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Madison had to laugh. It was funny, even danced along with the song. He wasn't great but this was all about fun. She could forget about money, guys, and all that for this night. It was nice.

She stayed to watch Teagan at least and found it amusing before she turned her attention to Terry. "So, public or go somewhere less noticeable?" she asked amused.


"Oh, I have the songs," Damon said. He was good, and he knew these songs by heart. He watched her applauding loudly, and whooping, all to embarass her.

"My turn," he said hoping to the stage and began singing Pour Some Sugar On me. That was his day, his jam...
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 11h 30m 17s
The girl was more than amused with the banter between Terry and Madison. The two definitely had a chemistry between them and it was cute. Probably wouldn't be long before the words "get a room" were uttered by her or someone else but she didn't comment as she took a sip from her sprite.

[#be5cf5 "Actually yeah! Since we're here we might as well all have a little fun. And I want to hear Damon sing too."] The girl said with a laugh as she was looking through the book at the songs.


When he saw the song that Madison had chosen, Terry gave the girl a look. She KNEW that anything with an old feel would get him. "You know now I don't like you that much either." He teased and ruffled her hair.

And soon enough, Terry was taking a turn at the mic with the song that had been chosen. The ONLY thing that got him through it was the thought of a kiss after.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 11h 43m 21s
That had been entertaining, and if he was a good little spy, he'd say it was going horrible. Only he knew those two would be bumping uglies tonight. Damon looked to the amused Teagan.

"How about you? Care to jump up there? I'd join you," Damon challenged. He had little preservation, it was all fun here. And for right now he'd forget about being on the fence.


"You're on, hun," Madison smirked. She had only a coke. It wasn't as if the teenagers didn't drink alot there, they did, and she had with Terry. IN this moment she didn't think of those dreams, or wondering if would be what it felt like.

She stood up again and placed the song in, since he hated old style music, she chose one with a disco feel to torment him. Sitting down she crossed her leg.

"Are you doing one, Tea?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 11h 55m 23s
The man had purposely picked something embarrassing for her. It was all in fun and she knew it too. Besides as much as she hated it, Madi had one hell of a voice and could sing anything thrown her way. So he figured get the embarrassing stuff out of the way first.

A laugh merely escaped the man when she came back and had punched him in the shoulder. "Hey you knew what you were grtting into here. And only fair that you pick my song, Sunshine." He said, standing up.

Terry had always been fond on her. Actually had a thing for her but until nothing had been allowed to happen and he had had to keep his hands off. "So make this interesting. I sing the song you pick good then I get a kiss after? Unless you're scared, Sunshine." He challenged her, goodnaturedly
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 12h 48m 35s
"Not intentionally...It just happened," Madison knowing how weak that sounded. Of course, the first song was something that Terry selected. Something embarrassing. And it was, somehow she made through Lime in the Coconuts without dying.

"Your turn," she said coming back to the three making sure to punch Terry in the arm hard. "I really don't like you right now."

God, she wanted him, she did but those stupid dreams was intrupting her mojo. She had talked to Klaus once every day since then but it wasn't like that.
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 12h 59m 41s
A smirk was on the man's lips when Madison came over and hugged him and he hugged her back. "So you're still being a heartbreaker here, huh Sunshine? So this one makes three new guys?" He teased as he then held a hand out to Damon when they had been introduced.

"Yup, Madi lost our bet and now she has to get up on stage and sing for us."

Teagan couldn't help a smirk as she looked at Madi. She knew the other hated this sort of thing. So it had amused her that the bet had come up. Or rather that the girl lost and had to sing.

[#be5cf5 "Good luck Mads, you'll be awesome!"] She chirped and then looked between the guys as if asking where they wanted to go to watch the show.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 13h 18m 45s
"Always," Damon smirked.

The location wasn't far, and it didn't have a drop of liquor since they were eighteen. It was going to be a long night. What Damon supposed was Klaus' competition, and rightfully so.

Watching Madison give him that hug she rose an eyebrow. "So, that's why poor Matt looked glum. Other than the older guy with the accent. This could be interesting. Karaoke though?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 13h 44m 12s
Klaus knew that Damon was up to his own games. Well they both were and that suited him fine. As long as the man kept his mouth shut and their brothers off his back, then there was no need to kill him. Afterall, Nik had promised free range as long as he stayed out of his way.

And it had not taken him long to get to the club that Damon had told him of, finding a both he could watch from. It would be when he saw the group would he go up and pretend it all coincidence. Why not have a little fun?


[#be5cf5 "Well here's hoping we'll both get lucky. We're still young and need some fun with some hotties."] The girl teased with a wink. Okay she was half serious because she knee they both seemed to be dying for a little attention. Well, maybe?

The girl untwisted the lace on the top that Madi had chosen and then got dressed herself. She decided on a red tank top and short black skirt and heeled sandals. Simple but she figured cute.

[#be5cf5 "And the flirt like always. You look sexy."] Tea said with a wink to Damon when he met with them.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 14h 2m 34s
"Basically, I've been waiting for a chance for something. He was not allowed before I turned 18 but now it's all fair game," Madison laughed. She hated this annoying tension she was feeling, and was told sex would take care of that.

"No, I get it he looks really good. Hopefully tonight that'll happen," she gave grin before finding an orange lace too that crossed in the back. She already has the short shorts and had on sandals.

"So...let's go have some lame fun," she grinned.


Damon was not sure what Klaus was up to. He was quiet,he hadn't seen Elijah, and Stefan was retracing his steps. He was fascinated. Still playing on his own side, which was both.

He met the girls giving a small grin. "Don't you both look stunning, ready?"

"Wow, is that your charming smile?" Madi teased before nodding .
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 18h 6m 44s
Teagan laughed and nodded. [#be5cf5 "The one you were practically drooling over and kept giving you a hard time."] The girl said and blew a kiss Madi's way just to give her a little of a hard time.

[#be5cf5 "Well Damon said he's in...and come on who wouldn't want to sleep with him? I mean he is definitely sexy."] Well maybe she shouldn't have said it. But it was honest enough. God she really was caught between the two.


Klaus had gotten the call from Damon of what the plans were. And now it looked like time to have a little fun. He would meet them and make some form of an excuse.

He really should not have been, but for the last few nights he had been in the girl's dreams. As much as he hated himself for it..Well he didn't, but Niklaus was draw and found he could not leave her be.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 20h 19m 13s
"Terry hasn't agreed but i think we can get him to agree to do more. You remember him from graduation, right? Tall, muscles, uncontrollable sarcasm," Madison chuckled. She was taking an extra job by Whitmore to pay for fixing her car repair. It was good to have a friend who knew everyone.

'Sounds awesome ;)

Was all Damon sent before calling Klaus with this news.

Madi chuckled at that expression. "You must really want to sleep with him," she said honestly. "I hope tonight goes well..these dreams are annoying."
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 20h 37m 7s
Teagan sat on her bed against the headboard and was watching Madison as the girl was rading her closet. Honestly, the girl didn't mind as most times it was the ONLY way she could get the other girl agree to come over.

[#be5cf5 "You know I don't mind being your own personal mall. A lot of those things I don't wear and they look better on you."] The girl said with an amused smile.

When Madi mentioned the Salvatore brothers, Teagan stiffened a bit. She was still trying to figure out what was up with them. Or the better question what was up with her when she was around them? Thoughtfully she loked to Madison. [#be5cf5 "The bowling sounds fun.. But I think I may have to ask Damon. Stefan I think said he was out of town on some kind of 'project' he's been working on."]

So the girl took her phone from the nightstand and gave Damon a quick text. [i 'Up for a group night with Madi for karaoke and bowling?'] Simple but it was what had been said.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 20h 34m 53s
"I can admire that," Madison said with a smile before pulling out her newer laptop, a graduation gift from Tabitha. She was a supportive foster mom.

At the end of the night, she walked him out of the apartment giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Thank you for the amazing day, I appreciate it."


Strange dreams plagued her for the following days . Some was understandable, the others had Klaus in them. Once again just before the karaoke date she was at Teagan's again.

"I need to stop raiding your closet. Why don't you and...whatever Salvatore come with? I was thinking of some bowling after. What do you say?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 22h 31m 50s
The girl's cheeks had turned a bright red. Honestly she had not even meant for that to slip like it had. Or more so for Stefan to hear it. God she must have sounded so easy. But she already had done it to herself and there was no reason to back out now.

A faint smirk came to her lips and she nodded. [#be5cf5 "Actually the more players the merrier. It makes it more fun and challenging."] Tea said as she walked over and got a stick for both herself and Stefan. Honestly she didn't mind the teaming up if that was how the brothers wanted to play.

It had been fun. But when Stefan had offered to take her home, Teagan almost readily agreed.


[b "No.. I mean it. You'll learn about me that I do not simply say things to day them but because it comes to mind and I mean it. The place truly is cute with all the mix and the match."] He said as he walked over to the window to look out.

The girl had no idea what she had done in inviting him in. And the man would not tell her either.

A smile came to his lips as he moved back to her side. [b "No one should have to suffer that. Just that phone call had been enough to make my ears bleed. So I will help keep you on task. Besides I am curious what you have in mind."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 34d 13h 1m 46s
"Want to make that a game for three then? You and I can try for teams but we may need to, he's been at this for a very long time," Stefan said walking in, inviting himself to a drink and joining them. It seemed he arrived just in time, after talking to Matt some more.

Damon didn't look upset either, that meant something was happening. Damon grabbed his favorite pool stick. "I always welcome a challenge."

Stefan stuck around for a while, even offering to take her home.


"You don't need to say that. I know it's small, but I'm not homeless or living in a group home," Madison shrugged. It was a small one bedroom, but she made the space work, almost everything was not new but she liked how mix matched it was.

If she only knew what inviting him in would mean, he had access to her home freely now.

"Mind keeping me focused for a bit here unless you need to run off? If I don't get this going...that Chihuahua will never leave me alone."
  Disaster / Turadh / 34d 13h 23m 43s

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