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[size18 Every week there will be a prompt and you will be given a chance to write on it. This is not a contest, just a fun way to practice your writing and show what you are capable of.
If you're feeling writers block this will also help by giving something to get the creativity flowing.

You may write; Short stories, Poetry, Songs, and Character Inserts. Basically anything that you feel like writing for the prompt.

[size20 [u [i Week 4 Prompt:]]] [size18 "It's quiet downtown" or Metamorphosis]]]]

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[K2D [Center Fuck life and what it has ever done to us, the pain and sorrow is much more than enough for me. I have seen things that nobody else dares. I could take the high road but I know that I'm going low...

My mind breaks at the moment of dawn.
My body is strangely numb with scars, the blood everywhere.
I was one with the father, I was one with the father and the son.
My spirit is gone beyond repair but I still live on in this world.
My bed is my home and I lay there for several hours, crying at the world.

I am angry.
I am scared.
I am sad.
I am confused.
I am anxious.
I am socially broken.
I am mentally dying.
I am physically sick.
I am dying and nobody listens to the cries of the souls.

The groups of people who push around like they own the world.
The group of people who don't fit in anywhere but they are comfortable with who they are.
The group of people who just love to see others doing as best as they can.
The group of people who have problems that are underneath their skin and are dealing with stuff worse than just physical pain.

I fit in among all, I am just trying to survive this cruel world full of liars and beggars.
I used to have friends, I never should've trusted them with my life.
'Cause all they ever did was spit back in my face and laugh.
Left me to die among the bullets, suicide attempts and voices in my head.
They hated me for who I was and used me.
Jokes on them.

I always wanted to be a muse, a muse of music and drama.
People poisoned me to become what I didn't want to be.
I became a servant to what they wanted by lying to me.
[i "Oh Jay, my parent's starved me last night. Do you have any money so I can buy food?" ]
Petty lies, hardened lives.
I believed them and gave what I had to help someone I thought was in need.
I loved everyone of them, every single friend that I had were only friends to use me.
I don't trust people anymore, I'm not even human myself.

I used to be human.
However, I received no love from my own parents.
My own blood disowned me and hated me for who I was.
I was young, being used and abused for purposes that are too dark for me to understand even at this age and time.
Starved starting at the age of 6 and locked in my room at the age of 7.
Being beaten everyday starting from the age of 9.
Having mental breakdowns since I was 12.
It was over at 15.

It was the day of October 29th, a stormy Sunday when I was set free.
I had been freed on the exact day of my birthday.
I had escaped from the torture of them, I had escaped from the solitude of my black and bleak room I was locked in constantly.
It was my best friends, their names were...
[b Juko, Vivianne, and Alexandria ]
They had managed to climb up to the second floor window using a ladder and had busted out the window with a rock.

I managed to climb out with them and they ushered me to Juko's home.
His mother was a nurse and his father was a musician that cared for every living thing ever.
As soon as I took a step into that crowded home, I was cared for like I was apart of their family.
I got to eat as much as I could, I got to sleep with my friends.
I got to bathe and do things I've never did before.
I had been even taken to the doctor the next day with my friends as they were excused from school to help me cope with what was happening.

Even after they learned of the many mental disorders I had picked up from the scarring years of solitude, they cared for me even more after that.
Dissociative Identity Disorder.

They were there throughout everything for me.
They are my best friends, we have been since 4 years ago.
They are the ones I can trust still, they still care.
However, even they can't stop the darkness in my head.
The growing hate I had for myself was growing.
Maybe if I was better, I wouldn't have been abused and my parents wouldn't be gone.

I had been struggling ever since four days after I had been rescued.
But yet, they made every day enlightening for me as they are there for me.
They are my everything, I'll still be here until they die.
Best friends until the end.
Look at us now, the multiple profiles of me.

RoyalBlood - ; Jay
-Disease- ; Vivianne
-Bandito- ; Alexandria
-RunFree ; Juko

They are here even though they don't roleplay a lot.
I make profiles in remembrance for what they did for me.
It seemed just like yesterday when we rode around in Juko's car into the city.
When we reached downtown, we were smiling and laughing as it seemed like no one was out since it was midnight.
With our heads out the window, we soared as we forgot about our scars and dark thoughts.
The night ended with a single sentence said by my scarred and beaten lips.

[b [#9400D3 "It's Quiet Downtown." ]]]
  RoyalBlood- / 1d 18h 21m 57s
[size20 [u [i Week 4 Prompt:]]] [size18 "It's quiet downtown" or Metamorphosis]]]]
  Lilybird- / 3d 2h 58m 24s
[center [pic]]
[Merienda [size13 [center Bars ran from the floor to the ceiling, separating freedom from servitude. Solemn eyes peered lifelessly at the hard, stone floor beneath rough feet. Another barrier that kept the tall man from freedom. While being grounded was a comfort for many, for this creature of the sky, the ground was just as debilitating as the prison he was kept in.

With a tilt of his head, the form crouched on the ground looked up to the height of his confines. Despite his situation, the confines of the man's living space wasn't as restricting as it would at first appear. The prison was less of a room and more of a giant bird cage with two thirds of the area being open space above the ground. Perches were faceted to the bars for him to be able to rest on. Or that's what their intended purpose was.

His captors had once gifted him a small bit of freedom, leaving him his wings to provide the avian more comfort in his cage. The man's wings could carry his light body from perch to perch with ease. However, it wasn't long before the freedom they had given was turned against them and the big beautiful wings were the tools he used to make an escape. Attempts were made to clip his wings many times after, but with the size of his feathers, clipping did nothing to keep him grounded. Soon after that realization, his captors resolved to simply removing the bulk of his wings.

With his wings ripped apart and little to no way to make it back up to his beloved perches, the man was now left to spend his time remembering what used to be. Before his wings were seized. Before he had been captured and had lost all freedom. Before he had lost the sky.

Muffled voices tore his attention away from the past and brought him back to reality, looking towards the only section of the cage that wasn't closed off by a backing of stone. The two voices stopped at his cage, two pairs of eyes meeting his. One he recognized right away as a halfling elf who was one of his two usual caretakers. The other was some sort of - what he could only assume was a satyr. A hoof tapped the ground in thought.

[i Tap. Tap. Tap.]

Each tap made the man behind bars flinch, his body tensing as the feathers ruffled on what little of his wings were left on his back. Thankfully the sound stopped and he closed his eyes, letting out a quiet sigh as he listened to the satyr speak up.

[i [#8c8c8c "THIS is one of Tivu's top fighters? Doesn't look anything special. Wings are gone.. thin.. Hmph.. Does Tivu take me for a fool, boy?"]] the goat-man questioned. With a bit of a nervous laugh, the elf shook his head and glanced up at the ugly, contorted face of the other. [i [#8c8c8c "No, Of course not! I assure you, his powers are much more that skin deep. He's a male harpy, very rare as harpies are said to be an all female race. His speed and agility are overwhelming in battle. That's when he isn't even using his full strength. When he's using his full strength, Tivu considers 167 his most powerful fighter. But because he is only occasionally snapped into using his all, we can't fully place him in first at this time."]]

Unconvinced, the taller male narrowed his eyes and snorted, leaning towards the bars and stretching out a hand to grab onto one of them. Before the boy could pull the satyr's hand away, blood spewed across the metal of the cage and was dripping down to the floor below.

In seconds, the feathered harpy had cleared the distance from the far end of the room to the wall of bars, using razor sharp claws to shred through flesh and crunch through the bones of the demon's wrist. By the time the two on the "safe" side of the cage had realized what happened, the harpy had the dismembered hand pulled back in his tight grip through to his side of the bars.

Body crouched low to the ground, wide, unsettling eyes pierced into the horrified eyes of the one who had gotten too close. The harpies eyes were pitch black with bright, stunning white irises and slitted black pupils. Up close in the low light, the blue iridescence of his jet black hair could be more easily seen. The stumps of wings that once were began to tremble, a soft almost hissing coming from his chest with each long exhale.

Pain finally caught up with the injured satyr, his only hand grasping at the open arm he now sported, cries of pain dribbling from his lips. About to retaliate in rage and violence, the satyr saw something in the harpy's eyes that made his skin crawl. Gritting his teeth, he took a wary step back, fear enveloping him. The world around him and this beast inside it's cage seemed to melt away, a sick bubbling feeling sinking into the pit of his stomach. The void of black and the relief of the just as hollow white in the avian's orbs captivated the man in the most revolting way. His body screamed danger but his foot slowly began to drag itself forward, the hoof scraping against the stone floor.

If it weren't for the elf yanking the other back and shaking him out of the trance, the satyr would have simply walked right into the claws of his impending death without any will of his own to save him. Shaking his head and wincing at the pain in his arm, the demon tore his eyes away from the harpy and looked down to the elf with shamed eyes.

[i [#8c8c8c "Let's.. find something else.. My pet isn't strong enough to face that.. thing."]] he growled out angrily, glaring down at the lack of hand he now had. [i [#8c8c8c "And Tivu better compensate me well for my loss."]] the satyr spat out venomously. Nodding and trying to calm the boiling man, the elf glanced at the one in the cage and let out a saddened breath. Guiding the injured one out of the hall of creatures, the elf disappeared, leaving the crouching man in silence.

The hairs that had been standing on the back of the harpy's neck flattened a bit and his eyes fell half lidded as he slowly edged into a comforting loneliness. Looking down at the bloody hand in his claws, the man made his way back to the corner of the room, ready to feast on his unexpected prize of the day.
  Mun / 4d 2h 45m 53s
Black and blue

She would smiled like everyone else. She would hang out with everyone. No one knew what was going on with her in her privet life. No one saw the scares she carried with her every day. Till that faithful day.

She called her mother like normal but it wasn't normal. she had cried on the other end. "I killed him" She would said "I killed the man who abused me" as she didn't know what else to do.

Her mother rushed over to the house her daughter house. She hugged her daughter and said everything was okay.

No one knew she covered her black and blue bruise and the scares that covered her body. She was raped torched finally she snapped. That faithful day. No one understood why till she explained it all.

"Behind close doors he was complicity different" She said "If he didn't like it he would find away to hurt me mentally physically everything he could do" She said as she looked down no one wanted to believe it but it was proofed she was beaten black and blue.

Doctors wonder why she was still alive after all that her ribs were broken but healed wrongly and seem they been broken more then once. Her face her teeth everything was broken some part or another.

Now she face trail for the murder of a man who beaten her black and blue. Everyone defended even if they didn't believe it themselves. They wonder how long she lived like this never calling cops never saying a word acting like everything is all right even though she must been in pain.

She pleaded not guilty. She clam as it was self deference. She gave them video of him beaten her black and blue voice records and calls to 911 but no one showed up for he was a sweet talker. The police didn't do anything just nodded and went back on their daily duties.

The trail found the woman who was Beaten black and blue not guilty as she walked freed but only to fall right back into the same situation with another man.
  Longest post of OCC / lunalight / 4d 8h 58m 22s
[K2D [Center [b ...Continued From below ]]
[Center This was wrote to Bring Me The Horizon's album, Sempiternal. ]

[Center The child's eyes suddenly flew open, his breath both rapid and ragged. He was laying against a tree in the middle of a forest that had been around the dead city. He didn't have the spirit to leave the city just yet, his hope of bringing everybody back to life without sacrificing himself. He hadn't ate in days and he had been drinking dirty water from a nearby lake, a sharp pain of hunger going through his body as he groaned from the ground. He held a curved dagger in his right hand just in case either something attacked him or the female from earlier came back.

He had ragged clothes on, tight and light blue jeans adorning his lower body along with a torn and long golden sweater. He slowly got up from his resting spot, looking around as the smell of incoming rain lingered in his nose. He looked up at the black clouds above him as he felt droplets of rain splash down on his face. He let out a sigh and began going back towards the foggy city, knowing that he could be sheltered safely in there instead of laying out in the rain.

He eventually made it back into the city, going to the first store that he saw. It was a convenience store and he mainly picked it because all of these stores held food. He went inside the store, the bell above the door ringing as it made him flinch. Now, if anything was inside the store it would know that he was there and instantly come for him. He stood there in the open doorway for several moments, breathing heavily in panic.

After a few long moments of composing himself, he stepped into the store and let the door close behind him. He took a few steps, looking around at the shelves filled with sugary delights and junk food. He felt his hunger take control of his mind as he ran to the shelves and began to tear through food until he had his fill. He rubbed his stomach a bit, groaning as he had eventually ate too much for his body size.

He looked out the huge windows of the store to see that it was just pouring rain outside and even saw a deadly bolt of lightning outside the window. It made him jump back and run behind the cashier desk, his hands shaking in fear. Why did his life have to be so hard? He was only ten for fuck sake and it felt like the weight of the world was placed on his shoulders.

He took deep breaths and eventually calmed back down again, holding some snacks and a tent that he had picked up from the shelf. He placed it down besides him, his shaking hands gripping at the leather grip of his knife. He closed his eyes, not hearing some odd noises that came from the back room due to trying to calm himself down. Eventually, he opened his eyes and cried out in surprise, seeing white smoke and mist all around him.

He tried to gather his energy to create light so that the cursed smoke and mist would be dispelled but he was too weak to do anything. He began to cry, feeling the coldness of the smoke and mist crawling up his feet towards his body. He knew someone was nearby, his ears trained on the sound of light footsteps.

[Center [B [#DC143C "Child, we meet again. This time, you are mine." ]]]

Blasphemy whimpered at the cold, harsh and feminine voice as it came closer and closer. He shook as the smoke made way to his upper chest, almost like it was vines entwining his body. The smoke and haze was effecting his mind, almost like it was telling him that he had no hope and that made him not struggle against the cursed smoke.

Then suddenly, it's like it all ended. The smoke disappeared and Blasphemy no longer felt the presence of a person but it did leave him looking around wildly. He was sent into a deep panic attack, his whole body shaking and rocking as he was against the cashier counter again. He told himself mentally that it was just his mind and that he should get some sleep for the next day. Eventually, he managed to put up the black tent and a sleeping bag, placing it inside the warm tent. He then rested his young body, eventually falling asleep...

[Center [b [U ...To Be Continued Again... ]]]]
  -RunFree / 5d 9h 8m 22s
[K2D [Center

[b I wrote this in dedication to Shinedown's album, ATTENTION ATTENTION. This was wrote while only listening to this album over and over again. ]

The town was dead, the smell of death and decay wafting into the air. There was no living thing left from what had happened to the town, some kind of supernatural power had came that the boy had never felt nor seen before. The boy stood at the entrance to this huge city, the towering buildings high in the midnight sky. There was a creepy fog and haze over the city, keeping the child from seeing much that was scattered on the ground. He took a deep breath and prepared to face Death and what it has done to everyone he once knew.

The golden boy took gentle steps into the foggy city, his body generating unnatural light as the fog crawled away from the light almost like a sheep herding dog to sheep. He looked around, finally stopping as he saw the first body. It was a girl just almost the same age as him with shriveled skin and closed eye sockets. She looked like she had been literally scared to death. He let out a small cry, warm tears rolling down his cheeks before he pushed himself to go on.

The child kept on down the street, passing abandoned vehicles and even an ice cream truck as it was in the middle of the roadway. Eventually, he made it to the center of the town, his mind breaking down as he looked around at everything that had died, nothing left but a huge oak tree whom branches were held high. He fell to his knees in front of the tree, the fog, haze and black smoke trying to swallow him as the unnatural light he gave off began to thin. His power was connected to his emotions, when he felt bad it was like all the warmth in his body had left him and had been replaced by a heavy depressed feeling.

He eventually stood back up and put his hand on the huge trunk of the oak tree, closing his eyes as if he was trying to gain energy from the plant. He wasn't however, he was trying to see if he could do anything for the town. He was soon surprised to find that the tree began to talk to him in his mind, making him feel connected to the whole universe. From everything to the tiniest ant to the beings or being up above in the stars.

[i [b "Hello Blasphemy. Such a notorious name for a light bringer." ]] An old and aged voice said in the boy's head, making him take his hand away from the tree but he was already connected to it mentally and emotionally. [#AA9240 "W-What? I mean... I am a light bringer but..." ] The child said, being very confused that the tree could talk to him in the first place.

[i [b "I know what you are doing here, you were sent here to sacrifice yourself. Do you really want to leave this life early to give others more time?" ]] The older voice asked, leaving Blasphemy thinking about what he was truly thinking of doing. Blasphemy shook his head, still kneeling there at the tree. [#AA9240 "I... I'm not sure." ] He finally said, staring at his empty hands as his light finally gave out. The fog and haze began to close in on him, almost like it wanted to smother him to death.

[Center [b [#DC143C "THE SILENCE! THE SILENCE! ]]]

A female's voice broke the silence between the tree and the boy, a pair of red glowing eyes visible through the haze and smoke. She is what did this to this town, she is the Devil's wife. She approached the boy with a smoothness that only a queen should have. She had pastel green hair, pale skin and red lips that were the color of a freshly picked cherry. She placed a hand on the child's shoulder, a mischievous smile on her face as she leaned into the child's face.

Blasphemy's deep golden eyes locked with the red eyes of the demon, his emotions too dark and complicated for him to decipher. His vision suddenly went dark, the smoke choking him as he went unconscious. He woke up in a long corridor that was very dark and gloomy, his fragile body shaking as he stood up and felt the cold air of the hallway. He looked down the hallway, several doors lined up along the hall as he began to go down the hallway finally.

He looked over at the first door he came across, shocked to see someone in a straightjacket sitting in the center of the room. He put his hand against the glass before the person's head turned towards him and it scared him. He turned around and sprinted to the other end of the hallway, his vision turning to black once more as he made it.

He woke up with his hand on the tree, breathing heavily. He stood up and stepped away from the tree, shaking heavily. [#AA9240 "Goodbye father." ]

[B [U To Be Continued... ]]]
[size20 [u [i Week 3 Prompt:]]] [size18 Smoke, Fog, and Haze or Black and blue]
  ᵏᶤᶰᵈᵒʳᵃ / Lilybird- / 11d 3h 20m 17s
Everything I do
Everything I say
Feels like he's there
And he's going to stay

I try to run
I try to hide
And yet it doesn't work
He's everywhere I turn

I want to escape
To hide
And finally be free
But again that can never be
  =Heed= / SheDevil / 18d 1h 45m 19s
[raleway [Center The young apothecary kneeled down beneath the king, where the mighty man had been sitting on his throne made from bones. The man's deep voice rumbled before the boy, [b [i "I enshallith to you a new prince, a prince that I've kept my eyes on." ]] The man said, standing up from his throne with nothing besides him but black drapes that covered the window that looked out on his decaying kingdom. The kingdom of Yijka used to be alive before some tragedy came upon the land, the apothecary did not know what it was as he wasn't here before then.

The apothecary looked up at the man whom wore a crown and dark grey robes, [#228B22 "I am not suitable to be a prince, my lord. I am merely a healer, a helper if you wish." ] The teenager said with respect in his voice, still basically on his knees as he looked up at the older male. [b [i "I will die soon and I want someone to take over, I have accounted you to be that person, Jayfeather Virgoan Hunter." ]]

Jayfeather sighed, his real reason of being there was a good and light reason. His quest was to become the prince of this decaying kingdom, kill the king and then restore it to it's natural beauty. This kingdom used to be the kingdom of light that held elves, humans and all other kinds of races in peace. His fists shook underneath the tight gloves that he wore, a knife sheathed to his right hip.

[#228B22 "My lord, I thank you for all that you have done. But I think it is indeed time for you to retire." ] Jayfeather stated, standing up slowly as he stood in front of the man. The two had a stare down, the king finally understanding what was happening. [B [I "Guards!" ]] The man cried as two armored and armed black guards appeared from the sides of the king, ready to protect that they were loyal to.

[#228B22 "Stop! Do you really want to live in this darkness? In this sorrow?!" ] Jayfeather exclaimed, standing there without his weapon out yet, staring at the two guards as they hovered on either side of them. The two looked at each other and took a step back, making the king growl. [b [i "Unloyal bastards." ]] He growled, flicking his right hand to the side and a saber appearing in his hand. [#228B22 "Seems like even your guards has left you, there is no one here for you. You will die in the pit like everything else." ] The teenager growled, stepping forwards and pulling his hunting knife out of the sheath on his hip.

The man was wide eyed but frozen with fear, feeling Jayfeather's hand around his neck as he was lifted into the air. His vision went downwards to see the two guards right behind Jayfeather as Jayfeather held the knife to his heart, the tip poking at his robes. The two guards opened their mouths to say something, their skin and lips visible through their helmets.

[center [size20 [u [i Week 2 Prompt:]]] [size18 "Kill the King." or "No matter how far I ran he was always watching."
  Lilybird- / 19d 31m 56s
[center [size24 There are only two days left on this prompt before a new prompt comes out. Write it while you can.
  Lilybird- / 20d 9h 10m 41s
[Rokkitt [size15 I refused to believe that was it, as I sat in the quiet hotel room with my arms around my knees staring down at the piles of cash that laid in front of me, in a brief case. [b “So you’re saying all I have to do is carry that duffel bag over the boarder and that cash is mine?”] I asked quietly, my mouth was dry just thinking about it. I had known posting that craigslist ad for odd jobs would be risky, especially adding that I was willing to do anything. To be quite honest I thought that the more terrible things I would have to do would be more to do with sex, and not smuggling something illegally across the border.

[i [b “That’s right, Princess. Easy peasy.”]] The man in front of me said with his arm crossed across his chest. [i [b “Do we have a deal?”]]

I chewed on my lip nervously, really debating my options here. It was a lot of money being offered, it would get me out of the hole I had dug myself into, still I had to ask. [b “Why me? Don’t you have people for this?”]

[b [i “I do, but who would suspect a pretty little face like yours. You don’t exactly scream criminal.”]] He responded with a shrug. [i [b “Look kid, I don’t got all day. I flew you out here so if you say no you can still enjoy your vacation, but if you say yes there were be large amounts of money in it for you.”]]

I closed my eyes resting my cheek against my knees, wondering why he couldn’t just fuck me and get it over with, why I had to risk so much for cash. Well it is a lot of cash, a small voice in my head cooed, the greedy part of me calling out to sink her fangs into the money in front of her. She was right, it was a lot of money. [b “What am I transporting?” ]I asked softly.

[i [b “That’s not for you to worry about Princess, the less you know the better.”]] I shivered at his words and opened my eyes to look at him. [i [b “Don’t look so disappointed, Princess.”]] He chuckled lowly and I scowled at him.

[b “If I am going to do this, I want half the cash up front. So I know you aren’t bullshitting me.”] I said finally with a cool tone to my voice, trying not to show how absolutely bat-shit terrified I was right now. [b “Otherwise, no deal.”]

He narrowed his eyes at me, [i [b “Do you really think you get to tell me what to do you little bitch?”]] He growled getting in my face.

Reflexively, I pulled back. I took a breath and held my ground. [b “You responded to my ad, not the other way around. So the way I see it the ball is in my park, and I get to make the rules here. Do we have a deal or not?”] I knew very likely that by pissing off this man, I could wind up dead. But I did not want to look weak in front of him. I didn’t want him to think I was a play thing, or a timid little kid in way over her head -- which he wouldn’t be wrong about, but that wasn’t the point.

He stared me down, daring me to break before picking up half the cash and tossed it at me carelessly. [b [i "If you try to fuck me over and run, I will hunt you and every last person you have ever loved down, and kill every single one of them. So I will ask you again, Do we have a deal?"]]

I swallowed and nodded silently, before whispering, [b "I am satisfied."]
  Lilybird- / 24d 17h 12m 24s
[center [pic]]
[Magra [center [size14 Dark eyes fell upon a writhing man bound by his ankles and wrists to a rather uncomfortable wooden chair. The wrists were bent painfully behind the back of the chair, shoulders dangerously close to popping out of their sockets from the angle his arms were bound. A fancy dress shoe lifted to press against the small bit of the wooden surface that showed between the man's legs. Leaning down, the man with dark hair rested an arm on his raised knee, eyes locking with the struggling human in front of him.

His eyes were dull and emotionless but the energy he gave off was intimidating. Lips parted as a low, smooth voice came from the suited man's mouth. [i [#9c00cc "The more you struggle, the more likely you are to fuck up your arms. I'd hold still if I were you,"]] he warned, more out of annoyance than any sort of attempt to help the poor man. Thankfully the tape on the other's mouth kept his muffled screams and cries for help from reaching the tall man's ears at a volume he just knew would give him a headache.

Standing back up straight and dusting the edge of his suit off, the male's attention was drawn to the door of the small, dimly lit room by the clocking of boots nearing the entrance. A flash of teal entered the room, grey eyes scanning the man in the chair before falling upon the one standing in front of it. A wide smirk on teal lips gave indication of how pleased he was at the sight.

[i [#00878e "Aw, Colin. You did so good. I'm proud of you! You've got him all wrapped up like a package for me. Good work~"]] he cooed, stepping up to the one named Colin. A gentle hand cupped against his cheek and Colin was unable to keep from nuzzling his face into the soft flesh. [i [#9c00cc "I only did what you asked, Abel,"]] he replied, voice softer than the one used with the man in the chair only moments before.

Abel's eyes softened for only a moment before he turned his attention to the the noisy one in the chair. A twisted grin plastered itself onto his face as the teal haired man stepped closer to the chair, the tied down man visibly shaken by he other's presence. He knew what shit he had gotten himself into. The fear in his eyes only spurred Abel on.

A hiss turned into a string of chuckles as Abel relished in the man's slight micro expressions. He was so bad at hiding what he felt. Then again, who would be good at hiding their fear when they knew they were facing death soon enough. A brow quirked upward and Abel cocked his hip, pulling a switchblade out of the pocket of his large fur coat. Flicking it open, Colin took a step forward, brows furrowing. [i [#9c00cc "A knife already? You remember what happened last time, Abel. You-"]] he cut himself off, trying to find the right words to say and for good reason as the other turned with narrow eyes towards him.

Thin ice below his feet, Colin spoke up again, eyes meeting with the fiery ones glaring daggers back at him, just daring him to speak too out of line. [i [#9c00cc "Last time you used the knife too soon you killed the guy before we got what we wanted from him. I'm just saying maybe you should.. you know, wait a bit?"]] Moments felt like hours as Colin waited to see if his friend would either choke him - which he wouldn't particularly mind - or agree with him.

With a click of his tongue, the teal haired man rolled his eyes and faced the sitting man. [i [#00878e "You know, you're right. But the thing is, I don't care about this little parasite. Do we need information? Yes, but am I desperate for it? Not at all. I have other ways to get what I need, so I don't really need him~!"]] The raised voice had Colin reach out to grab the arm with the knife, but as the sound of metal sliding into flesh met his ears, Colin sighed and closed his eyes.

Colin backed away and watched as Abel's fingers twitched around the switch blade in his hand. The fur coated man twisted the knife in the man's gut, cries of pain threatening to seep from the corners of the tape on his mouth. Abel furrowed his brows upwards a bit and smiled, letting out a shaky breath of enjoyment. [i [#00878e "Oh, did you want to say something, darling?"]] the man quipped, tilting his head as the blade slid out of the bleeding wound.

Leaning close to the man, Abel snickered lowly and lifted the blade, pressing it to the other's chin. [i [#00878e "Then let me help you let out that voice, hmm?"]] he questioned, the look in his eyes wild. Colin couldn't tear his eyes off of the scene in front of him. He would never get tired of seeing his friend, his love, so passionate even while doing something so violent.

Without hesitation, Abel shoved the blade up through the man's chin and into his mouth, chuckling as the other shook and squirmed, hearing a loud pop of one of his shoulders popping out of place. Licking his lips, the teal haired male ripped the tape off and stood back, yanking the blade from the chin it was embedded in. Blood poured from his lips and down his neck, Abel getting a nice warm feeling in his gut.

It didn't take long for the sputtering man to let his head fall back, unable to keep himself conscious. With a slight frown, Abel turned toward Colin, pouting slightly. [i [#00878e "He didn't last as long as I thought he would.."]] Colin gave a half smile and reached a hand out to stroke the other's cheek. [i [#9c00cc "You just get too excited for your own good. That's all."]] the taller male assured him.

Holding a hand out for Abel, the bloody blade was set in his hand and Abel let a sweet smile grace his features, chuckling softly. [i [#00878e "I guess you're right, Col~ Mm.."]] he turned to look at the mess of a man before looking back at Colin with a slightly bashful expression but eyes remaining mischievous.

[i [#00878e "Maybe you're right. Maybe no more knives for me."]]
  -ᴀʙᴇʟ- / Mun / 24d 17h 9m 24s
[right [pic]] The question itself made the tall, thin male’s brow twitch just the slightest bit. It has been the only indication of showing any sort of annoyance towards his current roommate, Elise Tuam, who sat beside him with a stern gaze. His steel gaze was enough to make the girl second guess her choice of decisions. As the male reached forward, Elise pulled back at the last second; pale fingers grazing the simple object was enough to make him give a simple grunt in dissatisfaction.

His orbs would watch the girl press the blade into a potato, the motion of her wrist pushing away from her being.

[#00FFFF “Really, Adonis, you can’t keep trying to analyze everything. You almost remind me of a crazy scientist that’s always trying to dissect something, and..”]

Her scolding tone had slowly become a droning in his head, his eyes just watching the constant repetitive movement fof peeling the current potato she had been using. She is rather young, and he was wondering why, exactly, he accepted the girl as an apartment mate.

The air of the complex had lightened up considerably ever since the blue haired woman found residence with the male. And even now, as the girl’s facial features would soften as she spoke, he could see each and every emotion which has been going through her being. Disgust over how he cuts everything up, to worry over why he does such things, to her then getting slightly more cheerful and looking at him expectantly.

Oh, shit.

[#D3D3D3 “.... I’m sorry, what?”] He asked, his voice as robotic as always. That’s another thing which made this apartment lively. She was a firecracker.

Elise’s brows furrowed slightly, a frown forming on her plump pink lips as she glared at the male.

[#00FFFF “See, [i see?!] That’s why we are going out after this.”]

[#D3D3D3 “But--”]

[#00FFFF “Nope, we’re going to have fun, sorry.”] Why didn’t she sound as sorry as she claimed? It was going to be a long day, and Adonis could only have his head hit the counter with a soft 'thump' at the realization.

The only response he had gotten was a snicker from the girl. He didn't have to look up see the way her pink eyes would twinkle in mirth from how quickly he folded like a house of cards at her demands.
  Gorgon / 24d 19h 39m 36s
Black nails tapped lightly on the table top as the red head faced her brother with a faint smirk on her lips. [b "So I cut someone's heart out one time and suddenly I'm not allowed knives? Last I remember it's not their fault but the person with them. So why not give me another chance, sour puss."] Her words just as sassy as always when her brother was trying to dictate her actions.

So the last time she had had a knife, a beautifully decorated wolf switch blade she was a little naughty. Okay, a lot. She had been watching her ex and well the next she knew she was seeing red. Nothing after seemed to make sense. Or it didn't until she held a bloodied knife in one hand and a heart in the other. Was she sorry? Perhaps, but it had felt good in its way too.

"Misty, I'm talking to you. For once get your head out of the clouds and pay attention. This is serious and next time I won't be able to save you." The man said with a shake of his head.

[b "What? It's fun to remember the last time."] The woman muttered with a shrug of her shoulders, moving her hand into her pocket and pulling out a knife she had been hiding from her brother.

"Where the hell did you manage to get your hands on that?" And with those words, Steff was trying to get the knife out of his sister's hands. He did NOT trust her and with what she had done..what he knew she could do he had no reason
  =Heed= / SheDevil / 25d 1h 34m 43s

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