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Haha I see

So wait.. I had a thing with Satan?!?!
As a Christian that is most strange!

Haha no problem hun! ^^
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 215d 6h 21m 23s
[#710193 [size10 Dude can you literally stop stalking me and leave me alone? That'd be great, kay thanks (':
  |Admin| / Joo- / 215d 7h 10m 46s
Omae Wa

Im satan wtf

A prompt! I usually write a tiny three paragraph thing before I start my actual posting so then I'm revved up and ready to go
My warmup might be shorter bc I won't like my flow
  |Admin| / Joo- / 215d 9h 1m 25s
Too late
Omaw mo shindu

I'm not Satan!

Haha starter print? Huh?
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 215d 9h 7m 36s

Lay me down
Bury me satin
Lay me down on a ...
Bed of roses-

Some starter prompt for me to stretch my fingers before I start a response to you sempai owo
  |Admin| / Joo- / 215d 9h 37m 12s
Haha delirious huh?
[b Kidnaps]

Buried huh?

So what do you want? XD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 215d 9h 48m 46s
I need my savagery, t00pid
,,,, I don't think u should be questioning me right now;;; I'm .. delirious kind of from no sleep since wednesday;;

Just let me get buried here

..... okay owo
  |Admin| / Joo- / 215d 10h 30m 34s
Cowardice? How?
What did I kill btw?

Haha I can be that doggy! XD

Haha yes!

Hahaha rest in peace moo.

Anything you want? XD
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 215d 10h 32m 36s
Cowardice at its prime, it seems-

Oho? At least I'll have a loyal doggo to walk me from point A to point B without bumping into shit

.... [size10 yes]

[i deadass falls asleep there since Im so fuckin exhaustredhfdse]

What do I win hm~?
  |Admin| / Joo- / 215d 10h 38m 15s
[center [+darkgreen Haha you are too silly, no.. Sweet moo can get more whenever she wants hush >//>]]

[center [+darkgreen I'm the one with good eyesight out of us two remember? Silly goose~]]

[center [+darkgreen Like that squeaky toy from Toy Story?]]

[center [b He holds her more gently instead chuckling.]]

[center [+darkgreen Congrat Moneck!]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 216d 5h 43m 3s
,,, You right I need borderline Moo back out to be more ballsy and not give a fuck---

;w; ehehe;;;

Maybe you need glasses too?
oooo, I'm getting new frames in soonish,,,

[i wheezes like a squeaky toy]

  |Admin| / Joo- / 216d 5h 55m 12s
[center [+darkgreen A little more huh? You? Nah your too sweet too have you do that~]]

[center [b He nuzzles her reddened cheek with his nose.]]

[center [+darkgreen You are too freaking cute.]]

[center [b Helps her get situated and snuggles her super tightly.]]

[center [+darkgreen Who's the tease? You? Or me? XD]]

[center [+darkgreen Finish whatever you need to sweetheart.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 216d 6h 46s
Dust you dolt
.... mean I could do a little bit more,,,,,,,,,,, >[#ff0000 //]>

o.o nwn [i gets situated] ehehe

It's okay, you're good for a good ole tease--- No omg xD;;;

F,,,, xD; lemme finish this paper right quick;;
  |Admin| / Joo- / 216d 6h 4m 35s
[center [+darkgreen Dust or just mini Chris. xD]]

[center [b He blushes chuckling. Holding her from behind as he squishes her close.]]

[center [+darkgreen <3, OMG Monique no head sorry xD haha.]]

[center [+darkgreen Yes you all over again.]]
  Naofumi / ShieldHero- / 216d 6h 14m 33s
..... [i brushes his pants off like there's actually specs of dust there, sits] owo


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwVVZPzo8iM]
In response to you saying no cybering

God bless... it me all over ag- no xD
  |Admin| / Joo- / 216d 6h 22m 49s

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