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ivan was almost finished installing the locks when he got a phone call asking how soon he could get to the casino. a drive by happened early this morning on some 'guests' apparently hells Angel bikers were the target but the main problem was it happened at his fathers casino and he is beyond pissed. it was time for him to go to work.

Shukri had come to pick ivan up in ivans '69 Oldsmobile 442. the car had a blower intake sticking out of the hood, producing over a thousand horsepower. ivan had the pedel to the metal at least eighty-five percent of the ride. arriving at the casino ivan parked and looked at the scene. bullet casings and bullet holes littered the entrance. spotting a cop on the payroll ivan aproached him and started a line of questioning. who was the target, who attacked, along with anything that could be pieced together from the scene. the officer did mention a hells angel survived but was critical. he had to go question him but he was probably under guard and didnt want to run into Kimberly while they both were working. after collecting what he could from the scene he headed to the hospital.

pulling into the parking structure he almost hit a car pulling. looking over it was her. pulling into a parking space sharply he got out and walked to her car and tapped on the glass. "i need to speek with a patient that came in in critical condition. and anyone else that came in with gunshot wounds."
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 253d 18h 21m 9s
Kim tried not to smile. He has his own investigation about what couldn’t happen to the hair on the bedroom doorknob. She’s not too worried about it or the note. [#Af18ae Well I got clothes to put away.] she says getting up as he was texting someone.

The clothes were pricey and were everywhere... it was quick and easy to get put away the clothes. She skips downstairs to see Shukri leaving. [#Af18ae So my house is a new hang out...] she says walking to the couch to grab the remote to turn off the TV. She grabs his card. [#Af18ae Didn’t peg you for a phone talker. But I’ll definitely keep your number. Remember don’t harm the douche of a doctor...] she was going to say more but her phone was ringing she ran upstairs to answer it. They help. There was an accident and need all hand on deck. She rushes to get ready. [#Af18ae Major accident. I have to go...] she said running downstairs to grab a water bottle. because she was hurting she jumps a little to kiss his cheek. She stops realizing what she did when she reached the door. [#Af18ae Sorry... ummm, have a good day.] she says waving bye. She actually ran to work. There was no time to wait for a Uber. Her car was still at the hospital. Possibly with a ticket.

But when she got there they weren’t kidding about there being a big accident. The ER was crazy. Blood almost everywhere. Everything was going fast. She was even questioned as to why Dr. Scott requested that she doesn’t work with him anymore. Not to mention rumors has it she has a new boo. It was hard to ignore her coworkers wanting answers and being pull to translate. It took four hours to control the chaos. Cops are questioning everyone to figure out what happened. Stories weren’t matching up.

Kim saw Dr. Scott talking to some thugs. She ignored it and walked pass them to check on patients before going to surgery. The surgery took an hour. It was successful. There was no telling where the blood was coming from. Today wasn’t the best day. There was a mini war between two rival gangs. One of them was out and armed. They had to put the hospital on lock down. Crazy. Sitting behind a computer waiting for a MRI scan to finish she told them she went shopping. In a way it wasn’t a lie because she does have new clothes. They wanted to know why she didn’t show up last night and said she laid. They were happy for her. They have been trying to set her up with someone for about a month now. Kim rolls her eyes.

She was given permission to leave early. Part of wanted to question it but she didn’t. The girl heads to her car to drive home. She stops seeing roses on her car. The card read you can do better. You’re newly secret admire.
[#Af18ae Creepy...] she says placing the flowers on the passenger seat.
  Simply_Random / 253d 19h 31m 57s
'thank you for not harming me...' he chuckled at that. its not something one hears in day to day conversation. "i wont ever harm you, not intentionally anyway." he said as he continued to eat. Seiko had a key? he didnt think her the type to go psycho. psycho Seiko. he chuckled and shook his head at his own joke. pulling out his phone he texted his brother and told him to buy a set of new locks, unopened, and bring them to Kimberlys. he was at least going to make sure she was safe.

taking his time with breakfast he waited untill his brother showed up and presented the locks in the package. giving it a once over to make sure there was no tampering to it."so, did you stay the night ivan?" his brother questioned with a smile.

"what? no. when i dropped her off i had a strange feeling. plus she said Seiko got in this morning without her bing let in." ivan tore open the locks and promptly handed the keys to Kimberly. "go on to work. I'll get these installed and lock up before i leave."

"so where did you go after dropping her off?" his brother questioned.

"to the gym."

"...with a fucked up shoulder?"

"i didnt lift anything over five pounds with it."

his brother nodded but knew ivan was lying to him. deciding to drop the matter he let himself out and drove off.

ivan pulled out a card with his cell number on it from his wallet and handed it to Kimberly. "if you ever need anything, call me. even if its just to talk, okay"
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Kimberly went to the kitchen to finish cooking. Hearing Seiko and Sasha walking back downstairs she met them at the door. She watched them leave before closing the door. Wait. She got in when the door was locked... crap. [#Af18ae What did I get myself into...] she mumbles heading to the kitchen to eat.

[#Af18ae Morning.] she says getting up to wash her things. [#Af18ae It was. I think she has a copy to the keys to my house...] she tells him. After washing the dishes she sat back down at the dining table. He put a hair in the doorknob. That is weird. [#Af18ae Nope. I was in bed the entire night and I’m pretty sure I’m loved by everyone.] at least that’s what she thinks. She doesn’t really have time to be social. She goes out one or twice a month with friends. She’s trying to save to get a place of her own instead of renting one. [#Af18ae It was probably nothing. The wind maybe.] she’s not going to tell him about the note. It’s nothing serious. They may not see each other until the wedding. Whenever that is. She watches him eat.[#Af18ae Thank you for not harming me and everything else you and your family has done for me.]
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Ivan woke up when she left the bed though he stayed there for a while not wanting to get up. as he was about to head downstairs when he heard the mentio of his siblings. his siblings and Seiko's voice. "shit!" he exclaimed in a hushed voice. grabbing his clothes he ran into the bathroom and shut the door. he waited there for fifteen minutes untill they had left. if he was caught there it would only solidify to everyone he knew that Kimberly and him were an item. a part of him didnt consider that a bad thing but it was more for her sake. he wasnt sure if she'd be okay with that reguardless of sharing a bed, twice and her giving him a kiss at the banquet even though his sister coerced her into it and it was only a peck on the lips.

when company had left he came out of the bathroom and put on his slacks and noticed some of the clothes that his family got her. most of it was high dollar items though he could tell by the style who had bought what. functional and fashionable was Shukri, fashionable and revealing was Maria. going down stairs he tossed his effects on the arm of the couch before going to the kitchen.

food was already prepared by Kimberly. "good morning," he said as he entered. "that was a close call with Seiko..." sitting down he started to fix his plate but last night was still nagging him. pausing what he was doing he asked, "did you notice anything strange last night coming in? did you get up in the middle of the night to go downstairs?" giving it a moment he added, "i put a hair on the doorknob last night and when i woke up in the middle of the night it wast there. can you think of anyone who might want to hurt or stalk you?" his face had changed slightly showing a bit of concern as he asked the last question.
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Is it weird to say she’s getting used to him doing weird couple things? Maybe this is his way of keep his [i enemy] close. He was out cold again. She looks around the room wondering if Seiko left the message and if so what else did she do while being here. It was unsettling not knowing.

Kimberly felt him move the first time but was too exhausted to open her eyes. It was when he got back did she wake up a bit druggy so he won’t struggle trying to get back to how they were before. Her head nuzzles against his neck and her hand was curled under her chin.

Around 9:30-ish Kimberly woke up. She skips downstairs to make some coffee and turn on the TV to see what’s on the news. The TV was turned on first. Volume was low. When she walks into the kitchen the cereal with the bite was out on the table. Sighing, she puts it away. Again. She takes a look out to her backyard. Everything looks good. She walks around the house to make sure nothing is missing or out of place.

She went to make a cup of coffee and make breakfast. Playing music as she did. She had more food than she expected to get. She’s not always home so she doesn’t get a lot of things so they don’t expire. It’s okah though because now she can have a proper breakfast for the first time in weeks. Corn beef hash, scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Yum. She stops dancing hearing something. She walks to the living room seeing Seiko.

“Good morning, here are the clothes Shukri got for you and a little more from Ms. Maria.”
[#Af18ae Oh. Right. I forgot... just leave them there. I’ll bring up after breakfast. Thank you...]
“Nonsense. I was told to bring it up to your room. Sasha is getting the rest.” Sasha did come in. He. “In English it means Alexander.” She adds heading upstairs.
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Ivan smiled when she let him in. something was off though, like eyes were on him when they left the limo. "I'll just tell them i went to the gym after dropping you off." he commented when she said staying out would make the rumors worse with his family. he followed her up to bed stripping everything but his boxers and slipping his weapon under the mattress. before laying down he shut the door to the bedroom. it would be weird if he were to lock it so instead he plucked an eyelash and rested it on the doorknob.

going to the bed he laid down and noticed there was little room. sliding his arm under her he pulled her to lay halfway on him before pulling the covers over them. he fell asleep rather quickly despite his suspicion.

simetime in the middle of the night ivan had a sinking feeling that someone was standing over them. he almost shot up but felt Kimberly on his arm. slowly slipping out from under her he made his way to the door to see if the eye lash was still there. it wasnt. he tried to think of any possible reason why it wouldnt be. wind? no there was practically no air circulation. did Kimberly get up and get a midnight snack? no that made little sense. she was practically in the same position as when they fell asleep. she likely wouldn't get in the same position again unless she wanted to. ivan locked the door this time on his way back to bed just to be safe. sliding back under the covers he did his best to slide in under her again.
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Kimberly wondered why Maria made her ask him for a dance. He accepted which meant he can dance. That was until they reached the dance floor. He must not be a people person. He can’t be shy if he’s a hit man. One song lead to two songs and by then he relaxed so much has her super close. So close she could feel him breathing. She did blush a little when his family clapped when it was over.

Either she messed up at some point in the dance or he’s going to kill her for making him not himself. It was rather sudden when he lead her outside. Again, she excepted to die. It’s normal when dealing with the mafia or a gang. Maybe just in general because of the things she hears, but instead Ivan the hitman used her to relax. In a slightly cute but weird and awkward way. He doesn’t know about personal space or how awkward it is to be doing such things with a stranger.

She couldn’t figure out what to say to his sister. No is probably something she doesn’t hear often. Plus like she said she’ll handle things, which meant she has to go. All she was able to do was wave bye as Ivan leads her outside to take her home. The thought of being home made her relax and exhausted again. Despite her head resting on his shoulder she didn’t fall asleep. It was exciting to get home. She laughs at everything he said. It wouldn’t make sense to kiss her goodnight if he wants to stay so he doesn’t get interrogated by his family. All she had to do was open the door since they didn’t lock it. [#Af18ae Sure, but I think you staying the night is just going to make it worse.] she tells him stepping inside the house, turning on the light as she slips out of the shoes.

The first thing she did was go to the kitchen to get an Oreo. She picks up a note telling her to stay away from Ivan. [#Af18ae And it begins...] she mutters to herself before hiding it in an open cereal box. Heading up to her room she quickly changed into pajamas. Since he’s staying she put in long thing sweatpants and a thank top. Her nightly routine was to make sure everything his closed and locked. [#Af18ae Don’t read into this but since you allowed me in your bed you can come to mines. Just know it’s nowhere near as big as yours.] she said fiddling with her fingers staring at him. She gave him a quick smile before heading upstairs to her room to wash her face before going to bed. [#Af18ae Maria seems to nice to be apart of the mafia lifestyle. I guess now i know why Nikoli was picky on who she marries.] she said crawling to bed. [#Af18ae Also I better not wake up and find out Dr. Scott is missing or dead.] she said with a chuckle towards the end looking at him.
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ivan hesitated when she asked to dance but he still took her hand. as they slowly made their way to the dance foor he looked for his siblings to see which one put her up to this. Maria stuck out her tonue when she caught ivans gaze. at first ivan was fairly stiff when they danced and too proper about it. though once he just focused on Kimberly he became fluid in motion while pulling Kimberly closer and closer to him until there was literally no space between them. keeping his gaze on her he hadn't noticed they danced through two songs untill it was over. his family had gathered a distance away and even clapped when they finished their dance. this embarrassed ivan and caused him to grab Kimberlys hand and leave the ball room. he was definitely on overload now.

leaning against the wall outside ivan rested his hands on Kimberlys waist and pulled her against him before resting his forehead against hers. this calmed him down some as they stood there unmoving. Maria and Shukri came out to check on ivan. Maria even apologized to him before saying, [#f22cdf "why dont you two go. I'll tell daddy i had you run errands for the wedding. which i hope to see you there Kimberly."]

ivan made his way out with Kimberly in tow. outside in the cool night ivan flagged down a limo and promtly climbed in and gave the driver Kimberlys adress to take her home. durring the ride he kept his arm around her as he almost had her leaning against him. the further they got from his family the more he seemed to relax.

when they reached her home he escorted her to the front door where they stood for a moment. taking a bold risk he said, "this it the part of the night where i kiss you good night isint it? you know, if we were dating." pausing before he asked, "i dont mean to impose but can i stay here tonight? I'll sleep on the couch if you'd prefer. im not ready for the line of questions my family undoubtedly have by now."
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The look on Dr. Scott’s face. It was amazing. It actually made her smile. What a bastard he is. Ugh. Kimberly follows him and looks at him when he asked what he did. [#Af18ae Yes and no. As much as I would love for it to happen because he is a creep. He doesn’t deserve it and I’ll also feel guilty... but I’m having a feelings he’ll be less touchy for now on.] she says grinning. All thanks to him.

Shukri has two ladies with him. One of them being a doctor she’s worked with. Miss Catherine Pierce. “Oh Ms. Lodge what are you doing here?”
[#Af18ae Please call me Kim. We’re not working and I was invited.]
“I see. Glad to have you here. You missed little Benny. He finally had the surgery. Minor complications but he pulled through.”
[#Af18ae That’s amazing. I’ll be sue to stop by and see how he’s doing.]
“So what did Ivan tell Dr. Scott? I’ve never seen him so pale before.”
“He probably mentioned fathers name. I’ve hear things about him. His interest on lower rank girls. You’re apparently one of his favorites.”
“No wonder you try to avoid working with him. He is a pig. Even started the syphilis outbreak at the hospital. Everyone had to get tested.”
“Hear that brother. Maybe you should get tested too. Just to be safe.”

Kim flares at him. Catherine takes Kim’s hand and pulls her to the dance floor. Knowing when her buttons are pushed she doesn’t hold back. Dr.scott did interrupt the dance to talk to Catherine. Kim quietly slips out of the ballroom. She felt like she was suffocating. She unties her braids that she forgot about before sneaking back inside to get a stronger drink.

“Are you coming to the wedding?”
[#Af18ae oh, i don’t know. I wasn’t invited and I don’t got a dress... plus I may be working.]
“Well I’m asking so that’s your invitation. It’ll be nice to see Ivan with someone. My brother assumed he was on the closet or something. But if you’re working we’ll take care of it and the dress. Now go ask my brother to dance. I’m rather curious to see if he can even dance.” Maria says winking at her before going to chit chats with other people

Kim got her tequila shot before walking up to Ivan. [#Af18ae I was told to ask you to dance. Would you like to dance?] she asks holding out a hand.
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When Kimberly pulled him down and pecked him on the lips he blushed slightly. His sister knows of his social anxiety and sought to embarrass him. He waited and watched Kimberly as she met with her co-workers. When she returned Ivan slipped his arm around Kimberly, it was obvious to ivan she had a near detest of the man. Ivan didn't like how handsy he was. His family ties were not really public but was known for accompanying Nikoli, the boss and most generous benefactor at these events. "Ivan, ivan sokolov. Im a patron of Mr. Nikoli."

At this point the doctor had turned pale. "um... I hope you enjoy your evening sir. Now if you'll excuse me." the doctor said before rushing off as he loosened his tie.

Ivan stood there to watch the man untill he was out of sight. Looking at Kimberly he led them in the opposite direction to where his brother was. On the way he whispered, "is he the one you need taken care of? I wasn't sure if you were joking before but if he [i ever] causes you trouble, tell me. Ok?"
  Ivan Sokolov / ZozoDagon / 254d 9h 28m 35s
He’s a hitman. That’s his job. She’s not as nervous. Apparently he thinks she’s cute so as long as she doesn’t cross some sort of line that leads her to his bad side she’ll live. Unless is mother gets to him... scary. [#Af18ae Got it.]

She happily takes his arm because she’s nervous. With the way his sister acted she thought they had to be somewhere out of the hotel. Not in the hotel. She was surprised. With how everyone was staring she wasn’t sure if he froze or she did. It was weird. No matter what she kept a smile on her face.

His family was happy to see them arrive. She gulps when his mother asked who shot him and he told her she saved him... when his mother smiled st her she wasn’t sure what to feel or think. A waiter passes with glasses of champagne. Kim grabs one of her and Ivan. She looks around the ballroom to see who was there. She’s seen a few familiar face. The doctor she hates was there. He caught sight of her too and grins. She smoles warmly instead of flipping him off. [#Af18ae If you excuse me I’m going to say hello to some coworkers and check up on our patients since I missed a few hours. I’ll be back.]
“Don’t be shy. Give him a kiss before you leave.” Maria squeals. Kimberly blushes. She grabs him by the toe to pull him down for a quick peck before leaving.

She did met with her coworkers. Even said hi to a few doctors she worked with. She held a second champagne glass. The doctor she hates approaches her. “You’re looking lovely as ever. Love the cut outs. What are you doing here? Someone like you should be here.”
[#Af18ae Charming as ever Dr. Scott... I was invited last minute...]
“I didn’t invite you. Not to mention you missed a few hours of work. Who would bring you?”
[#Af18ae Goodbye Dr. Scott. I need to go back to my date.] she mutters finishing her drink before happily walking back to Ivan. She held her hands together in front of her. He pissed her off so much that she may actually tell Ivan to get him... Kimberly looks at Dr. Scott who walks over to them.

“So you must be the one who invited Kimmy. What hospital do you work at?” He asks placing his free hand on her lower back. Kim removes his hand moves closer to Ivan. She won’t make a scene when his scary family is around.
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chuckling he pulled the towel off his head and tossed it to the floor. room service will get it later. when she came back fully prepared he had to shut his mouth and whipe the drool from his lip. "me." he said simply to her question. "if you ever have a problem, i can make it go away." looking her up and down one last obvious time he took a deep breath to clear his mimd and prepare against his family. holding out his arm so she could rest hers in the crook of his elbow as they walked he led her down to the hotels ball room.

at the sight of all the people he froze momentarily at the door as panic wash over his face. less than 24 hours ago he faced off against three armed assailants calm as can be yet he was paniced of having to iteract with others. feeling Kimberly next to him was what grounded him in the moment and soon regained his composure. spotting his foster parents he made his way over there and let them know they had arrived. [b Ivan, son, its good of you to join us. and Kimberly its good to see you my dear.]

[#e01519 ivan, who shot you?] his mother was and wanted to know from earlier who it was that hurt one of her children.

"mom please.. i handled it, im fine. i owe my life to Kimberly for saving me." this had gained Kimberly a smile of approval from his mother. something that wasn't given often.
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Kimberly has to move her hair. He’s touching her. Her back. She didn’t say anything. When he stopped she put her face under the running water. This is too weird! She didn’t even need to shower. She showers this morning! But his giggling sister scared her. Well everyone who’s in the mafia does. It’s the freaking mafia!

When the shower was over she wraps a towel around herself before raiding the bags. [#Af18ae If i wanted a Doctor wacked who do a call?] she asks. Sort of as a joke. Sort of. She hates a specific doctor for constantly hitting on her and got grabby a few times. She does everything in her power to not scrub in any of his surgery. Before slipping the dress on she tosses her towel at his head. Kimberly goes to the bathroom when she was done to put on makeup. They didn’t give her anything for her hair. [#Af18ae Hopefully I don’t need a idea because I have nothinut pajama and these new things.] she says slipping on the heels. [#Af18ae I feel so exposed...] she says placing a hand on her chest and open back. She looks down seeing cut opening on. It’s kind of cute. She went to wet her hair a little to braid them. If it stays braided for a few minutes it’ll give her hair some light waves. [#Af18ae Let’s go before they come back...] she says twirling nervously.
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ivan almost turned around when Kimberly entered but averted his gaze ad chuckled. "didnt you hear my brother earlier? you are the first woman i brought home. what else do you think? hell pops is the only one who knows what really happened last night and even he's trying to fix me up with you." biting his lip he turned glanced back and immediately looked away. she was a fucking bombshell.

he was almost done but he wanted to spend a bit more time in the shower with her. he wasnt going to try anything funny but insisted on washing her back for her. soaping up his hands he moved behind her and grabbed her waist and slowly worked his hands up her back untill he reached her shoulders. as he washed her back he continued, "no, no. the cousins are in Chicago. they wont be coming down till Maria gets married. and it will just be hotel security outside of the civilian benefactors and the doctors of the hospitals." when he was done he made his way out catching a final glimpse of her. after drying off and getting dressed he sat on the edge of the bed and waited for her to come out.
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