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Well it seemed she had done EXACTLY what Madison had warned her against. Fallen for or drawn to both brothers. AND sleeping with one where the other found out. Talk about shooting herself in the foot. But there was no going back and now she kind of did feel like a whore.

[#be5cf5 "We went out with Madi and a couple of others last night as a group..and well yeah.."] It was all she could say as it seemed again around the younger Salvatore whatever seemed to take hold.


Having had her in his bed and in his home in the morning had been more enjoyable than he would have thought. The man found he utterly enjoyed her and her company and had no regrets of the night before.

[b "I can take you down to the kitchen and you can tell me what you would like. Or we could go out? The choice is yours there, love."] Klaus said as he gave the girl a smile
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 12d 18h 9m 10s
Damon would take her from right under his hands. In just a night in fact, it seemed, he heard the shower, the dressing and talking. Damon couldn't help that bragging tone.

He sat reading a book, drinking coffee.

"Ah, Damon, I was wondering what kept you busy. Our guest had to return back. It's a surprise to see you here, Teagan with my brother," he said looking to them both casually.


Feeling that blush again she smiled to him, taking the compliment happily.

"This shirt is extremely comfortable," she said happily before adjusting this. Any more awkward situations and she might need to have run off. Placing one hand on his cheek she smiled.

"How about some food now?" She asked cheerfully. This wasn't bad at all, actually. Waking up next to him, wearing his shirt.
  Disaster / Turadh / 13d 17h 29m 55s
Was the man sorry about the shirt truly? Not at all. It had been in the way and tearing it as he had had been the easiest means. That and he had just given way to some more primitive instincts as patience truly was not a virtue he was well suited for. And so he merely smirked and shook his head. [b "You caught me. I'm not at all sorry and have to say you look rather ravishing. It was hard to resist"]

When he heard what had come between Elijah and Madison, Klaus did stiffen. Of course his brother would try and meddle in things. It wasn't usual that he stayed out of his affairs for long. And now knowing that, Klaus knew that he would have to work faster somehow. Though he was becoming attatched to the girl and didn't really want to use her in the spell.

It was with those thoughts in mind was she kissing him again. And soon, the man was returning her kiss.


Damon's words had been interesting and had been spinning in her head. But they were soon forgotten as they had gone for more. And it had been very fun.

[#be5cf5 "Will he be mad?"] The girl asked as she had gotten back into her clothing from the night before and was braiding her hair. Though she tried not to be embarrassed, her cheeks did betray her and she was a dark pink.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 13d 18h 24m 37s
"Are you really sorry about the shirt?" Madison asked in amusement. She remembered it quite well, it still sent shivers down her spine. It had been an amazing time. "This is fine...your shirt feels nice."

Smiling to him she found the shorts in good shape. "Uh, just wondering why you didn't do more with your art and why you were interested in me... And I shouldn't have said the last part."

She moved over to him and kissed him, trying to feel less awkward.


"You know...the person enters through the dreams and then comes a form of love. Or at least the self-destruction after a lot of good sex," Damon said. It was information. Klaus really wanted to keep this girl, why was the question.

It wasn't long until he moved for more. And by then it was a late breakfast after dressing.

"This is the kitchen. Probably the neatest part of the house and Stefan may be close by," he said pulling a shirt over his head.
  Disaster / Turadh / 14d 17h 33m 29s
[#be5cf5 "Only happens in the movies? What does that mean?" And it's hard not to when she is one of the ones who usually keeps my ass in check. Though don't think last night that worked out."] Her last words were meant to try and make light of things and to make a faint joke. Besides, Tea knew Damon wouldn't take those words badly as he already figured she wasn't the most innocent of girls.

When he kissed her, a soft sound slipped her lips and she kissed him back. And before she knew it, it was like her body was aching for more.


[b "I am sorry about the shirt. Perhaps Rebekah has one that is the same as that one. She is hardly home and will hardly notice it missing."] Klaus said thoughtfully as he watched the girl. She did seem much more awkward than she had the night before. And it was oddly cute.

He moved to get a different shir on and soon turned back to the girl. [b "Did my brother happen to say anything?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 14d 18h 22m 44s
A century-old vampire stooped down to dreams? That was the basic level of entanglement.

Damon couldn't resist a laugh as he listened to her, he didn't keep his emotions like that so easily. "That's different, I only thought that happened in movies. Anyway...don't worry about her...it's going to be fine."

He stroked her hair before kissing her again.


"So...a brother....and a sister then," Madison placed together. Picking up the shirt she looked to him for a moment, there was no use in asking about that. "Looks like I'll owe her a shirt."

Taking his shirt with a nod knowing she was acting awkward. "Thank you," she said before slipping on his shirt.
  Disaster / Turadh / 14d 17h 57m 20s
Did she give in and tell the man what he wanted to know? That was the question buzzing in her head. But his lips had been both so very tempting and so very distracting. For the moment with the allure that he seemed to have, the power over her if she dared go that far, Tea was in a sense like putty in his hands. He would be able to get her to tell him anything. Well that and some weird sense told her she could trust him for help as she really was worried about Klaus' stalkerish obesession with Madi.

[#be5cf5 "Dreams..she has had dreams about him. She did not tell me much about them..Just that he was in them and she always felt drawn... When awake it's like she is attracted to him amd can't help the draw...something she doesn't understand."] She said slowly and quietly.


When she said that she had met his brother, Klaus visibly tensed. He had not even known that Elijah was fully in town. And now he wondered what all his brother had said and done. But he was quick to recompose himself.

[b "Elijah did not tell me he was coming. If he had I would have warned you. And you won't be finding your shirt or much of your clothing from last night there love."] Klaus said as he motioned to the clothing that he had gathered and it was rather torn. But he was quick to get her owe of his shirts.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 14d 18h 46m 35s
"Ya'll are so quiet...wow...a sister too?" Madi rose both of her eyebrows. She really needed to find out more about someone before jumping into bed with them. She actually felt like she didn't have a choice in the matter. "Okay, um, thanks..."

She started back to the room to look for her clothes from last night. That was incredibly awkward but Elijah seemed nice.

"So, I just met your brother...like this...that was awkward," she said still trying to find that shirt.


Damon liked the good things in life. His bathroom shared that. He was happily starting the hot shower when she came in. It felt nice out there. Pulling her close to him he smiled.

"So, my brother his home, and hopefully our unexpected guest," he said kissing her afterwards briefly. "Has your friend spoken about a rather loud, demanding Brit?"
  Disaster / Turadh / 15d 18h 22m 39s
He had not meant to startle the poor girl, but had merely hoped to get a chance to meet her and to speak with her. The affect of how he introduced himself had been lost upon him until the moment she shook his hand and spoke. Or rather until she stumbled upon her words. It did have the man realize how tactless he had been.

"Ah, yes perhaps that would be better. It is a pleasure to meet you and I am sorry for having scared you. If you would like, some of our sister's clothing may be found in the room just across the hall. You are welcome to any of it." He said as he made motion to the room which he spoke of.


God he was sexy and just happened to draw her in. What was she even doing? She had gone on dates, played the one night stand before, but NEVER was it like this. And those were her thoughts as his hand went through her hair and she kissed him back.

A faint smirk traced her lips at his words. [#be5cf5 "A shower sounds mm because it means I get to see more of you. And so does the stealing."] Teagan found the words rolling off her tongue before she could help them and soon she was joining the man. There was no reason to be shy as he had seen it all anyway.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 15d 18h 43m 32s
It was a wonder that Stefan hadn't found a way to come in yet. Hm, he was probably waiting in the living room for them to leave. Maybe there was a way to avoid all that...

Kissing her again he ran a hand through her hair. God, what was he doing? "How about a shower? I'm sure I just might steal you later," he winked before slowly walking to his open bathroom. It was only him unless he had a company and no shyness.

He knew that any talk in the shower would not reach the ears of his brother. Maybe she knew something more about the mysterious guest.


It was almost frightening of how dark some of them were. She had glimpsed it last night. She actually traced some of the lines wondering what could cause that in a person.

She nearly jumped out of the blanket when she heard another voice behind her.

He was also very good looking but looked so different from him. Turning a deep red she brought the blanket up higher. "Um, thanks, I think..." she fumbled over her words before shaking her hand. "Uh, Madison, nice to meet you. Maybe I should get dressed to finish this conversation."
  Disaster / Turadh / 16d 18h 29m 57s
"Nikalus has always had a talent with his art and with the way that he has seen the world. It is too bad he never did anything with it. All represent a different side to him and what he feels in a given time. It gives him security and power in a sense no other way can. The ones to the back of this room are my favourites." The man said finally as he had been watching the young woman amongst his brother's paintings. He had been there but a few moments and studying the girl and paintings before he had decided on letting his presense be known.

After he had spoken, Elijah moved into the room and let his eyes trail over the girl. "It's little wonder why my brother happens to be taken with you. I'm Elijah." He said quietly, introducing himself to the girl as he held a hand out to her.


Her cheeks flushed when Damon had spoken his words and kissed her forehead. She had heard the words or similar ones before, but they somehow had not held the same meaning. And the words had never quite struck her as they happened to now.

[#be5cf5 "Well thanks for having me. You're pretty amazing yourself."] Tea said when she regained herself and gave the man a smile. Yup he still drew her in and she was just as screwed now as she had been.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 16d 34m 47s
Waking up in a strange bed with natural light, looked around there wasn't a sound in room next to her. It was strange. Turning to her back she let out a soft sound.

Taking in the room quietly, trying to place why she was here, though she felt amazing. Wrapping a blanket around her frame she began roaming to where she spied the paintings. Most of them was dark, but there were a few that looked like another side escaping.

They were stunning.


"You'd be surprised of how many people like to invite themselves here. Once I thought this was my home but...well, you'd be surprised," Damon said with a smile. Taking the very hot coffee knowing that would warm his blood up. It was an old trick to appear normal.

"You're a wonderful girl. Last night was amazing," he said kissing her forehead softly.
  Disaster / Turadh / 18d 19h 17m 41s
The girl looked to Damon as the man entered the room and gave a faint smirk. [#be5cf5 "That wasn't right back. But I see you have coffee so all is forgiven."] She teased as she got up from where she had been sitting and took a cup from the man. Though the look upon his face did catch her attention.

[#be5cf5 "Did something happen?"]


Elijah merely looked after the elder of the two brothers as the man left them and he was dragged into the lounge. And his thought was of how very much like he and Niklaus the men were. It was both amusing and biting in its own way.

"He does seem to be focused but just not on important things. If it does not interest him or benefit him somehow then he doesn't care. My own brother is like that. But what I was saying. Our father had me help him in binding Niklaus and his werewolf side. And when he found a way to break it he has been trying since. For it he needs a werewolf, a vampire, a doppleganger, a witch, and the moonstone. Together he can use them to break his curse and become the hybrid he always has been. The catch is all will die."


Klaus could not help thinking on her words. For one so young she seemed to understand a great deal of life. And she was far more forgiving it appeared than he ever would be. Not that he would tell her that. It in a sense made him almost sad that he would be killing her soon as part of his little project. Or unless he could find someone to take her place.

[b "You should sleep now, love. It's been a long day."] The man said as his fingers brushed through her hair.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 18d 21h 28m 32s
"This is all so riveting. I have human, very fun company in my room. Don't worry, Suit, I kept him entertained last night in the form of a girl he's been wanting," Damon said with a smirk . It wasn't important to him now.

Stefan made an annoyed expression before leading Elijah into the study. "My brother is...not focused. What do you mean?" He asked.

Damon returned with coffees and food for them, pondering on what Elijah said.


"I never thought I was. My birth parents giving me up was the best thing they did. I was loved, raised well, and other than displaced feel great. Sometimes...letting go is the best form of love," she smiled before yawning.

Curling into him she drifted slowly into sleep. It has been a long, unexpected day. This was a good way to end it.
  Disaster / Turadh / 20d 22h 23m 51s
The faintest of shivers fid run through the man as her fingers seemed to easily find his tattoo and to trace it. But he was quick to recompose himself as he took in her words. That was more than true and it was more than fair. But still it did happen to shock him that she would think there was some way in which he had lied.

[b "I have been many places and seen many things. And yes as you have guessed been with many people. But even so none have seemed to compare to you. You in my eye are far from broken. If at all, love it is all that you have been through that has made you who you are. Never be ashamed of that."] He said, somehow being soft with her. But he figured she needed to hear it at least once.


Teagan gave Damon a faint pout when he had gotten up and into his pants, leaving her alone. The girl figured since it was the morning and her mother would be more or less killing her she should find her clothing and dress herself.

When she had, the girl just sat on the bed for ONCE being a good little girl. Or at least for a little while.

Elijah had come back with Stefan and was sat on the couch, drinking a glass of scotch when Damon had come down and had been told he was there. The man set the glass aside and fixed his cuffs as he stood, dark gaze going between the brothers.

"I think it's time the two of you knew what is going on. It is not like my brother to take interest in someone or something unless there is something in it for him. That girl you so very nicely gave him is what is called a doppleganger and one of the last pieces he needs to unlock his werewolf side and to become a hybrid." He figured starting there and getting to the point would do much better then dragging things out.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 21d 16h 47m 33s

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