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"I could take him somewhere else", she says as she shrugged then coughed from the dust in the air, looking around as she waved to the owner of the motel, who sighed and waved back, knowing how she is.
Sam bent down and checked the guy for a pulse. Sure enough, she was right. "Yep. He's not actually dead." Sam said with a sigh.

"Well... I think it's time we get out of here before he wakes up." Dean said, looking at her. "That includes you, sweet cheeks." He said with a chuckle
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 21h 11m 11s
"I dont know your dad and I guess your right", she says add she set the bat inside the room "I don't hunt",she added. If you looked closely on the bat, you could see names carved into it, them mostly being Jewish and Irish names. She also had numbers tattooed on the inside of her lower arm but you could barely see them now since that was many years ago "and just so you know, he ain't dead...but he is a neo-Nazi, which I despise with a fucking passion",she growled out.
Sam chuckled. "Well... For one, you're too tall to be an average person. And for two.." He pointed to the bear of a man dead on the floor.

Dean stepped up to Sam's side. "Do you hunt for a living? Did you know our dad?" He asked stiffly.
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 10d 5h 17m 34s
She narrows her eyes at them "how do you know that and I live here", she says as she wiped some dust from her face and neck as she gripped the baseball bat in her hand.
Dean looked at her, then to Sam. "What do you think?" He mouthed to Sam.

Sam watched Dean mouth the words, but made no effort to quiet his words. "You're a mutant... aren't you?" He asked her softly. "What are you doing all the way out here?"
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 11d 13h 19m 46s
She walked out with the baseball bat still in her hand, blood on the side from the sheer force of the hit "yea, peachy",she replied on a thick Irish accent as she looked at them, her right eye bright blue and her left eye emerald green.
As they heard the yelp and thud, they both rush out their room and around to her back door. They stopped as they saw the bear of a man.

"Well.... I guess we weren't needed....." Dean muttered softly.

"Hey! Are you alright in there?!!" Sam called out to her
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 12d 2h 7m 22s
She smiled to herself but it soon went away when she heard what sounded like something trying to get into her room and grabbed the baseball bat and stealthily walked to the back door and once the robber stepped in, she swung her bat and connected with his head, making the burglar yelp and fall to the ground unconscious, the man being twice her size which isn't saying much since she stands 6'4".
Sam's ears perked up.

"She heard you, idiot." He told Dean.

"Well shit. What do you want me to do about it?" Dean asked him
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 12d 2h 14m 18s
She had her ear pressed to the wall and since she was a mutant, she had enhanced hearing then backed away from the wall and walked back to the bed and started to dismantle her guns, grabbing some cleaning supplies from the bag and took apart her sniper rifle, music playing on the worn down radio.
As they closed and locked their door, Dean laughed.

"Think the hunter next door heard us?" He softly asked Sam.

"Probably Dean. Not sure why you assume she's one of us though..." Sam replied simply
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 12d 2h 18m 42s
She rolled her eyes since she could hear her and could walk fine them closed her door, locking it and grabbed out a suitcase from under the bed, opening it, revealing many guns and other types of weapons, a baseball bat with her initials crudely carved into it propped up in the corner of the room, right by where she sleeps.
They pulled up in a black '67 impala with blacker rims and parked at the motel. They got out on each side and closed both doors before even speaking.

"This the place?" Sam asked skeptically.
"Last place I heard they were." Dean said to him.
"Let's just get this over with then..." Sam sighed.
They walked up to the front of the motel to check in. "Yeah... A room for two." Dean said.
The lady behind the desk looked up at them. "Names?" she asked. "Carl," Sam said. "Chuck," Dean said, as they both attempted to sound southern. "ID's?" She asked before they could hand them the fake IDs. "Good enough for me..." She mumbled before making them sign and pay. "Your room is the one next to the girl with the bum leg. Poor thing." She said as she hand them their room keys.

"Yeah. Thanks." Dean said with a nod to Sam. They went to their room.

"So now what Dean?" Sam asked him outside the door. "I don't know Sammy... I'm thinking." Dean replied hastily as he opened the door.
  Sam & Dean / MasterEragon / 12d 2h 27m 52s
Amy parked her car in the parking lot of the rundown motel where she was practically living in then grabbed her stuff from the passenger seat as she shut the car off. She was wearing a black Rammstein shirt with a plaid long sleeve button up shirt over it, ripped up blue jeans and brown work boots, purple thin rimmed glasses on her face and her hair cut short.

On her right leg was a brace that went up to her knee and looked like she had made it herself, she walked to her room and opened the door, setting her stuff on the extra bed.

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