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[b Maggie:] -comes in and looks around-

[b Felicity:] Hello to anyone who might decide to come in
  MourningGlory / 15d 8h 57m 12s
[b Shane:] Oh don't be! Yours fell asleep a couple days ago..and ours has been out of it all day. So sorry here too!
  MourningGlory / 115d 6h 32m 0s
[b Hayden:] Sorry she totally fell asleep the other night.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 115d 12h 58m 5s
[b Shane:] At least they're slowly getting back into it! And there is always kik or fb if thwh want or we do!
  MourningGlory / 117d 10h 54m 35s
[b Hayden:] Mines been out of it too so I definitely get it.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 117d 11h 19s
[b Shane:] It's good to see you! And yeah I kinda blame the holder for that -huffs-
  MourningGlory / 117d 11h 7m 15s
[b Hayden:] Hello there, yes it has been. A very long time.
  musєs / -An_Dulra / 117d 11h 9m 27s
[b Shane:] Hiiiii. God it's been too damn long
  MourningGlory / 117d 11h 12m 42s

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