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God, she was hungry, it felt like she hadn't eaten in days. Looking to the window she knew they were in the Mikaelson's home. During the days she had spent time exploring every inch. She had found Elijah that way, she winced at the memory of him feeding on her.

"I...I tried...I had to find Elijah and the dagger..." Then the words really struck her. "Wait...what..."

She was so hungry and everything was sore. What happened. She heard the door opening just as she felt herself being drawn away from herself.


Stefan had to do what he could to hold Damon back. Elijah had them in the house, he seemed to think it was safe. They had worked together and it hadn't been enough.

There were sounds from the room, and he wasn't the first to hear it, either.

"Who placed a blinding and a protection spell on them?" Stefan asked, holding Damon back, looking especially at Elijah. "I mean, we know all the witches here and Bonnie isn't that strong."
  Disaster / Turadh / 69d 17h 35m 23s
It seemed even though they had tried, Damon and Stefan had not been able to keep Klaus away. The man had been able to get to her and he had been able to do the ritual that he had been planning all along. There had been nothing after but a weird darkness and pain she was not familiar with.

The calling was hazy and it was distant. She wanted to answer but she couldn't. Because she in her way was locked away. There was another there. [#81e66b "It's my turn now."] The woman had muttered with a smirk.

Brown eyes opened and slowly fell on Madison as she slowly pushed herself up. There was a sharp pain going through her but it was not like something she had not experienced before. [#81e66b "Your little friend isn't dead. Just weak. That boyfriend of yours certaintly did a number."] She could have played innocent and like she was the little girl, Teagan but where was the fun in that? Besides that would be saved for the vampires
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 69d 17h 29m 10s
Everything seemed to get far more complicated after that night.

Was it the best time she ever had? Yes. There were complaints the next morning from neighbors. Was it a terrible mistake? Yes. She loved him, and some part wanted to stay with him, but not the way he wanted.

Everything went downhill from there. One night she couldn't remember anything, and Teagan hadn't either.

Then came that night, she wasn't supposed to go, but she had the dagger she had taken out of Elijah. Klaus didn't know and to save her friend, she'd do it.

It came too late, and Elijah held her back, she didn't hear anything. She only felt the pain in her neck before she met darkness. Waking up what felt like like forever later, gasping and every fiber of her pain. There was arguing outside.

At least Teagan was there with her, she crawled over, despite the pain.

"Teagan...Teagan...don't be dead. Please don't be dead."
  Disaster / Turadh / 69d 18h 29m 29s
All this was so very wrong but felt so very right. It wasn't that she didn't like Stefan and like she meant to do this sort of thing. Tea tried to be good. She really did, but damn there was something about Damon. Oh he had been good before but this time he was amazing. The girl could tell there was more given and had even given more herself.

When the hand brushed through her hair, the girl was panting and found herself leaning against it. Almost nuzzling against his hand. Any form of attention or touch it seemed her body craved.

[#be5cf5 "When it comes to you it is very true. Just something about you and the sex makes it VERY hard to go back."] The girl said with a soft purr to her words.

Perfect as this was, it was still wrong..


Knowing the girl as he did, Klaus knew nothing in her was okay with his plans to kill her best friend. She was too stubborn and too loyal to be okay with something to that level. But he did know her body and knew it well. And as always she melted and fit so perfectly with him. This was on fact something he had grown both used to and fond of.

The man's hands roamed over her and had all but shredded her top. First time had been an accident but now he was more than eager to get it off. Now he was more than eager just to be with her.

The storm outside raged on but it was nothing to everything he felt. And nothing to everything he planned to do with her.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 69d 19h 48m 14s
Damon had been good before, he only placed half of what he could in the act. This time he did add more and enjoyed it more thoroughly. She seemed to enjoy the act more this time.

Running a hand through her hair he smiled. "I have been told that sex with a vampire makes it impossible to go back. What do you say?"


When Damon was gone, something was wrong, when he did not know where Damon or Tea was. He knew something more was at fault. Klaus was gone and Elijah was not answering.

Flashing over to the house he heard the sounds and knew. Damon had screwed him over again.


This was wrong. This was not what she was supposed to be doing.

By sleeping with him, it was like telling him it was okay to kill her best friend. Her mind and body had a different opinion as it had grown accustomed to the feeling and she loved it.

Melting into him she started on his shirt, the storm still raged outside as the wind began to blow harder.
  Disaster / Turadh / 78d 17h 38m 3s
A smirk came to her lips as the faintest of purrs slipped from the girl. Oh how she enjoyed him and the passion that both seemed to share. Far more experienced the man was, but that did not leave her rendered clueless either as she had had her fun from time to time. [#be5cf5 "I love the idea of show and tell."] She whispered as her hands moved to what she was able to reach, undoing the clothes she could.

This was one thing she could honestly say she appreciated about Damon. The unbridaled passion and the freedoms.


This had always been real to him even if not to her. Niklaus had never lied. Just this time he wanted to give her the choice. Wanted to see what chances she took and what she herself felt without the tricks.

Her arms were about his neck as she melted into the kiss and soon he picked her up, flashing over to the bed. The man wanted her and no longer could fully control himself. He wanted one real time on both their ends.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 77d 19h 8m 14s
Real for him, she thought, for her, it was a bittersweet mixture.

Her body and heart knew what to do. Melting into the kiss she stepped forward wrapping her arms around his neck. She was still young when the feelings were intense. First, true time with him and then sort the rest out later.

That was the idea, at least. There was a part of her that was happy just to have this moment and feel this.


"Oh, so many things, so many things I cannot begin to mention it," Damon gave a smirk. Placing her on the bed he moved down, kissing her neck. He paused for a moment, looking at her neck before moving down.

Whatever clothing he could get off easily, he started with expert ease. That was the lovely passion they had that he adored so much.
  Disaster / Turadh / 84d 18h 38m 55s
The words she spoke ALMOST stung him even when she had spoken of her family and old times. It made him think of another time. A simpler time when things with his own had not been do bad. Back to a time before it seemed that he was punishing and daggering one of them every other decade or so. And it was a time he did wish to be able to go back to.

Only the touch to his hand and the soft sound of her voice was able to call him back. Blue-green fell on the young woman and even skimmed over her for just the briefest of moments. There was desire, yes but also more.

[b "Because I have not tried to compell you since we both 'showed our cards'. Everything from that night on has been real."] He found himself saying as hw could no longer stop himself and kissed the girl.


Her actions were more than an invitation. It was more of her begging for more. So few EVER had her this drawn. Had her near begging in so short a time. And most importantly so few knew just what she liked. Damon was evil but in the best of ways and though she didn't want to, the young woman found she craved him. His kisses along with his touch.

As soon as she was gently pushed against the wall again and his hand gripped her hair, a soft moan slipped her lips. Brown eyes found their way to smokey blue and a faint smirk crossed her lips. [#be5cf5 "So what do you plan to do with me?"] Her words were asked in a soft, seductive purr as she arched a little closer.

God she shouldn't. But he..the temptation was too much and she ached for this. Ached for him.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 84d 19h 22m 12s
That seemed an invitation to continue. Shedding his jacket he started on her shirt, never letting go of her kiss. It was something amazing. There wasn't many that was capable of this much excitement. Few kept him amused for this long, and now he was amused.

She did well with knowing all of this, despite everything.

Pushing her back gently against the wall he moved one hand through her hair before grasping it.


"Uncle James said when I turned 18 we'd watch a storm while drinking a beer, as an initiation act to being a full-fledged Texan. Aunt Marian hit him really hard for that," Madison gave a small laugh, but it stung at the thought.

Touching his hand she let out a breath. Even knowing, that desire was under the surface and those feelings that were rising.

"How do I know this is real?" She asked stepping closer to him.
  Disaster / Turadh / 89d 17h 20m 16s
He couldn't remember the last he had seen an actual storm like this one as it truly had been years. But the man remembered having found them mystifying and even a little dangerous. Even in their dangers, the storms were beautiful disasters. And to some odd extent happened to have him think of the dual natures of the human nature. A funny thought considering he himself was not human.

[b "This very much seems the storm you had described not too long ago to me. Excited to see it in person or almost in person again?"] The man asked when she had turned to him and gave that smile of hers. The very same that had drawn him to begin with.

In a flash, Klaus was before the girl and had a hand on her cheek. She was beautiful and the flashing lightening behind her added to that beauty. And she was all the more tempting as well.


This man..he was like a drug to her. Something she should give up and yet she was addicted. Oh how she wanted something stable but there was always that call. Like a siren's song when she was around Damon. And like the sailors lured to their dooms, Tea found she had to answer. There was no escape, though she was sure deep down she didn't want one.

Her hands slowly began to roam as she continued to kiss him. She was slowly starting to push the jacket from his shoulders and slowly starting to arch closer to him. The girl couldn't deny that she was tempted and that she even wanted more. This..the sweet temptations even for the moment was good.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 89d 19h 33m 0s
"It's been too long since I've seen a storm like this," Madison smiled. It was a part of her childhood, she loved it, despite the dangers. The irony was not lost on her at that thought.

There were only three hotels in the town. Before long there was the storm hitting hard. She watched out the window with a wide smile. "It's purple and double lightning."

Without thinking she turned to him smiling.

Was it bad to tempt a girl that wanted to have something stable with his brother, and Damon found her interesting. Something further would be interesting as well.

Holding her close he started on her shirt, continuing with the kissing. God, she was just too tempting right now. And it was good right now.
  Disaster / Turadh / 97d 17h 49m 20s
Her description of him had him amused. And the fact of the matter was that was EXACTLY how he was. Had always been or almost been rather. It did seem as he had said before that she understood more about him than most others did.

Eyes this time were not upon the girl but the storm clouds that became darker and darker as the minutes seemed to tick away. The description though lovely it had been was even more reason he knew to listen to her in stopping. Truth be told, Klaus would have anyway as the idea of a night with her, a TRUE night with her was something he wanted.

[b "We'll stop here for the night then."] He said as he pulled into the parking lot of a motel and soon was at her side and opening the door.

Not too much longer and a room was gotten and they were in it. Of course he had worked his "magic" and gotten the best possible room for them.


With Damon, the key was to expect the unexpected. He was so much like a wild fire and as one would say "marched to the beat of his own drum". So the kiss really should not have shocked her, nor should having found herself pressed up against a free wall.

It was a soft almost purr that slipped her lips as soon her own kiss matched his own. And a hand did find its way to his hair even as her body arched to fit to his. Though she enjoyed the cutesy flirting with Stefan and cared about him..there were needs and it appeared ones she could get Damon to meet.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 90d 18h 15m 30s
Damon flashed that smirk to her before kissing her again. Pressing her against a free wall, he continued the kiss, deeper with more meaning and passion. She was tempting on so many levels. She didn't need to know all the little agendas going through his head.

Running a hand down her side he felt relieved though to have this moment again after watching the cutesy flirting for two weeks.


"A Panhandle storm is like you. You see it coming, know it's going to be bad, hits hard and then leaves the destruction as it moves on to the next," Madison said watching the angry cloud grow more fluffy and dark. "We should stop."

The idea of a night with him again was both welcoming and uncomfortable. That fight was raging like mad, since she was half in love with him, and yet hated him at the same momemt.
  Disaster / Turadh / 102d 17h 57m 30s
She did try to be good. She really did. But when it came to it, the girl was drawn to both brothers. There was the one who was sweet and understood her...and then there was Damon who encouraged her more wild side and allowed the freedom. Not exactly easy to pick.

[#be5cf5 "We'll just have to see what happens. Though now you have me curious what you can really do."] Her words were a soft purr as she looked up at him. Even she could not deny he had been a good time.


At one point that had been a point to him. To not hurt loved one. But then he had learned sometimes to teach them you had to. So her words did make him smirk faintly at the irony of them. Though he would not tell the girl those thoughts.

[b "So where are we stopping? The wind and storm does look to be coming much faster now."] The man said, now turning to look at the girl
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 103d 16h 8m 56s
Madison looked to him instead of the storm now. Even she knew that to a point, he wouldn't be teaching her to paint just for trust points. That was something else.

"Good insurance in case they ever wanted me to be the one to kill you. You're not supposed to hurt the people that you love," Madison said softly. Looking back to the storm knowing they were close. "I just want to go home. And we should stop. That's going to be a 50 MPH wind storm with flash floods."

It was a good welcome home.


"Maybe I like having my dessert twice," he smirked running a hand through her hair. Leaning down a little. "What do you say? Last time I was just playing at what I can do. Once you have a taste you don't go back."

That was exactly the plan that was used before and right now she was tempting. Keep him in the running for a while at least.
  Disaster / Turadh / 103d 16h 25m 54s

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