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[Special+Elite [center And that means spoopy things are gonna happen!

And this Halloween party is no joke my friend. It is hella haunted. Demons lurk on every couch, Witches broom race outside on the streets, Vampires streak across the neighborhood.

Yes Halloween makes every little monster rowdy and sugar buzzed. The biggest party of the year in the small town of Cats Hollow New York was always at Alex Leslie's house on Halloween night. Everyone was always invited, and costumes were mandated. It was like every other teen party, full of drunk kids dressed like idiots and playing dumb games, but having the time of their life. The night was going so well, everyone was having fun, it seemed like the night would end well, that is until Alex's grumpy little sister plays a cruel prank and turns everyone into what they were dressed as. Sure that doesn't seem too bad if you were a cheerleader or any other human character, but for many people it was a nightmare. Sentient pieces of candy were everywhere. Can Alex and his group of friends fix what has happened or will unicorns roam the peaceful streets of Cats Hollow forever?

This is going to be ridiculous and funny, almost like a slice of life but everyone is a weird fantasy creature or a talking piece of candy corn. Its nothing formal I just wanted to get in the holiday spirit with a silly Halloween thing. I will accept pretty much anyone.

That being said one liners are not allowed. I am putting a 1000 character limit to keep the ball rolling, but more is always welcome. As always though quality before quantity.

Just shoot me a skelly an I will put it [ [Special+Elite here]] eventually





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[right [size8 P.S Please for the love of god someone be a talking peice of candy.]]


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[Special+Elite [center As he looked up at the boy calling out his name Alex ran his hand over his face, groaning.

[+darkblue "I don't know whats happening. This is so fucking weird."]

He pinched his arm as hard as he could, looking from the floating boy and then to his sister, who was looking up in horror.

[+purple "Alex I think-"]

The girl was cut off by David racing down the stairs, a pink frog in his hands.


the boy had clambered down the stairs, when he made it to the girl he held the frog right in her face.

[+hotpink "This was your stupidest idea ever you idiot!"]

He was visibly panicking as he spoke, loudly enough to catch everyone's attention. The frog croaked, but the sound was almost like a groan.

[+darkblue ""Lana what is he talking about?"]

Alex jumped down from the table and stood in front of the girl, crossing his arms and giving her his best dad look. The girl rolled her eyes and looked between her friends and her brother.

[+purple "We did a spell."]

She said, her voice quiet as she pouted down at the floor. Alex gave her a look that she knew all too well, a look that said "I swear to god Lana"

[+purple "In my defence who the actual frick would think that magic is real? I mean come on Alex! How was I supposed to know it was gonna work?"]

She had her hands up in the air now as if to say she was surrendering. At this point people were freaking out again, Leo was just on the floor crying. Alex hid his face with his hands, groaning loudly and resisting a frustrated scream that was bubbling up in his stomach. Lana had her arms crossed as she tapped her foot on the floor, as if she was annoyed. She looked deep in thought.

[+purple "Lana can you and your friends fix this?"]

Alex asked. Lana looked at David, who pointed to Ella frantically.

[+hotpink "Shes a FROG!"]

he said. Lana shook her head no, a look of almost shame on her face.

[+purple "We don't have a full coven. We would need someone else who does magic."]

Alex groaned a bit, facepalming yet again and hanging his head for a minute before a lightbulb dinged on in his head and he looked up, searching around for a second before pointing up at the boy.

[+darkblue "You! What is your name?"]
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[left [pic]][Share+Tech+Mono [b To:] D-Man]
[Share+Tech+Mono [b From:] Ken☆]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono yo man]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono ur goin to the halloween party 2nite, rite?]

[Share+Tech+Mono [b From:] D-Man]
[Share+Tech+Mono [b To:] Ken☆]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono Yeah of course.]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono Going to wear my football gear tho]

[Josefin+Sans [center Kenneth scoffed at his phone. [i How lame.] Tonight was going to be one of the biggest parties of the year and his best friend was going to skimp out on a real costume by just wearing his same old, sweaty gear that they always wore everyday for practice.]]
[Share+Tech+Mono [b To:] D-Man]
[Share+Tech+Mono [b From:] Ken☆]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono get a better costume]
[tab ][Share+Tech+Mono or dont tlk 2 me 2nite]

[tab ][Josefin+Sans Tossing his smart phone to the cushion of his bed across the room, quarterback for the Cats Hollow High Wild Cats Kenneth Broadhurst slung off the remainders of his football gear recklessly to his bedroom floor. The party was in three hours and he had to look [i perfect]. He rank from high heaven, practice that day being exceptionally grueling. The game the following week was against the Roost High's Ravens, and his coach was not letting anyone cut back.
The entire football team was going to be at the party tonight, Kenneth was sure of it, and they were all going to be tired as hell. But he wasn't too tired to dress up, unlike his best friend Derek.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Kenneth was going to go [i all out].]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans After a quick shower and scrub down, the quarterback was posed in front of his bathroom mirror blow drying his hair. He usually let it air dry and ran some pomade through it, but tonight he needed it perfectly dry. He was going to spike it in to parts so that when he donned his costume, his hair stuck out in all the right directions.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Derek made fun of him for his costume idea, said it was a childish mash up of two quality costumes. Kenneth told him to shove it, and knowing that Derek wasn't even really going to be dressing up, he was even more sure that his idea was a good one.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Kenneth had found all of the components of his costume at different thrift shops, including the mahogany colored felt warlock's hat. All together, his costume was about $25 and some eyeliner and makeup glue from his younger sister. A pair of brown slacks and his best pair of oxfords matched with a pirate-esque puffy cream shirt and red vest made his outfit. It looked old fashioned on its own, but with a few sigil tattoos drawn on with liquid eyeliner, his warlock's hat, and a pair of glue-on fangs he was complete.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Derek was wrong. Vampire Warlock was a genius idea. Lots of vampires had magical powers and abilities in novels and movies, and Kenneth knew he looked great in fangs.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans With an hour until the party after his costume was on and his makeup completely done , Kenneth found himself two centimeters from the mirror face attempting to shove the second bright red costume contact into his eye. He had naturally perfect vision, so the only times he ever put in contacts were for special occasions like Halloween. It had taken him twenty minutes to get in the first one.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#a53d92 You done with my eyeliner yet?]" a voice boomed from the otherside of his bathroom door. Kenneth jumped and nearly impaled himself with his own finger and cursed, turning to swing open the door.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans On the other side stood Emberlin Rose, his younger sister. She was dressed up as some sort of sexy fairy.. thing. Her long blonde hair was twisted into a large bun on top of her head, face completely made up model-like with glitter and designs galore. Her outfit was pink sparkles in the shape of a bikini and a tutu. The way her large, sparkly eyes glared up at him, eyeliner-less, clued him in on why she had barged into his room despite their sibling truce of always knocking first.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#bf4a4a Shit, yeah, sorry Rosie,]" he faltered out, balancing the contact on one finger tip. With his free hand he turned and tossed her the eyeliner and makeup glue, and without a second glance went back to trying to put the red demon contact in place.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#a53d92 Whatever bro,]" she said with an eyeroll, catching the products and turning on her slippered heel to leave. "[#a53d92 You look good by the way!]" he heard her holler behind her before she was gone.
[tab ][Josefin+Sans [i Good], he muttered to himself. [i If only this damned contact would go in.]]

[center ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆]

[tab ][Josefin+Sans The music was loud. And [i banging].]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Kenneth had only been at the party for about 20 minutes and had already sanctimoniously downed two beers . Pleasantly buzzed and only slightly grossed out, he found himself swaying with his usual crowd in the midst of the makeshift dance floor: Sabrina Williams, the head cheerleader, Amanda Starnes, her 'second' and best friend, Derek Williams, his best friend and Sabrina's brother, and Logan Hood, the school's mascot -- who, unsurprisingly, was clad in The Wild Cat.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Sabrina and Amanda were gossiping about the other girls' costumes while grinding against each other in typical straight-girl fashion while Logan, Derek and Kenneth grooved beside each other with beers in hand.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#25682b Man, this kid's party is always rad!]" Derek hollered over the music. "[#25682b Whats his, uh, what's his name again?]" Kenneth could have sworn that The Wild Cat's head turned in a shaking fashion, and with a roll of his eyes, he punched Derek's shoulder.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#bf4a4a Its Alex Leslie, you turd,]" he shouted over the roar of the bass. "[#bf4a4a Its fuckin' rude showing up to a party where you don't even remember the host's name!]"
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Downing the last of his beer through the grate of his football helmet, Derek shook his head and ignored the punch. "[#25682b I can't keep up with everyone, man! Don't get mad at me for that.]"]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#bf4a4a He's like the nicest kid in the school,]" Kenneth threw back with another punch to his best friend's shoulder.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#3aafae And the RADDEST party thrower!]" Logan exclaimed, throwing his paws in the air and jostling the Wild Cat head that sat on his shoulders. Kenneth clanked his drink against Logan's, nodding wildly. [i That's the spirit].]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans The bantering continued for a bit but eventually died down in to silent grooving and pisspoor dancing, but Kenneth was having the time of his life. Even is Derek and Logan weren't creative, and Sabrina and Amanda were wearing matching catgirl outfits, the energy was high and he was slightly tipsy. It was a good night.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans When the lights and music went out, Kenneth screamed along with the other partygoers in mock fear. Alex wasn't the type for surprises he didn't think, but he wasn't too close and maybe this plus the fog was a new thing that he was trying.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans When real screaming started, however, Kenneth knew something was wrong.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans His teeth began to [i ache] and the glued fangs that he was able to move around with his tongue ran along his bottom lips with a sear of pain. Slapping a palm to his mouth in response to the sudden pain, Kenneth pulled at the fake fangs. The aching grew worse and he could certainly taste the metallic tang of blood across his bottom lip. What was happening?]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Derek was looking around panicked from within his helmet, two tiny, crying figures clutched in his arms. When did he pick up cats? And where did Logan go?]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Keeping a hand to his mouth to hold back the bleeding that he couldn't judge was serious or not, Kenneth found his way through the chaos of the crowd towards the food table where he spotted Alex earlier. Eager to get to the host, he found himself tripping on dozens of animals that now littered the floor. Nearly crushing a turtle wearing a small mask, Kenneth jumped into the left towards a staircase to avoid it.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans But he didn't come down. At least, not at first.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans Kenneth floated above the top step briefly, very slowly moving through the air towards the second and third step. He flailed, letting out a yelp in a mad dash to grab ahold of the railing. Once he made contact, his feet returned to the staircase and he clutched to the railing with whitened knuckles.]
[tab ][Josefin+Sans "[#bf4a4a ALEX?]" he yelled, pulling himself from the railing and crawling against the wall towards the kitchen. He clung to the door frame above a young girl in a witches cap, peering over her to his host with panicked eyes. He felt a small amount of blood from his lip drip down his chin but dared not remove his hands that anchored him to the door frame. "[#bf4a4a Alex, what the [i fuck] is going on?]"]
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[Special+Elite [center The front door to a house opened and in walked Alex, his arms filled almost comically with plastic bags.

[+darkblue "You man I got the snackages!"]

The boy yelled from the kitchen as he set down the bags. He stroked a stray strand of blue hair from his face, looking out the doorway and up the stairs. He watched as a girl sped around the corner, running as fast as she possibly could down the stairs. She said absolutely nothing as she grabbed a couple of bags off the table and took them to her room.

[+pink "Yo man your sister is a real piece of work."]

Another boy said, earning a glare from Alex, who burst out laughing as soon as he looked at the boy.

[+darkblue "What are you wearing Leo?"]

He asked the boy. Leo looked up at him innocently, tucking a strand of his hair behind his ear and batting the fake eyelashes he had applied.

[+pink "Are you shameing me Al?"]

He asked, a small pout on his lips. The boy had on an overly large and poofy princess dress, as well as a tiara and makeup. Alex just rolled his eyes and got back to work unpacking the treats he had bought for his party.

[+darkblue "Just get the Jungle Juice ready."]

He said. meticulously setting out the snacks.

The girl had run back up the stairs two at a time, a hard feat in her poof of a skirt. As she got back into the room she set down all the bags and put on the witch hat sitting at the foot of her bed.

[+purple "Okay. Now that we have snacks we can go over the plan. Is everybody ready?"]

She asked, looking at the two other people in the room. The girl with the pink witch hat nodded furiously, while the boy next to her, clapped his hands together, his wand stuck between them.

[+hotpink "What if it really works?"]

the boy asked. He didn't seem afraid, he barely even seemed concerned. His face said he was just pointing out a fact that it could possibly work. Both girls looked at him like he was an idiot.

[+hotpink "Seriously Lana! I mean if you belive in anything supernatural it should be magic, and we are doing this on the most powerful day of the year!"]

The boy's voice was a bit squeaky as he talked. Both girls just shook their heads and looked away. Lana looked at the girl in the pink hat.

[+purple "So now that David is done being a nard..."]

She glared at the boy quickly before looking back at the other girl.

[+purple "Ella you know what to do?"]

She asked, earning a nod as the girl held up two black candles.

[+lightblue "I set up candles!"]

She said. Her voice was very animated, almost giddy to execute the groups plan.

Lana looked at David, asking him the same question with her eyes. He nodded and held up a piece of paper.

[+hotpink "I've got the spell translations, but for the record I have a bad feeling about this."]

He said exasperated. Lana nodded and smiled a very mischievous smile, clapping her hands together.

[+lightblue "The party starts in two hours and we have snacks and tv, i say we watch a scary movie."]

Ella said. The three were soon piled onto Lana's bed, watching a generic horrible horror movie.

Three hours later and the party was in full swing, people standing around talking, drinks in hand, some people in the "dance floor" grinding or goofing with their friends. Alex was drifting around, picking up garbage as he went. He had put on his elf ears by now, a soft turtle neck and ripped jeans making up the rest of his outfit. His hair was tied back in a ponytail that swished behind him as he walked. He was always the party mom, but he somehow still managed to have fun and keep everyone having fun. Little did he know that upstairs his sister and her friends were executing what would turn into a horrible prank. A thick fog began to roll into the house from the open windows and Leo latched his arm around Alex's neck.

[+pink Dude when did you get a fog machine?"]

He asked, a little drunkenly. Alex looked at the boy quickly, a panicked look on his face.

[+darkblue "I didn't set up a fog machine."]

All of the sudden the lights flickered and turned off, causing people to scream before they all started laughing, thinking this was some kind of a joke. Alex, however, was panicking as he fumbled to pull out his phone from his pocket to turn on the flashlight. The small light barely illuminated his floor, the fog so thick at this point he couldn't see passed his hand. The fog turned pink, and then red, and it slowly faded from color to color. As it thickened more and more people started coughing and hacking. And just as quickly as it had all started the lights turned back on, illuminating everyone. Panic ensued as people looked around, seeing that the fake fur on people had been replaced with real fur. Those who had dressed as an animal were now completely transformed into the animal. Vampires poked in their mouths, feeling the pointy teeth that were now a part of their mouth. Alex quickly put his hand up to his ears, feeling a pain as he tugged on the now pointy things.

[+darkblue "Dude this is a weird fucking nightmare."]

Alex said, looking over to his friend, who was looking down at his now large chest, his eyes filled with tears.

[+pink "Alex what the fuck is happening?"]

The boy asked, grabbing at his chest to make sure they were real. He seemed like he was panicking. Alex quickly looked around, trying to stop the panic before he stood on top of his table, knocking off a bunch of snacks.


He yelled, his voice louder than he had planned for it to be,gaining the attention of everyone. It was silent in the room for a good minute as everyone, even Alex, was shocked by his outburst.


There was a faint yell from somewhere on the floor and a few people looked on the ground to see a piece of candy corn that was just kind of flopping around pittifully on the ground. Alex rubbed his hands over his face.

[+darkblue "Okay everyone new rule do not eat or drink anything! Like at all! We don't know whats human and whats food."]

He seemed eerily calm as he spoke, but inside he was screaming.

Jut then Lana walked into the kitchen.

[+purple "What is all this damn yelling?"]

She asked, not really bothering to look around. Alex glared at the girl.

[+darkBlue "What. The. Fuck."]
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