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[#e63e62 [b [center [size10 Ehe, Nami and I had an ingenious idea to go binge buy hair dyes which last for a day. It's to basically see what colors go best with our skin complexion since we are both unsure of what color to do this time around.

What makes this even better is that Theo would be able to join in on the fun. Especially since he would have liked to get his hair dyed a color as well. It sounds like a fun thing to do next weekend. ^^

... Ya think I can make his hair pink for a second without getting salty?

Prolly not.

Am I going to do it anyways?

More than likely. Ehe. >w<
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[#e63e62 [b [center [size10 I sure can't wait to go home so I may sleep again.

My house is going to be cleaned out tomorrow, so, that's something. I'm not too sure how/when my sister, mom, and I will be going out to the bar? Since that's where my eldest sibling would like to spend it and all.

I know my sister would want to get me drunk. So, instead, I'm going to have to go to an alcohol distributor and get my bitch drinks which contain 3% alcohol. They're sooooo good, fuck me dude.

I may subtly call an uber or something home, I don't trust my sister and my mom enough to take me home lolllll....

I'm horrible still, it seems. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
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[#e63e62 [b [center [size10 >> Soul eater themed shit pertaining to madness panels in the background of that maka and crona image I saved onto my work laptop a day or so ago.

I want to have every character in the background, filling in where Maka isn’t. Preferably where they’re making some twisted face...

And have it red!

I have to figure out on whether or not I’d like these images from the manga or not though Oof.

We shall see. I think it sounds like fun, especially since it will allow me to test out my sai paint even further.

Rip moo’s pinkie, 2k18.
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[#e63e62 [center [size10 [b My dude out here really forgot to grab me my salad. xD I mean, he went a loop around and got it, but stil.....
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[#e63e62 [center [b [size10 and now Nami mentioned me in one of his comments saying a half sleeve for 80??? I think this dude is really cool/sweet to be making prices as cheap as he does. It’s nice to see that type a shit out there. Huhu.

They’re detailed
And nice. <3

.... I’m about to become, like, really hot/hit my own aesthetics while my friend (CHRIS) will probably go “e ^e” about it.

He’ll be aight...
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[center [#e63e62 [b [size10 Yo. My tattoo artist hit me up and said he may get me a tat for free? And I’m just “BOY IM ON THAT CRITTER LIKE AN APPLE FRITTER”

Obviously, I’m still going to pay him still. That’s ridiculous if he thinks I’m going to let him use so much ink on my thigh to cover my scars.

I wonder what he is going to design on me? I’m a curious soul. We shall see.
I’d also have to look into an Uber there and back for price range. I’m so excited now, eheheh.
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[#9400D3 [i [size10 [center Isn't it amazing how quickly you can connect with someone like nothing ever happened in the first place? Especially when you're able to offer bits and pieces of closure each conversation?

I like that about you. You're so patient with me, and I'm sorry I practically bent you over and fucked you in the ass emotionally. Oof. Really, I suck. I don't know why you'd want to be friends with me?

It's still nice, to know you still have some liking towards me. Despite all of the nasty shit which I have done, step by step in knowing how things would play out.

It's like, if I knew each step of what would happen, why the fuck wouldn't I stop it?

It makes me want to try and look into therapy counseling some more, alas, I have so many bills to pay now. So, it's going to unfortunately be set on the back burner until further notice.

I wish I had an interest in video games, like I used to. But I just get so... unmotivated to do such things. Even my friend, Frank, would have liked me to start up my YouTube Channel again. But... no motivation to do so in the first placehfwalehuserh

I think if I start off small, it'll be a good start. I found myself being able to speak more casually orally without many issues when I have done that.

I don't know, just small ideas I'd like to throw out there.

Brent still said September 28 or either October 2nd for the MHA movie? Iunno

. Also, I want to fuckin' learn how to skateboard. That would imply me having to go to the southside of town with Nami though.... Maybe I can Saturday or Sunday? >>. We'll see.]]]
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[#9400D3 [i [size10 [center He said September 28. And because it’s in selected theatres, his friends and I are going to have to go on an adventure to find one? These guys don’t mind going out of town for concerts or anything like that. Which is pretty awesome.

He said he’d keep me posted up on it, so that’s something. uwu <3]]]]
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[#9400D3 [i [size10 [center Oof cells at work is very good. uwu I get to learn about human anatomy while watching it? I showed Allen Aho girl and he loved it!

Fucker held my hand, what a q t.

Asian bois are adorable.

He asked for a kees next time since we were both too shy doejhreej....


Mayhaps. >> I’ll see]]]
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[#9400D3 [i [size10 [center

Me: Ah, I’m meeting a boy from the online world for the first time
Me: *sudden flashbacks of when I first met ex*
Me: *packs a couple of condoms for just in case*

I hate this. >xDD]]]]
  |Arachne| / Gorgon / 1y 322d 21h 15m 4s
[h3 [center "No knives! Do you remember what happened last time?"]]

[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/JaFy11j.jpg]] The question itself made the tall, thin male’s brow twitch just the slightest bit. It has been the only indication of showing any sort of annoyance towards his current roommate, Elise Tuam, who sat beside him with a stern gaze. His steel gaze was enough to make the girl second guess her choice of decisions. As the male reached forward, Elise pulled back at the last second; pale fingers grazing the simple object was enough to make him give a simple grunt in dissatisfaction.

His orbs would watch the girl press the blade into a potato, the motion of her wrist pushing away from her being.

[#00FFFF “Really, Adonis, you can’t keep trying to analyze everything. You almost remind me of a crazy scientist that’s always trying to dissect something, and..”]

Her scolding tone had slowly become a droning in his head, his eyes just watching the constant repetitive movement fof peeling the current potato she had been using. She is rather young, and he was wondering why, exactly, he accepted the girl as an apartment mate.

The air of the complex had lightened up considerably ever since the blue haired woman found residence with the male. And even now, as the girl’s facial features would soften as she spoke, he could see each and every emotion which has been going through her being. Disgust over how he cuts everything up, to worry over why he does such things, to her then getting slightly more cheerful and looking at him expectantly.

Oh, shit.

[#D3D3D3 “.... I’m sorry, what?”] He asked, his voice as robotic as always. That’s another thing which made this apartment lively. She was a firecracker.

Elise’s brows furrowed slightly, a frown forming on her plump pink lips as she glared at the male.

[#00FFFF “See, [i see?!] That’s why we are going out after this.”]

[#D3D3D3 “But--”]

[#00FFFF “Nope, we’re going to have fun, sorry.”] Why didn’t she sound as sorry as she claimed? It was going to be a long day, and Adonis could only have his head hit the counter with a soft 'thump' at the realization.

The only response he had gotten was a snicker from the girl. He didn't have to look up see the way her pink eyes would twinkle in mirth from how quickly he folded like a house of cards at her demands.
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[b [u [size10 September 21, 2018]]]

[#9400D3 [i [size10 Now that I'm done being dramatic and being an overall brat.... It me.

I'm more so keeping this now as a means of keeping myself posted up and have reminders for myself to do shit. Lol.


AnyWAYS. Not too sure if I'm willing to rp with people on here? I'd more so like to have potential sticky notes of what I'd like to do with my other m80s. And finding that thread which gives me warm ups every other week is peerrrfect to keep me up on my writing. I haven't written in paragraph format in a bit. So, that'll be a plus.

I think I'm actually going to place my writing prompt responses down here too, just to see if I get back into the swing of my regular writing format, oof.

I have to do... two things tomorrow, actually. Potentially three. Hang out with Nami for a bit, meet up with this potential friend named Allen for covfefe? And then maybe go to the movies to see The nun. We'll see how many of these things I achieve lmfaooooo. I'm supposed to watch cells at work with this nut (Allen)? I keep hearing about the damned white blood cell being 'daaaddddaaaay'. Boi...

[pic https://media.giphy.com/media/l3fZLutUDVnsN8QeY/giphy.gif]

My other friend, Brent, has invited me to see that MHA movie that's coming out in theaters? I have to ask him more about it when he comes in tomorrow.It's going to be between September 25 to October 2, Moo. Write what he says down so you don't forget with yo' forgetful ass.

Writing journals as of late has been a thing. Just to make sure I don't frickin' block anything out. So, this shall be pretty frequent. Oopsy poopsy.


How dare these people kill off my top 3 faves in the mango???? I'm going to end up sobbing like a baby when I see the literal father turn into dust... hdfska]]]
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