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[K2D Jayfeather let out a very frightened and heavy breath as he watched Xanthos just tower over him, his 6'3 height no longer considered tall compared to Xanthos. His sickles seemed to flash as his hands actually went limp out of his fear, his weapons falling to the ground with a metalic sound. He didn't know why Xanthos scared him so much but it was just something about the male that made him more scared than usual. He took a step back away before Yesso appeared between him and Xanthos, watching her tail as it wrapped around Xanthos's.

He listened and watched the female calm down her friend or mate, he wasn't sure about that yet. He was still tensed up as he always was, his shoulders standing high as he was silently watching. He even watched as Yesso bowed a bit at him and he raised his eyebrows but still didn't say anything. It was like he withdrew himself from talking and even asking questions, mostly because he didn't know these people and he was kinda hurt, not as much as Rhea though. He mentally told himself to remember Xanthos's name as Yesso began to approach him, taking steps back from the dragonelle until she just placed the seeds down.

[#228B22 "T-Thank you." ] He barely mumbled, stumbling over to the seeds as his body was still in pain. He grabbed one of the the seeds and put it in his mouth, beginning to slowly chew then before sitting down on his cot with the rest in his palm. He watched Yesso closely, his hands shoving the seeds in his mouth as he kept on chewing. He finished the last one and sat there silently for a moment before he let out a long breath. [#228B22 "M-May I be of assistance?" ] He asked, his hands twitching as he was still totally tensed up. He could never relax or even calm down without having to drug himself with herbs and that was annoying to him a lot. But he ignored his anxiety as he really wanted to help get his friend healthy again, he didn't want anything else except for Rhea to be better, he didn't care about himself at all and it showed when he asked to help. He also ignored the fact that he probably still lacked the energy to help in the first place. ]
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[h3 [center Rhea - Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Xanthos' gaze shot to the boy. Sensing what he took as aggression, the male stood up swiftly, placing himself between Yeseo and Jayfeather. Xanthos easily towered over Jay, his tail lashing one way then the other in quick swipes. An inhuman growl erupted from him, eyes glowing brightly.
[#b22222 "I'd be careful where you draw your weapons boy, cause you cause any harm to the very one who's helping you, I'll be sure to..."]
[#4682b4 "Xanthos p-p-please...no violence w-w-while in m-my cave...you know I-I-I don't allow it."]
Yeseo had appeared, moving in front of Xanthos. Her tail snaked around, wrapping around the larger male's own, who in turned seemed to calm down, if only slightly. His hard, yellow eyes remained glaring at Jay. However, Xanthos was completely reluctant to move or say another word with Yeseo now standing between him and the boy.
The draconic male finally gave a snort, smoke escaping from the exposed part of his jaw. Xanthos did back down, taking a place on a wooden chair at the massive table.
Yeseo watched, feeling her tail unwind from Xanthos', then turned her attention back to Jay. She gave her head a slight bow, then straightening again.
[#4682b4 "P-please forgive him, as w-w-well as my own. I-I-I should've remembered y-y-you wouldn't expect to s-see our human forms. As for w-where you are, w-w-well, my home, part of i-it anyways..."]
Yeseo approached the boy, despite the attempt of him being intimidating. Instead, she laid what appeared to be several seeds nearby.
[#4682b4 "If y-you are in any p-pain, chew those s-s-seeds. They should d-d-dull any pain you have."]
She then moved over to where Rhea laid, tail trailing behind her. Yeseo's hands moved, lightly running across the other female's body. Her eyes glowed every so slightly, pupils narrowing. Her tail suddenly snaked behind her, wrapping around a clay jar, then bringing it round. Yeseo grabbed it, opening the cap.
Her eyes shifted to the makeshift bandages done by Jay. With a delicate hand, she removed the bandages. A sudden frown came to her face.
[#4682b4 "O-Oh...Xanthos...c-c-could you r-r-reach me something p-please...I would myself, b-b-but I do my work b-b-better in human form..."]
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[K2D Jayfeather kept waking up and passing out constantly while he was slung over Xanthos's shoulder. He felt blood underneath his clothing just drying on his skin as he was still bleeding but only a little bit now before passing out once again. As both Xanthos and Yesso made their way back to their cave, the flowers and grass began to lean towards them as if they wanted them now instead of Jayfeather. Jayfeather had this aura about him and it felt lighter around him mostly but his aura actually drew grass or anything that was a plant towards the group.

Jayfeather slowly woke up on a cot a few minutes after he was placed there, his hazel eyes staring up at the ceiling of the cave. He slowly sat up, groaning as he did so and he was put in a medium amount of pain. At least the pain didn't overwhelm him as he sat there, staring at his hands for several moments as he still felt weak from giving Rhea his energy. He then looked over at Yesso and Xanthos with a surprised expression, not remembering being saved by humans but by a dragonelle instead.

Since he didn't really know these two humanoids in front of him, Jayfeather yanked at his virgo necklace with his pale hands as he stood up shakily from his cot. [#228B22 "Who are you and where are we?" ] He growled, trying to sound at least a bit intimidating with his silver weapons in his hands. He knew he had a small chance of escaping, even if he did leave Rhea here so all he could do was hope that either these people were nice and were actually hoping him or that they were weak. ]
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[h3 [center Rhea - Yeseo & Xanthos]]
Yeseo continued to frown. As the dragonelle opened her muzzle, as if on cue, the sound of wings followed by a shimmer of light soon landed nearby.
[#b22222 "Damn't...there you are Yeseo."]
A humanoid had now appeared. A long tail trailed behind the male, though perhaps the most interesting, or disturbing, about him was that the jaw on half of his face was completely exposing bone. Yellow eyes glared at the two currently injured individuals, tail lashing one way, then the other.
[#b22222 "Fucking Hellwrens. Yeseo, return to your cave."]
The dragonelle's form suddenly shimmered, also taking a humanoid appearance. Her tail tucked between her legs, dwarfed by the other's size. Her grayish eyes looked upwards towards the male.
[#4682b4 "P-please Xanthos...I-I-I can't stand s-seeing anyone or a-anything hurt...you know this...p-p-please just help me g-get them to my cave...please..."] Yeseo looked at the one she called Xanthos, her eyes shining. Her tail remained tucked between her legs, submissive.
As for the male, he seemingly sighed, moving a hand, rubbing his forehead. He growled under his breath for several moments. As much as he disliked the small dragonelle being out and about, especially as of now with the likes of such enemies around, he knew Yeseo would indeed not leave Rhea or Jay laying there, especially considering their weak and battered conditions.
Xanthos grew quiet for a bit, then finally returned his hand to his pocket. His yellow eyes looked towards the dragonelle, softening ever so slightly, [#b22222 "Alright...fine...just promise me that if I help you get them back, you won't leave your cave less I'm around, got it?"]
A slight smile came to Yeseo's face as she suddenly hugged Xanthos, thanking him profusely. Feeling awkward, Xanthos stood still, allowing the gesture, until she finally removed herself, walking over to the unconscious pair. The small female's features became serious as her mind set to work.
As for Xanthos, he grunted a bit, reaching down without so much of a second thought, taking hold of Jayfeather, then tossing the boy over his shoulder. His eyes shifted back to Yeseo who was looking at Rhea.
[#b22222 "Need to get her in her human form? Sure she'll be easier to carry and work with that way. Also will fit in your cave."]
As if to answer him, Yeseo moved towards Rhea's head. With a tap and muttering something in a tongue she seemed to understand, did Rhea's form shimmer much like before, shrinking downwards. Now as Yeseo, she picked up Rhea's form, struggling slightly, which made the concerned Xanthos ask if he needed to carry Rhea as well. However, Yeseo insisted she could handle the weight just fine.
[hr ]
Time passed, as it usually does, and Yeseo with Xanthos made it back to her cave. Inside going down the other tunnel which led to a spacious cavern. It was here Rhea and Jay were brought.
They were each laid down on separate makeshift cots. The light from makeshift torches lined the walls. In the middle appeared to be a huge table, tools and instruments laid upon the surface. Along the walls, indents seemed to create make-shift shelves which held ingredients and other things that the small dragonelle used.
[#b22222 "So, they'll make it. Should put your mind at ease then."]
Yeseo sighed softly, her tail swaying one way, then the other, [#4682b4 "Yes...a-a-again...thank you Xanthos..."]
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[K2D Jayfeather instantly turned towards the other dragonelle that had appeared through the brushes, his face holding a guarded expression until he heard the name. He had his hand on Rhea's muzzle as he listened to Yesso as she introduced herself. He was secretly giving Rhea his energy, giving her almost enough to literally kill himself as his heart began to go faint. [#228B22 "Help... Rhea..." ] He gently groaned to Yesso as the dragonelle looked over both him and the other dragonelle.

He then just passed out, falling backwards as his back hit the ground with a loud thud. He was bleeding a small amount from his scratches but the main problem was how many scratches he had on him underneath his torn clothes. His body was limp and light, a lot more lighter than it was supposed to be as he was laid out right besides Rhea. He felt like he had done something right, feeling like Rhea had a better chance of surviving than he himself did now. He had at least a broken rib as well just from the impact of landing in Rhea's paw and then into the brush. ]
[h3 [center Rhea]]
It was all a haze. The dragonelle's eyes were closed, the world around her sounding muffled. She thought she heard a yell, more so one of anger, but she couldn't be sure. Relief was felt as the creatures removed themselves from her, to only find their demise to the boy's hands.
Her nostrils flared in a sluggish manner. Her body sprawled out on it's side. Rhea's breathing was shallow, heart thumping loudly and rapidly, working to try and get the blood flowing. Though it appeared to be having a difficult time, since a good portion of said blood was gone now.
One of Rhea's eyes slowly opened, hearing a weak voice. At first it was hard to understand, but the words seemed to click. The once bright yellow glow of her eye had dulled to barely an ember, the pupil round. Her leg twitched, but that was about the only movement she was able to make.
Jay had asked her a question, but she felt too weak to reply. Instead, her eye slowly closed again in response to the boy's question.

A soft rustle sounded nearby, followed by a scaly, grey horned head; a much smaller dragonelle. A sudden frown appeared on the beast's muzzle as she looked at the scene before her.
[#4682b4 "Oh n-n-no..."]
The dragonelle did finally crawl out of the cover, revealing how small she was, very clearly a runt of her clutch when younger. Either way, the creature trotted over, not at all bothered by the presence of the human. She seemed more so worried about the wounds on both Jay and Rhea.
Her long slender neck snaked downwards, looking over both, the frown remaining on her muzzle, [#4682b4 "U-Um...s-sorry for me j-just suddenly appearing...I-I-I was looking for herbs when I h-heard the screeching...I'm Y-Yeseo b-by the w-w-way..."]
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[K2D Jayfeather flailed in the air until his hazel eyes finally caught sight of Rhea and her huge claws coming towards him. He slammed into Rhea's paws as she closed her claws around him to protect him and he let out a wheeze as his air was knocked out of him. He felt Rhea dip down now, his brain going at hyper speed as he figured out what was happening before Rhea opened her claws and he just simply dropped. He ended up landing in some brush, his vision going blurry as he slammed into thorns and the heavy branches of the brush.

[i [#98FB98 'Rhea.' ]] He thought suddenly through his pain and panic, calming himself down to find the dragon. He felt connected to her even though they had both just met and they were on bad terms. He had lost both of his sickles but his virgo pendant was back on it's leather chain, which meant that he had his sickles back. He slowly but surely dragged himself out of the thorny brush and used a tree to stand up, feeling several little scratches all over his body. His clothes were torn and a forest green colored liquid ran out of the tears in his clothes and skin.

He began to limp to where he saw Rhea fall to and he grunted in pain as he forced himself to start running, more forest green blood coming out of his body. The grass and flowers that he passed reached out towards him as if they wanted Jayfeather to join them but the teenager ignored them, still going onward. He eventually came to the furrow and he gave out a yell of anger as he saw the creature's feeding on the underside of Rhea and he jumped into the furrow as the creature's unlatched from Rhea to turn to him.

He let out a growl of hatred and pure anger, his hand grabbing at his virgo symbol as it turned into his double sickles. He let out a battle yell and ran forwards, both the creature's rushing at him at the same time. He slashed at one using both of his sickles, easily mutilating the creature before turning to the last one. He threw his sickles down and raised his hand in rage, his anger turning into magic as vines shot up from the ground and wrapped around the creature, easily yanking it down into the ground to let it suffocate.

Jayfeather finally calmed down, a small river of forest green blood running from his nose as well as his scratches from earlier. He shook his head and limped over to Rhea, looking at the spots where the creature's had been feeding on her. He flinched a bit but put his hand on her stomach, pieces of grass coming together to make make-shift bandages over the spots. He then sighed in relief, his brain and body both exhausted but he took a tired step back, [#228B22 "Rhea? Are you okay?" ] He asked, limping over to the dragonelle's head. ]
[h3 [center Rhea]]
Her body continued to thrash wildly as her claws struck air. Though the high-pitch screeching started to quiet down, to only be replaced by a human scream; Jay's.
The few remaining creatures scattered, screeching as they went. However a few sneaky ones were currently still attached to Rhea, their fangs draining the blood from her body. Despite knowing the urgency of getting rid of the blood-sucking parasites, she knew very well the human had little to no chance of surviving the fall which she herself could survive.
The dragonelle heaved her wings, dropping quickly after the boy. Spikes once again appeared all over her back, arms, and tail. Rhea's body jerked a bit, feeling weak and tired. Though she continued to push herself towards him. With a final strain of her wings, Rhea was soon next to Jay. Without so much of a second thought, the dragonelle grabbed him in her massive paws, creating a shield around him.
Rhea's wings struggled to open again, the few creatures still clinging to her underbelly. Like most dragons, not just her breed, their underside was vulnerable and softer than the rest of their body, and unfortunately unlike the rest of her body, Rhea could not grow her spikes along her stomach and underside.
She felt herself fall lower and lower, claws barely brushing the treetops. Rhea snorted softly, shaking her horned head, once again her vision starting blur from loss of blood. She saw the appearance of a bush, that would have to do. As the dragonelle passed over, her claws opened, dropping Jay into the brush. Hey, it was a softer landing than what could've been his death.
As for herself, Rhea's landing wasn't the most graceful. Her body took a dive, sliding along the earth, creating a deep furrow which soon led to where she laid. Attached to her stomach, were two of the creatures, gorging themselves. The smaller creatures would most likely continue their feast until stopped, and poor Rhea was in no condition to even try and shake the parasitic beasts off...
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[K2D Jayfeather was just holding onto Rhea when she took off, trying not to fly off of her back. He seemed scared but after a while, he got over it and he took a deep breath of relief. It was when he was in the air on the back of the dragon is when he hit a problem, he felt nauseous the whole time as he looked around at the area around him.

When the screeches started, he let out his own scream of horror, suddenly looking around at the creature's around him. He took off his bag and barely had enough time to grab a potion that was the color of a raspberry. He then watched as the bag flew into the air and he cursed. [#228B22 "Fuck, I needed that." ] He said, uncorking the potion and downing it in three seconds. It was a potion of pride and courage, it'd help him get over his current fear.

He stood up on Rhea's back, barely keeping his balance before pulling on his pendant and they became his sickles. He let out a growl and began to slash at the creature's around them, luckily killing a few of the flying creatures. After a few seconds, he had killed most of them before one just slammed into him, sending him flying off of Rhea's back. He began to fall down, screaming and crying as he flared around. ]
[h3 [center Rhea]]
The dragonelle rolled her eyes, continuing to mutter things best not repeated in English under her breath. She shifted ever so slightly, barely feeling as Jay soon made his way onto her back. As expected, Rhea would've taken off without hesitation and not felt a thing. However, she remained in place except for the occasional swipe of her tail.
As he stated that he was on, then the comment of asking her to 'not throw him off', a smirk came to her muzzle. Despite how tempting it was to not listen, Rhea did decide to try and not 'purposefully' dump him. The dragonelle's wings flared outwards on either side of her. She flapped them a few times, stretching. Rhea then crouched low to the ground, then with a heavy heave upwards followed by a powerful thrust of her wings, she was airborne. It wasn't the most graceful of take-offs, but one had to remember her size and build. Being a Gravior dragon, she wasn't really built for long flights.
[hr ]
Her wings continued to carry her along. Every now and then a heavy huff could be heard from her, trying to keep her weight in the air. It wouldn't have been so bad for a short flight, but a few hours was all Rhea could really handle.
As she continued along, the dragonelle suddenly turned her heavy horned head. Her eyes narrowed, pupils narrowing into thin slits. A guttural growl suddenly escaped her muzzle.
[#a52a2a [b "That scent...I know that smell..."]]
As if on que, a sudden screech followed by several others echoed around her. The high pitched noise caused Rhea to jerk to a halt, shaking her head as the sound rung in her ears. The world started to seemingly blur as the screeching messed with her senses.
The dragonelle snarled, the noise driving her mad. She completely forgot about the human on her back as she started to lash out at the air, her massive body whipping back and forth as she tried to strike out at whatever was confusing her.
Several much smaller [http://i.imgur.com/qOMED6q.jpg creatures] were constantly zipping back and forth around her. Each once releasing their screeches after the other as they continued their onslaught. A few suddenly darted forward, one opening its jaws, massive fangs suddenly latching onto a bare place on her tail. Several other creatures tried to follow suit to get a bite on the thrashing dragonelle, but were currently not having as good of luck as the one.
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[K2D [#228B22 "Well, I can't heal myself because I don't have the supplies too and well... Most methods of healing don't work on me. It takes a long time for my body to heal itself." ] Jayfeather simply said, his hands in his pockets as he looked up at Rhea. He seemed so tense and anxious all the time, almost like he was on full alert at all times. It wasn't healthy for someone to be like this, it would cause a bunch of problems. He looked Rhea dead in the eye, his hazel eyes filled with intensity before looking away, looking at the ground.

Jayfeather stumbled a bit as the ground underneath him shook and he started rising. He knelt down and put his hand on the ground, hoping that Rhea wouldn't suddenly let him fall. Eventually, when Rhea told him it wouldn't be hard to get on her back, he let out a sigh and stood up again. He took a step onto Rhea's back and slowly sat down, he had never sat on a dragonelle or a dragon before so he tried to get comfortable. [#228B22 "I'm ready now, please don't throw me off." ]]
[h3 [center Rhea]]
The dragonelle's eyes glowed as she glared downwards at him. The pupils narrowed into thin slits, watching his every move. Hearing his comment, the dragonelle couldn't help but snap.
[#a52a2a [b "Well, if you can heal people, then why don't you heal yourself?"]]
Rhea huffed, growling words in her own tongue, annoyed. Even when Jayfeather pointed out his 'healing' worked better on creatures, the dragonelle was still irritated. To make it even more clear, spikes once again appeared along her legs and tail. She tried to keep the spikes from growing upon her back, as she knew that's where he would be sitting.
[#a52a2a [b "Yea yea, suppose I am too big for you to climb on."]]
The ground under the boy's feet suddenly started to tremble, rising upwards. As a Gravior, Rhea did have some control of the earth around her, boulders being her favorite thing to work with...
Though the earthen pillar Jay stood on was soon level with her back. Rhea turned her heavy horned head to glance back at him. Her tail continued to lash back and forth, spikes rattling loudly.
[#a52a2a [b "There, you're more level. Shouldn't have any trouble. Just make sure to say something before I go full flight so I don't dump you before you're ready."]]
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[K2D Jayfeather was silent the whole time, only having a reaction when he watched Rhea turn from her humanoid state to a huge dragon. His jaw dropped a little and his eyes widened in awe. He took a step back this time, stopping by his dropped sickles. He shook his head to get out of his awed state and he picked back up his sickles, the weapons turning back to a silver pendant with a symbol on the end. He then picked up his almost empty bag and slung it over his shoulder.

It was then when Rhea truly saw the state of Jayfeather's body. He was basically a skeleton without meat, his 6'3 frame having no fat on it. He was starved by the looks of it but he then turned around back towards the dragon. [#228B22 "I can heal people too you know... Mostly creatures. It works better on things that aren't human... I'm an apothecary, I heal using herbs and oils..." ] He finally said, walking over to the dragonelle. He stopped besides her and frowned, thinking that he was gonna have trouble with climbing up onto her back. [#228B22 "Can you give me some help please?" ] He asked with kindness in his voice. ]
[h3 [center Rhea]]
Her gaze watched as the boy's form seemed to relax. Though, as he took a step towards her, did the dragonelle's lips curl back to show her fangs, the rattling of her spikes once again growing louder. Kid was looking for a flower? Why would anyone want a flower, less of course for courtship, least Rhea thought sometimes humans to give flowers to another they want as a mate, or so she heard. Not that she really knew, nor did she really care.
Her tail swayed one way, then the other, yellow eyes never leaving him. As the boy introduced himself, Rhea was silent for the most part. As he told her he'd never harm a dragon, she couldn't help but snort again. The dragonelle was almost tempted to snap something, but stopped herself, picking up on his sudden fatigue.
Rhea watched him, forked tongue flicking from her mouth, testing the air. She could sense his sudden exhaustion, but then again, the soft clang of the sickles hitting the ground and his staggering made it quite clear.
Now, she was no healer. Rhea's breed was built for heavy siege and mostly defensive/offensive abilities. She slowly took a few steps towards him. The dragonelle's tail suddenly swung outwards, steadying the boy before he could fall over.
A growl emitted from her, [#a52a2a "Oi, don't be passing out on my mountain. Don't need that right now."]
Rhea gave an annoyed sigh. She lifted a clawed hand, running it down her face in an exasperated manner. After several moments, her arm returned to her side, eyes glaring right at Jay.
[#a52a2a "So you need help? Fine, whatever. Anything to get you off my mountain for the time being before the next idiot comes bumbling along to get my hoard."]
Rhea moved backwards, her tail following behind her. The female's form shimmered, starting to grow larger. Wasn't long, before Rhea stood in her full, massive glory. The spikes had seemingly shed off most of her form, piling around her. She stepped over the splintered spikes, making her way over to him. Due to her size, the ground trembled under her mass.
The giant dragonelle now found herself glaring down at the one who called himself Jayfeather. If she had really wanted to, Rhea could've easily flicked him back down with just 2 claws, however, she did not. Instead, she gave a grunt, her voice no longer sounding feminine, but gruff and deep, [#a52a2a [b "Suppose I can take you to Yeseo. She knows all that stuff about healing and more like that, probably help you find that plant you are looking for too. So guess that means you'll be riding on my back...lucky me."]]
Rhea muttered the last two words, not too happy with the idea, but as she mentioned, if it got him off her territory faster, she'd do it.
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[K2D The boy seemed to relax a bit, his knees no longer bent in a defensive manner. He still held his sickles but they were in limp in his hands as he took a simple step towards Rhea. [#228B22 "I am Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter and I am after a flower, I believe it is called the Lotus Flower or even the Lost Flower. It's supposed to be up on these mountains but it might even be in a dragon's possession. I'd never harm a dragon, I think they are just majestically beautiful creatures." ] He said, his vision suddenly getting blurry.

He wasn't used to the blistering heat of the mountains, he had almost fell about sixteen times and he was sure he was about to pass out from not being hydrated. He swayed a bit in the spot, dropping his sickles but he was still conscious. He did seem weak, almost to the point where he could drop dead. [#228B22 "... I would also like your help..." ] He finally said, almost falling forwards. ]

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