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Vincent sighed. "listen you should just forget about me." he said before getting up and walking away putting the book back.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 353d 2h 46m 36s
She nodded and cuddled him. "I love you." She said and peeked up at him.
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 353d 14h 15m 54s
"it is what it is. shows what the ministry actually does." he said.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 353d 14h 18m 8s
She sat next to him and watched him. "Vincent, I don't think he meant to hurt your feelings...."
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 353d 14h 19m 36s
He found the massive grand library and grabbed a monster book and sat down petting it gently.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 353d 14h 21m 49s
"Vincent..." She whispered and kept following him.
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 353d 14h 22m 45s
vincent drew his hand away walkign away. Potter sighed. "the way the ministry goes about this is concerning. in makes more problems then solves them."
  Vincent / ganondorf / 353d 14h 31m 52s
Aoife stood following him and touched his hand gently.
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 353d 14h 33m 4s
"they are going to test you. i dont know how but they are. its the precautions we cant have another dark lord rising." he said. Vincent sighed and got up. "of you honestly believe i would use magic in that way then theres no need for us to have this conversation mr.potter." he said before walking out the door.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 353d 14h 34m 43s
Aoife looked up at him and squeezed his hand gently.
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 354d 15m 3s
Vincent calmed her down. "Listen Harry. I have a plan. Why does Malfoy or my death eater parents fit into this?" Harry sighed. "Normally....the headmistress expells those associated as a precaution." He said. "She's giving you a chance because I asked her too."
  Vincent / ganondorf / 354d 34m 48s
Aoife frowned and piped up. "He can stay with me and my parents."
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 354d 13h 56m 39s
Vincent shrugged and said nothing showing no emotion. "And...." Harry sighed handing over a letter showing that Malfoy was to be his legal guardian in their departure. "Now Malfoy has declined due to how he was affiliated back during the war for he knows it would only make it worse. What we need is an answer from you." Vincent sat there thinking.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 354d 14h 2m 43s
Aoife frowned and looked up at him sadly. "Vincent...."
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 354d 14h 11m 2s
"we uhm....we found your parents....their remains were among the dead when we raised a death eater camp....and they had the death eater mark." Harry said.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 354d 14h 32m 17s

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