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"I remember when we were happy, in love, before we met that man. If it hadn't been for him, we would have remained that way," Sionann grimanced. From being a servant at a temple to lovers with a madman.

Few were are the university on Saturday, this silence proved to be strange. "They're here. I'll take the labs upstairs."

Calmly walking up the stairs, feeling the air tense up knowing he was close. Madison always began to flip out then.


To be free of the Original. Damon took to scattering the people, all except a few aides that my might have something. People entered and he figured he'd probably die today. Chances were he should go now, somehow what Klaus would do didn't seem as bar with emotional immortals.

He started to the backdoor.
  Disaster / Turadh / 3d 5h 4m 43s
[b "The best way to find something lost is usually 'memory lane'. So it appears you are correct with this being the most recent we have heard of. We just need to make sure to get there before they do. Clearly they are looking for something. But we already have it."] Klaus said with a faint smirk.

The man would not explain it to the Salvatore. But they had been able to find some old legends of the immirtals and even figured a weakness.


[#81e66b "He has been hunting us for centuries. Or his followers have. It truly gets boring and they need a new hobby. But I suppose you're right. The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can both be on our merry way."]

Truth be told she was not enjoying this. The time with the other had been of interest but it was nearing their usual cycle. And it would not be long before they would be "at the others' throat". And the last time they had been free that had been THE thing to cost them.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 3d 5h 23m 25s
Of course, it had to be a fire.

The owner of the property screamed in his own language as a fire was taken care of. The students gathered around wondering about the remains underneath. An uncomfortable pattern began to form in his head.

"I know where they are going to be next. They are hitting archeological sights like this is a bad trip down memory lane so we need to be at a university."


"Cassius is seeking us out, Arabella. His followers are still gathering till this day, the sooner we end his life before he is awakened, the sooner we can be rid of each other," she drawled. The fire remained behind him as she drove to the university.

It was only a matter of time and she would not die on his whim, or lose more years due to him. No man would have her in that position.
  Disaster / Turadh / 7d 5h 33m 39s
[#81e66b "None of them struck me as fools. But some are more rash than others. And with the girls being resrless we may have to work even faster. Though I do wish we could have drawn this out longer."] The woman said with a pout.

She was being a child and she knew it. But she had always gotten her way, having status. So with the impatient look she was given, Arabella got in the car and leaned back in her seat with her arms crossed.


[b "All things have a weakness. I would have expected even you to know that."] Klaus said almost lazily. He was more impatient than anything. They had been at this game for the last few years and now were about to come face to face with the immortals who had played them as fools. This time he would make sure to get her back.

[b "Yes, it't them."] He muttered when the questioning gesture. And in a instanr, Niklaus was on his feet and at Damon's side.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 7d 5h 56m 2s
"Niklaus might be a fool but he plans expertly. He would not come face to face if they did not have a weapon, or worse, those bracelets that were casted on our last doppelganger form. She's growing restless and angry."

Sionann dispised this place. She had been brought here at the age of ten while most ub her tribe burned, her hair gave her status and children that were taken from her. Getting in the car she looked to Arabella impatiently.


"I'm still having issues with the part where you're immortal and while im..." Damon said making a poofing sound. He was hungry. Standing up he followed after the girls z he could flirt than eat.

And when satisfied go after whatever archeologist had the wrong answers.

He heard sirens from a distance. Looking back to him he gestured silently asking if that was them
  Disaster / Turadh / 14d 3h 19m 10s
Klaus was getting impatient as was normal for the hybrid. They had been running around the world trying to track these weapons and the girls. Or those who had taken over them. And to say he was tired of it was the understatement of the century. If he had had his way then they would have gone straight for them. But Saint Elijah and Saint Stefan had deemed it necessary to have a plan of action before rushing in. Boring.

[b "We're doing this to try and get the girls back. And to try and end these immortals before they end us. So yes I suppose I am fine with these games if it keeps our heads our own. Though this is getting painfully dull."] The man said as he took a sip from his whiskey and watched the women that were passing by.


Arabella rolled her eyes as her arms crossed. [#81e66b "So you think they have what we need? I suppose to see them would be the best option we have as we lost all other leads. And who knows while you have your fun with the Mikaelson I can with one of the Salvatores. They were fun."] She said, smirk crossing plump pink lips.

She snapped her fingers and her clothing became a slightly flowy blue dress that fit her perfectly. If they were going to do this might as well dress for it. [#81e66b "Ready when you are."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 14d 3h 44m 37s
"Those fools just flew into the country. They ought to be here soon. I believe that they have the bracelet we were searching for. Maybe I'll finally be able to kill the Mikaelson after these years since she loved him so much to save him," Sionann muttered. Her Celtic voice dominated as she chose an effortless flowing dress.

Stepping away she snapped her fingers, the fire spread through the olive trees. "Shall we?"


Damon didn't care to be running around all across the world with the psycho. He was still here while Elijah was with Stefan already waiting on their plan.

"So, you are completely fine with them having a hidden plan and passwords so they don't evade our heads again. Why are we doing this? Your weakness is a stick. And we have no idea who they are."

He fanned himself smirking to a woman in a bikini passing by.
  Disaster / Turadh / 19d 10h 31m 47s
That was right wasn't it? They were purposely led to dead ends and had so many who wanted to see an end come to them. Ah, the memories this brought back. She knew that she should have been taking all this more seriously but she really couldn't. Arabella always had been the more "lively" and take things as they come sort. Probably was how she made the enemy of her old lover in the first place.

[#81e66b "Well the last three seemed useless enough. Perhaps we should just pick their minds as opposed to having them try and help us? But regardless we need to find that tool before someone else does."] She muttered, turning from the trees she had been staring at to look to Sionann.
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 20d 4h 42m 47s
"The villa is covered by layers of dirt, this was a dead end, they used it on us before they planted these infernal trees," Sionann gave a frustrated sound. "This means that the tool was taken by those that wish to see us dead, elsewhere."

She turned around, tugging on the hat. The heat hadn't gotten better, she thought, and a year of working with the enemy had not been so terrible.

"It looks like we'll need to find another...archeologist. Shall we?" She asked frustrated.
  Disaster / Turadh / 29d 4h 25m 59s
[#81e66b "We could always burn them down. I mean it would clear the area around the house. The sad part os I had become quite fond on them."] She said with a faint pout as her eyes were on the olive trees. She had been listening but at the time had not made it apparent. In fact, Arabella was almost wanting to forget aboit what they were setting out to do. She had enjoyed the time with her lover, enemy at times.

But she knew that five years and no action was becoming a rut of sorts. [#81e66b "So when do you want to go for the item? We need at least three don't we?"] She asked, trying to become focused
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 29d 5h 58m 4s
Five years later...

Mediterranean air had never agreed with her. In most cases, she had ended up like the dog that had belonged to the master. She still remembered the sour wine on his mouth as he claimed her for his pleasure. He had been the first man she had killed.

The former house now housed an olive tree field. Sionann looked to her now lover and frowned. "This will make it easier to track down the first item. Suppose we could set fire to all the trees..."
  Disaster / Turadh / 29d 6h 34m 38s
That older brother would be a problem. He had already seen some of what she and Sionann could do. And it appeared on to them. So she would have to play it up even more than she had been. Which was truly no matter to her as she had always loved the arts and theatre.

[#81e66b "Are you sure that you're not imagining things? I mean you were really upset."] Arabella said as she gave a puppyish look and had her lip drawn between her teeth.


[b "Where there is a will there is always a way. Being an immortal you would know that. And I will not allow you to keep her."] Klaus muttered, darkly as his eyes were on the woman. He meant every word he said. But before anymore could be said, the woman was gone.

Now he would need help of sorts. And the only that could were the ones who hates him. Great times indeed were ahead
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 29d 6h 47m 10s
"Oh, agara, I'm immortal. If you do find a way, then you'll kill one of the only person that loves you. She just spared you now even though all know it's better without you," Sionann said before starting out without Arabella. There was work to do and a bastard to find.


"It's not her brother...I saw both of them...Elijah is down there with a broken neck," Damon said looking to her. "I mean, I have no idea what the hell is going on here."

Stefan looked to Damon confused, but she did seem different and very much alive. How was she alive when he knew Klaus and fed on her.
  Disaster / Turadh / 36d 4h 4s
The younger of the brothers would be harder to fool. It seemed he was already onto the fact that things were changing. But from the confusion, Arabella could at least discern that he had not quite caught on and that she had a little bit of time
[#81e66b "It..not Klaus. But there is something weird going on here."]

That was enough to at least seem the little girl that both seemed fond of. And soon her attention was on Damon when the man cracked his neck back into place. [#81e66b "Are you sure you're okay?"] She asked as she now moved closer to them both.


The woman was trying to get to him. It was like she was wantig for him to try and get free and kill her. [b "There is nothing wrong in keeping people you are fond of. Though I would have dealt with her and my brother. Hurt her and I will find a way to kill you."] He growled as she spoke.

The dagger was coming his way and there was no real chance for him to avoid it. Before it hit his chest, there was a sharp jerk and it was inbedded in his shoulder, causing him to let out a groan and the veins to start.

[b "I can promise you hell for this."]
  ×Disaster× / SheDevil / 36d 8h 13m 28s
"Where's Damon? If it was Klaus...I would..." Stefan said, he couldn't bear to end that sentence himself. She seemed off, she would be by Damon's side now. He had even stopped after she had that time with Damon, not that Damon cared.

"Are you doing okay?" Stefan asked changing the wheels. Approaching, he felt something was off, but an original vampire was now a hybrid.

Damon stood up, cracking his neck, did that blonde really just kill him. He heard Stefan and who he thought was Tea. He couldn't be sure at this point.

"Totally fine, little bro," he said rubbing his neck.


"Considering what I've seen, I'm surprised you're concerned about her, considering she kissed your brother and wanted to kill you. And you wanted to keep her because you thought she would give you the love you wanted and she loved you," Sionann chuckled. "I've taken what is mine, and you made that possible. I need to wrap this up now."

She lifted the dagger going to strike. It would have been the heart, only it jerked to the shoulder planting firmly. Sionann cursed in ancient Gaelic.

Madison had managed to take some control in time. "You...you killed her..."

Sionann managed to take overhearing the others, waking up, growling. Stepping up, fascinated by the growing veins. "Try to find her, and I'll not find a way to kill you or your brother, and then I'll make your lives hell like you've never seen before."
  Disaster / Turadh / 37d 9h 13m 2s

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