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she nodded and said. "yup." she smiled and watched him. "what kind of owl is he?" she asked and looked up at him. he seemed familiar and she couldn't place why.
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 2y 1h 2m 57s
He jumped hearing a voice. "Oh uh. sorry, " he said rubbing the back of his head. "I'm used to this," he said. " I always go for a good seat." he looked down at the cat as his owl hooted lightly. "it's ok specks," he said petting the owl gently. "So I assume you're a final year as well?" he asked.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 2y 1h 16m 15s
Aoife walked through the barrier and looked around checking on her cat to make sure Rook was okay. she knew the cat didn't like traveling and had to sometimes sort of drug him to make him calm enough to take him to hogwarts. she looked around the platform and blinked seeing vincent. she wheeled her cart over and said. "a bit early, aren't you?"
  Aoife O'Broin / wingedwolfy120 / 2y 1h 45m 19s
Vincent stood on the platform 9 and 3 quarters and checked his bags again. this will be the last year he goes to Hogwarts before graduating and the last year he is able to live in the leaky cauldron. they sponsored him 6 months after his graduation to find a job and a place. he rubbed his head. He hasn't had the time to find either while in class being the head boy of the dormitory and more. he waited for the train to pull in having arrived more early than anyone else wanting to get a good seat.
  Vincent / ganondorf / 2y 1h 52m 30s

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