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He called her normal. Was that a insult or a compliment? People like him should feel secure no matter where they are. Especially if dealing with small time gangsters. He took down thre guys the second time they met. Then again she doesn’t really know what’s going on.

Kimberly watches him leave. He left her with his sister. The sister who laughed seeing her in her pajamas. Again. Kim opens her mouth to say, [i I honestly don’t know why but I’m glad... i guess,] but Maria continues to talk. With a blink of an eye the girl changed. She wasn’t the usual carbear. Maria became a sour patch. A scary super sour, sour patch. Kim’s eyes widens. It left her speechless. Funny thing is Kim has a weird rebel face where she threatened a guy saying she’ll cut his balls off, blend them and feed it to him. What Maria told told her made her think back to those weird out of lesson days.

Yes. Ivan returned. She watched Maria turn back to a carebear. It was terrifying. Yet again she was going to answer Kim but Ivan told her to stop. Why would he be the crown princes? Shukri is the biological son. Unless Nikolai really trust Ivan and would rather have him run the family business. Again, she has no idea how any of this works! She has a lot to learn. Now that they’re unofficially dating. A gasp escapes her seeing Maria smack him. The smack even shocked him! Kim looks around to see some of the attention was on them.

Kiki couldn’t be happier when he took her hand to lead her god knows where. Her heart is racing so fast she’s probably have a heart attack. Why is ever place this guy has a bee it’s oddly spectacular? She tucks a chunk of her hair behind her ear as she looks down. The glass has layers. It has to be bulletproof. Smart. [#Af18ae It’s okay... I’ve had my fair share of family abuse... is this actually glass or a one way mirror?] tying up her hair she walks up to him to check out his face. It’s a bit pinkish so it’s not that bad. [#Af18ae Crown prince, huh? How do you feel about that?] she asks removing a few more buttons from his shirt to check out his bullet wound to make sure it’s healing properly.

[#Af18ae Thanks for breakfast. Even though we barely ate.] Kim got her toes to kiss him. Yea that’s right. She made the first move for once. [#Af18ae And for somehow making Shukri apologize for calling me a whore. Next time I mate hit him though... just a heads up before you find out there’s a price on me head.] she says chuckling towards the end. Kimberly slowly walks away to check out the room. They may be there a while so might as well know the layout. [#Af18ae Are we going to stay here instead of the hotel?]
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Ivan sipped his martini before setting it on a table infront of them. He was about to answer he question untill he heard his sister over the band. By the time she arrived at the VIP area she was walking by herself while holding the leashes of two rottweilers she called Mina and Tina. Maria snatched up ivans drink and kicked it back before sitting down. She stared at Kimberly and almost laughed at her in her pajamas.

Ignoring his sister he whispered the answer to her question, "because you are by all means normal and could quite possibly be my saving grace from this life." he changed the subject to the more recent questions, "its not about us being scared. Its about us being secure." ivan stood up and walked to a nearby door marked private. In his absence Maria eyed Kimberly.

"I've never seen him so happy." she said before her demeanor changed from the spoiled princess to the mob bosses daughter, "if you hurt him in any way i will cut off your tits with a switchblade and feed them to Mina and Tina as you watch." it was evident now who the psychopath of the three siblings were. Compared to his sister ivan was by all means normal despite a hint of sociopathy. When ivan returned he took his spot next to Kimberly. "So do you think you'd marry the crown prince?" Maria had asked in an attempt to embarrass them both.

"Enough with that." ivan ordered

"What? You know your daddy's favorite. He wants you out of this life but if you stay in it you stand to inherit everything."

"Why would he leave me anything in his passing? Im just a son-of-a..." ivan didnt finish the sentence before Maria stood and slapped him across the face. This left ivan shocked.

"Dont ever sell yourself short ivan! Your past doesnt matter. You are daddy's right hand for a reason. You. Are. The. Crown. Prince. Now act like it!"

When Maria finished scolding ivan he stood up and took Kimberly by the hand and led her to the nearby door and up a flight of stairs. When they reached their destination they found themselves above the club in a private room with a bullet proof glass floor so he could observe the club from a vantage point. In one corner was a desk where most of the management could be done. And a queen sized bed sat in the center. For a time this rome was his home away from home. The valet who parked the car even took the liberty of bringing their bags up. "Im sorry about that. He said as he took off his jacket and tie before unbuttoning the top three buttons of his shirt and flopping on the bed.
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99 problems and none of them is because of her or her problem. Yay.

Kimberly wanted to bring the plate of food with them. She also wants to tell Shukri the next time he calls her a whore she’s going to hit him. She’s not a whore. It must be his type though because he keeps calling her a whore. Maybe he’s mad that his adopted brother has someone like her. Someone with a real job.

Ha, did you hear her? She call herself his. Weird. Is this his club? Why are they at his club and not to hotel? [#Af18ae So this is your baby. Old school. Why is everyone here and not the hotel?] she asks keeping a close distance to him. The roaring twenties.

[#Af18ae I thought they are small time gangsters. Are they really scaring you guys this much? This place feels more safe than a military base. Not that i would know...] she mumbles to him as they approached the VIP section. This will be the first time she’s ever sat at a VIP section. It would be nice if she wasn’t in pajamas. Kim sat down on the red leather seat. It was cold against the bare skin that touched it. [#Af18ae For the record you haven’t answered any of my questions from earlier.] she looks at him. Trying to stay calm. Trying not to worry. If she dates him this would be a constant thing. Can she live with that? She watched as a waiter hands him a drink and the way he sent her away. It was as if he’s the king here. Personally it’s too early for drink.

Kim sits up seeing Maria being carried in. She could hear her comparing. How she’s not afraid of them low life wanna be and she was out cake tasting for her wedding. To finalize the tineiest details for her big day.
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ivan followed her down and noticed it was his brother at the door. ivan growled when he heard him refer to her as a whore before stepping around the corner. "sorry," was all Shukri said on the matter ivan knew he was sleeping with his assistant and were an unofficial item but having the woman he was falling for be called a whore chapped ivan raw. "i guess uts true you're sleeping with her," Shukri commented seeing his brother in his boxers.

ivan made his way up to kims room and shut the door. as he got dressed. all the while watching her pack and then change. whether or not either wants to admit it yet they were in a relationship. unorthodox but still a relationship. when he was done dressing he remembered his weapon under the mattress. with his things ready he waited for her to finish. moving behind her he sighed as he hugged her reassuringly for a moment before making their way down to ivans Oldsmobile. "meet us at the club." ivan said as he loaded ther belongings in the trunk of the car. "street rats wont come close unless they have a death wish."

ivan got in and drove off towards their destination. as he drove he reached over and pulled Kimberly across the bench seat and draped an arm around her as he drove with one hand. when they arrived at the club he handed the keys to the wating valet. There wernt many people outside, just a few gangsters from the italian Russian and even the irish families, each of whom nodded their welcomes. The bouncers opened the doors for them as they walked inside. The music stopped when ivan entered as the patrons cheered before the vintage jazz and swing band continued to play.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of the 20's to 50's and at least half of the people inside were wise guys, mobsters. There were more guns here than in a police station. This was a safe haven for mobsters. No motorcycle clubs or gangbangers allowed. One time bangers tried a drive by on the club but were unfortunate enough to not walk away from the hail of gunfire presented by nearly fifty mobsters who rushed outside to get a pice of the action. Not to metion nearly twenty dead bodies dropped in the 72 hours after the attempted attack just as a message that the club was off limits.

Ivan led them to the VIP lounge where two visibly armed guards stood at the entrance. One of whom greeted them, "its a pleasure to have you back Mr. Sokolov." No sooner did they sit on the red leather loveseat did a waitress approach with a martini. Ivan took the drink and waved off the woman. Most everyone treated him like royalty here, after all it was his club.
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If he want to be keto busy he should work at the hospital. Whenever it’s a slow day a newbie would jinx it and then chaos would brew. It happens a lot. He said he now has a reason to quit. It better not be because of her. Is family would hate her. Despite them liking her because she’s the first girl he either showed interested or had his family know about. She finishes the sausage, stabbing another one. But he moves the plate away from her. It made her pout. He pulls her close to him. It was unexpected but yet it was. He tends to things like that. Perhaps it’s how he gets the girls. Maybe it works? Kim is just getting oddly used to it.

She didn’t peg him as a club owner. But it does make sense why he has someone else run it. He’s a busy man. [#Af18ae Shoot. What’s your question?] oh no...his words made her mind recap on what he was talking about. It was more of a peer pressure thing. Out of fear. When it came to his family. As for the what happened at work she would rather have them think she got laid then spend time with the mafia family. She doesn’t need her friends to be scared of her because she went with them. It’s not like she had a choice but she can’t tell them that.

Kim let out a quick chuckle. He wants to date her. Her? She’s nobody. She can’t do anything for him besides patch him up. He didn’t give her a chance to speak when he kisses her. Yea, she could’ve pulled back but she didn’t. Her love life is non-existing. By choice. Going on maybe three years give or take. She closes her eyes and feel her hands drift to his hair. Kim pulls away before anything happens. [#Af18ae Wh-why me?] she asks out of breath.

Before she could do anything else, the doorbell rang. Kimberly hops over him to answer the door. Halfway down the stairs there was a hard bang. She quickly answers it only to have Shukri burst in looking furious. Bloody.

“These stupid fuck small gangs are getting on my last nerves.” Kim closes the door. She examines him to see if it’s him that’s bleeding or if it’s someone else’s blood on him. “Pack your shit. They’re striking small people.”
[#Af18ae Or it can be a trap to hbe everyone in one location...]
“My assistant is dead. I’m sure Ivan doesn’t want his precious whore dead.” Kim took a few steps back before running up to her room to pack. She doesn’t need to be threatened or shoved into a car again. She doesn’t want to go to their hotel.
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ivan chuckled when she said he falls asleep easily. when she moved on to his work he shrugged and watched as she ate. "ive never had a reason to quit...untill recently." he said as he moved the plate to an end table so he could move closer. laying on his side he pulled her close so he could snuggle with her. "i guess the only reason i still do it is because it gives me something exciting and stimulating to do." he said nonchalantly. "i mean i could just manage my nightclub instead of having my brother do it for me if i need to keep busy."

"now here's a question for you," he said as he smiled and asked, "since you care on indulging my family and your coworkers that we're together," referring to their time before and during the banquet and her friend at work wondering if he was the one she slept with. "why dont we just make it official?" resting a hand on her cheek he used hs thumb to whipe away the syrup at the corner of her mouth. "be my woman Kim." he said the last part more as a statement and didnt give her time to respond before kissing her on the lips.
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All she wanted to do was talk. Ivan didn’t seem to want to or get it. Although the kiss her gave her did make her mind finally shut down. He easily fell asleep. She stood up watching him. The street lamppost gave her room a weird musty yellow tint. She ran her hand through his hair before resting it on his chest. Her fingers played with her bottom lip until her eyes finally called it a day.

It was hard to stay asleep. Everything woke her up. The stupid cat meowing. The sound of a car driving by. Voices of people walking by. She could’ve swore she heard a mugging happening. When Ivan got up she watched him leave. She wasn’t expecting him to be in her kitchen. She puts a pillow on top of her head. It muffled the sound a little.

Kimberly sat up just to glare at him for a few seconds. [#Af18ae You know you fall asleep as fast as a toddler right?] she says shifting to face him. Her legs crisscrossed. A pillow on her lap. She stabs a sausage that had some syrup on it. [#Af18ae When we first met you said you hbe enough to retire. Why are you still doing this if it’s true? You did say you don’t really enjoy it. Unless you lied.] she says watching him. [#Af18ae Are you sure you won’t get in trouble? I don’t mind if you have too. I’ll be running errands so I’ll be busy. Maybe even go see a movie.] she adds talking with her mouth full. Kim wanted to ask him about the kiss last night. But it’s too early for that.
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ivan nodded as his head, "yeah I've already reported in." he commented as he looked down at her and wrapped his arm around her as he tilted her chin up. "how about we take the day off tomorrow. I'll take you anywhere you want to go or we could stay in bed for half the day." he gave her a kiss on her lips as he held her tight. that night he slept better than he had in years.

in the morning he woke up promptly at six to start breakfast. he found a large platter which piled waffles and sausage on the plate and smothered it in syrup. bringing the food up to the bedroom he prodded her awake and set the plate between them as he got back in bed then handed her a fork before he started eating himself. "morning," he sai between bites. having his fill he laid on his side and watched her.
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Kimberly wasn’t functioning. Compared to the last time she showered with him, she didn’t care if he saw her. She buried her face against his chest when he hugged her. There wasn’t even a reaction when the water got cold.

When they got to her room she searched for some pajamas before crawling into her bed. [#Af18ae Thanks for staying. You won’t get in trouble right? Not sure how being a cleaner works...] Kimberly hesitated to place her head on his chest. She moved it to his shoulder since her hair is wet. [#Af18ae Did you get what you needed back at the hospital?] Kim asks looking up at him. Her hand was curled under her chin. Her eyes move to the door. It was cracked open. It never scared it. Maybe as a kid. But today is a little different. Why was today different?

Her mind goes back to what happened. Poor Brian is probably more scared than her. As much as she wants to go see him tomorrow she’s going to keep a distance from the hospital until the call her. It’ll give her a chance to go for a long run. Maybe even clean. Go shopping.
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ivan was supprised to hear her ask him to stay. he figured she'd want as much space from criminals of any kind after today. he followed her up to her room untill she went into the shower. seeing this as a good time to call his boss headed down to his car and retrieved an overnight bag from his trunk, all the while on the phone explaining everything that happened. when ivan mentioned that he would finish his work in the morning Nikoli was almost flabbergasted. ivan never stopped a job except for a nap, a meal, and a bathroom break. by nap it was just that, a one to three hour nap. in fact ivan barely slept before and couldnt quite call it relaxing. over the past two nights he felt like he slept slept longer and better since meeting Kimberly.

after ending the call ivan made his way back inside and checked on Kimberly. the water was still running in the shower. knocking on the door to the bathroom he announced himself as he walked in. he could see her figure beyond the plastic shower curtain. she was ok but would soon use up all the hot water. "your usiung all the hot water. if your not done in there prepare for some company."

the shower was small, average more so. there wasnt as much space as the one in his penthouse. ths was certainly more intimate. ivan was quick to lather up and get clean but he noticed she was still startled from the incident. he took the liberty of washing her. as he did he though about how his life would be without her. he almost lost her even though less than seventy-two hours ago he was on the fence of whacking her as a witness. eventually the water ran cold but he stood there and pulled her against him as his arms snaked around her. his main though was her kissing him on the cheek before leaving this moring and how he wanted that every morning. turning off the water he took her hand and led her back to the bedroom. putting on a pair of boxers he slid into bed and waited for her to join him.
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To kill someone with a defibrillator is called R-on-T phenomenon. Kimberly has seen people die. But to have someone die because it was literally a life and death situation is surreal. There were moments when she wouldn’t blink but when she did she wouldn’t stopped blinking. It repeated for a while. It made everything hobby quickly. One second she was at the hospital. Somehow made it outside. To being in a car with a joint in her hand. Then home.

Kim didn’t lightthe joint. Nor did she put it down until the got home. It has been a long time since she smoked. Leaving the joint on the passenger seat When Ivan helped her out. The lock is definitely new. It’s a lot shiner than the last one. Her house keys were still in her car. Not that it matters because she never did get the key for the new lock. The new lock Ivan got because of Seiko.

[#Af18ae Stay the night. Please. You don’t have sleep on the couch this time.] Kimberly smiled a little. Her legs were on autopilot when they got inside. Her legs took her up to her bathroom to shower. To rinse away Her feelings temporarily. The hot water feels amazing and mesmerizing. The way it feels and sounds hitting her head, trickling down her body. The bathroom began to fog up. It didn’t bother her watching the visibility change.
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ivan searched the floor to the point that he was an object of fascination for the officers and even a few of Kimberlys coworkers. it wasnt untill a yelp of pain caught everyones attention. ivan just barely seen what happened and even reached for his weapon only to remember that it was still at Kimberlys under her mattress. he had ran out so quick he forgot his gun.

instead he pulled out a switch blade and readied himself to kick in the door. as he took a step back the door flung open and Kimberly came running out. catching her ivan held her by the shoulders as he peered around her to catch a glimpse of who it was. apparently by the tattoos ivan could see he was a small time banger. officers were quick in moving in followed by medical staff to resuscitate him. ivan had all he needed and escorted her out of the building and to his car. she wasnt going to be fit to drive after kiling someone. it wasnt commonplace in her world.

once in his car ivan pulled a joint from the cars ash tray. thankfully nevada was a medical marijuana state. he always kept a little smoke on him for his 'glaucoma'. lighting the joint he handed it to Kimberly as he started the car and drove back to her house in silence. when they got there he got out and opened the passenger door for her.
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Okay. He got a bit scarier. [#Af18ae What a way to ask a girl...] she said chuckling. She nods and went to go park. Again. Might as well get this over with. Can’t let him get busted or mess up her work place. She puts on her sweater and grabs her ID. This should be interesting.

Kimberly easily walked around. Not bumping into anything or anyone. This is her zone. Being back, the girl forgot that he was with her. Felt bad watching him [i ‘play in traffic’]. She took him to each room. Even helped out a little. Work wise. With the coworkers. Not Ivan. He can handle his own. Plus she doesn’t want to witness any brutality.

She waited for him so she can take him to the secure floor. It took a while to get in. Everyone was on full alert. He must still be roaming freely. Joy. [#Af18ae Good luck finding him... for all we know he can be in the ceiling or under someone’s bed.] she mumbles.

One of her coworker/friend walks up to them. Grinning. “Is this the guy?”
[#Af18ae What guy?]
“The mystery man. Are you the mystery man who she slept with her last night? If she actually slept with someone. She’s a robot and works a lot.” The girl said to them grinning. Playing with her stethoscope.
[#Af18ae Okay... get back to work... please... for the love of everything...] Kim says gently pushing her friend away from them. Clearing her throat, Kim looks at him. [#Af18ae I may have lied about my whereabouts and why I didn’t come to work last night. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to say where and who I was with.] Kim walks to the nurses station search see if anyone else matching the description he gave her out in the parking lot. She wrote down a address seeing one guy got discharged. [#Af18ae Besides the loose one. This is your last guy. He went home a few minutes ago.]

Her little stud muffin from room 315 shouts to her. “Hey Kiki.”
[#Af18ae Hey little man. How are you feeling.] little Brain Miller is on a lung transplant list. He also happens to really like her. He likes her so much he may have stolen some flowers to give to her. It was cute but he took it from someone who just gave birth. She told him to return it.

[#Af18ae Go do your thing. I’ll be here with this little guy.]
“Who’s this poser?”
[#Af18ae Hey. Don’t be rude. He’s just a friend.]
“I still plan on marrying you. I got a cherry ring pop. Your favorite.” Kim laughs. “What?”
[#Af18ae I’m going with him to get a scan done. It should take long.] she says looking at Ivan before following Brian and his nurse to the ultrasound room to check his lung. Four minutes being in the room and the loose criminal fell from the ceiling.

Everyone but Brain was scared. Kimberly has to keep him back before he got stabbed. He wanted to protect her with his tiny body. He acts differently around her. Her and her parents think it’s because he has a big crush on her and his older brother acts tough to get girls. If the door wasn’t closed she would’ve shouted for help. For Ivan.

Right now she regrets not adding his number to her phone. Not to mention she didn’t have her phone. Stupid move... The guy was tweaking and bleeding. Someone walks in by accident. The guy was quick to attack the ultrasound tech. They tried using this time to escape. However Kim wasn’t so lucky to get out in time.

“Stay back. I’ll kill her. I’ll kill her too!”
[#Af18ae Brian stay back. Go back to your room. Please. I’ll be fine. I promise.] she says trying to stay calm. They walk back into the room. He locks the door before letting her go. She was set free. Kim stood near a crash cart. Quietly turning it on. Putting it as high as it can go. She waited for him to get close enough, back towards her before shocking him and runs. [#Af18ae I’m ready to go home...] she says running. [#Af18ae i shocked a man. A live man who’s not crashing... I’m a horrible person.] she says shaking.
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ivan wasnt too keen on using Dr. Scott. "people who are scared tend to be unpredictable." looking at her he sighed before asking a question he didn't want to. "can you come with me? im not here to kill anyone but i am on the job. you might be wondering what exactly i do... im a cleaner. i clean up peoples messes. everything from assassination to interigation, crime scene sanitation to body disposal, even black balling. i do it all. and right now my father is livid. i need to find out what happened and get this mess cleaned up before he decides to wage a full scale gang war."

making his way inside and up to the fourth floor he had little chance to step out of the elevator before nearly being ran over by a doctor followed by a nurse. and she was right cops were crawling on this floor. going to the nurses station he gave a list of names and he was given the room numbers. at least a single guard was posted by the doors of the victims. most were just bystanders. but the one he needed had two guards posted outside. ivan was brazen enough to walk right in. one of the officers stopped ivan by placing a hand on his injured shoulder, soliciting a growl from ivan. the other officer leaned over and whispered, "THAT is Nikoli Molokai's right hand." the cops hand promptly dropped, even cops not on the payroll had a deep seeded fear of Nikoli and in turn ivan.

walking in the surviving biker was handcuffed to the bed. his heart rate spiked on the machine he was hooked to. "you know who i am and why im here, yes?"

"you're [i the] cleaner, right?"

"correct." ivan said before sitting on the bed and pulled out a note pad that already had five pages of notes. the biker was quick to spill what he knew. ivan even doubted he was this cooperative with the police. when he was finished he patted the man on the leg before leaving. all that was left was the criminal that was on the loose on level three.
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Kimberly honked at the person who almost hit her. She actually has time to do something and she almost got into a car collision. The car in front of her parked. She waited to curse them out but she didn’t expect to see Ivan. She lowers the window. He was quick to say why he was there. The girl gulps looking st the roof of her car. Of course. [#Af18ae Of course... there was a handful. Two of them are dead. One died arriving and the other died on the surgery table. The rest is on the fourth floor. But the place is crawling with cops. There’s literally two in every corner. Maybe more. Oh and there’s a criminal on the lose on the third floor and it’s on lock down. You’ll have a hard time getting in or out.] she looks at him wondering why he’s looking for them. How many people does he have to kill? [#Af18ae Dr. Scott is scared of you. Maybe he can help.] she says looking in her glove compartment to get his card. She likes having a few doctors cards in hand in case someone she knows needs to be seen. Might as well get seen by people she trust and/or like. She hands him Dr. Scott’s card.
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