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[#Af18ae She doesn’t have a file here. She’s new. We moved here a few months ago...] she says annoyed with this doctor. He’s such a big. Always flirting with the mothers.

Somehow thee vultures found out about them being there. A family member of a patient called it in for cash.

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  Amanda / Simply_Random / 68d 14h 15m 8s
The doctor nodded, "Thats in her file, last time she was in the hospital, it says a Kane Brown donated. We will get an IV in her and start getting her fever down."

  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 68d 14h 27m 22s
[#Af18ae No. I’m her blood type. He’s spinal fluids is a match to her. Besides both my parents are also a blood match. It’s okay. Just bring down her fever.] Amanda says pacing. Upset that the pediatrician that’s working is the one she’s not too fawn of.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 68d 14h 29m 9s
"Would you like him on the emergency contact. If Mavis ever needs blood, he could be a match and we would need to have that one file, she does have a rare blood type." The doctor said.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 68d 14h 32m 19s
[#Af18ae I have insurance and she has a high fever. We won’t wait. Don’t worry about it. I’ll see you whenever...] she says before leaving. Mavis strapped herself in as she got into the drivers seat.

She was so anxious. The 15 minute drive felt like an hour. Since she also took Mavis where she works they got admitted quickly. Her temperature increased. She was even asked about Kane. Since her mind was too occupied about Mavis she admits to everything and explained she simply doesn’t want him in her life.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 68d 14h 36m 18s
"I'll put him in his cage and meet you there... I know your capable but I also know that theres a premium to get her into the hospital and I'll pay anything." I said looking to you
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 68d 14h 44m 8s
[#Af18ae We ran out a while ago. Neither of us has gotten sick since.] she says heading to her room to look for the thermometer to take her temperature. 103.4.

[#Af18ae Crap. I need to take her to the emergency room. It’s way too high for my liking.] she says put on flip flops and a bra. She didn’t care if she didn’t brush her teeth, brushed her hair or the fact she’s still in pajamas. [#Af18ae I’m sorry but I really have to go...] Amanda says grabbing her bag before picking up Mavis. [#Af18ae Put Nibbles on his cage please. I have no idea where he’s at.] she says heading for the door for the door to leave.

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  Amanda / Simply_Random / 68d 14h 45m 47s
Kane smiled seeing Mavis, "She not feeling well?" He looked to her and asked, "May I help for a second?" It was an old southern trick that his mother used to do with him. "All I need is her socks and some vapo rub. You put it on the bottom of her feet and put her socks on and put a blanket over her and that cold will be gone tomorrow."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 68d 15h 3m 13s
[#Af18ae No way. So we can fight again. Nah...] Mavis peeks her head out. Sneezing. Booger’s rolling down her nose. Amanda sighs picking her up to go clean her face. [#Af18ae You’re supposed to be napping...]
“I can’t breath.” Mavis sneezes again making a booger bubble. It made her laugh. It disgusted Amanda. She brings Mavis to the room turning on the humidifier with Vick in it. Mavis was watching TV on her room with nibbles on one of her pillow.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 69d 13h 39m 9s
Kane nodded, "Can we have another date whenever your free, bowling, pizza?" He asked smiling.
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 69d 14h 13m 11s
[#Af18ae No. I haven’t had the time. But I need to go. Busy.] she says trying to smile.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 69d 14h 18m 52s
"Have you turned on the tv?" he asked looking to her, 'Sorry I thought it was in my pocket. I had my manager post a picture of the bracelet Mavis made that I wear with a caption, things settled down."
  Kane 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 69d 14h 28m 27s
Amanda gets up to answer the door. Before opening it she grabs Kane’s phone assuming it’s him. When she opens the door she gave him a quick smile and hands him his phone. [#Af18ae Last time I checked this isn’t your house or a hotel room. Stop leaving your shit here...] she tells him as she yawns. [#Af18ae Did you do damage control?] she asks wondering what happened.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 69d 14h 30m 22s
Kane called Amanda’s number from the garage phone, “Darlin’, did I leave my phone there?” He asks on her voicemail sighing. Eventually he knocked on her door again.
  Kane 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 69d 14h 35m 59s
Amanda walks back inside to find Mavis on the phone. She didn’t care who it was. Amanda hung up and reminded her not to answer any phones unless she is asked too. It made her mad again so she went back to her room. She turns off his phone too. He’ll eventually come and get it.

She sat on the couch watching Netflix. Annoyed that her parents brought Mavis home early and has to deal with Kane’s scandal.
  Amanda / Simply_Random / 69d 20h 5m 8s

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