The wind of the night (1x1 need semi-lit male)

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Midnight was cursed when she was born. She was stuck in a little forest that had a pond in the middle of it with a magical water fall. She has been stuck there for her whole life. At the age of fifteen she has turned into a beautiful young lady.

______ is the prince of the surounding kingdom. But this prince has a secret, he isnt human. He is a pure blood vampire. One day when he gets done haveing a fight with his father he takes his horse and rides to the edge of the forest. He takes his horse to the water to drink.

Thats the day when he first hears Midnight. Her velvit cinging vioce ringing through the trees. The thing about Midnight is that she has the ability to be able to touch the plants and trees and cause them to bloom with beautiful flowers.

When he meets her, she falls head over heels for her, but he just wants her for her body, just like every other girl he has met. . The only way she is let out of the forest is if the person who invites her to leave, tends to marry her.

Well he fall for her, or well she be left in the forest.

oneliners-no, at least one to two paraghs please.

Midnight, taken.
Prince- open

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