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Phoneix Rose has spent most of her life in a adoption facility with tons and tons of other Nekos. She has never really known the world out side of her kennel. One day comes in and Sees Phoneix and decides to adopt her and take her home thus starting your guys romance a little later in the roleplay

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Drogma chuckled as he smiled writing on the papers that were pointed out to sign. Once completed, he watched as he was going to pull out the Neku. He sighed as he looked at it smiling comfortably at her.

He chuckled placing the money on the counter, "Okay time to hand her over now because I don't want to see your ugly mug anymore."
Grunting the shopkeeper nods his head "[+blue Fine I'll cut it down to $100 but only because I want to be ride if this wretched little thing shes small and ugly and bad for business]" The mean shop owner mumbles walking to the cash register. "[+blue I'll just need you to sign these papers then you can take her out of the cage.]"

  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 48d 11h 34m 18s
He chuckled, "Cut it to 100 then we call it good because I know abuse when I see it" He sighed, "Plus I was abused and I won't handle that motion" He tapped his foot waiting for his response, "Now if you think about it" he lifts up his shirt showing an awful scar, "I got this from my abusers" he dropped the shirt back down, "Unless you don't want to give her up then I will call the Authorities," He thinks, [I 'I will still call them I know he's not deserving because Abuse is never a good thing']

  Drogma / Alfa279escaped / 67d 10h 58m 35s
[+blue I'm sorry sir but she isnt for sale] the shop keep stutters as he starts to walk towards another neko with blue hair [+blue this one here how ev---] Hes cut off by the customer bringing up authorities... he grumbles and leads the customer over to Phoenix's cage. wringing his hands and stuttering. [+blue shes gonna cost 150$ though do you have that much?] He says quickly pulling out papers and smirking slightly eyeing the quiet Phoenix.
  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 67d 17h 59m 7s
He chuckled, "I would like at the upmost 50 bucks" He looks at the Nekos and grumbles to self before chuckling, "Ok I will take the one back there because clearly you're abusing her" He looks at him with arms crossed and a foot-tapping, "Ok I have made my choice now let's get the adoption papers done" He knows that the keeper wasn't in the right and thinks again, "You know what I should be reporting your store instead for you abusing a Neko"
  Drogma / Alfa279escaped / 67d 18h 5m 44s
The shop keep just rolls his eyes as he shows the customer the well groomed and beautiful nekos. [i [+blue "I have a few small handful selection of utmost beauties here... What is your price range again if i may ask?]]
  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 68d 5h 47m 42s
He chuckled, "This one is funny as well as it has a cute sneeze I think I might take that one but I need to see the others first"
He continued to follow with a smile on his face, "And I saw that glare sir I think you don't want to get rid of her do you that is why you keep her in a bad location am I right?"
He was taking guesses about the female who sneezed funny but he doesn't know anything about the shop keeper's thoughts. He sighed, "Anyhow what about the others?"
He sees the cages and the kids, "Of course clean cages"
  Drogma / Alfa279escaped / 68d 12h 19m 17s
"Yes sorry about that i was tending to the others." The shop keep says as the motions for the customer to follow him leading him past Phoenix's cage. Phoenix perks up a little and sneezes as they walk by earning a glare from the shop keep.
  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 71d 3h 31m 46s
Drogma was about to walk out when he sees the store owner run-up to the desk, "Oh finally you show up now that I'm leaving ok I don't have a lot of time and I only have 100 bucks lets look at the competitors shall we?" He points to the back to where the other kids were at. He wasn't in a happy mood with the store owner being late for probably the first customer.
  Alfa279escaped / 71d 3h 35m 3s
Phoenix perks her head up as she hears the bell again the owner of the store is to busy in the back with the other nekos to hear the bell. Sitting up Phoenix makes a loud awful noise and alerts the store owner who come running from the back to see whats going on
  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 71d 3h 42m 27s
Drogma did get his answer and ringed the bell again, "Where are those A**... Maybe I should watch my language here" He corrected himself, "Where are ya I in quite a hurry I have a biker's showdown that I don't want to miss" He was a little impatient which needed working on but he was still gentle he didn't seem like a bad guy. Drogma stood there growling and started to ring the bell two more times before giving in and trying to head out, "I'll come back later I guess"
  Alfa279escaped / 71d 3h 57m 8s
"Phoenix lays lazily in her cage knowing shes not going to get any special treatment like the other Neko's in the shop." Sighing to herself she closes her eyes and slowly drifts off to sleep in a cat nap her ears on alert for customers entering the shop.
  Phoniex Rose / MidnightJupiter / 71d 4h 5m 4s
Drogma walked into the building looking around hoping to get a good kid to look after. Sometimes a loner needs someone in his life. He stepped to the desk and ringed the bell that was on it. He hoped that someone would answer soon. He looked around noticing that this place was for phoenixes. He smiled, "This place is filled with good ones let's hope then"

He leaned onto the wall close to the desk as he waited for his answer, "I think I forgot my wallet but I'm not sure"
He dug into his leather vest that showed his skinny but muscular arms. Once he found his wallet in his inside pockets after dumping a knife, an old brass bullet, A card, and some gum. He skimmed through his wallet, "One hundred dollars I think that is enough to get one"
  Drogma / Alfa279escaped / 178d 2h 34m 3s
Clink Clink Clink.. Phoenix's ears perk up slightly hearing the jingle of keys as the owner of the adoption agency comes in to open up for the day. Phoenix is separated from the other nekos she's dirty and her hair is matted she's underweight and malnourished.. She's treated alot worse then the others are. Once the owner turns all the lights on phoenix opens her eyes blinking and stretching yawning and sitting up hoping to get a better treatment today then yesterday.

"Hmmm today's a new day hopefully things go better today then they did yesterday." Phoenix says to herself. "Maybe if I do better and listen carefully I'll get to eat also today." She says hopefully watching the owner feed all the other girls and boys sitting in their posh and perfect cages.
  Phoniex Rose / SimpleSeduction / 71d 4h 22m 47s

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