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____ is apart of the mafia. Secretly. He does the dirty work. No one but the head of the family knows who he is and what’s hes capable of. Others think he’s a family friend when he does show up to events.

Monica on the other hand is a simple register nurse. She met ___ a few times. The first time she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. The second time she may haves stupidly saved him after a meeting behind a ally. He jumps over the fence to her backyard after a shootout followed by sirens. She took him since to pitch him up and hide from the cops. Why? Because she’s stupid.

[center [i That’s all i got... need someone to play a male and help develop the plot. Char limit is 1,000. Prefer real picture but I can do anime if you use a unique picture.]]


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Kimberly smiles. [#Af18ae I can make a phone call. I know someone who loves dressing people up.] maybe they can match. It’s exciting m. The girl pulls back to look at him. [#Af18ae I have weird friends. Don’t shoot anyone. They mean no harm. Can’t speak for anyone else. There’s also fights once in a while. Just giving you the run down.] she says wiggling her eyebrows. Can’t have him take someone down. She’ll never be invited to a party again or will be told to never date again because she attracts physicals. Ha ha. [#Af18ae Oh and it’s not a club. It’s a massive house party.]

The girl gives him another kiss before going to get the house phone to call her friend. He’s going to go crazy. Home girl is finally dating someone. Hell even probably figure out what he does for a living. He’s good at knowing everyone who should be known. Those with big names. When the call ended she has to wiggle her ear. He was possibly made her deaf. [#Af18ae Clothes are taken care of. I would say I’ll give you a tour but you’ve been here already.] she says skipping back to the living room.

Kim grabs some of the bills to open them as she heads upstairs to her bedroom. A shower and a change of clothes would be nice. She doesn’t need this fancy dress in her place. Would he be okay with her place? The place that... crap. She was given three months notice to move out. Crap. Just what she needed. Kim hides it. She’ll deal with it when she’s alone. Maybe at work or something. [#Af18ae Are you to even go to clubs or parties?] she asks him getting ready to shower.

[center [ matching outfits.]]
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Ivan smiled at her comment about her place not being what he's used to. "This is better than renting rooms at the no-tell motels and homeless shelters around the city. Laying low tends to mean off grid for me. And listen, you don't have to put me up. I can still find a room before dark if your uncomfortable with me here." His expression was soft as he almost pitted her for being dragged through all the mess of his work and family.

"But to answer the question of what's going on... the cartels are supplying guns and drugs to the street gangs in a bid for power in Vegas and eliminating competition. What you witnessed the night we first met was supposedly my assassination. And as for who to watch for is simple, an Italian woman named Rose she was at the club with one of the other Dons. I won't get to deep into it but me and her had a love hate relationship. Now that I'm unavailable to her she [i might] try to do something."

Ivan wrapped his arms around her when she approached him. Giving her a kiss on the forehead. "Going to a party would be great for you and I'll come if you want me to. though I have absolutely nothing suitable for going to your average clubs."
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Kimberly felt weird being in a limo. Alone. Nevertheless, she did take advanced of it by laying down. Maybe even dozed off during the ride. Big bird woke her up announcing they’re here. She sat up but was taken back seeing someone standing at the door and it wasn’t even the driver! He instructed her to stay inside, but he saw who it was. [#Af18ae Ivan...] she carefully opens the door getting out. [#Af18ae Look at you out of your usual suit. Do you feel out of your element?] she asks giving him a kiss, kicking the door shut. Heels in her hand.

It’s like they switched [i elements] since she’s the one dressed up nicely and he’s in causal clothes. Walking to the front of her house rental monitor the mail after unlocking the door. With her back pressed against the door, pushing it open to allow him to walk inside, she went over the mail. Bill, bill, bill, catalog, bill, a letter from the owner, a package from the hospital, three mails from friends which are most likely some sort of invitation, and another bill. Fun.

[#Af18ae So What exactly is going on? It has to be really bad if everyone has to stay low. Not sure you’ll like being here since it’s nothing compared to what you’re used to but it’s homey.] she says closing the door. Locking it with one hand and dropping her heels with the other. Kimberly went to her gray console table to place her keys and the mail where the belong. The girl leans against it staring at his bags. It’s going to be weird having a guy staying with her. But it should be fun. Right? She’s gets to know him better. [#Af18ae I know my place isn’t nothing compared to all the place you stay at so let me apologize now for your future boredom... I’m sorry. But hey at least you temporarily get the living together thing. Just so you know I’m going to a party in two days. You’re free to come. Just don’t judge me...] she says giving him a nervous smile. Kim can dress up but it’s not normally fancy. It’s more... ghetto sexy? Or just sexy. Possibly slutty depending where and who’s throwing the event. Not to mention what the dress code is. It should be fun telling everyone she has a boyfriend. They can all suck a bag of dicks now and stop trying to set her up with people. [#Af18ae Is there anything I should know? Who to watch out for?] Kim walks up to him. Ivan is really wearing causal clothes. It’s weird seeing him like this. Cute though. Normal.
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Ivan made his way back up to the safe room of the club to pack a bag after the meetings were over. Instead of the usual suits he wore he opted for some more common casual wear, mostly t-shirts, shorts, and jeans. He also snagged a navy blue ball cap and hoodie. He promptly changed and grabbed Three guns; an AR-15 short barrel rifle with a folding stock, a [ KEG12], and a [ Coonan .357 magnum 1911]. he also grabbed what looked like a laptop bag but upon grabbing and pulling a handle on the front flap it unfolded into a torso length [ level III shield] with a view port. All of his equipment was easy to stow away on his person or in his overnight bag.

With everything he needed to maintain a low profile and still packing firepower he made his way out the back of the club where a private lot awaited. Ivan looked for one of his few cars it was an 86 Oldsmobile cutlass. It wasn't nearly as beautiful or as fast as his 69 Oldsmobile 442 but the v8 engine would still make it haul ass. The 86 cutlass was his go to if he needed to lay low. Making his way to kimberlys home Ivan managed to beat her there. He waited outside with his hat and hoodie concealing his face. When the limousine turned the corner and came to a stop he approached the door and tipped up his hat just enough for her to see his smile.
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This world is so weird. The way they spoke too each other. The way they freely point guns at each other to either prove a point or see who he bigger balls. Like usual it scares her. Kimberly crosses her leg as she drinks her beer. The bartender kept handing her drinks courtesy of different guys. Another weird phenomenon.

Kimberly sits up seeing hearing everyone out there shutting and straightening up. Her eyes goes to the group of leaders exiting. It made it sit up as well. A girl glances at her, Rose. Stealing one of her drinks after a long stare. She went to go talk to Paul Boucher aka Poppa Poutine. Poppa Poutine’s voice was deep and heavy. Somehow slightly soft somehow.

Ivan scared her. Again. She didn’t question him. Just followed. Kim did look back to see the girl glaring at her now. What did she do? Kim wanted to ask him about her, but she saw his family in the room. This has to be serious if she’s allowed to listen. Everyone looks serious and worried. When Nikolai told everyone they need to stay low no one seemed happy about it. Ivan was the first and only one to protest. He must like his job more than he admits.

Kim raises her hand for a few seconds before speaking. Hopefully she doesn’t get any backlash for speaking. [#Af18ae If I may... I was opposed to working for you, but I’ll help this time. This looks serious considering all the important but hey dangerous people gathered together. But just for this family. As long as I don’t die.]
“What if we have allies who got injured while being with us?” Shukri asks.
[#Af18ae If they’re really important it’ll come with a pricey. Literally. I personally could careless about them. I’m not dating anyone in their family.] Maria smiles sticking out her tongue.
“I like her. Spoken like a true business women. I say you did a good job picking this one.” Maria says looking st everyone to see if the agree.
“She’s replaceable. He should’ve kicked someone who’ll benefit the family. We can pay editors and whores.”Shukri hs a weird look on his face. To her it was weird. She can’t speak for anyone else.
[#Af18ae I’m really getting tired of you calling me a whore...] Kimberly gets up, [#Af18ae We’ll I’m going home. Thanks for including me i guess..] she turns to Ivan and gives him a kiss. [#Af18ae Welcome to the normal club. Temporarily. I guess it’s safe for me to say pack your things and stay with me. It’s a good place to stay low.] Kimberly gave him a quick smile before exiting the room. She’s not going to leave without getting a martini.

Seiko was talking to the mystery girl. Kim told the bartender Ivan will pay for the drink. Her bag could stay here. In case she sleeps over she’ll have something here. Unless he replaces everything. Which she has a feeling he would. By the way he looked at her pajamas. Walking out the club she ignored the stares. Kept her poker face on to make it look like she belongs.

Kimberly is okay with walking home. She doesn’t remember if she brought her cellphone. If she has too she’ll take off her heels and walk home. No shame in her game. She didn’t make it too far until Seiko and Rose approaches. Offering her a ride. They did offer her to join them on getting their hair done. At this point kimbery just wants to go home. Before she could accept the ride Big Bird clears his throat. He was one for little words. He looks at Kimberly and nods to the limo she was in a few days ago. It was enough said to let the girls walk away.

[#Af18ae Thanks Big Bird. Still don’t like you though.] she says smiling following him.
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The meeting of the bosses and the bikers was rather lengthy. The bikers were there because they had information. Apparently the cartels have been funding the street gangs and are making a power play to get control of territory in Vegas. Apparently the Hispanic MCs are siding with the street gangs and cartel. Those that refused were delt with in unfavorable means like a drive by in front of a mob casino in broad daylight against an MC. The MCs were also there to pledge loyalty to the families of vegas. Everyone has a stake in this fight wether they like it or not.

Ivan did notice another cleaner at the meeting. Rose is the name she uses but ivan knew it was an alias. Their paths often crossed in their work. Sometimes she'd try killing him, others she'd try, and did, sleep with him. On a few occasions both occurred in the same night. After the meeting was over she approached him and gave her best smirk as she reached out to play with his tie. When he knocked her hand away a look of surprise washed over her face. He was always cold and distant but he was completely closed off to her now. This made her turn away with a scowl.

When everyone but Nikoli and ivan left one of the security guards led the family in. Nikoli even suggested that Kimberly sit in with them. Ivan made his way to the vip lounge and took Kimberly by the hand and led her into the small conference room past the kitchen. When they were all seated Nikoli said, [b "things are heating up here and i want my kids safe. Ivan already had an assassination against him and only made it out thanks to Kimberly."]

"Assassination? I felt more like i was getting mugged." ivan remarked.

[b "in any case... I want you three to lay low until the wedding. After that get out of town."] Nikoli noticed ivans attention drift. [b that incudes you ivan. You're on vacation."]

Ivan was floored. Not once was he ever told to take a vacation. "But pops..."

[b "ivan! Their first move was against you and you've been injured from it. Next time they won't be sloppy. Other people can fill in for you... As of now you're off the job."]
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Kimberly did wonder why they were up here. At first she thought this was them hiding or him keep her safe. This is them waiting. Waiting for his entire family. [#Af18ae I’m totallly okay with that.] the less she know the better. There’s no telling if she’ll ever get captured and they torture her for some information. Would she even sing like a canary?

The thought of it sent a shiver down her back. It’s best if she doesn’t think about that either. Ivan was quick of the bed. It made her jump off the bed too. She looks down to see lots of movements. What did he see that she isn’t? Either way she decided to get dressed. Kim slipped on jeans but he tells her to wear something nice. Of course. Thankfully she packed a few new interns. Kimberly slips on a black shoulder dress that hugged her body. It’s sometjing she’s not used too but it is nice. One of the many items she received from his family. [#Af18ae Do you always carry all of that? What’s going on?] she asks leaning against the wall to put on simply black heels with ankle straps. Kim didn’t have any accessories so what she’s wearing should do. Her hands kept smoothing out the dress.

Kim follows him out. Taking in their secret entrance to his secret mirror studio. [#Af18ae Be careful...] she says before going to the bar to get a drink.

“A new face. Who are you with?”
[#Af18ae “I’m not sure if it’ll be safe to say it out loud. Can I get a beer?]
“Smart, but I still want to know. Can’t be shooting the wrong people.” Kim arches an eyebrow at him. He laughs before getting her a beer. Kim jumps when someone’s gently taps her and told her to to wait in the VIP section where they say earlier so no one would mess with her. With a nod she follows the guy over there.

[center [ the dress]]
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She was right. Moving in together would be too fast at the moment. He gave her a half smile. "I would love for you to call me your boyfriend and i promise i wont hurt you. I wont lie to you but i wont always tell you everything at least for now." ivan laid back on the bed. We will be buzzed when its time for us to go back down. If my siblings are here then Nikoli and Olga are going to be here sometime soon. We're about to have a sit down. Thats where all important business is conducted. For now we wait."

Ivan looked up at the mirrored ceiling and noticed that something was happening in the club below them. Getting up ivan walked around the bed to see what was going on. Nikoli and Olga finally arrived but behind them were the Dons of the italian and irish families. Lastly a small group of bikers followed them towards the back. Patrons of the club moved out of the way of the bosses but as the bikers passed anyone paking heat had their weapons drawn and trained on them. "Shit!" ivan exclaimed. Things wernt good at all if the mob bosses of vegas were having a sit down not to mention including the MCs.

Ivan was quick to get dressed making sure to have his kevlar under his shirt. Lifting the bed once more ivan grabbed his Five seveN but remembered it was used in a crime scene just recently. It woud have to be laundered to make it useable again. Instead ivan opted to go for some serious firepower. Exchanging his shouler holster for a rather custom one that allowed the concealing of a sawed off or compact shotgun on his right and extra shells and a glock holster with a spot to hold a silencer on the left. He also opted for an ankle holster and a pancake holster at the small of his back. His weapons were a serbu super shorty and a full-auto converted Glock17 with extended magazine in his shoulder rig. The walther PPK he was going to give Kimberly went in the ankle holster along with a spare mag. The last weapon was a Raging Judge snub nose. He loaded the massive five shot revolver with .454 casull rounds which could kill a Kodiak in kevlar or drop an eight ton bull elephant. On his belt he carrie an extra two extended mags for his G17, two speed loaders of three inch magnum .410 shells and an extra speed loader of .454 casull. Finding a suitable jacket to put on that would conceal the weapons well, ivan waited on Kimberly to get dressed, even commented that she should wear the nicest outfit she packed, before going downstairs to the vip area.
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The phone call was short. She turns her head to watch him disappear. Kim shits her eyes. There’s no denying she wanted more excitement and adventure in her life, but this isn’t exactly what she wanted. It has been nice minus the threats of what would happen if she hurts him. It’s still laughable.

Her head drops when her hugged her. Saying she worried him. Aw. That’s sweet. One second he was hunting her and the next he had her on his lap. Feeding her steak. She slowly chews watching him. He’s strange. She wraps a arm around his neck.

Kimberly takes the fork aboit to grab some veggies when he asked her to move in with him. For a second she forgot to breath. [#Af18ae I would say you’re moving fast. I was going to wait until later to say if you hurt me I’ll be upset because it’ll make me look stupid for agreeing to make this thing official.] she wiggles her eyebrows before pooping some veggies Omer mouth. She looks up at the mirror ceiling. [#Af18ae As for the moving in... you’re moving way to fast. Breath. Enjoy this. Whatever this is and wherever it leads. Hopefully I’m alive towards the end.] Kim sets the fork down as she finishes chewing to speak some more. [#Af18ae For the record yesterday was terrifying. However, I’ve been through worse. I would tell you about it but you may kill the guy. Even when I tell you it wasn’t his fault. He had a massive brain tumor so it made him do it. He didn’t remember a thing after the surgery. Being a patient at the hospital you work at isn’t fun.] she says with a shrug. [#Af18ae Aren’t I distracting you from doing your job? I don’t want to be blamed for you not doing your thing.] Kim runs fingers through his hair looking at him. [#Af18ae So is it safe to say boyfriend or do you need more convincing?]
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Ivan looked down at the gun she handed back and sighed. it was subcompact but it wasnt a girl gun, it was actually an elegant piece and one of his first guns. It was even the gun used by james bond in 007. Putting the guns away he went to answer the phone. It was just the kitchen who called to inform them that their meals were outside the door. Ivan brought in the cart of food left outside the room. Malking closer to her he wrapped his arms around her from behind. "I just want you to stay safe. You scared me at the hospital yesterday." he begrudgingly admitted. Letting go of her he sat on the bed and pulled her into his lap.

he stabbed a piece of precut steak and popped it in his mouth before offering her a bite off the same fork.Ivan ate enough to quell the empty feeling in his stomach before letting her have the fork to finish eating. In the mean time he traced abstract patterns on her bare thighs. "If i asked you to move in with me, what would you say? It obviously wouldnt be here or at the hotel. We could pick something out together." he asked her as he looked up at her. Looking away he added, "its fine if you don't want to. I'll understand if you don't."
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It is very smart for him to empty it. She has zero idea how to handle a gun. Unless it’s froma video game, but even then she doesn’t know the name of them. Just which one she likes. Virtually. Guns in real life scares her.

It’s not exactly light. Cold to the touch. Everything he told her about his gun was already forgotten. Besides telling her about his gun he hasn’t said much to her. Made her wonder if she did something wrong. [#Af18ae Wow. You’re full of surprises and guns... now I know where to go for when a zombie apocalypses happens...] she has looking at his secret stash.

Ivan takes back his gun and hands her this tiny gun it’s actually cute. [#Af18ae Made in W. Germany, so West Germany... what is this a WW 2 gun? A girl gun? Are you giving me a gun?] she questions after his lesson on how to hold and aim a gun. She hands it back shaking her head. Again, guns scare her. [#Af18ae I can own a gun. I don’t know how to use one...] Kim looks away tucking the strand of her hair behind her ear as the phone rang. She walks away to sit on the floor to watch what is happening downstairs. Her legs tucked under her. Back pressed against the wall. Chewing on her bottom lip, Kimberly got up to finally put on the underwear he picked out of her. Playing this weird version of house is starting to freak her out. She can’t travel with a gun. It’ll make her paranoid. Just about getting caught with it. Not to mention she doesn’t know how to use one. She could lose a finger. She’s seen how badly you can get hurt for habdleling a gun wrong one too many times.
  Kimberly~ / Simply_Random / 250d 16h 41m 46s
Ivan smiled and found where he threw his jacket and holster. Pulling the gun from the holster he ejected the magazine and racked the slide to clear the chamber. He didnt know how experienced she was with guns so it was best not to hand her a loaded weapon. Handing her the gun he told her a little about it. "That is the FN Five seveN handgun. It chambers a 5.7 millimeter micro rifle round giving it superior penetrating power against kevlar vests" holding up the round for her to see it was a tiny projectile that would come out of the gun very fast.

Ivan remembered the incident at the hospital and decided to give her a gift. Lifting the bed it came up easily on hydraulic arms to reveal a small hidden armory. In total it held five rifles, four shotguns, eight SMGs, and twenty handguns. Ivan found the piece he was looking for, a walther ppk. It was engraved and chrome plated with pearl grips. It was already empty so he handed it to her before taking his pistol back. Standing behind her he showed her how to hold and aim her new gun.
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He was quick to have her pressed against him and on his bed. It was hard to believe that he stopped just to tell her she can only call him her boyfriend when they’re actually together. For once she’s is a position where a guy really wants her. Maybe it’s a weird game. But with how his family is treating and threatening her, it has to be real. Oh... it is real...

Everything was amazing. Before, definitely during, and the after with the light cuddling. This feels too good to be trie. It always is... it’s only a matter of time before things somehow change. For the worse. Kimberly watch him finally get out of bed. She face plants the bed smiling like a loser for a few seconds. When she looks up to find him in his boxers. The girl sits up thinking he’ll pass her, her things butnthe face the way he looked at them. It made her chuckle. [#Af18ae Better not make me change my wardrobe. I’m normal remember. All this fancy things aren’t really me.] she says crawling out of the blanket to put on his black silk button up shirt. [#Af18ae Silky. I can dig it.] Kim only buttoned three buttons from the middle. It’s just them. He’s seen her naked more than once.

Kim looks down seeing Maria on the phone. Angry. There goes the sour patch. Shaking her head she goes to check out his closet. [#Af18ae All of these look pricey. If I was to sell a suit or two I may pay off the rest of my student loans. You like me be because of normal... ish. But I’m hving a feeling you don’t do normal. I’m asusiming you want something that’s not mafia related. Am I right?] she asks looking at him closing the closet door. [#Af18ae Can... I... hold your gun?] she asks smiling. [#Af18ae Just don’t frame me for murder... I patched you up and we had sex. It’ll be a lame way to to.] she quickly adds before skipping over to him giving him her not so famous puppy dog eyes, standing in front of him.
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Shukri must hate him. She would of that was her. Adopted sibling doing a better job than the biological kid. What is Shukri is behind all of this madness? A weird twisted way of him proving to his father he can be better. Do better. The thought of it made her shiver.

This place is feels like a mirror maze from a carnival. If you’re not careful you’ll hit a mirror or bump into a ugly clown. Blah. Another horrible thought. [#Af18ae I’m pretty sure I don’t have a say to any of it. This isn’t really [i ‘my world’].] Kim looks at up at him when he hugged her. She examines his facial expression. He does act different when he’s around. It made her wonder if anyone else has seen this side of him. The loving and caring side. Not just the [i ‘I’ll kill you the next time you look at me funny and no one would ever know who killed because I do my job so well. For all your family knows you could be buried in your own home or served in a soup for the homeless.’] shes seem a few things on TV. Don’t mind her wild imagination.

Funny how he wants some sort of normalcy in is life. While she wanted to do more in hers. Kimberly hasn’t done anything but work for three years. Trying to get somewhere in life on her own. She still hates her ex for cheating since she moved out here for him. [#Af18ae I think it weird how your family thinks I’ll hurt you somehow. Yet I’m worried about the same thing but the opposite. You hurting me...] Kim says poking his chest. Maybe a little too hard so she mumbles an apology chuckling. [#Af18ae Now should I call you the cleaner, crown prince, Ivan or something like boyfriend since everyone thinks we’re dating?] her eyes goes on the bullet wound. A finger gently touching it. The hand that was on his chest snakes up to the back of his neck as she got on her toes again to give him another kiss. No hesitation this time. A real kiss. A kiss that started out as a tap kiss. Slowly turning into something more.
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"It's its bullet proof and mirrored along with the entire ceiling. This is my inner sanctum. No one, not even my family can reach me in this room." Ivan pinched the bridge of his nose iun an attempt to relieve some tension when she asked about the 'crown prince'. "Honestly i dont know how i feel about it. Some days i feel like im the lost puppy that was taken in. But thats not to say that pup didnt grow into a fierce guard dog for his adopted family. I guess thats why i started working for the family." he paused for a moment. "Thinking about it... Dad never told me no. I had my first gun when i was fourteen. Took hand to hand combat lessons since i was nine with seven black belts to this date. But yeah this club is the only thing i built and im treated like royalty here. Hell this club stabilized peace between the opposing families. Wise guys always welcome was my slogan. I didnt care what family you're from everyone's family here. Since stability happened i became my fathers right hand. And thats when Maria started the 'crown prince' thing."

Ivan was ecstatic after kissing her tough he didnt show it. Im sorry about that. If you want somethng to eat use the phone on the desk and dial two for the kitchen. Order anything you want even if its something from a restaurant you like. Someone will go pick it up." ivan had his eyes closed as he laid on the bed until she asked if they were staying here for the night. Getting up he slid open a glass pannel revealing more extensions to the main room such as a bathroom with a shower and a closet where they could keep their clothes. There were times ivan wouldnt leave for weeks at a time. "Yeah...We will most likely be staying here tonight." he said as he took off his shirt and hung it up before walking over to her and wrapped his arms around her "that wouldnt be too bad would it"
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