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Long ago, all over the earth, many people were united with a similar goal, to earn their rightful place on Mount Olympus. These brave people were demigods born of greek deities who mingled with humans. To earn their place they had to go through 12 trials, each more daunting than the last, to acquire objects and slay beasts. Many eons ago there was never a shortage of demigods ready to claim their rightful homes, but as the world grew and evolved the gods slowly stopped visiting. New demigods were few and far between. They grew lazy, many never caring when they were given their quests by Hermes, the messenger god. Some children never even knew of their deity parents. But once in a while there came a strong bunch who were willing to take their quest. Hermes watched them all grow, waiting untill they were all ready. Now he has found a way to connect these people through a modern technology known as Facebook. When these Demigods are all added to a group chat with complete strangers what shall they do?

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Your characters will be assigned 12 quests one at a time and they need to work together to complete them. Think of me almost like a DM in a sense that I will be playing as the gods who you interact with, the towns people you must speak to for information, the monsters and any other villans you will encounter, pretty much any npc will be done by me

I would make up new quests based on characters and who they are the child of and how they fight and their strengths and such.

Powers depend on parents, but they all have the basics like better strength than humans, better speed, durability, agility.

There will not be a posting order, but you should wait for at least two more posts before you post anything, and when encountering an enemy it will be turn based, meaning you can only post once and then wait for everyone else to post.

[h3 [Inconsolata [Center Rules]]]

no children of the big three

ES rules apply

No ooc drama

Must be able to post once a week at least.

1000 characters is the minimum, but I would always like more if it is possible.

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Age: at least 18 at most 30

Gender Identity:

Sexual Orientation:


Ability from parent:


Physical Traits:

Biography: short

Location: What country are they from?

Picture link:

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Name: Poppy Sinclair
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 18
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: Ace-Aro
Parent: Daughter of Nyx, Goddess of Night
Ability from parent: She can make anyone fall asleep for as long as she can concentrate
Personality: Sleepy, Quiet, Calm
Physical Traits: Pink and blue dyed hair, looks very young
Biography: She grew up an orphan till she was 14 and was placed in a foster home. Her foster parents were well off and very kind, but when she turned 18 they kicked her out and shes been living with a friend ever since.
Location: America


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