The seven Guardians

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The world of Picon has been an easy going natural world. Traade between its kingdom has always been essential when it comes to life on the land. Split between the two islands is a matter of nine kingdoms. It was an easy life if you knew who was allies with whom and who didn't speak to whom. War was a thing of the past, that is until magic had started to show up in abundance across the lands. It was this gift that was abused and sought out to wage war upon a country's enemies.

Witches, wizards, mages, sorcerers, there are many names for the beings who wield the art of the spellcraft. Many mages had their specific craft that they were masters of that could be categorized within seven types; fire, water, air, earth, Darkness, Light, Healing. With these details many started academies of their own to train their young mages to use their gifts.

As the world fell apart the appearance of dungeons began. Inside the dungeons were creatures of very powerful magic themselves. They would give anyone without the gift of magic the use of it, or allow those who already had a gift to amplify their own, but one had to defeat the dungeon and defeat the test set by the dungeon's creatures themselves. As the kingdoms of Picon began to look towards the dungeons for powerful mages themselves, several were naturally born to the world. There were seven of them. Each of these powerful beings were given a nickname to them based upon what mage craft they had, but these beings would not sit by ideally as their world came crumbling before them, instead they would go and capture dungeons themselves.

The great seven mages all end up at the same dungeon and now have to work together to defeat a potentially undefeatable dungeon to gain mastery over a potential 8th element to magic. Arcane.

[center [b Rules and Regulations]]
[center 1. No God modding. This is an obvious one isn't it?]
[center 2. Photos are to be artish if you need help finding one ask]
[center 3. No one liners is all I ask, otherwise post length is free game. Give us something to work with.]
[center 4. Pm me for Skeleton, Send it back filled out.]
[center [b Any rule breaking I will give you a three warning system, beyond that your character will be killed of.]]

[center The nicknames the seven go by.]
Chastity --- Lust
Charity --- Greed
Temperance --- Gluttony
Patience --- wraith
Kindness --- Envy
Humility --- Pride
Diligence --- Sloth

[center [b Accepted Cast]]
[h3 Colorful]
[center The Silver eyed Prince]
[center Nickname: Chastity/Lust]
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