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[i [size10 Me, one day in late Summer: Oh, fooey, the cold is coming... I won't be seeing butterflies as often
Butterflies: *Appear in my everyday media feed, in stores as replica objects, in every little symbolic thing of videos-- just not physically there -- instead*
Me: (:

Butterflies are known for transformation, and they've been around me since.. late may, early June?
However, that's just when I started to NOTICE them. I can't say for how long they have been around, but... (': <3 I love butterflies kdjdhsa
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[i [size10


My ancestors are coming for me.
Dead ass.
They are coming for me sdmnfjeafslj.

As of late, there have been synchronicities of native american culture, and to the point where I channeled spirit itself.

It’s been coming up in dialogue
In images
I was even given a porcelain, native american doll.

Spirit had said the individual whos been trying to get into contact with me is on my father’s side, and that they had passed away. I had some speculation, and thought it might have been my great grandmother?

I wish I could say it was somewhat recent..? But it;; It’s not. It’s been long enough for her spirit to settle on the other side . It’s usually deemed souls are able to get into communication on the 3D plain after the first couple of years.
From experience of me trying to contact my friends father who had JUST recently passed, it was difficult for me to form a connection, as he would say he “couldn’t talk” and he was “going through judgement”.

Whatever that means, I didn’t question it and let be for what it was skfdgh

Point being, this is... exciting kdsjfsh now that I’m finding more things for me to focus on.

In my tarot reading , she said I was protected and I’m being blessed constantly.

And you know what she said that blessing was?

[center “They don’t allow others to take energy from you. It’s your turn to step into your power.”]

[b Stares at the guy from Thursday, proceeds to stare at him when he gets evicted. Stares at the other guy who harassed me at the beginning of the year, stares at him STILL being blocked off from really associating with me.]

I said 4, 44, and 444 were my numbers. And they always meant protection.


THEY INHIBITING ANYONE FROM SEEING GIRLIE. And I’m not bitchin about it? It gives me more time to interact with them aND work on myself.
It’s what I finally wanted to do.
And that’s why they’re here.

Like, swear, as soon as I became "AwAkEnEd",,, there's been so many shake ups within the relationships in my life. Oop.

It happens for a short moment in time but, then:
"Nuh uh, not my lineage" <--- Spirits of the dead at everyone for I am a cinnamon bun and they fully acknowledge it.

When you acknowledge its your family line here giving you those 4’s dsjksdhfkfh

It’s making me think of that scene from mulan when all the ancestors popped up, and since I’m interracial... can u imagine the shit they all sayin or goin thru lowkey?

It makes me giggle dsjkh

I reached out to my grandmother on my father’s side, to which she had answered with giving me someone to contact and speak with.

This.. will be done tomorrow, after I finally renew my ID . I’ll be able to stay after work and chat it up with my boss and Brent >:3c.

Dude loves learning about the same shit I do, and turns out his dad was on the same type of spiritual stuff I’m on? So, he holds an interest in this stufff gfhksj he’s also giving me some of the stones his father is going to give him?

Pumped for those when they come kfjhkgs and thankful skskks... I wont rob dude tho, naw.
Also???? I’ve noticed how much more into SCIENCE IVE BEEN OH MY LORDT SKSSKKS

I keep wanting more-- more to learn and figure out to talk about sksksks my lectures abt to be all over the place.

Me: *Studies numerology*
Me: *Studies neurology, then TCM, then shamanism again, then how to expand intuition, then--*


I think I may try to binge through the majority of my anatomy tonight, actually, just so I can free up space/time for me to look into the things im REALLY interested in.

And, dont get me wrong, I definitely love looking into the sensory system and knowing senses/how they function and interact. Im a whole ass nerd, learning about this and how they wire up just gives me more of an idea of how the body works holistically.

Metaphysics ;( >xDD

[b breathes heavily, goes off to binge my work now actually-]
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[h3 [center Master Numbers]]
[size10 [i
In Numerology, “Master numbers” are labeled as they are because they hold more potential than the rest. It is said these numbers bring more of an “intensity” than the rest, as it has the repetition of the same number twice .

Master numbers are prone to feeling a push and pull to do and be better. The easiest analogy I can conjure up is a perfectionist. There are significant strengths within those who have 11, 22, or 33 in their charts, but they also hold significant challenges they must face within.

It has been pointed out master numbers conflict themselves. As in, they do the exact opposite of what their purpose on earth was meant to be done.

This site I am using for reference, actually used 11 as an example (‘: Lucky me.

“For instance, the 11 is a double 1; all about the self, creativity, initiation, independence, innovation, and self-confidence. Yet the foundational energy for the 11 is the 2, which is all about others, partnership, loving group dynamics, and being supportive and behind the scenes. So can you see how....”

Oh, it shouldn’t be forgotten that others consider numbers 44, 55, 66... and so forth “master numbers” as well. However, others can also disagree, with labeling them “power numbers” instead.

It matters not at the end of the day. Believe as you wish.

Personally, I agree with the numbers 11, 22, and 33 being the origin ones, as it is said these three create a [b Triangle of Enlightenment].

[https://www.worldnumerology.com/numerology-master-numbers.htm Feel free to read more here u wu]
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[pic https://i.imgur.com/fzisVPa.gif?noredirect]

[size10 [i My mood abt the situation of dude because I can't shake his vibe now that he's gone and its making me a bit m;;;;;

  |Sama| / Himedere- / 194d 55m 38s
[i [size10 - w- I just began picking pile fours in generalized readings when I just finished fckn writing abt them and-- hmmmmfff

.... :/// HM---

Im still going to talk to my guides tho...

EDIT: I'm STILL gonna, but hell no I'm not abt to investigate dude, actually. The more this conversation I digested, the more I went >^> abt it.

Dude gonna tell me he lowkey poppin' an erection on me when I'm just in my gd uniform, idc what you have to offer me. I don't want it. And more importantly, I can get it myself. u nu You and I both know this, esp when we're here talm about the law of attraction. Blatantly even told me I'm ahead of you when you were my age, spiritually speaking.

.... It woulda been a nice opportunity though, as his salon is more cosmetic based too . And he seems to be very well versed in not only Christianity, but Muslim traditions as well. But...;;;; >> [b Shivers] Somethin' ain't right here scoob;;;.

Still thankful for the opportunity, source? But... no bueno.
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[i [size10 "Heh heh, your new nickname is riblett!! Hai Riblett!!"

Fuck u, Debs. Omg.
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[size10 [i *-* Some older male started speaking to me abt all these finances and things he owns, but that's not what interests me.

He was spiritual
And apparently was helping one of his barbers/students he has taken under his wing to help her pay something off

This guy is a barber, and he owns a shop of his own

He told me my soul was beautiful, and began quoting parts of the bible

... MaY sHe Be My RiB iF aL-- [b the fakest laugh of 2019 thus far] NO.

You about to be set in the father/daughter zone, if anything. Dude was lowkey wilin omg skskskskksss

. Still.
I may poke my head in at his location, for curiosity's sake?
More so to see how legit this guy is, so then I know I'm not about to get murdered or anything. He's quite the insightful guy, and I wouldn't mind siphoning knowledge from him.

Bitch gonna get stabbed if he try anything tho. Think that's a joke? lol. Try me.

... Gotta check in with my angels and do a reading on this guy to see wtf his intent is too >>
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"[b [size10 [#9966cc

My numerology chart: U wErE bOrN tO bE a LeAdEr AnD hEaLeR

Me: But-

The irl healer in the party lmaooo-

[https://feliciabender.com/six-life-path-2/ Life: 6]
[https://www.worldnumerology.com/Numerology-Expression-D.html expression: 11]
[https://numerologysecrets.net/soul-urge-number-8/ Soul Urge: 8]
[https://www.worldnumerology.com/Numerology-Personality-3.html Personality: 3]
[http://numerology.center/birthday_num_4.php Birthday: 4]

For later >> <<"]]]

[i [size10 THANK U, ME OF THE PAST]]

[center [pic https://badgerherald.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/fantastic-mr-fox.gif]

[i [size10 Us at eachother-
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[h3 [center Ramble Class: Numerology]]

[i [size10 Numerology, the study of numbers

If one holds an interest/knowing of astrology, then, to make numerology easy to understand, this is built on the same foundation. The only difference is the way information is given to a reader/one who wishes to look into this is.... Through numbers.

Numbers are believed to hold symbolization and run with divine powers.

Ever heard of the term, “It’s 11:11, make a wish?”
Why would this theory/idea only rest here, when it could be implemented to each singular digit, from 0-9, and then, when these numbers combined, it causes an amplification or meaning?

This is what goes hand and hand with the astrology, and many are under the impression if they do, infact, have the exact time, date, full name, and location of when you were born, they’d be able to do an entire reading of all of your pros, setbacks, and what your purpose was supposed to mean within this life.

It is unknown where numerology has arisen, however, the earliest it predates back to on record is ancient Egypt . However, it is also dated to be in Rome, Greece, China, and Japan.

Modern day numerology has been accredited to Pythagoras, who is known to be a greek philosopher. >w> I was going to keep my mouth shut and look into him on my own time/without writing abt it too too much, but it gave a gist on this one page.

“... Not known if he invented it, he had some theories behind it, which took numbers to a completely different level.”

Some speculate you may need someone who is more well versed in numerology for a more proper, detailed, and exact reading. As finding your life path, expression, soul urge, etc numbers are not hard , rather, figuring out how they go together is the more fickle part.

[size10 [center [http://www.thelawofattraction.com/what-is-numerology/ Source uwu]]]

[h3 [Center Significance of Numbers 0-9]]

[i [size10

[right [b Zero (0)]]

[center “ You are on the right path”]
In tarot, this card is known for having energy that has not been tapped into yet, it is in wait to be of use.
In numerology, however, this is said to appear whenever you’re on the right path towards being yourself.
It has a reassuring effect for those that have been doubtful on the path they have been on.

[right [b One (1)]]

[center “Make change and embrace new beginnings”]

One might appear when someone has been experiencing negativity. However, despite this source saying that, I have seen this number, one, being used more so as “New Beginnings” more than anything. It is a beginner, the genesis to something.

This number asks you to embrace changes, more than anything else, and allow change to happen. uwu

[right [b Two (2)]]

[center “Expect Harmony and Balance”]

Think of the Gemini, Pisces, or even the Libra sign. There is a dual theme that goes on with the astrological signs listed, both an idea of “Yin” or “Yang”, “Good” and “Bad”.
There’s two things of dynamacy, which ultimately creates balance.

2 asks a person to have faith, and it signifies balance will be brought to your being shortly. Seeing the number two may also ask you to work on partnerships, friendships, or relationships a figure has in general.

[right [b Three (3)]]

[center “Chase your Dreams”]

Well well well, if it isn’t one of my numbers (;

This number is telling you there is love and wisdom nearby, and it’s something you can benefit from. This is a number of luck and good fortune.

3’s ask you to be a go getter, to chase the things you desire most. That luck and wisdom will be on your side as you go through this endeavor.

[right [b Four (4)]]

[center “Take a Leap of Faith”]


Four represents stability and routine. Seeing this number a lot may be saying that you are being too passive and need to get out of this stablizing energy.

If we remain stable for long, manifestations will be sluggish. We are asked from source to step out of the everyday make shift to tune into the frequency of what we desire.

This number, when along by itself, asks you to...

Take a chance. (;

[right [b Five (5)]]

[center “Offer Gratitude to the World Around You”]

Five is associated with Adventure and change. It appears when one should start listening to their body. This site actually compared the FIVE senses to this number :3c.

5 tells you the biggest change that can come to you is when you’re grateful to what you DO have around you. It asks you to focus on the good, rather than the bad

Again, this is a number related to JOURNEYS
So, it may tell you you’re going to be making a change in your mental, spiritual, emotional, physical.... state of being.

[right [b Six (6)]]

[center “Rid Your Life of Negative Energy]

Bawh, I love how this site is comparing the lovers card in tarot to the number sixsksksk. This number asks you to travel inwardly, that you require inner peace and self love.

This number also appears when we are being held back from something due to anxiety or fear. It may spawn up along with 4’s... take that leap bro-

Journaling and positive affirmations are some GoOd ToOlS to use when seeing this number excessively. As it assists you with that self love and inner peace.

[right [b Seven (7)]]

[center “Prepare for a Spiritual Awakening”]

7 is connected to new opportunities. LuCkY nUmBeR sEvEn
This shows things that are hidden in plain sight for you, and this number asks you to pay more attention to your “gut” instinct on things.

[b They’re also stressing to be prepared for Spiritual Awakening]

[right [b Eight (8)]]

[center “A sign of Success”]

Note how 8 is an infinity symbol when flipped horizontally. This number is one of abundance and prosperity, an energy that signifies going around and around for eternity, an amplifier, if you may.

As it goes around and around, this can be compared to cycles one might exhibit. When seeing the number 8, shift your mindset, as it would be better to have an infinium loop of positive energies being brought toward you rather than the negative.

[right [b Nine (9)]]

[center “Share your Wisdom With the World”]


The number 9 is linked with Compassion and Empathy.

Seeing this in everyday life could be saying you’re bringing a lot of good into other people’s lives .
It also asks you to be a hierophant, with sharing what information you have within you to the world! You aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the knowledge you have obtained >:p

[size10 [http://www.thelawofattraction.com/meanings-numbers-0-9/ Source used uwu]]

[h3 [center What Numbers Are in My Everyday Life?]]

Finally, to end this post, as I’m going to have to write notecards to remember the simple singular digit numbers so I can spool into a whole other binge on angel numbers later--

Ask whoever it is you believe in, source, god, your patrons --- it doesn’t matter man...

Ask whoever it is you believe in to show you what your “Angel numbers” are
These are powerful numbers that your spirit guide is constantly attempting to communicate with you.

I only ask you to pay attention when numbers constantly appear, as these numbers often pertain to the thoughts you were having at the time.

It’s easier to simply pinpoint these digits and look up their underlying meaning.

You might find the number that's constantly appearing will resonate with what you may need to hear
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[i [size10





I'm so pissed.
He reaLLY pulled out my old man's Tremor tremor abilities and I was LIVID

Let him say he went out to sea for a family , died claiming the one piece was real, and then he whipped

I'm still pissed

Fuck you, Blackbeard.
You end up spitting a fireball? I fuckin quit because,,, you not about to disrespect my husband at the same damn time along with his daddy----- [b coughs]
  |Sama| / Himedere- / 195d 1h 1m 40s
[i [size10 The more you understand how things operate, coincidentally, the crazier you sound.

That idea, that switch of perspective:
Things that happen FOR you rather than TO you.

Many things are coming together, while others are falling apart. A repetition of emotions, cycling of wants, desires, and things I wish to avoid.

Cycles of emotions which I thought had long past have been amended, just to rise up again.
“Oh, this again?”
Yes, for I haven’t gotten it just yet. I hadn’t learned all there was to, at the end.

What is it that I’m missing? What causes these same negative thoughts to rise up over and over again?
“You’ve been hurt”, that’s what Metatron has told me during a conversation while I was strolling through Highland park, a mile off from the residence of my own home.

Yes, be that as it may, why must I lash out with negativity? Why must my first instinct be, “Oh, you hurt me, so, fuck you.”?

I don’t like how I’m able to tear other people down when I see each and every last insecurity.
A past hobby, a past enjoyment of making those have to face the demons they kept behind closed quarters.
It’s not my place to pick, poke, and prod them out into the light for them.
These people will address them when either it becomes too much, or they realize, yes, this is indeed a problem.

It always gave me some type of twisted enjoyment. Knowing that I was able to get under anyone’s skin, or make them like me, all because of the fact that they made themselves easy to read.

Body movement.
The Face
The Eyes.
The tone.

All of these combined, anyone would have been a walking, opened book to me. My intuition is beyond sharp, even before I had been awakened. And that is what always made me able to tear someone down.


Thinking back, it makes me think of when I said I had depression and anxiety . And I think, personally, as I can’t speak for everyone...

[center Depression makes you not identify yourself as a person.]

Now. The weight these words carry, are more burdensome than one may think from a glance of an eye.
It’s one thing to say it and nod your head in acknowledgement at it.
It’s another to stuff your nose in those words like you’re teaching your new 1 month old puppy toilet training.

There is so much absence in the presence, there is not an acknowledgement to who and WHAT you are.
This cocktail is an easy way to dismiss yourself, dismiss the actions yourself does. It’s easy to forget that you are a person, walking around.
It’s easy to forget YOU impact people just as much as THEY impact you.

And that’s what I couldn’t recognize. I was slightly aware, just nodding my head like, “uhuh, yeah, I’ve been hurt, and yeah, I hurt them before what’s the big-”

It’s like that analogy, the “tip of the iceberg”... okay, where’s the rest of it?
Oh, y’know, hidden in my subconscious framework. The thing that retains 90% of my brain functioning, long term memories, etc... oh, don’t worry, it may not be in the conscious, but these little things that hurt me in the past will resurface every now and again as not only a habit, but a reminder and-

No no no.
No bueno.

There’s... so much decluttering I have to do. From years of it being stacked on.

Shanny is making progress with herself a bit, I think? She says I make her pretty emotional, BuT nOt In A bAd WaY?
.... wut-- no omg
I’m;; happy I’m able to reach her like this, and I’m able to help her understand things a bit more.
She has been slowly opening up to me more about problems that go on in her life, and;; god, I’m happy she has the courage to share these things with me.

She has this habit of making things out as a joke, which... I somETIMES still struggle on, because, hey... It makes things not seem as bad.
But that’s the thing, it makes situations easier to brush off, since Oh ItS nOt So BaD (‘:

Sike, bitch, you know damn well that hurt-

But, really.
I’m happy she’s slowly becoming more... “Raw” with me, I’m not sure how else to place my words.
To feel like you won’t be accepted because you can’t be your true and authentic self? Nonsense-
Cmere my sweet bby and tell me all ur woes ewjkahsra

This is a snails race and I’m down for the slow ass pace huhuhu-

I’m .. waiting patiently for when she’s more grounded, so I’ll be able to tell her about my own experience without her being too caught up on details.

Always finding something else to repair -- if not within myself, then to help others = w=
I’m so fuckin’ happy I chose to become a massage therapist. Oof ksfjjuijf, this stuff lit a fire under my ass, and I’m happy due to all the changes that are still happening with me todaydasjfahdksa.
My teacher, Timothy, he can TELL how I’m transforming, I know he can read auras and vibes dude, and he just always looks so happy to see mee fjkhlajas ;-; I love him so much skskskskkss.

I don’t really have much else to report on what’s on my mind? Aside from being grateful to having spirits come forth HELLA quick when I ask them for guidance. Holy shit.
Me: A water dragon for help???? Well, okay-- *Focuses for 3.5 seconds, feels a shift of presence*

I’m... going to continuously focus on this being for now, until I get everything sorted out. I definitely feel better than I did the past couple of days, shit felt stale and stagnant.

“Flow, like water”
Okay, Hanzo, calm down--

But you damn well I’m abt to flow like water, JUST AROUND THE RIVER BEEEENNNDDSDNFHAEDHDSU
Goodnight lol-

I got some homework to finish up on and some studying, can’t be too hard? I’m hella good at the systems in the body dskjsksksk >:3c
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[i [size10 Oof, and a feel that only other readers would prolly feel:

[center That feel when ur describing something/a feeling, and then you pull the card out and it says the EXACT same fuckin' thing u were just saying and you're just

[pic https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/563/119/d56.jpg]

With spirit dsjkfak]]]
  |Sama| / Himedere- / 196d 4h 5m 16s
[right [b [size10 Shamanic Journeying]]]
[i [right [size10 The Lower Realms]]]

[i [size10 In Shamanism, it is said there are three instances of realities one is able to travel to, so long as they are in a meditative like state.



And Lower.

Today, I will be writing my findings on the lower realm, as pieces of information will be grabbed from not only novels, but online sources for what can be made to craft my knowledge on these dimensional plains.

The Lower realm is found as a “good starting place” for new practitioners to try and get to.

It is an area that is mostly littered with POWER animals .
A power animal is often described as one’s connection to life, qualities of character, and their own power.

I can’t say much for totem/spirit animals, as I only got handed down information from others that its what “MoStLy DeScRiBeS yOu”
This power animal does the same tho-

The lower realms can be accessed through visualizing a place in nature you know well. It could be anywhere -- the mountains, forests, jungle, desert... so long as it’s out in nature, you’re off to a good start.

When you imagine you are in this place, imagine there is a hole, cave... anything that goes downward/into the earth. When traveling through here, it is said this area is compared to the classic “Alice in Wonderland”, where she is falling through the rabbit hole.

Eventually, there will be a light on the opposite end of this tunnel. Pass through it and
You are now in the lower realms.

This area doesn’t have any structures like there are today, just solely nature.

And, the animals you come across , have a knack for teaching you about yourself. >:3c

I’ll be starting this, because, well... I have this small idea on what my power animal could potentially be? There’s only one way to find out though,,, >u>

I’ll get to trying this soon enough. Just -- when the material realm isn’t distracting me as much! >:/
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[i [size10

The way on how Kemper's mind works in not only phenomenal, but sad as well.
To be so aware of your actions and reasonings on why you did what you did....
I can almost feel his crimes eating him with every word he speaks in this interview made.
Things which he had not come to terms with...

He's been compared to Einstein intellegience wise, and listening to him talk and analyze his own actions are most enthralling to me, for who can know how you tick the most other than yourself?

I just-- pity the dude,
but also admire his own reckoning he is able to reap upon himself as well. u wu

Doesn't make it any better abt him killing those women tho; don't get it twisted, sis.
  |Sama| / Himedere- / 197d 3h 15m 10s
[i [size10

Working with these dragon oracle cards have been a blast tbh.
When I was getting into a meditative state over surfacing emotions that needed work, I did a simple shuffle until the “Silver Dragon” has popped out of the deck.

[center “Illuminates your potential with higher light.
Access untapped resources.
Look into your soul. See higher possibilities.”]

During my meditation, the words “I AM” had been whispered to me, along with the words “Rha-Shan-Tee”.

After I had reached the end my little meditation, I decided to get curious and look up what the small guidebook this deck came with described it as

The booklet has read: “... We are reminded of our divine magnificence and may catch a glimpse of the mighty soul or even Monad, I AM presence, to which we belong.”

.... Bitch, when I tell you I was shook but also excited to see this????
Oh my godcjkldhmvsa.

I know, in my soul, things are going to be okay, more now than ever as these higher dimensional beings are here, willing to aid me along my path.

I have another day ahead of me- working on them gains at the gym with my aunt and brother .

I also can’t wait until I’m able to try these new hair-care products? I’ve been saying I wanted to invest further into my appearance, with touching up aspects that I desire-- I’m just happy I’m now able to do this.


But at the same time???
My ego: Fuk u lets get it done with NOW. Have that, be that!”)

It’s also good to... pay attention to the thoughts one may have during times of seeing the consistency of the same number, it’s one’s spirit guardians trying to assist you on your path. I know I’ve been getting better with it ksdljfhasa.

I will continue to invoke the words of “Rhan-shan-tee” into my meditations, as this spirit has downloaded it to my core.

It’s something that I need.
Not something that I want.

And I’m grateful for it being bestowed upon me. u wu

I have... no idea what it might mean, but, either way,,, [b yeets it into my meditations].

And get this?
My booklet also said:

“Dragons clear lower energies and prepare for higher frequencies to come in, angels and arch angels sing over us and light our way, and unicorns pour high-frequency light and blessings over us.”

... >:3c I’m going to invest in an angel oracle card deck soon enough , as I have a unicorn oracle as well ekdaesj.

Laughs in witch, rolls away--
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