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"I would leave that on unless you want to get possessed by an immortal bitch again. One that was going even more psycho at that," Damon warned, looking to the bracelet and her sine relief washing over her. "Just trust me when I say you don't want to know. It's not good."

He went to the mini bar pulling out the small bottle of something brown. Handing it to her he sat on the edge of the bed.


"But you do always end up hurting everyone around you no matter what they feel for you," she said coldly, a wave of pressure hitting her head. The energy needed to be released. Sitting up she felt her mouth dry even more, God was she hungry.

"You don't tell me what to do. Especially since this, whatever happened, is probably your fault," she said wondering why the Texan sound had faded in her voice.
  Disaster / Turadh / 1d 17h 29m 13s
Of course she would be still angry with him. Only a fool would have forgotten or be so quick to forgive. And truly this girl was no fool so he did understand quite well the way she behaved. Almost interesting that she had so much energy for just resurfacing.

[b "I do not intent to hurt you or your friend. At least not for the moment. And I cannot just leave you as I am sure you have been able to figure out this is not the place you last remember being."] Klaus muttered as he motioned around the room as his eyes locked back on the young woman.

Toying with her. He was toying with her. But he wanted to see how she would be acting and what she would say. In his own messed up way, Niklaus Mikaelson was testing the girl.


[#9251c1 "That's not a name I've been called in a while... I almost had forgotten it.."] The young woman muttered as she slowly pushed herself up to sitting. Her head was more than pounding and it felt as if she had been asleep but for only God knew how long.

Brown eyes studied the man as he began to approach her and asked how she was feeling. [#9251c1 "Hell...it's like I've.. I've been asleep for a very long time.. Damon...what has been going on? And what is this bracelet?"] The girl asked as she lifted her wrist. And slowly she began to get up, only to find herself knelt down and the room feeling like it was spinning around her
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 1d 17h 23m 17s
That voice, it soothed and grated her ears, memories flooded her mind adding to the pounding headache. Then she remembered- he killed her best friend. She spared him for whatever reason before only being able to surface for a moment.

"You," she hissed sitting up too quickly, the alarm clock flew off the wall. "Get away from me!"

Looking around in confusion, she last remembered that cursed mansion where she gave her heart away.


"Ah, there she is, Sleeping Beauty," Damon smirked from his spot on the chair one leg stretched over the other. Smiling only for a second he stood up walking over to her calmly. "How are you feeling, Sleeping Beauty?"

An angry man didn't come and kill them both, so far they looked like they were in the clear
  Disaster / Turadh / 2d 17h 50m 48s
She wasn't even able to focus enough to try and stop him. And before she knew it, the bracelet was snapped on her wrist and the last thing she heard was Damon calling her old and saying how she was saying 'a lot of doom and gloom..'

Arabella completely blacked out and found herself falling against the vampire.

It wasn't long before brown eyes opened and blinked as it felt like the first time she was seeing the light in God only knew how long. Everything was not what she would have been expecting to see. Hell she didn't even know where she was. All she knew was her head hurt and there was an angry buzzing in it.

[#9251c1 "D-damon?"] She whispered, not truly believing the man was there.


After the immortal had passed out, Klaus had taken her back to the hotel room. And he had been keeping a rather close eye on her. The man had been told there would be signs to indicate that the bracelet had worked. And it was the shattering of lights that had him know that it truly had.

Blue-green gaze was upon the girl as she shot up. For a moment, Klaus studied her and listened to her words and then flashed to her side. Those eyes that he had so very missed were focused on the ocean just outside the balcony.

[b "Hello love. You're finally back."] But those were the only words he said. He would explain more once Damon and Teagan was back.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 3d 2h 5m 48s
Sionann hissed at him before collapsing to the floor, blood running from her nose.

At the hotel room, a searing pain woke her up as she, the fading already beginning. All the lights flickered before shattering. Sionann felt every human pass out on the floor before she faded, Madison shot up looking around in panic.

"Wh-where...what's happening?" Madison asked, her eyes focusing on the ocean outside of the balcony.


Damon dashed forward, placing the bracelet on her wrist.

"That's quite a bit of doom and gloom words there, old lady. Not looking so great now, are you?" He asked leaning closer to her. "Now that this is done why don't we get this show on the road? I really am getting hungry and there are so many pretty things here."
  Disaster / Turadh / 5d 15h 46m 39s
Oh she knew the Salvatore to be a "barrel of fun" as he so claimed. All those times she had watched him from "the inside". And it had been a huge draw for her. One that she knew she shouldn't have. Arabella was SUPPOSED to kill the man on sight and not toy with him. But good god. He was just delicious.

[#81e66b "Because little Salvatore even you would understand this. It is kill or be killed. Fight to survive and to pave your way. She needs the help and I want to live. So it seems a good way to go."] Her words were probably much more than she should have told him, but that damn girl was starting to awaken. Starting to it seemed call out in her own way.

Arabella was about to move forward. She was about to either snap his neck or give him one hell of a headache. But before she could do either, a sharp and almost eletrifying pain split her head and the woman stepped back, hands gripping her head. [#81e66b "You are damn fools! You awoke him and doomed us all!"] She screeched out.


Klaus found her words to be moving and yet they were insulting. He knew what they were and knew they were powerful. He had heard the tales and even in his day came across a few. But he had to keep her talking and he had to keep her distracted.

[b "I found it a very good way to spend the day, love. After all as you said there are always those stronger and older. It makes things a challenge and feel unbearable good when you can outlive a true killer."] He said, a smirk over his lips, watching as her hand rose.

In truth he had expected her to be able to make her move. To try and to finish him. But the Original Hybrid was in for a surprise, one that suited him and even saved him. For she was soon on her knees speaking of the bracelets he and Damon now had. [b "We knew it was the only way to stop you. Though who is this him?"] Klaus all but demanded as he was before her and had snapped the bracelet on her wrist to prove his point
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 7d 16h 21m 6s
"Exactly that...I get one Original off my ass and Stefan doesn't become a matyr...two for one. If you're expecting a love profession then it might be a long while. She was great fun though," Damon shrugged non chalantly. How to do this without finding his heart ripped out or pierced?

Stepping forward he smiled. "So why are you going along with this plan if all you want is fun. I am a barrel full of fun."


"Two immortals attempting to kill each other, hm, I have better things to do with my time. You still are nothing compared to what we are, hybrid. There is always something older and stronger than you are which is why you're timing is less than ideal. Time to finish you."

She lifted her hand, despite feeling Madison reawaken somewhat before a piercing pain went through her head. Dropping to her knees she groaned.

"You...took the bracelets," she said glaring up to Klaus attempting to rise. "You woke him up, and you all will pay."
  Disaster / Turadh / 8d 19h 39m 11s
[b "You said you wanted the chance to kill me and here I am presenting it to you. I do not expect her or anyone else to fight my battles for me. And if you know or had been watching you know I do not leave things well enough alone. It is how I have come to be in some of the situations I land in."] Klause said as he kept a steady gaze in her.

The man was thinking if he could keep her talking then he would be able to use the weapon that they had against her. Get it on either her wrist or her ankle, whichever would be easiest. [b "Since clearly I do not get it, why not explain what is truly at play?"] He asked as he was soon before her, mere inches away.


Arabella smirked as she heard the man's words. [#81e66b "I'm sorry for that. But you see my dear Sionann can get a little testy. And I did have a job to do. So do forgive me that. And I have to say you're looking quiet well yourself. Sexy and bad as ever."] The woman said with a purr to her words as she let her eyes trailed the man.

Always she had been a sucker for those who she found sexy as hell or bad. Maybe even a bit of both. But that did not stop her from snapping her fingers to have a firehose wrap around the man's ankles. [#81e66b "The pyscho is threatening you and your brother. But that had been a lie. So what is the real reason, dear boy?"]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 9d 14h 25m 35s
"You can't leave well enough, can you? You were spared by her and now you still chase after her. What are you hoping for?" Sionann asked snapping her fingers, those remaining fell asleep right there. "You are nothing compared to what I am, child, and she's been asleep so she won't save you either."

All she wanted to do was that one item and he truly had arrived here. Sionann knew time was running out. "There's more at stake than what you perceive here."


"Not dying, that's what, I don't even know why I'm here except for that psycho threatening everyone if Stefan and I didn't do this. You look great and evil. How are you doing since you snapped our necks?" Damon asked with a grin stepping forward. He had to be careful, he had only one shot at getting that on her wrists.

If only he had done something before,.
  Disaster / Turadh / 9d 14h 42m 29s
[#81e66b "Now, now we can't spend our lives thinking on what had been or what could have. But I do agree. I miss those days that we were actually happy and in love."] Came her soft words as she had not even looked over at the other woman, dark eyes trained on the window.

The University was quiet, almost too quiet when they arrived. Not many were around, which proved strange as every other there had been. Either it was an "optional" day or something bigger was coming.

For a moment, Arabella was at the other woman's side as she was watching the halls.[#81e66b "Fair enough. You were wanting to deal with him anyway."] And with those last words she began down the hall, smirk coming to her lips as she saw Damon, a hand rising and the doors locking.

[#81e66b "Going somewhere?"]


The Original had left the Salvatore to do what he was going to do. His concern was not for the other man, nor was it for the people. No his concern was Madison or rather that immortal who happened to have control. This had been a long time coming.

And soon, the man had flashed to the lab upstairs. It would be easier facing the immortals if they were not together.

The clicking of steps in the hall alreted him to their arrival. And soon he was in the hall, a smirk on his lips. [b "Hello, love."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 9d 14h 33m 54s
"I remember when we were happy, in love, before we met that man. If it hadn't been for him, we would have remained that way," Sionann grimanced. From being a servant at a temple to lovers with a madman.

Few were are the university on Saturday, this silence proved to be strange. "They're here. I'll take the labs upstairs."

Calmly walking up the stairs, feeling the air tense up knowing he was close. Madison always began to flip out then.


To be free of the Original. Damon took to scattering the people, all except a few aides that my might have something. People entered and he figured he'd probably die today. Chances were he should go now, somehow what Klaus would do didn't seem as bar with emotional immortals.

He started to the backdoor.
  Disaster / Turadh / 35d 15h 20m 0s
[b "The best way to find something lost is usually 'memory lane'. So it appears you are correct with this being the most recent we have heard of. We just need to make sure to get there before they do. Clearly they are looking for something. But we already have it."] Klaus said with a faint smirk.

The man would not explain it to the Salvatore. But they had been able to find some old legends of the immirtals and even figured a weakness.


[#81e66b "He has been hunting us for centuries. Or his followers have. It truly gets boring and they need a new hobby. But I suppose you're right. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can both be on our merry way."]

Truth be told she was not enjoying this. The time with the other had been of interest but it was nearing their usual cycle. And it would not be long before they would be "at the others' throat". And the last time they had been free that had been THE thing to cost them.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 35d 15h 38m 42s
Of course, it had to be a fire.

The owner of the property screamed in his own language as a fire was taken care of. The students gathered around wondering about the remains underneath. An uncomfortable pattern began to form in his head.

"I know where they are going to be next. They are hitting archeological sights like this is a bad trip down memory lane so we need to be at a university."


"Cassius is seeking us out, Arabella. His followers are still gathering till this day, the sooner we end his life before he is awakened, the sooner we can be rid of each other," she drawled. The fire remained behind him as she drove to the university.

It was only a matter of time and she would not die on his whim, or lose more years due to him. No man would have her in that position.
  Disaster / Turadh / 39d 15h 48m 56s
[#81e66b "None of them struck me as fools. But some are more rash than others. And with the girls being resrless we may have to work even faster. Though I do wish we could have drawn this out longer."] The woman said with a pout.

She was being a child and she knew it. But she had always gotten her way, having status. So with the impatient look she was given, Arabella got in the car and leaned back in her seat with her arms crossed.


[b "All things have a weakness. I would have expected even you to know that."] Klaus said almost lazily. He was more impatient than anything. They had been at this game for the last few years and now were about to come face to face with the immortals who had played them as fools. This time he would make sure to get her back.

[b "Yes, it's them."] He muttered when the questioning gesture. And in a instanr, Niklaus was on his feet and at Damon's side.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 30d 22h 36m 55s
"Niklaus might be a fool but he plans expertly. He would not come face to face if they did not have a weapon, or worse, those bracelets that were casted on our last doppelganger form. She's growing restless and angry."

Sionann dispised this place. She had been brought here at the age of ten while most ub her tribe burned, her hair gave her status and children that were taken from her. Getting in the car she looked to Arabella impatiently.


"I'm still having issues with the part where you're immortal and while im..." Damon said making a poofing sound. He was hungry. Standing up he followed after the girls z he could flirt than eat.

And when satisfied go after whatever archeologist had the wrong answers.

He heard sirens from a distance. Looking back to him he gestured silently asking if that was them
  Disaster / Turadh / 46d 13h 34m 27s

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