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Her cheeks flushed at Damon's words when he had moved forward and gave that grin. And this was JUST what she and Madison had been talking about. Fuck's sake.. [#be5cf5 "Thanks.. and you're looking good."] The girl said as she was having to not be flirty.

Her eyes then went to Stefan and she moved towards the boy as the older Salvatore began to walk ahead of them. [#be5cf5 "It's okay. You did say he has a mind of his own."] The girl said and gently nudged the boy.


Klaus again looked at the car. He was still grateful the thing had broken down but couldn't help a twinge of pity for the girl with her anger. But he decided againat saying anything and figured he would just have it fixed. After all, money was no issue for him and he could be "nice" if he wanted. And she did need it to get around.

[b "Ah it would be no trouble at all. I actually had nothing planned for the afternoon as it was."] He said and held a hand out to her. His own car not being far from where they now stood.
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"It's the damn tranny...I was told it was going back but that's five hundred more than I have. I'm sure a joke has more money than I have," Madison couldn't help but complain glaring at the car. She wasn't sure what she was more angry about right now.

"Um, yeah, I mentor other foster kids for a little bit on Saturdays with a friend. And meeting someone about the games of the olden days..." She said closing the hood hard. "Okay, I could really use the ride but I don't want to take too much of your time."


What was Damon doing here? He didn't seem like he meant to go, and here he was with that look on his face. He didn't even get to ask before Damon stepped forward and gave her a grin.

"Hey, you look amazing," he said wearing flamboyant swim trunks and a black tee shirt over that. Stefan followed after him, eyeing Stefan for a moment.

"He invited himself, sorry," Stefan said.
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 12h 44m 44s
Teagan gave the other girl a pout when that had been said. Sure she was flirty and bouncy but for the right person she could be good. And she wouldn't be skipping or trying to break hearts either. But knowing it was a joke, the girl lightened up.

[#be5cf5 "No not bad. Just means these guys here have to work even harder. And you tell me not to be a heartbreaker."] She teased as she hugged the girl, watching her go.

Tea waited a couple of minutes and then got the keys for her car and scampered down the stairs and out of the house. The girl had said she would meet Stefan at the lake. But what she didn't expect was to see both the brothers. Was her luck really this bad?


The man left Damon soon after he got the male's promise. It had seemed a good idea for at least a little while. And being vampires it was in their nature to take deals which would benefit them. So he had done it.

He was starting his way back home and soon came across Madison and her broken down car. Could he have asked for anything more perfect. And soon, Nik was walking over and his eyes went to the car. It did smell quite bad. [b "Looks like a bit of car trouble there. If you like I can help you get to where you need to go. Didn't you say something about heading out of town?"] He asked. He was TRYING to lure her in and trying to get her to trust him.
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"You'll probably try to stick to one brother but end up skipping. Just don't do too much heart breaking," Madison laughed running a hand through her hair. Sure, she was meeting Jamie today. "Would it be bad to say...there's already someone I had my eye on for a while. Anyway, I gotta head out. I'll see you later, have fun."

Hugging Tea, she started out. Making it just to the town square, before needing to pull over when she heard a noise. Then it wouldn't start.

Getting out she could just smell that it was bad. Opening the front she looked to it knowing it was something huge. "Ah, for fuck's sake? Really...?!"


Damon hadn't thought that through, he knew he was starting to get deeper and then he knew he was offering something. A temporary lease would be good, right?

"That won't be a problem, I know exactly how to keep him distracted," he said before watching the male leave. This would need to be careful, and that dagger, it was curious.

Get Stefan to this party, come along, keep him distracted and somehow find out about him.
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 13h 14m 45s
Damon was witty and seemed to like to get under people's skin. Now he knew this was the brother to definitely watch. His hand squeezed even harder on the other man's throat and he withdrew one of the daggers he usually kept for his family when they went behind his back or something else which made him see need for them. And a smirk crossed his lips as he pressed it to Damon's chest.

[b "I'll take your deal for now. It may be fun to have help and to keep that brother of yours out of my business. Even get my own off my back. But if you double-cross me I will cut out your heart and I will eat it."] He muttered as he pressed just hard enough to get the Salvatore male to bleed and licked the blood from the dagger to prove his point.


[#be5cf5 "Isn't it always too late to tell me to make pros and cons lists because I usually do the stupid thing anyway?"] The girl teased back, watching the other go to the closet and pull out the sundress. A smile crossed her lips and she nodded. [#be5cf5 "It'll look better on you than me."]

Her dark gaze stayed upon the other girl as she spoke. She was taking in the responses and could see her freeze. So she wasn't crazy and they both had these weird draws to the new guys in town. [#be5cf5 "Actually I'm not sure how much this will matter...but for now it kind of does."] She said slowly
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"You seem to think I care about what you have planned. I don't. I just want you...gone....you know, this was supposed to be my time to torment my brother but instead we're forced to see what's going on," Damon said even when pressed against the tree. Though it did hurt, he was faster than others.

"And tell him what I'm doing? No...the unknown part is always the best. I may even be up for helping," Damon said not quitting as he gave that look.


"Suppose it's too late to tell you to write a pro cons list. I'm sure there's Savlatore for whatever need you want," Madison couldn't help but tease. Standing up she flipped through her closet finding a yellow and white sun dress. "May I?"

She froze for a moment when she described that. "Half way and then there's something saying...bad idea...I mean does this matter? I won't be staying here."
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 13h 48m 6s
Of course the older of the Salvatore had to get involved with Elijah. Now with his brother being in town, Nik had to work faster in his plans. [b "And what would it matter to you? Can't I have fun in coming home after many years of not being back?"] He shot at the one known as the "bad" brother.

They were in public which meant he had to keep his temper, but his eyes remained on the passerbys. When it came down to just him and Damin, Klaus grabbed the man by the throat and flashed them into the alley, him held against the wall. [b "Keep out of my plans. If you don't both you and your brother will die extrememly painful deaths. I will make sure of it."] The man said, squeezing Damon's throat more tightly.

[b "You will tell no one about our little meeting here today."]


That was true. Matt did seem very paranoid when it came to Damon and Klaus. It was actually the only thing he talked about as of late and wanting to figure out what brought them to their small town. According to the boy, both seemed like they were bad news.

Quickly she shook her head. [#be5cf5 "I know this is a bad idea with them...but I can't seem to stop myself either. I'm like I said drawn in by them. Also that might not be too bad."] Teagan teased Madi with a wink as she could definitely admit both the brothers were HOT!

[#be5cf5 "That murky feeling with Klaus...is it like you are drawn in? That you somehow say things you don't mean to or don't think out? Maybe this isn't all an accident.."] She said quietly
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 40d 14h 13m 32s
"Sometimes it can be. Right now it's so awkward with Matt. He's just so paranoid about Damon and Klaus, right now," Madison shrugged. It wasn't as if she was looking to enter a relationship right now.

"Brothers might not be the best thing to dip your toes into. You know, if you dump one and date the other you'll see them both naked," Madi said before finding that statement odd. "I don't know...Klaus is interesting to talk to but there something...murky about him."


Damon didn't even wait for Stefan to leave, instead he came to Klaus while he was still in public.

"I met your brother the other day. What a stiff. He's very interested in what you're doing here," Damon said leaning against the wall. "We're all dying to know what you're doing here. Maybe literally."
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 14h 28m 4s
[#be5cf5 "You know these parties by the lake are always nice. And I REALLY like having you there too."] Teagan said with a pout as she was pulling her hair into a messy bun and then froze. Her cheeks flushed and she looked away. Was it really that obvious?

Well since Madi as usual was being her observant self, there was no need to try and lie or get out of it. It never worked anyway. [#be5cf5 "It's weird... I find that around them I'm me...but at the same time I'm not. There is like this draw I can't fight. Especially around Stefan."] The girl said, sitting on the foot of the bed in front of her friend.

[#be5cf5 "So which guy are you more fond on?"] She asked as she tilted her head, brown eyes on the other.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 40d 14h 36m 46s
Stefan spent the time recounting the detail from memory. It was memories of another time, times he'd like to forget. A time before Lexie when he had been a ripper. There was Klaus but he wasn't even bothering with them.

"You never take me anywhere," Damon complained on Saturday. The storms had cleared and it was now back to being hot.

"Because you'll try to eat them," Stefan said before sighing. "Fine, come but don't do anything."

Damon gave a smirk to him before going up.


On Friday the Texan came out giving the financial aid people a good half hour yelling. It resulted in some results and someone above them helping her find some solutions, she would go to school. She wouldn't pay more because of her situation.

"Sorry, I really can't go. I'm helping a small group of foster kids with their SATs, which is like therapy and wisdom teeth pulling," Madison said sitting on her bed. "Oh...I like that blue pull over. Really trying to impress Stefan, or Damon. Or even both?"

She gave a grin at that, Klaus had been once or twice, and she was having a hard time keeping her mind elsewhere.
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 14h 47m 2s
Klaus looked to the window when she had stood up. The clouds were rolling in and it seemed so was the storm they had been hearing so much about. [b "That's quite alright. I didn't mind listening."] He said as he pulled his gaze from the window and offered the girl a smile.

Soon, the man went out to his car and stood beside it as it did appear there was some trouble with it. Easily he could have just run home but Nik figured he could use this to his advanatage and try to get to know the girl more. He had no idea why he was even doing any of this. Why she drew him in so.


Teagan smiled to Stefan and nodded. [#be5cf5 "I can definitely introduce you as a friend. Might get some of them to behave."] The girl said quietly as she looked down at her sketch again, looking at it thoughtfully with his words.

[#be5cf5 "Mind showing me where the lqce can be added?"] She asked as she pushed the pad to him and the pencil.
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"Yeah, he's basically an asshole, but what's done is done," Madison taking a seat close to him before shrugging. "If she thinks it will help, so be it. There is a whole lot better uses of my time than worrying about. This should be fun, either way."

Taking this moment from the edge to a smile, letting it go she glanced at the window and stood up. "Well, I should get home before that storm hits. Sorry to just unload like that. Still adjusting."


"This must be how Stefan feels," Damon said thoughtfully before giving a wave. Enough of being around an Original.


"Friends, I can do the friends part," Stefan nodded. It seemed that he was in the verge of making friends, last time it has been Lexie back in the 80's. Looking to the sketches again he looked thoughtful. "I would change that to lace. lace was a gift and treasure at that time."
  Disaster / Turadh / 40d 22h 21m 43s
It was amazing how just those few moments and the Salvatore made him think of his own brother. Not nearly as dark or "twisted" as the term he was sure could be used. But there were still the similarities, subtle as they were.

"Ah, fair enough. And thank you, I shall be keeping that in mind." The man said, rising himself. He then couldn't help a chuckle at Damon's question of him and "Klaus" being brothers. "Yes, Nik and I are brothers. Though everyone when they meet us ask just as you have done." And truly the man was amused.


Her head tilted when he mentioned old readings and books. But slowly she nodded. It would definitely be a good reason to be so sure of the clothing and whatever else.

[#be5cf5 "Well you and I are starting to become friends.. Or at least not strangers anymore. So I guess depends how you wanted me introducing you to the others."] Tea said with a small smile as she took a sip from the soda that had been almost forgotten when she had been drawing.


Klaus listened to the girl with interest as she spoke. And when the prank had been mentioned, the man found a surge of anger, one he would have to control go through him. It has even taken him off his guard when he had felt it as usually he would not care about someone he just net. But he did about her words for some reason.

[b "So her son is a piece of work.. And now she does things to 'help her sleep at night'? Interesting to say the least there, love."] The man said quietly.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 40d 22h 15m 23s
"Yeah, I think I'm good. Story time can wait for later. I can tell you that if you want to make this grand entrance. It would be at the Lockwood manor in three weeks," Damon rose, paying for his drinks . "Are you sure you're brothers?"

He and Stefan was different but not exactly like this either. This was his return and this was cramping it.


"Introduce me as what?" Stefan asked before chucking. "Just read a lot more and old movies. Especially old movies."

She seemed to enjoy this and Damon was not around to ruin it. some time today he might but not right now.


"It's actually out of pity. I thought I was going to prom with Tyler, her son, instead it was a terrible joke. Matt made it bearable and punched him. And when Tabitha, my old foster mom heard, chewed her out for thinking it was okay because I was 'lower'," ! Madison said , though surprised at her openness.

"I guess she heard the story and has been very nice since then and 'you're a brave girl' which is code for 'you're doing great even if you're demanded '. Whatever helps her sleep at night."
  Disaster / Turadh / 41d 12h 22m 24s
"Then he is trying to keep a low profile but he thinks he may be on to something. This isn't the first time nor do I believe the last time." The man said and fixed the cuff to his suit, dark gaze on the Salvatore brother.

"How about this.. tell me what you know of the Originals and I can fill you in on the rest? If I am right, which I think I may be then we will be working together for awhile."


Her eyes came up when the boy spoke and she smiled faintly. [#be5cf5 "Seems like you were there with how sure you sound.. And I know that. This drawing was more for fun than for work. Here's the others."] The girl said as she turned the book to Stefan so he could flip through it.

A soft laugh escaped the girl before she could help it. [#be5cf5 "Or that saying you'll come and maybe I can introduce you to everyone?"]


His question did sound odd when he thought about it. But the man had been curious and so had asked. It wasn't his style to be completely careful when he asked things. He was definitely not his brother.

[b "Well you'll figure it out. I've faith that you can. And I am sure Mrs. Lockwood does to have put you on this task."] He said as he smiled at the young woman.

He couldn't help a faint smirk at her next words. [b "You'll just have to wait like everyone else."]
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