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[K2D Jayfeather was silent as he listened, not wanting to take the chance and talk back to his boss and potentially get fired. Jayfeather was silent until he heard the part about him going picking tomorrow and he seemed to have a rare smile on his face. [#228B22 "Yes, that is what I mean. I would love to take some days to go picking." ] He finally said, very frustrated at himself for still not being so clear for once. He then watched as his boss looked back at the card that he had brought him before sighing.

He followed right behind Afford as he was told to, mostly because he had learned to take orders once or something bad would happen to him. Or so he thought because his father was a lot more impatient than most people. He had his hands still in his pockets as he followed behind his boss, looking around at random things as they began to leave the office. [#228B22 "So when did you decide to get a new employee?" ] Jayfeather finally asked with a bit of venom laced in his voice. ]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford simply waited, allowing Jay to work through what looked and smelled like frustration to him. He had patience for a few moments, brows rising in anticipation of the young man getting to his point and nodding as he began again.

His eyes were keen on him when he got around to it again, tilting his head. Shifting slightly, the blond man came around the desk to Jay's side, eyes moving over the lines of the floor and the rug in thought, brushing his hair over his ear again. The man's eyes turned over Jay as he watched his body language before turning his eyes away, shifting past Jay and towards the fireplace.

"[#a46d8f Are you asking me, Jay,]" the man began, looking at the card in his fingers again and slipping his other hand into his pant pocket. "[#a46d8f If I will allow you [i permanently], to handle all of my incoming stock?]" He turned now, slightly, and looked over his shoulder, arching a high brow. He leaned his wrist against the mantle piece. "[#a46d8f You know I, with certain ingredients, will stock upon request only due to demand.]"

"[#a46d8f Or are you asking for the chance to go picking tomorrow?]" Afford flipped the card's face towards him again, looking at it for a moment before turning back to Jay. "[#a46d8f We have someone waiting for us. I'd like you to meet her.]" He gestured for Jayfeather to follow him, turning towards the office door.
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[K2D Jayfeather gave out an angry growl but it was mostly directed at himself. He was trying to work on talking with clarity instead of sounding misleading or secretive but he just couldn't break his habit yet. His hands were clenched into shaking fists, trying to keep himself from hurting himself in some way. He took another deep breath outwards, his hands uncurling as he calmed himself down. He stood there in silence for one more moment, thinking of how to actually tell his boss what he wanted.

[#228B22 "Some people come in here for rare potions that we can't brew, mostly because the potions they want have rare ingredients in them. [i You ] can't buy these rare ingredients, you'd have to go look for them where they grow really. We are low on two things, primrose and lavender as well. After today, will you give me the responsibility of buying and gathering herbs that we need?" ] Jayfeather finally said, his hands back in his pockets as his eyes looked up at Afford. He hated this warped floor, it made him look smaller than his boss and he didn't like that.

Jayfeather was pretty sure Afford would let him do what he had asked because he was very reliable with every job that he had been on so far. He'd even go out of his way to make sure their customers were actually satisfied. He was very good at defending himself as well just in case a job had gone wrong, his combat skills were better than most due to his childhood. He had fought off every living thing pretty much to stay alive, including a god of some sorts. ]
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] [size14 [font "Times" Afford's eyes turned down to the card in Jayfeather's hand, reaching for it a moment later. His eyes glanced over the nervous gesture that the other's hands went into immediately once relieved of their job. The artificer hummed in inquisitive acknowledgment as he flipped it over to read the print.

[i Blythe Masters]

"[#a46d8f Mm, ah,]" his eyes lit in recognition as he stood up, pressing a hand over his shirt to smooth it as he arose. He had been expecting her.

Jay had an inch on him, height-wise, but currently he had the high ground with the slightly warped wooden floor of a very old building. His eyes were only briefly on the door behind them before he hummed again in thought. Did he want her up here yet, or did he feel like making an appearance on the floor?

His attention then returned to Jay as the young man spoke again, narrowing his eyes in the way he did when he was thinking. Those eyes scrutinized Jay for a moment as he waited further clarification. Tilting his head, some of the man's hair fell from behind his ear, "[#a46d8f And what are you asking about, then? I can hear the question in your voice; finish your thought.]" Afford had yet to break Jay of his at times annoying habit of not being concise and clear. He had a pretty damn good guess as to what it was exactly he wanted, and yet he wanted the clarification. Afford hadn't ever brought Jay out with him to gather raw ingredients. He was either an errand boy between sellers when Afford asked him to be, or a deliveryman; so the pointed 'we' caught his attention.

Of course he knew what they were low on: he had told Jay to keep him informed about it like any good employee. He was waiting for the adolescent to get to his point.
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[K2D [#228B22 "There is a young lady here and she wishes to speak to you sir." ] He said as he stood in the empty doorway. High and attentive he stood, his frame reaching a solid height of 6'3 as his head was close to the top of the door frame. He walked in with a sense of smoothness and... elegance almost, his feet sweeping across the floor as he walked to his manager's desk and stopped right at it. He pulled the card out of his pocket and showed him the card, looking around at the office.

He indeed had only been in here like three times but the view was always awing to him. He eventually breathed out a deep breath as he tried to calm himself down. He knew what was happening and he didn't want someone to interfere with his time and efforts, which is why he was acting a lot less formal to Blythe. His eyes were set on his manager and what he was about to say now, his hands gripping at the edge of the desk.

Afford knew very little about him except for his name and what he was. He liked it that way so he wouldn't have to worry about someone turning on him. He then decided to bring his idea forth at this time so he didn't have to come back and ask the question. [#228B22 "We need more ingredients for potions and whatnot and don't just go buy them... We need to gather more rare stuff sir." ] He said with some anxiety in his voice as he stood there awaiting for two answers now. ]
[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size14 [font "Times" Upon inspection, Blythe to jay looked like a pretty basic instagram nu goth. She had her medium length, black dyed hair, straight cut bangs, pale foundation and black makeup and jewelry. She was pretty casual about it, though, wearing a simply cardigan and black button up with a wee necklace poking out from under the collar, and jeans. And the rotund sunglasses she was now pushing up on top of her head as she let Jay take his moment to stare at her, fully aware it was happening as she watched his face to see if she could read any expression from it as he looked.

Blythe nodded as the guy left her, frowning after him. So much for customer service presence or even being welcoming or literally pleasant at all, she supposed. Was it cuz she was a basic bitch goth who smelled like coffee and mocha syrup? Meaning was it the employee who was stuck up, or was that just that kind of place? Stuck up and "secret" and all that. On the phone, Afford didn't seem like the type to put up with that shit, though he seemed pretty haughty himself... If this was the sort of atmosphere the place had, then she was pretty sure she was going to hate working here. Which was a shame cuz it seemed to cool, and like a staple to the community. A lot of her clients talked about it a lot, and even Afford fondly at times.

The guy behind the desk just now seemed even more stuck up than Febear though, which was saying something. Especially in the way he kinda just... meandered away. Checking on literally everything but what she had asked of him as if showing her that she didn't matter at all whatsoever. Nice. Her eyes narrowed, feeling irritation glow low in her chest at the retreating twink's back.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] Afford Febear was a tall, angular, white blond man with light green eyes and a knack for making and enchanting jewelry, and wearing plenty of it. He dressed mainly in jewel tones or pastel, usually androgynously, if not in eye catching combinations of pants, shirt and blazer or lengthy coats.

The jewelry making were his main activities whenever Jay would be becked inside the office; a glass in his eye and tiny, nimble tools in his hands as he spun gold and set stones and etched plating... That, or he was standing over some instrument of some sort, either brewing or divining.

Today he was doing neither as the door opened for Jay to reveal the man tapping on his computer for a moment, glancing between that and the paperwork beside him.

He glanced up when the human entered, "[#a46d8f Yes, what is it?]" he inquired, nudging the laptop away with his fingers as he turned his attention to Jay instead, his brows raising in prompting. Attentive, but not entertaining needless dallying.
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[K2D [#228B22 "Yes ma'am." ] Jayfeather finally said through almost clenched teeth. He wasn't one for formal talking at all and it was hard for him to be formal to people for so long. He was a person that was tensed up all the time, the person who was expecting someone to stab him at anyone moment. It took him a moment of just standing there to just stare at the girl, taking her in himself. The corner of his lip smiled and he gently took the card from Blythe's hand.

He turned around and made his way through the shop, checking on small herbs and berries here and there. But he never fully stopped, having a rhythm to his body almost as he walked. He took a deep breath and he relaxed only a bit, he never fully relaxed and he did not know that feeling of relaxation. It was something merely from his life, he had gained that early on. Maybe a little too early for most liking.

He put his hand to his neck, feeling for that usual silver pendant that he wore underneath his usual sweater. He felt it and sighed in relief, feeling the silver virgo symbol on it's leather chain. He then made it to the back of the store, eventually climbing the stairs up to his manager's office. He was a [b very, very ] good employee but he was very secretive and kept to himself and himself only. He was good at what he did, being an apothecary and being knowledgeable about herbs, oils and even potions. He knew more recipes than the books he was given but he couldn't make certain things due to his supplies.

He wanted to ask Afford if he may go out of the store to gather some of the more rare ingredients that you can't normally buy. He just sighed and showed his hands into the pockets of his tightest black pants and basking in the comfort of his forest green sweater. He was stressed about most things, even the fact that he didn't even bleed normal blood. His was forest green and it had some magical properties to it and it even strengthened any potions that are meant to grow things or summon anything tied with anything green.

He sighed as he gently knocked on Afford's office door, looking over at a plotted plant that was on a table nearby. He smiled and reached out with his hand, the plant suddenly shifting and growing into almost a bush. He only did this a tiny bit of the times, mostly to get rid of his horrible and dark emotions. ]
[left [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/21/cf/db/21cfdbef1cc828c07e46616c99ef8306.jpg]] [size14 [font "Times" Blythe arched a brow as she was answered in the most unnecessarily cryptic way she possible. Giving the other employee a slow glance over she reevaluated what sort of a light that shone on her first impression to a potential coworker. Admittedly her inquiry was a bit opaque, to be fair.

She put one end of her sunglasses between her teeth, hanging them there while she reached into her purse to retrieve her wallet. "[+purple ... Uh huh...]" she responded, shaking her head a little.

From it she brought out a business card in a stiff cardstock with stylized printing on it. Her sunglasses were pulled out of her mouth at that. "[+purple Could you get him for me? That'd be great,]" she said, "[+purple thanks man.]" And with that she waited.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/zvj5wfQ.jpg?1]] Afford Febear, as he always was at this time of the day, was up in his office. The upper floor of the building, accessed from the stairs back in the storeroom at the back of the store. It was always warm, with the upstairs fireplace at this time of year almost constantly active. In few words it could be described as the exact place the mysterious owner of an "alternative" herbal shop like this would own. Plus, midnight carpets dotted with stars and gold edging. Varying scrying glasses, mobiles of magical-looking implements for measuring or whatever he had, piles of scrolls and ancient-looking books and a quietly tinkling fixture of spreading, meandering branches suspended from the ceiling, dominating the upper plane of the room -- high enough for even Afford to walk under-- dotted within which were bottles of labeled, colorful potions in their vials.

The desk was heavy, and full of papers and large tomes and a laptop and a green shaded, brass library lamp.

He didn't like being disturbed. If it was important, that was one thing. But the longer Jay had worked there, if it was something "insipid" as he called it, he was less welcoming. Especially if he had a client in his office. Many people and things passed Jay at the counter to go into Afford's office for whatever reasons. Today he was unoccupied, however.

Afford himself was often stern and reserved, but he had a disposition of protectiveness if you were a good employee, or a customer. The shop was something of an important haven for the shadowy sorts they served . And he would come down and defend it on a moment's notice of "I want to speak to your manager".
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[K2D The pale teenager that stood behind the counter, his intense hazel eyes meeting Blythe for a moment as she entered the tiny store. He knocked his knuckles against the wood of the counter as Blythe approached, looking very lost in his own mind but he wasn't. He was focused totally on the here and now, his hazel eyes looking up to meet the female's eyes once again as she spoke to him.

The boy was in very poor shape and you could tell just from looking at him. He had scar marks that went from his bottom lip to top lip and over and over again, almost like his mouth had been sewn shut before. He was an unnatural pale almost looking like he was a ghost and he was very tall and lanky but had no meat on his body what-so-ever. He was pretty much a skeleton for that matter and lastly, he had the darkest bags underneath his eyes, making him looking like a zombie that had never slept before.

[#228B22 "My story? Sorry, that will be a tale for another day if I ever see you again outside of this place. Oh and Afford is in the back, do you wish for me to get him for you?" ] The teenager said, his shoulders all tensed up as they always were. With him, you could never get him to really relax unless you drugged him in some way. He stared down into Blythe, awaiting her answer to tell him to get his manager. ]
[center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/cc/21/82/cc218224c0ceff030295deca3d3f7ca4.jpg]]
[size14 [font "Times" Blythe's eyes flickered between her phone screen and the road in front of her as she buzzed by on her Vespa before kicking her foot out as she pinched the brakes, the nav AI in her ear telling her she had arrived at her destination. Idling in the road for a second she glanced around behind her, lowering her sunglasses to see where the shop went. Turning around she squinted and found the wooden sign she remembered. Perfect.

With that she revved and wheeled the scooter around and hopped off in front of the place she got the address of. Glancing up, she found the brass address by the front door of the old town storefront and looked at the piece of paper she scribbled it on.

"[+purple Match,]" she chirped to herself, flipping a handful of her hair over her shoulder. She could practically feel the dye still drying on it. It made her hair feel soft but in a completely different way than it was naturally, and that just made her fidget with it even more than normal. But the black felt more fitting.

She trotted into the store, the little bell dinging as she came in, peeking around the rows of little, organized drawers of herbs and other plant matter and who knew what.

Big, round sunglasses overtop a pale painted face peeked at the person behind the counter, once she spotted them. Blythe approached, folding the address in her hands and sliding it in her sweater pocket. "[+purple 'sup, dude?]" she greeted, "[+purple My name's Blythe, I'm looking for Afford Febear? The owner?]"

The woman took her sunglasses off, her face creasing a little as if she had just smelled something strong and glanced over the teen behind it. "[+purple You smell exactly like wet moss, and I can tell even in this herbaceous place. What's your story?]"
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