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The angel's words were true, and Monu nodded along with them for a few moments until Shin eventually asked if there was anything else she wanted to know. Once again, the succubus began to think for a bit, brainstorming questions she could ask. Most of them sounded utterly cheesy or stupid, so she was quiet for a bit longer than she would have wanted to be. "I'm not quite sure, really..." The girl admitted, going silent again for another portion of time. "Hmm...well, I think I have a question now. What kinds of things do you like? Y' your interests...?" She inquired, hoping the question was better than her previous one. It really was rather difficult for her to think of things so when she finally felt that a good idea was at hand, she definitely would use it.

Monu smiled gently now as she waited for her friend's response. During this time, she ate some of her lunch meal, savoring the taste and texture. Once was definitely a strong point of the school sometimes, just to eat quality lunches. Nonetheless, her focus was still upon Shin and what he was going to say.
He smiled as she talked about herself. He was mostly glad that he didn't have to talk about himself anymore for the moment. He wanted to learn about her and he knew he'd have to talk about himself in return but it still made him a little nervous talking about his personal life.
Hearing her remark about her social life he nodded. [+blue "I understand that. A lot of people will judge you by hearsay instead of making their own decision. It's a bummer. I think you could make friends pretty easily if people gave you a chance!"] He said with a wink, smiling warmly at her. [+blue "Is there anything else you would like to know about me?"] He asked, letting the question hang in the air as he didn't know what to say after that.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 153d 19h 23m 21s
The female listened to Shin, smiling. However, she felt a bit sad for him when he had already finished listing his 'hobbies' off so quickly. "Well...I'm sure that going to the gym keeps you fit. I don't enjoy workouts all the time but I try to do one at least every other day so I can keep myself in decent shape." Monu replied, before hearing the angel ask her about her own hobbies.

" to play the piano and compose music for it. Most people don't know that since they never get close enough for me to talk to them about things like this. Also, I do workout every day or two, although it's one of those hobbies that I have just because I need to have it in order to stay healthy." The succubus explained, gently smiling and enjoying this simple talk. It was nice just to converse with someone who actually cared about what she was saying. "I would probably have a group hobby or two if I had friends here...but you see how my social life is in this place..." She sighed for a moment. "Still, I'm glad I met you! You at least took time to understand me..." Monu said a bit quietly, but loud enough for Shin to understand.
He thought for a minute after she asked her question and shrugged. [+blue "I go to the gym four days a week if you can call that a hobby... And most other days I'm stuck going to anger management. Not really a hobby but that's about all."] He said, having never realized how depressing that could sound out loud.
He smiled at her. [+blue "So how about you? What kind of hobbies do you enjoy?"] He asked, actually rather interested to hear what she would have to say.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 157d 11h 47m 51s
"W-well...thank you again, I'm glad this doesn't bother you." Monu replied as they were walking, smiling when she saw his slight drool. Seemed that they were both interested in the same exact thing at the moment. "The food in this place is definitely a strong point, besides the education itself." She chuckled a bit, soon grabbing a tray and getting some food. It looked so tasty in front of her...but she knew she had to wait until she was sitting down with her friend.

Once the succubus found a nice spot where she could talk with Shin, she heard him begin to speak and fixed her attention on what he had to say. "I'm...not really sure what to say or ask..." Monu initially responded, taking a bite of her food and fully swallowing it before further talking. "I do have one question, now that I think about it. Do you have any particular hobbies? I know it may sound like a cliche question, really does help me get to know you a bit better. Afterwards, I can tell you some of mine too." She grinned. Maybe it was an awkward first question, but...she knew that it could definitely get the conversation rolling. After all, they already knew the basics of each other at this point so maybe asking something a bit different was a good idea after all.
He smiled down at her as they walked. [+blue "Awkward? No no... I'm just looking out for my new friend. It would be a bummer if something were to happen to you so quickly after we just became friends."] He said as the smell of the food hit him too. Soon he could feel himself starting to drool. [+blue "Biggest perk of this place is the food. Human school food is terrible..."] He said, letting it slip that he hadn't always gone to a school for those who were... Different.

After they sat down with their trays, he smiled over at her as he ate. [+blue "So... I figure if we're going to be friends we should get to know each other and it's only polite if I let you go first. Is there anything you would like to know about me?"] He asked, taking another bite of his lunch, groaning happily at the taste. He had been starving!
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"Thank you for bringing me to class, Shin. I look forward to talking to you at lunch, thank you again. I'll make sure to wait for you when the bell rings, I don't trust those boys either. I really appreciate you taking your own time to make sure I'm okay...since most people don't ever do anything like that..." Monu replied after listening to the male speak, and she waved goodbye before going into her class.

Although she could get her work done just fine and listen to the teacher, the succubus's thoughts kept drifting away. She kept thinking of the angel who had already helped her and made her feel so much Warm...comfortable. All kinds of good feelings that made her smile. Before she knew it, class was over and the bell had rung. Monu stood up to make her way towards the door; She remembered what her friend had told her and stayed put until hearing his voice and one of the boys run off. It had definitely been a smart choice to stay put for those few moments.

"H-hi Shin! Yeah...I'm pretty hungry. Thanks for...coming over again. I do hope it isn't awkward for you to have to do that..." The female said, walking along with him. The closer they got to the lunchroom, the more pungent the aroma of dishes were becoming. Monu could've sworn she felt her stomach rumble from hunger and anticipation.
He gave her a warm smile and sighed happily. [+blue "I'm glad you can understand. You'd be surprised how close minded people in a school of magic and monsters can be."] He said, shaking his head. As he turned to leave to go to his class, he turned his head back and caught her eye. [+blue "Remember, I'll be here when class lets out. Do not leave without me. I don't trust those guys to leave you alone."] He said, seeming content that she had heard him.

Once he was to his next class he noticed that his thought kept drifting back to her but he shrugged it off as being worried about her well being, nothing more. No matter how hard he tried though, his thoughts would always drift back to how kind she had been and how nice it was to have someone to actually talk to like a normal person.

After class let out, he handed in some papers and made his way down the hall, taking powerful strides, his wings shifting again. His suspicions were seen as true when he saw one of the boys standing about ten feet from the door of her class as if waiting for her. He was sure the others couldn't be far. He glared at the boy, but smirked. [+blue "Fancy seeing you here! Waiting for someone?"] He asked as he stopped next to the doorway. The boy jumped a bit, not expecting to see him just pop up like that. [+red "I uhhh... Wait this is the wrong room! Silly me..."] He said, scrambling off.
As Monu exited the room Shin smiled and gave her a little wave. [+blue "Ready for lunch?"] He asked, his eyes glowing happily as they began to walk towards the lunch area.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 159d 4h 5m 50s
The female kept looking towards her friend as he talked, and she nodded in understanding every now and then too. Upon hearing the offer of being escorted to class, Monu nodded again, this time in response rather than just in understanding. "Thank you, I really appreciate it. I...really hope it isn't a bother..." She sighed and glanced towards the floor for a moment, before the angel was speaking again and she put her attention on him once more. The succubus also felt his hand upon her shoulder this time, so it gave her even more reason to pay attention. "I p-promise I'll tell you if anything happens." She felt and heard herself say, before things went quiet and it seemed as if both of them were at a loss for words.

Soon, they were walking together to her next class, as things were settling down again. That was when Shin spoke up after the long bout of silence, and Monu had already fixed her attention on him again. "D-don't worry,'s okay, I understand. I...understand the feeling of having a side that I don't like..." She placed a hand on [b his] shoulder this time, and gave him a reassuring look. Although the girl didn't know what to exactly say, she wanted to help the angel. Even if it was something simple, she just...liked the feeling of talking to him and helping him out with things. It was odd...but made her feel good.
He shook his head slowly and sighed. [+blue "I figured something like this would happen... They're trouble makers and will use any reason they deem fit to cause harm..."] He said quietly. He glanced over his shoulder, watching the boys stalk down the hallway for a moment. [+blue "I'll walk to you class. I don't want them to be waiting for you somewhere. When class is over I'll come get you so we can walk to lunch..."] He said, frustrated that he had to go out of his way to make sure those dickheads didn't try anything.
He gently set his hand back on her shoulder, his voice seeming much darker then before. [+blue "If they try anything, you tell me."] He said, staring down into her eyes.
There had been stories of the last school he'd gone to, a human school, in which he had managed to keep his wings and his parents race a secret. After someone had pushed him to far, he had snapped and in the news it was reported that a small bomb had been detonated and they assumed it was a terrorist attack but really it had been Shin losing control.

He began walking with her to her next class, seeming to calm down a bit. [+blue "I... I'm sorry for the way I reacted back there. I don't like people seeing that side of me."] He muttered, his demeanor having gone back to that of the calm and collected boy he usually was.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 159d 4h 41m 25s
The succubus felt like she was going to freak out until Shin had reappeared and began speaking. He brought a wave of comfort over her that helped her deal with the stress that she had been going through just from being followed. It was still there, but a lot easier to ignore, with a friend by her side. "H-hi Shin." Monu replied before feeling herself be pulled away from where she was standing and closer to the wall, where it was easier to hear him and to stay away from the boys.

The female felt unsettled and scared again for a few moments when the hateful students had passed by, but afterwards she knew she could calm down. [i They were gone need to be worried about them getting you. At least for now, anyway.] Monu thought to herself before sighing, listening to what the angel asked. She glanced up towards his face to reply but he appeared...different. Her friend wasn't quite right...but she could tell that it was some form of anger towards the boys. "I'm f-fine, don't worry. They didn't do anything to least not yet. They [b were] following me and I could tell it wasn't because they had classes in the same area as me. scared..." The succubus explained and admitted, running a hand through her own hair for a moment as she attempted to further calm down.
As Shin had walked away he had heard one of them mutter about [+red "That stupid whore"] and he grew a bit more frustrated. As he turned a corner to walk down to his class, he saw Monu from the corner of his vision. He saw her being followed and how scared she looked. He sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He was on think ice with this school after what had happened at the last school but he couldn't just let his friend get attacked like this right?

He turned back and as Monu drew closer to where he was, he stepped out and waved at her. [+blue "Hey Monu! I needed to ask you something!"] He said, smiling warmly at her even though his eyes showed malice. He began making his way over to her and gently pulled her aside, watching the boys walk by glaring at them. He dropped his voice to a whisper as they passed. [+blue "Are you alright? I saw them following you..."] He asked, looking nothing like the sweet boy she had met. His eyes glowed with a dull energy and his wings were shifting on his back quite a bit.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 159d 12h 38m 6s
Upon hearing that the male would be free at lunch, Monu smiled. "I'd love to join you." She replied before feeling his hand on her shoulder, as he was saying goodbye. "I'll see you soon, Shin." The female told him as he was grabbing his things, and walking away. The succubus proceeded to collect her own supplies and carry them along, heading towards her next class. She could still see Shin a distance away, as she was heading the same direction.

Just before the girl was going to make a turn that would lead her away from her friend and where she actually needed to go, she could have sworn that he just...disappeared for a moment. Then, before she knew it, he walked out and a few other students did too. They looked over towards her with angry expressions and were about to make their way over to her, but Monu's instinct kicked in and she quickly began walking along to get away from the other students. The only issue was that students were packed in front of her as she was trying to go through the halls, so before she knew it the hateful boys were gaining on her.

Her breathing was getting faster as she became more nervous. If the boys caught up to her, what were they going to do? There was always the chance that they were just going to say something rude, but they could also do something much worse than that. Then again...a school official would surely notice something terrible like she was thinking, right? Either way, the students were still following her and she didn't like the expressions on their faces.
He stood, staring at the desk for a moment, lost in thought. [+blue "I should be free at lunch if you would like to join me?"] He said, smiling up at her. His eyes shimmering like polished gold in the sun. He chuckled and gently set a hand on her shoulder. [+blue "I hope to see you there. It would be cool to talk more."] He said as he then picked up his bag and walked past her to exit the room.

As he was walking to class, a few people yanked him into another room and shut the door behind him. [+blue "Uhh... Can I help you?!"] He asked, irritated by their actions. [+red "Shin what the hell man? You letting that succubus draw you in!"] One of the boys said, seeming confused and angry. [+blue "She's just a friend. She's actually quite nice if you'd pull your head out of your ass."] He growled, his wings shifting on his back. [+green "No! We're not going to let her have you!"] said the second boy, reaching out to grab Shin's collar. Shin snapped his hand out and grabbed the boys wrist, twisting it hard. [+blue "Don't tell me what to do. You know damn well what I've done in the past and don't think I won't do it again..."] He said, his voice low as he let the boy go, backing out of the room. [+blue "God those guys are insufferable..."] He muttered as he walked on to find his next class.
  Shin Tyro / Trollzor_235 / 159d 15h 46m 19s
Monu listened to her friend for a moment, before beginning to get her own things together as well. The bell would ring in just a few moments by now, so it was a good idea to be ready for it. She made sure to leave her paper out and turn it in so it could be graded by the teacher, before turning back to Shin when he spoke once more. "Well, most people would expect me to seduce you...rather than it being you f-falling all over me. I promise you that I won't do that though...I don't find pleasure in...[b those] kinds of things. They're just not right to do...they're immoral..." The succubus sighed, knowing that her kind was technically made to be immoral so it led to all of the rumors/assumptions.

"When will you be open next? I'd love to talk again soon...maybe at lunch, or after all of our c-classes? If it's okay, anyway..." The female asked the fallen angel curiously and with hope, paired with the big smile on her face. She wanted to learn about Shin more. He was so nice to her...and finally having a new friend after so long just gave her that amazing urge to bond and make the newly formed friendship stronger.

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