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Ivan sighed as he was given amenities to sleep with which he promptly tossed onto the couch as soon as she left his sight. instead of sleeping he was going to scrub the kitchen and dispose of evidence. he rummaged around in the kitchen and found a bottle of window cleaner with ammonia and began cleaning every square inch of the womans kitchen to ensure not even a hint of residual evidence of blood was usable. after an hour and a half he managed to clean the cabinets, counters, floor and the tables and chairs. his mild case OCD caused him to straighten everything making it near picture perfect in his mind. his clothes, rags and gauze were bagged up and now needed to be burned.

going outside he found her metal trash can and pulled the bags out temporarily so to finish his tasks for the night as he set fire to his clothes. going back inside he called his employer and informed him of his situation and apologized for having to miss the events that night at the casinos. he wasnt that sorry but he was requested to be there and he always obliged his employer. when Ivan mentioned the woman hiding him was a nurse the conversation changed drastically. he was instructed to bring her in for an inerview of sorts. on top of dirty cops the mob loved having medical personnel on their payroll.

when morning rolled around he didnt get to sleep. in fact the most comfortable he gotten was sitting in a recliner. each time he dosed off he slouched down and his ribs spured him awake again. around seven o'clock Ivan took the liberty of making coffee and cooking eggs and sausage with toast for them both. for some reason he liked staying busy, it kept him calm considering he looked and felt like shit. he could tell since he polished nearly every surface in the kitchen while cleaning last night.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 255d 16h 50m 16s
So she purposely hurt him twice. Claimed it was an accident because she’s exhausted. Doing things like this was second nature. First one is living. Obviously. He’ll live. Sadly. Her eyes didn’t dare to meet his. It’ll only make her know how he looks like. She’s not going to be a snitch. Snitches get stitches. In this case shot... possible in her own home.

Kimberly removes the bloody gloves. It made her even more nervous watching him roam her place. She took a quick shot before cleaning up. Her mother always said she’ll die at a young age because of where she lives. Maybe it’s true. Now. The girl pulls out a Oreo from the cookie jar. Seeing his arms around on each side of her made here slowly turn around munching on her cookie. Is he really trying to be charming while invading personal space?

[#Af18ae Tough... you can sleep on the couch. Can’t have my [i pretty face] distract a thug like you.] Kiki moves his arm to get away. If he wouldn’t let her go she’ll punching him in his newly stitched wound and run upstairs to her room and lock herself inside. Although that’s the plan to lock herself in her room and place a chair under the doorknob in case he can pick a lock. Safety first. [#Af18ae I’ll bring down a extra pillow and blanket. I don’t feel bad. [i Criminal]] she whispers the last part.

She hands him a new pillow she got not too long ago and some sheets. He can set up on his own. [#Af18ae A life for a life... I think... there’s a left over sub from this morning. Beer. No soda. Juice... Oreos are off limits and so is my room and my bed...] she says walking backwards to the staircase.
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 255d 17h 35m 51s
Ivan looked at the woman dumbfounded. she was the same woman from before yet she was inviting him in. when she had brought a bottle of whiskey to him he waved it off, he wasnt going to get drunk infront of a witness. doing as instructed he removed his top layers and tossed everything, excluding his kevlar vest and shoulder holster which now rest on the table, to the floor as they were no good and now had to be burned. his ribs had already turned purple at the point of impact but it barely drew away from the countless other scars from gushots and knives covering his torso. sitting down in a chair he said, "i hesitated and got spooked, thats why your not dead. And as i recall i never threatened you, you'd know it if i did. you could say it was your adorable face that made me hesitate, but i will not hesitate a second time."

ivan grimaced as she cleaned the wound in his shoulder. before she started digging he removed his belt and folded it in half to bite down on. when all was said and done and his wound now covered with a bandage he got up from the table and grabbed his gun to go search the rest of the house. finding no one else he took note of where he might lay his head tonight. unfortunately there was only one bed in the house and it was a full size mattress.

as he leaned in the door way he eyed the nurse up and down in the better light. he took note of more than her adorable face, she was well endowed to boot. maybe sharing a small bed wouldnt be too bad. walking closer he rested his hands on the counter with her between them. " you see the problem right?" he asked rhetorically. "i cant go back on the streets this late at night with the police crawling around. now im not one to kick a woman out of her own bed but i hope as a medical professiona you wouldnt make me sleep on the couch or floor with these ribs would you?" he gave a devilish smile in an attempt to charm the nurse. "I'll finish cleaning up, but im gonna need that slug from my shoulder."
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 255d 20h 13m 19s
Is this what she gets for working extra? Her hands flies to her mouth as her back hits the brick wall. Shots were being fired. She froze. Stupidly she freaking froze! Her brain is dead from working another sixteen hour shift. One she hs to go back to in a few hours. Her heart is in her throat! She could feel herself hyperventilating.

Kiki was about to run away, away from the direction she should be heading to head home. Instead life decided to throw another curve ball at her. The maniacs with the gun appeared in front of her face. Her heart dropped to her ass. It did make it easier for her to breath though. He must’ve known he’ll be killing people since he was wearing all black. Her mouth moves trying to speak. Speak damnit! Tell him you’re just heading home. That you won’t say anything. You want to sleep. But the kind of sleep were you actually wake up from. Not being buried six feet under kind of sleep. Or sleeping with the fishes.

[#Af18ae I-I...] the sound of police sirens scared her more. It made her cry. She’s going to die either way... repeatedly blinking her eyes to prevent herself from crying made her impossible to see when or how the guy left. The sirens grew louder gripping her bag she runs home. After what happened she ran around the house to make sure everything is closed and locked. Seeing the backyardight was on made her heart rise back up to her throat. Grabbing the first knife she saw, which was a butter knife from the morning, she moves the curtains for the back door. He’s in her backyard... she quickly turns off the lights. Looking down she saw what kind of knife she had. She tosses it to grab a real one. A better one before opening the door to let him in.

God this is some stupid shit you would see happen in movies! But to be fair she’s a nurse. She took a oath to help heal others. He’s obviously injured. [#Af18ae Quick...] she manages to spit out. Her eyes were shut when he entered. She closes the door and locks it. The blood was trickling down. Taking a deep breath and hiding the knife behind her back she grew some courage to talk. [#Af18ae I should help since you threatened me but I took an oath... you’re hurt... I’m going to need you to remove your shirt so i can stitch you up...] she sets the knife down to look for her Hennessy bottle. He’s going to need it. Cautiously moving around her house she went to get her first aid bag. [#Af18ae This is going to burn.] she warns him putting on gloves before pouring rubbing alcohol on his wound to fish out the bullet and stitch him up.
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 256d 8h 54m 35s
Ivan was confronted by three Hispanic men. one held a gun at head level with Ivan while the other two held an ice pick and a knife. they were part of a low class street gang, Mexican Mafia. it was a joke really, they were more like a cartel or gangbangers than a legitimate mafia. backed into a wall Ivan had his hands up in surrender almost level with the gun. the thing was, he was as calm as if he were shopping for groceries at the supermarket.

In an instant Ivan reached for the gun, knocking it off target as his foot came straight up into his attackers groin. the other two rushed him. keeping control over the handgun he turned it on one of the men and squeezed the trigger as he spartan kicked the other away to keep some distance. wrenching the gun away from the man infront of him Ivan delivered another front kick to give him time to readjust his grip on the weapon and fire two rounds to the center mass of the now approaching assailants.

unfortunately the man that first got shot wasnt dead by any means and had drawn a snubnose revolver and fired it twice at Ivan catching him in the shoulder and in the side. thankfully the kevlar vest he wore under his suit stopped the second round from penetrating. running for cover Ivan blindly fired behind him as he ducked around the corner for cover coming face to face with a woman in scrubs. the gangbanger emptied his weapon and no sooner did Ivan draw an FN Five seveN equipped with a suppressor and laser sight. turning the corner he aimed the dot at the mans chest and shot five rounds into him even though all he needed to do was stand over him and execute him. though he was explicitly angry about getting shot, more so that they damaged one of his favorite jackets.

turning the weapon on the nurse he hesitated "you have a bad habbit of sicking your nose where it doesn't belong" his accent was non-existent though it should be considering he paid a voice coach to help him lose it. he remembered this girl from a while back, but that time she didn't see his face so he let her go. this time though he felt he had to do her here and now like the bangers only a few seconds ago. when sirens rang out from an approaching squad car Ivan cursed and ran for the nearest fence and jumpped over it cursing loudly as he realized his ribs were broken thanks to the round he took to the side.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 256d 9h 55m 54s
Kimberly Bennett is a register nurse living in Las Vegas, Nevada. She’s only been there for about three years. The big move was because of love. At least that’s what she thought. Four months intoiving together she caught him cheating. It did break her. However, there was no going back. At the time she loved her job and the area. She’s moved twice since then and found a better job in Las Vegas. Her ex doesn’t seem to want to give up on her. He’ll send flowers from time to time. It didn’t bother her. She would bring them to work to decorate the nurses station or give them to her favorite patients.

Third double shift of the week, Kiki, was exhausted. Too exhausted to drive. To impatient to wait for an Uber who called twice for directions. It was annoying so she canceled it and decide to walk. The night breeze felt good. Not to mention the smoothie at a cafe before it closed. It was a few minutes pass two in the morning. The girl stops hearing a disagreement. It scared her. Her mind couldn’t wrap around what was being said. That was until she heard someone say there’s no need for guns. She peaks her head to see what was going on. If there are guns out she’ll have to run or hide. Maybe bother. Then again she’s never been in such a situation so there no telling what she’ll do. Hopefully nothing stupid...
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