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[size10 [#710193 lmao knocked my mom's ass flat via sleeping bc I gave her the massagie....

She began to be goofy/more relaxed than usual around me, I could tell- it was... interesting?

I'm happy I was able to make her feel so relaxed, even though I don't have my equipment;;;] [size7 I love my momma o no]][size10 [#710193 I can't wait for my table to come in;;;; shit was so expensive? Sure, it's a lifetime warranty/I can just get a new one if there's ever something remotely wrong with it

But at the same time?????
DAMN NEAR A FUCKIN STACK/1K???? BITCH WHO GOT THAT MONEY??? [s It was me. I had that money]]]

[size10 [#710193 My sub wallet is in tears for being emptied progressively.

But at the same time? Getting,,, a lot of cash while making others happy? It makes me happy, too.

I'm not quite too sure what I'd like to specialize in, as my school offers 'workshops' to enhance knowledge in particular fields.

But I think I want to work with clients that have depression and anxiety- things along those lines of mental illness. They.. feel so alone? And tactile touch does release hormones to give a feeling of emotional connection...

I just;;;;

Don't want people to feel how I did before; xux;;]]
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 9h 17m 42s
[size10 [#710193 That was my shit ok shhh

,,, idk what to tell ya-
Yer stuck down here with me, sorrrryyyyy

I like you
The other one may leave lmfaoo.
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 19h 16m 36s
Haha I see

So wait.. I had a thing with Satan?!?!
As a Christian that is most strange!

Haha no problem hun! ^^
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 57d 19h 33m 22s
[#710193 [size10 Dude can you literally stop stalking me and leave me alone? That'd be great, kay thanks (':
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 20h 22m 45s
Omae Wa

Im satan wtf

A prompt! I usually write a tiny three paragraph thing before I start my actual posting so then I'm revved up and ready to go
My warmup might be shorter bc I won't like my flow
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 22h 13m 24s
Too late
Omaw mo shindu

I'm not Satan!

Haha starter print? Huh?
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 57d 22h 19m 35s

Lay me down
Bury me satin
Lay me down on a ...
Bed of roses-

Some starter prompt for me to stretch my fingers before I start a response to you sempai owo
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 22h 49m 11s
Haha delirious huh?
[b Kidnaps]

Buried huh?

So what do you want? XD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 57d 23h 45s
I need my savagery, t00pid
,,,, I don't think u should be questioning me right now;;; I'm .. delirious kind of from no sleep since wednesday;;

Just let me get buried here

..... okay owo
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 23h 42m 33s
Cowardice? How?
What did I kill btw?

Haha I can be that doggy! XD

Haha yes!

Hahaha rest in peace moo.

Anything you want? XD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 57d 23h 44m 35s
Cowardice at its prime, it seems-

Oho? At least I'll have a loyal doggo to walk me from point A to point B without bumping into shit

.... [size10 yes]

[i deadass falls asleep there since Im so fuckin exhaustredhfdse]

What do I win hm~?
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 57d 23h 50m 14s
[center [+darkgreen Haha you are too silly, no.. Sweet moo can get more whenever she wants hush >//>]]

[center [+darkgreen I'm the one with good eyesight out of us two remember? Silly goose~]]

[center [+darkgreen Like that squeaky toy from Toy Story?]]

[center [b He holds her more gently instead chuckling.]]

[center [+darkgreen Congrat Moneck!]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 58d 18h 55m 2s
,,, You right I need borderline Moo back out to be more ballsy and not give a fuck---

;w; ehehe;;;

Maybe you need glasses too?
oooo, I'm getting new frames in soonish,,,

[i wheezes like a squeaky toy]

  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 58d 19h 7m 11s
[center [+darkgreen A little more huh? You? Nah your too sweet too have you do that~]]

[center [b He nuzzles her reddened cheek with his nose.]]

[center [+darkgreen You are too freaking cute.]]

[center [b Helps her get situated and snuggles her super tightly.]]

[center [+darkgreen Who's the tease? You? Or me? XD]]

[center [+darkgreen Finish whatever you need to sweetheart.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 1y 58d 19h 12m 45s
Dust you dolt
.... mean I could do a little bit more,,,,,,,,,,, >[#ff0000 //]>

o.o nwn [i gets situated] ehehe

It's okay, you're good for a good ole tease--- No omg xD;;;

F,,,, xD; lemme finish this paper right quick;;
  |Admin| / Joo- / 1y 58d 19h 16m 34s

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