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For being what he was, Elijah was a stand-up guy, and he was attractive. She looked to him with a smile and kissed his cheek lightly. "Thank you, Elijah. I'm going to look forward to that," she said before going back to Klaus.

"Alright, I think that's everything. He's pleasant," she smiled before thinking on that, having already forgotten. "Still...I like being around you. Haven't figured out fully why yet but I do."


Stefan was in a mood, though his was less pronounced and more sullen. He looked to her letting her lead to where she wanted to go.

"I'm sorry for that scene. We have a long history of fighting over the same woman. I don't know why we do...but I know you deserve to be treated a lot better than he can do."
  Disaster / Turadh / 58d 1h 32m 20s
The girl had not meant to turn this into a thing between the two brothers like that. She actually didn't know what had her answer Damon the way she had other than the fact that she was drawn to him as she was also drawn to Stefan. And when the words passed between the brothers, dark eyes had gone to the ground.

It was when Stefan looked to her and asked if she wanted to go did the girl look up and give a nod. Maybe if she was away from Damon she could clear her head. [#be5cf5 "Anywhere would be nice. Maybe even the gardens?"] She asked as her hand moved into Stefan's, gently tugging him away from Damon.


"I will not let Niklaus hurt you. After today I can see why you would at least go on that limb." He said quietly. The man truly was not sure what he could day. She did seem to have a plan and he would be asking her more about that later.

"It seems I better get you back. My brother is getting jealous and impatient." Elijah said and motioned back to klaus who happened to be watching them rather intently
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 58d 2h 5m 0s
"Damon," Stefan said with a glare at the man. Stepping forward he made sure that she was a step away before he punched him. "Incredible, stepping in and trying to take her away like that."

Damon just smirked holding his nose. "Just because you don't have the-"

Stefan landed another punch before looking to her. "Do you want to go somewhere?" He asked straightening out.


The moment after Teagan left she had placed the painting up in her bedroom. Even after knowing it was one of her favorite pieces, a piece of her home and she saw that storm every day. It actually helped her feel better.

"Not sure there is a right phrase for this," she said dryly. On her back was a derogatory term, for one. "Um, you'll be there. I don't have a reason to trust you other than helping but I'm willing to go out on that limb."
  Disaster / Turadh / 58d 2h 28m 39s
The man's words as he whispered them into her ear sent chills up and down her spine. It was annoying as hell how she seemed two different people when around the brothers. One it appeared was the softer and more subdued that hardly was seen and when with the other it appealed to the more wild and carefree side of her. One it seemed was too perfect for her and the other a needed challenge. Quickly she had to shaked those thoughts away.

[#be5cf5 "We'll see what ends up happening. But have to admit I'm flattered for the offer."] The girl responded with a faint smirk over her lips, the sass evident behind her words and the spark in her eyes. Oh what was she doing? Why did she react this way?


Elijah should have known the dress part. But the painting had been new. It was not usual for Niklaus to give gifts or ones as personal as paintings unless he had feelings for that person or cared. So that only added to that theory. However, Elijah did not say anything about it.

He did twirl the girl out and bring her in close again, listening to her spoken words. Seemed she was intelligent and witty. Even had a knack for survival. And he was impressed. "For now that may be for the best. If you play along and go with it, you will in a sense be a step ahead of him." The man said quietly.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 58d 22h 23m 13s
"Thank you, he actually bought it for me and did a painting," Madison said as they started. Hearing the question, she felt the cobwebs come back and she felt slightly nauseous at the idea of this night.

"Um, weird, but I don't know. It's so confusing," she gave a small dry laugh. "I mean while getting ready I was freaking out. And now...maybe...it would be a good idea to play along with this to buy time. It's not as if there isn't perks."


"Oh, Stefan, giving you the night off from this. Such a nice guy. I mean, boring but nice guy," Damon smirked moving with her on the dancing. He wanted to have her again but knew that Stefan had his claws in.

He moved her closer and leaned in. "If you want to, my door is always open and I still am the fun brother."
  Disaster / Turadh / 59d 2h 56m 28s
If looks were able to kill, Elijah would have been dead. His brother was not at all pleased with his intrusion and it was evident from the look being shot at him over Madison's shoulder. But Klaus did nod and give Madison a smile, which the man was almost surprised to see. It did seem he had been right when he said Nik at least cared for her.

His hand took hers and slowly did he lead her to the dance floor and far away enough to where the compulsion would not have a play so he could ask what he wanted. "I was curious as to how you are handling everything? The night and if it has been a good one." He said and let his eyes wander the girl. "And you truly do look stunning."


Teagan watched as Stefan left them and then her dark gaze fell to Damon as the man stepped closer. [#be5cf5 "Honestly at the moment I don't remember anything of the afternoon.. All I remember was Madison and I finishing with the projects Mrs.Lockwood had given us...and then the two of us getting ready for this..."] She was at least aware of the time gap.

And slowly her hand took his as the music began so they could have the one dance.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 59d 12h 11m 49s
"Oh, come on little bro...Spare a dance for your big bro," Damon gave a grin towards Stefan.

Stefan looked to Damon before stepping back. "I need to go talk to some of the others anyway. Just once dance, Damon."

Damon made the Scouts honor sign before stepping close to her. "So how did he explain everything to you? Smooth and hunky doory I suppose."


Dancing with brothers. That was big for her, considering before Klaus it was a small scrambled but distant mess.

"I would like that," she said with a smile. "Just one dance and then we can go to your place."

She was already getting tired of these heels and the dress was amazing. Dancing with someone else, making someone jealous, it was a good night and she felt alive.
  Disaster / Turadh / 60d 2h 30m 27s
Teagan was honestly surprised when Damon had come up to them. Most of the night he had seemed to keep his distance or had been watching. And when he had approached with his words, her cheeks did turn a soft pink. What was wrong with her?

Brown eyes went to Stefan and she gave a small smile before she looked to Damon. [#be5cf5 "You would have to ask your brother. After all, I am here with him tonight and date ditching is rude."] She couldn't help the faint sass to her words and the small challenge there.


He could have told her that the tiny foods were good but not to die for. But the interest she showed and the desire to have some had him not. Besides he had already made the resolve to make the night at least a nice one.

It was when she came back from Mrs.Lockwood did the man smile as he had been bored senseless in the waiting. [b "I've been ready all night, love. So shall we?"] The man asked as he held an arm out to her.

It was at that moment did Elijah come up to the pair. He had been watching and attempting to make sure his brother had not been up to his old tricks. "Already leaving?" The man asked and then turned to give Madison a smile.

"I was going to ask if the young lady would honour me with a dance. She is the one I have yet to dance with and it would be rude to not give a proper thank you." He said
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 59d 12h 25m 38s
"I really want to try those fancy, small food. I'm sure it's not as great as I'm thinking but that's alright," Madison smiled. Before it made little sense of what she was doing, now she felt all sorts of weird.

Though it was only for another half hour, since Mrs. Lockwood wanted to thank her in detail, this time without the remarks. Tyler looked even more upset at this point.

"Ready?" She asked with a smile.


"Are you bored of him yet? I'm getting bored of watching you two," Damon smirked approaching them. "Care to give a dance?" He asked her with a smile.

It was hard to focus on anything when it was obvious that Stefan was attempting to make a big move here. It couldn't be too easy on his brother and especially the girl.
  Disaster / Turadh / 60d 3h 41m 37s
The girl shrugged the faintest bit. More so she meant it seemed the distraction of the ball itself. But she had not exactly formulated the thought fully and had spoken without much thought. A classic move that was so great for getting her into trouble.

[#be5cf5 "Maybe they do.. and maybe you would be interested in telling me a little more?"] Teagan asked with a soft smile as she took the boy's arm.


Oh it was hard to resist her and the things she made him feel. The desires that seemed to become ignited. And the fact that this kiss had been even better than those before had even drawn the man in more.

A faint smirk graced the man's lips at her words. Beautiful..no stunning was what the girl was. [b "I think that could very easily be arranged. But why wait?"] He asked as his eyes locked with hers.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 62d 1h 20m 46s
Damon did watch the two curiously. Did Stefan really think he could charm her into forgetting all about him? Not likely. That night had been epic. The people had been forgotten and those killed would be found scattered around and the animals finishing them off.

"I'm wondering what distraction you're talking about? The Lockwoods have almost all of the history of Mystic Falls here," Stefan said offering his hand to her. She was sweet and not deserving of Damon.


Normally she was not one for public displays but she felt and looked amazing. That kiss was even more amazing than they had before. It had felt different. Now she wanted this entirely. Wrapping her arms around his waist after the kiss she looked up to him.

"Maybe after what they call filling food and socializing maybe we could go back to your place," she suggested. She wasn't sure that came out of her mouth but it had.
  Disaster / Turadh / 62d 2h 4m 29s
The man had felt this way perhaps a couple of times before in his long life. But still none had brought the fire and desire to life as she did. She was witty and she was charming. And beyond those qualities, the girl happened to challenge him when he was so very used to getting his way. Madison made Klaus feel alive to say the very least and he had to admit to the fact that he enjoyed her and her company.

[b "We always find our way. So it's not as sad as you would think."] The man muttered. And soon, Nik was returning her kiss. Her lips were as soft and sweet as the last he had tasted of them.


Upon hearing Stefan's words about his brother, Tea found she was right. The brothers did have that love and hare kind of relationship. And she felt a pang of guilt when she heard his words of it all being shot at Damon and how he would not hate her for the things that she chose. How could she explain she was drawn to both and it seemed she could not help the things she did?

[#be5cf5 "I'm good for a couple more dances if you are. It's nice that everyone else seems distracted and I can have you to myself."] She said with a soft laugh and smile, curtsying to him as an older and slower song had began
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 62d 2h 47m 52s
Having him close again was distracting. She liked to dance with him though, during the slow dance she stepped closer resting against him a little. It was strange to have that desire for someone, considering this was the first time she had felt that.

"That's kind of sad. He still seems to care though," she commented, though she wasn't one to speak. Stopping at the end she leaned up and kissed him.


"Damon does what Damon wants, and he decided to strike first. If anything it was all at him," Stefan gave a thin smile at that. "Whatever you chose to do, I won't hate you."

He smiled and stroked her hair a moment.

Klaus was distracted, Damon was distracted, only Elijah seemed alert. "Do you feel up to more dances?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 62d 3h 2m 33s
When the other girl had been led off by Stefan, Klaus had offered Madison a hand and led her onto the fance floor. It almost seemed like the first time and just as she had been, Nik found her graceful and quite an agreeable partner. And it was not long before his eyes had followed hers and he caught sight of his brother.

[b "Elijah and I have quite a long history. Some of it is better than other parts. But at the moment he and I are not on the best of terms."] The man said, but it was all he was willing to offer up.


Teagan's cheeks became a bright pink as she could tell she and Stefan were being watched, but kept her attention on Stefan. He was graceful and an easy partner to dance with. Not nearly as bad as he said, or not at least in her opinion.

[#be5cf5 "Honestly I thought you did hate me after that...So when you asked..I was surprised but also happy."] The girl said as her gaze met his.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 62d 2h 54m 9s
Whatever the issue was seemed to be solved. Stefan returned to Teagan's side and escorted her over to the dance floor. Damon seemed to mind, by the way he was nursing his drink.

"I am glad you agreed to go with me. I never disliked you for what happened, I wish I could say it was the first time," Stefan said gliding with her. He wasn't great still, but he was having a lot of fun with her.


"Happy to be here," Madison said brightly. It was strange watching all them, and then she spotted Elijah talking to Mrs. Lockwood. Right now she was completely unaware but she enjoyed Elijah despite the awkward meeting.

"What's the story between you and Elijah?" She asked as they started to dance comfortably.
  Disaster / Turadh / 62d 3h 57m 57s

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