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Oh no... her hospital may be attending. The rumors that could spread. Ugh. She’s not ready for it. Rumors travel like a wild fire at her job. Her head turns to face him when he grabs her hand. He has balls. Either she bored him to death or he’s that tired. He does look sort of cute sleeping. Shrugging it off she fell asleep too.

Kimberly didn’t want to wake up. She tried to ignore tha banging. Forgetting where she’s at. She quickly sat up hearing heels and a females voice her hands checked here body to make sure she dressed, not drooling and that her hair isn’t too messy.

Seeet thing? Who are they. Why couldn’t all of this been a nightmare? Kim quickly got off the bed. She was quick to shake her hand. [#Af18ae H-hi...] she waves hi to Maria. The girl gulps hearing her say she’s sleeping with Ivan when the heck did this happen? His family is worse than her coworkers. Her cheeks did turn red seeing him strip. Why would he do that in front of them like that? His mother caught her attention threatening her. Well she didn’t say it but her eyes said it all and more. They aren’t dating or fucking!

When his adopted mother left she sat on the bed. She ran her hand through her hair again watching Maria. She chokes hearing his sister. [#Af18ae ah... yea?] crap. Crap. Crap.

Jus crap! Kimberly tried to casual walk over but it was more of a power walk. She took a deep breath before getting in. [#Af18ae Don’t look at me... I’m naked. So are you... they scare me... why do they think we’re dating or fucking] she says looking at him. She would touch his chin to make him look up and not at her. Her heart was pounding like crazy. [#Af18ae If I’m going to die just tell me now... I don’t think I can even breath properly...] she says wiping the the fog off the glass to look for his sister. She couldn’t see her but hear her humming. Why is she still there?

“Hurry up love birds. We have to go.”
[#Af18ae J-just go without us. We’ll be there. Promise. Your brother kept me up so we’re a little slow...] that made her laugh.
“Alright. But if you two aren’t there in thirty daddy won’t be happy.” Kimberly had her back against the cold wall and her hands covering her face.

[#Af18ae So the whole family is going? How many are going? Cousins? Goons?]
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 254d 12h 16m 25s
ivan followed he back to bed and laid down next to her. he was alot closer now than before. "i didnt appreciate it either... as for the banquet, its a fundraiser for the local hopitals." closing his eyes he reached over and took her hand. soon.he was asleep without a care in the world.

five hours passed and a lound banging woke him up. "ivan! ...ivan!! your going to be late!" the voice was all to familiar.

opening the door he rubbed the sleep from his eyes, "what do you want Maria?"

[#f22cdf "i came to get my baby brother ready for the banquet. duh."] the blond haired girl pushed her way in and smiled at the woman in bed. [#f22cdf "you dog you."] she commented. ivan was about to close the door when a black stiletto stopped the door. another much taller blond made her way in. the two looked nearly identical in looks and the white dresses and black heels.

[#e01519 "so this is the sweet thing that stole my sons heart."] the taller one said as she walked closer, offering her hand to shake Kimberlys. [#e01519 "my name is Olga, and this is my youngest born, Maria. you already met my oldest, Shukri. and apparently you're sleeping with my adopted who is the youngest, most rambunctious of the bunch."]

ivan shook his head at his family as he started taking off clothes and heading to the shower. the opaque glass on the lower half hid all the important bits, but when olga noticed the large buise and the wound in his shoulder she gasped, [#e01519 "my poor baby..."] she commented before looking back at Kimberly. [#e01519 "i hope you're taking good care of him..."] the woman gave a cold glare that could chill you to the bone.

Maria was in the process of looking at the dress and shoes that were for Kimberly. olga was quick to leave, ivan knew she was only there to size up Kimberly. even though he was the black sheep his foster family was very protective of him. Maria didnt leave in fact she had already pulled the dry cleaning bag off the dress and laid it out on the bed looking at Kimberly she asked, [#f22cdf "your not going to join him?"] nodding her head towards the shower.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 254d 12h 39m 44s
These past few hours have been crazy. She can’t handle all of this. She’s normally good with pressure. But this is a whole new level of pressure. She jumps hearing a knock on the door. How is he scared of Ivan? Ivan should be scared of him. He’s the boss man son. That’s one heck of a title.

She waited it him to leave. It felt like forever. Her eyes shut hearing another knock. This time it was Ivan. She washes her face and rinsed her mouth. [#Af18ae I don’t appreciate being called a whore...] Kimberly opens the door forcing a smile. [#Af18ae Sounds like a plan. But how about that nap. Don’t want to ruin the party by being cranky and god forbid I hit someone I shouldn’t dare too.] walking to the bed that’s the size of her bathroom she asks him another question. [#Af18ae So what is this banquet for?] Kim stretches sitting on the bed before laying down. Gulping, she began to wonders why her. What does he see in her? It better not be the I see my mother in you kind of thing. That’s just creepy. Maybe it’s her hustle to survive? Working at all hours. Willing to leave a event to work if needed. Then again she doesn’t go out much because she’s always at work.
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ivan smiled and laid down next to her. closing his eyes he said, "thats perfectly fine. you can go home and after that I can be just a bad memory if thats what you want." rolling on his good side he faced her and gave a sincere smile as he said, "i dont know why. thinking back it wasnt the cops that spooked me. i think i was spooked of having an attraction to someone, someone who isnt conected to the mafia." when another knock on the door got his attention he stood up and approached the men. even growling and reaching for his own weapon when the goon reached for his.

"she saved my ass from the cops, [i I] trust her." ivan took the bags and laid them on the bed. "now go apologize Shu. or i'll kick your ass."

"ok, ok little bro no need to get testy." he walked to the bathroom door. "ivan doesn't bring home company. like ever. i mentioned the lack of ring because i was hoping youd be available for him, im gay. it was wrong of me to assume." Shukri looked back at ivan who was still glaring at his older brother. "im sorry."

ivan promptly waved them out and closed the door and locked it. he made his way to the bathroom door and knocked. "are you ok..? listen, if you want to go home we can dip out of the party and I'll take you home myself. no more goons. no more of my family. what do you say?"
  ZozoDagon / 254d 15h 16s
Poor Seiko. It is hard wanting someone who doesn’t want you. It breaks you in every way possible. Seiko probably despises her thinking they have a thing. Even if she tells her they don’t shell never believe it. Even if it comes from him. She did laugh when he said ew to his fake sister. It does makes sense why he said ew, but it also makes sense for them to be together. His boss aka her father trust him.

Kimberly freezes when he takes hold of her hand. Is he speaking the truth or is this some scheme to get her to join them. Never trust a gang banger. The girl nods. Sharing a bed is weird. She grabs the extra blanket and pillow her before to join him. [#Af18ae I doubt saying no would work so sure... but after the shindig I want to go home. My home. Alone. Okay?] she says about to lay down. There was a knock on the door again. She went to go answer it. It really afraid to answer since the head of the Mafia is in this hotel

“Ms. Lodge I presume.”
[#Af18ae Yes... May I ask who’s asking?]
“Shukri Potrov. Son of ___ ___.” He walks in. Another guy enters with shopping bags. “I took the liberty of getting you the clothes you ask for. I was after all shopping. Word travels fast. Is father forcing her upon you? Another hooker?” He circles around her. Felt her hair. “She does look or smell like a cheap one. But she’s not a fancy one.”
[#Af18ae Rude much? Not every female is a hooker. I have a real job.] she says smacking his hand off of her. His assistant was quick to grip his gun but shukri shook his head.
“I like you. There’s no ring on your finger...” Kim cuts imhim off.
[#Af18ae Never going to happen. Thanks for the clothes.] she says disappearing to the bathroom to vomit.

Shukira stuffs his hands in his pocket. Staring at Ivan. “Who is she really? Can she be trusted?”
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 254d 16h 2m 55s
ivan lifted his head and cocked an eyebrow at the line of questions. "Seiko... just isnt my type. i know she wants me but i dont care for her." he said rather flatly. "as for my sister? ew, i mean we arnt related by blood but still... ew." sitting back up he scooted to the edge and sat infront of her. taking her hands in his he sighed as he looked up at her. "i dont interact well with others. never brought home girls, nevery really partied, hell ive opened up to you more in the past sixteen hours than i have collectively with anyone outside of my immediate family in the past twenty years."

looking over at the dress he smiled before looking back at Kimberly. "frankly i want you to come to the banquet and i dont want you to leave the room," he was more agreeable with something in his stomach. "in fact id like it very much if you stay with me... in my bed." ivan had looked away as his cheeks flush from embarrassment. "...on opposite sides if that makes you feel better."
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 254d 17h 31m 58s
Ivan began to talk. He said his mother was a whore. Bluntly. It was intense. The money thing was weird. He could’ve retired already... crazy. If it wasn’t blood money she would’ve been impressed, but it was. Blood money. Dirty money.

[#Af18ae You must mean a lot to him. Are you his kid? Secretly. Well, better question is do you know who’s your father. Even... ladies who sleep around... can have relationships and their spouse be okay with what they do. It does being in crazy amount of money. So does stripping but no matter what you need to be careful.] Kim drinks some more water, [#Af18ae So why didn’t you just get with his daughter? He does trust you. But if you want me to go I can. I’ll go skipping and singing. I’m pretty sure everyone knows where I live so... yea...] she says before there was a knock on the door. He was quick to get another gun and step in front of her.

Kim moves to the side to see who it was. Seiko. She was about to say hi until she saw that look. Ew. Would she get in trouble for smacking... she looks at Ivan and then back to the girl. Interesting. She quickly finishes her list before chasing down the girl jealous women to hand her, her errand list. When she returned she looks at the outfits. Yup, she’s not leaving any time soon. When she asked for clothes she didn’t mean this. [#Af18ae Do I really have to go?] she asks checking out the dress. She understands the reason for the color. It helps hide any blood stains. The dress hs a V-neck and open back. A very low open back. She’s afraid to look at the heels. [#Af18ae This dress looks expensive... I’m having a feeling the shoes cost the same... anyways i have another personal question. Why don’t you ask Seiko out?]
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 254d 19h 43s
ivan let out a sharp laught when she asked if he loved his job, "sweetie if i loved my job that would make me a psychopath." he said as he sat up. "i do it because its all i know, all i ever known. my mother was an escort for the family... a whore. she died when i was six and the boss took me in, treating me like a son. i do what i do out of loyalty. as for money? hell i could have retired three years ago in a mansion if i wanted. it wouldn't have brought me happiness though." climbing off the bed he walked to the kitchenette and opened the small fridge. grabbing a bottle of water and a few presliced apples as he felt anemic.

after a few bites and a sip of water he continued, "what can i say the boss wasnt going to have his abopted son stay in a shabby motel or in a cramped house on the edge of the city." leaning over to her as he looked into her eyes, "you'll keep doing what you love. Nikoli is just getting you a raise and slashing your hours. you wont be changing position and likely wont be dealing with family clients." shaking his head as he chuckled to himself. "of nearly three hundred rooms in this hotel why have you stay in my room. i think with his daughter getting married soon he wants to see the same for me i guess. i havent seen him so agreeable except with his own daughter."

when a secomd knock came to the door Ivan drew a weapon from under the kitchen sink, a serbu super shorty. it was a shotgun that only held four rounds at most but it was easily concealed. ivan moved infront of Kimberly almost protectivly as the door opened on its own. he nearly pulled the trigger untill he realized it was Seiko. lowering his weapon he watched as she carried in two drycleaning bags and a shoe box. on her way out she glared at Kimberly, displeased that she was in ivans room.

putting the weapon away ivan took a look at the clothes that were brought up, one was a suit obviously for him and the other was a crimson dress. he assumed the shoes went with it. pinned to the clothes awas a note, [b i was planning to give this suit to you last night but seems you were [i occupied]. i hope your lady friend will be joining us at the banquet tonight.] ivan laughed as he left the clothes on the foot of the bed and crawld back onto it.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 254d 21h 35m 20s
Why is she getting the feeling that she’s not going him or possibly to work any time soon. What did she get herself into? Kim waves hi to Seiko. She’ll have to write down a list then. A very long list. [#Af18ae The... no...] she whispers.

Did they secretly plan her death already? All she can think about now is sleep and death. It’s nice that even Ivan doesn’t want her to go. A little hurtful, but hey if it’ll help her get home it’s okay. However, it looks like it won’t happen for a while. [#Af18ae If I may... if I am going to be held against my will for a while I’m goong to need clothes or at least shoes...] she said before Ivan reaches the door. The boss man nods and calls for Seiko again. Kim quickly follows Ivan bit every time she tried to walk besides him he would walk faster. She took the hint and kept a distance.

The suite looks amazing. Definitely over her price budget. The girl walks around. His boss must really want her or a nurse to work for him. [#Af18ae I don’t mind sleeping on the couch. This is your place. Plus your wounded. [i It’s my medical profession speaking.]] she says chuckling using his words. Kim skips over to the window to look at the view. [#Af18ae i still won’t do it. This is nice and all but I have love what i do... can you say the same or do you do it for the money?] as she finishes asking him there was a knock on the door. Kim runs to the door to get the extra bed sheets. She thanks the guy who looked surprised. Maybe he has no friends... she began to set up on the couch. [#Af18ae So why stay here anyways? This place can hold two families of four. Maybe six...] she says going to the kitchen to get something to drink and make a list of errands and her grocery list.
  Simply_Random / 255d 9h 18m 17s
when the lower henchmen moved in a low growl escaped his throat which caused them to freeze. they dont know who exactly ivan was but rumors on top of being the bosses favorite were enough to keep them at bay though the men didn't completely back off untill the boss waved them away. [b "Ivan, Kimberly, you stay. the rest of you leave us."] now that they were alone ivans posture relaxed as he took a seat on the side of the bosses desk. when the boss spoke again it was directed at Kimberly. [b "im sorry you got involved with this but its the nature of things. loose ends need to be weaved in or cut off. i hope you understand that."] the boss paged in his receptionist. an asian woman walked in and stood beside Kimberly waiting to be told what was needed, [b "Kimberly, this i Seiko, she will handle any errands you need taken care of for today to make up for the inconvenience. wait outside Seiko."]

as the woman left she gave a small smile and a wave towards ivan though he didnt care to acknowledge her outside of a grunt. ivan yawned unexpectedly. [b "it seems both of you should get some sleep. why show her to the presidential suite?"]

"sir, I dont think..." ivan started before being cut off.

[b "you have enough room in your suite?"]

this made it clear to ivan that his boss wanted to show her hospitality. it didnt help that ivan held the largest room in the hotel. with a sigh ivan stood up straight and made his way to the door and waited for Kimberly to follow. making his way to the suite he kept two steps ahead of her and didnt talk the whole way to the room. he opened the door to reveal a huge open floor room. in fact it was so open the only furniture was an Ace player size bed and two night stands. it also featured a small kitchenette along with a glass shower that could fit multiple people in the main room. the only other door led to a half bath.

ivan immediately moved to the bed and flopped down. reaching over he picked up the phone and ordered extra blankets and pillows be brought up. he wasnt too thrilled over having to share a bed with someone who rejected the premise a few hours ago, despite the fact that they could keep up to five feet between them while on the same six foot, eight inch by nine foot bed. though with any luck she will make a pallet of blankets on the floor. having already sprawled out on most of the bed. he was now ill with the situation if he wasnt before. his boss seemed to have the wrong idea of why she's still alive. at this point he just wanted to dump her off at her home and be done with it all.
  ZozoDagon / 255d 9h 41m 18s
Kimberly began to curse him out in every language she knows. It’s one of the reasons why she’s always working. She does come in handy. But nothing like the mob wants. She curls up in a corner. Frustrations. Crying. Five minutes after falling asleep they arrived to god knows where. She’s not liking this at all. They’re at the side of the holding. It’s so sketchy.

Big bird already knew she wasn’t going to move so he lifted her up. That jerk. She did kick him in the face. Justice for her busted lip and broken vase. Her favorite base. Her hands were used to keep her cheeks from showing. After all her pajama shorts are short. A sigh of relief escapes her her when he sets her down.

Ivan didn’t look at her but as his boss spoke she glared at his best man who should’ve died in prison. The way they spoke about her was like she wasn’t there. She’s not asking for any favors. If she could all she wants is for them to leave her the heck alone! She crosses her arms. He’s telling his boss her business. What the heck! She’s not a charity case or needs a babysitter. So what he owns her? Does he have to follow her or visa versa?

[#Af18ae Kimberly, sir...] she looks up feeling big bird breathing behind her. If she wasn’t scared she would tell his fat ass to breath on someone. His cappuccino smelling ass is disgusting. Breathing as if he has a breathing problem. [#Af18ae With all do respect I should be sleeping. I have a shift tonight and errands to run...] she moves to the side annoyed of big birds breathing. All it did was have more goons surround her and try to pat her down. [#Af18ae it’s obvious I don’t have a weapon. I just didn’t want him breathing down my neck. Easy... ] she says swatting them. All she has is three clothing items. Shoes not included which sucks because the floor is actually cold and her hair is still wet.
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 255d 11h 49m 38s
ivan growled when he was kicked. he didnt appreciate it. "its because you helped me. if you didnt no one would know where you live. but you did. honestly, do you think you have an option?" opening his eyes he lifted his head to look at her. "unless you quit your job you'll work for us knowingly or not. the mob has their hand in every hospital in towm. our power reaches across the entire city. we own this city. i hope your attitude changes before you meet Nikoli." she should know the name. he was the head of the Russian families and his name's been brought up at least once a month in the news, good or bad, for the past five years since prosecutors have been trying to press charges against him but nothing sticks.

when they arived at a hotel the driver opened the door and tapped on the sole of ivans foot. waking up with a yawn he climbed out and fixed his suit. looking up at the building he noticed they were on the rear side of the building. anyone she encounters from here on is either family or paid off by them. either way she could cause a scene and the only person to help her is the three hundred pound driver as he carries her to the private elevator to the top floor.

when they had reached their final destination ivan walked into the room with refreshed confidence due to his nap. he took his place beside the boss behind the large red wood desk.

[b "you assisted my best, most loyal man."] said the man behind the desk in a thick Russian accent. [b "if not for you he would either be dead or in prison. for this i am grateful."] ivan stood quietly with his hands folded as he avoided looking at the woman. [b "Ivan,"] this brought his attention to the conversation. [b "since you didn't eliminate her what do you think we should do with her."]

this caught Ivan off guard and he looked at the woman and bit his bottom lip. "well i..." he paused before continuing with his thought. "i think you should use your pull to increase her pay and cut her hours. she said she worked three double shifts in a row. we keep our eyes and ears on her, otherwise we leave her alone." the likelihood of this was slim, most of the medical personel get transferred to trauma so they can control the situation when a family member comes in in need of help.

[b "done."] the boss said [b "you will be surveying her for the time being. and if it turns into a mess then its your mess. do i need to explain what will happen to you both of you if it turns into one."]

"no sir." was ivans only response as he bowed his head in understanding of his orders.

[b "madam, what's your name by chance?"] the boss asked with a gentle smile.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 255d 13h 9m 51s
Kimberly snorted. She’s not going to meet his boss. There’s no way she’s going. [#Af18ae Well my place is clean and it’s not like the cops is going to send out some CSI people to test every house for criminal activities.] she says rolling her eyes. It’s a joke. What they both said. [#Af18ae I’m going back to bed. Enjoy the god knows how many chances you got in life instead of death...] an her way upstairs there was a knock on the door.

It stopped Kimberly from heading upstairs. He went to get the door as if he lives with her. She shakes her head and went to her room. she was in bed when someone walked into her room. [#Af18ae Go away. I’m not going. I’m not working for no monster or gang banger. It was a one time thing.] She kept refusing. Even fought. Let’s just say it didn’t end well and her favorite vase is gone. His grew tired of her and carried her out to the car.

[#Af18ae Put me down big bird] she shouts. [#Af18ae Help. Help. Call the cops! Help me!] she shouts when they got outside. Being pushed in the car she saw him sleeping. She kicks him. [#Af18ae Thisnis kidnapping. I helped you. I shouldn’t be meeting this bastard and I’m not taking any deals. I don’t want money or a promotion.]
  Simply_Random / 255d 14h 47m 21s
Ivan slowly ate his breakfast as she made her way downstairs. "well im still hear because my boss wants to meet you. and fair warning...take whatever offer he gives you. its better than the alternative. depending on what hospital you work at he may get you a promotion. maybe." letting out a long yawn he continued. "a driver will be here shortly to pick us up. and as for the clean up? it was mostly to cover your ass and mine along with the encroaching boredom of not sleeping last night. your welcome by the way." he said the last sentence almost mater-of-factly in his annoyance.

when a knock was heard at the door ivan promptly rushed to the door, drawing his gun out of habbit. looking out the window he realized it was the driver of the limo sent by his employer. opening the door ivan was promptly handed a new shirt and jacket in a drycleaning bag. after getting dressed and collecting his few belongings he made his way to the limo and climbed in. it was one used by the escort services so it had a water bed inside. "dear marry mother of god..." he muttered as he laid down and fell asleep in seconds. the driver was a big man and could handle himself. this man waited patiently by the door prompting the woman to finish eating and get better dressed. he didnt want to force her but would if she seemed to give any trouble.
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 255d 15h 18m 59s
It would’ve been. Suspicious if she brought up a dining chair. The girl was too tired to shower. She took off her scrubs and changed to her pajamas. You would think she would have had trouble sleeping but she didn’t. When her head hit thay pillow she was out like a light.

The next morning the girl woke up early with the urge to pee. She even took that time to shower just to go back into her pajamas. Her wet hair drips as she walks back to her room to check her phone. The phone that’s not charging on her night stand. Growling, she heads downstairs to to get it. Halfway down she hears someone in the kitchen. Quietly she continues heading downstairs, goes to the closet in the foyer to get her metal baseball bat. Kim forgot about last night until she was about to whack him. [#Af18ae I thought it was a bad dream... what are you still doing here?] she asks grabbing a toast. The metal baseball bat was put down on the counter so she can rub her eyes. Kim wrinkles her nose. [#Af18ae Did you kill someone in my kitchen while I was asleep?] she asks moving to get some coffee since it was done. [#Af18ae Didn’t think someone like you can cook... although a eight year old can make this... no offense... don’t mind me I’m exhaistee. Yesterday was my third double shift, which is why I walked home instead of driving.] she tells him before he does something to her for not having a filter.
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 255d 16h 3m 50s

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