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There were a couple more songs and it seemed light conversations. Things still seemed a bit tense but at least better than earlier. By the time the karaoke was closing down, the night was still young enough.

[b "I know that I did make a mess of things, but would you still like to do something? It is anything of your choosing to show I am sorry."] Klaus said to Madison, offering a faint smile.

Was he truly sorry? No but he had to at least act it. Since he pulled what he had, the man knew he had to try and get back into her good graces.


Teagan looked to Damon as the four were stood outside the club. It seemed Klaus hadn't given up on Madison and was asking her out.

[#be5cf5 "Think we should throw him a bone? There's a theatre not too far from here. Maybe we should just go to pick some random show."] The girl whispered, hands going behind her back.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 27d 12h 12m 21s
"AARP," Damon answered holding up his phone to the hold music. He wouldn't have anyone on the inside making the phone call. "Oh, and a text. My favorite is that eyebrow one....genius."

At this time there was a call on Terry's phone. He got up to say bye to them, it was an emergency.

"I might be able to save your chance with her though," he said with a small smirk despite being pinned. He pulled this off and he should get a damn medal.


Madison rolled her eyes, feeling the inside of her stomach flip at that. He would remain close, wouldn't he? The explanation he gave was weak.

"Pass," Madison grumbled going for a drink. And then Terry had to leave. She was really not liking this evening anymore and she really needed that distraction.

"Sorry...are having fun?" She asked sheepishly.
  Disaster / Turadh / 27d 15m 27s
[#be5cf5 "Damon's fault. But how about you and Klaus do one? Make the 'BBC' sounding man sing. Ooor you and Terry can?"] Tea asked with a wink at Madi. The girl couldn't help it as she was just actually enjoying the night. It was nice having the freedom and to actually not have to play a full on part.

The girl sat with the others and was stirring her coke, eyes moving to Damon when the man got up and asked about others being hungry too. She only nodded, motioning to Madi as if saying she would have the same thing.

Her mind though was working on everyone fit into this. It felt...weird to say the least.


[b "Perhaps we'll be seeing how you keep to that."] Klaus muttered to Madison. But he did follow the girl back to watch her friends. And when Damon left to make a phone call, he watched on with a raised eyebrow.

Later, they were at a table and Damon got up saying how he would go and order. He too rose himself. [b "I think I'll help Damon."] He said, though when the two me were alone, Klaus had him up against the wall and by his throat. [b "What are you playing at?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 27d 21h 45m 58s
"Uh. yes, I would but now but now I'm reconsidering. And they're singing now so I'm going to go join them," Madison answered in the same careful manner yet there was still defiance. Continuing back she finished watching Teagan perform. He had gone halfway through to make a phone call.

Ushering her over, she stood up and gave the name of the place. Or so she thought, instead she was compelled. All in the matter of a few seconds.

when the other two joined them she grinned slipping back to casual mode. "That's still not a duet, Teagan."


Damon being as damaged as he was didn't care for the song. He sang at least some part of it to appear calm and normal. Luckily the man had a back up plan.

Before Klaus arrived, when it had just been him and Madison, he compelled her. Just before Klaus was about to blow, offer the olive branch, a song and go home with him. He worked with Terry as well.

Make Klaus sweat.

"Anyone else hungry?" He asked rising. "I'll go take the orders and pay."
  Disaster / Turadh / 30d 15h 51m 35s
The man's eyes were still on her friend that was on his own. And then they had trailed to Damon and the other girl who had been with them. The angrier he was getting, the longer his list of people to kill was getting. He was calculating who would happen to get Madison's attention most. Because the more time passed, the more he was deciding this nice act was getting old and boring.

Only when he noted her motion from the corner of his eye did Nik pull his gaze back to her direction. And she seemed a little tense, perhaps even fearful. Interesting since not moments before she had seemed so brave and confident when standing up to him.

[b "You would have said yes had I?"] The man asked, eyes still dark and voice low as he moved towards the girl. He wanted to see how this would go.


Teagan shrugged as that had been asked. [#be5cf5 "Nearly any song can become a duet. Just have to be careful and not butcher them. But you had done so well with 'Pour Some Sugar on Me' that this should be a piece of cake for you."] The girl said with a smile. And it was one of her more genuine and real smiles.

When Damon agreed, Teagan clapped and took the man's arm and dragged him up on the stage with her.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 31d 13h 18m 53s
"That's a duet?" He asked, but in his mind he knew he miscalculated. The angrier Klaus got the sooner he realized he was playing the field. Then only thing keeping him from killing him, Terry and finding out was that innocent girl.

Innocence was over rated.

"That sounds amazing, let's do it," Damon agreed eagerly. He would just need to set the pawns up carefully.


Between the lines, he was there for her. And was jealous she had liked this guy for a while.

Madi eyed him for a moment. Feeling tense in a sense she moved away from the wall since it wasn't a good spot. Starting back calmly, but also some caution. Glancing back to him she had to say something.

"You could have asked me out, you know. I would have said yes."
  Disaster / Turadh / 31d 13h 44m 27s
The girl leaned over the table as she was going through the book of songs as he said for her to pick something. Her attention had gotten caught by three and then she closed the book as she stood fully again and gave Damon a faint smile. [#be5cf5 "Wayward Son...it had been a favourite of mine growing up."]

When the man had mentioned his brother, her head tilted a bit. And somehow she could believe that. Sweet as he was, Tea could not picture Stefan doing this.


His patience was wearing thin with her defiance. The man was not used to being denied, nor was he used to having someone talk to him the way she was. It was taking everything he had to not near push her against that wall she was leaned against.

[b "First of all this is one of the more popular clubs around. And secondly why would I have to ask for your permission if I want a night out? Tonight about your friend there?"] He asked, voice still cool and almost calculating as his gaze had moved to Terry all on his own. She better have enjoyed this night because it would be the man's last
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 31d 13h 27m 13s
"That you seemed to know exactly where. Damon isn't that direct. He's more of a barrel full of monkeys than anything else," Madison kept the look as often as she could. Leaning against the wall, she just felt awkward now considering the dreams.

"That wasn't a question. It was a statement. And maybe next time you should ask like a normal person. Tonight it's all him," she said evenly. That Texan part coming out, despite otherwise gentle nature.


In that moment he felt the concern for her. Klaus would hurt Teagan as well if he wasn't appeased. It wasn't looking good for Terry, either.

"Oh no, all I have is old stuff, you should pick. Something fun," he said. Honestly he didn't bother with the new music a majority of the time. There had only been a few decades that enthralled him.

"This is great fun, I'm glad I came tonight. Stefan would not even get up on this stage."
  Disaster / Turadh / 32d 13h 53m 25s
Clearly she was not happy that he was there. And honestly in these moments, Klaus couldn't give a damn. He was allured by her and even had come to the point of fancying her. The man was not about to watch someone come in and steal away his doppleganger that he was working so hard on securing.[b "Last I checked this was a club and anyone was welcome love. So what if I happened to hear that you were singing tonight and wanted to hear it. Is there anything wrong with it?"] His words were level but they were challenging all the same. She would not back down, so why should he?

[b "And what question? All I did was simply ask."] Nik said, keeping his eyes locked with hers.


It wasn't awkward around Damon when they had left the others. And she was now more visibly relaxed than she had been. Not like she had wanted to admit that she had been scared but there was just something she could not explain.

[#be5cf5 "Think I've been looking forward to this all night. So how about you pick?"] She asked, pushing the book to the man.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 32d 14h 6m 20s
It was interesting to unfold. Damon wasn't incredibly worried since he was sure that Elijah was also keeping a close eye. He may have let it slip he saw an older vampire earlier to Stefan. It would work out and Damon was as slippery as a snake.

He only returned with that smile before nodding to Teagan. "I would love that, more than anything."

Leaving Terry to be on his own they went to find a song they could sing together.


When going a few feet away she adjusted her shirt awkwardly.

"What are you doing here? I mean....he mentioned it to you but you didn't ask if it was okay with me? I'm not okay with this," Madison told him honestly. She didn't mention it would be a sort of date that might be ruined now.

She liked him, and considered him a friend but didn't want this to be normal with him. "And that question. What I do isn't anyone's business."
  Disaster / Turadh / 32d 14h 3m 4s
When Damon spoke, Nik shot him a sharp glare. It was a warning and also a reminder in how he could still cut out his heart and eat it. His mood was not the best and it was evident by the darkness in his eyes. But since they were in a public place and surrounded by people, Klaus knew not to kill anyone. He knew to keep himself in check.

"Yes, Damon told me about it when we met early and I had nothing really to do. I have always loved karaoke and watching it." It was completely working off what Damon had said. But there was some truth in it as well.

When the girl asked for a word, the man nodded and motioned her to go first. Oh he was sure this would be interesting for sure.


Chills, that sharp look was giving chills and made her think of a killer. Why she had no idea and only hoped that in going off with him that Madison would be careful. Tea herself could be reckless but that didn't mean she didn't worry for people she cared about.

Her attention was soon called back to Damon and hus soft words. Her eyes went to his hand and she nodded as she took it. [#be5cf5 "You're on. A song together sounds fun..and gets us away from this.."] She said, near dragging the man towards the stage again. She was going to let him choose the song but prayed it would be something she would know or could keep up with.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 32d 16h 4m 8s
It was amazing, everything she hoped for. There was something nagging at her. She nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden voice belonging to Klaus.

"Kind of, actually. What are you doing here?" She asked taking just a step back from Terry.

"Oh, my fault, we ran into each other at the grill and I told him about this. I'm sure there's a few songs left tonight," Damon covered. "How about a song? Every Move You make might be good."

"Uh, more the merrier I guess. Just a second," Madison before looking to Klaus. "A moment please?"


Was he really an Original? That was stalker mistake 101. In order to keep his heart he covered that comment did have some idea his comment could be upsetting.

"It's fine. How about some food?" He asked standing up and offering a hand to her. " or a a song together? "
  Disaster / Turadh / 32d 20h 56m 56s
The text he saw in response was given after Damon had finished with his song and being on the stage. And it has been enough to make the man glare at the phone and near break it. So now he had to see what was going on as he has expected to hear more of their little group night.

That being the case, Nik finally left the booth he had been occupying and went to see if he could find them. It was when he did, did the man clear his throat, seeing that her friend, Terry if he recalled correctly was kissing Madison and had a hand tangled in her hair.

[b "Am I interrupting something?"] The man asked, a darkness underlying his tone. One that said he was jealous.


The girl had been completely enchanted by the way Damon had performed. It was seriously like he had been doing it forever. But she didn't comment and soon her attention was caught by Madi and Terry. Long overdue it seemed and it looked like they were enjoying themselves. [#be5cf5 "Wow you too."] The girl said with a shake of her head.

She then looked to Damon as it seemed they were not listening to them. And even she jumped with the clearing of the throat, moving closer to Damon. Tea didn't know why but Klaus scared her, especially in that moment. [#be5cf5 "Um...maybe we should go?"] She whispered.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 32d 18h 50m 29s
Enough ceremony and asking. Madison gave into her impatient side. Leaning up while they were both standing she kissed him with need. It was an amazing feel, and long overdo. Somehow it didn't feel as right.

She didn't even notice when Damon commented. This was what she wanted to do.


Damon had done this song since it came out. He couldn't tell her that, though. he smirked to her, ignoring the other two for a second before saying get a room.

He barely glanced to his texts seeing one from Klaus.

he wasn't even sure why he said not to bother. "Anyone else hungry?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 33d 11h 11m 55s
The man had not done so hot but it had been fun. The whole purpose of this bet had been to have them let loose and have fun. Which the more they were out, the more he could see it was working.

He like Madi had stayed around to watch her friend. It amused him too, but then his attention was on her.

"Which would you prefer, Sunshine?" He asked as he would be fine with either.


It was kind of ironic but Teagan had actually chose 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' because well that was what the night was about. And her mind had kind of had a hell of a time picking. Her cheeks did colour with the way Damon behaved.

When it was his turn, the girl stood before the stage and had clapped and cheered loudly for him. And she had to admit he was amazing!
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 33d 11h 41m 42s

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