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[left [pic]] Angelina smiled at the new girl and waved. She was excited to get the new girl in the same class, and even sitting so close. While the announcements started Angelina leaned over and whispered,[+deepskyblue “Hi, I’m Angelina. Nice to meet you, Anastasia. If you need any help just ask, I was pretty new not too long ago too.”]

“Angelina, pay attention.” The teacher shot her a sharp look and Angelina leaned back to sit up straight. She gave Anastasia a smile, and waited. The announcements were the usual boring stuff, reminders to clean up after themselves, what options were available for lunch and dinner today, and upcoming events. There was a club recruiting event soon, which was the most interesting part to Angelina today. Maybe joining a club would be good?

[left [pic]] Domiel was shocked to see her walk into the classroom. His eyes widened, and he did some quick mental math. The timing [i was] about right. He couldn’t take his eyes off her while she took her seat. Seeing her face again filled him with longing, while at the same time his stomach filled with a cold fear.

No, it wouldn’t happen again. He wouldn’t let it. Besides, he had a plan. He would just have to keep his distance. He gave Phoenix a frown. He looked too amused. He had to have known the time was getting close and Domiel had forgotten again, and Phoenix hadn’t mentioned it. Once the class was over Domiel went to Phoenix’s desk,[+goldenrod “You look like a cat that just ate a canary. Not planning to be late to our next class, are you?”]

It wasn’t the place to get too in depth into anything besides school. Domiel was usually pretty good about not saying things that humans would find odd. He spent a lot of time with them.
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[left [pic]] [google-font] [Quicksand The day was dreary. Rain had been pouring down all day and the wind bit at her skin a little too much for her liking. It also happened to be the day she was moving to Wilbraham and Groton Academy. As if the name didn't summarize the disgust she felt. She hated the fact she was being forced to come here. She didn't want to be the new freaky girl. She was tired of having to explain her life and the things that happened in it. She was tired of trying to make new friends and ultimately failing. She was just tired.

Although she didn't want to be the same freaky girl at her last school. She was glad to get away from that. Glad to have a fresh start. So, maybe this move could work out. Maybe she'd do things differently here. Anastasia stood next to the parked car, staring at the building. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was ready. The goodbye from her parents were quick. She knew it was because they didn't want to cry in front of her. And she was perfectly okay with that.

Ana took all her bags inside and was immediately ushered into the Head Master's office. He talked to her about the rules, the school work, and how he expected nothing but the best from her. She just nodded to everything he said. Making sure that there was a polite smile on her face as well. It was important to give them what they wanted.

The brunette was given a schedule and room assignment and let loose. Staff took her bags and she was reassured they'd be in her room by the time she got there. Ana took her paper and made her way to Homeroom. She wasn't that late, just entering as the teacher began roll call. Ana handed her the paper and the lady in plaid smiled.

[#AAB2BD "Everyone this is Anastasia. She just transferred from..."] she looked down at the paper. [#AAB2BD "Rosefield High. Let's make her feel welcome." ]

Ana hated being introduced. She just stood there awkwardly, gave a little wave and found the nearest empty seat. Which happened to be in the back by some chocolate-haired girl with piercing eyes.

[center [pic]]

[right [pic]] Phoenix's eyes instantly caught the car pulling up. And he knew something was up. He watched as the girl got out of the car. The corners of his mouth turned up. She was back. He knew it was coming. It had been seventeen years which was how it usually happened. But Domiel usually lost track of time. Especially since he was focused on this nephilim. He thought he could finally break the curse. Phoenix wasn't so sure of that.

The male climbed back into the window. He nearly ran down the stairs so he could keep his eyes on the beloved girl. She looked the same. Which wasn't shocking to him. Sometimes her hair was darker, or lighter. But her face always stayed the same. He watched as she went into the office.

Phoenix didn't have a plan, but he knew he wanted to get this girl on his side. If she let Satan in then this whole thing would be over. He could go home. But the transaction had to be pure. He couldn't force it. He had to let her choose. And in the past he failed every time. This time would be different. He could feel it.

His eyes followed the confused girl to the classroom. He waited outside a few minutes before walking in. The teacher scolded him for being late. He payed her no mind. Instead his eyes went to Domiel, fully expecting him to react some sort of way. Would it be shock? Dread? He wasn't sure but he took his seat which was in front of Angelina. His eyes never leaving Domiel. The smirk that Phoenix wore was probably showing but he just didn't care. Things were finally about to get interesting.
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[left [pic]] Domiel had found her name funny ever since he learned it. Angelina was a fitting name for a nephilim, but the girl had no idea of her heritage. Not yet. For now, Domiel was biding his time. The girls powers hadn’t awakened yet. Until she had her full power she was incredibly vulnerable, so Domiel kept a close eye on her. Nephilim were so rare, especially one as old as her. Late bloomer. Which was how he found himself sitting in a classroom, staring out the window. Acting the part of another student was the best way to stay close enough to protect her, and get close enough to ask for her help.

“Don, can you come give us the answer?” The teacher had noticed he wasn’t really paying attention, staring out the window again. Don was less strange to people nowadays, so he went by that name here. Domiel looked at the equation on the whiteboard, boredom reflect in his eyes, which would be called brown but they were really more like gold. It was pretty complicated for what they were studying, the teacher was [i trying] to catch him off guard. She’d been looking for a way to trip him up so she could scold him for not paying attention.

He scoffed and stood,[+goldenrod “Sure.”]

It was complicated for the class, not for him. He got to the board and without hesitation wrote out the answer step by step. He didn’t even need to pause to consider anything, and once he’d circled the answer with just a bit of an attitude he dropped the marker back with the others,[+goldenrod “There, wasn’t so hard.”]

Even here he couldn’t just pick a side. He tended to bend or break rules and give some teachers attitude, but he had excellent grades and tended to not break the rules often enough to get labeled a troublemaker. Too much attitude to be one of the favorites, but too smart and with grades too good to be considered a rebel. Story of his life.

[left [pic]] Angelina had to stifle a laugh when Don solved the equation. The way the teacher looked so irritated but tried to hide it, and how Don didn’t even seem to notice. When he’s transferred in shortly after her he’d been quick to talk with her. And since none of the other students were quick to make friends with the new girl she was becoming fast friends with Don and his friend.

She was always amused at how frustrated some of the teachers tended to get with Don. It made classes she shared with him pass by faster. When class was over Don was at her desk like usual. For whatever reason he’d taken to walking her to classes. Next was homeroom, which they shared as well so it made sense now at least. She finished packing up her books,[+deepskyblue “You’re pretty smart, Don. You know, I was wondering if you would want to tutor me maybe? It’s getting a little tricky.”]

[+goldenrod “Sure. Come on, you’ll be late.”]

As they walked Angelina was pretty excited,[+deepskyblue “Have you heard? We’re supposed to get a new student. Nancy said she saw something about it in the office this morning, someone filling out paperwork. I wonder if they’ll be in our homeroom? Wouldn’t that be exciting? We can make friends with them too, new kids stick together.”]
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