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[center A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested. ]

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Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on a century, and the Styx coven had came up empty- handed since her rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Lenali has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Coven. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this one in particular is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Lenali

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Matheus chuckled dryly. It seemed to him that he wasn't even remotely grateful the way they were... Humans...

Asmodian and D had sighed a moment before falling into their own conversation, and Lee was more leaning on going with the group. There was a quiet air as Eden had dressed and prepared. She felt a bit dizzy, but she still stood tall, and growled as she left the house, without the group. She wasn't going to drag everyone with her. She wanted to do this alone. She needed to find her kind. She needed to find the enemy. And, it was obvious that everyone wanted to help her... except one.

She shook it from her mind. She was going to do what was necessary. It meant going out there alone, and ready to fight, to keep those who did care out of danger. And the first place she found, was an abandoned farm, too far from civilization.

Eutharian and Rajah sighed in frustration. She had up and disappeared again. She knew that they gave them a scare before, but this time, it was different. They didn't smell any blood, or for that matter, her blood. They, instead, went out to get supplies again. They needed to get the things they needed and protect themselves from harm.

There was little they wanted to say, but Rajah did say "I think she was a little too quick to save this human... He doesn't even care that she saved him."

Eutharian sighed a bit... Dogs, he called them. D, Lee and Asmodian really couldn't speak about it, but they did feel hurt that this human had compared their loyalty to that of a dog's. The only good thing out of it, was that Lee said. "Yes... But, Dogs have more loyalty than you and your bloodline, it seems. And in that, i can find some pride."

The bickering had been going on for awhile. Eutharian may have felt some sort of way about the fact that he was too confident in the power he was bestowed... A little too confident. He didn't even know his dark ability yet. But, unlike them, he will not have a mentor... He rejected Eden, didn't he? Hurting her would mean she would spend as much time as she could looking for the others that would appreciate her help and mentoring. It was far better than the alternative.

Back at the house, Lee, D, and Asmodian nursed the bar, laughing amongst themselves, having already dealt their share of the work. The talk between each other was an eventful one, though.

"What do you think? Are we gonna find any one of our kind?" Lee asked. Asmodian smirked. "I hope so. It's been so long, and by the look of that map, its been a good long time for more to accumulate. I, for one, am kinda proud" D chuckled as he chugged down his shot of vodka. "Yeah, leaving The Styx Aerie, there were only a handful of us... But, seeing now, we can possibly have an army. Herod won't stand a chance against us" he chuckled. D'angelo had laughed. "A bit more than even VanHelsing, huh?"

Matheus walked in. "Hand me a shot of Jack." Asmodian obliged and looked to him. "What's up?"

Maheus chugged before looking to him. "I don't know what's up with that VanHelsing, but how he is right now makes me kinda sad... It's to a point where it irritates me" he said, Asmodian giving him another shot. Asmodian sighed a moment as Lee picked up his glass of bourbon. "Isn't he, though? He truly believes we're dogs. I was sorta offended."

"Not even that, he thinks we serve Eden..." D said drinking for of his Vodka. Matheus chuckled. "I don't care if we are serving her... She saved us from utter torment. She saved us from being pets lined up for slaughter. She did what none of us could, even defied her promise to save a human, and still..." His face saddened still. "... Still, i want to help her. Still, i want to be with her and make sure our enemy suffers how he made us suffer... This isn't just some blind loyalty, it isn't serving... It is a true loyalty. I side with who was our savior, I don't care what a newborn has to say about it" Knowing he only said that because of his temper, Lee shrugged it off. "Don't worry, Matheus. He'll see it before he's face to face with some of these monsters... He thinks its easy now, with the gadgets and his family bloodline... He was only picking away level one to five beasts compared to what we're dealing with... He'll understand then, when he sees her charge to war without a need of us... That, i know"

All this drunken banter, all the drunk comments and laughs... It was simple that they were hiding something... Maybe something important. Maybe not... But, this was a good time as any to try asking.
Caveziel had kept his mouth shut as Eutharian went on his bit of a rampage. Had he known more of the details to what they had done, but it seemed his mind and manners would not allow it. As before the young male could even get a word in after the man was done he walked out of the room.

Watching as Rajah and Asmodian looked closer at the map. [b "I said we had hunted them, never said we killed them. And this is the ones my family has kept track of sense their discovery. I am sure there are quite a few more out there then just this."] Pointing to the map as more dots appeared. [b "As you see Memphas produce a lot faster in some areas. Those are your labs, or your experimental areas as you can tell. They will have vampires in them as well as Memphas. If this little group is going to go get memphas to fight the Styx I suggest leaving those for last."]

The male had watched as Matheus came up to him and gave him the basic run down of what the group would do. [b "By all means go hunt for your kind...I will be right here fortifying the position we do hold, and most likely making calls to cancel things."] Hearing the words suit up we leave in twenty caught him off guard. [b "I won't be going. Eden is your alpha, not mine. I am not a dog to be called to service."] looking specifically at Matheus. [b "I mean no offense when comparing, but I am, or was a human being I make my own decisions. If Eden wants me on this little hunt of yours then she can ask."]

Holding out a little gps device Caveziel pulled up the map option. [b "I have however given you a smaller version of the map in the bar area. That way you don't have to keep coming back to the house while out hunting for other Memphas."] Hearing D say something about a drink he held up his hand. [b "I've got a stash that isn't behind the bar."] Going to the other end of the study he pulled open another set of cabnits to show slightly more expensive alcohol.
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Eutharian's eyes darted quick towards him. "Wait a minute, you killed Memphas? You mean to tell me you murdered the only thing stopping vampires from killing you? And who are you to tell us that all of us are murderers?! We only kill the bad guys! Or does your bloodline only think so narrow mindedly?"

Everyone was sort of offended with the situation. But, instead of tagging in, Eutharian sighed and looked to him. "Whatever... Look, i'm going to look on my radar for others. We're gonna need more strength if we're gonna be dumb and bumrush the covens." With that, they watched as he wandered out the room.

Rajah and Asmodian looked to each other before looking to him. "We already know that our kind is underground. The main thing is focusing on gathering your allies and create a defense and offense. Right now, going gong ho into the mouth of Hell doesn't sound appealing to us when we crawled out of it and stayed away for a number of years. So, your plan will be considered... But, we need to start small and be smart, not stupid."

As he explained the map, Asmodian and Matheus had observed. There were more dots than they had expected. Even though he said they had killed some, here were more than initially, though... In fact, it had double, if not tripled since their escape, and that both relieved them, and worried them.

Matheus sighed a bit as he looked to him. "Ok, VanHelsing. Only advice i got is take great care where you tread. Eden is about to go out to hunt. We're gonna go with her in hopes of finding our kind. Anything she says, goes. Understand?" When he got confirmation that he understood, he sighed. "Suit up. We leave in twenty."

Asmodian, Lee and D stayed behind as Rajah walked on behind Matheus. D looked to Vez. "How about a few glasses? Might as well loosen a bit before we head out"
Caveziel just watched as Eden came into the room and even went and informed all of their planning and such, but as Eden had spoken he just laughed. [b "That is the thing."] pointing to the map on the wall behind Asmodian and the bar. [b "We have hunted them as I said, I have marked everyone mempas base, creation lab, experimental facility, including their habits of travel and other likes. They are hard to find, but easy to keep track of after."]

Holding up his phone a smile on his face as Eden left the room silent still. [b "Like Eden, All Memphas contacts are big high rolling underground people. They know how to move things without it being found out. Drugs, money, guns, even living people, or well in some cases bodies. All underworld high rolling contacts have kept in touch so we don't step on each other's toes and break into an all out war like we use to have or like the normal gangs of New York and such. They all me favors and have kept tabs on all their contacts for me."]

Putting his phone back into his pocket he finished his whiskey and pointed to the map again behind Asmodian. [b "And its an active map, as in..."] Pointing to one of the dots it disappeared for a moment only to appear a few inches farther. [b "As in all of those dots are your currently active Memphas, across the world."]
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Frustrated with his words, they all stared collectively at him, before an overwhelming sigh had took the room. Eutharian looked up to him. "Fine, Vez. If you think straight manpower is going to end this, you can bring a gun. But, like we said, it's up to Eden what our approach is."

With that, everyone had resumed drinking... That was until a new pair of footsteps had sounded throughout the house. All eyes darted to the threshold, where Eden had stood, and her eyes were vacant. "I don't know about you... But i need a glass of henessey. Now" she said as she walked past Caveziel and Eutharian, who had stood up as soon as his eyes were on her.Everyone nodded as Asmodian had made a glass for her, and watched her attentively as she sat and grabbed the glass. "We're not going to go in stupid... If you're thinking of attacking the covens, we can't use brute force ll the time."

Eutharian sighed. "We don't know if they will allow our entry so willingly" he said, attempting to defend the notion.

Eden looked to him. "I didn't say not to be armed... We are not attacking until they give us a reason. Those covens protect Herod and his goons. I won't cause a riot, and they alert the others. Simple as that."

She drank some out of her glass, before looking to the group surrounding her. "We have to play smart. We need to find the other Memphas, as many as we can. We need o have a plan behind our plan. Right now, they made a threat. And, i intend to play it smart, but deadly. They would expect an all out brawl, brainless, primal, they way they wanted us to be... I won't give it to them..." She then stood, refilled her glass and left the room, leaving the room silent, but the air was hanging on her word.
Caveziel just laughed at the comment of other vampire covens. [b "You are scared of a creature that made you? Yet has more weaknesses then you do."] Holding up the special made bullets. [b "As it sits, besides being completely unable to heal yourself such as having your heart ripped out or your head cut off you can regenerate loss of limbs or reattached ones that are still viable. Vampires can only regenerate, but it takes them a lot longer to do so and that is if they have a supply of blood to do so."]

Tossing a bullet to each one of the members of the group. [b "These bullets are the only known weapon to be able to stop a Memph from regenerating, and even more so is lethal if shot close enough to a vital organ such as the liver, stomach, lung, brain, or the heart. They are UV liquid, silver, sealed in an Ice bullet made of holy water."] Holding up a map of all the covens in the area Caveziel had the devil's smile upon his face again. [b "The Styx are in the old world, along with the Seven Sins Sabbath, however the Arch Pariah, Tevet Galere, and Coterie of Discord are all here in the new world, all in hiding away from one another. While they may help the Styx if need be they fear each other because of their hunger for power. Its this we will use on all the other covens."] pointing at the map as he placed it upon the table between everyone. [b "I already have men leaking information to the little human pets to the vampire covens about where the other ones are. This will have them attack each other in hopes of gaining the upper hand in the Styx higherarch."]

Caveziel moved his hand to the few covens across Europe, Asia, and Africa. [b "These covens are a more lethal matter. You see my family has come to an understanding with the leopard shifters and the werewolf packs of the area they keep to a tended area and we will leave them alone. I have made a bargain with them that if they help us out on this by wiping out the vampires in the area their hunting grounds would be expended outwards."]

Placing his hand upon the single dot left. [b "That leaves the Styx Aerie itself, that coven we go after ourselves."] Pulling another paper out of a blueprint of the fortress out. [b "My family have been doing their research on the Styx for a very long time. Their fortress is old, and its starting to collapse in places. If what was found out about them a long while ago they sleep in the cellar of the church which is in the court yard. No windows in, only the door. However that gives us one clear advantage."] Pointing outside still the devil's smile upon his face. [b "Daylight. Styx and all vampires cannot walk around during daylight, so their pets will be walking the grounds during this time making sure no one comes in or out without permission. Its during this time we strike out the guards, and as the styx exit their resting grounds we hit them all in the head with as many bullets as we can."]
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Lee had watched as Caveziel had dropped blood onto the wound... And, it slowly, but surely healed. Lee looked to him as he made his demand. They had to have a meeting... But, to get the Styx Aerie? Lee furrowed his brow as he nodded and went out the door, gathering everyone together and led them into the kitchen, so to allow Eden the rest she needed.

Rajah had sat near the fireplace, alongside Eutharian. Lee, D'angelo and Matheus sat at the bar, while Asmodian had allowed himself to make the shots of liquor.

"Okay... So, what is this so called plan to go to the Styx Aerie?" Rajah asked.

Lee sighed. "I highly doubt Eden wants to go back. She already helped us all escape from there. I don't think going back will be her cup of tea."

D'angelo took a swig of his bourbon before looking over his shoulder to them. "She's not going to go there... Not directly, anyways. Between us, The Clan and them, The Styx Aerie, there's a number of other covens we have to consider. There's the Seven Archs Pariah, The Seven Sins Sabbath, The Tevet Galere, Coterie of Discord, and The Council. Keep in mind, Lucifer is involved, too, so we are gonna have a good healthy dose of trials. There's a good number of vampire Archangels, Homunculi, and every single witch, demon and the like coming at us... And it ain't because they have no sense..." He looked to Asmodian, then Eutharian. "... They'll be coming because of her."

Lee sighed. "She's become a bigger threat now, hasn't she?"

Asmodian sighed and nodded."Yeah... Apparently, with Eutharian having some ties to the Aerie,he's found something that may give us a clear understanding on what we're up against. They're not just after her, they're after her blood."

"Her blood? Why?" Asmodian asked as he poured another shot of Jack Daniels. "You can't have forgotten the details already. Herod tainted her blood, successfully creating the first Mempha ever to exist. After she set us and the others free and burned down the castle, what do you think happened?" Rajah said, looking to Eutharian, who knew the rest.

"Phanuel and Uriel... They purified her blood in Paris. Which is like a... A type of Holy Water, highly poisonous to vampires, and even more powerful when touched by someone else. Its like a double entendre. Its destructive... But it also recreates... Depending on what it touches, and who it touches. Eden... Has become a beacon... The only Mempha capable of defeating the Devil... Put him back in Judecca"

"It's not the Devil we should worry about..." D'angelo said, looking up to Asmodian, before downing his shot of Vodka. "It's Abaddon and his sons..."

Everyone quieted down. D'angelo pressed on. "You have to keep in mind who Herod is being financed by... We're gonna have to walk on eggshells before we even think of going across the planet to a place that haunts us all"

A sombering silence meant they all agreed. Eutharian looked up to Vez. "If you're thinking of storming the Styx Aerie... You better be sure that you're willing to die for the cause. We need to get rid of the Aerie, and any other vampire in league with him. That includes Abaddon, and any other covens we've yet to find. This is to save us all. This is to save Eden... After all, she's the Leader of all Memphas. We deserve to live"

Everyone agreed as Asmodian gave everyone a shot of their poison.
disappearing for a bit Cav had went into the security checks to make sure all was well and active. There was only one way in and out of the room and that was to buzz a person in from inside the room itself. And to make sure no one could just bust in there were no windows and the walls were titanium alloy that were double plated and ten feet thick. It was a vault that ran the security for the rest of the house. Not to mention the property itself really. A single button in this room could do a lot of damage to something if it wasn't invited.

Knowing the rail guns that were mounted on the roof, along with the fence posts would do damage, but not stop the covens from coming into the grounds themselves. Doing one last check Cav let the security head take back over. As he left he passed by the front entrance to see Eden had come down stairs and was laying on the couch in the living room. Talking to lee for a bit he found out she had came down from the bedroom herself.

Looking at her bruise and the trail of blood that seemed to turn green upon contact with the floor it trailed back up the stairs which were being cleaned by maids from the house. Hearing lee's question Cav turned to him eyes wide in horror. [b "Your telling me you didn't know this before? That memphas can feed off anything and be fine? Its a race of Hybrids, anything carrying a disease or a virus or a way of mutating human DNA to their own doesn't affect them. Hell Eden could have drank Gievers blood and been just fine. Hell I'm sure she could drink Herod's blood and heal herself."]

Pulling down his own sleeve Caveziel sat on the couch just above Eden's head. [b "Go find the others Lee, we have a council to discuss and a vampire to hunt down."] Biting into his own arm to have blood flow at first it looked as if Caveziel was going to feed it to her, but instead he placed it on her wound, as the blood touched her skin it stiched it up even fought the infection that was growing. Caveziel knew what he was now, a Mempha a true mempha born from the first, he was like her a Hybrid of all creatures, and to mix up the pot his blood line the van helsing only made the traits stronger.

Seeing everyone gathered up he closed off his wound by licking it shut. [b "Get ready folks. We are hunting down the Styx. Starting with the vampire that Made Giever."]
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The room was quiet... It was unfamiliar... Eden was in no condition to move, but her body became restless. She came in and out of consciousness, unable to decipher where she was, and where she wasn't. It reeked of vampire hunters... It smelled like Giever... She forced herself awake, and hissed as she wobbled her way into motion. She hadn't realized that her blood was leaving a trai... In fact, she hadn't realized she was even injured at all. She actually believed she was drugged. It seemed plausable, considering she as seeing double, no, triple...

She somehow made it down the stairs, her ragged breathing loud enough for the wandering Lee to hear. What he saw surprised and almost scared him. She was trekking onto the concrete, almost in a trance, her locs were damp with the tears, and he could see that she was beyond weak. He didn't call for the others. Instead, he stopped her by grabbing her shoulders, and hugged her close. "Eden..." he said, hoping that she would be okay if she heard a familiar voice.

Eden collapsed in his arm. "Lee... Where..."

"Your newborn has brought us here. Our home isn't safe anymore. If Giever is able to find you..."

"But... We're where they were... The hunters..."

"Caveziel has ran them off. The only thing you should be focusing on is your rest. You're badly injured. You shouldn't even be moving" Lee helped her back inside and onto the couch. He lifted her shirt to see the wound. It seemed to have spread along her stomach, a black and purple bruise was along the wound. Lee bit his tongue as he began searching for the gauze and bandages, so to stop the bleeding. After dressing it, he placed a hand on her forehead, feeling that she was burning up. He stared around, thinking what he could do. He was a Cherubim hybrid. Which meant he was capable in keeping her alive... But, this was Eden he were talking about. She was mixed with everything, every beast and abnormality that the world possessed. They still don't know what she was capable of, not even her.

Just then, Caveziel made his way into the living room, and spotted her downstairs. When asked how she got there, Lee turned to him. "She did it herself."

The weapon... Vez said something about the weapon being capable of harming her kind... But, was it capable of killing her kind? If anything, it only gave her physical pain. Which meant the Van Helsings were bought out by Herod. There couldn't be a better explanation. Herod knew about them, alongside the Styx Aerie and Abaddon. Which meant... She was a bigger threat to them than realized. And, if that were the case...

Eden shivered, her lips parting, and Lee could see her fangs growing longer from her gums. She's becoming more and more hungry. Lee almost panicked. "Wait, if a Mempha needs to feed from another Mempha... Then, who will do it? Everyone will wanna do it for her, but... There's a catch... We've never done that before... Because she's never had to do it. She never fed on blood, not from us anyways... But i have seen her feed on animals. I think she really denounced killing humans after Paris... So we don't know what can sustain her fully." he said as he looked back to her. "In fact... I'm not even sure she really needs blood to survive..."

He looked back to Vez. "You and your people seem to be experts on us... What do you think, Van Helsing?"
Watching as Cain left the property along with a pack of six to eight dogs in toe silver bullets were aimed at all of their heads as the house staff that were still on the grounds were trained to hunt supernatural creatures or how to defeat them. It wasn't until Cain left that caveziel went and lead them to the first guest room on the second floor left wing. The mansion while not as big as the other estates still was decent sized.

Watching as Rajah and everyone else returned he looked to them n the group. [b "Before you head out on patrols be sure to remember where the traps and such are that were already here. Also avoid going to far away from the house as it will trip the motion sensors which cover the entire property to at least six hundred feet in the air."]

Hearing Rajah's words he looked her with a straight face. [b "If you want an Alpha she's laying in that room up there hurt because of a little special weapon we made to kill your kind. Yeah we may not have known to the extent of your abilities or your mentalities, but we knew of you. That wound will not heal without blood from another of your kind. I am not Alpha, but this roof, this place you are in is my home, and while you are here you will listen to me or be removed from it."]

Cav only left the warning in the air as Rajah kept going. [b "I do not know, and I knew that my ancestor Giever had become involved with a target of his and when the time came instead of killing her himself he went and gave her to the man who made her to be tortured and damaged. I also know that Because she wasn't killed he became obsessed with ending her like he should have and ended up giving up his mortality and his morals to do so, he became a creature of sorts, not fully a vampire not fully a werewolf."] Tossing her one of the bullets from the gun he used to show the silver bullet casing with liquid sunlight. [b "My family has managed to make a bullet that can kill hybrids as well."]
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Eutharian watched as Cain huffed. snapping his fingers and calling away his dogs as they slunked away in defeat. Eden grunted a little, and Rajah took it as a sign that she was not in good condition. She made haste to the doors as Eutharian ran to grab the others. Rajah followed Vez to one of the rooms, and he told her to lay Eden there.

Rajah reluctantly obeyed, looking down to Eden. "I hope you know what you're doing, E..." she sighed as she closed the door behind her. She then looked ahead to the others coming in. "Alright. What we need to do is secure the perimeter. Newborn here says there's landmines, so we can work around them. The traps will be needed a little further. The cameras we have should be in the trees about the house. We should make sure nothing goes unnoticed."

Everyone had sprung into action. In the meantime, Rajah looked to Vez. "Newborn, don't think you can order me around because she bit you, m'kay? Eden has to claim you to be her Alpha. She hasn't claimed anyone."

She sighed before looking to him. "How'd you get into this mess anyways? How'd you get her to break her vow? She's never one to break a vow unless it was necessary. There has to be a reason why..." She could see the resemblance of Giever. She huffed. "Well... I should thank you for getting rid of that vampire traitor. She is still broken about about him. I think you've heard her tale, right? Why she's so sought after and whatnot?"

She sighed some. "I may have a clue as to why she saved you... But, i also think she's trying to find the good in him in you. I don't know... But, in order for her to find closure, you should talk to her when she comes to..." she shrugged. "Only a suggestion... And don't worry, i'll keep the boys preoccupied." She smirked as she stood and walked outside, leaving him to think.
Cav nodded to the nonempty car as the rest disappeared into the grounds. Making a quick motion in the air Caveziel just shrugged as the two exited the car Eden held between the two of them. [b "I would call back the others. They will set off the motion detectors that are on the grounds. That or the land mines that are also around."] as he finished several guards came out from the house the doors opened wide. "I wasn't expecting guests sir?" Nodding Caveziel just gave his usual playful smile to the guard. [b "These are business partners Johnathan. They are to be treated like family. Also has there been any update from my sister or uncle?"]

Johnathan hesitated a moment and the young male caught on quickly. So it was this one that gave away to his enemies where he was going to be at and with whom, but what he didn't know was that the girl he was meeting with was something more then human and that she would turn him as well into said creature. "No sir, no news from your sister other then that her security team is on High alert and on total lock down, your sister is currently in the Bunker which only you and her know the passcode to get into." [b "And my uncle?"] Johnathan lifted his hand in front of his chest. "Your uncle is inside waiting for you."

Caveziel just looked to the door as his uncle stepped out. With him came the bald man from before. Cain. [b "Greetings uncle Sebastian. I was not expecting a visit from you so soon. How was the trip?"] cracking his knuckles Sebastian only shrugged. "It was fine and dandy had to tie up a few loose ends and go fishing a bit with live bait, but it worked out in the end." [b [I Damn that man, he lived through that to? To be expected from my father's biggest enemy.]] "I do hope your visit to the café went down without a flaw. I see your still healthy as ever."

so he didn't know, but more over Cain being with him was not a good sign. [b "Of course uncle. You know Tom wouldn't let anyone break his rules. Even his own people."] Looking as both Rajah and Eutharian joined him on either side his eyes narrowed on Cain. [b "Keep in mind uncle you are in my home, so I must ask whats with the visit?"] Holding up a finger Sebastian just smiled. "The girl in the car is why we came. We are here to make a deal. Give her to us and you can keep your lives. If not you will have with the dead."

Caveziel just laughed pulled the sniper at his side and shot his uncle between the head with a liquid silver and sunlight bullet. [b "Oh but uncle we are who we are. I can smell Dog on you worse then before. How's the werewolf life now as the silver should be starting to affect your system?"] It was a howl of anger and rage that came from Sebastian as his body started to show its werewolf nature, and more so fizzle and popping came from his head where the silver leaked from his forehead. Smoke came from the hole until Sebastian turned back human and died. [b "Now Cain you have one option leave here and bring a better suited army if your going to try and take eden. Or you can go and warn the other covens that we do not take threats or armed force lightly."]
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Rajah was silent. Eutharian sighed. "You know the newbie is right... Technically, you are beta to the group... Why didn't you just give the call?"

Eutharian sighed. "I'm second in command, but that doesn't make me her beta. You know this..." he looked out the window. Rajah grunted in understanding. "So, are you envious of Caveziel? Or is it something else?" Eutharian growled. "Come on, Rajah. Not this now"

"Oh, shut up. Everyone knows you're in love with her. Looks to me that she's stuck in a love triangle with her own Memphas. I'm impressed." she chuckled. Eutharian sighed, blushing. He looked out to Caveziel who was on his motorcycle. "Why did she have to fall for this human? She needs someone that actually knows her, not this mobster. And, on top of that, he's a Van Helsing. He failed to tell us this. It only makes me suspect that he is setting her up."

"For what? We had the work, he was looking to buy from us, there was no other business. If they had gotten a connection, it's between them. I still don't see why you're so hung up on the Leader. If you want her to choose, she won't. Someone has to choose her, and either you or Caveziel will be chosen to be there to lead us all to our freedom" She looked to him. "Eden will choose with her heart, not her head. And you have to be sure that whatever she chose, you still will be there to be her right hand. She needs us all to defeat Herod and the Styx Aerie. Don't forget that we all love her."

Eden grunted in the back seat. Eutharian turned his attention to her, sighing. How was he going to protect her? He had to pull up his game if he were to protect her. Rajah stared ahead as he straightened himself. He's going to have to keep his feelings shut. All the while, Eden was writhing, suffering in her unconscious. What could anyone do to help her out of this little tumble?

Once they got to the location, everyone piled out of the car to do a check of the perimeter. Eutharian and Rajah stayed in the car until the others disappeared. They waited on Caveziel to give the all clear.
Caveziel only growled back. [b "It doesn't matter if she is your Alpha or not. If where you are is a danger those who are conscious all agree its dangerous and to move. The decision falls to the Beta the second in command. Who if memory serves Eutharian is."] Standing up he walked over to the doorway only to have Rajah and a pair of twins appear in the way.

Watching as everyone went to work Caveziel looked to the yet new arrival person. He had indeed grabbed all the guns and even went and put them in the back, however he stayed out of the car as they placed Eden into the back seat. Climbing in he stayed long enough to hear the words of giving up his address. Laughing he opened the door the devils smile still on his face. [b "We won't be going to my estate here in the city, I am not known as the King of New Orleans for nothing."] Before exiting he spoke in a dead matter of fact tone asking for a challenge. [b "If we are leaving we are not leaving any evidence we were here."]

Climbing out he paused a moment and spoke into the car before shutting the door. [b "Follow me and stay close."] pulling his helmet on he got onto the bike he had driven there the few times. The first was shortly after he had gotten the phonecall setting up their little contract, the second was after getting turned. The third was after he had collected the weapons from his family vault. Pulling out of his pocket a small little device he pressed the red button and watched as the house, the woods around it, and even the river all went up in a blaze.

Getting on the bike he took off with both cars behind him he drove them to his estate over looking the Lake Pontchartrain. Stopping at the gate he took off his helmet and waved to the cameras. As the gate opened he waved on the two cars and drove slowly up the drive. Stopping at the front door to great the staff whom he dismissed thanking each one of them for their service. They were to go help his sister at the other estate he had.
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Eutharian had to sigh. "It's not as simple, Caveziel. She's our Alpha. She hasn't given us the order to leave here. Only an alpha can order us to leave here."

Matheus and Asmodian looked to the unconscious Eden. "Now's not the time, Eutharian. We need to think about her safety, and this house isn't safe."

"I don't go against Eden's rules! Never! She saved us, it's the least we could do."

"Eutharian! We're not gonna be stubborn either-" said a female voice. There, Rajah stood, alongside twins, D'angelo and Lee. Rajah huffed as she looked to Eden, who was still unconscious. "Who did this?!"

"Apparently, Giever was resurrected, and Caveziel over here ashed him again..." Matheus said.

Rajah looked to Caveziel. "Is this the one she turned?" she asked. When no one answered, D and Lee looked ahead. "If you're her chosen Alpha-"

"She hasn't even named him apha, Rajah." Eutharian said, feeling the frustration kick in. "She told me that she didn't know if he would even be the alpha. Giever was enough to hurt her in the beginning, i highly doubt she's gonna subject herself to someone that doesn't even care" he huffed and looked to Matheus.

Matheus growled at Eutharian. "I get you're part demon, Eutharian, but that was a very foolish thing to say. We don't rush love, and we definitely don't allow our Alpha to die." he growled. Asmodian sighed as he looked at D and Lee. They stared at Eutharian. "I do believe that Matheus has a point. We can't rush certain things... But, we also can't stay here. Its a target now... If Giever was able to find her, then the other Covens will undoubtedly find her, too. We have to think of her safety, fuck the consequences. And the only location that can be safe is with this Caveziel. So, pack everything we need, anything we can do, we will do, and we take her there. End of discussion" Lee said.

D'angelo nodded. "Yes. This is a more safe solution. Before anyone of the covens find her, especially the closest one, i would suggest we go elsewhere"

"Wait a minute, which one is the closest one?"

"The Sabbath. The Homunculi... And they are waiting on her to screw up..." Rajah said begrudgingly.

With a nod, Asmodian, D'angelo, Lee, Eutharian, Matheus, and Rajah went to work.

D'angelo and Lee got the cameras and electronics. Matheus and Asmodian had the traps. Rajah and Eutharian had Eden. They lain her in a car provided by the new faces. Rajah then looked to Caveziel. "Hey, Newborn. I'd suggest you grab those guns and put them in the back. Once you do, you get in the backseat and keep Eden safe. Since she picked you, you're gonna be her personal bodyguard, understand me?" she said. Without waiting for an answer, she turned to Eutharian. "You, front seat. Now"

The two spare cars around the house was filled. They were ready within two hours. Once Rajah had gotten into the car, Rajah huffed again/ "Now, newborn, tell us the directions to your house"

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