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┗┛︱︱︱ ︱︱┗┛︱︱ ┗┛┗━┛ ┗━━━┛

Note #1: This is a roleplay with triggering things in it like drugs, abuse, violence and maybe even death along with maybe some 18+ stuff, however the 18+ things will be taken off site.

Note #2: This all was written while listening to four songs; PYRO - Shinedown / DEVIL - Shinedown / Beaten In Lips - Beartooth / MANTRA - Bring Me The Horizon

Note #3: This was made and created by RoyalBlood- and my other profiles, -RunFree, -Disease-, and then -Bandito- and then lastly, my child, AskTheStaff.

"You Better Watch Your Step, The Wicked They Never Rest."

The children of Hightone City were really the used and abused ones, the ones who hid in the shadows. They were as broken as many others but they were worst than most. Some children had powers, some didn't. It left the ones with powers with parents and people who didn't like them just because they had more power. Sometimes, it was just merely affects from their powers. The children without powers still had problems and those problems were hard on them. They all needed help with everything.

"All I'm Asking For Is A Little Bit Of Faith, You Know It's Easy To Believe."

Hightone City

This city is home to at least 560,000 people with each person having their own life and needs. Only 11 people there are therapists that help people go through hardships and problems of others. Only one is the best and she/he is the lifeline for these children, she is the only one that likes to listen. She/he will help these children because she knows that they need help, she/he would even sacrifice themselves for them.


The people of Hightone City is very diverse, not only humans live there. There are all kinds of races, from normal humans to animal hybrids and whatnot! They are treated normally too as if they were also pure human beings due to rallies and laws passed. The city hides all of it's occupant's problems by having a fresh and happy outside. All the dark stuff is on the inside.

"Imagine Your Placed At A Beach, The Water Gently Lapping At Your Feet."

Current Characters

Skelly Fill-In is below the rules

The Broken






Name - Alyra Johnson

Age - 17

Sexuality - bisexual

Gender - Female

Race - Succubus

Occupation - Musician

Personality - Chipper and Sweet until you get on her bad side then she is negative moody and evil it’s when she starts eating souls.

Problems & Illnesses - Bipolar

Background - no much of a background for Alyra she’s a trouble maker and a beautiful musician player a heart breaker and hard to hold down.

The Therapist


Name - Alexandria Estes

Age - 25

Sexuality - Straight

Gender - Female

Race - Fox

Occupation - Therapist

Personality - Despite being introverted when it comes to groups of people, Alexandria loves to have 1 on 1 talks with individuals. She's sociable and kind, making sure to let anyone she helps that they can depend on her. The downside is that through her loyalty and kindness, she can forget about her own needs over other people's and gets too focused. Also, when in general situations, it's hard for her to say no to anyone.

Background - Doctorate In Psychology

Problems and Illnesses - None

Rules & Regulations

1. Go by ES rules of course, everything 18+ is taken offsite

2. No Cybering or houding or posts, wait your turn please!

3. If you are going to leave the forum and roleplay, please tell me. I Don't want to wait for a post that is never going to happen.

4. Have fun! Start your own stories within the roleplay to make it a lot more interesting!

5. Posts must be over 500 characters and there is no limit to how much you can write as long as it is not overwhelming. Some people get overwhelmed by a lot, someone in here gets overwhelmed by 2500 characters.

6. Lastly, when you complete skelly fill-in please PM it to -RunFree to where I can add you into the roleplay.

Skelly Fill-In Sheet

Note: If you want some cool fonts for stuff, I can put some stuff in to make it flashy

You need a real, illustrated or drawn character picture

Name - Enter here

Age - Enter here

Sexuality - Enter here

Gender - Enter here

Race - Enter here

Occupation {If over 16} - Enter here

Personality - Enter a paragraph with negative and positive things about them

Problems & Illnesses - Enter Here

Background - Enter whatever here


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