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[Kodchasan [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]

Jayfeather gasped in surprise, looking into the closet at every piece of clothing he had been given. He looked over and hugged the witch, his body smelling of grass and dirt and seeds. He then let go and began to pick out stuff to wear, having a taste for the colour green.
  AngelStrike- / 101d 23h 1m 38s
[i chuckling to herself she gets up and pulls open the closet to show Jayfeather the clothes and other essential items there for him.]
  Ophelia Rosethorn / AquarianPrincess / 201d 23h 19m 21s
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[Kodchasan [Center [#228B22 "Your the first who ever said that..." ] Jayfeather said with a bit of sadness in his voice as he was pulled onto his feet from the chair. He stood next to the woman before he was pulled along, going up the stairs as he heard he had a room. He smiled with happiness as he heard this, nodding as he heard the witch's name.

[#228B22 "Thank you so much Oph." ] He said with a happy tone before looking at the double black doors. He stepped forwards, pushing open the doors as he knew his room laid behind it. He smiled at the open but fancy room, the bed having forest green sheets and potion-making supplies were lined up on the shelves besides a huge desk. The desk held a potion baking station where he would brew his potions. ]
[i Ophelia looks at the boy and smiles taking his hand and pulling him up next to her. [+indigo Why of course I care! Why wouldn’t anyone want to care about you? Let’s get you upstairs while we were talking I had my powers whip you up a room so let’s get you up there so you can take a look at it and get you changed into clean clothes that aren’t tattered and what not.]] [i Ophelia says pulling the boy up the stairs after her excited. [+indigo what’s your name by the way? I’m Ophelia Oph for short]] [i she says as they stop in front of a pair of double black doors]
  Ophelia Rosethorn / SpoopyPumkinPrincess / 208d 23h 43m 10s
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather went into shock from the answer that had gotten, just staring at Ophelia. [#228B22 "Me... stay here? With you?" ] He asked, pointing to himself as if he hadn't heard the female right. He had no clue why she answered with that, maybe she was just kinder than most people. He thought it over for several moments, tears rolling down his cheeks as he sat there. The tears mixed with his forest green blood that was dripping from his nose as he completely ignored it.

[#228B22 "Someone... cares..." ] He softly said, his voice breaking as he began to cry, the tears being tears of joy. He sat there, a smile on his face as he cried, the blood mixed tears dripping onto his dirty clothes. His clothes were torn as well, his black t-shirt that he wore had been faded for a while and his tight black pants were ripped in several ways, going from his thighs to his ankles. He also was very dirty as well, his hands caked with mud and whatnot. ]
[i Ophelia shakes her head and sits back watching the boy...[+indigo All of that commotion for some berries? That’s quite ridiculous and stupid well no worries as of now you will no longer have to steal food as you are more then welcome to stay with me if you want.]]
  Ophelia Rosethorn / SpookyPumkinprincess / 218d 1h 43m 24s
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[K2D The boy sat in the chair in pain still as Ophelia assessed him for injuries. The most that was wrong with him was a bump on the side of his head and a small cut on the bridge of his nose as his forest green eyes stared at her. He sat up in the chair, his hands in his lap as he opened his mouth to talk. [#228B22 "Uhhhh... I'm Jayfeather and he treated me like that because I am... uhhh... I'm sorry but I had stolen some berries..." ] He said, flinching as if waiting for something to knock him out or anything. When he felt nothing, he looked back at Oph with blood running from the cut on the bridge of his nose. Jayfeather himself looked like a runt anyways, like someone who was too poor to eat and do anything really but he had the virgo necklace hanging from his neck. He could've sold it for food but he was way too attached to that. ]
[i Ophelia is shocked when she sees the young boy being put in a chain and being hit.. She takes a step forward as the man hits the boy again making him groan in pain... She watches for but a minute before stepping all the way forward and pulling the boy to his feet ya king the chains away from the man and shoving him behind her.] [i [+indigo As a matter of fact no he hasn’t and I would greatly appreciate it if you didn’t put your filthy hands all over my apprentice!]] [i Ophelia says exasperated, turning towards the boy she looks at him and pulls the chains off of him and tossing them to the ground, turning towards the man who had harmed the boy she approaches him menacingly with each step more pronounced then the last.] [i [+indigo Now if I were you sir I would take this filthy chains of yours and high tail it out of here before I make you regret damaging my Apprentince..]] [i Ophelia states matter of fact like throwing the chains at the grown man and turning in her heel grabbing the boys arm and disappearing before the mans eyes arriving to her home she opens her front door and brings the boy inside and sits him down looking at his head and looking his body over for injuries.] [i [+indigo so you wanna tell me your name? And as to why that guy treated you the way he did?]] [i Ophelia asked the boy as she sits back after assessing him watching him and waiting for a reply.]
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[K2D [#228B22 "No ma'am, I am not in trouble." ] The teenage boy said with slickness in his voice, almost like he could talk himself out of a lot of stuff if he wished. [#228B22 "And about where I'm going..." ] He trailed off, feeling hands grab at his arms, yanking them behind his back. He felt chains being wrapped around his wrists and something blunt slammed into his head, forcing him to his knees as a man smiled over him.

[i "I'm sorry but has this boy hurt you?" ] The man asked, keeping a hold of Jayfeather's chain as if he was a pet. Jayfeather wasn't actually in trouble, it's just people were out for him since he had a bounty on his head. The male that had attacked Jayfeather seemed to be nice enough towards the girl before kicking the boy in the face as he let out a cry of pain. ]
  |тнε αρσтнεcαяү| / RoyalBlood- / 224d 19h 33m 50s
[i Ophelia looks up shocked seeing his necklace and starts to get up and gather some of her things as the strange boy did the same thing.] [+indigo you should really watch where you are going you know you could have really hurt someone and they could have gotten mad extremely easy and hurt you back.][i Ophelia states matter of fact like brushing her self off and taking the things she had dropped from the boy.][+indigo where were you headed in such a hurry anyways? You aren’t in some kind of trouble are you?][i Ophelia asks just as a group of law enforcement officials walked passed her and the boy]
  Ophelia Rosethorn / SpookyPumkinprincess / 225d 23h 27m 8s
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[K2D A teenage boy was at a vendor with a hood over his head mysteriously, a huge black cloak hiding the whole body of the boy. He was trying to hide from bounty hunter and whatnot since he had stolen some items from some venues. He felt someone tug at his cloak, revealing who he was as he turned around to see who had found him this time. The boy himself was very pale and skinny as he stood at a tall 6'3. He had intense green hazel eyes and black hair that made him look a lot more handsome and cool than he really was.

Underneath the cloak, the boy was wearing a forest green sweater and tight black pants that seemed to barely fit him. He smiled and reached into the neck of his sweater, pulling out two silver sickles. The three people in front of him screamed and suddenly the market went crazy and started running and so did the teenager. He ended up running straight into Ophelia, tripping over her as she fell. He ended up falling right besides her, his body sliding a few feet before stopping since he was going so fast. He stayed there for a few moments as he watched the people that were after him run past him before getting up and going over to Oph.

He kneeled besides her and started to pick up the herbs and crystals that had fallen out of her bag. [#228B22 "I am so sorry, it was all my fault." ] He said nicely, his sickles had magically turned into a pendant that hung around his neck. It was a silver virgo symbol that hung on a leather cord and it meant that he was some kind of apothecary or someone who magically grew herbs. ]
[i Today is like any other normal grey Saturday afternoon for the witch Ophelia. Today she’s in the market look for herbs and spices that she needs for Samahian coming up.. As she is making her way to a vendor she hears screams and shouts and suddenly is surround by Chaos as people and authorities storm the streets.] [i [+indigo Huh I wonder what’s going on and why everyone is in such a panic and running around like a chicken with their heads cut off]] [i Ophelia says out loud to no one in general as she stands and watches the chaos with her bag of crystals and some of the herbs she has already purchased—- when suddenly someone runs smack into her and knocks her over spilling the contents of her basket all over the place]
  Ophelia Rosethorn / SpookyPumkinprincess / 227d 20h 55m 32s

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