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[center A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested. ]

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Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on a century, and the Styx coven had came up empty- handed since her rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Lenali has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Coven. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this one in particular is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Lenali

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Cain didn't take lightly of the threat being tossed to him so casually. He then turned to Eden, his eyes lethal. [b "Does this newborn speak for you? I thought he would have more respect than this? Haven't you learned manners in Vlad's care?"] Eden looked to Caveziel, a bit annoyed already of the whole ordeal. [i "No"] she said flatly, looking to Cain. [i "No, he doesn't..."] she then folded her arms. [i "... But, that still doesn't excuse your terms from being ludacris. You know better than to ask for my blood. You will not survive the first drop"] she said, making sure her words were understood. [i "I will not be giving you my blood... Or Giever's ashes. I don't have it, and there will be no more experiments made by the hands of your master"] she growled some. Cain hissed at her, but she hadn't backed down.

She looked to Cain. [i "You ought to be lucky that Abaddon shows mercy... Otherwise, you'd still be in Caïna, freezing your little balls off, frozen up to your neck. Trust me, you're not a Demon- vampire hybrid by yourself. You want to start a war with Abaddon, for what? Because you were The First Knight of Hell?"]

Cain growled at her, but she was silently staring, unafraid. [b "You know not where you tread, wench"] he warned. Eden stepped forward. [i "I know exactly where i'm treading, Cain... You are on holy ground, telling me to give up some of our blood and Giever's ashes. I will not aid in the destruction of my kind"] She bored her fangs, Cain seeing it as a threat, and reached out to grab her neck. She slapped his hand away and punched him, knocking him through two walls and into the back yard.

She was on him in milliseconds, her roar toppling his. [i "STAY AWAY FROM ME AND MY PACK!"] She growled, grabbing onto his jacket and slammed him away, letting out an enraged yelled as she chucked him yards from the yard itself. She turned to her pack, who saw her evil intent, her crimson eyes, her fangs protruding from her lips. Zekeriah had been impressed. So was Eutharian, and Asmodian. Matheus had ran ahead, before she followed, Rajah, and all the others were prompted to follow. They began chasing Cain out, making sure he was well enough away from the grounds. Matheus had halted, stopping Eden. [u "Go back! We'll handle Cain."]

Eden reluctantly retreated, knowing why Matheus had said tit. He was after her blood. It was only safer to stay behind. She had to make sure she was not harmed. She had gotten back, seeing that Caveziel had stayed behind. She had stayed in the shadow, knowing that she wasn't looking as she should. Her eyes were pure crimson. Her fangs were pricking her lip. Her talons were out, and she had the look of evil rage. She didn't know why she was hiding how she looked from him... But, she did without argument. [i "Don't look..."] she said slowly to him, hopeful that he would listen for once.
Caveziel had heard Eden coming down the stairs just as the others had finish showing up as well. They had gone into the parlor already. Caveziel had a smile on his face as the words escaped Eden's lips asking who was here. [b "Well Eden, Zekeial we have more guests. They are in the Parlor if you care to look. Who they are I can't tell I'm only told they are older Memphas but everyone is older then I in that sense. A few said they know the two of you."] pointing to the open door that had a strong odor of alcohol and smokes coming out of it Caveziel only trudged to the library himself.

Opening and closing the door quickly he quickly clicked on the walls to make sure the sound proofing on the room, even the double paneled glass so that no sound escaped was in place. [b "Styx...I know you are here Cain for them, so what is it they want?"] a bald man only seemed to be occupying one of the two arm chairs that faced the lit fireplace. [b "Directly to the point. So much like a business man. Much like your father."]

Caveziel took and occupied the other arm chair. [b "I don't like beating around the bush. so what is it the styx want?"] Cain went and set his drink down on the table between the two of them. [b "They want Giever's bones, along with a drop of blood from you and a drop of blood from Eden. You see her blood is the purist of the Mempha blood. However yours has an interesting quality to it and has taken on properties not seen before in Memphas. This and the rest of the Memphas dead. They are failed experiments and are of no more use then collecting samples and organs Maybe meat and dead bodies used to make some more ghouls or gastly things."]

Caveziel took his drink and downed it in one go. He wasn't stupid enough to take his eyes off Cain for more then one second and not stupid enough to take more then a single drink. [b "I can't accept these terms Cain you of all vampires should know that. So I offer mine. The Styx can stay away from my dead relatives and the Memphas that claim this house as their home. Last I checked vampires still had to be invited in. and the person who owns this house hasn't invited any of the Styx coven or any vampire in. There for your only option is to burn it down, but we both know that won't do any good as the house will still stand its not made of wood, but brick and glass. While you could get Giever's bones the blood would be difficult and the memphas who are here don't have to leave any time soon. Can the styx really be here and defend their territory from the werewolves or the other vampires if they are so far away?"]

one could tell Cain was slightly angered as his skin took a red tint and his eye brows ferried inward. [b "Are you threatening me boy?"] laughing Caveziel held up his hands. [b "No Cain I would not be so foolish as to do so. I am merely giving warning."] Cain stood quickly, but stopped dead in his tracks as a flash of silver passed his face. [b "You see Cain I am not foolish enough to think even in my home you would be civil. So I took precautions."] as the words slipped from the boy's mouth several hundred servants all stepped out of the hidden areas all with guns loaded and ready to be fired. [b "I will tell you now for your knowledge. Each one of these guns is specially suited with UV sunlight bullets. Some even have Liquid silver. some are a mix of the two. It means you get shot with one and your bye bye forever, dust in the room to be cleaned up."]
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Eden had taken the time to breathe when she closed the door behind her. she made it to she closet and she picked out everything she needed to dress back up. Before she could make it to the shower, a knock sounded on her door. "This is not the time. I am busy" she called, but the door had opened anyways. Zeke... He looked at her and sighed. "Eden, i need to talk to you" he said as he came in and closed the door. She sighed as she watched him approach, but she didn't know his aim was to kiss her. When his lightning speed blurred her a moment, she gasped and backed away. "What are you doing, Zeke?" she growled.

Zeke looked at her puzzlingly. "Was that not what you need? A release?" She growled. "Look, you're overstepping boundaries, okay? I've only just found you a few hours ago"

"-But, i know you cared for me despite Giever. After he changed up on you, you spent more time with me-"

"Yes, i did, Zekeriah, but only because i knew what his intentions were. Besides, i'm not in a mood for a relationship"

"I'm not trying to push you into one. I'm simply giving you an obvious option. This VanHelsing you turned seems to not care, so why not try it with me?"

Great. Now she got this Mempha fighting for her affection. "You need to get out of my room and freshen up. I have guests to entertain, i don't have time to be entertaining your libido too" she said before growling. Zeke backed up and bowed before leaving the room. Once he did, she sighed in relief. She really didn't need this. All the males can smell it, honestly. She was ripe and mateless... How Zeke reacted was a clear cut sign. She had to play it safe and lock her door if she could even get a moment's peace. Still, she showered, and dressed and braved the turmoil of downstairs. She sighed as she stared amongst the group, then leaned against the railing of the stairs. "Who is here" she demanded
Cveziel had watched as the group of memphas had come on the horizon. The Styx had yet to show up, but that doesn't mean they wouldn't any time soon. Looking over his shoulder to the wolves that had gathered up at the house as well he swung his head back to the group making their way back to the house. a new scent mixed in with the familiar ones already. It must have meant they had found yet another Mempha on their hunt of the race. Keeping his eyes on the horizon still he explained to the group what news he had learned, especially that of how even the Hell spawn seemed interested in Eden and her newly found..."family" as it was put.

The young male stepped sideways as Eden made her way up the stairs. She paid little head to what he said other then a side glance at him. He had caught pity, anger, and even distain in her eyes as the glance stayed but a moment. [b "Caveziel we need to do something about the Styx and whatever they are mustering to come take Giever's bones."] Turning his attention to the wolf Ra the creature's golden colored fur stood out even among the other wolfs gathered. [b "You are right Ra, but we will not fight them, not here at the least. They can take Giever. I doubt they will get much use out of ashes. or much luck finding the real body lying at the body of the holy sea."]

a huff went up from the wolves along with raised questions. Caveziel just lowered his head to once again look at the group gathered. [b "I have also had the wolves running around gathering what memphas they come across on their journey here. While its not many of em a few are....Old. They are in the Parlor..."] standing aside and holding his hand up across his chest to the open door he was waving everyone inside. It was more the scent of decay that made him hurry everyone inside. They were close by but if they caught the sight of everyone gathered it would likely give them a second pause before they went after the house. Cain was after all inside trying to get Caveziel to give up Giever's bones without a problem or a fight.
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Edn had noticed that Asmodian and D'angelo were standing in the doorway. She looked to them. "Is there a problem?"

Asmodian crossed his arms. "Did you leave your cell?"

Eden sighed. "What of it?"

"Caveziel called..." Eden scoffed before looking to Zeke. He tilted his head as he listened. "The Styx Aerie are coming here... And it doesn't sound like it's a surrender... They're looking for Giever"

"Let them look, then." she growled. she stepped to them then. "What do i have to do to claim my respect? Must i murder humans? I abhor this charade. I've been patient-"

"And you must be, Eden. We know. You can't force them all to see..." D had replied. "You are our Clan Leader, not The VanHelsing, not any other Mempha silly enough to challenge you... You are. You have us. And now WE are the ones who are telling you... You are in danger, and you need to stick with the family you do have. You'll find your soulmate soon"

Eden growled. "Soulmate?" she huffed as she walked past them, Zeke staring curiously. "What soulmate? Its a myth, a sham to help humans mate with one another with a selfish dream. I have no soulmate, i have no love. The VanHelsing has proven that."

Asmodian sighed as he looked to D. "Everyone else has made their way back to the house. Zeke can come with us as well. We need to go back now." Eden growled for awhile, looking away from them just to tone down her anger. "Fine..."

With a sigh, they led her back, and throughout, they were as silent as she was. The house was in view, so were the others. Only then did she calm. She was glad everyone was safe, but as soon as she made it to the door, she had disappeared inside and upstairs to her room. Now wasn't the time to talk to her. She wanted to be alone, and by God she was going to be.

This left Eutharian, D and Asmodian puzzled. She managed to find another Mempha, but she wasn't tolerating everyone anymore. This newborn must've struck a nerve somewhere. And, she'd rather stick to herself...She acted like this when they were following her... Back when she was in Paris, hiding from The Styx after burning their old castle down. She wouldn't let them near her, not until they were off the European continent. It was to keep them safe then, and old habits die hard for this one.

But, when Caveziel had spotted them all, everyone was silent. They looked to him, waiting for what he had to say... But all the while, Eutharian couldn't help but worry about her... He had been there for her for the longest. He needed to be there now. After Vez explained what happened, Eutharian absentmindedly walked inside and stayed down the stairs from her room... Just waiting
Caveziel had only waited a few days for the rest of the wolves to show up, while not as useful as having the memphas around being on guard like they were the werewolves were still a lethal fighting force when used together correctly. And to have six of the nine packs running around your house as guards helped also. The Styx were coming and Caveziel knew it was either for eden or for her blood.

Of course the rumors were only partly true He had gotten word from some of the underlord connections he had that the Styx were trying to obtain all of Giever's bones, It meant they wanted Eden's blood that had been trapped in Giever's body when he betrayed her and stole away some of her blood. With it their experiments to form the perfect weapon could continue as much as they should have learned already that trying to control anything human, animal, anything at all they tend to wish for freedom and will do anything to get it, including sacrifice their own life to get it for others.

[b "Ra, How much time until they are here do we know?"] the gold tan wolf only shifted from his four legs to two from the gold giant wolf like creature to that of a human with long gold glowing hair down to about mid back. [b "No idea. The contacts in the underworld have gone quiet sense the styx set out. My guess is the underworld has joined one side or the other, with potentially coming after us as well. You need to call our friends back here, especially if the styx are coming it means Eden is the only way to bring them down, she escaped them and fought them off for decades almost a century, she would know how to defeat them the best. Us wolves fight vampires, but the styx...are something else entirely."]

Caveziel had watched as Ra spoke, of course the man was right the styx were something different, they weren't vampires exactly, but they weren't demons either. to compare them to either would be to throw an insult at them. Digging out his phone Caveziel went through the contacts and found Eden's name, of course she wouldn't be reachable her phone was still in her room where she had left it...Scrolling a bit farther down he found Asmodian's number and dialed...Of course no answer either, so he left a voice mail. [b "Styx are on there way to home base. Get back here as soon as possible."]
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In the meantime, Eden had came across the open door to one of the most vital allies possible... Zekeriah. He was an apparent Mampha that had once been so loyal to the Styx Aerie. But, when they took him in for experimentation, he had felt a strong sense of betrayal from the act, and he would love nothing more but to watch the Aerie crumble to rubble. His aid would be a good one.

The scent led her to a factory that had been abandoned for some time. She could smell it, the scent was strong, which meant it was his regular hiding spot. He was there now, sleeping away the binge of liquor he had been in for the past few days. She opened the creaky door, observing the dank inside of the factory. She fully walked in before hearing a rumble from within the place. She knew he was aware. Before she could react, Something tried to slam her away from the entrance, but she managed to halt the attack.

He backed up and tried again, this time, she pivoted away from him. She grabbed his wrist and slammed on on his back, a low growl escaping her as she observed him. "Zeke, you are still slow..." she said as she released him. A huff sounded int he darkness before the sound of shuffling impregnated the walls. "Eden?" his deep voice asked. He went to a pull up door, and as the sun shown, he could fully see her. He chuckled and sighed. "I didn't think i'd see you again." he said. She sighed as she looked to the factory, observing the surroundings. "This place is shit..." she said, smirking to him. Zeke bearded form relaxed as he walked further into the area. "Yes, but it's kept me safe for awhile." he said in response. She smiled and crossed her arms. "I'm in need of allies. It's gonna be time to fight our enemy again. They're after my blood, and it just so happens that Giever had returned."

"That prick shown up? I knew i smelled something familiar... He growled. She smiled. "Don't worry... We have a bigger threat, and i'll have to fill you in on the details on the way to the location We're currently staying in..."
The male raised his glass allowing a cheer to sprew up among the little group. [b "Perhaps, but it seems the supernatural world is at war with itself, and my family is just there to keep it from spilling over."] taking a few more spits from his glass he shrugged. [b "To understand the Van Helsing family one has to be one. As you have said I do not know how well you folks are attached to Eden, however the way things are done will not work with me. I am as everyone has spoken a rareity who needs a constant eye being kept on me because of some power I have inside of me, or some dark purpose that no one seems to want to tell me what it is besides being under guidance from a girl who for the better part of a century been running and hiding away from her maker instead of fighting back."]

Pointing to the map on the wall still buzzing with activity. [b "Now that she has close to the best people possible, she wants us to just sit here and wait until they come here and join the cause on their own free will?"] Raising his glass once again to his lips and completely draining his glass he nodes slowly. [b " As for disregarding her gift to me I haven't She saved my life and I am returning the favor in kind. As for the whole loyal to her is a different matter. Loyalty comes at a cost be it some form of payment, or some form of attachment. With my line of work before being a mempha that sort of thing got you killed. It's what caused my father to be killed by his only sibling who in turn went and also had be killed."]

Once again putting more of the hazel colored liquid in his glass and draining it he set his glass upside down on the table as a knock came at the door. Watching as Eden and the others took off out the door and into the tree line.

As he stood up only to see a jackle like figure standing in the doorway of his front entry. [b "Well Guys we have guests."]

Stepping aside the figure came in with a smile upon his face the golden emerald eyes locked onto each one. His deep earthy voice spoke clearly. [b "They are coming."] Caveziel stepped next to the man a nod. [b "Tell me Anubis what is the Pack doing so far from home? I didn't think to see Bast, Ra or anyone here so soon."] The wolfish grin gave way to very sharp fangs. [b "The Styx, they are coming for his bones...More importantly news from the underworld is that the covens are all becoming curious about Eden and what she is doing. More importantly the hell spawns are on the march."]

Caveziel nodded slowly. [b "Well perhaps calling the wolf packs to help wasn't such a stupid mistake as people thought."] once again a wolfish grin came across the man's figure. Anubis had stepped aside to show werewolves and such had shown, even Memphas the wolves had been in contact with where here. Even more so were children of the stars. Dark fae of sorts horns and wings, and everything alike were here gathered and ready for war. [b "While eden waits for the styx, we have a single notion. If they are coming here it means one thing they are coming for something important. It means they have come for Giever's body."]

tapping his fingers on the brim of his cup he took in a deep breath and sighed jumping into a wolf life form he sprang to life and chased down the scent from Eden and the others.

several hours later he finally caught up to them huffing and puffing like he was out of breath, but it wasn't that at all it was more adrenaline in his system pumping and burning through it. [b "The Styx are coming to the house itself, they want something other then Eden this time around."]
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Everyone had let out a sullen chuckle. "I thought you'd be more lively... You always seem to want to prove too much too soon. You don't even know what your powers is yet, VanHelsing. You need to to respect the "Herder" if you want to hone your skills... And don't say that 'VanHelsings are quick to learn on your feet', because it takes humans at least three years to hone one major skill. Believe us, we were once human, too." Matheus said slowly.

Asmodian chuckled a bit, then looked to him. "They're not badgering you because your a VanHelsing, that's besides the point. They're doing it because you're willing to throw the person who saved your ass under the bus, then went out of your way to label us as her pets and love buddies. You're still a VanHelsing, that prideful and narrow minded attitude is what we don't need in this pack. There's a threat that none of you VanHelsings have gotten to, and you're bound and determined to underestimate them because you 'Dealt with visible creatures' as a hunter. All Paranormal and supernatural already hate human kind and your bloodline, imagine when they find out they find out she turned one. She put her life at risk for you, unlike the rest of us. That's three strikes against you, and i know for a fact you can't take a horde of hundreds or thousands alone." He gave him another glass. "That's why they're riding you so hard. They don't trust you... Quite frankly, after pulling that little stunt while she was listening, i kinda don't either... But, we have to trust her decision. What you need to do is sit down and observe how we work. We don't run after the small fry. We go after the real deals, not no fairy tales of cures and silvers. I trust you enough to know a fraction of what i'm talking about."

Asmodian had chuckled at his comeback. He still wasn't trying to listen. "I'm not saying this to piss you off... But, you have no clue what's out there, in the places you don't see... But you'll see... Very soon."

Eutharian and Rajah had came in , looking at the others before nodding. "She's went to look for others... We need to go"

As if on cue, Matheus, Lee, D, and Asmodian had filed out without warning, and with Eutharian and Rajah at their heels, they took off into the trees. They didn't bother to take cars. It would scare any Memphas that are sensitive to loud sounds. They only sought to follow Eden, and it would be better to stay on foot.



Abaddon's bellow had shaken the River Styx. Pestilence, Death, War, and Conquest had quietly surrounded the throne. "Father, can you trust Herod?" War asked, his somber yellow eyes staring into his father's dead eyes without a hint of fear. His beastly figure was calm, muscles spreading and constricting to his steady breaths. War's hair thrown off a sheen of red, his confidence in his name he shown on his face.

"Son, i trust none of the Styx Aerie since Vlad had taken precautions with Judas. My best bet is to get Lucifer and see if he could further be my eyes"

"How about him and his stepsons? The twelve princes do include their father. You know his sons outside the Sabbath are equal, if not stronger. If you piss him off-"

"He is my brother, Pestilence. I haven't caused harm. In fact, he asked for him and his sons to be vampires. Dante, Grim and Satan control Hell and parts of Sabbath. You know this"

A purple lightning struck the dark marble before a figure walked through the portal. There, Abaddon saw his brother walk through the portal. Lucifer, tanned skin with piercing lamplit eyes had appeared, his black hair slicked back like the usual Casanova he was. His stash was trimmed to his satisfaction, a beard perfectly trimmed around the chin. His lips pouted with annoyance as he corrected his suit and sighed as he crossed his talon- crested hands across his chest.

"Abaddon, this had better be good. Lilith is coming to visit and Mephistopheles is ripping his goatee out trying to figure out if we should use pearl or marble pillars. Margaretta is so confused on which outfit to wear"

Pestilence, Conquest, War and Death bowed to Lucifer, acknowledging his presence with upmost respect. "Uncle" they all spoke in unison. Lucifer smirked and lifted his arms."Ah, my nephews, all together again. You know, Death, Grim has been asking about you. You should go and find him." He said, cheerfully. Death smiled back."Where had he gone? Is he at the Sabbath?" Lucifer nodded.

"Lilith is coming up to the surface again. He's coming alongside Dante. Satan decided to stay behind, sorry War. After taking charge of Hell, he's been very busy. Last i heard, he had to reassign a few demons from Bolgia 10 to Ring 1. Apparently, some of the demons that were posted in Ring 1 have been picking fights with some of the demons in Bolgia 6, something about a Succubus that been smashing all four of the demons in both factions... Talk about a Train.."

Corny as the joke was, Abaddon had to chuckle. Humans say what they like. Lucifer made the effort in changing Hell into a manageable city. Holes and pits of fire were played out before being played out. Bolgias became towers, and level nine apartments are as expected, everything was frozen, down to the water was frozen. Petty souls were on petty jobs, and pointless souls that have given up were used as blood banks, providing paychecks in blood to the demons. Angels were celebrities in Hell. Abaddon was revered. Hell just became a melting pot of pointless torture, so he made a city in the center of the earth, where sin is used in Hell's livelihood and is left unchecked and unhinged.

Hell had came a long way since Jesus' departure. Satan, though has a more... Strict... Lock on his petty souls, the work stock is high. He made sure his father's charge was always running accurately. The line is delicate these days. They don't want an Armageddon kick starting. They actually respect God. They just do their business... Within their own boundaries, of course.

Lu made sure that his side of the street was... Technically without a scale.

"... The guards had been asking about a raise, they've been working fifteen hundred years, no off days. They're asking for a raise and one of the demons, Hellspawn i believe his label is, had been asking me for a vacation with his She and his two Spawns, Disease and Suffering. So... Its been getting around all through Hell, so I can bet he's excited to make space just for Hellspawn's surprise promotion there"

A collective chuckle had vibrated throughout the room. "I'll be sure to meet with Grim." Death said, defeated by his uncle's charm. He knew that Grim and he were lovers. As long as his uncle was fine with it, he was fine with seeing him.

Conquest and Pestilence both looked to Lucifer. "You said Dante's coming up, too?" Conquest asked with glee in his eyes. For Conquest, Dante was his favorite. Dante was cunning, and his habit of toying with human emotion always intrigued him. Lucifer nodded. "He wanted a vacation"

This news seemed to sedate his sons, but Abaddon needed some business to be done. "Lu, i need your eyes. Herod's been here. He brought along Cain and Bartholomew. Him coming here don't spell a good situation"

"Cain? Why'd he bring Cain? He wouldn't want any part in this." Lucifer asked, sort of puzzled. Cain, his son out of wedlock, had been using his immortality to repent for the sin he had been committed. Envy and Wrath were a bad combination for him. Hell, it was how Cain was conceived. Lucifer prayed that his envy of Eve's beauty wouldn't be so crippling, but he regretted his wrath more. His act out of jealousy of Adam, even after helping Jehovah make her, was damnable, even for him. He hoped Cain wouldn't be sucked into evil games, especially from the likes of Herod.

"Yes, i felt, he is desperate. There's an experimented vampire that built the balls to rebel against him some decades back. She's become stronger, and Herod fears that she may just be capable of killing him."

"Yes... I've heard of her... Her name takes me back..." He chuckled, thinking of Lilith. Abaddon snapped his fingers to get his attention. "Please, don't get a hard-on right now" Abaddon sighed. Lucifer chuckled before clearing his throat. Abaddon went on.

"This Eden has also broken her vow just hours ago. While the fool was here, she managed to create a Mempha by bite, creating a shift in the planet. They hadn't felt it because they were down here, but it won't be long until they catch wind. They're planning something with her ex's bones. I don't know what, but I'm sure it won't be good on the balance."

Lucifer nodded some and looked ahead. "I'll keep an eye out, but i must meet this... Eden. If Giever is to be resurrected, and the intent is to cripple her, with Herod acting this desperately, i must see to this as well." Abaddon furrowed his brow. "The male she picked seems to be something important to create that shift. She must have picked a particular human... That already has some special blood in him. Powerful blood"

"She picked a possible mate. If she mates with him, the two of them will be some force to be reckoned with"

Lucifer's stare was hard. "That's quite a feat. I have to see Eden again, then. Levi's going to be so jealous!


Cain hurried out of his portal to his home coven, Bartholomew hot on his heels. Herod huffed as he corrected his cloak. " You must admit it had to be done"

"No, it didn't, Herod. You could've just let it be. You failed again. Get used to it so we can move on with our eternity" Cain was visibly upset. Bartholomew had noticed Ramses stepping out of the mansion, putting his robe on as if risen from slumber. "Cain, what happened? I only saw Herod shove you through the portal"

"Ramses, he is fucking insane! Even MY father have better sense to let sleeping demons lie. "

"Oh, come now, Cain. I must perfect the experiments. I've been searching for Frankenstein's bloody corpse so we can have him create more."

"No, Herod. You are a fool to try this again. Now, you have Abaddon involved? No doubt The Pariah and The Sabbath will hear about this, and that will not be good" Ramses looked to Bartholomew. "You too?"

"I am not in this, he dragged me along. I want my gauntlet and watch The Golden Girls." He sighed as he walked inside, all the while ranting. "I'm getting too old for this nonsense"

Herod grew annoyed. "We have to grab Giever's bones" Cain growled. "Get your own damn bones. I'm with Bartholomew" he walked in, leaving Ramses and Herod. Just then, Solomon came out, bewildered about Cain's surprising tantrum. His footsteps echoed, leaving behind burned footprints in his wake. "Uh... Do you expect me to clean this up?" He asked, Ramses and Solomon met eyes... Solomon with a questioning, Ramses in gutteral, unfiltered annoyance.
Caveziel had only heard the comments and small side snickers at him and his comment about them being dogs. Loyalty was hard to come by he knew that quite well even considering his trade of business what he did. The issue was however not finding people or things that were Loyal to you to a fault but willing to die for you no matter what. Standing at the doorway Caveziel watched as Eden left the house. Hearing the comment about how Dogs were more loyal then his family line a laugh escaped his own lips this time.

Perhaps they were looking at it from the point of where they stood, but even more so like most they only saw what they wanted to or were told to. Stepping once again back into the bar area from the foyer he heard the talk again between the group about their own kind and hopefully finding their own. Making more comments about how there was more of them then even the van helsings could possible handle and how he and his family had only been fighting level one type creatures. This had all but made Caveziel laugh as he sat down in the group. [b "Level one is common placed creatures. Vampires, Ghouls, werewolves, Banshee, shapeshifters, even the combinations of them in memphas. Creatures like Sebastian and Giever are level one even. Level two I'm sure would consist of Strigoi, Weights, Grave Guards, Black knights, Hexwraiths, even Corpse Carts, Fell bats, Dire wolves, possible even Blue fangs. Level three must be Gaibon, Cyclops, Slogra, Gargoyles. Which means level four is the Vargheists, the Varghulf, and the Terrorgheists. And that puts level five at the Ushabti, Litch priests, and Necropolis Knights, Bone giants, and the Hierotitan. And level six would be the Vampire Lords themselves and the demons of sorts. And the one thing that keeps them all in place The Caskets of Souls. And at the very Tipy top of it all..Is Dracula and the Styx or the Original line of vampires."]

Placing his cup on the table he sit back and kept going. [b "That doesn't even include the supernatural things that fall into the Vampire covens. Such as the Death hags, the Witch elves, the Black arks, Shades, Darkshards, Black guard, Har Ganeth, Doomfire Riders, Harpies, Manticores, Hydras, Dragons, Kharibdyss, Marauders, Ice wolves, Trolls, Giants, and Frost Wyrms."] Holding up a second finger he just shrugged. [b "That doesn't even include the mutated ones such as the Skinks, Saurus, Cold ones, Stormvermin, Night runners, Warpfire, Rat Ogres, Doomwheels, Runelords, Slayers, Ironbreakers, Irondrakes, Goblins, Orcs, Squips, Arachnarok, Or perhaps Abominations, or even the Hell Pit abominations. That's only to list a few of them."]
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Matheus chuckled dryly. It seemed to him that he wasn't even remotely grateful the way they were... Humans...

Asmodian and D had sighed a moment before falling into their own conversation, and Lee was more leaning on going with the group. There was a quiet air as Eden had dressed and prepared. She felt a bit dizzy, but she still stood tall, and growled as she left the house, without the group. She wasn't going to drag everyone with her. She wanted to do this alone. She needed to find her kind. She needed to find the enemy. And, it was obvious that everyone wanted to help her... except one.

She shook it from her mind. She was going to do what was necessary. It meant going out there alone, and ready to fight, to keep those who did care out of danger. And the first place she found, was an abandoned farm, too far from civilization.

Eutharian and Rajah sighed in frustration. She had up and disappeared again. She knew that they gave them a scare before, but this time, it was different. They didn't smell any blood, or for that matter, her blood. They, instead, went out to get supplies again. They needed to get the things they needed and protect themselves from harm.

There was little they wanted to say, but Rajah did say "I think she was a little too quick to save this human... He doesn't even care that she saved him."

Eutharian sighed a bit... Dogs, he called them. D, Lee and Asmodian really couldn't speak about it, but they did feel hurt that this human had compared their loyalty to that of a dog's. The only good thing out of it, was that Lee said. "Yes... But, Dogs have more loyalty than you and your bloodline, it seems. And in that, i can find some pride."

The bickering had been going on for awhile. Eutharian may have felt some sort of way about the fact that he was too confident in the power he was bestowed... A little too confident. He didn't even know his dark ability yet. But, unlike them, he will not have a mentor... He rejected Eden, didn't he? Hurting her would mean she would spend as much time as she could looking for the others that would appreciate her help and mentoring. It was far better than the alternative.

Back at the house, Lee, D, and Asmodian nursed the bar, laughing amongst themselves, having already dealt their share of the work. The talk between each other was an eventful one, though.

"What do you think? Are we gonna find any one of our kind?" Lee asked. Asmodian smirked. "I hope so. It's been so long, and by the look of that map, its been a good long time for more to accumulate. I, for one, am kinda proud" D chuckled as he chugged down his shot of vodka. "Yeah, leaving The Styx Aerie, there were only a handful of us... But, seeing now, we can possibly have an army. Herod won't stand a chance against us" he chuckled. D'angelo had laughed. "A bit more than even VanHelsing, huh?"

Matheus walked in. "Hand me a shot of Jack." Asmodian obliged and looked to him. "What's up?"

Maheus chugged before looking to him. "I don't know what's up with that VanHelsing, but how he is right now makes me kinda sad... It's to a point where it irritates me" he said, Asmodian giving him another shot. Asmodian sighed a moment as Lee picked up his glass of bourbon. "Isn't he, though? He truly believes we're dogs. I was sorta offended."

"Not even that, he thinks we serve Eden..." D said drinking for of his Vodka. Matheus chuckled. "I don't care if we are serving her... She saved us from utter torment. She saved us from being pets lined up for slaughter. She did what none of us could, even defied her promise to save a human, and still..." His face saddened still. "... Still, i want to help her. Still, i want to be with her and make sure our enemy suffers how he made us suffer... This isn't just some blind loyalty, it isn't serving... It is a true loyalty. I side with who was our savior, I don't care what a newborn has to say about it" Knowing he only said that because of his temper, Lee shrugged it off. "Don't worry, Matheus. He'll see it before he's face to face with some of these monsters... He thinks its easy now, with the gadgets and his family bloodline... He was only picking away level one to five beasts compared to what we're dealing with... He'll understand then, when he sees her charge to war without a need of us... That, i know"

All this drunken banter, all the drunk comments and laughs... It was simple that they were hiding something... Maybe something important. Maybe not... But, this was a good time as any to try asking.
Caveziel had kept his mouth shut as Eutharian went on his bit of a rampage. Had he known more of the details to what they had done, but it seemed his mind and manners would not allow it. As before the young male could even get a word in after the man was done he walked out of the room.

Watching as Rajah and Asmodian looked closer at the map. [b "I said we had hunted them, never said we killed them. And this is the ones my family has kept track of sense their discovery. I am sure there are quite a few more out there then just this."] Pointing to the map as more dots appeared. [b "As you see Memphas produce a lot faster in some areas. Those are your labs, or your experimental areas as you can tell. They will have vampires in them as well as Memphas. If this little group is going to go get memphas to fight the Styx I suggest leaving those for last."]

The male had watched as Matheus came up to him and gave him the basic run down of what the group would do. [b "By all means go hunt for your kind...I will be right here fortifying the position we do hold, and most likely making calls to cancel things."] Hearing the words suit up we leave in twenty caught him off guard. [b "I won't be going. Eden is your alpha, not mine. I am not a dog to be called to service."] looking specifically at Matheus. [b "I mean no offense when comparing, but I am, or was a human being I make my own decisions. If Eden wants me on this little hunt of yours then she can ask."]

Holding out a little gps device Caveziel pulled up the map option. [b "I have however given you a smaller version of the map in the bar area. That way you don't have to keep coming back to the house while out hunting for other Memphas."] Hearing D say something about a drink he held up his hand. [b "I've got a stash that isn't behind the bar."] Going to the other end of the study he pulled open another set of cabnits to show slightly more expensive alcohol.
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Eutharian's eyes darted quick towards him. "Wait a minute, you killed Memphas? You mean to tell me you murdered the only thing stopping vampires from killing you? And who are you to tell us that all of us are murderers?! We only kill the bad guys! Or does your bloodline only think so narrow mindedly?"

Everyone was sort of offended with the situation. But, instead of tagging in, Eutharian sighed and looked to him. "Whatever... Look, i'm going to look on my radar for others. We're gonna need more strength if we're gonna be dumb and bumrush the covens." With that, they watched as he wandered out the room.

Rajah and Asmodian looked to each other before looking to him. "We already know that our kind is underground. The main thing is focusing on gathering your allies and create a defense and offense. Right now, going gong ho into the mouth of Hell doesn't sound appealing to us when we crawled out of it and stayed away for a number of years. So, your plan will be considered... But, we need to start small and be smart, not stupid."

As he explained the map, Asmodian and Matheus had observed. There were more dots than they had expected. Even though he said they had killed some, here were more than initially, though... In fact, it had double, if not tripled since their escape, and that both relieved them, and worried them.

Matheus sighed a bit as he looked to him. "Ok, VanHelsing. Only advice i got is take great care where you tread. Eden is about to go out to hunt. We're gonna go with her in hopes of finding our kind. Anything she says, goes. Understand?" When he got confirmation that he understood, he sighed. "Suit up. We leave in twenty."

Asmodian, Lee and D stayed behind as Rajah walked on behind Matheus. D looked to Vez. "How about a few glasses? Might as well loosen a bit before we head out"
Caveziel just watched as Eden came into the room and even went and informed all of their planning and such, but as Eden had spoken he just laughed. [b "That is the thing."] pointing to the map on the wall behind Asmodian and the bar. [b "We have hunted them as I said, I have marked everyone mempas base, creation lab, experimental facility, including their habits of travel and other likes. They are hard to find, but easy to keep track of after."]

Holding up his phone a smile on his face as Eden left the room silent still. [b "Like Eden, All Memphas contacts are big high rolling underground people. They know how to move things without it being found out. Drugs, money, guns, even living people, or well in some cases bodies. All underworld high rolling contacts have kept in touch so we don't step on each other's toes and break into an all out war like we use to have or like the normal gangs of New York and such. They all me favors and have kept tabs on all their contacts for me."]

Putting his phone back into his pocket he finished his whiskey and pointed to the map again behind Asmodian. [b "And its an active map, as in..."] Pointing to one of the dots it disappeared for a moment only to appear a few inches farther. [b "As in all of those dots are your currently active Memphas, across the world."]
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Frustrated with his words, they all stared collectively at him, before an overwhelming sigh had took the room. Eutharian looked up to him. "Fine, Vez. If you think straight manpower is going to end this, you can bring a gun. But, like we said, it's up to Eden what our approach is."

With that, everyone had resumed drinking... That was until a new pair of footsteps had sounded throughout the house. All eyes darted to the threshold, where Eden had stood, and her eyes were vacant. "I don't know about you... But i need a glass of henessey. Now" she said as she walked past Caveziel and Eutharian, who had stood up as soon as his eyes were on her.Everyone nodded as Asmodian had made a glass for her, and watched her attentively as she sat and grabbed the glass. "We're not going to go in stupid... If you're thinking of attacking the covens, we can't use brute force ll the time."

Eutharian sighed. "We don't know if they will allow our entry so willingly" he said, attempting to defend the notion.

Eden looked to him. "I didn't say not to be armed... We are not attacking until they give us a reason. Those covens protect Herod and his goons. I won't cause a riot, and they alert the others. Simple as that."

She drank some out of her glass, before looking to the group surrounding her. "We have to play smart. We need to find the other Memphas, as many as we can. We need o have a plan behind our plan. Right now, they made a threat. And, i intend to play it smart, but deadly. They would expect an all out brawl, brainless, primal, they way they wanted us to be... I won't give it to them..." She then stood, refilled her glass and left the room, leaving the room silent, but the air was hanging on her word.

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