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She was an interesting girl to say the very least. [b "You probably would never hear the end of it if you happened to do that, love. Though have to say it would definitely be entertaining to see how she would handle a couple of misplaced items."] He said, the smirk over his lips as the two walked up to her door

Madison seemed quick to go inside and place her bag down. But the man paused at the doorway and let his eyes roam as if he were taking in the room just beyond. Not as lavish as what he was used to but even he could appreciate how it seemed comfortable in it's way.

When she invited him in, Nik stepped inside and moved towards her. [b "As long as you like it that is all that matters. And it seems a nice home that you have."] The man said thoughtfully.


Her eyes went to the pool table that had been motioned to on the other side of the room and her eyes lit up. And soon, Damon was on his feet and leading her over to it. And when they were close enough, Teagan noted it was older and looked hardly used.

[#be5cf5 "It doesn't look spookey at all. I have no idea why they would say it."] Oh dear, the drinks she had had earlier and the one now seemed to be getting to her head. [#be5cf5 "Maybe we can make the game more interesting? Wanna play strip pool?"] It was unfortunately a game she learned when she and some others had been at a party at the Lockwood's when his parents had been out. But somwhow it seemed an interesting wager and a good distraction.
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At that she did turn pink openly, thankfully with the phone call. It was comfortable with him, only her apartment was pathetic compared to his home. She didn't feel that shame though.

"There were thoughts that will never see the light of day. I may place one or two things out of order to annoy her," Madison chuckled as she opened the door before walking in placing down her bag. Noticing him pausing she rose an eyebrow. "Come in. It's small but it's mine, that's a start."


"Well, we have an almost endless supplies of drinks and there's a pool table just over there," Damon gestured over to the other part of the room. He stood up leading her over to where the table was.

"What do you think? Not spooky, right?" He asked. This would be enough for Stefan and then maybe some kissing.
  Disaster / Turadh / 34d 13h 50m 26s
The man seemed taken aback by her words. Not that she had even meant them to slip as they had. It seemed that when Tea was around either brother her filter was busted and her words slipped. It was like whatever was on the tip of her tongue happened to be said. And because of what she had said, the girl was mentally kicking herself.

[#be5cf5 "That seems to happen.. Doesn't it?"] She asked quietly, despite herself. And quickly she took another sip from her drink. She was in need of a distraction. Any form that would keep her mind from wandering as it was.

[#be5cf5 "It looks like we both could use a form of distraction. Are there any you have in mind?"] She asked with a soft almost purr to her words, eyes running over the man. Damn why did he have to be alluring and sexy?


Klaus listened to her words and couldn't help a smirk. [b "Perhaps he thinks as I do. That you have such an allure and sweetness to your spoken voice that you must sing beautifully. So I cannot say I blame this form of being a jerk."] Nik said. He could not help the words. Though admittedly, the man was jealous of their closeness and how fond she did seem on Terry.

He could hear EVERYTHING that Caroline was saying and it was more than annoying. Her bossiness and just her voice. It was enough to drive any sane pwrson mad that je had to wonder how Madison seemed to put up with it.

[b "Oh no. There is nothing to apologise for. I think you handled it quite well..And I would love to."] The man said with a smile when they had gotten back and he parked before her appartment.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 34d 14h 46m 15s
Damon almost flinched but didn't, instead focused his energy into his drink. The Founding Families. They'd be a pain in his ass until he died.

"To be fair, a lot of people died then. Same woman, not so much," Damon answered despite not wanting to. Katherine had never loved him despite his loyalties. "I was thinking...start with a drink and see where it goes."

Alright he needed was a distraction.


"There is no way I want to get on that stage but I made a deal. That is someone on the outside said the same thing, I would do it. Terry is kind of a jerk that way," Madison chuckled. Explaining her crush was more humiliating.

She was partially saved by the call from Caroline, her time was calm but she only felt annoyed as she had to be reminded. It didn't end until getting home.

"Sorry, she's an energizer bunny with OCD," she chuckled. "Would you like to come up?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 34d 19h 18m 13s
The man had to admit it was amusing that she had doubted herself and that the man and young woman had had their bet. And in turn he did wonder if he had done her the diservice in proving a point that apparently had been one they had been trying to settle for so long.

[b "Karaoke was the bet? May I ask why that had been what you too had chosen? And I do believe I would like to listen and watch the show since this is my fsult."] He was half teasing the girl, but was more serious. If her voice when speaking was such a lure to him and so sweet, Nik could not help but wonder what her singing would be like.

The man opened the door for her when they got to the car. [b "You trailed off on a thought.. what had that been?"] He asked when he had gotten in himself and began their drive back.


[#be5cf5 "There is also an old story that the founding family who lived here lost two sons. Both fell in love with the same woman..but she ended up bringing about their deaths.."] She didn't mean to say it but his words of the "abandoned not so much" somehow had made it come to mind. It wasn't exactly a tale everyone knew..if she remembered it had been something Caroline had told them because she was bored. And if she was honest, Teagan almost did believe it.

Slowly, the girl took the drink he had handed to her and took a sip, dark eyes falling on the man. [#be5cf5 "So since we're here, what exactly do you have in that mind of yours?"]
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"I'll explain on the way home. I have a lot of research and hopefully productive YouTube time ahead of me before an early morning," Madi said finishing the water before she stood up. It was weird being a with just them, she felt short.

Giving Terry a long hug she smiled and waved to him before she and Klaus left.

"He said I became the therapist for the foster classes because I had that soothing draw. So, now that an outsider said that it's karaoke time. Maybe this means..." She trailed off when they were making their way to the car.


"Uncle Zack," Damon said before giving an amused chuckle waving his hand. That was all that was needed to be said as they entered. There wasn't a fire right now but it was cool and well stocked.

He grabbed a drink for the both of them handing one to her. "Abandoned. Not so much."
  Disaster / Turadh / 35d 16h 44m 17s
Damon was not like those she had met. It seemed he knew no boundaries and would do anything for a bit of fun. He was the EXACT representation of the her she showed the world. And it was both intriguing and kind of scary. What was she getting into? Could she keep up the games or would she bow out? But that smirk...it made her not want to back down. Damn him..

[#be5cf5 "So you're sure your uncle doesn't mind you bringing home girls and doing whatever it is you do? Have to say this place is nice and not exactly what I expected. Many give it that abandoned house tale."] She said as she looked around and moved to an older portrait hung by the door. [#be5cf5 "And drinks sound fun."] Tea said as she turned to glance at the man who was looking her way.


It definitely appeared there was a histort between the two. One the man was curious of and in his own way jealous of. It was taking him a lot to keep his settled composure and not to show too much an interest.

[b "So what is the bet between you two? It seems that she is not fond of it."] Klaus said as he took a sip from his drink and kept his gaze upon the pair
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 35d 17h 50m 48s
"Then today is your lucky day," Damon smirked to her. It wasn't a long drive there, and he knew Stefan would be close by. For whatever reason he didn't trust her but he was prone to murdering sprees.

Opening the front door for her he glanced back. Even if they didn't do anything it would be enough and she was fun. Talked big game but would she be able to keep this up?

"Welcome, want a drink?" He asked, this ' uncle ' Zack was out.


It took everything not to turn red from the words. Oh, he was interested in her and she had no idea what to do with that considering she was attracted to him.

"You should come Professor Sanders. it could be fun," Madison suggested, and was pleased when he agreed.

Terry leaned in the moment Sanders was gone. "Drawn in, Sunshine. From a near stranger. That means I win..."

Madison groaned hating that long running bet. "Fine...when?"

"Foster kids aren't usually happy, she is. And towards the end of the classes they were. Sort of became a therapist of sorts..hence the nickname," Terry explained. "I'll text you the time and place."
  Disaster / Turadh / 36d 22h 38m 9s
It would be interesting to see what kind of shows she liked. Though the BBC being said had to an extent amused the man. But he did not say so. It would be best for the moment to perhaps observe and see what they were like.

[b "It was quite by accident I can assure you. But since I had it has been hard to not be drawn in."] The saying it was an accident was a lie. But the saying he was drawn in was the truth. If she figured it out then she did. He had made that careless slip but it had been his jealousy talking as well.

And soon, Klaus took a seat beside Madison and simply listened to the questions and the session. He did ask a few questions himself as well just because he was curious how they would be answered.


Her hand somehow had been taken by his as she was distracted and still a little taken off her guard. This was..what was it? It was enough to literally have the poor girl's head spinning with as many questions seemed to run around in her head.

[#be5cf5 "The outside of it...on a school trip once. But that was along time ago... I always did wonder what the place looked like inside."] Her words were almost timid as she spoke them
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 37d 12h 44m 16s
"So you found someone that sounds like one of your favorite BBC shows, Sunshine?" Terry asked with a smirk. He was uncouth as they came but they had been in the same system.

"More like he found me," Madison chuckled before settling down to ask questions to Professor Sanders.

Terry sat down next to the professor as she took the notes. It was curious how she seemed to draw in the sad or lost ones.


Damon had that look. The one that felt like he had won something even if it wasn't assured yet. He did slowly remove his arm before taking her hand.

"I have a very comfortable bedroom. Have you ever seen the Salvatore Boarding House?" He asked curiously. It was more out of the way and he liked his home well enough. Much better than the first home.
  Disaster / Turadh / 37d 13h 8m 37s
And here was EXACTLY what Madi had warned her of. And EXACTLY what she had said herself. She really should have made that pros and cons list and she really should have been more careful. What was worse was she KNEW she was drawn to both the brothers but in a different sense. That almost became painfully obvious when that arm was about her waist and held her loosely.

Fuck. Her. Life. And she could not help the flutter of her heart as its beating picked up [#be5cf5 "And just where else would you think to take this?"] She asked, words being a little more of a squeak than she had meant. All of this she HAD NOT even meant to be getting into.


Nik found himself shrugging when the girl had said she was "simple" and stated things as she saw them. [b "That is far from simple. And I rather enjoy that about you. The fact that you say it how it is."] A compliment and he did mean it.

And soon, he had taken Madison to the diner as he had said, being introduced to her friend she had told him of. A faint smile crossed his lips as he shook Terry's hand. [b "A pleasure to be meeting you."] Those were his words, though he immediately knew the man could pose a threat and ruin hos plans. And he would have to do something to fix it.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 35d 17h 59m 40s
This was not like Damon. Damon didn't do this unless there was something in it for him. Not even when there was sex on the line. Something with either her or something else.

Stefan watched from that distance, deciding to step back but was bothered.

Damon played along, and it was fun, what was more fun was the game. After a few minutes of that he made that room with wrapping a strong arm around her waist loosely.

"Maybe we can take this somewhere else," he suggested openly.


"Maybe because you're a lot more educated and a very layered man. I'm still a Texan at core that says things in the most simple way, not the brutal honesty," Madison chuckled, that smile was something. And now she had more proof he seemed interested in her.

At the place she met Terry, and gave him a tight hug. He was tall, worked in construction, and she liked him for easily two years. "Thanks for doing this..." She said softly before shaking the professors hand.

"This is my new friend, Klaus, he was kind enough to give me a ride when my POS broke down," she said mostly to Terry. "And this is Terry, the main reason I survived the last year."
  Disaster / Turadh / 37d 13h 34m 34s
[b "Again I have never thought of his art in such a light. But thinking about it, you are very right."] He said with a faint smile gracing his lips. And of course this was the charm she had. The thing about her that seemed to draw him in.

When he cheeks turned pink, Klaus merely smiled again and looked at the address that she had ready. [b "Thank you for accompanying me.. And this diner isn't far from here at all, love. I can take you now if you would like."]


Carefree and different was what the man was. He was more a challenge or more like a puzzle even. And before she knew it, the girl had an arm around her and was dunked. It was fun and a good game. When she was let back up, Teagan gave a smirk and dunked the man in return.

As she let him up, the girl moved back and was laughing. It was refreshing to a sense. But it was almost like this had happened before..
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 37d 14h 3m 28s
"It really looks like toddlers through a bunch of shapes and colors together and called it a day," Madison surmised in her normal matter before chuckling at herself. Spending time with an art museum was much different than before.

At the kiss on the cheek she couldn't help but turn pink but liked it. "Thank, I have too."

With the address ready she gave a smile. What was she to tell Matt?


She had a fun spirit. He'd make a fun time out of this.

Damon moved forward in one swift movement before he had his arm around her and dunked only holding for a second before laughing. She wanted a game and he would give her one hell of one.

And maybe some time in bed, but that was the hope.
  Disaster / Turadh / 37d 15h 7m 36s
Klaus had been teeling her about each of the impressionists in turn and had been enjoying the "art lessons". It had been awhile since he had done something like this and honestly enjoyed it. He even did his small touches here and there, each showing affections that he did not know how to voice. And just because admittedly he liked the feel of the young woman.

[b "He is not usually the cup of tea of many. More complicated and complex and also quite confusing. Even I have to confess he is not one of my favourites, though I do enjoy some of the history."] The man concluded when she had spoken her words.

There was definitely an attraction on his end. And he could not happen to deny it. Without thinking, or more because he had wanted to, the man did lean over and kiss her cheek. Just a peck really to see what would happen.

[b "I enjoyed your company."] He said quietly as he steppee back. It was also his way of saying 'good-bye' for the time being so she could meet her friend. Or he was was waiting to see if she would have him take her.


The girl shook her head as the water hit her in the face. There was that teasing in the way that he had moved away. An ivitation to keep up the game. Did she dare do it? And why was he acting like this? It all confused her.

Tea was still for a moment and debating her choice but before she fully did, the girl did move forwards and splash Damon again. It was only a game right?

Though her eyes did go to Stefan as if inviting him to join the game too.
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