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The girl was a firecracker.

He had thoroughly enjoyed himself even if he did need to hold back. It was the downside of being with a human. Still, it kept them coming back to the vampires.

"A sex good I can handle," Damon chuckled running a hand through her hair. She was an amazing woman even if Stefan was likely to wow her soon.


She might need a map, she thought to herself as she followed him. This was a lot of room for one person unless there were invisible guests.

"Yours, eh?" She questioned looking to him curiously. She wanted to, to the point of needing to. Tomorrow she'd question her lack of control. "I would love to see your room."

She remained close to him thrilled at the idea of having this experience with him.
  Disaster / Turadh / 23d 14h 44m 4s
She was clever and charming. Took to teasing well and played along nicely. So lightly he did lean into her hand and give a nod. [b "Seems it is."] The man said as he moved to get her minion and walked with her back to his car and opening the door for her.

He had not been at all teasing her when he said the company would be nice. But for now he would keep what little cobtrol he had. Though he would love to get her intp bed with him.

When they got to his home, Klaus again was out and opening her door. And soon the man was leading her inside. [b "You have your choice of any room you like. Even mine."] His last words were said with a teasing smirk. He was curious if the young woman would take his invitation as there was definitely a deeper meaning underlying his words.


What wasn't there to like about Damon? He was smart, charming, and a complete bad boy. He was the definition of what a girl wanted. And he was fun too. He DEFINITELY knew what he was doing.

Later, the girl laid curled up against him with her head on his shoulder. [#be5cf5 "You're definitely a sex god."] She whispered with a purr to her words. And he definitely had been.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 23d 17h 4m 20s
There would still likely be that little voice that told her this was not a good idea. He was not good news.

Right now she felt like she was falling into something deeper than herself. That voice and smirk, she loved it, despite all the glaring signs. Everyone needed their bad boy in once, right?

"It was completely on purpose," she mused running a hand down his cheek. "Then it's settled."


It was all instinct from here.

Damon lifted her up just like they were, starting up the stairs into his large bedroom. Placing her on his bed he smirked before kissing her some more, his hands beginning to roam wherever they could.

She was sexy, smart and a free spirit. What wasn't there to like?
  Disaster / Turadh / 25d 14h 42m 34s
He was quick to return the kiss and even have her on his lap. Something she had not expected, but at the same time was nice knowing that he wanted it too. Seemed this would be fun and so unlike any other time she had been with someone. Damon was just all the way around different.

When his hand had gripped her hair, the girl had let out a sound and even arched closer to him as her hands were slowly beginning to explore.

[#be5cf5 "Maybe we should take this elsewhere?"] She whispered between kisses as she had begun to kiss along his jawline and down his throat.


Fire was one way to put it. She sparked something in him that he had not felt in a very long time. So this was what being alive felt like? It was a breath of fresh air and left the man wanting and still dangling by his thread when her hand had tangled in his hair during their kiss, it being a good way to get to him.

As she pulled back, green-blue gaze met her eyes and he couldn't help a faint smirk and shake of his head. He knew that she was being serious, but it was an easy and light way to tease her. [b "If you wanted to come over, all you had to do was ask love."] He teased.

[b "But to be serious, I would not mind. It is always nice to have to company of a beautiful girl such as yourself."] He said, eyes kept locked with hers
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 23d 17h 12m 52s
Damon didn't need a second invite. Damon had his drink placed down and he wrapped his arms around her returning the kiss. He was quick to get into a passionate mood.

Moving her to his lap, he grasped her hair with one hand. This girl was unlike anyone he had met in a long time.

This would be a welcome change and need considering these few weeks had been enough to drive anyone mad. Keeping one step ahead of a psychotic man.


This was sudden, much like lighting a gasoline fire, it felt so good though. After the week of those dreams, it was relieving. Gladly returning the kiss she moved one hand to his hair.

It was only when she was taking a breath she remembered that she had left her keys at Teagan's after she had changed her work clothes.

"That's...wow..." she said smiling keeping her hand where it was. "This isn't on purpose but...my apartment keys are at Teagan's."
  Disaster / Turadh / 25d 15h 13m 55s
The man was used to having control or the upper hand in situations. This was not something he had control over but somehow he didn't mind it. It was nice and she had been driving him crazy since they had met. There was of course her beauty and charms, but just her overall persona. Madi was different than anyone he had met and well she even challenged him in ways others didn't dare.

Did he ever truly have a chance in not becoming attracted to her? In not becoming lost to the allure that she seemed to hold over him? Well this night proved that he never had. And for once he liked not having full control.

The kiss became deeper and she definitely was not shy. And he had definitely been wanting this and wanted it. So the moment her arms were about his neck, Nik turned and had the girl pinned gently against the wall and was kissing her even more deeply. There was definitely something about her which kept his control dangling by a thread.


When they had gotten back to the old boarding house and Damon had poured the drinks, Teagan took one of them and returned a grin. [#be5cf5 "A good night where anything can happen."] The girl said. Though something deep down had her cringe as she felt like she very well could be making a deal with the devil himself.

Her mind was still going over its imagined deal with the devil when she felt the hand on her leg. The girl really wasn't known for her disgression, especially if it was something that she wanted. And well at the moment she seemed to want Damon. So without thinking, Teagan set her glass down and moved to where she was near straddling his lap, and pulling the man into a deep kiss. It seemed that she had finally given in and was making the bad choice both she and Madi had seen coming.

But to hell with caution. It was just one night and she had been wanting to sleep with the man for awhile
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 25d 16h 32m 39s
When did she ever stand a chance? It was the accent at first, then it was the edges with wisdom, and now it was unexplainable. Somewhere between the dreams and strange desire.

The kiss felt amazing, she wasn't shy in continuing it wrapping her arms around his neck.

Okay, so there was no way she ever stood a chance. That draw was just winning and he seemed to want this as well.


"Right this way then," Damon grinned making the way to his cherry red car. Everything seemed to point to this night and he was going to relish his victory.

At the house he poured two glasses and held one up to her. "To a good night," he grinned to her. She wouldn't understand but was feeling proud of himself. Placing a hand on her leg he looked to her curious if how she'd respond.
  Turadh / 26d 38m 39s
Excitable and fun was what he found the girl to be. It was more like at some instances he was dragged around the fair. Even some of the activities she chose, the vampire was more than sure the girl was trying to torture him with. But to be fair, Klaus had earned it with the way he had behaved.

When he took her back home, the man walked her up to her door and in the hallway she had set her minion down that she had won. Surprisingly she was good at the games. [b "I very much enjoyed it.. thank you for allowing me to take you out like this."] The man found himself saying.

He had been about to say 'good night' and turn to go. But before he knew it, the girl leaned up and kissed him. A bold move on her part, but it gave him permission that he did not need to ask for. And his arms were around her as he returned her kiss.


Truth be told she had seen the movie a couple of times before. It only held her attention for a short while and well the rest the girl was watching Damon. He was complex and hard to figure out. Like a multi-leveled story or as Madi would refer to him as "a barrel of monkeys" which left her perplexed but still all the more intrigued and drawn in.

After the movie, the man took her to a nice spot to star gaze, something she had not done in a long time. It really was nice to have the quiet moment and to see the stars so clearly.

[#be5cf5 "This night has been amazing..and I don't want to go home yet.. So how about those drinks?"] The girl asked with a wink of her own, slowly slipping on his jacket as he had slid it off. It was nice and warm where the night was becoming abit cool for her tastes.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 25d 16h 46m 34s
"I don't remember. It's been a while since I've gone," Madison smiled showing her excitement. She was excitable with many things. "I will let you know."

It was a lot more fun than she expected. There were extra things she added for torture but he earned this night.

"This has been really fun," Madi said, placing the giant Minion down in the hallway. In a bold move she leaned up slightly and surprising found herself kissing him.


The movie caught his attention and then released it. He was bad about movies, next he took her to one of the best spots for star gazing. It was nice to have this quiet moment.

"Just say when you want to have me take you home, or if you wants a drink. Stefan is out tonight," he winked to her before sliding his jacket off for her .
  Disaster / Turadh / 26d 12h 42m 23s
It amused the man when the girl did not dent his words. Which in a sense made him know that he was right. But oddly that didn't bother him as he came to the conclusion that she would make him work for it. Not what he was used to, but it was fun.

[b "So what games and food is your favourite? And there is both beauty and wonder in simple."] The second part of his words had been meant to be kept as a thought. But it seemed that they had slipped. Oh well, it was his way of complimenting her in a not very direct way.

[b "How many times have I got to say I am sorry for that, love?"] Nik asked as he had opened her door for her. When she had gotten in, he himself got in and drove them to the nearest couty fair. This was the first time in so long he had been to one of these things. So he hoped it would work out.


The girl was happy. Content even as she was getting the chance to spend a little time one-on-one with the man. He allured her and intrigued her. Not that she was sure why that was. But she felt...almost comfortable.

[#be5cf5 "Comedy then... I think they have 'The Hangover'...I've heard it's stupid but sadly I am drawn to stupid..."] Teagan admitted as they walked to the nearest theatre.

And when they got there, the girl went to the window and ordered their tickets, letting him go first.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 26d 13h 43m 14s
Madison chuckled at his words, knowing it was the truth, she was trying to torture him just a little. Brightening a little bit she walked out knowing his car.

"A little. And I like fairs...carnival games, rides you might die on, deep fried food. I'm a simple person," she admitted. She never acted like she was anything else. "And you chased the guy I've wanted for just about two years now. You owe me."

Leaving with him on a sort of date, that hadn't been the plan, but she'd get something out of the night.


"There's not many movies that happened to cross both of those. A comedy," Damon nodded. This would be fun and she seemed happy. He opened the door for her, trying to impress her just that much before starting to the nearest theatre.

Most of the names and movies were lost on him, he didn't do much with those things anymore. Not since the 70's, but she was still young and kept up with the times.
  Disaster / Turadh / 26d 14h 52m 39s
[#be5cf5 "You're in luck there. Chick flicks aren't actually my thing. A lot of the time they give falsehood to relationships and stuff and just... I dunno always seem forced because the characters have no chemistry. So would you be good with either horror or comedy?"] Tea asked as she chanced a goance at the Salvatore brother.

Still Madi's words were ringing in her head. And so was the fact that he was so very alluring. God she had figuratively screwed herself.


Admittedly he could have been more smooth with the girl. Apologised more eloquently. But he had learned that she liked forward and "real" and in a sense it was what he gave her. When with the girl, Nik did not feel the need to hide as much as he should have. She was freeing.

[b "You really are trying to punish me now aren't you? But I did promise anything you wanted and I will keep to that. So a county fair it is. Shall we go?"] The man asked as the other two had left them.

This time he did not try and offer an arm or take her hand. Instead he moved to her side and let her lead.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 26d 14h 43m 22s
It was fascinating to see. She had a strong will to resist as long as she had but there was no choice in the matter. It made him strangely happy to have her agree to the date.

"Well then, let's go," Damon grinned. He wasn't the sort to offer any big gesture but followed after her. They could decide on a movie along the way.

"Please don't say chick flick. I will be kicked out for comments."


"You'd think with that accent you'd be more charming," Madison observer before deliberately considering his words. How could she deny him? It really felt like she couldn't.

"That's much better," she finally said before giving a nod. "Yes...and I will. How about a county fair?"

After all this she needed a form of pay back and him with a county fair.
  Disaster / Turadh / 26d 20h 14m 30s
This little girl was much more difficult than the others he had met. Had even attempted to pretend to be interested in. Usually they fell for the easy charms, but not Madison. She presented a challenge and a game of "cat and mouse". It was both frustrating and alluring. A good game that reminded him he was alive and that you didn't always get what you wanted easily. The problem perhaps was that he truly was enthralled by this girl.

[b "Touché there love. But yes, I did act like a jealous asshole as you so eloquently put it. None of that should I have done and I am sorry. But what I am asking for is another chance... a way to make this up to you. Please allow me to take you out?"] Klaus asked, eyes moving to hers.

When he heard the other two, Nik gave a tight smile that Madison would not see. [b "That would be Madison's choice. The rest of the night belongs to her if she chooses for it to."]


It was almost like those movies she had watched growing up. It was like everyone had their part and the pieces were filling in. A weird way she realised to look at the night. But just too many odd things seemed to be happening and at just the right times too.

[#be5cf5 "Maybe he will be fine. Madi is a bit stubborn though and prefers being direct or polite.. But hey this is interesting."] Teagan said thoughtfully and then shook her head. The movie had been an idea for one thing, but her mind did go back to her conversation with Madi earlier. The one of wanting to sleep with Damon and her cheeks became a dark pink and she looked away.

[#be5cf5 "So movie and see how it goes from there?"] She asked, quietly JUST before Nik had answered Damon. Dark eyes fell on Madison to see what the girl would decide.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 26d 22h 31m 32s
"You mean acting like an a jealous asshole?" Madison rose an eyebrow at him. There had been some talking, she agreed to one song with him. It didn't mean she wasn't in a forgiving mood. Looking to him she played with one of the last fries.

"That depends on how you ask instead of assuming," she concluded looking to him to see his answer. She was likely to go home now if he didn't ask.


"I have a feeling that he will do just fine tonight. Anything that you'd like to do?" Damon said with a knowing look. It was something he planned a head of time. Stefan, in whatever he was doing, needed till tomorrow. If distracted Klaus for the night was perfect.

"We're going to head to a movie. Are you two joining us?" Damon asked with a smirk .
  Disaster / Turadh / 26d 23h 49m 29s

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