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"Oh, not the ears...I just want the food. If it will make her happy I will wear it for an hour," Willow agreed. He enjoyed kids, though had no plans to have children until a few years later. "It's probably best to avoid pictures. Being known as the girlfriend that actually girlfriend isn't on the list."

Yawning again she closed her eyes, actually falling asleep on him. Travel wasn't a strong suit.

Saturday went amazing, she got to listen to her break up song as it was released, met them finally. Then her first interview. That night she even got her one night stand.

Somewhat disappointing but it happened. Sunday morning she woke up to her phone and moved Angelo's arm. "Kane? Are you here aleesdy?" She asked groggy.

" who is that? " Angelo asked groggy as he rolled over.
  Willow / Turadh / 11h 37m 58s
"I'll be there Saturday with Luna but if you want to use the beach house, I'll text you the address and the codes to get into the gate and the door." He said smiling and looking at Luna, "She will be excited to go and you get to be a tourist and get the Mickey Ears with your name on them." He said chuckling, "Luna makes me get them with her every time. '
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14h 17m 36s
"Oh, Disney...I don't know...Granted, they had this amazing corndog on a youtube show I watch. And some other amazing food. I'd go for the food and for a day forgive them for ruining Star Wars and Mavel," she shrugged. Opening her tablet she looked to the schedule.

"Saturday won't work, there's the song, interview, and I think maybe trying a Sunday? Um, Marriot, I think. It was booked for me last week," she said already feeling her eyes starting to close already. It was either the exhaustion or his voice.
  Willow / Turadh / 14h 22m 24s
Kane chuckled, "If I can bring Luna, its a deal and we can go to Disney, my treat." Kane knew that Luna loved Disney as he had taken her a couple of times but she would always love to go again and he knew they both needed some time to relax. "We can take my plane whenever so I will pack her a bag and get my things and we will be there. What hotel are you at? I have a beach house not far from there if you want to stay with us for free."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14h 31m 25s
"I'm not allowed to go to Universal yet on the threat of death. In a bit, my family and mates will be coming and that's when there will be the major sightseeing happens," Willow smiled at the idea of the homecooked meal. "Well, if you have a day free, you're welcome to join me. I wouldn't mind the company."

She truly wouldn't, after ordering she collapsed on the bed and gave a content sound. She ought to go out and do something but only wanted to sleep.

"My niece loves Peppa Pig. Maybe she'd like that, and wouldn't think I was an alien for the accent."
  Willow / Turadh / 14h 38m 48s
Kane sighed, "Go to Universal, its more fun and theres that Harry Potter World." he suggested ,"Tuesday is good, Luna will be here though so I hope thats not a problem. We're going to the American Girl Store today so hopefully she will be good Tuesday and maybe I can get her a new movie to watch while your there." He muttered and sighed. "I am cooking for you though, you need some real southern food."
  Kane 5.0 / polkadotrocker / 14h 49m 54s
"Well, suppose it could not hurt to at least try," Willow said pausing at the words inspired by her. Ignoring that idea since it was barely a week and they talked only a few times.

"Fair enough. We'll try when I get back, which will be Tuesday. Sound good?" She asked. It was nice to talk to him, it was quiet after the drunk night, and short flight. "Do you think California Adventure would be worth it?"
  Willow / Turadh / 14h 52m 41s
“One song and if you don’t like it, we don’t have to try it again.” He said sighing, “just sign what if’s for me since t was inspired by you and that’s it.” He knew deep down that that song was special. “I mean it, one song and that’s all we need to try if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work and you’ll still be my songwriter.” He said to her win a smile.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 20h 51m 23s
"I'm not a singer. Well, only when smashed or some party with my mates," Willow said into the phone slipping out of her shoes. Speaker phone was annoying but she wanted to do that since she arrived. "It might need some work. I was still hangover and couldn't sleep."

The idea of singing was interesting. She could think on that a little more, perhaps as a trial run.

Glancing through a leaflet for food she decided. This solo part was amazing.
  Willow / Turadh / 21h 10m 24s
“You finished it? It wasn’t even done...there’s another thing about that song....I want you to sing it with me.” He said seriously, Willow had a beautiful singing voice and he knew that she was new to country. “Introduce you to the country word and considering I wrote that about you I think it’s only perfect you sing the song with me.” He muttered and sighed.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 21h 48m 21s
Indeed that video was something she would do. The buzzed singing with the lead singer, her personal friend,, breaking out to the song. It looked like they both were having fun before some exaggerated British talk.

Solo travel was amazing, she found out, she was able to shower, dress and start to get ready to leave.

Arriving in Los Angeles that night she texted him she arrived before going to the five star hotel.

"Other than the China Theatre, wax place, what else should I do here?" She asked placing the bag down. "And I finished the touched up on What Ifs."
  Willow / Turadh / 1d 3h 47m 29s
“Bye darlin’, id love to see that video.” He said before hanging up, his plans were to spend the day with Luna, she wanted to go shopping and he had no problem with that. She seemed happy that Chloe was never coming back. Kane was happy about it but just lonely. “Daddy Daddy American girl store?!” Luna begged and Kane nodded, “Get dressed princess and we will go.”
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 4h 1m 4s
"Sometimes that happiness means waking up smashed tasting those Rocky Mountain Oysters. Not as terrible as blood pudding, though," Willow slowly said as she rose barely catching most of that. "I'm sorry...thanks though, I have that magnetism, yeah?"

The moment she stood up she felt the need to empty everything. "If you need cheering up, there's a lovely drunk video of me killing my own song. Cheerio, love."

Hanging up she dashed over to the bathroom. That might have been a bad idea.
  Willow / Turadh / 1d 4h 4m 18s
Kane sounded sad but chuckled, “That’s great darlin’.” Luna could be heard singing in the background, “I know it’s weird to say as we just met but I miss you. It’s been a rough couple of days, Chloe...I broke up with her, took your advice to be happy.” Kane was happier without Chloe but it was just getting used to the idea that he didn’t have anyone at all now.
  Kane 5.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 5h 35m 19s
"Something that isn't proper to admit to polite company," Willow chuckled. At least two and then thinks about relationships again. That was the ideal, right? Live, have fun, then settle down.

Attending the concert of one of her first friends in the music industry, and hear some songs she helped write.

She posted some vixeos, some of them singing Your Body is. Weapon Drunk, followed by her eating Rocky Mountain Oysters. There she was on s social media, but it was fun.

Friday noon she called him, hung over but still on cloud nine. "I got asked for an interview on Saturday after All Washed Out is released. And the drunk singing has a lot of hits."

She ha d no idea but was happy and embarrassed.
  Willow / Turadh / 1d 12h 37m 52s

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