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[b "You don't make it to a thousand years being blind. What you do with what you know counts. So yes, love. I knew but was wanting to let things play out. Though it was never a lie when I said I had become fond of you and I enjoy you."]

He figured he owed her that much. If he was going to kill her friend and make her life hell at least give her one truth.

As the frive continued, the clouds only got darker. And he knew the storm would be hitting soon. [b "So what are you looking to get out of this trip? Other than time?"] Why not keep her talking?


[#be5cf5 "You both have your own flares about you. And never know just what can happen."] The girl said, giving a faint laugh. She had been trying to keep things light and was watching as the man looked like he was about to go.

It was when he flashed back to her and kissed her did her cheeks turn red and she leaned against his hand, dark eyes locked with his. [#be5cf5 "W-what was that for..?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 103d 17h 32m 4s
"Just remember. I'm the interesting one, and things might get a little more interesting with you under the same roof," Damon winked at her. About to leave through the window he looked back to her before he flashed over to her. Kissing her again he placed a hand on her cheek.

Stefan wouldn't win, he wouldn't let him win, and he was feeling a little annoyed.


This felt like the last trip, and if it was with him, that was okay. Whatever his intention had been with having her spend much more time at his place worked.

"You knew before he told you, didn't you?" She asked watching the changes in the storm. "It's why I basically moved in, to stay in the compel zone. Maybe even make some feelings there."

By the time they got into Pampa the storm would be in.
  Disaster / Turadh / 103d 17h 54m 41s
Well they were ar odds and none of that mattered to him. She now knew he game and he knew hers. It was merely down to a game of cat and mouse and who made their first moves. Though the man that night would be making one of his own and that meant taking his own brother out of the game. Oh yes, the other Original was going back under the lock of the dagger as he had gone behind his back and double crossed him.

It was maybe a day or two later when the trip was taken. On the road the cjange in relationship was sharp as ever. The clouds now happened to be dark and it seemed a storm to be rolling in.

[b "I told you that I happen yo enjoy you. And more than on bed."] But for the time, Klaus was leaving that for her to decode. Why not since she had a sharp and clever mind and wit aout her.


Teagan couldn't help a faint laugh at Damon's words. [#be5cf5 "Haven't you already had me for dessert?"] The girl pointed out. But his question was what really got to her. And what was worse was she didn't really know how to answer.

[#be5cf5 "We might be. But I don't know where we stand.."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 103d 18h 13m 28s
Did she even care to hear it? She just wanted to find a way to save Teagan now.

"Add California to the list someday, I have a feeling it might end bad for me either way. Might as well enjoy myself," Madison said with a shrug turning her back to him to go look for her bag.


It had been disappointing when Elijah hadn't been there when they left. The shift in the relationship was sharp but she was just trying to get them time.

Watching the clouds on the flat horizon as they got into Texas she knew what that meant but didn't say anything. "Really, why want to spare me? I can't be that good in bed."


"You'll need to, put on a cute and lost act. He'll eat that all up and then have more for dessert. Though I wish I could say I want you for dessert. You two are becoming a thing, aren't you?" He asked curiously. With her under the same roof, there might be something more interesting to go around.
  Disaster / Turadh / 103d 18h 36m 25s
The girl was better at reading people than he gave her credit for. But then he remembered in some senses they were the same. Could deal with people easily enough but careful not to let them in or too close. Not that he would voice all of that. Truly none of that was her concern

[b "How about I'll tell you after the road trip. For the moment none of that is of any concern to you."] He muttered as he finally let the girl go and stepped a step or two back. All the while his gaze never left her.


[#be5cf5 "Is it even possible to have so many plans? It seems he is always at least one step ahead."] The girl said quietly as she leaned on the wall. Her eyes continued to follow Damon and she could see the gears in his head turning.

He was right. This had been one of the STUPIDEST things she could have done and they would need help. [#be5cf5 "Looks like the only choice we have. Though you wanna be the one to tell him or should I?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 104d 17h 57m 20s
"I've done more stupid things on less thoughts. Elijah told us about Katerina...how she changed to a vampire to not be used. That could be a last resort. Hey, it's out there," Damon looked to her and shook his head. "That's now how it works. Have three plans, and in his case, fifteen."

Now to keep her alive, even if it meant turning her to keep her alive and useless. His mind was restless as he thought on this. "Stefan should know...and he'll want you with us..."


God, what a headache. She couldn't even think straight and was now in this position where she did not want to be.

"Why do this? And why want to spare me?" She asked, like she had wanted to for a while. Elijah had told her that Klaus seemed to care for her but she found it hard to believe. "You won't leave me in the dark, that I do know. You're scared of being alone but hate falseness. And yet do a good job and pushing away."
  Disaster / Turadh / 104d 18h 10m 2s
A faint smile traced the girl's lips as the man paced and looked to her asking his question. [#be5cf5 "Actually I didn't think that through. As soon as I found out about this I just figured 'what the hell becoming a target in a psycho's plan sounds fun."] The girl mused. Of course she wasn't being serious in her words but it was her way to tell the man she had no idea at all.

[#be5cf5 "Being more serious.. take this as it comes and let it play out. HOPEFULLY it will keep his paws off her though."]


Ah yes. This did prove the point made and what had been said. But instead of letting the pretty little girl go, Klaus kept her against the wall. Blue-green gaze stayed locked on her as he was trying to decide if he should get her telling him more or if she JAD told him everything.

[b "Now that I know about your little friend I won't need to hurt you. And you know or have figured out by now we can make you forget what we don't want you to know. But I do intend to go through with my plans love. I have been searching for far too long to let my chance go."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 104d 18h 24m 57s
And just like that, there was the switch gone, peace and happiness was shattering about. And there was still some damn feelings there for him, sitting there like a tumor.

"I know most of what you're doing. He told me some, and I gathered the rest over time," Madison said, taking a breath she attempted to keep her eyes on him. "Don't hurt her. If she is...I am never going to forgive you."

Now she just felt weird and confused.


"It will need to be Stefan's ideas, but with us. It's obvious we are both able to be compelled. You'll have vervain, as well," he said looking to her before standing up.

"What do you plan on doing now that you painted a target on you?" He asked looking to her doing a small pace.
  Disaster / Turadh / 104d 18h 35m 6s
The man was testing her and it looked like what Damon had said was true. The girl seemed different and almost at peace. No doubt his brother's doing. And now that he knew what he needed to know he could stop with all pretenses. Or rather most. The one thing that had been true and god forbid was the fact that he was allured by this girl and cared for her.

[b "Now I think it's time we stop with the games, don't you love? I know that my brother had a play in things and so why don't you be a good girl and tell me what he's done and what you know?"] The man said as in a flash he did have the girl against the wall, his eyes locked with hers as he now was compelling her to tell him. Though when he did pin her he had done what he could in the way of not hurting her or at least not too much.


[#be5cf5 "You know what it's like doing what you have to do. And that's why when I figured it out I asked your help and not his. He would try and stop me.. You don't like it but you also know people are gonna do what they're gonna do."] The girl said as her arms crossed and her eyes were locked on the man.

She had made up her mind on this and wasn't going to back down. [#be5cf5 "So where can I go?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 104d 18h 31m 57s
"Stefan would disagree. He's very against this whole free agency stuff. Not that I agree with what you're saying," Damon sat down on her bed. "It's not wise. He'd kill her in a heartbeat if it was his only choice. You with his eyes closed."

Elijah had said he cared for that girl, and Damon didn't believe that. "Now you'll need to stay somewhere safe then. Well, safer....and we need to find that weapon."


"Right, I did say I got the time off and by some miracle, my uncle's family made some time. A little surprising, really," Madison smiled towards him. Kissing his cheek she began to think of where she put her bag. In her tiny apartment, she knew where everything was, in his room, she had no idea.

"Texas, the closet and possibly food," she said. It was more blissful like this, she didn't know then that he knew.
  Disaster / Turadh / 104d 19h 12m 56s
A faint smile traced the girl's lips as she looked up at Damon. She had figured that someone had been the one going to Klaus and after that group "date night" somehow Damon had been thought likely. But she didn't hate him for it. After watching the man and then watching Madison and even having been compelled herself, it had been figured that the older Salvatore had been compelled as well.

[#be5cf5 "I'm sure about this. She wouldn't let me face this alone.. and I can't let her either. It's better me than her anyway... And Damon.. don't tell Stefan."] Teagan said quietly. She had told Damon and knew it would get back to Klaus.


Klaus had gone to find Madison once Damon had left. And when he did, the man just noticed Elijah leaving the girl. Curious and he would ask what his brother had been doing with her. As hard as he did try, the man could not help that he was jealous whenever he happened to see the two together.

[b "Sorry love. I had a little business that I had to take care of. Before I had to you had said there was something you wanted to talk to me about? I think you had briefly mentioned Texas?"] Nik asked. And then he was silent for a moment, looking the way his brother had gone. [b What were you and my brother up to?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 104d 19h 5m 33s
It was stunning of how she fell into this situation. Despite the classes, warnings, and her personal dislike she was with a not so great guy and possibly going to be threatened with her life.

Swallowing that feeling she relished the more gentle kiss before nodding. "Then we'll do that," she said returning back to the closet. It was strange to think that she basically moved in just about two weeks ago.

Hearing him enter she prepared herself knowing that Elijah would disappear. Make it random, and that she just had the time off.


Damon made an expression of his lips were sealed. That would have worked, except taking vervain. He flashed away before finding himself at Teagan's house.

"So, he knows now. I'm going to need to be scarce and doing some bidding of a sort," he said stepping closer to her. "Are you sure about this?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 107d 18h 38m 37s
Damon was one that Niklaus had not trusted and knew to what was the term? "march to the beat of his own drum" and so that was why he had compelled him as he had. Well that and also to keep Stefan busy and to have a show of his own. And so far it had proved almost as enteraining as he would have expected.

[b "You should know better. The dopplegangers are a rare find. And I think perhaps letting you go for now would be a good idea. Can't have little brother suspicious."] And in the blink of an eye, Klaus had Damon by the throat and against the wall with his eyes locked to the other man's. [b "And you are to tell no one of this."] He muttered, compelling the Salvatore again.


Elijah had been watching the girl and listening closely to the words spoken. "My brother very well could have found a loophole. And that may be why he has begun to keep you even closer.." The man admitted as she turned to look back to him.

Her look was one he could not blame her for. A coldness and distaste that could freeze anyone if looks could. But the man spoke nothing of those thoughts and again fell to silence. "It will not buy much time as he is on a bit of a schedule in when he wants his ritual. But if you tell him this is a trip you really want to have he may soften up and postpone his plans a little longer." He was telling her the little that he had found when going through his brother's things.

Lightly did he return the girl's kiss and the faintest of smiles graced his lips. "I do too.." It was the closest he had come to admitting just how fond of her he truly was
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 109d 6m 18s
What would Stefan do? Make some good speech and throw himself on a blade, something lame like that.

What he would do? Make some clever plan or outlandish and make it look cool.

"There's more where she came from. Just saying...there might be more. My brother doesn't trust me with too much, it might look a touch suspicious to be gone this long."


"Are you sure he didn't find a loophole, if I'm not working or volunteering, I'm around him and in the dark. Less likely to turn if I fall for him," Madison said feeling the acidity of her words. She hated feeling like that.

"Fine," she said shutting the closet before looking for him. "Then our Texas plan...that will work for a few days and maybe a distraction."

She didn't care for it, and wasn't sure what would happen, but knew there was little choice. Walking over to him she leaned up and kissed him lightly. "I wish it was you."
  Disaster / Turadh / 107d 18h 52m 32s
Whether he wanted to admit it or not, Elijah had become fond of the girl. She was clever and easy to have a conversation with. And she even challenged him on ways of thinking. When around the other they would have conversations, he would teach her things of the old world and his past, or they were content to sit in silence and read. Those were the rare times he enjoyed.

"Niklaus did so because he likes having you here. It keeps him focused in its way and keeps us from fighting. And I like having you here as well." The man said, explaining the lease part.

He was silent and shook his head. "Niklaus will expect that. He is known for games as you know. We'll have to figure something else out."


The man seemed to hate himself which was not a notion Klaus was new to. And he could also admit he wasn't sorry for it either. He had needed an inside man and with Damon he had one.

[b "So you care for the little girl?"] He asked when the man happened to get defensive. And he was even more amused when the next words were out. [b "Then I know where to find them. That is actually near where the ritual will need to be held."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 110d 18h 10m 1s

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