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This is to see who'd be interested in creating a Mass Effect Side story from hand created characters. Looking for people to collab with

I have an idea already slowly forming in my head, but need people with their own Mass Effect characters. All races and weapons will be from all Mass Effects. Vehicles are dependent on transportation and acquisitions.

Character: Valenks. Soldier class. Current job: Merc for hire. Desire: Revenge on the Collectors as of current for the loss of his platoon.
Weapons: Older model of a Black Widow sniper rifle. Avenger Mk VI Assault rifle. Carnifex Hand Cannon for a pistol. Mostly uses Electro and Incendiary rounds. Always has Medi-gel on hand.
Current transportation: S.V. Nevada. [b all documents on the heavy gun frigate ship are classified to rank Officer or higher to those who have a identity card for the ship. Current crew compliment: 1 Valenks. All others have not reported in XXXX days.]
Other transportation: 1 Gun dropship. Similar to C-Sec transports on Citadel, only bigger, bulkier, and known for having bombs to drop on the enemy.

1 Asari biotic confirmed on joining this RP. 1 human Sniper confirmed. 1 Turian Engineer
No others confirmed.

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There is only 1 planned character, but I would like to see who would play the character. It is a female and has a line progression set. If no one chooses to play her, I will do be doing two characters in one.
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