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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [font "Times" [size14 Afford exhaled softly, glancing over Jayfeather's face as he explained his reasoning. As he suspected, somewhat. He hadn't believed there would be any ill-intent in the human, and it was pleasing to see he was correct in that.

"[#a46d8f I see,]" he began, glancing at Blythe. "[#a46d8f it's alright. I appreciate the intention,]" the tall man explained, gesturing to the teenager before him. "[#a46d8f However, I would prefer my store's reputation not include something dangerous like that. I don't do that anymore, you see.]" Explosives, in another world, made sense for his storefront. But here, he would rather leave that absent from this world, this version of himself.

He decided, too, to give a little of himself in that explanation. Afford often didn't speak much of his own life or experience; both preferentially and with the assumed understanding that Jayfeather likely didn't care. Though, the time came about now and again where he would bring up a relevant memory from his past to his employee. Now was such a time, implying a past he has had with offensive potion-making.But generally, as a rule of thumb, he found he preferred not to delve into himself with Jayfeather. He was his boss, not a mentor figure. But as time went on, it seemed, the line between the two had somewhat in his mind, become blurred.

It was not his intention, but as an ex-professor, the man easily settled into such a role without his knowledge. Perhaps it spoke of a yearning to return to it.

"[#a46d8f I like the initiative,]" he said, gazing at the young man as he spoke. "[#a46d8f But do not be afraid to ask me in the future.]"

"[#a46d8f Speaking of the future,]" he continued, extending a hand to gesture to Blythe who had been standing, eyes idly on her cellphone, in the doorway to the back. She looked up.

"[#a46d8f Jayfeather, I have taken on Blythe temporarily for the time being,]" Afford explained. "[#a46d8f There's something that's been weighing on me for some time now,]" he said, shifting towards Jayfeather now.

"[#a46d8f Do you recall that customer that has come in now and again; shabby, unsteady, asking for different solutions, potions, for things he can't name? He came in while I was down and you were in front, asking you for something-]" he gestured, rolling his wrist, trying to find the words. "[#a46d8f To ease pain, I believe? And you had asked what kind? And he couldn't name it?]"
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[Kodchasan [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]

Jayfeather heard Afford call his name and it made him freeze up a bit in panic. He turned around on his heels, his shoes not even lifting up from the ground until he slowly walked over to his boss. Technically he wasn't selling explosives but merely making flammable potions that were usually able to heal but he supposed those counted as explosives. He sighed and looked up into Afford's eyes for once.

[#228B22 "Explosives, yes. But I'm using my own supplies. I just have nowhere to make the potions so I make them here. I thought we could use the money." ]

He said, his voice coming out very quieter than usual. He should've thought of the consequences and he usually did but he just was too caught up in pleasing his friend. Damn, Jayfeather had gotten in enough trouble for today and he seemed to get himself into worse and worse. He really didn't mean to, he just had these moments sometimes.

[#228B22 "I'm sorry sir." ] Jayfeather soon said, a frown on his face as he looked down at his shoes, too ashamed to look back up at Afford.
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford tipped his head, "[#a46d8f I am ruining nothing,]" he responded softly, gesturing to her, "[#a46d8f but I'm in the business of wellness. If you're interested in something more akin to a magical pepper spray, I am more than willing to oblige you. However, I don't make destructive items anymore.]" His eyes grew colder at that, peeking out from underneath his customer service facade for a moment to fix the young woman with a pointed look.

He, too, took a mental note to ask Jayfeather about it. He did not want to assume he was using store supplies for such a thing, but above all he wasn't about to handle a business running underneath his business in this storefront even so.

Blythe, standing here, as the woman seemed to get undeniably angry over this, it made her wonder how indulged this woman must be. She could smell the aura the woman was seeping, its smell of harsh sulfur making her put effort behind not grimacing at it. If she was going to make a big deal out of this, then maybe she should go over to the Troll Market so she could buy whatever the heck she wanted, not this place. It said herbal shop on the front, not magical potions, that in itself implied remedial supplements, nothing offensive. But she held her tongue, getting uncomfortable at the sheer lack of control of temper and the clear advertisement that this mint haired woman was angry, and how clear she wanted to make it that she [i was] angry about it. It wasn't pleasant at all, and Blythe frankly understood why the professor didn't sell things like this.

Her eyes moved to Afford briefly before she brought them down to her phone screen and brought up her notepad, typing down something for later as she leaned against the doorway into the back.

Afford thanked her softly and turned his hand to nicely stack the bills, tapping them gently on the countertop.

He turned over his shoulder to glance back towards where his employee had gone. "[#a46d8f Jayfeather,]" he summoned calmly. "[#a46d8f come here, please.]"

When he came up, the tall man turned towards him, a furrow between his brows as he looked for confirmation from the young man. "[#a46d8f Have you been selling explosives out of my store?]" he asked, frowning and nodding towards him. "[#a46d8f And have you been using store product with which to do so?]"
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[#DC143C "Awe. Why you gotta ruin my fun?" ]

Ela said in response to Afford basically telling her that he wouldn't sell anything more powerful than Jayfeather's potions to her. She growled at the fact that she couldn't be allowed but she then put a smile on her face, she would make Jayfeather make her something a bit more powerful with the stuff he had.

She pursed her lips together, her cherry lips turning into a small line of red as she placed her hands on her hips, looking between Blythe and Afford. She sighed deeply, holding her eyes shut as she tried not to get angry over the fact that Afford couldn't make something for herself.

[#DC143C "I guess I have to pay still." ] Ela said, looking down into another section inside of her satchel and pulled out a small wallet, her pale hand digging out about $80 dollars worth in twenty dollar bills before placing it on the counter. She looked over Afford's shoulder, her red eye placed on Jayfeather's back before turning around and just walking out without saying another word.


Jayfeather sighed as his day had been improved just by seeing his friends. He hummed slightly as he worked, looking over the herbs that were placed on shelves in rows, lightbulbs and water pumps hanging above the herbs to give them water and artificial sunlight. He cut some huge yellow leaves that were growing from a huge plant in the back, taking the yellow marrow leaves to a storage box against the wall.

He had only finished when he peeked his head out from the back, seeing Ela wasn't there at the front. He frowned but then just shook his head, assuming Ela had left.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]
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[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times"
Blythe let herself get moved towards the desk again, standing by the desk quietly. She felt eyes on her, turning her gaze to see Jay looking at her again and stiffened, feeling a bit of self-conscious heat rise in her as he did. But all she received out of it was a little wave and a smile as Jay turned and left for the back again. Blythe raised a bemused little hand in response and stared after him. She felt Afford's hand come onto her shoulder as he stopped beside her, addressing the mint-haired teen.

Afford's lips pursed slightly as he considered that, brow arching slightly. "[#a46d8f If you'll allow, I don't think I would arm someone demonic with something stronger,]" he responded, turning a glance towards where Jayfeather disappeared. He would ask where the receipt is for the sale later, or if Jayfeather had made it with his own materials, or with the store's. He had no problem with the adolescent making things for his friends, but not with Afford's materials. Their clientele was full of returners, but their community was small. He needed to make money to keep the store. And this wasn't the type of potionmaking he was keen on selling. His were remedial, nothing that any bad reputation could unfold from.

"[#a46d8f Is there anything else I may do for you?]" he asked Elzbieta softly, raising his brows again. He didn't want to ignore her if she needed anything else, but he did have some things he needed to discuss with Blythe and Jayfeather aside.
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[Kodchasan [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]

Jayfeather smiled before their conversation was ended by the sound of Afford saying his name. He stepped to the side, letting his boss have a clear look on Ela and her confident face. He stood there with a slight smile on his face, his eyes looking over Blythe again.

It only took his friend to make him a bit happier and approachable. He gave a slight wave to her before disappearing into the back, going to check on his herbs and potions.


Ela smiled and watched her friend disappear into the bowels of the store before her red eyes turned to Afford. [#DC143C "I don't really think so unless you can muster something flammable for me that is more powerful than Jayfeather's potions." ] The demon said, sliding the potions into a little satchel she had on her hip.

Jayfeather had one of the same satchels but his was painted forest green and Ela's was a bright red. Her red eyes then went to Blythe but she really didn't look the girl over, she was sure that if she was Jayfeather's friend, she would have to be friends with her too.

Ela stood there and waited for Afford to answer her, really expecting him not to have anything. That's how cocky she was about Jayfeather making the best stuff, her, the demon queen was confident about it. She had her hands in her pants pocket, a silver chain around her neck that led into the inside of her shirt.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford led Blythe upstairs, gesturing with a motion for her to enter the office he held the door open to. Once inside, her eyes cast over the interior and its items. It was exactly what she would have expected a man such as him to have in his office. Her eyes moved towards him again, staying put when he rounded her to make a pass from the fireplace towards the desk. His scent was all over the office, Blythe now more certain than ever that she recognized it.

"[+purple So,]" she said, shifting and folding her hands behind herself, watching him. "[+purple What did you want to talk about?]"

The man smiled at her, eyes glinting as he sat himself down in the stuffed chair behind the desk. "[#a46d8f Yes,]" he said, templing his fingers in front of himself. "[#a46d8f There's something,]" the man began, eyes tracing to the side, "[#a46d8f that comes into the store that I cannot recognize. It is clearly taking the shape of a man, but to the best of my knowledge I cannot identify what the creature is, and I fear its intentions, or collateral by virtue of proximity alone.]"

Blythe nodded, finally understanding, and crossed her arms. "[+purple Ah, I see,]" she responded. "[+purple My 'expertise'.]"

He inclined his head, smiling at her politely, "[#a46d8f If you would.]"

"[+purple Alright, I'll bite.]" she responded. "[+purple What's my hourly pay?]"

Afford smiled. Ah, the inevitable question, and his fingertips drummed against their partners in the air in front of himself. "[#a46d8f Of course, we can discuss that in detail if you like.]"

"[+purple Cool,]" the young woman responded, "[+purple The rate for my services is usually per session or job, but in this case, hourly is fine.]"

He chuckled, though the man didn't sound amused. "[#a46d8f Humans love their compensation.]"

Blythe returned the smile a little, cool, knowing. "[+purple Sure, don't you? And,]" she continued, "[+purple When were you going to tell me what [i you] are?]"
[center ♥]
The stairs creaked again, announcing the descent of Afford and Blythe again, the young woman snapping a piece of gum she had put in her mouth, the package disappearing into her pocket as she rounded the banister and made her way towards the front again. Her eyes cast over Jayfeather again, and then landed on the newcomer with the mint green hair. A difficult feat, especially if she was dying from having dark hair. Blythe nodded to her as she put her sunglasses back on, scooping them back down from on top of her head.

Afford followed in his floral brocade suit. "[#a46d8f Jayfeather,]" he greeted softly, casting his eyes over the stranger across from the human at the counter. He recognized her from her occasional appearance here to visit her friend and offered a nod, "[#a46d8f Welcome in. Are you looking for something in particular?]" He knew she loitered, and often distracted his employee at length, which with their clientele he allowed to an extent, but not when a customer came in with an actual purchase.
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[Kodchasan [Center [pic http://i.imgur.com/w6D123A.jpg ]

Jayfeather didn't answer for a few seconds before speaking up, his chapped lips opening. [#228B22 "Yes sir." ] He said, his voice a bit shaky as he stared out the door. He felt a pair of eyes on him for the last second and he looked over and his forest green eyes met Blythe's eyes. He soon looked away again, someone entering the shop.

As Blythe and Afford went upstairs, Jayfeather let out a breath of relief as he stood up straight again. He only realized that the person in front of him was one of his friends and he smiled. [#228B22 "Long time since we've seen each other Elzbieta." ] He smirked.


The person that had walked in was a female, short but built as she put her hands on the counter. She sighed, rolling her red eyes as she looked back at Jayfeather. [#DC143C "I told you to stop calling me that or I'll steal all of your potions." ] She said, smiling as Jayfeather frowned but smiled again afterward, playfully punching her shoulder. Of course, she didn't flinch at all or anything.

Elzbieta Bosak, the demon queen was her full alias. She had green hair that flowed down to her back and a small silver crown on her head. She had blood red eyes that seemed to almost set fire to anything she laid her eyes on. She was pale as ever but that was expected from a humanoid demon of her kind.

She had a giant greatsword on her back, secured by a sheathe and it did not seem to weigh her down at all. She wore a loose black t-shirt and some red dyed skinny jeans that showed off her body, which she did intend to get people to approach her.

[#DC143C "So what's up man? Do you have my flammable potion?" ] She asked as she stared up at Jayfeather's face. [#228B22 "Of course I do friend, how's Aeternum treating you? Did he piss himself again?" ] Jayfeather said before chuckling with Elzbieta laughing with him. [#DC143C "Thank god he didn't." ] She said, watching Jayfeather go into the back for a few seconds before coming back with three vials of clear liquids.

Elzbieta only spotted one difference about her friend, he wasn't smiling as he came back. [#DC143C "You good?" ] She asked as Jayfeather handed over the vials. [#228B22 "Work's just stressful and I'm kinda stuck in this mental spot." ] Jayfeather said before looking down at his shoes, feeling her delicate fingers as she took the vials.

[#DC143C "It's okay man, I know how you feel." ]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/FROnp8f.jpg ]
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[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size14 [font "Times" Blythe's mouth shut tight with frustration as Jayfeather just looked away from her. Her eyes followed, dropping away to look to Afford instead now. She just. Couldn't win. She couldn't be casual, she couldn't be polite, she couldn't just be frank without him like acting weird and like she was just stepping over all of these social faux-pas and just.

She knew that a part of it was her hypersensitivity about being liked by people, and her propensity to take things personally. Blythe was trying [i so hard] not to be insulted by just the guy's staring problem and his stupid, judgmental looking face. Anything she said just seemed to upset him and ten minutes into a first interaction with him, she wanted to be done.

"[+purple Alright, ancient one, I was under the impression I was here to have an interview I think.]"

Her eyes were trained on Afford, who seemed to pick up on the silence stretching between them as Jayfeather disengaged. Blythe looked expectant and unhappy. He hummed a bit, glancing between them. This was strange energy, and not necessarily in the good way, here.

"[#a46d8f Ah, yes.]" he looked to the human beside him. "[#a46d8f Jayfeather, would you please watch the front.]"

Presently he offered a gesturing hand to Blythe, "[#a46d8f Would you like to follow me?]" he inquired, arching his brows. "[#a46d8f I have something I would like to discuss with you in my office, if that's acceptable.]"

Blythe shrugged and pushed her hands into her pants pockets. "[+purple Sure,]" she nodded to the side, stealing another glance at Jayfeather before she followed the blond man as he turned towards the door. She picked up the purse she had dropped on the floor when she had approached the counter and slid it onto her shoulder as she went.

And with that the store grew a little quieter on the ground floor as the footsteps of those two ascended into the man's office once again. The hum of Afford's voice was heard, low and silken, through the old floors though no words availed themselves to listeners. It sounded conversational, businesslike.
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[Kodchasan [Center [#228B22 "Hm, you nailed it." ]

Jayfeather said as his face quickly shifted from his unemotional look to a new, sad but curious face. It was only for a moment however as his face turned back into the unemotional one. He still felt uncomfortable underneath his boss's weight but he took into consideration that this girl was here to teach him about more and higher powers of magic.

And as soon as Blythe said that Afford was enjoying it, he just melted away to show his raw emotion right then and there. His face showed a teenager that wasn't enjoying this, being under the heavy weight of his boss and it was causing him stress, both emotional and mental. He hated being like this and it just wanted to make him cry and throw up to be honest.

Jayfeather held a small green potion bottle in his hands now, rubbing his fingers along with slick glass as he did when he was nervous and stressed out. He had slipped the vial from his pocket and the fluids inside of it were made of nightshade, barley, and his own blood.
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford looked back at Jay as he apologized again, gauging his body language. Something akin to a bit of hesitation, perhaps regret- of all the ugly feelings. With a sigh, he glanced away and folded his hands in front of himself.

"[#a46d8f Like I said,]" he murmured softly, "[#a46d8f we will talk about it.]"

He could hear the pointed heaviness in Jayfeather's steps behind him, sighing internally. And now came the downward spiral...

The pale haired man hummed, nodding as he moved. "[#a46d8f Apt and appropriate assumption,]" he responded. Afford raised a finger, looking back at Jayfeather, "[#a46d8f But that is why I have you, isn't it? Other than teaching you more about greater magic.]"

Blythe gazed at the desk guy's smile, looking at the way he was holding himself. His eyes on her still made her uncomfortable cuz it looked like he was just forcing himself to be polite in front of his boss. So, then, at least she had that armor for now.

Blythe gazed at Jayfeather for a few moments when he suddenly spoke again. Afford was smiling, when she looked at him, like. Grinning. He looked satisfied with something as Jayfeather spoke up. She wasn't sure if he was being serious or mocking her with that word choice.

"[+purple It- can be...]" she hedged, glancing at Afford again.

It felt like she was being skewered by the both of them, the woman shifting and feeling her temper raise a little. She glared at Afford, "[+purple You're enjoying this,]" she said, glancing between the both of them.

"[+purple And yeah, you smell like rotting grass clippings but that didn't sound real flattering so like, y'know, I didn't mention the whole like- decomposition smell.]" Blythe opened her hands, shrugging.
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[Kodchasan The pale teenager knew he was in trouble as soon as he picked up on his boss's cold tone. He hung his head low a bit, his shaking hands placed in his pockets. He didn't mean to have his outburst and now it really could cost him. He had no clue where he'd go to work anymore since nobody was interested in the skills that he had anymore. [#228B22 "I'm s-sorry sir." ] He repeated but in a smaller voice that was filled with regret and negative emotions, none of them being anger or rage.

Jayfeather then followed behind Afford, his foot steps hard and heavy on the wooden floor as he stepped into the stairway too. He instantly flinched as Afford turned around on the halfway mark of the stairway, thinking his manager was just going to hurt him. He turned back to look at Afford as the older man spoke to him sternly and the teenager simply nodded without saying another word and he followed him down the rest of the stairs.

Jayfeather seemed to instantly straighten himself out and was now bent on trying to make his boss see that he was worthy of staying. [#228B22 "To be honest sir, I really just guessed. I know you hire people with those skills so I put that in as well so I got the answer that she has magical abilities and skills." ] He said with a new respectful and more quiet tone, his head still dipped low. He was really afraid of staring Afford in his eyes now, not wanting to see the disappointment and anger in his eyes.

The teenager then stood besides Afford with his head low still as he took a step away from his manager. He then looked up at Blythe as he heard his boss introduce him to the new female. He instantly put on the fake, almost regal smile on as Blythe smiled at him as he always did for the customers that come in. He then flinched heavily as he felt Afford's hand on his shoulder, making him feel very uneasy under the weight of his boss.

The teenager listened to his to-be partner with an unreadable face, his face showing no emotions but a helpful look at the same time. It was something he could do very well, mask his emotions and show another feeling other than what he was currently feeling. [#228B22 "I think that's very cool and helpful, it would enable you to see people that are shape-shifters or even monsters that feign being human." ] He suddenly blurted out, his eyes looking Blythe up and down before she mentioned leaves and vines.

He instantly looked dead at her face, [#228B22 "Yes, I do have nature themed abilities. It is curious to see if you can know the other powers I have even though I avoid using them." ] He said as he leaned into the counter, not in a threatening, up-in-your face kind of way but like an interested curiosity. He always hid his darker themed powers because he didn't want anyone to try to influence him to do evil things like his father had tried to.

Jayfeather had powers that went into both circles of life and death and he kinda hated having so much power. He could raise the dead and summon demonic creatures to do his bidding but he rarely did it. It left him with the most intense negative feelings he had ever had and it made him collapse most of the time, along with getting very bad nose bleeds from using his deathly powers.
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford was still itching with irritation from Jayfeather's inappropriate behavior, his eyes kept firmly ahead. He didn't want to look at his employee- his [i employee] who was speaking of himself as if he was a partner, as if he were at all to do with the sowing, growing, maintenance of this establishment beyond running the counter and gloomily filling orders and talking about the customers and his prospective colleague behind their backs.

"[#a46d8f Frankly,]" Afford responded, voice clipped and cold. "[#a46d8f I don't at present care what you think about it.]" His hand slipped from his pocket to gesture ahead of them. "[#a46d8f It's my business that I've had longer than you've been alive. And I have interest in her assistance.]" He barely held his tongue on a snappish, vicious comment of 'The only person getting in your way is you.' aimed at Jayfeather. But he was in no mood to make the teenager shut down and go into a frustratingly downward cycle of uselessness while he was at work. It made his customer service worse. Jayfeather had been so eager to take the job, clearly in need of it, when Afford had been swayed to hire him. But his attitude since then had become increasingly entitled since then, as Afford's only employee and pupil.

"[#a46d8f I fear I've indulged you for too long,]" he murmured in a tone that sounded partially aimed at himself.

"[#a46d8f We are going to talk about the way you speak to me after I meet with Ms. Masters,]" Afford informed the human, finally turning to Jayfeather as he opened the door to the stairs and started down them. He paused on them, turning back up to Jay, and lowering his voice to a personal level.

His frown deepened as he turned away from the human boy as he heard him speak. Certainly, he had given the impression that he indeed had a difficult life, and it was part of the reason why Afford had ended up taking him on. He wasn't heartless, not completely. But it seemed like it was being used as an excuse to speak to him this way. And that would not stand. Jayfeather didn't have to like Afford, but he was required to respect him as his employer.

And that was not an apology, it was worded like an excuse. "[#a46d8f Jayfeather, I need you to understand the way you act affects others despite your intent. You are always responsible for your actions.]" And with that he turned and went down the rest of the stairs.

He had to chuckle a little at Jayfeather's guess at what Blythe could do. Perhaps that was a part of it. He had only looked into a small portion. "[#a46d8f So have you heard of her, then? I have heard tell that she has a following on the internet...]"

Entering into the lobby, Blythe was found bent, looking into one of the display cases of items. She stood up, looking between both the figures that entered. Her brows shot up when she saw Afford, looking at him and it seemed beyond him as her eyes unfocused for a moment.

"[#a46d8f Ms. Masters,]" the man greeted her.

She seemed to blink out of whatever thought had assaulted her, and approached the two of them, looking for a long moment at Jayfeather with reservation before extending her hand to Afford. "[+purple Mr. Febear, it's a pleasure.]" her voice sounded thin, dry, and she cleared her throat, nodding towards him.

He wasn't a man for handshakes, but he understood it was a custom, and after a split second's unpreparedness accepted the greeting. "[#a46d8f The pleasure is mine,]" he said, returning the nod. "[#a46d8f This is my pupil, Jayfeather.]"

The goth brushed her hair behind her ear, looking at the boy with a twitch of an awkward, polite smile and glanced at him briefly before keeping her eyes down.

[right [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] Afford then brought a hand out to Jayfeather, setting it lightly at the back of his shoulder, "[#a46d8f My colleague and I were just discussing what interest I have in you.]" he said, smiling slightly as he gestured to Blythe. "[#a46d8f Would you care to inform him of your capabilities?]"

Blythe grinned a little, feeling a bit awkward being put on the spot. "[+purple Sure, no problem,]" she said, turning her gaze to Jayfeather and clearing her throat. She was still trying to figure out what he was, exactly. "[+purple I, uh, can see- things.]" the young adult explained, gesturing with a tap of her finger on her sunglasses frames. "[+purple Like-]" she gestured to Afford, swallowing and looking at him and quickly away to Jayfeather again. "[+purple auras. True forms, sometimes, depending on the magic. Or it comes in smells, feelings... like your-]" her hands danced a bit around her head, "[+purple leaves. Vines.]"
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[Kodchasan Jayfeather shook his head when heard that he was accusing his boss. [#228B22 "I am sorry sir but I did not mean it that way. I just wouldn't like to have someone working with me who would possibly get in my way." ] He said very honestly, no longer an unhappy look on his face. He was only unhappy because he wasn't able to ever really tell anyone how he felt about what he did and he took this chance to tell his boss about how he felt about having a co-worker. [#228B22 "And I did not mean to act out like I did, it's just lately it's been kinda rough and I'm..." ] He trailed off, not wanting to talk much about his past to someone whom he thought currently had more power than he did.

The teenage boy then flinched a bit when he saw his boss tense up just like he was all the time and his mind instantly turned to the thought that he was going to get hit. He looked nervous as he straightened himself out after flinching, looking down at his red and grey converse that adorned his feet. [#228B22 "I know she has some talent with herbs, enchanting and or potion making." ] He said, very uncomfortable with the situation he had put himself into. He should've at least met the woman before deciding that he hated her and he showed that he regretted it, his lips curled downwards into a sad face.

He didn't mean to be so dim and sad all the time but it was just something that happened because of his past. He couldn't get over all the pain and whatnot and it effected him a lot, making him not trust people as much and even making him wonder what he had done wrong in his childhood. And with him thinking about what he did wrong, it made him more depressed and down because he felt like if he had changed one little thing, he would've been better off currently. He was just a massive wreck and he hid that very well but now he was showing it, no longer his slick, confident self. ]
[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [font "Times" [size14 "[#a46d8f 'Some days',]" the man responded, eyes distant as his brows arched. This was beginning to sound like a weaselly way to ask for a paid vacation, which if that were true was very irritating. Simply in the manner that it was being asked of him was frustrating, having to pull the actual question out of him by cornering him into simply saying what he meant when Jayfeather was instead too intimidated or indecisive to just out with it. Afford tried to be patient with it, but it was grinding on his patience. The kid he hired as an employee had proved himself to be more emotional labor than he had been prepared for to try and work with him, and had a dim attitude about everything. It was draining. Dour, taking himself very seriously and looking bored and unhappy in front of customers, which he would if they knew him get told about in complaint.

"[#a46d8f I'll think about it.]"

Afford turned, regarding Jayfeather from the corner of his eye with an unreadable expression as they moved. But he stopped before the doorway, and kept his eyes forwards. "[#a46d8f You are accusing me of- what exactly? Based solely off of an assumption, obviously.]" he said finally, feeling a scathing tone enter his own voice at the sharp disrespect and accusation in Jayfeather's tone. His head turned to the side, features tight in irritation as he glanced in the direction of the other.

He finally turned, eyes coldly displeased for the sudden, attacking tone in the teenager's voice. His hackles had raised - his shoulders now tight and squared- when Jay had decided to begin with a demanding, angry tone like that out of nowhere. Jayfeather had come in already sour and uncomfortable, and now was pushing as if he wanted to start a fight with Afford.

"[#a46d8f Do you know what she is here for? Do you know what she can do? Anything about her or why I would invite her in?]" he asked, brows firm as he held eye contact with Jayfeather.
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