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i really need a monkey king for this rp idea i have. please pm or comment below if you are at least somewhat familiar with the journey to the west or the monkey king legend.


It has been years since the monkey king has been released from under five finger mountain and his journey with the disciple has been eventful as usual. One day however seems a pretty peaceful and boring day... But soon they come across a beautiful garden that has various animals all seeming to be living in peace. Sun wukong is naturally suspicious and cautious at first and sticks close to the monk he has been charged with protecting. A young woman is soon seen taking care of an old dragon's wounds and singing beautifully. The woman's name is Lanfen and she has been trapped there for years by a demon who wants to marry her. She helps them defeat the demon and she and sun wukong fall in love....

New plot idea: so Sun Wukong has angered the gods once again and has been trapped in another mountain. 5000 years pass by and a young woman is traveling around china. She soon comes upon a cave and decides to go in and explore. But something happens and the ancient magic of china reawakens and she's attacked by something. She soon runs into the chamber where The Great Sage Equal to Heaven is sealed and unknowingly wakes him up from the large block of ice that had been his prison. Once awake and somewhat free, Sun Wukong sees that his rescuer is about to be mauled and immediately jumps in to help. Now what will our heroes face together next?





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