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[center A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested. ]

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Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on a century, and the Styx coven had came up empty- handed since her rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Lenali has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Coven. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this one in particular is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Lenali

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The look on his face was cold, stone cold. It almost surprised her. There was a certain detachment from the situation, as if he still didn't totally believe he was a vampire. She sighed before setting down her glass. Eden looked to him, and summed up what she could to calm him.

[I "Caveziel... I didn't choose you for this purpose alone. I could see a destiny beyond your revenge... It's one of my curses. Trapped in the blood of The Sea Witch. I can see their futures, human and beast alike. Yours... Well, yours was a haze at first, but as soon as you looked at me, it would clear into two forms... A woman and a man... And, above them stood a name..."] She was trying to hide her blush with little success. [I " My name"]

[I "I will help you claim your title, if you wish it. And now that you're one of us, i will personally train and teach you. I must prepare you. Otherwise, you'll be bait, and i won't allow that."] Eden looked at the glass. [I " It's not liquor, Vez. We fuse drops of blood to a flat tonic. You won't damage anything. "]

She then stood, half chuckling. [I " I'm sorry, I'm talking your ear off. You should walk with me, Vez... Get acquainted with your basic functions again"] she stuck her hand out, softly offering her hand as an invitation to come along. Her smile was ginuwine, her hazel eyes half mast, cast in a mysterious shadow. She couldn't help it. She had too much of a kind heart to be hard on her first fledgling. If she had taken the duty to teach him, she would do so right. [I "Come with me"]
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The new fledgling nodded at the women in front of him. It seemed she would talk about the coven and the world she was deeply involved it seemed. And while the mortals, or rather humans didn't know existed, but coexisted with. And to make it worse his Empire was smack in the middle of them at that forcing them to make allies with him. A nod of no came to the man when he was offered a drink, He hadn't touched the stuff and would refrain from doing so, he was a Crime boss yes, but drinking had done his childhood damage and he would not see the same happen to his own brood when he chose to have children, or if he could now.

Having his partner explain to him the covens and who they all were didn't seem to phase him one bit. All religious icons were based off these beings of power, and to him it was no surprise they were immortals of sorts. Vampires always seemed to stick out like a sore thumb in history, and their marks were well put on history. Of course anyone who actually lived to see a vampire was long past dead or their memories wiped or turned. Otherwise humans would be hunting the nightwalkers down wouldn't they?

Shaking his head no again to her question the male let her go on.
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 3d 17h 31m 1s
Eden sighed as she looked to Caveziel, who seemed busy in covering their tracks. She had to use the time... The more he knows, the better the lessons will be.

She approached him.[I "Does he know of the assassination attempt?"] She was referring to this Tony. She shook her head ,chuckling. [I " Don't worry, Caveziel. You've made a smart move of keeping him informed. And keeping your sister on speed dial is smart, too. More likely your uncle will try to get to her after believing you've been killed"]

She knew he'd feel a bit on edge about her knowing about it, but shrugged. [I "I will explain over a glass of Henny. What's your poison?]

After pouring glasses for him and herself,she gave him his glass as she walked to her living room. She took a seat as he encouraged her to tell him.

[I " Well... I guess my story starts a good few centuries ago... I was turned in 1775, when I was being lynched for marrying a black man without my father's consent. I was turned by Vlad Dracula, accompanied by Judas Iscariot. At that time, The Styx Aerie had been formed, as a group of foolish souls seeking redemption among their eternity. There are seven covens: The Seven Arch's Pariah, a group of Archangels cast out by God. Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, Phanuel, Raguel, Raphael, and Remiel house there. They chose Vampirism to hide away from humanity, as it was why they were condemned;

The Tevet Galére, holds betrayers of Prophets seeking redemption. The members are more than most because they needed to suffer for their cruelty against God. Sariel, Shimon ben Shetach, Bahya ibn Paquda, Hobot Ha Le Ba Not, Nebuchadnezzar II, and Esther council this coven. I will warn you, they seem tempting with their tongues. They will try to convince you to do anything they wished. If you submit, you will become a slave until either you break their spell, or until they are through with you... And once their bored, they don't let you live.

The Seven Sins Sabbath, you should be familiar with... Pride, Envy, Gluttony, List, Wrath, Greed, and Sloth... Well, in that order, the members are Lucifer, Leviathan, Beelzebub, Drude, Satan, Mammon, and Belphegor. They are children of the Creator, not God. Aside from Lucifer, that is. I'll get to the creator soon.

The Sryx Aerie, as you heard a few times is where I came from. It was formed by Vlad Dracula, a bystander turned prodigy for vampires everywhere, taking the title of the warrior of eternal love. Judas, Bartholomew, Ramses, Herod, Cain and Solomon are the council there... After Vlad and Judas went into hiding for a rumor spread of him murdering humans , Herod took over .. Started making ideas about making soldier vampires for his selfish reasons. I was the first to be experimented on... The first successful one and the purest blood. I rebelled when I realized he was experimenting on other newborn vampires. They're after me for more than one reason...

There's the Coterie of Discord is a coven sitting in Transylvania, made by Vlad's late cousin Elizabeth Bathory. Nimrod, Jack The Ripper and Sweeney Todd are there, small but lively. They're more into gore , so expect it if we have to visit their residence. The Council... Is where our Creator resides...he is Abaddon, the right hand of God, given permission to create beasts.He keeps his most prestigious sons with him... Famine, Conquest, Pestilence, and Death..."]

She looked at him. [I "Any question so far?"]
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the young male followed the group home. Of course it looked odd as he was it seemed the only one on a motorcycle where the others were all piled into the back of a car which Cav didn't recognize. It must have been a foreign made care with special detail and design for the inside and custom outside as trying to even look at all the cars he knew none of them matched. Of course it wouldn't surprise him, as mrs Shepard had said she was a Mempha which was if he got it an experimental vampiric weapon. They were usually failures from the sound, as Mrs Shepard said she was the first successful one they had.

Of course likely her group was all mempha that had escaped them, which meant there had to be other ones as well, but if he was to learn of that it wasn't now. Of course one day perhaps he would. His biggest concern however was making sure his sister, and his business would be running smoothly without him keeping a constant eye on them. Thrumming through the thoughts that had flooded into his head he shoved some ideas to the side and even considered some, but most of all he came up with only one idea for certain as he didn't know when it was that he would return.

What kept drawing his attention however was that Shepard had kept speaking of how he was a middle man, it was like the vampires were scared of him a mortal, well previously a mortal, it was like they didn't want to cross him to get to the other groups that it sounded like he was surrounded by. The only groups he knew of around him were the Styx to the North, The Aztec to the east, they didn't work together but they tolerated one another, their border was strict and an eye kept heavy on it. To the West was the Dragon born, odd people but a good partner for him to go into business with especially sense they tended to not have much of a price.

To the south was a group called Memph which he should have guessed was Shepard and her little group of peoples, but it could have been all a ruse set up specifically to catch the styx coven of vampires hunting them of course. Pulling to a stop just shy of the bumper on the car he took off the helmet and let his natural skater look take over. Instead of following any of the groups he pulled out his phone again and made another quick phone call. the phone kept ringing and ringing, but no answer. Instead it went to voice mail. [b "Hey sis, its me. Just wanted to let you know I won't be in town, be extra careful a few people might be hunting."]

Hanging up Cav dialed another number on his phone. [b "Tony I want it done. No traces."] Of course while he expected the first phone call he made to work, he wanted it covered to be sure it would actually happen and no tracks back to him could be found. While young in age considering he was only twenty-four years of age he was a smart person and an even smarter businessman. He had made himself an empire and stayed out of jail by covering up his tracks and covering up the tracks of those who covered his own. Of course no one in his employment had died from his hand or on his orders, even the assassins he had sent after his uncle a few moments past would be paid well and sent off to never be seen again anytime soon.
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OK... All her boys had climbed into the car before she turned the car on.

As Eden drove off, Asmodian, Eutharian, and Matheus bumrushed her. "Eden, your oath!"

"What about it?"

"You swore you wouldn't turn any humans. You could've just let him die!" Asmodian argued.

"You have no idea the price of that decision could've been"

"So? We're vampires"

"That type of thinking is why you're not going to make it alone"

Asmodian growled at her as Matheus picked up" You can't mean -"

"If i let him die, humans will be sure to make this place a hot spot. Plus, he's a Godfather. Did any of that sink in?"

Eutharian nodded. "Dead Godfather, mafia comes for revenge, bloodier outcome."

Eden sighed. "At least someone gets it! Besides, I'm sure he's a formidible ally"

"By turning him? What if he used you?"

"You forget I'm a Mempha, too, Asmodian. I can tell when someone is lying."

Matheus growled. "So, we're just supposed to look the other way?"

"If you want to stay in this coven, you should understand i don't do anything i feel won't help us"

Asmodian growled at her. "This is help?"

She growled back. "Either you get with the program, or step out of it. I don't need a jealous child in my coven"

With that she waved her fingers. [I "Go."] afterwhich, she had parked in front of a home hidden in the trees, and eyed Caveziel approaching on the bike. All the while, all she could do was wonder... Why did i turn you?

Eutharian and Matheus stared as she watched him dismount. Eden was already worn out by the fact that her boys didn't approve, but to her, they seemed like three jealous sons. They didn't expect her to do such a thing... But, what she expected was for them to disapprove.

She climbed out of her car and started for her house. She was too frustrated with all of them to even try talking. She needed space.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 17d 7h 35m 27s
The young blonde male stayed in the kitchen of the joint as his partner had disappeared back into the dinning room. Of course Cav could tell every single word that was being said, but he shouldn't have been able to. He could hear the rat that was running around in the female bathroom wall gleefully happy it had gotten the penutbutter that was set in the trap that was meant to catch the mouse that it had run off. He could also hear the cough of a few of the people outside of the dinner taking quick drags of cigarettes as they walked by the entrance unbeknown to them of what had happened inside.

Hearing the door swing back open the words still clear in his ears the young male stood up just as the kitchen door swung open. In front of him now stood three males and the one female that was entangled with him now. Of course the words stung of why him? that was indeed the big question he was asking himself even why him? She easily could have used his sister or even his uncle as the middle man, but she had saved his life and meant for him to keep running the way he was almost like he was no worse then a common human or better then the scummy drug lords that ran around in the bigger cities around the world or the gangs themselves.

Pausing a moment as the people that all gathered now stared him down he didn't flinch or even give a slight flick of emotion on his face as they spoke of Paris and another blood trail. The thought appalled him mostly. He was not squeamish at all, and had no qualms about killing someone, but the thought of drinking a person's blood turned his stomach in circles. Setting to work with the others Caveziel had decided it be best if he helped somehow instead of just sitting back and letting them take care of the mess that he was in. Hearing a noise to his left he noticed one of the three had come up to him. They had chatted for a bit before the job was done, but it was like the whole thing never happened, even the bullet holes that were in the walls and doors were gone and everything was back in its place.

Hearing something however at the end of it about going Home he had wipped out his phone again and sent a single message. [b "Do it."] the receiving end of the message didn't answer back and never would. They knew the job he wanted done and that he wanted no trace back to him to be found so the phone it came on would be thrown away just like all the other burn phones he gave out. It was a simple matter.

Stepping outside the young male picked a motorcycle that the rival gang had drivin instead of taking his own car and driver again. His driver likely was dead in the front and they would come back to check up on it, so The young male pulled a bunch of the napkins from the restraint and wraped them so they formed a rope which he shoved into the gas tank on one end and on the other lite on fire. [b "As you said we don't want anyone to know I am alive just yet."]

Pulling on the helmet the young male started up the 1964 jet black Indian runner bike and waited for the others.
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 25d 17h 48m 42s
Lenali sighed as she wiped her hands before sashaying past him to the outside. She looked ahead as a car and a motorcycle had came, headlights beaming. She sighed as she watched the lights go out and the door opened.

[I "Eden! Are you alright?!"] a voice called. The door opened and out climbed two boys. One had wild hair, long, but tamed with a scrunchie. The other was young- looking, with a look of innocence and pure worry as he hurried into her arms. [I "Eutharian... "] she whispered, hugging him as the motorcycle rider dismounted. [I "We had got a call from Rajah... Knew you needed our help"]

Eden smiled. The rider revealed a unkept hairstyle, but it was slick and black. His eyes shown worry though his face shown a nonchalant smile. [I "Matheus... "]

The door closed as the third came in. [I "Asmodian, I'm glad your here. I need a favor. "]

They all looked at the building. [I "Looks like a gang war"] Asmodian said.

[I "Actually, it was a hit attempt... With my client"] she sighed as she walked inside. They reluctantly followed, seeing Caveziel standing, as if untrusting of her cavalry.

[I "Caveziel, this is my Clansmen... Matheus, Asmodian, and Eutharian. They're memphas that found me. Now, they helped me create this Clan"]

Asmodian and Eutharian stared at him before Matheus looked to Eden. [I "Eden, I thought you swore never to make one... "] he said, staring hard at Caveziel.

Eden sighed. [I "I couldn't leave him to die-"]

[I "What about the Styx Aerie? If he leaves a blood trail, they will find us, and it will be Paris all over again"]

Eden growled. [I "It won't happen. If that were the case, he would've been freaked and I would've ashed him by now. Besides, he is important. We need him to keep the borders between all of us intact. Styx Aerie won't set foot near here with the Lycans, which I'll have to make an alliance with them once we help him. "]

[I "What about after that, Eden? I don't trust him"] Asmodian said slowly.

Eden sighed. [I "I'm not asking you to trust him. He's my business and mine alone. I need this cleaned and people in here before dawn. We must not start a war. "]

Asmodian and Matheus both grumbled as they went straight to work. Eutharian had approached Caveziel, staring a moment. Caveziel was still confused, but when he managed asked why he was staring so hard, Eutharian smiled a bit. [I "Your the one... She found you... "] he looked to the distracted Eden as she walked out. [I "Don't worry, Caveziel... They won't do you harm, so long as Eden says your untouchable. They don't trust humans or anyone for that matter... We only trust her... That's all that matters. "] he stared to Caveziel... [I "Soon, ill be able to trust you... But that's totally up to you to accept your destiny... "]

When Vez asked of such destiny, Eutharian smiled. [I "I can't say. Not so soon... But it involves us Memphas... And it involves her... "] he said, walking ahead.[I "Come on... She's taking us to the house"] he said eagerly
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 26d 5h 30m 27s
Confused at first a sharp sting came to his head. Of course her words must have rang true how else would be still be alive today? There is no possible way for it to have happened. He had after all been shot in the kidney at least twice, his lungs had both been punctured and he even had one barely clipped his heart, but it had done enough damage to it that it caused him a painful and slow death. Of course had any of them been aiming a little higher they could have punctured his throat or his head to blaze through his skull and brain.

A dozen questions came swirling through his head again, but the male only asked the important ones. The first that swirled to the front of the questions he asked was if she had bit him, her answer was the no; the answer confused him at first it must have meant she wasn't a Vampire like the true sense of the word, that or Hollywood and all other lores had it wrong; of course either option was possible.

The second question that had pushed from his lips before he thought about it was about having to feed, She of course had answered about how she would teach him, but she didn't touch the subject much of if he would have to feed off humans during the times of his lost blood or if animals would do. She did however make the comment about how they only hunted thieves and crooks which to him was perfectly fine, although he couldn't say he was an innocent person either.

Then came the comment of him moving into her home which drew his thoughts Of course he couldn't do that, he had his sister to protect; but the idea of draining her dry and killing her during one of his own cruel moments of a feeding frenzy made him agree He would however make several phone calls later to make sure she had extra security on the property. Of course he would also have to pay a visit to his uncle in the jail that he was at just to taunt the man. He would make sure also that the job was done proper this time to take his uncle out of the picture.

Her comment about keeping the border and his place is also what had caught his attention. He couldn't keep his business going with humans around of course. They would notice that he wasn't aging at all, even being super human would probably affect it. While he laundered drugs and was a Crime boss in the underworld, he was also a trade partner and loan company. No one however knew of his underground assassination group he ran also outside of his uncle's knowledge. Taking her hand Caveziel sat on the chair she had placed for him.

[b "I need to make a quick phone call."] without allowing her to say now the young male pulled out his phone to see it smashed to pieces. Grabbing one out of the bodies from the group that tried to kill him he dialed up his home and gave some orders in an odd language. [b "Make sure to call in extra bodies. I want her protected from anything. Also inform the boys I will be gone for a while. My partner and I will be conducting business out of the state for a while."]
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 26d 13h 3m 25s
That question had a full answer. [I "I set my kind free, free from our masters... Free from the pain of watching others die from failed attempts... Birth abominations only to never see them again... I rebelled against them... They called themselves the Styx Aerie... One out of six main covens at the time... After I rebelled... I created the seventh in secret... The Mempha Clan. "]

She sighed and looked at him. [I "They're after me because I'm the first, the most successful weapon they've created... And the most dangerous experiment out of all of them combined"] she looked at the details of his face. [I "You may be worried if you will be racked with blood thirst... You drank my blood, you have turned... But you will only be in need of blood when you lost too much blood in battle, and when there is a full moon. We don't hunt any humans unless they're crooks and thieves, we hunt mostly game around my home. Your a Mempha Fledgling, the first Mempha made by transfusion. "]

When he asked if she bit him, she shook her head. [I "I don't need to. We don't bite unless we are becoming mates or feeding... "]

She then looked to him. [I "Speaking of feeding... You'll have to move to my home... It's safest there... You can practice and you must learn... "]

When asked what he was learning, she smirked and extended her hand. [I "I will teach you what you need, and help you claim you spot, so to keep the borders strong... "]
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 28d 20h 2m 26s
How was it possible? How could he be alive now if he had indeed been shot where these wholes were? Who was this women really sitting in front of him? How was it she healed him and got rid of the...Six people without even so much as a scuff on her clothing? All these questions swirled around in his head, but every time he tried to voice one of them he couldn't seem to find the words for it. That was at least until she spoke about how someone had ordered a hit on him, From within his own group someone wanted him dead.

Of course his thoughts went straight to his uncle, the man was ruthless and would do anything to get the entire Empire under his thumb, but that would mean he would have to kill Caveziel's twin sister. And that would also mean that she had to be protected from possible threats from that gross man. He should have been behind bars and not been able to do anything from where he was. Caveziel himself made sure of it; That was the lie. He made sure that his uncle was taken care of in jail and that he had no contact with the outside world, but it didn't mean someone else close to the man couldn't have done the work of contacting the outside.

Looking now more closely at the women in front of him the words finally formed on his rosey lips. [b "Who are you, Really?"] her answer however didn't seem to shock him as much as it should have. She was a vampire that at least gave him a wave of release he wouldn't try and eat his sister for the most part, but that was the problem it meant he still could end up killing her just to get at the life force of blood that flowed through her skin, but she wasn't exactly a vampire, she called herself a Mempha. [b "What is a Mempha?"] the word fumbled on his lips as it was hard to pronounce with his thick velvety accent of the old word.
[b "And why are the Styx trying to get ahold of you?"]
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 28d 20h 46m 35s
[I "I wouldn't move so quickly, Caveziel... "] her voice sounded as she stepped from the shadows. [I "You've been unconscious for at least an hour... "]

She pulled up a chair and helped him into a seat before she sat before him, and looked him over. [I "This is a first I've ever done this... "]

She sighed when he asked what she had done. She looked to him and leaned back. [I "I believe someone attempted murder on you... Someone close to you... What you remember is no lie, no dream... You were shot. You were dying... And I saved you"] she had a straight face, an even monotone voice. She saw his confusion and attempted to lift the weight of concern. [I "I am a vampire... A Mempha, specifically. The first successful experimented vampire out of hundreds seeking refuge. I have been on this globe for more than three hundred years... No, I'm not here to kill you. I am here to give you a second chance, to reclaim your seat, and believe it or not, you're a vital part of my attempt to strengthen borders and save us Memphas and your humans from the Seven Covens, one in particular The Styx Coven"]

He didn't believe her at first. But, she didn't worry about his not believing in it. [I "I'm sorry, Vez... But, unfortunately to the Mafia world, word already has gotten out that you are dead, and someone is trying to take your seat as a Godfather. Your miraculous return shouldn't happen until the right moment... Right now, your my Fledgling, a Mempha youngling... You are not ready to take it back yet"]

One question came from his lips. [b "Who are you, really?"]

She tilted her head and thought before staring at him. [I "My name is Eden. I use the name Lenali as a cover, to keep the Styx Coven off my and my coven's tail. If they find out I'm here, they will do anything to have me. I can't let it happen"]
  Bloody_Eve / 30d 4h 53s
Slowly feeling crept back into Caveziel's body, but how could this be? He had been shot and more importantly he had been shot in vital spots that should have killed him. The worse thing though wasn't the confusion that crossed his hazy mind, but the hunger that gnawed at the back of his throat like he hadn't just eaten anything at all. Perhaps it was the feeling that had caused his body to spike its adrenaline rush which was what made him feel alive. Even so his body's blood loose should have caused him to at least pass out.

Her words were all blurred to him and he couldn't understand them, but when the hot liquid was pressed to his lips the young boy drank happily of course his body screamed for more and the hunger it seemed only sedated to come back far worse then before almost like it was an animal drinking salt water. Finally when the liquid was pulled away the young boy licked his lips and collapsed his body had finally given in and had him pass out. What was the damage fully? He had been shot, yet he couldn't feel any of the wounds?

Sitting straight up after waking himself he was still laying on the floor of the kitchen in the dinner they were suppose to have left. Of course six bodies of a rival gang were all over the kitchen limbs in a few places, but it seemed no blood splatter or even a little drop was anywhere to be seen? It was then his focus returned to his eyes, The first thing he saw besides the many different various colors and the multiple weird things going on with them was the women he had met.

His partner in his most recent of endeavors Mrs Lenali Shepard. It was strange to see her now. Her skin was a light shade of tan almost like she had been bathed in milk to try and hide her skin. Her hair was shades of black he couldn't even describe. Her eyes a silver like that of the stars. Her dressed while not see through to normal human eyes his seemed to catch even the slight press of her belly button to the dress. The silk seemed to be a yellowy white shade instead of the white that he first thought it to be.

[b "What happened here?"] motioning his hand across the kitchen itself. While looking at her the male's own hands drew across his body to find that his shirt had several wholes in it, but yet it stopped at his skin just underneath. How was that one possible?
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 34d 18h 15m 24s
Shots fired!

He was doing what she was. They both noticed a strange man entering the diner first, but Lenali caught a whiff of gunpowder and it came from the kitchen. Everything happened so fast, but when Caveziel seemed still, and she smelled fresh blood all around her, but concentrated on what was closest to her, she could only surmise that he was hit.

She caught him and helped him sit. [I "Vez! Vez, can you hear me?!"] she tilted his head back to clear his throat. [I "Hang in there, Vez... I'll help you... Just stay awake"] she whispered, hearing footfalls approaching them. She growled as she heard guns cocking behind her. She stood, turning to the five shooters that was lead by the mysterious man.

[I "Too bad you have to die. You're far too beautiful to be here"] the leader said, putting a gun to her chest. Lenali didn't say a word. She stared at the six killers. [I "I think... You should run while you have the chance"] she growled.

She bore her fangs, and out of panic, shots were fired. They thought she would drop dead, but when she didn't, it frightened them. [I "I thought... I told you... To run... "] she growled.

The leader was grabbed, becoming a shield as she pierced his jugular and bled him dry. The gunshots had no effects on her as she, one by one, disarmed and drained the other five.

Once all was silent, she hurried to Caveziel, who seemed to be getting colder to the touch. [I "Vez... "] she said, feeling him shiver from the chill of death. She couldn't wait to explain. She had to make a decision now, or else he won't make it. She took her wrist and bit into it, her blood quickly falling from the open vein. She lifted his head and put her wound in his mouth, before whispering [I "Drink, if you want to live... "] in his ear. After a few weak gulps, he found some of his strength and grabbed her wrist, drinking from her harshly as he fought to live. Lenali gasped as she allowed him, feeling some of her strength leave her as he drank. He drank what he needed until he passed out, filled with her blood. She sighed as she wrapped her wrist up, and took out her phone and called Rajah.

[I "I need you to call the boys... Evidence is needed to be destroyed. "] she said before hanging up and checking on Vez. Already, his gunshot wounds had stopped bleeding. She sighed as she pulled a chair up beside him and took a seat. All while thinking in her mind... Why did she just do this?
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 37d 3h 24m 15s
Caveziel had finished his food. Laying the fork and knife parallel from the bottom right to the top left he was showing that he was done. Finishing his drink of wine to go with it the young male stood from the table dabbing the napkin across his lips and wiping his fingers clean. Placing the napkin on the plate as well he slid his chair back and came across to Lenali [b "If the lady is ready."] he offered his coat to the lady. Of course the young boy also eyed the pair of guys that would likely follow them out, but more suspiciously was the new person that had stepped into the dinner and just sat in the corner of the room.

The male seemed odd as Cav had never seen the man before, but he reminded him of an old person he had seen before. His complexion was shades to pale for a normal being and the way he just waved Mary away without ordering food or anything it meant he was here on business, but his eyes never left Lenali and himself which made matters worse. It was like he was spying on the pair, but why he would be doing that here could possible be for many reasons; one thing was for sure however and that was there was an ambushing waiting for them outside which meant men with guns would likely be aiming at the front door waiting for them to step out.

[b "Hey Mary is Mike in the back?"] he called out to the waitress who got the hint. There wasn't anyone named Mike who worked there, no instead it was a key word used for people who knew the joint. The key word meant they were going to head out the backdoor which meant going through the kitchen. It was however in the Kitchen the ambushers waited. Firing several rounds into a metal tray and glass flying everywhere from the bullets The three or four guys were dead, but Cavziel had gotten shot as well in several places himself.

Chocking on what little air his body would let him gulp down between blood flooding into his lungs from the shot in the chest and the second just barely in his throat missing the articular vein which would have killed him in two minutes. This would be the end of his life or so he thought as he laid on the floor growing colder the loss of blood making him delirious and frantic. He was only twenty-four and no one would take over his empire on either aspect. His Uncle had won in the end it seemed.
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 43d 17h 18m 10s
After confirming her suspicion, and after hearing his declaration, she rested with eating her meal, before looking outside to a full moon. She sighed a bit, remembering the prowling days under the only light of night before fire turned to electricity. But, all the while, she couldn't fathom how much Caveziel looked like him...

The only difference besides the fact that he's mortal and wasn't a slave was that he was already aiming for something. In that she found some comfort at least.

But, her face sombered as she thought of his betrayal, jealousy and disdain being the motives because of her creator showing favor to his first fledgling. It was funny... After her creator and his companion went into hiding, and his coven was taken over by a councilman, it was a fight to live so to speak... Not as much as now... But it was close enough.

She looked to Vez as he ate. He seemed so calm, so controlled. His heart was beating evenly, soundly, and yet he'd thirst for blood didn't rise. Instead it wavered. She was sure that something was wrong. There was too many red flags. But, she kept the peace and continued with the task at hand... That is... Until the moment they were going to leave.
  Lenali Shepard- Vampire / Bloody_Eve / 56d 17h 22m 11s

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