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i really need a monkey king for this rp idea i have. please pm or comment below if you are at least somewhat familiar with the journey to the west or the monkey king legend.


It has been years since the monkey king has been released from under five finger mountain and his journey with the disciple has been eventful as usual. One day however seems a pretty peaceful and boring day... But soon they come across a beautiful garden that has various animals all seeming to be living in peace. Sun wukong is naturally suspicious and cautious at first and sticks close to the monk he has been charged with protecting. A young woman is soon seen taking care of an old dragon's wounds and singing beautifully. The woman's name is Lanfen and she has been trapped there for years by a demon who wants to marry her. She helps them defeat the demon and she and sun wukong fall in love....

New plot idea:

So Sun Wukong has angered the gods once again and has been trapped in another mountain. 5000 years pass by and a young woman is traveling around china. She soon comes upon a cave and decides to go in and explore. But something happens and the ancient magic of china reawakens and she's attacked by something. She soon runs into the chamber where The Great Sage Equal to Heaven is sealed and unknowingly wakes him up from the large block of ice that had been his prison. Once awake and somewhat free, Sun Wukong sees that his rescuer is about to be mauled and immediately jumps in to help. Now what will our heroes face together next?

Another dorky plot idea:

So Sun Wukong had a pair of twins, Feng and Zhen. This would mostly follow the lives and adventures of the twins as they travel around the world and train and study under the monks who had been good friends with Sun for a very long time.





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Alright, give me a few minutes. I will have the rp up and running.
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 11h 43m 13s
Option one then. ((Fifty character rule look it’s fifty character-
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 11h 45m 45s
Ah. Just combine the two then. And not yet. Did you decide which you wanted to do, one or three? Option three you'd have to play as one of the twins.
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 11h 47m 3s
I just meant there are a lot of movies and episodes, both characters very different, so I’m just going to combine them. Unless you want a specific monkey king? Aka, serious or funny. Did you create the thread?
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 11h 49m 16s
Didn't know that. I always end up reading about the silly/serious one.
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 16h 28m 40s
Fair warning, there are tons of different monkey kings, so I’ll be combining the silly one and the serious one. If you don’t like it and want me to change how he acts, just let me know. :)
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 16h 31m 48s
Okay.:) I've been really wanting to do the first one and the third.:)
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 16h 35m 14s
The first one sounds good. If not that one, maybe the third one.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 16h 37m 56s
Okay, I'll make the thread. Also did you pick one of the plots?
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 16h 41m 26s
Alright then. I won’t be able to reply till later though. I’m in class and have swim practice soon.
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 16h 43m 52s
It's fine if you're rusty. Practice makes perfect after all.:)
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 17h 7m 30s
I watched it on Netflix lol. If you can’t find anyone, I’ll role play, but I may be a bit rusty. ^^;
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 17h 25m 12s
I mostly read and I've found ways to watch the monkey king/journey to the west.
  wingedwolfy120 / 275d 17h 29m 18s
Sun Wukong Is always irritating someone. XD I would join, but it’s been a while since I’ve watched the monkey king. Good luck with your search!
  Willow / Hazelnut / 275d 17h 32m 34s

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