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--please read my POST DOWN BELOW for a sense of my writing
Please also..get to know me and dont assume anything...

It's simple.

This is a literate, MAFIA related story.
I will post first. Please see below, I have begun the story. Please continue to follow.

If you would like to JOIN - please...PM ME :)

There was once a woman, bold, bright - beautiful and ever so passionate. A daughter, who loved her Father very much and taught her everything he knew.
When he died, her world fell apart. The love and lust for life faltered and everything turned the darkest of grey.
It was up to her, too continue the family name.

There was once a woman who was bold, bright, beautiful and ever so passionate.
Donna Valentina Lucia. - a woman who was now cold, vile, evil but still ever so beautiful.

I suppose one could say this story is about her deals, the plots of murder and successful earnings.
One could also say this story is also about the man who - from the enemy, falls for her charms - does her bidding and together, they rule all.

----- NOTE: We can discuss the plot, I am happy with changing things.

What I need from you.

-MALE ROLE of the Male consort.
-LITERACY in writing along with creativity.


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[i Tomorrow? I would think tonight...Isn’t this a circle driveway?]
[b "Circle yes, but one one entry in and out and its blocked by the tree. I'm sure you just saw it when you looked out the window.."] Valentina muttered, keeping still as she pressed up against the piano.

A grand piano it was.
Cost pretty penny too, but it was all worth it, even thought she didnt know how to play it.
The musical peice just stayed there, collecting dust - being a center piece of the room that at times, did get used when parties were thrown when she was staying in the house for a week or more.

Valentina kept her eyes on the man.

He didnt carry himself well.
Which was a shame as before, during the day he stood tall and well poised, confident when now, he looked like a deer in the headlights, a frightened little mouse.
Val wasn't that big of a monster was she?

Yes she was known to be ruthless, evil and a woman who killed her own sister but she had to be tough if she was to get somewhere in life and try to stay alive.

Aerith did look yummy though.
He had to be one of the most handsome men she had ever seen which made her collect flashes of dirty thoughts in her mind when silence filled the room.
He was however the enemy.

That didnt stop her thought from rough fucking his Boss at one point in time, or Mark's previous right hand man who had gone missing once a photo came up of her on the beach that he took.
[b "You really must stay. If you were too get hurt under my watch, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself and Mark would have my head. I cannot let that happen, now, can I?.."] Val muttered again - raising the glass to her lips and took another sip of the drink - finishing it off before shfting from the piano.

The keys made noise as her ass shifted from them.

[i I don’t have any questions, thank you for asking. I get what is to be mentioned when I get the package to him. Thank you for explaining. Usually these things aren’t really mentioned to us for alibi sake.]
[b "The way I see it, Mr McGregor is that you and I are now a team. We are family for a single moment up until the deal is over and done, so whatever information I can relay onto you...I will give as it will help in the long run...if...you get caught."] she replied.

He was testing her patience.

Valentina smiled and wandered through the room and approached Aerith once again - up close and personal, looking into his eyes and not glancing away as she tried to figure him out.
He was very hard to read.

In life, people tend to wait for good things to come to them. And by waiting, they miss out. Usually, what you wish for doesn't fall in your lap; it falls somewhere nearby, and you have to recognize it, stand up, and put in the time and work it takes to get to it. This isn't because the universe is cruel. It's because the universe is smart. It has its own cat-string theory and knows we don't appreciate things that fall into our laps.

[b "Speaking of getting caught.."] her voice broken the silence, face close to the man. [b "You wont get caught if you want to do something you know you shouldnt."]

Leaning in, head tilted to the side - it was their her lips brushed up against his own, eyes closed for a single moment, wanting to enjoy the tingles that shot throughout her body.

[b "I see the way you look at me ... I'm good at keeping secrets..."] her hot sweet breath danced along his mouth as she spoke.

It was all up to him now,
Take it or leave it.
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 171d 11h 32m 57s
[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Aerith was standing outside in the breezy area. The sun had begun to set, the wind was beginning to cool down as the heat source slowly tucked away over the horizon. He pulled his jacket tighter around his shoulders as he waited. It wasn’t much of a drive over here. The area was a part that he had only seen from the outside of the gates. It was in the middle of the city, but within a limit that only certain people, people could afford the luxury life lived here. The house was magnificient and he was in no doubt astounded by the sights that were around him.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He took in a deep breath and looked around, tempted to ring the bell again, but it was slowly opened and an older gentleman came to peek around the door frame. He looked at him and lifted a brow. [b I was sent for a package.] He said, his deep voice carrying over the small space between them. The man nodded once, and slowly opened up the door and he was instructed to stand in the foyer while he walked around the corner. Aerith looked around the grand foyer. It was definitely huge in nature, and everything around him was worth more than his rent for his apartment more than likely. Why in the hell would Boss want him to come and pick up something and just tempt him like this? Immediately feeling clammy, he glanced backward outside and could see the rain begin to fall. His car was in the driveway which he was so gracefully able to pull in to. It was completely different in the area that he had grown up in and currently lived in.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Standing there, he dug his hands into his pockets as he waited for the man to return with the package that he was supposed to pick up. He needed to get out of there before the storm kicked up and he needed to be back in time before Boss would be wondering where he was and seeing if he had taken his time with the package or even used it...Aerith would do no such thing. It was nervewracking to say the least when standing there in the grandest foyer he had ever seen while waiting for the package to be delivered to him----]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He was instructed to follow the man who didn’t come back with the package but only with instructions for him to follow the gentleman into the den. Feeling anxious, he looked at the man but did as he was told, his boots clanking against the floor. It wasn’t until he was walking into the den that he came upon a sight…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i This is quite a surprise, Mark sending you…] ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 The way that her lips parted, he was sure they were good at naughty things. It was the sparkle of lip gloss that he was sure that many had kissed those beloved lips. They were curved to make every dream come true in any grown man’s dream. His eyes traced her face, her features...moving downward…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b I was instructed to pick up a package and return it to Boss, yes ma’am.] He looked at her expectantly. He just wanted to do his job. He could satisfy himself later on to the thought of her, but he knew that he needed to be good. This was a very important job to him…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i Usually it is someone ..a bit more, knowing the business. However if Mark sent you, then you must know a little something. He must like you. Would you like a drink?..]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b I guess I am not entirely sure, I am just aware of a very important package to pick up. And no thank you, I appreciate it though.] He said, gulping nervously. He tried to hold and hide his nervousness, but he was worried it was seeping through his pores and it was practically shining on his face. He could hear the thunder outside and he was sure that it would be hell trying to get home. The littlest bit of rain always caused a massive panic in the city…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 She went to walk over to the bar, pulling herself away from the chair to pour herself another drink. Even just the glass that she held was worth more than his apartment, he was sure of it. Pressing his lips together just as she had pressed the glass to her lips, the gentleman that he took as the butler came in and spoke to her in a different language. He knew that he should know what they were speaking about, but the man was speaking so fast, he hadn’t got the full gist of the conversation.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i It seems a fallen tree has blocked the driveway due to the storm. Unfortunatly, nothing can be done until the morning. Looks like you will be staying here.] Was all she said so confidently...as if this was planned. His eyes went to look at the window and sure enough there was a tree that was down and he was sure that it was fine earlier...He pressed his lips together as she then went on about getting down to business. He lifted a brow and gulped. [b I’m not sure if I can stay…] He muttered, but she had went on as if nothing had been said. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 She just walked up to him and stood closer to him. His body stiffened, but he held his ground as the beautiful scent of her perfume filled his nostrils. He forced himself to not react as much as he wanted to. He wanted to grip her, but he knew it was unprofessional...He knew that the boss would flip if he were to do anything with this woman.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i I am happy that Mark sent you…] She said. He felt himself flustering and his cheeks filling with color, but he glanced to the side. [b I’m just here for business, Ma’am.] He said, trying to be professional as he could. The woman was definitely not making it easy for him at all as she stepped closer, her hands innocently brushing his skin as she moved the drink to her lips after so innocently putting her lips against his ear to speak the words that gave his skin chills. Dammit...the woman was on point and he had to hold his ground and not react... ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i You came here for your Boss who is interested in a little something I produce. I need an investor...a partner If I am going to pull this off…] He nodded to her words. [i In that box on the table infront of you is a bag. A sample bag of pure 100% cocaine that is undetectable. Tastes, like powdered sugar. Sweet. Take it to your Boss tomorrow and I'll wait for his word. It's as simple as that..] She said...the words continuing on. She had moved away from him and had walked over to the grand piano. He felt his shoulders stiffen as he watched her ass as she walked away from him. He was so guilty to do this...He was definitely a man who was interested in women, but he knew he had to resist...She was the enemy.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Moving his eyes, she lifted a brow as her own eyes were seemingly holding their own fantasies. He pressed his lips together and shrugged his shoulders. [b Tomorrow? I would think tonight...Isn’t this a circle driveway?] He asked, having seen an exit to the street on the other side of the house as he had driven around to the front. He wondered what she was doing to him...Her body language showed that she was on the market...on the prowl...looking for her next victim. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He couldn’t afford an affair with the woman who had everything. He couldn’t give her anything that she didn’t already have.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Now it was only a matter of time and seeing that he wouldn’t be the one that she would end up with. He took in a deep breath. [b I don’t have any questions, thank you for asking. I get what is to be mentioned when I get the package to him. Thank you for explaining. Usually these things aren’t really mentioned to us for alibi sake.] He mentioned, having some law background from school. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He wasn’t one to talk back, but he was not much of one to be taken advantage of either. His eyes watched her carefully, waiting for her response, but if she was wanting to play, he could counter her bet. [b So, if you want to pull this off, you shouldn’t spew your important details.] He said, shrugging his hands deeper into his pockets. ]]]
  Aerith McGregor / AWritersLove_ / 171d 12h 11m 42s
[b "We will be having a visitor this evening..."] Valentina spoke as she entered into the large house that rested upon a hill in the Lincolnshire area.
The house resembled that of one in the Gothic-Victoria era, surrounded by gardens of big trees, bushes and bright flowers.
The structure build from bluestone, it was solid thanks to the hardend concrete that held the stones together securely.
Roof of black tile along with a chimney and a weather vane that was currently pointing north due to the wind.
On all the corners laid Gargoyles who keopt a watchful eye during the night and day of any bad spirits that may want to enter.
They didnt seem to be doing a very good job, as Valentina entered the house without any problems.

As the doors opened by the hands of the Help that were in her imploy, Valentina reached a hand up and grasp the wide brim of her hand, removing it from the top of her head and held it out to the side to where a man grabbed it along with her jacket that she slinked off from her body.

[+green "A visitor, Maam?.."]
[b "Yes. Make sure the Guest Bedroom is nice and tidy. He wont be going home. Not tonight..."] she spoke, refusing to look at the man who stood there holding her clothes as Val entered the den.
[+green "Right away, Maam.."]

The house inside was indeed beautiful.
Full of funishings that made the house welcome, warm and very homey.

Small lamps gave the room light along with candles that gave a warm aura to the area.
Couches and beds that were comfortable.
Furniture made only out of the most expensive mahongany woods with fine detailing.
Curtains thick to block out any sunlight and to remain the patron in the dark if need be.

A few hours went by and now, outside was becoming dark.
The sun was starting to set to go to sleep so the moon could rise from slumber.
Valentina ate her dinner, did a single crossword and made several phone calls to people on her own.
Usually, calls were made with someone in the room however there were times that Valentina wanted to be alone in order to speak to these particular people.

Showering and smelling like orchids and the sweetest of vanilla, the woman of the house did her hair, left her face free of make up except for the mascara and the gloss she would remove later before sleep.
The freckles upon her face now free out in the open for veiwing as no make up covered them.
Wearing a silk black nightdress with thin straps, held her body, the bottom hem glided against the floor as she walked.

There was a storm coming.

Hard knocks came upon the door and Val, who was agaiun in the den, sipping on a glass of brandy while reading the newspaper to catch up on the current situations, her head looked up and watched as Matthew remained in the den, keeping careful eye on the Woman.
Matthew was becoming old.
Hard of hearing but he was a gentle soul. There were times Valentina knew she could of been a little nicer to him as he did, bring her up since she was a little girl.

[b "Matthew? Puoi aprire la porta, per favore?"] she spoke, asking Matthew to please get the door.
[+green "Im sorry.."] he quickly spoke and scurried off out of the door through the foyer and towards the door and opened up.

Aerith stepped inside with instruction and remained standing before being ushered to the left coming to the area where Valentina was in.

[b "This is quite a surprise. Mark sent you..."] she muttered, standing up from the desk and wandered around to the front of it, leaning back, keeping her eyes on the man.

[b "Usually it is someone ..a bit more, knowing the business. However if Mark sent you, then you must know a little something. He must like you. Would you like a drink?.."]

Pushing away from the desk, Valentina wandered to the bar and poured herself another brandy and it was while doing this that Matthew entered the room and stood beside the guest.

[+green "La tempesta, signorina. La forza ha spinto un albero e sta bloccando il vialetto. I servizi di emergenza non possono intervenire fino a domattina..']
[b "Hmm....."]

Looking away from Matthew as he left the room, leaving the two alone, Valentina glanced at Aerith and stepped in closer, handing him a glass of the same drink she had.

[b "It seems a fallen tree has blocked the driveway due to the storm. Unfortunatly, nothing can be done until the morning. Looks like you will be staying here."] her voice let out, keeping her eyes upon the pawn in the game.
[b "Should we...get down to business?.."] she muttered again a little quietier as once more she stepped forward, closer to Aerith, looking up as he was indeed a little taller.
A bit of her lower pouty lip, her eyes remained on him like prey, intimidating the male as she lent up and placed her cheek against his own, whispering in his ear.
[b "I'm happy, Mark sent you......"]

Staying there for a single moment, it was not long until Valentina pulled back and gave off a smile before turning around fast.
[b "You came here for your Boss who is interested in a little something I produce. I need an investor...a partner If I am going to pull this off..."]
Shifting to the Grand Piano that made its place on the right side of the room, Valentina rested her body against the front, letting the sound of the keys ring through the room as she bumped against them.

[b "In that box on the table infront of you is a bag. A sample bag of pure 100% cocaine that is undetectable. Tastes, like powdered sugar. Sweet. Take it to your Boss tomorrow and I'll wait for his word. It's as simple as that.."]

Keeping her eyes on him, Valentina couldn't help but think thoughts in her mind.
Rough, dirty thoughts of Aerith fucking her red raw upon the piano where it would make noise just as much as they would.

[b "Questions?.."]
  Valentina Lucia ---- / MeisjeKelly / 187d 5h 59m 57s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Aerith was a man of standing tall, of standing for his work and his pride. His shoulders were strict with boldness and he was not about to fall for the lie. However, the eyes upon the woman as she moved, her hips swaying as if with the breeze, she was making her way over to their small group. Mark had hesitated his breathing and Aerith was focusing his mind on those that were happening around them. The details were what held his life together, no matter how false and see through it might have been.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Hello Mark. It has been a while, you look good...Who is the newbie?] Her eyes, moving elegantly away from the Mark came upon him. Aerith met her gaze with a strong hold, but his walls were fighting. A pull was what she had. Magnetic and strong, she was potent like poison ivy. Her perfume gripped his nostrils, and his hands felt clammy to his fingertips, but he wasn’t about to let this woman get a hold on him. Mark gave him his name and he lifted a brow at the introduction. Her lips had parted to produce his name, those pouty lips that had been surrounding the glass, he watched them curl and shape into a smile, while her nails clinked against the glass that she was holding ever so delicately. He didn’t even get to respond and she didn’t even get to finish her sentence.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The boss man came over, his eyes set on Aerith, and he was sure to straighten up, showing his boss he had not faltered like his partner beside him. Valentina on the other hand was already letting the silk words caress the group for her explanation for the even purposed conversation. She had a way that seemed to smooth over any tension, all with the velvet tone of her voice and a sweet move of her hips as she walked away with a moment to finish her glass.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She spoke of a sample, one where they could keep their trade alive under the radar, in the underground. The market was hot for the newest and Valentina was always known for being ahead of everyone. Even bossman knew that, but his sources and reliators were always the ones that held course of action. They were the most reliable and dependable of the city type. Valentina had to do everything fast and in a hurry...and the details were never quite etched out. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 But when they worked out perfectly, she made it look like it had been planned that way to begin with. She was never without fail though, he had learned that quickly. She could come up with anything against any propagation or interrogation to slip her way out of things. Words came effortlessly to her. And she was not without a fight, whether physically with a swing of her hips or a move of her lips, or verbally with her poetic ways. Aerith was in for a treat for sure, but everything about her was something dark covered in a velvet coat with the smile that gave him chills all through the amount of muscles that he had in his body. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Moving away from the crowd, Aerith and the men walked in front of and surrounding the boss as they made their way out to the vehicles that were pulled up and warmed up in front of the building. It took about an hour before they were back and settled within the quarters. Everyone was being dismissed, but the boss man himself came out and pointed straight at Aerith.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Yes sir.] He said without a single bit of hesitation as he walked in to the study that only a few got to see. He felt honored, but then he felt as if it had something to do with the pair of lips that they had met earlier in the day. Each curve, each touch of glass, he was watching the image float across his mind only to be burned there in the front. He came back to the present and looked at his boss man as he settled himself in the chair behind the red oak desk covered in different piles of paperwork and a scotch glass filled to the necessary line in the glass to the right on a wooden coaster.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 There was silence before the boss man decided to speak. [i I have something for you to do before you head home, McGregor.] The last name perked his interest. He only spoke the last name when things were serious. He could only imagine the point of this conversation was going to be about.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Aerith felt his hands get a little clammy all over again. [b Yes sir, what do you need me to do?] He held his palms together at his front as if he was in the military all over again. The bossman smiled as he looked over the scotch glass and raised it to his lips. The words came slow after the sip. [i I need you to go to this address.] He placed a single piece of parchment at the edge of the desk that Aerith took a small step forward to reach for. He didn’t look at it yet, but he just remained his focus on the boss man. [i When you get there. You are to retrieve the package there and return it back to me.] Aerith nodded. He was not the usual gofer. [b Sir, I am not here to question you, but can I ask you why you need me to get this package for you?] He asked, trying not to stand over his boundary.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You are not an idiot, McGregor. You are a man of loyalty and resistance. With that being said, I feel you are the only one capable of retrieving this package of question. Don’t fail me, or be tempted. Temptation will be your downfall.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Aerith nodded and was quickly dismissed to get the mission done and back with. It wasn’t long before he was getting into his own vehicle with the paper in his pocket. Finally pulling it out, he read the scratch and the name scribbled across the top and he immediately felt his stomach drop.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He drove the area and it wasn’t long before he was parking and taking a deep breath in the front seat. He felt the bees turn into wasps with a matter of moments as he walked up the steps of the dedicated building marked by the solitary number 9. He pressed his lips together and rang the doorbell and waited.]]]
  Aerith McGregor / AWritersLove_ / 239d 9h 13m 51s
[+red "What do you expect us to do? How exactly will one get close to him? Afterall, he is nothing but a Guard, a protector to the man you hate..."]

There was once a time where Valentina did not hate the man Aerith stood for.
The two were alias, companions, business partners and passionate lovers. It came to a point where Valentina was almost willing to catch herself a husband, but all good things had to come to an end. Their love went sour when DeLorenzo turned his back on her, made a deal with the devil and began consorting with a woman who was now his wife.

[b "You're right. Getting to him will be hard considering he is always hanging around the man he was sworn to protect. This wont be easy.."] she spoke, raising an eyebrow - turning her head to where her eyes stared upon her right hand man. A man just as harsh and criminal as she.
[+red "Everyone seems to be mingling but you. Perhaps we should move from here and go ...wander around..."]
[b "I hate it when you are right.."] she spoke, taking a step forward, placing a hand upon Frankie's chest and gently kissed his cheek.
[+ "I know you hate it.."]

Smiling, it was in that moment that Valentina grabbed her crystal glass from the balcony's edge that was filled with whiskey and wandered back into the gathering. Eyes looked around the room observing her surroundings,
It was the two men standing off to the side - that Val chose to swarm towards.
Long legs made the Mafia Queen step in closer, a smile just grew wider as her eyes glanced upon Mark.
That man knew a little too much for her liking but he was harmless.

Valentina knew his buttons to push but she never made a move. Now she knew why. Mark wasn't the one she was supposed to spend all of her time on.
It was the other clean cute, hunk of man standing beside him.

[b "Hello Mark. It has been a while, you look good..."] Val spoke, bringing the glass to her pouty lips and took a sip of the liquor while Frank was close in reach, but keeping DeLorenzo occupied, speaking on Valentina's behalf of a truce.
[b "Who is the newbie?..."] the question was asked to which came a reply of a name. Raising an eyebrow, Valentina bit her lower lip, clinking her nails against the glass [b "Aerith? Interesting name. I'm Va--..."]

[+blue "Looking for some blood to suck, Valentina?.."] DeLorenzo muttered as he sauntered over, causing Val to roll her eyes - scoffing at his words. Her name was spoken for her.

[b "No actually. I was telling your men about a new product I have and for them to pass the information onto you, but since you are talking to me in a civil manner, I will discuss.."] she spoke
[b "I have created a product. A sweet taste, undetectable cocaine and I ...want to give you a cut of it for a very reasonable price of course.."]

[b "You and I have both been here in Chicago before ..intimately so you should know where I am staying. If you are interested, send one of your men to collect a small sample to try and see if your man enough to do business..."]

Downing the last bit of her drink, it was not long until Valentina placed the glass onto a silver platter that a waiter held before gathering her belongings, taking a longing last look at Aerith, saying her goodbyes.

[+red "How did it go?.."] Frankie spoke as he opened the door for his Boss, watching her walk out only to follow behind, he himself unable to glance away from that ass.
[b "We will see. Take me home...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 268d 40m 5s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Aerith was standing behind the boss, his hands crossed at his middle, holding his ground, not trying to make too much eye contact with the woman. Her eyes were penetrating, but he didn’t want to give her that satisfaction if she really was what everyone had said she was. His mind was wandering, while his hands were holding steady. His ears were trying to tune out the conversation, but everything was being heard from their lips. And he was surprised with what was coming from his boss’s mouth.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You aren’t weak, you are just a heartless bitch who would fuck any man within a twenty mile radius.] The words came out cold and without any emotion to be seen. He could practically feel the heat that was radiating from his boss while he was sitting there, sipping on a cold brandy, but his muscles didn’t even twitch. His eyes barely even blinked. He was a cold statue, but his heat was radiating from his body that even Aerith began to sweat a little bit. Pressing his lips together, he looked toward the woman briefly, and all she did was smile. She had swiveled around and her fancy shoes were then propped up on the table and the cigarette came up to her lips before she spoke. Her eyes were meeting his when she spoke. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You forgot...women...men and women in a twenty mile radius.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The words were just as straight forward as boss’. He pressed his lips together, gulping slightly before taking a glance and breaking their exchange of glances to look at the other body guard who was staring hardcore at the female. He didn’t change his non emotional face, and he tried to hide the smirk that wanted to peak out from under his breath. The woman was glancing at him, and he knew that wasn’t going to work...They were enemies, but were trying to come to a compromise to figure things out and perhaps help each other. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Aerith tried to keep on track with the conversation and what thoughts were trying to peep into his head as her eyes were tracing his figure. He had to remember to stay light on his feet and ready at any moment. While the meetings were civil, the woman herself was unpredictable.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She was showing that quite clearly.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He watched her walk away to get a drink. The curves were moving just right in her favor. Within her walk, she knew exactly what she looked like and she used it to her advantage. Without a doubt she was using every part of her attractiveness to sway anyone and everyone whom she chose. Even when she had come back, drink in hand, her words were harsh, sharp as a knife as she spoke to the boss and sideman who sat there waiting patiently. The words didn’t phase boss, he wasn’t even moving, barely even speaking as he let the emotional stabbing come out.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 As the woman then walked away, she was talking with her own crew as the food was being prepared and entered into the room on fine china. Through the doors, she walked out onto the balcony, her eyes stealing glances at him as Mark then came up to him.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “Dude! She was completely and whole attacking you with her eyes. She was ripping off your clothes within seconds of looking at you. What the hell?”] Mark said, glancing at the woman as he whispered as the boss continued to eat and having shooed them to a farther post. They were fine, and they were to look at the entrances and exits for weak points and possible threats. The coast was clear except for one. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The woman who was speaking harshly to the man standing next to her, and the look that she was giving him was already shooting him straight in the core. He felt himself stiffen, but he turned his attention back to mark. [b “She just likes new meat. I have had plenty of experience with women like this. She wants what she wants at first, then she’ll drop me like a hot potato. I’m not interested in that.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Mark huffed. [u “Aerith, be serious now. That woman is one that will not only ruin your life, but will kill you on the bed if you aren’t a good enough dick for her. If she wants you, she will do anything to have you.”] ]]]
  Aerith McGregor / AWritersLove_ / 268d 12h 18m 43s
[i "No, Valentina. You are right..."]

Those words made the woman gently remove the butt of the cigarette from her pouty lips and adjust her eyesight from the tantalizing guard standing off to the left side - too the man that she wanted to see rot at the bottom of the sea wearing nothing but concrete slippers.
[b "What?..."] she muttered, an eyebrow raised. The man actually admitted that she was right.
Never in a million years did she ever think that DeLorenzo would admit defeat and speak words on her being right.

Valentina was ready to celebrate, however, this was short lived with a quick smart ass remark.
[b "You aren't weak. You are just an heartless bitch who would fuck any man in a 20 mile radius..."]

Valentina's eyes narrowed.
The men at the table kept their silence. A quick short glance towards the Guard again - made the woman smile.

She was unpredictable.
No one knew what would happen when it came to her, this was a woman who murdered her own sister, after all.

Leaning back against the chair, it swiveled to the side and the mafia queen lifted up both legs and placed the back of her Louboutins upon the marble table and again, bringing the cigarette to those lips and inhaled.
Exhaling the blue whispy smoke, Valentina kept those big eyes upon the handsome, rugged guard but spoke words directed to his Boss who dared opened his mouth.
[b "You forgot .."women" ... men and ..[i women] in a 20 mile radius..."]

Giving off a smile, Valentina turned back to the moron and gave off a wink to wave off that what was said, didn't harm her at all.
Inside, however, she was furious and DeLorenzo would get his just desserts.

[+blue "Are we done with this hub bub?. Yes? ... Great, now down to business...."]

Twice a year these meetings happened.
And twice a year, Valentina would show up and the events would be boring, dull and a complete snooze.
It was boring knowing that on these days, no one was to harm one another but keep it civil, nice and kind.

This meeting however, with a new man standing on the side lines - was proving to be a good time.
The things she would do to him.
Valentina would rip him apart.

As her mind drifted off into a sexual frenzy, it was hearing words of the word discretion that caused Val to snap out of the daydream and give off a soft laugh. Digging the cigarette out into the ashtray, it was there she stood up and turned around - wandering to the bar, ass jiggling through her thin fabric white pants.

[i "I practice discretion.."] DeLorenzo muttered to Rothstein as Valentina poured herself another sweet whisky, leaving the help to remain standing still.
One however shifted from his position to help which Valentina placed up a hand to make him stop.
[b "You practice bullshit. Who the fuck are you Arnold?"] she spoke to DeLorenzo, eyes down - watching the liquid fill the glass halfway. [b "aside from a little weasel with a good poker face."] - turning around - leaving the decanter open - glass in hand, she wandered back to the table but remained standing.

[b "Can we just cut the bullshit? ... Let's just make it simple. DeLorenzo and I will have an amicable relationship for a one time deal..."] she muttered.
For several more minutes, they remained talking until at finally..12pm, the meeting was silenced for a break.
Food entered the room to which the men wandered too, to continue talking, while Valentina, rolled her eyes and wandered from the table to the outside balcony where she placed the glass onto the ledge before both hands - looking out at the view.

[+red "He is a cad, that one ..."]
[b "Don't worry. He will get what's coming to him. I'll make sure he is vulnerable first. One step at a time, Frankie. Still, they have no idea what I'm capable of..."] she muttered, turning around - staring at her Guard for a single moment before glancing at the Guard that made her heart go pitty pat along with making her stomach turn at the same time...
[+red "Shall we continue with our vile plan, Donna Lucia? ..."] her right hand man muttered. Valentina continued to look at the man who stood beside Mark, unable to control herself from biting her lip as she backed up against the railing.

Her mind wandered to his hands gliding up the sides of her body - undressing her bare naked, thrusting her up against the wall before creating several sins.

[b "No. I have a better idea...."] she muttered softly... [b "How close is that Guard to Mark? ... would he hesitate in taking a bullet for that man?.."]
[+red "I do not think he would, Miss..."]
[b "Let's make him second guess his loyalty. Let's find out if I can find a kink in his armor......"]
  Valentina Lucia *** / MeisjeKelly / 279d 9h 1m 0s
[center [font “Times” [size12 It was a bright day. The sun was out, clouds were few and far in between. It would be a grand to be outside and bask in the sun for a little bit, perhaps a jog. It would have some benefit for some of the assholes that he was stuck around with all day. Aerith clasped his hands together as he stood patiently next to the door. He was itching to get out, to go roam free, and standing there, waiting on the boss to get done was making him painfully impatient. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Apparently they were to have a visitor later this afternoon. One that many of the men were already howling and whistling about. The boss was for a different mood, a different attitude toward the female. He had not been apart of the pack long enough to make judgements, but he was trusted enough to stand at the right hand side of the boss during important exchanges or during special occasions. This would land him jobs with security wherever he wanted. He was promised detail in the government if he worked here long enough and proved worthy for the permission grant into the specific job. He was taking it day by day, and step by step, but it was getting easier with days as they passed.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i “Are you ready for Valentina to get here?”] Mark, another security detail came to stand next to Aerith’s post. Aerith checked his watch, being sure they were on time with their itinerary and nodded. [b “I guess as I’ll ever be. The meeting should be later though. Why? Is there something you’re worried about?”] Mark rolled his eyes at Aerith’s answer and pulled his phone out, pulling up a picture of the female in question.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The picture was of the female enjoying a beverage near the ocean off the pier. It was a beautiful capture and he wondered who had taken the photo. [b “Was that your hand in taking the picture?”] Mark shook his head and laughed. [i “Not even close. I wish it was. Because I’m pretty sure she slept with whoever took this photo.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “Pervert. Get out of here.”] He pushed the man away and they both laughed before the boss was stepping through the door and they straightened up immediately. Boss looked at them and smiled between the two of them. [u “Anything interesting gentleman?”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “We were discussing your itinerary for later this afternoon. Mark is full of jokes.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The bosses face ligthened up at the mention. [u “Oh do tell Mark.”] Mark began to glance heavily at Aerith, sweat already beading at his forehead. [i “Oh, Boss. I was just joking with Aerith about him needing to get out and see the city. Nothing about the schedule boss.”] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “Aerith, what is it that you are trying to see?”] He asked. Aerith smiled swiftly. [b “He means I need to start seeing women sir. Since I don’t have a date on my arm most nights.”]]]]
[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “Women can be treasures, but a sure pain in the ass. But please, do not tell my wife that.”] They all laughed and then were moving down the hallway and Aerith was pulling out the schedule, sure to get the details and the for sure timing where they had to be. Thankfully their next meeting would be in the current building and they had everything on lock down. They were already in place, ready to go and secure. With no worries at this point, Aerith felt a little more confident. It was going to places that he was too familiar with that he felt a little insecure, even with all the extra planning he would have in place before hand.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It wasn’t until later when they were arriving at the designated hotel, one they frequented often to check on patrons that were checking in and out as well as possible business partners. Aerith stood close and paid special attention to everyone until he saw her…. The woman that was in the photo was walking strictly in the white clothing that hung on every curve just right that he had to pull his attention away from her to straighten his thought sbefore other parts of his body would start to pay attention as well.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u “Valentina….”] The boss to spoke. It was charming, but he could hear the sarcasm in his voice already. He could tell that the boss wasn’t too happy with her and the more he listened, he could tell why. She was ruthless even to be standing there, but how sexy she was to be sitting there with a single pouty look without leaving a single drop of anything else but confidence anywhere else on anyone else in the room. She was demanding attention of everyone in the room without even having to lift a finger. And she was already winning everyone over that even the waiter had walked away with a slight growth in his pants after getting her order to her that he could already tell the images that were passing through their minds were nothing of the PG rating.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And she contined to make eyes at him periodically during the conversation. This was not good at all….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She needed to stop.]]]
  Aerith McGregor / AWritersLove_ / 280d 10h 8m 7s
No one has joined this story.
This is my post for someone to continue.
Please give this a chance..

[b "There was a man once. I don't recall his name. Frequented the billiard palace downtown alot. He made a comfortable living wagering whether or not he could swallow certain objects, billiard balls being a specialty. He'd take a ball, stick it in his gullet down to here and regurgitate it back up."] Valentina spoke as she stood on the side of her warm lit study. The fire was the only source of light that casted a sweet - comfortable ambiance. Velvet couches, a magohany table along with a desk that harbored a dark brown leather chair along with a golden lamp with a dark green shield. It was standing off to the side of the room that Valentina glanced down - moving her hands. One held a crystal glass while the other - poured whiskey over ice before raising the glass to her pouty lips - tasting the sweet liquor only to place the lid back onto the decanter and slowly - turned around, looking at her dear friend, who sat opposite the brown hair unoccupied. [b "One day, I decided to challenge this man. Ten thousand dollars to do the trick with a billiard ball of my choosing. Now he knew I had seen him do this trick at least a dozen times so I can only surmise that he thought I was stupid."] she muttered, wandering back to the desk - placing the glass down before parking her sweet ass onto the chair, lifting up her legs and rested them upon the desk on the corner only to grab the whiskey in the glass once more. [b "I laid out the cash and he swallowed the ball. It lodged in his throat and he choked to death right on the spot. What I knew and he didn't was that the cue ball is one sixteenth of an inch larger than the other balls, just too large for him to swallow. Do you know what the moral of this tale is, Frank?"]

[+red "Don't eat a cue ball?"]

Valentina raised an eyebrow, hearing soft laughter from the room of her men, being amused of the answer.
However the moment her eyes glanced upon them, silence fell. One could hear a pin drop.

[b "The moral of the story is: If I could cause a stranger to choke to death for my own amusement, what do you think I'll do to you if you don't succeed tonight in obtaining information about Torrio? I want to know where Torrio is and I will not stand for being rejected again. Gather the men, we have to send a message."] she retorted, keeping her eyes on Frank who nodded in agreement, unable to say No. Frank stood up the moment the door opened, Valentina looked at the entrance.

[+blue "Its time to leave.."]
[b "Yes..."]

Moving legs from the desk, Miss Lucia took one last swig of the whiskey, wandered out and around from the desk - reaching out, grabbing her jacket from one of her men who held it and exited the room.
Her "family" following not too far behind.

Valentina was a very...beautiful woman. Blonde. Legs for days and as ass that wouldn't quit. Eyes of emerald green and two breasts perfect.
Men fell for her charm and that face.
Hell, even Angel's weeped.

Valentina was a woman, hard - raw and evil. Had no empathy and everyone knew it.
But when it came to her business, people wanted her around ..instead of in the ground.

Her Father, Don Lucia, raised her well in knowledge of the family legacy.

Donna Valentina.

It was 2 days later that she and her men, arrived at Washington - and wandered up the stairs of the Hotel Monaco.
While her second hand man checked her in - Valentina wandered through the lobby towards the conference room.

It was a day of gathering.
A neutral setting of the Don's to discuss business and tragedies that unfolded.
For a shootout not to start - took a lot, but there was a rule and it had to be obeyed.

Two men stood at the door of the room and glanced at Valentina, who refused to look upon them.

Wearing a white suit that clung to her body like a second skin - her body and curves were blatantly seen.
A wide brimmed hat covered half of her face while her long blonde hair - down in loose curls glimmered under the hotel lights.
Red lips.
Heeled shoes - the doors opened and Valentina wandered in.

Emerald hues scanned the room.
The Don's were here. All but one. Her to which now...she was present.

[+green "Donna Lucia. How good to see you..."]
[b "We all know that's a lie, Don Radolfo. I'll let you have that one ..."] she muttered, moving her right hand to her left shoulder - removing the animal shawl, that of a fox and placed it onto the table, a took a seat at the end of the table.

Eyes glancing to a man, standing behind Radolfo.
A young man.
Brut and handsome.

It was within a moment that a gentleman came to her side - leaning down - whispering in her ear to which she replied.
As he wandered off with her drink request, Valentina raised both hands. took out a pin from the hat only to remove it - holding it out to the side to which Robert, her right hand man took, fluffing her hair with fingertips - eyes watching Radolfo standing at the other end of the table.

The whiskey was placed down in-front on a coaster - with 3 cigarettes and a silver lighter.
Grabbing a cigarette, Val placed the end inbetween her lips and the waiter boy lit the lighter, lightening the stick before stepping back into position.

Taking a drag, it wasn't long until she exhaled - blowing out the blue smoke, letting it fill the room, pinching the end with her middle and index finger, moving it from her mouth.

[b "Are we all going to sit in silence, or is someone actually going to bring up a subject? ... Perhaps, I should start..hmm?...Fine. The brutal killing of my sister, Maria."] she muttered, straightening up taking another drag from her cigarette.
[i "You killed your sister.."] DeLorenzo spoke from the side, to which Valentina turned her head - eyed the male who was dressed in the sharpest of suits.
Holding an arm outstretched - the hand that held the cigarette - it pointed to DeLorenzo and she smiled - a smile of knowing what she did - no empathy from killing her own blood.

[b 'That's right! I did, because she was cavorting around with one of your men!. You should teach your men to keep away from my family.. ']
[i "You should of been doing your job and keeping Maria at bay. Away from Michael."]
[b "I did my job. She is now flower mulch...."]

Silence filled the room and Valentina lent back on the chair - raising an eyebrow, glancing up again at the handsome male standing behind Radolfo for a moment.

[b "Maria fucked up. And if I were you, DeLorenzo - Michael needs to be wiped ...out.."]
[i "You are not me, Valentina..."]
[b "No. I am not weak...."]
  Valentina Lucia --- / MeisjeKelly / 337d 10h 12m 54s

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