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Phoneix Rose has spent most of her life in a adoption facility with tons and tons of other Nekos. She has never really known the world out side of her kennel. One day comes in and Sees Phoneix and decides to adopt her and take her home thus starting your guys romance a little later in the roleplay

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Joneness looked at Phoenix as he was happy she was alright or so he though. She approached him and kneel and her head down to him "You didn't disobey me my staff did" he said as he looked as the bruises on his pet's wrist. He growled furious as he walked up to the girls and slapped them hard "I SAID TREAT HER WITH RESPECT! YOU DISOBEY ME HOW DARE YOU!!" He yelled as he did it again. "I WANT YOU OUT OF MY COMPANY AND MY HOUSES I GAVE YOU..YOU STEP FOOT ANY WHERE I RUN I WILL KILL YOU" he said not wanting to show Phoenix his true side "and you can thank her for me being so gorgeousness" He added before going back to Phoenix and looked over the rest of her to make sure she was okay.

"You need to stand up more for yourself Pet" he said in a harsh tone. "I don't take to kindly to weaklings. But I give you lead way since your not used to this world" He said as he helped her up "Get the house doctor up here now" He said as he raised her head "I told you this don't bow your head unless your defeated" he said then petted her head. "I do expect for fight from you now on" He added as he took her to a couch as others drifted off to find their work.
  Joneness kingler / lunalight / 298d 20h 3m 15s
[i Phoniex was sitting in a corner of the now quite room where she was left waiting and hoping that her master was waiting for her she grew tired and fell asleep... What seemed like hours passed was only twenty minutes, when she woke up to commotion of her master yelling at people outside; she sat up and straightened her hair and dress and awaited to be brought forth to him.. The doors opened and the girls who dressed her and took care of her grabbed her and pulled her through the door and down the hall to the lobby with really tight grips that brought tears to her eyes. When she saw how furious her master looked she pulled free of the girls and instantly rushed to his feet kneeling with her head bowed. [+pink I-i am so so sorry master for disobeying you I tried telling these girls what you had told me and they just slammed the door in my face and left me there, they were rude and harsh towards me when taking care of me and saying all these mean things about me too. Then when they put me in the room all the other girls who were waiting for their masters started talking about me as well... Those girls who just brought me had really tight grips on my hands as well and I fear my wrists have bruises now sir....]] [i Phoenix lets out a few sniffles and whimpers and holds her wrists up to show the young master the bruises all while keeping her head bowed out of respect as she was taught.]
  Phoniex Rose / SpoopyPumkinPrincess / 298d 21h 23m 18s
Joneness would be waiting in the lobby after he was done with his "Business" he had to take care of. He knew it didn't take no 3 hours to get her ready. He was impatient. One of the girls smiled and walked over to him try to tell him that she ran away. "I want Phoenix brought here NOW" he roar as he knew the girls were behind her disappearing. They really liked him but this is gone to far. "I am calling a staff meet in 10 mins after you bring what belongs to me" He said as he was in a rage wanting what belong to him back at his side. Everyone froze.

The last time they had a meeting was when he was 12 years old. The child had punished the ones who gave him the wrong items to eat. He would watch them walk around on all fours naked while others looked helplessly. Those who remember hurry and started to scold the girls that took care of Phoenix. The girls act like it wasn't a big deal till they came out and saw Joneness raging mad. They looked at each other as they went and got Phoenix
  Joneness kingler / lunalight / 308d 15h 18m 54s
[i phoneix went with the women as they cleaned her up dressed her and assessed her body. She listened as they spoke in a different language but she could tell they were talking badly about her.. Calling her no good and too simple for the young master... the rude comments continued as they washed and pulled and primped and styled her hair. After what seemed like hours she was finally done and brought into another room full of young neko girls awaiting the return of their masters... She knew this wasn’t where she was told to wait.. she turned to state that she wasn’t supposed to be here but the door was shut harshly in her face.. She turned and looked around at the other neko girls and how they were dressed but not as finely as she was. All of the other girls looked at her and started talking to each other as the looked over at her. Hours seemed to pass before she was the only neko girl left.]
  SpookyPumkinprincess / 308d 18h 54m 54s
Joneness laughed a bit as Phoenix was in awe with the big city. He was amused with a new toy as he saw her. The car stop and she began to panic as he began to laugh even harder. "I pay good money for you I wouldn't give you up that easy. Let me get this straight NO one is to take you away from me unless they want to pay even three times the money I pay for you. Even then I may not give you up" he said as he open the door and step out pulling on her leash. He seen a lot of girls in rags but his wont be.

"We'er getting out here" he said as this place had a shower everything a person could ask for. "Master Kingler" Few girls came out and bowed "We weren't expecting you it....Oh who this?" One girl asked looking at Phoenix "Phoenix I want you give her the whole nine yards. Hair clothing showered and a bit of food." he said as he passed the leash on to the girls "Yes sir" they said and smiled "Come on we going to get you clean up Phoenix" the said gently pulling on the leash.

Before they left he stop Phoenix "Wait in the lobby with one of them I have few business things I need to take care of" He said as he walked across the street leaving Phoenix in the girls hands.
  Joneness kingler / lunalight / 316d 16h 59m 46s
[i Phoneix follows the y’all man out to his car and softly smiles as she gets in and they begin driving away. Phoneix wrinkles her nose at the smell of cigarette smoke as she watches her new owner. Turning her attention to the window she watches the scenery as it goes from a small town to big city with stores and tall buildings... She presses her face up against the glass in shock and awe as she watches more and more cars drive pass them some stopped some driving others honking wildly....They pull up to a clothing store and stop Phonex looks at the man scared like.] [+pink w-what’s going on sir? Why are we here? You aren’t having second thoughts are you sir?] [i Phoniex ask timidly worried she’s going to be gotten rid of again and so easily... She doesn’t like living in a cage all her life and she is trying really hard to mke her new owner happy and proud of her.
  Phoniex Rose / SpookyPumkinprincess / 316d 17h 51m 27s
Joneness would hand a briefcase to the man as he knelt down and petted his new pet. "So Phoenix lets get going" he said as he help her up and began to walk out of the warehouse. "Hey I'll send few cars to you put your new toys in" he said as the two men yelled "OK" "Come along my dear" he said as he open the door to let her go first. "Get in" he said as he waited for her. He needed to get her new clothing first.

"Take us to the clothing store" he said he also wanted to have her hair done. He was a sweet guy when you aren't pissing him off. This was his pet he couldn't have her looking like everyone else. He had a reputation to hold up. He always treated his girls with Cate and love even if they were sluts or whores. He pulled out a cig and lit it up. He puff on it and blew the smoke out the window. He watched her as they drove to the clothing store
  Joneness kingler / lunalight / 317d 9h 21m 57s
[i Phoneix is a 19 year old neko girl who has never been outside of her cage.. Never known a gentle hand and never known love. She was sleeping when a few gentle men came in browsing nekos and being a little loud. She woke up as a tall man with dark red hair approched her cage and opened her telling her to come here. He turns around and asks the store owner how much she was and got louder when the store owner tried saying she wasn’t for sale... Finally the old man shut up and left to go get a collar and leash for her... The tall man then spoke to her again telling her to come here.. She looked up at him hesitantly before slowly crawling and kneeling in front of him head down.] [+pink Hello Sir ] [i Phoneix says softly and sweetly keeping her head down and playing with her raggged dress. The owner comes back with a silver chain leash and a black and pink studded sparkly collar handing it to the tall man]
  Phoniex Rose / SpookyPumkinprincess / 317d 13h 57m 25s
Joneness was a 21 year old in a gang. More like the leader of the Leader of the gang when he started to hear about Neko market when he got older he asked his second right hand person to check it out. His person came back and nodded to him "It's legit Dude. Sexy babies everywhere" he said as Joneness smiled as he nodded "All right we go get some nekos from this place" he said as he pulled out his wallet. Then forked over the cashed to his right hand man "I might just go down and see myself' he mumbled. "Some sluts in this place would be wonderful" his right hand man said as they went to sleep that night

Early that next day Joneness his right and second right hand men went to the store. They got some pretty ones all acting weird all slutty which got the door nobs running off and seeing what else. Joneness shook his head as he stopped and saw a pretty little thing that was in a kennel. "How much" he pointed at Phoenix "Sorry sir she...." the clerk said "How much?" He got into a angry tone not liking people saying no to him "Well you see som....." "HOW MUCH?" he boomed as he really didn't like to repeat what he had asked a third time. "Well She is al...." "OK I will triple that plus the money back the person bought her for" he said as he open the cage up. "Come here sweet cheeks" he said in a rough voice.

"Hey Boss look at these fine ladies" a voice saying behind him "I don't care I found my personal one and anyone touches her I will kill them on a spot" He said as the person got him a collar and a leash for him to put around her neck "Come here swee....." "Her name is Phoenix Rose" an old man behind her said "She is special she never been touched or used any ways so She is pure" "I See well thanks old man" He said with a smiled "Now come here Phoenix" He said harsher
  Joneness kingler / lunalight / 317d 17h 53m 12s

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