The Sweepings of the Streets (Open, 1X1)

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- Still toying with this idea so please be patient with me-

Two lives, crossed by pure luck. The same upbringing but a very different end destination for them both. One got lucky, inherited a house and enough money to see them through ten lifetimes. The other, spends their days raking through the gutters, looking for their next bottle to finish.

Growing up together in school they had been wonderful friends, inseparable but as the years went on distance closed them off from one another and when one got the chance of the lifetime, the other threw their live away instant.

All these later... their paths cross. It is always unsure if things can be rekindled especially when one is an expert alcoholic and the other has lived a privileged lifestyle since they were eighteen but does that change who they were when they were younger?

I’m still working on making this interesting somehow. Like maybe there’s a couple of plot twists like maybe the alcoholic steals or something.

They fall in love but maybe it’s a facade from the alcoholic to get money to spend on bottles?

I’m not sure and it’s a lot of ideas kinda just swimming around at the moment.

Toying with the idea of making them both homeless and diving in and out of hotels etc but I’m unsure.

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