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[K2D Jay smiled as she looked directly at the birthmark, taking in the fact that she had found one of her teammates and it didn't take her even half a day. She followed behind Alerion as he carried the sticks, mostly thinking to herself as she was quiet for a few moments. [i [#DDA0DD 'So that was the feeling that they were talking about. It would only happen when I found my teammate and it only felt like a bullet going through my body.' ]] She complained to herself before getting besides Alerion as they walked towards his camp.

[#9400D3 Hey Alerion, what if I told you that we were guardians of a whole kingdom?" ] Jay finally asked, breaking the silence as she looked over into the other boy's face. She had a smoothness about her, it was in the way she walked and how she talked. She had the edges of her lips always turned into a frown, her hands in her pockets as she awaited for the answer. ]
The blonde male listened to her question and he started to sidetrack before he shook his head, thinking on how much food he had as he grabbed his backpack, checking as he nodded [+blueviolet "Oh yeby the looks of it, there's enough for three people, so us two are okay"] He said as he smiled, his dimples showing before he noticed her looking at him, the male was wearing a brown trench coat over a grey jacket under and a long sleeve black V-cut shirt under it all as he ran his fingers through his hair.

He blinked as he was suddenly asked something about her wrist and he looked at her mark, tilting his head as it looked oddly familiar to Scorpio. Tilting his head, he mumbled [+blueviolet "Ah.... Well..... Yes, I do.... But.... How do you know that? "] He asked as he showed her the back of his neck, small notches in his skin that looked like the sign of Pieces. [+blueviolet " I have only this. My mother said it's a birthmark"] He said softly before he turned around d again, letting the hair in the back cover the mark.

[+blueviolet "Umm... Well, anyway, c'mon. Let's go to my campsite and we can eat something"] He said as he looked around d for the pile of sticks he was going to use for the fire and he walked over to the fallen tree, grabbing a few large branches from it here and there before he walked off, his feet crunching the leaves under him.
  Alerion Wester / Grey_ / 3d 18h 36m 36s
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[K2D [#9400D3 "Do you have enough food and water to feed both of us? Because if you don't... Well, I can last until I get back." ] The girl simply said, her eyes looking over every inch of Alerion's body that she could see. [#9400D3 "Do you have some kind of mark or scar? Mine looks like this." ] The girl finally said out of curiosity, since this boy did give her a weird and odd feeling. She held out her left wrist, showing him the notches in her skin in the form of a scorpio symbol.

She wondered if he actually had one because if he didn't, she'd probably have to kill him and she didn't want to kill this nice boy. She then just stared at the ground as she let him look and inspect her wrist, her wings fluttering against her back a bit. ]
Ale room looked at her with his brown eyes, examining her purple hair and eyes, then examining her wings. Of course, being a gentlemen, he knew not to stare at a ladies body as he looked at her eyes and listened to her before he tilted his head. [+blueviolet “Oh....I’m interested...but no won’t pry”] he said softly and smiled as he stood up straight.

[+blueviolet “Oh? My name? My name is Alerion. Alerion Wester, nice to meet you Jay”] he hummed softly and smiled before he gently bowed to her and then stood upright again as he looked at her, then realized she glanced at his bag. Of course, getting the sudden urge to help her, he smiled. [+blueviolet “Oh my, you must have been out here for awhile. Umm, maybe you would like some water? Maybe some food? I have some in my bag, I was just about to eat before I saw you here”] he chimed as he took his bag off and started rummaging throug it. Taking out a bottle of water and a snack for the las.
  Alerion Wester / Grey_ / 4d 10h 15m 24s
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[K2D The girl slowly but surely took her cloak back, just staring at the boy as if he was something of her interest. She then let out a smile, her lips both thin and purple. [#9400D3 "What I am? That'll be another story for another day. But my name is Jay." ] She simply said, bowing a tiny bit in mostly respect and to see what his reaction would be to her kind gesture. She currently had no food or water and she noticed how the boy carried a camping bag with him and her eyes lit up.

She wasn't bothered by the cold at all, in fact she was constantly unnaturally cold to the touch. It was late fall of course though, the dead leaves spread around everywhere. She managed to slip her cloak back on, wrapping it tightly around herself. [#9400D3 "What's your name?" ] She finally asked, ignoring the sharp pang of hunger and the dryness of her mouth. She sat back on a fallen log, staring up at the pale male. ]
Alerion took a large step back, tensing up as if he were about to be attack by the lady before he gulped and slowly calmed down. The male looked stared at her violet eyes, not hearing any sound but the hushed winds of the forest and gentle rustle of the trees as the pale moonlight beamed off her and Alerion. Making his stare in astonishment, he noticed the cloak fall off.

After it fell off, his wide, curious brown eyes looked at her. Revealing who she actually was, and definitely, wasn't your normal human. As he looked at her hair to her toe tips, his examination realized, she wasn't from here, due to the wings that we're tightly tucked along her back as he shivered slightly, coughing gently, blushing at her features just the slightest. [+blueviolet[b "Ah.... Y-you gave me quite the scare miss..... Um... Here, you dropped your cloak. It's quite chilly out tonight, so I would recommend you wear it"]] He said softly, bending down as he uncooked it from the tree stump and handed it to her, a soft smile on the boys pale face.

Now for the real part.... Who was she? What was she? And why is she here? Questions swirled in his head like a tornado as he examined her again, the slight curiosity if what she was, leading down to the hunting knife of ebony and her wings. He seemed to have gone quiet as he shivered himself before he looked at her, tilting his head. [+blueviolet[b "Um.... If I may ask.. Who are you? And.. Well what are you? "]] He asked. He already got quite the hint of what she was, obviously a fallen angel. But for now, he wanted to know who she was and why he has never seen her. Due to knowing almost everyone in this town... Well not everyone, that is.
  Alerion Wester / Grey_ / 7d 18h 25m 57s
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[raleway [#9400D3 "I think." ] The fallen angel said, just laying there as she stared up at this boy that had found her. There was a feeling, a feeling of Jay's heart just going crazy as it beat hard and fast for several moments. She wondered if this was the feeling they were talking about as she slowly pushed herself up onto her feet. Her black long cloak got caught on a long branch from a tree, making the cloak fall off to reveal the rest of Jay's body to the male.

Jay stood there at a full height of 5'6, her body curvy and skinny as she looked at Alerion with an odd feeling still going through her body. She was wearing a black and gold t-shirt and there were two huge black wings pressed up against her back, now truly revealing that she had indeed fallen from the Heaven's. She had a sheathe that was strapped to her left thigh and it held a very curved hunting knife that was made out of some black metal and the blade was carved from ivory. The last thing about Jay that was slightly weird was a ivory carved crow skull mask that hung to the back of her belt loop. The skull was used to protect her face during combat. ]
  DARKSIDE / RoyalBlood- / 10d 10h 23m 35s
Alerion grabbed his sketch books, pencils and his flashlight as he hopped down the stairs, grabbing his bag off of the railing. His mother chuckled as she looked over and gently waved her hand [+maroon "Ah, bye honey, have fun"] she said softly and Alerion waved his hand as he walked out of the house, closing it behind himself.

Alerion happily held his backpack. Yes, he has gone camping before countless times, but this time it was on his own since his dad was at work for the weekend. Taking out his phone, he looked at it to get hs bearings right and so he wouldn't get lost and he took a left into the forest area, leaving the concrete sidewalk and onto a gravel road.

It wasn't that late, maybe around 6, 7 o'clock? Alerion was out side, his shoes making the leaves under his feet make a satisfying crunching sound. Humming softly, he let the air brush against his skin as he looked around [+blueviolet[b "Ah~ It's such a perfect night"]] he chimed as the hyper boy started looking around the tree's for his campsite. Although, he felt like he went to far into the forest as he looked back and looked at his phone.

Shrugging, he didn't care as he walked around the forest on the crunched up leaf path and stopped as he looked up. Seeing a giant.....castle? He has never seen it before, so this was a shocker. But being smarter than most people. He didn't go to it and went south, walking as he found a spot and sat his stuff down and set up his campsite, deciding to go get some wood for the fire. The pale moonlight shining off Alerion's skin as he stopped, seeing a girl next to a tree.

Being the concerned male he was, he gasped and quickly ran over to the girl. Looking at her, to him she looked like a fallen angel from the heavens with her beautiful scarlet purple hair and her pale skin, he knelt down and gently shook her. [+blueviolet[b "Ah, m-miss? Are you okay?"]]
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[raleway The moonlight beat down on her body, showing her pale skin off as she walked through a clearing. A huge stone castle leered in the distance behind her, her purple eyes trailing down her left arm until it reached her wrist where a mark was. She ran her other hand over the mark, feeling the notches in her skin as she remember being told that it was a symbol from the stars.

This female walked through the clearing still, wearing some kind of black pants that she had made for herself along with a matching black cloak that swept along the grass as she walked on. She took a deep breath, a feeling of that same old depression bearing down on her. How was she supposed to find everyone else that was apart of her team? They told her she'd just know when she was them, the feeling was unmistakable. What was the feeling? She was very doubtful in herself.

Eventually, she found herself in the middle of a large and dense forest, cursing at herself both physically and mentally for loosing track of where she was. She was supposed to be a hunter, not some shit head who got lost too easily. She looked like a ghost almost with her pale skin, long and dark purple hair and her bright purple eyes. [#9400D3 "Fucking.... Ugh." ] She finally groaned, finally collapsing beside a fallen tree log in frustration. ]

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