died. She caught me off guard. One doesn't expect the cute girl they were talking to, to suddenly break into their dorm room and sucker punch them. As for fighting back... With what? We've already surmised that I'm useless. If not for making lights explode and being able to shadow travel or whatever it's called I'd essentially be a human that heals inhumanly fast."] Anders shrugged, tone matter of fact. [#02d4d4 "Right now I'm less worried about that and more concerned about the fact that there is a naked man in my dorm room telling me to go lay down."]
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“As far as you and this school are concerned, she no longer exists,” he growled. He knew that Anders, his master, probably was not feeling well due to the mix of blood covering his body, which is why he couldn’t blame him when he ran to the bathroom to puke. Still, though, he rolled his eyes and stretched his new form. It was different from his last body, and he would need clothes, but he liked how it fit. It would be a shame if he got destroyed.

When his master demanded a second time that he give him information, the demon had no choice but to speak. A normal reaction - the puking - he supposed, for someone so inexperienced. It just showed what potential power they had if they could just control it. He busied himself absorbing the surrounding mess, blood, and guts while he answered. “A demon, one meant for protection. I don’t have a name.” The shade tasted amazing, and he could feel himself growing stronger just from absorbing her. “My last master called me Dantalion, however.”

He finished cleaning the room, eyes seemingly glowing brighter as he turned away from his slumped master. “You’ll want to get those powers under control then. The way you are now I’m surprised you’re able to even summon a hound. No offense.” Full offense. He didn’t take kindly to people who could control him but could barely do more than summon a hellhound. “What if you hadn’t summoned me? You’d have just laid down and died, not even fighting back?” His growling had toned down to a normal voice, deep and threatening. He thought back to what he said before, not having a reaction as bad before. Also not a surprise. “You went from summoning one of the easiest companion demons to summoning a protector demon. You’re going to be feeling terrible for a while," he explained, "So given that, you should lay down. Maybe skip these classes you have tomorrow."

Although, he thinks that Anders might not actually listen to that advice. He wasn't the master after all, and had no reason to give order. But he was there to protect the teen, so advice was a given.
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Summon? Is that what happened? It would explain why he was bleeding from his eyes as well as his nose this time. It didn't explain what the hell this man was. Though, man didn't quite seem accurate. If anything the person in front of him looked to be about his age. A very attractive teen boy with very red eyes. What had he summoned? [#02d4d4 "...Kind of... But I can't control it."] Anders' head was pounding and the nausea hadn't let up much. God what a mess. He'd need to call his dad; that wasn't going to be a fun call. The teen sighed leaned against the wall tiredly. So much for school amongst peers.

He wanted to get up and start cleaning up the mess, but what was he expecting to be able to do? He was healing from the initial attack, yes, but it was going to be a while before he could walk without getting dizzy. The teen looked at the... Whatever he was that he summoned and frowned to himself. [#02d4d4 "...I've only ever summoned hellhounds before and they never gave me such a bad reaction..."] He muttered to himself; he was a bit delirious. That was the one thing he was actually confident in. He'd been summoning them since he was a small child and knew exactly how to do it- he didn't even need blood.

Anders supposed that he could ask his dad what he thought happened, but then he wasn't sure that he would know. While his grandmother was a witch, this seemed to be more of a shade thing. At least, that's what his dad had always insinuated. That would probably be the how that the thing was looking for. [#02d4d4 "...Anders Ward."] He sat up slowly and rubbed his freshly healed chest with a groan. [#02d4d4 "That's my name."] Sitting up made him dizzy again, but he couldn't just lay there the entire time.

[#02d4d4 "I don't know how I summoned you. I was fully prepared to die just then."] He told him with a tired look. [#02d4d4 "All I know is that she was a shade, declared that I am a fake and a threat, she tried to kill me, then you show up and kill her."] It felt like he was dreaming. [#02d4d4 "Oh my god you killed her. We have class tomorrow."] Anders forced himself to stand up and instantly went pale again. [#02d4d4 "...Give me a minute."] Without waiting for the whatever it was to respond he teetered over to the small, attached bathroom and immediately hunched over the toilet as the nausea finally overtook him.

He tasted more copper and realized that not only was he bleeding from his eyes and nose, but his stomach as well apparently. What had he summoned?? This guy had to be something serious if he was having a reaction like this. Once his stomach was finally empty and he stopped dry heaving he flushed the toilet and moved to sit in the doorway of the bathroom, slumping against the frame. [#02d4d4 "...Okay... What was the question again..?"] He frowned and rubbed his temples. [#02d4d4 "Oh right... How did I summon you? Again, I don't know. New powers keep manifesting and I can't control them. Up until recently the only thing I was able to do was summon hellhounds and I can't even explain how I do that besides... I don't know."] Anders shrugged. [#02d4d4 "I usually just think about wanting or needing one as a companion and they show up. Now... You never answered my question. What are you? Actually, I want to know who you are too."]

Sitting there asking questions like he had some sort of authority. Someday he'd like to have that sort of confidence out in public as well.
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Demons didn’t really have homes. They lived in uncomfortable conditions, and some even just floated in between. This demon floated in between, not taking a form purposely so that it wouldn’t have to experience a different discomfort. This form was…nothing. A mist, at most. It was at its most powerful in this form, yet the forces that be restricted it to stay in this space until otherwise informed.

And being informed was painful. Being informed meant it was being summoned. Being summoned meant it’s entire body got ripped apart and channeled to another plane of existence only to reconfigure in…

a bedroom?

It was the saddest bedroom it had ever been in. Not even a television in sight, no sun peeking through the blinds, at least it was clean. Aside from the blood everywhere. Blood, right, it was summoned for a reason. But it had to figure out who summoned it in the first place, there were two targets. It can only be summoned by blood and judging from the male who had pinned himself up against the wall - you weren’t going anywhere, up against a wall is the last defensible place - bleeding out…

Its mist form turned on the female in the room, a shade it realized, who was armed but terrified. Its not every day that you see a summoning, and it was already pissed about the summoning in the first place. It let out a growl, its only form of communication, as it encroached on her. Her screams felt good as he ripped into her from the inside out. Her body wasn’t meant to withstand the pressure it put through her, and the crunch that came was satisfying enough to lessen its bad mood. Its caller was probably in a worse mood, covered in blood and well…shade guts. Not a pretty sight.

why do i feel so weird

It approached the summoner, eyes boring into his own blood covered ones, growling out its words again - why do i feel so weird - until it realized it would have to change to be understood. Another painful process but he did it, shifting his black mass into a form more understandable to the human eye. Shifted based on its - his now - summoner. And he realized something now that he was looking at that terrified face.

“You didn’t mean to summon me, did you?” he growled. “Of course you don’t, if you meant to summon me you’d have known what to expect when you saw me.” He gestured wildly around the room. “You just ripped me out of time space comfort to take care of your shade issue and you have no idea how you did it, do you?”

He rubbed his bloodied hands across his face, standing straight to look at the mess on the floor. It was obvious his summoner's blood had done it but no circle confused him. Natural talent? Rare. He's only seen it in a few.

"What's your name?" he asked, turning back to the summoner. "I'd like to know who you are and how you summoned me."
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[size14 [font "times new roman" How did he get into this situation? How the FUCK did he get into this situation? Anders pressed back against the wall furthest from the commotion, watching in horror as the scene before him unfolded. A shadowy mass had just appeared in his dorm room in the midst of being attacked- an attack that might not have happened if he hadn’t begged his father to let him go to an actual school for his senior year of high school. It had taken a lot of pleading on his part, as well as some light nudging on the part of his step-dad, to convince his dad to let him. There were conditions that he laid out that Anders had to meet or else he’d be on his way back home. The first was that it would be a private school which was easy enough to manage, the second would be that he couldn’t allow his grades to slip, and the final condition was that he could not, under no uncertain circumstances, allow anyone to find out that he wasn’t human.

[center Three guesses which of the conditions he’d failed.]

It hadn’t been intentional; his powers had simply misfired as they so often did. He was getting better at controlling and hiding when it happened, but when he became too emotional or stressed out his powers would manifest and do some weird, demonic shit. Naturally, it was exam time when he’d lost control. Most of his classmates thought that the power outage had, had something to do with a power surge and no one assumed that anything supernatural was at work. That served to assuage his fears of being found out until exams were over. There had been a couple more mishaps, but they hadn’t been big enough to draw attention; just a couple of lights blowing out which people attributed to the power outage.

Sure, his dad had called once he’d heard that there had been some weird power surges at the school, but he’d managed to convince him that everything was fine, and no one suspected he wasn’t human. Not long after that call, he met Enola. She was a year below him, but they shared the same lunch. Perhaps he should have questioned why a pretty girl was suddenly paying attention to him, but he didn’t. Anders didn’t have luck making any real friends given that he had transferred to the school in his final year and these kids had known each other for their entire school career. The fact that someone was approaching him and wanted to spend time with him was astounding to him and the fact that she was pretty was a bonus. The two of them clicked almost immediately for one reason; Enola was a shade. A real, live, actual shade. When she first sat across from him, he had sensed that something was different about her but didn’t know what it was until she told him. There wasn’t much that they could talk about during lunch, so they had started meeting elsewhere over the next couple of months to talk about everything. He’d thought that everything was going well and that, maybe he could ask her out eventually.

[center And then she broke into his dorm room.]

Thankfully he was fully dressed when it happened- not that it mattered when she attacked him, but at least he would die with some dignity. She didn’t give him a chance to say anything before she lashed out at him, drawing blood. What happened next was a blur. He remembered crying out in pain and a sharp pain across his chest. When his blood splattered onto the carpet Enola looked at him contemptuously as he fell back. “A fake like you could jeopardize my entire existence. I wasn’t sure before, but now I know for certain. I have to kill you.” Stunned, Anders could only watch as she readied another attack- an attack that wouldn’t land.

The room seemed to explode in the place where his blood had landed. Enola was thrown back by a mass of black mist that had seemed to erupt from the floor. It didn’t have any particular form although it [i felt] as though it should; especially when a low growl started to emanate from it. When Enola regained her bearings, she looked at the mist in horror and looked like she was about to flee. Anders scrambled back against the wall to put distance between them before a wave of nausea rolled over him and an intense pain blossomed between his eyes. [i [#02d4d4 ‘Not again...’]] Whenever he used his abilities he tended to have severe headaches that often resulted in bad nosebleeds. This was such an occasion. Blood gushed from his nose as his vision swam. Whatever he’d done it was enough to make his eyes bleed- which was new, and he hated it. The pain was so bad that it felt as if his skull was splitting from the inside out and was so bad that he couldn’t see properly. The only thing he could see was red; a lot of red. Enola screamed and he could hear growling and a sickening crunch- and then silence.

Anders desperately strained to see what was going on. Thanks to the tears that helped to clear the blood from his eyes, the shadowy mass started to come into (relative) focus. As much focus as a literal cloud of shadow could be in. As his vision cleared he realized with a start that a pair of red, glowing eyes was fixed on him. A chill ran down his spine. [#02d4d4 “…What the fuck…”] The cloud looked… Frustrated? Another growl reverberated through the room. [#02d4d4 “What are you..?”] The mass moved closer to him and began to pulsate and form itself into a humanoid shape. Anders' eyes went wide as he stared in shock at the man that was now standing in front of him. What the FUCK was going on?]]
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