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[center A former immortal Assassin who has resolved her taught nature for peace will have her vow sorely tested. ]

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Lenali Shepärd is an unusual woman... This slave- turned- Immortal had the power to take down an entire coven and free all of their experiments (Memphas) before disappearing. It's knocking on a century, and the Styx coven had came up empty- handed since her rebellion..

Their last resort, was to go to their creator, their desperate attempt to bring her out of hiding.

Meanwhile, on the run with her three boys, Lenali has one option that could prove useful in her efforts.. Get to her stronghold in Georgia... Search for Memphas, make her own coven, train and defeat The Styx Coven. Just, that particular plan did include humans, and not only that, she'd have to create allies with alert underground humans. Mafias. Gangs. So to be able to give protection to their own species. But, this one in particular is about to step into an adventure of his own... And it involves Lenali

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Eutharian and Asmodian began inspecting the other two bags as Matheus approached Caveziel. "That's quite a find, Vez. I'm surprised you lugged all this yourself." he said as he looked around the guns. "We're gonna have to put all these in the armory. And, then, we'll have to go look for Eden. You and me." he said as he picked a few up, making sure they were on safety. "We're gonna have to find out what's going on... I smell something foul... And it reeks of Herod" he growled.

After putting them away, Matheus had led Caveziel into the backyard and into open air. "Eden?" he called. There wasn't an answer. He sighed to himself. "She's always been like this..." he started walking towards the trees, making it a mission to follow her scent. It wasn't long before he found her, sitting along a bank, by her lonesome.

He looked to Caveziel and put an arm out to stop him from approaching her. "Watch closely... We shouldn't be so hasty. I think someone's here with her."

Matheus watched a moment before looking forward to Eden, seeing her locs moving to the soft breeze. She stood before someone appeared across the waters, across the creek.

Matheus growled softly, almost as a wolf would. Vez couldn't see who was before her, but her body had covered it. Matheus made a shaky growl before dropping his arm. "Don't strike yet"

When Caveziel asked why, he looked to him. "Turns out, she had been waiting on a prowler... Someone had been watching our location..."

She looked at the enemy that seemed to stand across from her. "My, my... Aren't you a pretty thing" said a male's voice. "Eternity looks good on you"

Eden's stare was hard, was almost focused. Matheus was already ready to attack when she said a simple name... A name he had thought she'd never say again... "Giever..."

Before she could react, before she could even speak... Something had hit her... She grunted a moment, looking down to see a sickle wedged in her side. She grabbed onto it to yank him forward, but she felt an electrical surge and she was hit with 500 volts. She screamed, fangs out as she tried to yank out the sickle. She heard a sinister laugh as she fell into the river, fully submerged in the water. Matheus growled and howled a call to the others. "EDEN!" He yelled, Caveziel finally seeing the transformation of his human form to a wolf. He ran on all fours, ready to attack the intruder.
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Cav had only looked at the arrangment on weapins he had assembled. [B "The weapons themselves? Nothing. Its what they carry that will do the damage.."] Holding up a single bullet from his collection it was a glass like bullet filled with a blueish silver bullet. [" Liquid sunlight and silver. Originally made with liquid silver to slow dowm vampires and lethal to werewolves, We adapted them to be lethal to both vampires and werewolves and minions as such."] Putting the bullet back down a devil's smile played across his face. [B "There is a reason no vampires or any other supernatural creature comes into territories i have claimed. Anyone ever wonder why that was when you first arrived no others vampires or otherwise were within the city?"]

Cav picked up a second bullet this one solid only it was made of ice [b "A holy ice bullet. Made like normal ice bullets. Take water and freeze them in the shape of bullets. Only make them with holy water and they become affective against anything and the evidence like the body disappears. Ontop of all that all of these items have been blessed by the church. Or what would have been the church back in the days of gabriel victor van helsing."] Standing up from his spot in the middle of the room he walked around the guns in an agile catlike reflex. [B "this is just a small portion. I have two other bags with just as many weapons in both."]
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Asmodian was the first to walk into the living room, carrying his cameras and his glass of bourbon. When he noticed the living room was rearranged, he smirked. "Ah, so you returned successful, i see... And with some toys" he said. Eutharian and Matheus had walked into the room from the kitchen, and Eden had been walking a little ways from her room, not even noticing the change.

Eutharian and Matheus had chuckled as she descended down the stairs, Exclaiming to Caveziel the surprise they felt of seeing so many in such a short time.

Eden, on the other hand, hadn't even noticed. Something had been bothering her... She hadn't felt so alone, yet not. She had to find answers. She just had to. She had wandered out, not even noticing the conversation that gravitated towards her. "Eden?"

Eutharian hadn't seen her so far from reach. She had walked out the back door, her expression was showing that she was too lost in thought. What she was thinking of, he knew completely... What that meant, he had no clue. He sighed, a bit aggitated.

"What's up?" Matheus asked. Eutharian sighed. "I don't think us talking to her would make her any calmer. She needs to have some time... With Giever back... I don't think she's feeling any more than fear."

They looked back to Caveziel. "So, tell us about your little plan. What do think these'll do to Herod and his minions"
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[b "Perhaps your right my folks may not like what I have become by becoming the one thing that we are meant to hunt, even if its not an actual true vampire and a more weaponized version. However I am not happy with what has become of them either."] looking left and right he just paused at the door. [b "My mother is gone. She is a shell of what was once there. And my father has not been alive sense he was bitten and eaten by a ghoul. My family knew it was a ghoul, but the forensic case says it was a bear mauling."]

Stepping outside Cav had took in a deep breath letting the night's chilled air sting his nostrils as the tendrils of cold streamed through his system. Looking to the house Cav knew the camera's were active they weren't hard to tell the ones he had placed for the property which had been activated the moment he was sent the request to procure a house for his partner in this area. He had placed them on a closed camera so their only feed would go to the hard drive found in the side room of the basement which now was locked and only Eden had a key to.

Getting on his bike the man left to return to his estate in which he quietly went to his armory and gathered up two duffle bags full of weaponry and another full of ammunitions and one more bag full of other more specific items. Driving with the four bags on the bike was hard, but Cav eventually made it back to the house with no problems. Taking and placing all the bags in the living room he began to empty out each onto the floor after moving the furniture to the walls on the outside or just moving them to another room. after that he patiently waited.
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"Yes, but Victor was hunting Vlad over a lie" Eutharian sighed before looking to him. "Your history was misconstrued. Victor was a victim to Herod... A vampire, using Vlad's name to cover his own ass. He had managed to escape not because of instinct... But, because of Eden. That was one of the reasons why Victor hunted vampires, and one of thr reasons why Eden became the first victim fledgling for experimentation. Memphas, on the other hand, are not vampires. We are much harder to kill, no other creature can match. It only takes another Mempha to kill us. That's why he is trying to experiment on others in hopes of making a strong enough beast to kill us"

Eutharian crossed his arms. "As far as im concerned, Caveziel, i only hope that your folks dont see you." He looked to him. "Everyone believes your dead. Its best to stay that way until Eden says its time. If anyone knows otherwise... Itll cause problems we dont need... Understand?" With that, everyone had started getting around the couches and started to set up shop. "just be careful" Matheus said before disappearing upstairs.
Watching as the others gave him death stares Cav looked them over with his own mindless drone face. This was business and while they would see to it he did his part in freeing Eden, The partner person he had made from the control it seems of this other person who had made her. Herod, a monster the creature who went and tortured humans and experimented on them even worse he took the dead, the disturbed, and the ghouls and did even worse to them he used them as meat shields in his wars not just on the humans to kidnap them, but the other vampiric covens even used them to hunt down the memphas.

Caveziel just looked blank at the group. [b "Are the lot of you saying even with me being a fledling I can't handle a vampire? Lord or not? You do know the Van Helsing name and how we are hunters of your kind and vampires. First of us was Victor Van Helsing at least what the humans called him, Gabriel Victor Van Helsing Right hand of God. He was hunting Dracula and had the vampire afraid of him. Considered even hunting Phaneul and Uriel, even Michael. He was human."] standing from the chair he sat in he went to the door. [b "If we are to be ready for this war then I must return to my residence and become better equipped then simple nails and fangs and the Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm I carry on my person. or the M&P 45 shield I have stashed in the bike."]
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Eutharian had made his way downstairs when Asmodian had stood to back out of the conversation. Matheus looked over to him as he reached the last step, and then looked to Caveziel. "For someone who knows a lot about your heritage, you are very confident that it may be a good asset to this fight. Mind you,this is no ordinary fight." Eutharian growled before taking a seat. "This is not just a fight for us Memphas... Its a fight to free Eden."

Asmodian looked to him. "Has she lightened up yet?" Eutharian sighed and shook his head slightly. "She's still locked within that cage... I can't get her to shake the past... Not yet, anyways"

"But, what about this shift in the planes? What does that mean?" Asmodian asked. Eutharian had leaned back against the chair. "The oath she took a long time ago... Was made when The Seven Archs found her in Paris. No doubt, the oath to never turn a human was meant to be broken, otherwise Phanuel wouldn't have been alone" he huffed.

Matheus looked to Caveziel. "And what about the situation with him? What is his purpose in being in our pack?"

Asmodian sighed before looking to Matheus with distaste. "Eden's reasons are her own... You should never question that. Eden has been through enough..."

Eutharian clamped his hands together and looked to Caveziel. "They are just worried. After the information that has been disclosed, they don't know if it'll be safe here" Eutharian sighed and looked up the stairs. "My concern is Eden... After two centuries... I worry that she may have put herself in a shell... I'm not sure what to do"
Caveziel had watched as everyone seemed to stare at him either in fear now or in awe struck. He had after all basically told them all his family was the reason their kind were in hiding and would remain as such. They were one of the three Major families that made it so that the supernatural and the regular world's never met, and anyone who crossed one or the other was never heard from or never went back to the one they had come from. Of course it was a hard life, but it had to be done no matter the cost.

Caveziel had taken in a deep breath as the creatures that would be called his "coven" didn't seem to move a muscle from where they were or even blink as their pale eyes set on him. That was one trait he noticed many of the Mempha had, their eyes were a silver color. All but Eden's who were purple, That and his own which seemed to be a bright blue. [b 'Tell us Caveziel when were you planning on letting us in on the secret of your family? Before or after you killed all of us?"] The voice came from behind him, but it didn't catch him off guard much. It had been Mattias.

[#124356 "Didn't think it was anyone's business but my own who my family Ancestors are. Hearing the name however changed that fact."] Sitting down on one of the sofa's across from everyone he grabbed a cup of tea that had been prepared for their earlier guest but never actual drank. Taking a sip he looked over the rim at all of them. After a short while he placed the cup back on the plate and the plate back on the glass table.

[#124356 "To be exact I must inform you of everything of the Society. Once The three most feared and unknown people in the world. Victor Frankenstein, Gabriel Van Helsing, and Samual Emerson. The three original keepers of the Supernatural world. These three started families and passed along their codes and skills down. It wasn't until three generations later that these families would meet all to hunt the same creature. It was during this hunt they formed the group that is now known as the Society, a group of one hundred families now that are meant to keep the worlds apart. The Society today is descendants of these three people. My family, That being my sister and myself, are direct descendants of two of three lines. Van Helsing and Frankenstein This is how we know where Victor's monster is at all times, and what he is doing."]

The group stayed silent a moment as Cav's took another sip of the tea. Placing it down again he took a moment to register the group. [#124356 "The Society has been trying to take down Herod and his group of lackies for a while now, but in the process it lost itself. That is why my ancestor changed our name and removed us from any knowledge and records. He also removed a Fortress far in the swiss alps that are kept by my sister and myself, There is also a very powerful being locked up within those walls that not even I would think to set free. That being is Ambrogio The first before even Cain or Dracula."]
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Eden was in her room, sitting on the bed, looking out the massive wall of windows into the forest as Eutharian snuck in. "You shouldn't be so hard on Phanuel..."

"Can it, Eutharian... I'm not in the mood to hear this again." she said, still frustrated. It was giving her a migraine.

"Come on, Eden, you have to admit that you like him... After all these years, you care about him, despite his bloodline."

"That doesn't make me feel any better" she growled. Eutharian wasn't moving. He wasn't in the least bit scared. "Why are you so apprehensive about caring about him?"

She let out a heavy sigh as she looked back out the window. Eutharian understood then... "Because of Giever..."

"Eutharian, Giever had set me up... He raped me, then turned me over to Herod. He is a Van Helsing. Imagine how much trouble i would be if i met his entire family... What would he do? He's side with his family... Hell, he probably would do the same as Giever did..."

"How can you be so sure, Eden?"

She sighed again, before turning away again. "I just know..."

Eutharian had gave a quick sigh before looking back to her. "Your heart may have stopped beating, but it doesn't mean that you should stop caring... Giever fucked up, we all know it.. You shouldn't punish yourself for him. At least try to be happy for once"

Eden looked up him finally with sad eyes. "... It's not up to me..." she turned away before finally laying down, hiding her face. Eutharian felt his heart hurt. Eden was so wrapped up in her pain, she just couldn't find a way to release herself from it. She had dealt with it for over two hundred years. All he wanted to do was make her happy. He sighed to himself before slinking out of the room and shutting the door.
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Caveziel had watched as the Vampire with golden curly hair circled him. Comparing her to an animal hunting its pray was an undertone. She had that deadly smile like a viper did before it strikes, cat like muscles rippled under the taunt of a golden tan skin even with the clothing on the young mephas could tell they were there. Her voice carried a tone of seduction and poison both. Caveziel however was not drawn into the den of what would be the elder. It was a trait his family carried long with their line was to be able to distance themselves from regular humans by resisting the allure of the supernatural creatures in the world.

Of course as the saying goes with Knoweldge comes power, and a lot of what he knew now would cost him, His family, mostly his siblings. The family had predicted that one day something would come for the Van Helsing line and even more so would be some powerful vampire to return to them the original creature. Not Cain like everyone believes to be the demon that created Vladimir Dracula, but Ambrogio the thing the Van Helsings had locked away under lock and key in a fortress tucked away in the mountains only they knew how to get to.

Paying close attention to the blonde as she stalked around him she purposely put him between her and Eden. Fear? no the ancient didn't fear Eden at least it seemed that way, yet she knew something like Eden could possible take her on without help. Phanuel, Uriel,. Two of the Angels in the bible. Of course Michael could possible come up, but to know Uriel was keeper of knowledge meant they weren't following tradition.
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Eden turned over to Caveziel as he spoke... Wait... A Van Helsing? She could've hissed if it weren't for the fact that Memphas were a new specie of Vampires that couldn't be detected easily.

She looked to Phanuel, who stared at him intently. "Is this...?" she asked. Eden nodded to her before Phanuel had walked around and stared at him. "Eden, a Van Helsing..." she chuckled and looked at her. "He will be a perfect mate, i can tell. This is probably what Uriel wouldn't tell me"

"Watch your mouth, Phanuel"

"No, i am serious. Uriel has said that there was a future for you with the one you've turned, and if he's the one you turned, you chose right" she turned fully to Eden. "Your blood is tainted... and pure. You are a vital asset to your kind, and you waited long enough to fight aloe" she chuckled. Eden growled before looking to her. "Keep talking and your pretty goldilocks will be tainted with blood"

Phanuel chuckled before sauntering past her. "Alright, alright... Have it your way..." She said before walking out the door and turned. "I'll return later" she said before disappearing.

Eden had walked off, asfter closing the door. She sighed with frustration as she walked up the stairs and to her room
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Hearing the knock at the door from his own room far in the back Cavs had stepped out into the living room. Something about Hared had once again come up. Who was this guy? Perhaps he was far worse then others made him out to be, to think that he was trying to all but destroy his first weapon ever made and to do so by the use of ghouls was even worse. Of course that would mean one thing the creature he had seen so many years ago was indeed what these memphas call a Paleskin or to humans a ghoul. It was a creature that was partly dead but not fully dead.

Hearing the name of Van Helsing and Frankenstin brought up even more fond memories. Stepping into the light of the fireplace Cav cleared his throat a bit to make his presence known. [b "Frankenstin's monster is more likely what he is after, the doctor is long dead. His creature last I knew was in New York city working with the Nameless order to keep the demon prince there from raising his army here. The Gargoyles are however very pressed against it."] taking in a deep breath he also raised a finger. [b "As for Van Helsing you have the blood line standing in front of you."]

taking a step more into the light of the room a deep presence hit the boy. [b "I am Caveziel Inrei, Last living male of the Van helsing's main blood line. My twin sister is tucked safely away in a safe house built by my fore fathers for the time when the sun would be blocked out. My family's name changed when we moved here to the states, and we allowed our family within Europe to keep the family name incase someone went looking into the history of our family."]

Holding up yet again his finger another deep breath Caveziel continued. [b "In seventeen sixty-three My ancestor Victor had brought his son Gabriel to the chample in Romania in where he would earn his name as Van Helsing slayer of the supernatural and wanted murder of all to those who knew nothing of the supernatural world. Others would call him monster hunter, Demon killer, and most of all the right hand of God. It was during his time with Anna Valeria that they had a child. That child was named Henry Van Helsing. Henry had three children of his own. Ivan, Jessica, and Hope. Ivan is my Ancestor and the main branch of the Van Helsing name. He had come here to the Americans during the colonization period and built up a name for himself as the greatest black market dealer. Jessica's line holds the Van Helsing name now and are scattered mostly through Germany France and Spain. Hope's family ended during world war two as they were experimented on by the Nazi's and Russians both trying to figure a way to adapt my family's strength into their soldiers with little success."]

Brushing off the looks that were given to him by it seems everyone he went on some more. [b "As for the Foundation that contains demons of the darker parts they have yet to find the single demon that my family has kept trapped within The Fortress. A Creature that Originated Immortality. Alexander Convenes himself It is also from him that my sister and I draw our bloodline's from as it is his daughter that our father married."]
  Caveziel Inrei / Colorful_insanity / 132d 16h 51m 36s
Eden sighed to herself as she looked ahead. He was right. He couldn't be controlled... But, she wasn't looking to control him. She was looking to help him keep humans in line. Yet... Through the entire ordeal, she had to take some of the matter into her hands. She looked over to Eutharian and Matheus, who shrugged as she walked away. She looked at the situation another way. She had to see this a whole new way.

She ended up in her room, sitting on black satin and pondering... She had to make sure things were not going where she thought it was... But, when she thought about Vlad and Judas, knowing that it was damn near impossible to actually find them, it made her huff. She had to try... She had to get Herod. She had to stop him before other immortals and even humans are harmed by his plans. She looked up before hearing a knock on her door. "What is it?" She asked as the door opened. Asmodian looked over to her as she raked her locs back. "Someone is at the door..." She looked at him a moment, confused. The look on his face was flat, almost monotone. "It's an immortal... But, i think you'll find her interesting..."

Her? She stood and sighed as she walked behind Asmodian. Who she saw irritated her... Not only demons were annoying... So were the other side. There... On her doorstep... Was Phanuel, and she looked like she always had... wearing a white skirt with pearls and a sort of pink top... looking casual, but her aura was unmistakable to say the least.

"What is it, Phanuel?"

Phanuel's curly tresses bounced as she looked to Eden. "Geez, you can't say hi at least?" Eden sighed and rolled her eyes. "Hello, now why are you here?"

Phanuel chuckled before looking over to Eden again. "I came because there had been news that you have broken your oath" Eden sighed with agitation. "... And?"

Phanuel shrugged. "I dunno... NBut your oath being broken had opened a whole can of worms that i don't think you wanted at all" She said, annoyed. Eden looked at her before growling. "So what else is new?"

"No, i mean, there was a shift with the planes. There has been some things happening under the crest that i know you've been dying to find out... Herod is up and at it again..."

She growled with full anger. "What?"

"Oh, but it gets better. He's using Paleskins..."

"Paleskins? The Ghouls?" Eden was a bit confused at the problem. Ghouls had been a problem for the human race... But why was Herod using them?

"They're translucent... They can manipulate things around them, even humans. He's using them for experimentation because he feels they are incapable to rebel... Like you have." She eyed Eden as she finished the sentence. Eden scoffed as she growled. "Herod is far too stupid to think that they are in need of a master."

"Of course, but he's also looking for some people...Victor Frankenstein and Van Helsing. He's hoping to have Victor take on the removal of the capability to think for itself... In other words, he's forcing them to be tangible enough to suffocate the main components that makes them act emotionally"

Eden couldn't believe it. She looked to Phanuel before looking ahead. "If this bastard... "

Phanuel nodded. "I would suggest you watch your back... Something is wrong here, and we need you to keep him at bay until the time comes"

Eden looked at Phanuel. "Don't think i'm gonna let you fight my battles for me, Phanuel. He and i have some business to settle... And i won't let you or the Seven Archs Pariah get involved in my fight"

"We may not have a choice, Eden. This does involve the humans God made, and it can very well spell a disaster if Herod gets his hands on some strong entities. And we both know what happened to them..."

They shared a glance. Of course she knew. Humans, otherwise people in a society called The SCP Foundation, have some of the most dangerous and life-threatening demons known to the underworld. Eden shook her head. Oh, my God... Herod, you've gone too far...
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Cav had heard the low growl reverberate through his spine and yet he did not flinch even once. [b "This way please Caveziel."] said a calm voice from the side off on the right. [b "Very well."] standing and going towards the hall that would lead to the bedrooms he poked his head over his shoulder. [b "Before I go, remember one thing. I am still Caveziel Inrei, I am a person who can not be controlled. Also if Cain wanted me so badly he would have taken me the same day he gave me the card. Breaking into my house and killing all the guards I had there with me."]

Following the single female person who seemed to be human still he continued along the way to dead stop at the last room on the left side. [b "This is your room Caveziel."] nodding he went inside and looked around. A blank room really, Four white walls, high ceiling two windows, bed, dresser, two side tables, a closet, even a small cedar chest at the foot of the bed. Before he could ask about anything the door was shut and Caveziel was left to the room himself.
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Nothing was said. Only eyebrows arched and furrowed. "Vez, Armand is in France. He refused to leave." Eden looked at him, then ahead after seeing the card. "... And I would take care. Cain may not be into what Herod is, but Cain is also into sibling and friendly trades... If you call it that. Cain isn't bald. He uses a trance on humans to make him look like that. He wanted you to become one of us by Herod's hands. It's a good thing I've gotten to you first"

A low growl escaped her before looking to Eutharian. "Show him to his room. Training starts tomorrow "
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