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"Oh, agara, I'm immortal. If you do find a way, then you'll kill one of the only person that loves you. She just spared you now even though all know it's better without you," Sionann said before starting out without Arabella. There was work to do and a bastard to find.


"It's not her brother...I saw both of them...Elijah is down there with a broken neck," Damon said looking to her. "I mean, I have no idea what the hell is going on here."

Stefan looked to Damon confused, but she did seem different and very much alive. How was she alive when he knew Klaus and fed on her.
  Disaster / Turadh / 6d 19h 18m 19s
The younger of the brothers would be harder to fool. It seemed he was already onto the fact that things were changing. But from the confusion, Arabella could at least discern that he had not quite caught on and that she had a little bit of time
[#81e66b "It..not Klaus. But there is something weird going on here."]

That was enough to at least seem the little girl that both seemed fond of. And soon her attention was on Damon when the man cracked his neck back into place. [#81e66b "Are you sure you're okay?"] She asked as she now moved closer to them both.


The woman was trying to get to him. It was like she was wantig for him to try and get free and kill her. [b "There is nothing wrong in keeping people you are fond of. Though I would have dealt with her and my brother. Hurt her and I will find a way to kill you."] He growled as she spoke.

The dagger was coming his way and there was no real chance for him to avoid it. Before it hit his chest, there was a sharp jerk and it was inbedded in his shoulder, causing him to let out a groan and the veins to start.

[b "I can promise you hell for this."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 6d 23h 31m 43s
"Where's Damon? If it was Klaus...I would..." Stefan said, he couldn't bear to end that sentence himself. She seemed off, she would be by Damon's side now. He had even stopped after she had that time with Damon, not that Damon cared.

"Are you doing okay?" Stefan asked changing the wheels. Approaching, he felt something was off, but an original vampire was now a hybrid.

Damon stood up, cracking his neck, did that blonde really just kill him. He heard Stefan and who he thought was Tea. He couldn't be sure at this point.

"Totally fine, little bro," he said rubbing his neck.


"Considering what I've seen, I'm surprised you're concerned about her, considering she kissed your brother and wanted to kill you. And you wanted to keep her because you thought she would give you the love you wanted and she loved you," Sionann chuckled. "I've taken what is mine, and you made that possible. I need to wrap this up now."

She lifted the dagger going to strike. It would have been the heart, only it jerked to the shoulder planting firmly. Sionann cursed in ancient Gaelic.

Madison had managed to take some control in time. "You...you killed her..."

Sionann managed to take overhearing the others, waking up, growling. Stepping up, fascinated by the growing veins. "Try to find her, and I'll not find a way to kill you or your brother, and then I'll make your lives hell like you've never seen before."
  Disaster / Turadh / 8d 31m 17s
The thin, yet charming smile that had been upon his lips quickly fell and a coldness came to his eyes. Now that he got a better look and listened to her words, the Original could tell this was not Madison. Madison was sweet and would not play games such as this one.

[b "What do you mean this is my fault? What have you done with Madison?!"] The man growled as he all but pulled against his restraints to try and get free. He had heard her other words. Took them in but was not going to show how they got ro him. It was something learned long ago.


Arabella's dark gaze fell on Stefan when the man had come back. She had been standing in the room where she and Sionann had snapped the necks of the Original and the elder Salvatore.

[#81e66b "I don't know...we were...we just woke up and the next we found Damon and Elijah like this."] The woman said, trying her best to sound as a terrified Teagan might. She was not wanting Stefan to know what Klaus had done just yet
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 9d 18h 58m 54s
Sionann approached without a word, taking in his face without a word. Such a good face, it was a shame she'd have to kill him.

"This is all thanks to you. You allowed this to happen, I thought I'd have to sit there for another thousand years. But you in your tyrannical, paranoid ways. This is a shame," Sionann smiled, pulling out the white oak dagger. "Did you know she loves you? She sees something worth saving. And yet she freed your brother, let him feed on her, not to mention a kiss between them. And she was going to kill her first love to save her friend, but you killed both."

She kept the dagger close still smiling.


Stefan had made sure those that did survive was okay. There was something wrong when he heard necks snapping. Coming up to find Damon and Elijah with snapped necks.

"What's going on?" He asked upon seeing Teagan. He would have ran to approach but instead slowed down. Something felt wrong.
  Disaster / Turadh / 10d 16h 57m 41s
Since his attempt on the girl's life and nearly killing them both, Klaus had been locked away by his brother and the Salvatores. They had made sure that he was properly bound and could not escape and so now that he heard some of the commotion from above, the man found he was fighting to get free. Well it was more a struggle.

[b "Ah, Madison would you care to set me free? My brother and the others seemed to think locking me here was a brilliant idea."] The man said when the door had been opened and he saw the girl. For the moment he was not aware to anything that had been happening.

Arabella did find herself leaning the faintest against the soft palm of the other and just returning the kiss. It brought back so many memories. And for a moment she allowed herself a sentimental moment to remember. But as quickly as it had come, the woman pushed it aside. All that ended YEARS ago. [#81e66b "Perhaps. Or we can keep the games for another five hundred years."] She muttered as she did follow the other to the freezer and bloodbags. Her hunger too much.

It was when done "eating" did she leave Sionann to her own devices as she had her own plans. She was going to try and convince Stefan she was Teagan. Maybe he would tell her what was going on.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 10d 17h 23m 50s
Sionann walked over to her, placing a hand on her cheek, gently rubbing. Kissing those lips softly before she pulled back with a mirthless smile. "Only he has the one thing that will end us, and thus...the endless battles of five hundred years...Let's see who kills the other first."

Madison knew where the blood bags were, she started to the cellar finding the freezer. And as soon as the thirst was filled she could hear Klaus struggling. That was the last task.

Walking over to Elijah's body, she took out the white oak dagger. "Till we meet again."

Starting to where Klaus was held, she shifted more into what Madison would be. Sweet, naive Madison who slept inside so peacefully.
  Disaster / Turadh / 10d 17h 50m 52s
For those first moments after waking she had not felt the hunger. The jeering pain of their thirst but that had only been due to her interest of where they had ended up. For that short time it had been enough to distract her. But now she felt it in full just as Sionann did and it was such a hamper to them and their abilities.

[#81e66b "I would think that to be obvious since clearly we're no match in our current state to deal with such vile creatures. Amazing what they could make us into. So I think a meal, what do you think, lover?"] She asked with the faintest of purrs and a smirk. Even under these circumstances and their constant warring she could still be highly attracted to the other woman.

Her dark gaze went between the vampires as she saw what had been said to be true and a pout came to her lips. [#81e66b "I wanted to have some fun with them before we finally end all of this. But I know you do what you want."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 10d 17h 43m 35s
"They've taken our gifts and made disgusting creatures from it," Sionann said with disgust, the hunger was painful, Arabella would feel it too. A hampering to their abilities.

As soon as her attack was neutralized she growled toward her. She'd just get the information from the other one, not without covering her tracks first.

"This is pointless," she said flicking her wrist and his neck snapped. "What are we to do, lover? Our forms are too weak now. And these are powerful...creatures. Speaking of which, one of yours is waking and the other escaping as we speak. We'll finally end this very soon."
  Disaster / Turadh / 10d 19h 13m 50s
Arabella had been wondering if the other woman had made it through time as well and when that looked of hate filled the girl's eyes she knew that she had. So this was going to be like old times. Not that she minded as it brought some normalicy back and made her feel what was the word? Ah, yes, alive.

Oh how she would have loved a chance to get at the other, but the little vampires had to get in the way. And then her dark gaze fell on the younger as Sionann was giving him a lovely headach. Almost immediately was she before the man and touching his cheek to block it out.

[#81e66b "I wondered when I would be getting the chance to see you. Not just from the little girl's view but from my own. I would have chosen you where it seems she's a twisted little tramp."]


Elijah wasn't as confused as he should have been. The man had done his research and his readings. Though the fact that it was the immortals that had woken and not the girls was worrisome. And what was more was the book he had been reading soon went up in flames.

"So tell me this, what exactly brought the two of you back? And what would be the harm in knowing?" He asked, having to force himself to ignore he comments on she would have lain with him. "Who are you?"
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 10d 19h 32m 39s
As soon as it had begun, it ended, she felt the dark cave in and Sionann emerged. As soon as Sionann saw the other one, she rose moving to attack her. The women had been at war for many years, why would now be different?

Stefan flashed over at seeing the hole in the wall, where both girls were up and looking like two tomcats about to fight. Damon flashed in before they could do anything, and like that his neck was snapped.

Sionann held her hand out walking past this all, giving the supernatural headache.

"I cannot have you looking at that, Elijah Mikealson. If it was my choice I would have lain with you, not the brute. She fell in love and you did it," she said placing her hand on the book, the fire turning it to ash.
  Disaster / Turadh / 10d 19h 46m 18s
Elijah had let the Salvatore brothers into the house as for now they had Niklaus "tied up". And he thought it would be safe enough. Besides the three of them needed to figure out what they could do about the girls as clearly there was more to them. Something it seemed that they had overlooked when trying to stop his brother and the killing of Madison's friend.

But when Stefan spoke, the man stiffened. "That was not supposed to be the case. There was none to put that spell on them...it must have.." And then he fell silent as he flashed to one of his books and began to flip through it. "Read this." He said as he came back to the brothers.

A smirk was still on the young woman's lips. It seemed that she was unaware of what was happening. Was trying not focused. Only when she began to ask the question did she let out the softest of laughs.

[#81e66b "I'm not your little friend. And it seems that you're not as in control either."] But those happened to be her only words as she now watched and waited for what was to come.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 11d 18h 39m 25s
God, she was hungry, it felt like she hadn't eaten in days. Looking to the window she knew they were in the Mikaelson's home. During the days she had spent time exploring every inch. She had found Elijah that way, she winced at the memory of him feeding on her.

"I...I tried...I had to find Elijah and the dagger..." Then the words really struck her. "Wait...what..."

She was so hungry and everything was sore. What happened. She heard the door opening just as she felt herself being drawn away from herself.


Stefan had to do what he could to hold Damon back. Elijah had them in the house, he seemed to think it was safe. They had worked together and it hadn't been enough.

There were sounds from the room, and he wasn't the first to hear it, either.

"Who placed a blinding and a protection spell on them?" Stefan asked, holding Damon back, looking especially at Elijah. "I mean, we know all the witches here and Bonnie isn't that strong."
  Disaster / Turadh / 11d 18h 52m 8s
It seemed even though they had tried, Damon and Stefan had not been able to keep Klaus away. The man had been able to get to her and he had been able to do the ritual that he had been planning all along. There had been nothing after but a weird darkness and pain she was not familiar with.

The calling was hazy and it was distant. She wanted to answer but she couldn't. Because she in her way was locked away. There was another there. [#81e66b "It's my turn now."] The woman had muttered with a smirk.

Brown eyes opened and slowly fell on Madison as she slowly pushed herself up. There was a sharp pain going through her but it was not like something she had not experienced before. [#81e66b "Your little friend isn't dead. Just weak. That boyfriend of yours certaintly did a number."] She could have played innocent and like she was the little girl, Teagan but where was the fun in that? Besides that would be saved for the vampires
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 11d 18h 45m 55s
Everything seemed to get far more complicated after that night.

Was it the best time she ever had? Yes. There were complaints the next morning from neighbors. Was it a terrible mistake? Yes. She loved him, and some part wanted to stay with him, but not the way he wanted.

Everything went downhill from there. One night she couldn't remember anything, and Teagan hadn't either.

Then came that night, she wasn't supposed to go, but she had the dagger she had taken out of Elijah. Klaus didn't know and to save her friend, she'd do it.

It came too late, and Elijah held her back, she didn't hear anything. She only felt the pain in her neck before she met darkness. Waking up what felt like like forever later, gasping and every fiber of her pain. There was arguing outside.

At least Teagan was there with her, she crawled over, despite the pain.

"Teagan...Teagan...don't be dead. Please don't be dead."
  Disaster / Turadh / 11d 19h 46m 14s

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