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[center [Abel [size15 [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=4136 ιnвoх] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] ooc тнread [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402773 rυleѕ/cнaracтer card] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] [u rp тнread] [#BF4F51 」]

[Homemade+Apple [size15
Streetlights, people, living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night]]

[center [Abel Avalon, Oregon is a sleepy, ideal mountain town that time has seemingly forgot. The only way to get to the town is by the train that passes through its terrain. It's closed off to the world, and full of secrets. 【 Ink 】has lived there off and on throughout their life with their grandparents, and after the death of their grandparents, rather than sell the home, 【 Ink 】reaches out to people that they've known throughout their life to come and help pay for the mortgage on the large home.

Their friends- college grads, dropouts, or otherwise seemingly soul searching millenials are more than eager to take 【 Ink 】up on their offer only to discover that Avalon is full of far more secrets than its inhabitants are willing to let on.]]

[size30 【 Roles 】]

[size15 [Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402785 Honey] 】] - lipstick, a sweet voice, confident laughter, handwritten notes, tries their best, loves fashion and dogs, bright eyes like the sun, new cities, good grades

[Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402787 Woodsmoke] 】] - tired souls, ticket stubs and street maps from places they've visited, bodies full of untold stories, missing the train, coffee, gentle words

[Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402788 Wisteria] 】] - dreamy evenings, freshly-baked cinnamon rolls, sipping tea, writing in a diary, thick, worn-out jumpers, handfuls of flowers, falling in love, book piles

[Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402796 Saltwater] 】] - dark, tousled hair, ripped jeans, paintbrushes, lofty grins, swallowing hard, a little broken, trying desperately to be a good person

[Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=402789 Ink] 】] - soft aching hands buried in messy hair, tragic smiles, scribbling on dusty parchment, ancient ruins, attic windows, stars, cups of tea gone cold

[Homemade+Apple 【 [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=403397 Thunderstorms] 】] - leather jackets, eyeliner wings, sharpening their smiles, lace-up boots, vinyl records, wikipedia articles, tangled earphones, cigarette afternoons

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[center [size11 To Marshall's absolute relief, the first person he came into contact with was Paisley. Just the sight of the other boy brought him such comfort, and he felt the tension in his shoulders ease as Paisley wrapped his arms around him. Gaius purred contently against his side, closing his eyes and craning his head upwards at the gentle scratch. Marshall took an indulgent second to allow Paisley's familiar smell to reach him, and then returned to the reality of it all. Though this situation wasn't ideal for any of them, he couldn't imagine going through it with anyone else. Paisley had become so familiar to him as of late, the only real figure of comfort left to him. He even managed a genuine smile when Paisley pulled away.]]
[center [size11 [#12700d "It's wonderful to see you again too."] The truest thing he'd said in days. He hoisted Gaius back to his chest and cradled him close, despite the cat's subtle wiggle to be let free. He was lucky to be blessed with such a patient cat, never one to insist to greatly to be put down when he could sense that Marshall was in need of him. A living security blanket wasn't the smartest thing to cling to, but the damage had already been done. [#12700d "Oh, no, he's great with other animals. People bring them in the shop all the time."] Just as he said so, he was treated to the sight of Eve carrying her snake into the house and he instantly got chills up his spine. Even so, he gave a soft wave of one hand when Paisley introduced him, not wishing to be rude. He turned his attention then to Catticus, who seemed much less pleased than Gaius to be cooped up in someone's arms. When Paisley let him down, Marshall set his cat on the floor as well, knowing he would behave. With one reassuring brush against Marshall's legs, the cat went off to explore on his own.]]
[center [size11 Like the kind of person he was, Marshall followed after Paisley at a proximity that could possibly be considered embarrassing. In the process of people entering the house, one of them came at Paisley in a flurry of limbs. Somehow Marshall had managed caught up in their hug and he felt his cheeks flush almost immediately. Thunderstorms was an apt alias for him, Marshall thought, waving off his apology as unnecessary. He'd never been in such close corners with so many people in all his life. He was used to seeing people in short spurts at the shop and then going home to Gaius and spending his nights writing or watching a movie. This was a massive change from the life he'd known for years, but it was for the best. That's what he kept on telling himself.]]
[center [size11 It seemed almost instantaneous that everyone was there, the house alive with people all at once. Marshall felt his nerves, but also something else, something warm. He rubbed a hand against the back of one arm as they all gathered together and Paisley told them they could all explore and decide on where they would all be sleeping. Marshall didn't much care what room he received, he was sure they were all lovely. Looking around for a moment, he sidled himself once more up near Paisley and smiled softly.]]
[center [size11 [#12700d "Would it be selfish of me to ask for a little bit of a tour?"] While exploring on his own could be fun, he very much preferred the thought of spending a little more time with Paisley. They hadn't seen each other in a while, perhaps for a long period of time than they ever had since meeting, and he was ecstatic to be in his presence again. Of course, anyone else that wanted to tag along was more than welcome, Marshall didn't mind. He would have liked to learn about the house from someone who knew well about it. He truly enjoyed learning, and knew he could do so better from someone that knew what they were looking at then just observing with his own eyes. But really... he just wanted some extra time talking to Paisley.]]
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/WMHEdhL.png]]
[center [size14 [font arsenal Ryder stood in the front area for a moment after calling out, golden eyes glancing around the place for a moment before his ears picked up the sound of chatter coming from somewhere within the large home. Deciding it was probably best to go look rather than wait for someone to show him the way the large guy slowly moved through Paisley's home in the direction of where the voices were coming from, taking note of how quaint and calm the atmosphere was. His own home was always loud and filled with yelling teenage girls, he couldn't count how many times he had to sleep with earplugs because the refused to turn down their annoying music. Though he had a feeling that he would really like it here, that is if the other's weren't as crazy as his twin sisters. But then again it might be good for him to meet some new people, ever since he left Beverly he'd been skeptic about getting out there.]]]

[center [size14 [font arsenal Soon Ryder turned a corner and entered the kitchen to see a familiar face. [#FFD700 [b "There's my favorite customer!"]] He said in a deep tone not hesitating to wrap the smaller male in a comfy hug, patting his head a bit before taking a step back with a large smile on his face. Suddenly he realized that there was another person in the room that he had totally pushed past, looking to the very pretty brunette with a sheepish laugh. [#FFD700 [b "Ah, my bad - I tend to not pay attention to my surroundings..."]] He said suddenly a bit nervous. The poor boy might have been big and burly but he had a hard time dealing with women - a past incident gave him anxiety while around women.]]

[center [size14 [font arsenal He was going to say something else however a flurry of pink hair and someone shouting Paisley's name caused him to stop, looking at the newcomer. His mouth almost dropped when he saw Astrid, or rather honey as she was known through her Chirper. He wouldn't admit it out loud but he actively followed her vlogs and loved her attitude. He wanted to say something but she seemed more interested in Paisley, he was curious as to how they knew each other.]]

[center [size14 [font arsenal Slowly but surely other people began to trickle in, each person was much different than the last. He quietly followed at a distance as Paisley moved from the Kitchen to the front are to greet the last of his guests, though as the amount of people began to increase Ryder began to a bit uneasy and nervous. All these people in one house, there was bound to be some sort of conflict. It was unrealistic to think that so many people could get along, that kind of stuff only ever happened in movies. Though another thing he noticed was that not only the people but the amount of animals had also increased. Poor floppy looked like she was going to shake out of her fur in her cage, he leaned down and picked up the plastic carrier and stuck a finger through the metal cage to gentle boop her nose.]]]

[center [size14 [font arsenal When the pretty brunette from before spoke up he realized that this was his chance to try and get a little more familiar with some of these people so he raised his hand, speaking in that deep tone. [#FFD700 [b "Um...I'll join if you don't mind.]] He said, keeping floppy's carrier in his arms so that she would feel a little better, besides he wasn't sure if he trusted leaving her alone with all the cats around.]]
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[center [Cutive+Mono [size14 ‘Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. You should all have a key, but I'd appreciate if you rang the doorbell before you let yourselves in just to be on the safe side. We can figure out rooms when you all get here. Hope to see you soon. Also, if the cat meows to be let outside, please do not let him outside. I know he's very persuasive, but he needs to stay in the house. -Ink’

Emil chuckled softly as he reads Paisley's message to the group, finding the addition about the persuasive cat more amusing than it probably was. Twenty-three hours on a train from Los Angeles to Oregon had grated his nerves significantly, he most definitely hadn't needed all the time to himself and his own thoughts. Time to think about his career and relationships and to stare at the fading tan lines of a ring on his left hand.

But finally, it was starting to slow as it neared its destination. His long legs itched to move and be stretched, having spent most of the ride hunched over a sketchbook in his lap Emil hadn't gotten up for much unless it was out of necessity the entire ride. He'd filled the little book with scribbles of designs that would in all honesty probably be trashed the second he looked at them again with well-rested eyes.

As the train began to pull into the station in Avalon the brunette snapped a quick picture, the back of the seat in front of him and the barest hint of the landscape out the corner of the window , and posted it quickly to his social media with a vague one-liner that would no doubt get more attention then it needed. The train jerked a little and came to a stop, Emil barely waiting for the announcement of there arrival before leaping from his seat and tugging his luggage from the overhead storage. His legs tingled from lack of use and once out on the platform he stomped his foot in an attempt to wake it from its slumber.

Once the feeling had returned to his legs Emil dug his phone out of his pocket once more, grimacing briefly at the 'low battery' notification, simply swiping it away with his thumb and scrolling through the open group chat til he found the address. Hiring a taxi would probably be the best way but after so long stuck in a seat Emil decided that walking would do just fine, and so, phone in one hand opened to a map and luggage in the other and cigarette between his lips the man set off out of the station, stopping every once in a while to take in the scenery give his arms a break from the heavy bag.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/pGRlnbg.png?1]]

[center [Cutive+Mono [size14 There where a few cars outside and as he came closer to the front door he could hear a bit of commotion inside. Taking the phrase 'Fashionably late' a little too seriously, he never did have much sense for being on time.

His excitement bubbled high, the bell only having a chance to ring once before he had the door open and shut once more. Managing to trip over his own feet, or someone's luggage as he caught sight of Paisley and rushed to hug the other man. [b "Buongiorno!,"] He exclaimed, pressing a several kisses' to Paisley's nearest cheek, though being somewhat mindful of his scratchy facial hair. He spoke rapidly switching between Italian and English intermittently as he did. A 'how are you?' in English followed by 'It's so great to see you again' in Italian.

Caught up in his own excitement it took Emilio much longer than it should have to realize that in his rush to hug there host he had caught an additional person in his embrace. Another man, whom Paisley had been hugging and Emil recognized as Wisteria from there group chat. He let go immediately, offering a sheepish apology and trotting off after their host.]]
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[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/15yf3md.jpg] ]
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[center [Dosis

As a model, Alessandra was used to a fast paced lifestyle, along with living on another person’s clock. Now that she was out of work for a bit, though, she thought she would feel calm. Serene. Instead, her stomach swirled with fear and anticipation, causing her mind to become slightly fuzzy from all the commotion. It was seconds after she saw Paisley’s face- such a sweet face- that everything happened. Bright pink hair flew passed Alessandra and swarmed Paisley, arms swinging around him, gleefully. Aless’ heart sunk, now feeling foolish with the way she came in. Of course she should have ran in and hugged Paisley. This was to be an exciting moment. Right?

Alessandra’s mind kept going back to the hospital, to the sound of the beeping machine, clinging to both Alessandra’s and Paisley’s bodies. The machine that watched if they lived or died. If their heart gave out, or not. They had asked to room together after a while, or, well, Paisley had asked. Alessandra refused to speak. Not to anyone but the boy she had hurt so severely. The memory of his cries were engraved in her mind.[#DB7093 [i This was a mistake.]]

[b “Oh! Before I forget. Aless, this is Astrid. You guys probably know each other better as Lightning and Honey.”]

Alessandra’s mind snapped back to reality, a false but convincing smile planted on her face. Faking emotions was so easy for her, it was almost a habit. She turned her head to the bright girl before her, who, was very recognizable, and also very beautiful. [#DB7093 “Yes, we follow each other on PicMe. It’s wonderful to see that you are just as gorgeous in real life, if not more.”] Alessandra playfully winked at Astrid before her eyes started scanning the home again, knots in her stomach tightening. Soon, many voices filled the home, and although Alessandra wasn’t quite excited to meet the others, she followed after.

[#DB7093 [i What if they know? What if he told them? - ] ]Hushing the intrusive thoughts, Alessandra moved behind Paisley, entering the main living room, which held the rest of the guests. She raised an eyebrow as she looked at each one, trying to figure out exactly who everyone was. She knew it wasn’t everyone, which caused even more anxiety. This was all… [#DB7093 [i Too much effort. ] ]

[#DB7093 “I’m going to go look around, would anyone care to join me?”] Alessandra’s marble eyes flashed over Paisley, almost begging him to join, before flashing back towards the others. [#DB7093 “I, for one, don’t really care where you put me, but I’d love to see the place.” ]
  Alessandra Biros / morbidity / 48d 1h 29m 23s
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/TeG1mOY.png]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/c5Q1eNp.png]]

[center [Abel He'd only taken one bite of the fruit before the doorbell rang and the door opened. He was expecting guests, but there had been a moment when the unfamiliarity of someone else entering his space filled him with dread. The cat seemed to scamper off- forgoing his food in search of the noise in case it was someone who might let him outside.

“Paisley, it’s Aless!” the accented familiar voice he heard calling him calmed him almost immediately. Finally, his friends were here, and he was excited.

“Aless, I’m in the kitchen,” he answered her as he took another bite of the apple- hoping to finish it before the others came in. This time, he and Aless were meeting under much happier circumstances. He knew that she felt responsible for what had happened to him, but they were both alive and to him that was all that mattered. “I’m glad you accepted my invite. I was worried that you might not.” Even if she felt guilty about their accidents, he hoped that she regarded him as much a friend as he did her. There was so much more to her than just the trauma of her past, and he hoped that she would realize that someday.

He barely had time to dwell on the thought when another voice called his name. Paisley turned just in time to have a warm body cling to his. Her weight had caused him to shift slightly, but he caught his balance- using the counter behind him to hold them upright. He wrapped his arms around her- a little embarrassed by her affectionate display. “I could say the same about you, Astrid.” They’d never met in person, but he recognized her instantly from the photos he’d seen of her. The pink-haired bombshell that he’d met on social media years ago had to be Astrid. “On all accounts for that matter. I’m glad you made it here safely. I hope the train ride wasn’t too draining. Oh! Before I forget. Aless, this is Astrid. You guys probably know each other better as Lightning and Honey.”

A familiar meow caught his attention from the foyer. It wasn’t Catticus’ meow, but another cat he’d spent long afternoons petting while reading books in the boy’s shop. “You guys make yourselves at home. I’m going to go greet the others.” Paisley gave the girls a smile and threw the apple core in the trash as he left the kitchen.

“Marshall,” he wrapped his arms around the boy in a warm hug before giving the cat a gentle scratch under his chin before releasing the dark-haired male. “And Gaius too. Glad you both made it. It’s good to see you both again.” He hadn’t seen Marshall in a while, and so he was really glad to see the other male. “Astrid and Aless are in the kitchen. I told the others they could bring their pets too. I hope they don’t spook Gaius too badly.”
He turned his head as the door opened when Eve entered the foyer. He noticed his own cat strolling toward the door when it opened and picked him up just in time. “Welcome home, Eve.” He honestly wasn’t too sure how to feel about the snake coiled around her hand; Paisley wasn’t too partial to reptiles even if they were well behaved. He just hoped that it didn’t try to eat the other animals. “This is Marshall and his cat Gaius. If you’re hungry, we can go out or make something when everyone gets here.” The blonde didn’t exactly want to go to his place of work on a rare off day, but it was one of the few good places to take them in Avalon to eat for a reasonable price.

Catticus wriggled uncomfortably in Paisley’s arms. “Oh alright, fine.” With a soft thud, he let the animal down onto his feet. By his count, they were only missing a few more people.

The door opened once more to reveal Mattie who he hadn’t seen since in person since their days in college together. Mattie had been the roommate that he’d enjoyed the most, and the person he’d shared quite a few secrets with. Before the door closed, Paisley opened it up for the two behind Mattie that shared a similar appearance. “Come in. You can put your things down and meet everyone else, and then we can decide on where everyone will sleep.”

Once everyone entered the house, he made his way into the kitchen to get the two girls who were still there. “There are plenty of rooms for everyone, so feel free to go explore the house. The attic is my room. Once everyone gets settled, we can introduce ourselves and get some food. I know not everyone will get along all of the time, but at least try, okay? And last but not least, if you do smoke, I’m not telling you to stop, but at least go outside to do it.”
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/btSngqU.gif][google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto][Roboto

He really shouldn't have started reading that novel last night, he thought regretfully as he stared at the book in his hands, the pages void of any trace that someone had already flipped through the entire book page-by-page for one entire night. It was [i always] a mistake to start a good, newly-bought mystery written by one of the best authors of the genre, and yet Mateo never really learned his lesson. It was always a deep trap he would willingly, blindly jump into, regardless if he'd greatly regret it in the morning.

With a groan, Mateo pushed himself out of his bed, leaving the book on top of his pillow. He stretched his body from side to side, dark, tired eyes trained on the bed he wouldn't use to sleep on at night half of the time recently. And to think that on his last night of being the occupant of this room, he wouldn't even get a good night's sleep on this half-decent bed, though the only one he could blame for that was himself. And the sleeping aid that didn't work. Again.

Dragging his feet across the room, he began preparing himself for the long day ahead: with a cup of steaming instant coffee, a piece of cheese bread , and a cold, rousing shower, he should be able to survive for a good part of the day. He didn't really have time to pick up a more filling breakfast since he just had enough time to check if he packed all the things he needed for the move and to travel to the train station.

Once he dressed himself up, he went through his things one last time and made sure he wouldn't leave anything that he owned, placing the other items he used for that morning into the three bags he would be carrying for the trip. All his other belongings would have to be shipped, though there really wasn't a lot from the flat he stayed in for his internship.

Finished with all his preparations for the morning, he grabbed his bags--a huge backpack, a traveling bag, and a lighter messenger bag--turned off the light, whispered a quiet farewell to the room, and stepped out, dropping his keys into his pocket.


A chime from his phone shoved Mateo out of his little nap, making him almost jump on his seat and let the half-empty cup of coffee covered in moisture slip from his hand. Blinking rapidly, he looked around, and found that he did not recognize the terrain passing through the vehicle's windows. Rubbing the sleep off one of his eyes, he looked at the rear-view mirror, which reflected the driver's eyes. [#cc8a2e [b "Uh, are we there yet?"]] he asked, a small, tired smile on his lips.

[b "We're close,"] the man replied curtly, nodding his head once, before his focus evidently returned to the road.

Satisfied with the answer, Mateo gave him another smile even if he was sure the recipient didn't even see it, and pulled out his phone from his bag. It was a message from Paisley. A silent chuckle escaped him at the section regarding a very persuasive cat.

[i Right.] He was going to share a living space with Paisley again, along with a few others he only heard of or conversed with briefly through the messaging application. While his time with Paisley assured him that he would be a pretty good housemate, Mateo wasn't sure with the others. Since his ex-roommate now-housemate trusted them enough to invite them into the house as well, they should be pretty decent people at least.

[#cc8a2e 'Gotcha. I'm on my way!'] he typed in his phone, adding a smiley he found particularly cute at the end, and sent it. He pocketed his phone and took a long sip of his coffee, hoping that it would provide him just enough energy to mingle with the people he would be living with for a while and not appear like a lifeless shell of a geeky young adult. He learned at an early age that first impressions matter, and even if his greetings and smiles were well-rehearsed at this point, he still couldn't help but feel an uncomfortable buzz in his chest at the thought of meeting these people who he would (hopefully) get to know for a long period of time.

After a few minutes of watching the scenes rapidly moving past his window, the taxi pulled over in front of a huge house that appeared like the kind Mateo only saw on movies and photographs in magazines. He stepped out, blinking at the sight before him, wide-eyed in wonder. The sound of the opening of the car's trunk snapped him out of his daze. Shaking his head, he retrieved his bags, slinging two of them over his body, and sent the driver a grateful smile before the taxi drove away. Taking a deep breath, he faced the house again, took slow steps towards it, stopped in front of the door, and rang the doorbell.

He let himself in, and noted the bags by the entrance. Since there didn't seem to be any room assignments yet, it should be okay to leave his bags in the area too, right? Nodding to himself, he gently let down his bags, a small space between the others' bags distinguishing which ones were his. He massaged his shoulder, eyes roaming the impressive interior of the home and began to wander in, following the sound of animated chatter further in the house.
  caѕнмere / shirairu / 79d 1h 24m 19s
[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/HLSrk8I.png]] [center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/51d5/f/2013/034/2/0/_next__button_pixel_by_blackrabbit_25-d5tq8gw.gif]][center [font "Arial" Clipping the stem of the blue orchid, two dainty hands gently shook the flowers to get rid of the excess water before placing it in a hourglass shaped vase. Pulling out a long blue ribbon, she snipped the ends and effortlessly wrapped the fabric around the neck of the glass tying it into a beautiful bow. Carefully placing the finished product on the corner of the counter, she admired her work. Grabbing a piece of pastel card stock, the florist took a pen and wrote in swirling letters, [i 'Congratulations, may you have many prosperous years together.']

Just as she was cleaning up, the bell above the door grabbed her attention. An elderly woman entered the room humming to herself. Her kind eyes sparkled at the young employee as she limped towards the counter.
[b "Ah Miss Avery, you always do such beautiful work. I am so glad you spend your days here with an old lady like me."]
The cobalt haired girl smiled in admiration at the woman's sentiment. Tucking a strand of loose bang behind her hear, Avery let out a small laugh. [b [#003399 "Granny, this is a wonderful place to be, I appreciate the opportunity."]] She replied in a sing-song voice.

Avery had been working at 'Granny's Boutique,' all throughout high school. When she returned from her academic career, her job was waiting for her and she was grateful.
Just as she was about to say something else, her eyes paused on the clock over head. She was going to be late to meet with her brother to pack the house. Avery had been putting off packing for a long as possible honestly. She wasn't sure if she was ready to leave her childhood home. She wasn't sure if she was ready to leave her mother. Although her mother had been gone for close to a year, she still felt her presence in the halls, the bedrooms, the gardens.

[pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/c5fc/f/2017/182/7/e/f2u___flower_divider_by_umieart-dbeqdnc.png]
Avery really did look like a hipster girl from Oregon with her old cornflower blue Volkswagen Beetle packed with her belongings. Boxes were tied to the roof, the hatchback was open with bags almost spilling onto the road, and the back seat was packed to the ceiling. She was lucky she didn't have to go far. It had been six months since her mother had died and she decided to move with her brother from their childhood farmhouse just a couple miles away into a new place filled with all of her friends. It would be a good change for her.

Parking out front of the house, she peered up at the structure. It was just how she remembered it. Her heart thudded in her chest as she let out a nervous exhale. She hadn't seen a lot of her friends since her mother had died and she didn't know what to expect. Putting on a brave face, she exited her car and began to unload.

Avery was quite the sight strolling up to the door with a massive backpack that most likely weighed more than the poor girl, a duffel bag slung over her shoulder, and pulling a little red wagon behind her. In this red wagon there were two aquarium tanks stacked on each other and a rather large cat carrier. She couldn't remember if she had told her housemates that she was bringing a few [i friends.] The tank on the bottom had a big leopard tortoise that had to weigh at least twenty-five pounds. He was the size of a dinner platter. In the case above him, a chocolate snake was curled up in the corner mushed against the glass taking a snooze. What creature could possibly be in the cat carrier? Of course the eclectic florist couldn't have a regular cat, no, she had to have a fluffy Maine Coon. Golden fur stuck out through the slits in the crate. If the wagon full of animals wasn't enough, Avery hadn't forgotten her beloved parrot, Earl. He was still at home in his very, [i very] large cage. She had no idea how she was gonna transport that here. Smiling sheepishly, she knocked on the door.]]
[center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/0358/f/2017/133/0/b/output_tuu97r_by_tictakoopa-db91pr2.gif]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/uxaT05F.png]] [center [pic https://orig00.deviantart.net/5c4e/f/2013/034/8/9/tumblr_m8nwtclxgn1roozkr__1__by_blackrabbit_25-d5tqc76.gif]][center [font "Arial" Aster glanced at the clock face of his watch. He had promised his sister he would help her pack her car but he hadn't expected it to be an all day event. Going out to pick up some last minute items made since but he had no idea why he was sitting in an old wooden chair in the window of a quaint bakery sipping coffee across from the cheery faced girl he called his sister. She was babbling on about some art gallery she had applied to. Resting his chin on his elbow, he glanced out the window.

How had he gotten here? Six months ago he was taking classes in Chicago to get his business degree and bar tending at night. He had a gorgeous corner apartment and a loving boyfriend. Now here he sat loveless, working in a bookstore part time in the same boring town he tried so hard to leave. But at least something new and hopefully exciting was about to happen. The two were about to live the life of a romantic comedy plot: living in a big house with a bunch of their peers. That would be exciting right?

Interrupting his moping, Avery caught sight of his sister waving a small hand in his direction.
[b [#003399 "Did you hear me?"]] She questioned jutting her lip out in a pout. His sister was never good at hiding when her feelings were hurt.

[b [#993399 "Sorry bug, I spaced out."]] Aster apologized sheepishly. He felt bad how big of a bummer he had become.
The raven haired girl lit up as she smiled lovingly at her sibling. Shaking her head, she reached for Asters hand and cupped it in hers.
[b [#003399 "Good things are about to happen I promise."]][pic https://img00.deviantart.net/df5d/i/2017/182/5/f/f2u___city_divider_by_umieart-dbeqb9v.png]

The old Ford pickup truck looked in its place parked curbside next to the old VW Bug. As he killed the ignition, he spotted Avery trotting up to the front door with her wagon in toe. She didn't even wait for him when he was bringing [i more] of her stuff. Sighing, he tried to hide a smile. Hopping out, he went around to the bed of the truck where a very spacious bird cage sat. In the cage perched a grey parrot that had been his passenger for ride from their farm house to their new residence. Looking at the cage, he had no idea how they were going to get it inside.

A yip from the cab of his car stole Aster's attention from the bird. Two white paws were pressed against the window. Skipping over to the door, he pulled it open and a tawny Shiba Inu puppy jumped from the torn leather seat. It laced between Aster's legs and barked in excitement.
Aster had gotten the small dog when he was in Chicago and of course had to bring her with him.
[b [#003399 "Oh Lucy, did I forget about you?"]] Leaning down, he scooped up the canine and ran to catch up to his sister.
  |sunflowers| / muta / 144d 8h 17m 45s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Abel][google-font "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cutive+Mon][left [pic http://i63.tinypic.com/23it17s.png]][center [abel Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. You should all have a key, but I'd appreciate if you rang the doorbell before you let yourselves in just to be on the safe side. We can figure out rooms when you all get here. Hope to see you soon. Also, if the cat meows to be let outside, please do not let him outside. I know he's very persuasive, but he needs to stay in the house. -Ink]

[Cutive+Mon Evangeline's phone buzzed and lit up when it received the message. She excitedly grabbed it and scanned through, a small smile on her face when she read the signature. It was super cute that Paisley had given all his friends little nicknames like that, names he thought described them. She slid the phone into her back pocket and moved over to Persephone's aquarium.

"[b Alright Seph, time to go. I promise it'll only be for a little bit,]" Eve said as she gently cradled the snake and placed her into a small plastic bin. She snapped the lid shut and picked it up, careful not to jostle it too much as she carried it down the stairs. "[b That's everything, Mom! I promise to come back and visit soon, I love you!]" Eve called into the kitchen where her mother was making up some other crazy concoction. It only took a few seconds for the woman to putter into the front hallway, wiping flour and green food coloring onto her apron and ashy blonde hair tied in a frizzy bun atop her head.

"[+blue I love you too, dear. I'll try to hold off your father's renovations to your room for as long as I can,]" Eve's mother, Caroline, said with a light chuckle. She pulled Eve in close for a hug and kiss, and gently patted Persephone's travel container. "[+blue Drive safely, let me know when you get there. And if you kids ever need a home-cooked meal, I'm only a call away.]"

"[b I'll be sure to keep it in mind if they ever get a hankering for pepperoni, banana, and chocolate pizza with a side of soy sauce spaghetti!]" Eve called back as she stepped out the door and made her way to her little 2007 Toyota Prius. She gently placed Persephone's container in the passenger seat and buckled herself into the driver's seat.

It was a fairly short drive from Eve's home to Paisley's, only about 10 minutes at a generous estimate. When she arrived, there was only one other vehicle in the driveway, a beat up old Buick she had seen around town here and there. Still, she didn't know who it belonged to, though she trusted Paisley's judgment when it came to roommates. Eve grabbed her phone out of the cup holder and drafted a quick text to her mother to let her know of their safe arrival, then slipped it back into her pocket as she exited the car. She adjusted her beanie, then grabbed her suitcase and carefully balanced Persephone's tank on top of it. With her spare hand, Eve picked up the snake and let her coil around her hand as she walked up to the front door. As was asked of her, she knocked on the door , waited a few moments, and then entered the large home. There were more bags than she had expected in the entry hall, but it was no matter. Eve simply placed her suitcase in a corner as to save space, and continued into the house.

"[b Hey, Lee, its Eve!]" She called out, listening to the vague echo the sheer emptiness of the house gave her voice. Only a moment passed before she heard the sound of chatter coming from somewhere in the house, so she followed the noise, stroking Seph's head gently with her thumb.
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Sacramento][center [size25 [b [sacramento Before]]]
[size11 Marshall scrubbed the heel of his hand against one eye in an attempt to stop his tears before they began. Why should he be sad about any of this? It wasn't as if he hadn't seen something like this coming. He'd been fooling himself for years, just telling himself that his parents were being kind, doing the right thing by taking care of their son. Ha. That was almost laughable to anyone outside of the situation if they were to see all of the factors. Marshall had chosen to ignore the factors to this point. He didn't want to see the truth because it was just easier this way. But there was no ignoring it any longer. His parents were terrible people, and he couldn't go on living under their sway.]

[size11 The apartment he had called home for the last five years was perfectly clean. Marshall had stayed up half the night scrubbing away all evidence that he'd ever lived there. Maybe if no trace of him was left it wouldn't feel like his home anymore. He fell asleep on the floor with a pillow and blanket, leaving the bed untouched, with Gaius curled up against his spine for added warmth. At least the purring assured him he wasn't alone, assured him enough to lull him into a light, uncertain sleep.]
[#ffffff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
[center [size25 [b [sacramento Now]]]
[size11 Paisley was a nice person. Too nice to Marshall, if he was honest. They hadn't known each other well for long, but he'd seen the other boy in his book shop and at the cafe so often now that it almost felt empty not to see him. Marshall was counting his every blessing that he'd taken complete control of the book shop from his parents not a year earlier, otherwise he would have lost that too. He wondered how often it was that children disowned their parents. The statistic was probably even lower when it came to kids raised in wealth. But Marshall didn't want anything to do with them anymore. He had enough in savings for a short time, and he was confident that the shop would earn him enough to live without their help.]

[size11 He hoped he was right.]

[size11 The train ride provided him plenty of time to think and to write. He'd never been to Avalon before, despite only living just outside of it practically his entire life. He'd never had a reason to go. But now he had all the reason in the world to venture to the secluded little town. Warmth bloomed in his chest at the thought of what awaited him at the other end of the tracks. He and Paisley may have only been friends by the circumstances of their routine, but even he seemed to genuinely care for Marshall. He was excited to see what it would be like to live in that sort of environment, and nervous that it might all fall apart. This was his best option, after all, and he didn't want to screw it up.]

[size11 The other members of the household were another story entirely. Marshall didn't know any of them personally, and that made him the smallest bit wary. Meeting new people was easy when it was casual conversation in the shop, usually about books, always small talk. Marshall could talk about purchases or his cat and avoid the subject of himself. However living among other people was a wholly intimate experience he had never been subjected to outside of his family. All of this was brand new. He was counting on the familiarity of Paisley and Gaius to keep him strong in the face of it all.]

[size25 [sacramento Everything is changing so fast. I never saw myself here, now. But maybe it's all for the best. Maybe I needed a little change.]

[size11 The train was coming to its last stop. Avalon. Marshall lifted his golden eyes from his notebook and looked out the window. Here he was. His new home. Tucking his train ticket safely between the pages of his journal, he closed it and slid it into his backpack. Marshall had always been very sentimental, keeping things for perhaps far too long for far too ridiculous reasons. He shuffled off the train and waited to collect his luggage, which consisted of two suitcases and Gaius in his carrier. He had already arranged a ride from the station beforehand, ever the planner, and the car was waiting for him as he walked out the doors. So far, so good.]

[size11 Marshall's heart sped in his chest the closer he came to the house. He held Gaius protectively in his lap in the back seat of the car, stroking his fingers through his fur to steady himself. It was far too late for second thoughts or doubts. Still, he couldn't help but fear that getting closer to Paisley might cause the other boy to find things to dislike about him. He feared that more than any of the others not liking him. What if he was more like his parents than he wanted to think? What if he was somehow a bad person, just very good at hiding it? Gaius meowed intuitively up at him, breaking him from his train of thought. Marshall smiled softly down at him and lifted him to his chest, burying his face gently into his long, soft fur.]

[size11 The house was beautiful, something out of a storybook, and Marshall stood and stared at it for a few moments after the car left him behind. He had put Gaius back in his carrier and set him on the front stoop so that he could roll his suitcases up to the door, his backpack hanging from his slender shoulders. Recalling Paisley's message, Marshall made sure to ring the doorbell to announce his arrival before letting himself in. After lugging his things inside, he shut the door, and then crouched down to let Gaius out of his carrier. He gathered the cat into his arms and cradled him comfortingly against his chest.]

[size11 [#23c65a "Well, here we are."] Marshall spoke softly, feeling small in such a large place, like he once had in his parents' home. [#23c65a "Why don't we see if we can find Paisley, yeah?"] Gaius meowed in reply. Taking a deep breath, Marshall began to wander further into the house in search of his friend.]
  ᴍᴀʀsʜᴀʟʟ / Roseate / 164d 8h 18m 36s
[center [size10 The trees passed by in a flurry of green as Astrid’s rosewood colored eyes drank the scenery in. Only another minute or so and she’d finally be in Avalon. The little Oregon town wasn’t accessible by car or the girl would have driven to the town. She figured it must have been the altitude that kept them from building a road that would connect to the highway or maybe it was some environmental issue. Who knew really? But either way the train she was on was the only way to get to her destination. Normally she’d never be in a place this remote but her circumstances were, well let’s just say ‘unique’.]]
[center [size10 Today was the day she was to move into her friend’s home, with about six or seven total strangers. NBD, right?]]
[center [size10 Okay, so maybe it was a little crazy that she was picking up her entire life to move in with people she didn’t know and one she knew only through letters, emails, and video chats. But somehow it seemed easier than staying home. Maybe these other people would be cool though? After all they’re Paisley’s friends and Paisley is the best.]]
[center [size10 Astrid moved her eyes from the window to the phone she held in her hands. She’d spent most of the train ride scrolling through Pinit and PicMe. There really wasn’t much else for her to do other than to worry and if she got too anxious she’d start to chip at her nail polish. Chipped nails did not make the best first impression. And she’d be making a lot of first impressions today.]]
[center [size10 Suddenly aware of the fact she’d be meeting a bunch of people who would be judging her. Astrid lifted her phone up and turned on her front facing camera to check her appearance. Her makeup was flawless, of course, it would super embarrassing if a MEscreen beauty vlogger showed up with messed up makeup. She’d chosen to go with a ‘natural’ look, which was anything but natural but it was more subdued than a smoky eye or glitter eyeshadow. Of course she’d opted away from the normal pale, matte beige pink lipstick for a nice pearl pink with a shiny gloss. Her outfit was rather simple too, a white crop top with medium wash skinny jeans and lace up ankle boots with short heels. Her pastel pink hair was curled and left to fall loosely around her face.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/DsFf2CS.jpg]]
[center [size10 With her Chirper account updated she settled in for the last few miles to town. ]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/8Pt5sFB.jpg]]
[center [size10 It took a long time for Astrid to get her bags off the train, she thought she had packed light since most of her things had to be shipped to the town. Normally she would have rented one of those moving trucks that you can attach to your car and driven all her things to the house. But, you know. No road. So instead she had to pack everything up in advance and ship it. Of course she couldn’t take the chance that her stuff wasn’t there yet so she packed all her essentials in two (over-packed) suitcases and her pink and black striped VS duffle bag. Luckily there were some men that were more than happy to help the pink haired girl, and two months ago she would have accepted the help gratefully but now she felt a knot in her stomach as she forced a smile.]]
[center [size10 As she called for a taxi so that she could reach the house. Getting a car was definitely a priority if she was going to survive here. Luckily Paisley would help her to get around until then. When the old, beat up vehicle that smelled more than faintly of cigarette smoke and alcohol induced vomiting finally pulled up in the driveway of the house Astrid was ready to practically throw herself out. As quickly as she could, without being terribly rude, she paid the driver and retrieved her bags trying to breathe as little as possible while in his presence because she wasn’t totally sure the smell had come from previous passengers or the driver.]]
[center [size10 Paisley’s house was rather large, she noted as she looked up. Her bags rolling behind her as the autumn leaves crunched under her boots. If she remembered right, and she usually did, it was the house Paisley’s grandparents had lived in. She was sure the place held a lot of memories to the boy and maybe they’d make some new memories together. Especially with how torn their deaths left Paisley Astrid wanted this to be a happy place for him again.]]
[center [size10 Not that she was totally sure it was an unhappy place for him. It was just that, she hadn’t quite felt the same after what happened to her so being there had to have an effect on Paisley. Right?]]
[center [size10 Reaching the door she quickly rang the bell before opening the door not letting even a second pass, and the only reason she even rang it was because Paisley had asked they give some warning to their arrival. Astrid barely got her bags in the door before she abandoned them and moved forward with confident steps. There was no feeling of intruding as she began to search the house for her friend, despite having never met him in person she felt they were way to close for her to be shy. Not that she was every shy, but you get the picture.]]
[center [size10 As Astrid rounded a corner to what appeared to be the kitchen she caught sight of long silver hair. [b [#ff8bb3 “Pais!”]] She exclaimed in a voice more like a squeal before rushing up and throwing her arms around the other. Astrid could feel the shit in balance her impact had caused but Paisley didn’t fall back or over. The excited girl barely even took note of the other two in the kitchen as she hugged her friend. [b [#ff8bb3 “Oh my god,”]] She said as she pulled back to get a proper look at his face, [b [#ff8bb3 “you’re even prettier in person! How is that even possible?”]] Astrid gave another squeeze and planted a kiss on his cheek. [b [#ff8bb3 “I can’t believe I’m finally here with you! I’m so excited!”]]]]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Arsenal]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/WMHEdhL.png]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal [#BC8F8F [b "Bubby! Are you finished packing yet?"]] Skye Harrow walked into her older brothers empty room, looking at the clutter that was still littering the room. She let out a slow sigh, rolling her eyes as she grabbed some things off the floor and tossed them into an empty box. [#BC8F8F [b "You barely own anything yet you still manage to get it everywhere. Please tell me you aren't going to be such a slob at your friend's place."]] She said as she settled a hand on her hip. Ryder looked over his shoulder as his sister, lifting a brow at her. [#FFD700 [b "Can you stop going through my things please?"]] He finished up the box he'd been packing, grabbing his tape gun and taping the cardboard lids shut.]]

[center [size13 [Arsenal The small girl casually kicked a tattered shoe while making a face. [#BC8F8F [b "At least make an attempt to not look like your a hobo."]] The large male let out some sound of annoyance as she picked the box off the ground, looking to his sister with an aggravated look. [#FFD700 [b "If you have time to mock my clothes than you have time to take this to my car."]] He plopped the box into her arms and walked out of his room.]]

[center [size13 [Arsenal Ryder had just reached the bottom of the stairs when his mother practically assaulted him, wrapping her arms around him. [b "Oh my baby is finally leaving! Make sure you call and text, and if you ever need laundry done don't hesitate to stop by!"] She cooed, holding him back at arms length to stare up at him. He never realized how tiny she really was until that moment - so frail and thin. When did his mother begin to look so worn down? [#BC8F8F [b "Move, your blocking the stairs."]] Skye said, pushing past them. God did she having any manners whatsoever?]]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal Ryder smiled down at his mother, pulling her into a large hug. [#FFD700 [b "Mom I'm only moving across town, I'm barely home as it is. I'll be alright, I promise."]] He said. The poor woman looked like she was going to cry. He had always been one to leave to house for days, weeks at a time just going to different places. He hated the feeling of staying in one place for too long and fortunately his mother understood that feeling. [#FFD700 [b "I've got to get going now though, everyone else should be arriving and I don't want to be late."]] He almost said again - Ryder had a terrible habit of arriving late to things. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked outside where there was now an exact copy of Skye standing there.]]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal [#008B8B [b "Everything is packed, just like you asked!"]] Said Lily in a much more upbeat tone than her twin sister, who was currently standing there with a grumpy look on her face [#008B8B [b "Skye is just upset because you weren't home very long."]] Ryder looked to Skye, who was now a shade of crimson red and violently protesting that she didn't care about him leaving. Without saying anything he engulfed the two girls in a big group hug. [#FFD700 [b "I'm not that far so if you guys need anything text me. You big brother is always there for you."]] He said with a goofy grin, hopping into his beat up Buick. He gave them a wave and pulled out of the driveway, setting off to the place that would now be his home.]]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/NrCIvz0.png]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal Ryder stared up at the large building in front of him, a black backpack slung over one shoulder and a small carrier cage in the other. [i "Well...this will be interesting."] He briefly thought before he thought back to the text that Paisley had sent to him and other in a group text. At first he wasn't sure about the whole arrangement, moving into an unfamiliar place with a bunch of unfamiliar people...not ideal. But just like every other place he'd been to this would be a new step in his adventure. Lifting the cage to eye level, Ryder look at the brown and white rabbit that was happily munching on some lettuce. [#FFD700 [b "Let's see what these new people are like Floppy."]]]]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal Ryder might not know Paisley as well as some of these people but he still considered the buy a friend. He was more of a tea person than a coffee person and when Paisley found out that they also specialized in tea's Ryder couldn't help but enjoy the look on his face. It was like a kid in a candy store. Since then Ryder would always listen to anything Paisley said and after awhile he found that he rather enjoyed the other male's company, so much so that he began to look forward to him visiting. When the proposition of living in a strange house with random people came up Ryder didn't hesitate in accepting - he considered Paisley a friend and Ryder would do anything for his friends.]]]
[center [size13 [Arsenal The large male rang the door bell once and waited a few minutes before opening the wooden door. He could see that someone was already there as their stuff was sitting by the front door. He wasn't sure where to put his stuff so he just set it next to the other person's things. [#FFD700 [b "Be good Floppy, I'll give you some carrots later, okay?"]] The rabbit looked up at him with it's large eyes before going back to eating it's leafy greens. [#FFD700 [b "Paisley?"]] He called out, his deep voice echoing through the large house. It startled him slightly. Ryder ran long fingers through his multi-colored hair, this was definitely going to be interesting.]]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/PnRz8Z5.png]]
  [Woodsmoke] / Namida / 173d 20h 38m 19s
[center [pic http://i64.tinypic.com/15yf3md.jpg] ]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Dosis]
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=VT323]

[center [Dosis

[b [size15 -1 DAY EARLIER-] ]

[#006400 "What is this, my liakáda?"] The frail, wrinkled hands of Leda Biros wrapped around the edges of the book, squinting as she tried to make out the graphic content that was strewn about on the front page. Two females, half-naked, straddled each other on the cover, looking pretty damn good too, if Alessandra could say so herself. However, she couldn't. Not while her grandmother sat there, staring at the lewd image before her with her tired eyes. The old woman's eyes turned from squinting in confusion to wide-eyed in disgust, [#006400 "This is filth-"]

[#DB7093 "Yia-Yia!"] Alessandra lept across the table, frantically pulling the booklet away from her feeble grandmother. [#DB7093 "What did I say about looking through my things!?"] Alessandra looked around the room in a slight haze, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it. Would this be the moment she finally came clean to her grandma?... [i [#DB7093 No. Fuck that. Fuck that right in the ass.] ] Alessandra let out a small sigh before letting out a fake giggle, dropping the book before grabbing her grandmother's hands. [#DB7093 "This is why I tell you not to look through my things. My friend, you know the one I was telling you about before you started rifling through my things?"] She cocked her eyebrow before waving her finger playfully at her grandma.

Leda let out a small chuckle, bashfully looking away. She was always getting into things she shouldn't, even in her old age. [#006400 "Yes, Paisley... Oh, is this for him? You said he was such a good boy."]

Alessandra let out another false giggle into the air, [#DB7093 "He is, Yia-Yia. You know men, they love this kind of thing. I promised I'd give it to him. It's a limited edition that I got in Japan. One of a kind, this thing."] Everything that came out of Alessandra's mouth was a lie. Well, everything but men loving girl-on-girl action. For some reason, they really did like that. However, Paisley wasn't like that, nor was the book for him. It was Alessandra's, and hers alone. [#DB7093 "You see what being a thief gets you?"]

Leda stuck her tongue out at her granddaughter before raising Alessandra's hands and gently kissing them. [#006400 "You're a good friend, liakáda."]

Alessandra wanted to roll her eyes at that comment, but instead, she ignored it. [#DB7093 "You didn't comment on the thief thing-"]

Leda shushed Alessandra.

[center [pic https://imgur.com/X1IQnxw.png] ]

[b [size15 -NOW, 10:15 AM-] ]

A leather jacket hugged Alessandra's curves, accompanied with a lace bralette and blue-washed high-waisted jeans. Her pumps perfectly matched her ink-stained lips, along with her perfectly manicured nails. A small smirk spread on the females lips, excitement and anxiety rushing through her body. She had been on so many trips before, roomed with so many different people, but this was different. How, though, Alessandra couldn't tell.

Alessandra's black, curly hair bounced on her shoulders as she exited the taxi, slamming it carelessly behind her with her hip. She was surprised at how quick it was to get a taxi, but then again, the town was small. Hell, she could have walked to the home if she wanted too, but was much too lazy. Putting on one of her signature smiles, she turned towards the trunk of the vehicle, not surprised to see the driver already there gathering her things. The man seemed to be in his mid-forties, skin damaged by the sun. His smile was yellow and wide, with a few teeth missing. Alessandra assumed it was due to drug use, but she didn't think too hard about it, mostly because she really couldn't give a flying fuck.

[#DB7093 "I've got it from here, thank you," ] she extended her hand lazily, cash already present and now in the man's face. He took it, eyes never making contact with her marble gaze, instead of staying fixated at her chest. She grimaced, rolling her eyes before grabbing her items out of the trunk and moving away from the driver with haste. She ignored his goodbyes as she turned away, glad to be rid of him and his oogling.

A small shred of dread washed over Alessandra as she stared at her new home for the first time, taken aback by her surroundings. She waltzed up the paved driveway, dragging her few bags along with her. She grinned at the memory of the driver's face when she had first loaded her bags into his vehicle. He was shocked for a female to have so little luggage. Little did he know that she had an entire truck arriving with more of her things in the later week.

Alessandra put down her things in front of the door, leaning her head lightly against the oak wood. She let out a heavy sigh, pushing out the memories of when she first saw Paisley's face. Sure, she had seen him plenty of times since then, always going out of her way to make time. Still, the memory was prevalent in her mind, always causing anxiety to swell up. How could she not remember that day? It was etched into her skin, into her bones, as well as Paisley's. She moved to retrieve her phone from her pocket, re-reading the text message she had received.

[VT323 [size13 Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. You should all have a key, but I'd appreciate if you rang the doorbell before you let yourselves in just to be on the safe side. We can figure out rooms when you all get here. Hope to see you soon. Also, if the cat meows to be let outside, please do not let him outside. I know he's very persuasive, but he needs to stay in the house. -Ink ] ]

Closing the phone, Alessandra rang the doorbell twice before opening the door with her key. She quickly dragged her things inside, knowing not to leave the door open enough for the cat to scamper out. As soon as she closed the door she was greeted by a roaring mew, defiantly scratching at the door in an attempt to open it. Alessandra let out a giggle, releasing her things once again to scoop the cat in her arms. [#DB7093 "Oh Finchy-Butt, you're still such a pudge,"] She gave the cat a quick cuddle before putting down the cat carefully.

Yet again grabbing her things, Alessandra moved forward, finally announcing herself to the house.[#DB7093 "Paisley! It's Aless!"] She sang out the foyer as she walked, Greek accent filling the home.

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[center [over+the+rainbow [size20 【 Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you 】]]]

[center [Abel Paisley sat, unblinking as he stared outside of the attic window of the large home. Without his grandmother, it somehow felt empty. The tall trees outside were beginning to shed their leaves. Any other time the boy would have loved the autumn time, but part of him dreaded returning to Avalon so soon after his grandmother's funeral. He had been vehement in his refusal to sell the house. Hed grown up there after all. Despite the fact that it would make their family a small fortune to sell it, he wanted it to stay in the family. His friends who were not as well off as he or needed a better living situation were among the ones he reached out to first. Even if they weren't related by blood, he considered them his family.

A soft meow caught his attention from the cat seated next to him on the window sill bed, and with a careful hand, he moved his hand to lightly stroke the cat's soft black fur. It gave another new of discontent of not having been fed yet that morning. He simply sighed. “I know I know. I guess I should feed both of us, huh?” He mused quietly as if the cat could understand him. Perhaps to others it would seem strange to talk to one's pet, but Paisley didn't care too much about what others thought about him in this case- not that there was anyone there yet to witness his Dr Doolittle impression.

His hands shook slightly as he lifted the phone from his lap. Not from the chilly air nor from nerves, but his hands shook from the lasting pain of nerve damage he'd spent the last few years in physical therapy for. It was a soft spot in his psyche as he'd given up a job and potentially career due to not being able to keep his hands steady and his stitches even- which was necessary if he was to make money as a tailor.

Noticing the phone had service, he wasted no time in typing out a message to the group of people with whom he was going to share his grandmother's home with. He'd given them all nicknames that he had felt fit their personalities and mannerisms for the chat. ‘Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you. You should all have a key, but I'd appreciate if you rang the doorbell before you let yourselves in just to be on the safe side. We can figure out rooms when you all get here. Hope to see you soon. Also, if the cat meows to be let outside, please do not let him outside. I know he's very persuasive, but he needs to stay in the house. -Ink’

Paisley stretched his sore muscles slowly before standing to make his way down the staircase, through the foyer, and into the kitchen. Along the walls were family photos he didn't have the heart to take die- especially of the old woman he loved very much. The cat followed suit knowing full well that he was about to be fed. Right now, the only cat food he had required a can opener. His mother hadn't kept his injury in mind when she'd bought him groceries, but he didn't fault her for it as it was probably just a habit to get this kind of food for the cat. While he could operate the can opener, squeezing the handle of the opener even just tight enough to puncture the lid was painful. “Sorry, buddy. Breakfast is a little slow today,” when the lid was finally completely opened, he spooned out a portion into the bowl- nearly missing it completely before placing the rest of it into the refrigerator.

“Fuck,” he breathed- opting to pick up an apple from the fruit bowl for his own breakfast than attempt to cook anything. There was not much to do other than wait as the house was clean, and he was more than certain they didn't give a shit the state of the house as long as it didn't look like a hoarder lived in it.
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